Qala Bist II

May 24th, 2016

One basic theme on this site is the subject of water. Each post is headed by the words of wisdom of Warren Beck (See: above). Qala Bist (Afghanistan) collapsed with the collapse of the remarkable man-made irrigation system that supported over 1 million people in the ancient valley. With the collapse of irrigation came the consequent collapse of the areas very advanced civilization. With that in mind, the following article may prove to be both informative and illuminating.

Massive Navajo farm heads into week 2 with no irrigation

The largest farm on the Navajo Nation has been without water for more than a week after a pipeline break, endangering food crops worth millions of dollars and threatening jobs.

Most of the crops on the land managed by the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry near Farmington, New Mexico, were planted just before the concrete pipe failed, cutting off water to 72,000 acres of farmland. Officials have pegged June 11 as the date to have repairs completed, with water flowing through a canal system days later.

In the meantime, they’re holding out hope that the skies will stay cloudy and enough moisture will fall to sustain the plants in the desert.

“Hopefully with the small amount of rain we’ve gotten, that will help,” said LoRenzo Bates, a farmer who represents the region on the Navajo Nation Council. “At the end of the day, there will need to be some serious management decisions by all the growers as to whether or not to go with what’s still there or replant.”

The irrigation canal delivers water to the tribal farm from the San Juan River through Navajo Dam. The water that was in the canal when the 17-foot diameter pipe broke May 13 is being rationed among the crops grown by the tribal company and those who lease land.

A New Mexico State University research station is not taking water on its 250-acre plot nor is it planting anything new. Instead, the station is using the situation to study how plants respond to stress and the vulnerability of irrigation-dependent agriculture in the Southwest, said Kevin Lombard, superintendent of the school’s Agricultural Science Center in Farmington, New Mexico.

“It’s not a good time to be worrying about not having water,” he said. “It’s very stressful, very emotional.”

Contractors and the chief executive of NAPI, Wilton Charley, said they believe the crops that include alfalfa, corn, beans and pumpkins can weather three weeks with little to no water, but anything beyond that becomes risky.

The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs is responsible for operating and maintenance of the irrigation system that was built decades ago by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, federal officials said. The Navajo Nation oversees all on-site activities on the farms. Crews have spent the past week excavating the 20-foot section of pipe and figuring out where a replacement could be manufactured, given its age of 44 years.

The expectation is that it could be fixed by June 11, but it would take a few days to refill the canal before crops could be watered from it, bureau spokeswoman Nedra Darling said. Darling did not have a cost estimate and didn’t immediately know the pipe’s last inspection date.

Hauling water to the farms or laying a pipe across the wash are not viable options because of the size of the farmland, Charley said.

Already, the tribal farm and contractors are making tough decisions to let some crops go dry, forgo additional planting and lay off workers.

John Hamby, whose family owns companies that grow pumpkins and popping corn on 5,100 acres of the tribal farm, cut half of the staff after the water break, leaving 15 workers. The number of people needed at harvest time swells to 600.

The 1,000 truckloads of pumpkins produced per year are destined for fundraising and the popped corn to the wholesale market. Hamby said popping corn is less important right now than the pumpkins, which haven’t sustained much damage but also don’t need a whole lot of water right now.

“If this would have happened in July, this would have been a disaster,” he said.

Mark Anderson, who heads Anderson Hay and Grain Co. Inc., said the company will expedite its first cut of alfalfa by a few days. From there, it goes to a compressing facility in Los Angeles and to domestic and export markets and to dairy farmers in the United States.

“So there’s plenty of jobs impacted and plenty of customers and marketplaces that expect hay,” he said. “If there wasn’t a fix in fairly short order, there could be a fairly big impact.”

Some of the tribal farm’s inventory from last year still is being shipped to the market, Charley said. Alfalfa, pinto beans, potatoes and corn are sold under the Navajo Pride label. He said it’s too early to tell whether this year’s expectations for harvest will be met.

“Once we get a better handle of where we’re at, we’ll approach those discussions then,” he said.

Islamic Exceptionalism

December 12th, 2015

~ This post portrays an analysis of a recent video created by the ‘Islamic State in Syria’ (ISIS).


It has been a long time coming – the “final battle,” the battle between ‘good and evil’, the battle over who (or what) will rule the earth through the end of the end times.

This battle did not begin with Salman Rushdie and his treasonous rewrite (read plagiarism) of the 1940’s book The Licentious Prophet.  No, Rushdie was just a pawn in the parade to demonize Islam, the religion of the Muslims.

And too, it was only a matter of time before the endless National Rifle Association (NRA) rants about the U.S. Constitution and the amended constitution would lead to a Donald Trump seriously proposing an amended Constitution that would outlaw freedom of religion, placing it securely into the dustbin of history, where perhaps, the whole concept should have been placed from the beginning.

In a time of revealing (revelations) nothing is sacred.  The cuffs are off, the convicts and those with convictions are unshackled.  Hate speech and vulgarity are suddenly politically acceptable, perhaps preferred.  (Henry) Kissinger, back in the early 1960’s, reminded us of the fact that in all this there was nothing new.  The only new thing was that for awhile (back in the 1950’s and 1960’s) the ‘ways of the world’ had been temporarily forgotten.  There was a temporary belief that man (including women), like their creator, were essentially good.

The video linked above, the DABIQ ISIS-made video, is so much like the propaganda films made by the USA during World War II that I could almost blush.  But the U.S. films only imitated those made by Germany, and the German films only imitated the Russian.  They all portray the simple peasant man, the Iowa farmer lad, each turned soldier, learning sharpshooting, embracing armor; and then the endless glorification of martyrdom in the final battle that will bring an end to war.

In these film clips the Germans and the Russians always flew too many flags.  The U.S. films were simpler.  In the American shorts the flags were there, but generally kept to a minimum, like in the new war films featuring the few, the proud, that fight in the army of ISIS.

Every country that actively fought in the Second World War contributed to The Greatest Generation.  From the often heralded Holocaust Survivors to the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and the few that survived Dresden) to the Rosie Riveters and the always male ‘GI’s’ the word on the street was that (is that) World War II was really fun.  It was fun in a way that only heroics, facing death, fighting for a cause can be fun.  War is mostly about camaraderie, new friends, close spaces, new unique experiences where you only know you’re alive because deprivation and death always seems so near.

And war is wonderful too because of all the orders; “just following orders,” takes the onus off of killing, of murder, of all the mayhem that makes real war so dreadful and so scaring and so impossible to fathom unless you are actually there and witness all the ‘blood & guts’ that make each war always so memorable.

It was not just the armies of the Reich that ‘followed orders’.  American airmen followed orders too, Russian tank commanders followed orders, artillery officers, POW camp commanders, submarine crews.  The war is always on the innocents, on civilian populations, against the people that ‘don’t fight’, but just stay home and make munitions, grow food to feed the soldiers, buy war bonds, or stay silent as they profit from their stock holdings in war industries.

Total war requires total populations.  Total war requires a “we” and a “they.”  Total war requires that what is different about people is amplified in people’s minds to the point of obsession.  Creating obsessions is the first and most important role of media; in Greece it was the public orators, ‘democracy’ debates, these were followed by the Rabbis and the preachers, the preachers were followed by the Mullahs, the Mullahs were replaced by the printing press and the modern media.  Facebook is just the latest iteration.

Once the ‘we & they’ is established, it takes a catalyst (often catalysts) to start a war, especially a really big war.  The most common catalyst is the claiming of an injustice, often just a little thing that in ones mind will grow and grow.  “They want my guns,” might satisfy, “they took our land,” “we must protect our oil.”

Harping about injustices often is abetted by a carnage of retribution; the King David Hotel, the My Lai Massacre, the sinking of the Maine are just a few examples.  Bodies must be put upon display (or alluded to); the imagination is far more destructive than photos (or drawings) of reality; ISIS videos let you fill in the details about each beheading.

Like retribution, a constitution works best when left just to the realms of imagination.  Nobody cares what a constitution might say, it is what one thinks it says that matters.  The U.S. Constitution is a nearly perfect example.  The ruling elite hated just about everybody; blacks, Muslims, the Spanish, Indians, women, those not owning land, Torries, countries with Kings, Hindu’s – all were held in great disrespect, if not plain abject fear.

The early immigrants to America had to be ‘good with all that’, had to support the Constitution and all the laws pursuant therein.  It was like obeying the orders; every wife was unequal, children were assets and collateral, blacks should be slaves, Indians should be dead, taking land from the Spanish was just patriotic, God made the Pacific Ocean to keep America and Asia (and Asians) ever separate.

Islam had a better idea that became the American idea.  The idea was that all any hateful or hated person had to do to overcome their race, physical appearance, sex, or past ancestry or national allegiance was to convert to God, the concept was Islam, the behavior was Islamic.  Like Americanism, all that was required was submission.  Unlike Islamic teachings, Americanism required not only a renunciation of past loyalties, but a physical presence – one had to go to America and live to be legally accepted, to become an American.

It took a very long time for the founders of America to understand what the founders of Islam knew from the beginning – that only an expansionist empire could make the new religion safe.  Brigham Young grasped that multiple wife taking was the key to a populace nation, a bountiful religious empire.  But prolific breeding alone would not, could not, ensure domestic safety.  Only land acquisition, aggressive land taking, would save a small social movement from the inevitable exigencies of history.  So Islam was expanded by aggressive military force, the taking of lands, the conquest of opposing populations.  For 600 years, 500 years before American expansionism ever began, Islamic Exceptionalism spread across the Middle East, Africa, much of Europe and half of Asia.

For 800 years Revolutionary Islam retreated to peace.  It was only the relentless march of literal “Christian Soldiers” and the subsequent success of countless “Christian Nation” invasions that brought the visage of Revolutionary Islam back, that brought back the merciless edicts of ISIS.

It is easy to see that ISIS is just a parody of modern America, with its emphasis on the military, conquest, and war.  The flag is much like the POW/MIA flag, all black, with a white circle as center.  The image has a certain appeal.

It is clear from the DABIQ / ISIS video that this time Islam (or at least ISIS) has learned from America, world dominion is the only viable real goal.  ISIS is the “we.”  The once west is the “they.”  Like the round-the-world reach of the Great White Fleet 100 years ago, the round-the-world reach of ISIS on Facebook is the new bully-pulpit of the times, a projection of power, need I say more?


That ISIS is the mirror of America has often been said.  To say that Donald Trump shares the views and values of the 1% elite that he represents is nothing new, he is an old American – the pre-Amendment type.  He would take away your guns faster than a liberal with unlimited power.  He’s wanton and reckless; he’s a lot like ISIS without the Toyota.

So, with both sides really being the same side it is easy to see that there is no need to choose.  Those that seek war will certainly find each other, the rest of us can have peace – and THAT would be really exceptional.

Kirtland Air Force Base fuel spill tour

October 24th, 2015

~ This post represents reflective observations regarding a Field Trip of two hours to locations on and near Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The trip began with the following invitation received on September 29, 2015:
Hi all,
Attached please find the press release for the next Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility field trip, highlights are below.  Please note that the deadline for registration has been extended to Oct 4, midnight.  If you have any questions, please contact the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Public Affairs office at (866) 725-7617 or email
KAFB / NMED Joint Field Trip:   Saturday, October 24

Getting on Kirtland is not an easy thing, the base is basically closed.  I had never been on Kirtland, but I have flown over it many times; the civilian airfield Sunport (ABQ) shares runways with the military airfield of Kirtland.  The rules for the field trip were quite simple: 1.) be one of the first 100 people to apply; 2.) provide your name, date of birth, and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number; 3.) register by close of business of Monday, October 5, 2015; 4.) bring a photo-ID with you on the date of the field trip.

In very clear language the on-line registration form stated: “You will need to present photo-identification on the day of the event when we enter the base.  Every one in the world now requires ones Social Security Account Number for just about everything (except eating at Chipotle’s), and my date of birth is all over the web, and I have and carry a New Mexico driver license, so, “why not,” I said to myself, “I always wanted to see a ‘AFB bulk fuels facility’ up close and personal.”

Actually there was more to the trip than might meet the eye.  It was a friend that forwarded the invite to me, an activist of sorts, a person concerned with environmental matters and hazardous waste.  The Albuquerque Journal has published articles suggesting that the “fuel spill” at Kirtland AFB might be a problem.  There were articles about “a plume” that threatened the drinking water extracted by the City of Albuquerque from the aquifer that was close to Kirtland.  There were articles about how the city got out of the drinking water business about this same time.  So many connections that it is hard to know which connections are the right connection.

‘Bob’ informed me that the City got involved, the United States Air Force, the New Mexico Environment Department, the DOE, Citizens Action groups, community and neighborhood residents, and probably others, and they all decided to work together on an, “action plan.”  The field trip had to do with a ‘progress report’ on the progress.  So I quote from the invite: “The field trip will be a two-hour tour of project location on KAFB and will focus on work being done to remove contamination caused by a leak at the base bulk fuels facility.  Air Force and NMED environmental experts will be available at the tour stops to explain clean-up activities and answer questions.”

4877172080_edbc401d05_z (1)
United States Air Force Blue Bird Blue Bus.

So, it was a “leak,” not a “spill” that I was going to be seeing; but since the leak had been all patched up, and the “bulk fuels facility” completely replaced, the original one erased, it seemed to be that it was an “aquifer”, or a “contamination” that I might be shown.  I knew better.  Aquifers are underground and are generally very hard to see.  The way one sees into an aquifer is by drilling a well and testing the water, or the vapor, if there is vapor.  So the point of the trip was to see wellheads, vapor trails, vapor extraction equipment, equipment designed to extract contaminated water, equipment to reprocess the water, equipment to make it beneficial again.

The trip began at a Community Center blessed with an oversize parking lot overlooking the six foot high chain-link fence that protects Kirtland.  There were a number of unidentified Air Force types, wearing civilian clothes, there to greet us.  There were maybe 20 unattached civilians in the group.  There were about 36 people attached to the military, to the New Mexico state government, to press associations or un-named associations.  At least 10 of the 20 (civilians) were attached to (or were leaders of) activist associations.  Out of nearly a million people living in the Albuquerque area, only 10 people in the group were unaffiliated.  Five of the people lived in the neighborhood above where the fuel leak contaminants had run their course, and as a result had ruined the reputation of the neighborhood as a good place to live.

We were literally ushered into the Community Center.  The assigned people there asked for our names.  They had a list.  They checked it twice.  They did not ask for ID’s, they trusted us, or perhaps had other ways of knowing.  One can’t be too careful when the temptation is to underestimate the military.

The assigned people issued us the assigned packet; 19 sheets, 26 pages of full color pictures, charts, and graphs reproduced on very expensive paper, not quite parchment, but expensive, almost perfect printing, very nice.  A stout metal clip kept everything nicely together.  Many pages had ample room for notes.  On page #3 we were reminded that we should have brought a clip board for writing.  Not one person on the tour had a clipboard, I guess the advice was too late.

The buses were carefully positioned as far away from the Community Center as they could possibly be.  It was not ‘door to door’ service.  There was a nice very white van, so shiny and new that there was no doubt it was shiny and new.  It had US Government plates on the front, but otherwise one would never know it was Air Force.  Maybe it was not Air Force.  The other vehicle to be used was an Air Force blue Bluebird bus with the classic Bluebird body.  It was the newest Bluebird bus I had ever seen, nice and clean, and I have ridden on a lot of these Bluebird buses in my life, mostly on military bases, mostly military.  Bob pointed out that they (the Bluebird brand buses) were also used a lot by schools, and school districts bought a lot of them.

I got on board.  The seats were a lot nicer than any school bus I had ever been on.  The seats were very comfortable.  Nothing is too good for the modern military.  It was very evident that the Air Force takes good care of its own.  The bus driver was nice, he said, “Hello Sir.”  Such communications always make me feel good.

The bus drove a bit around Albuquerque, the part before one goes on the base.  There were two ‘experts’ pointing out things, explaining things, clearly enjoying their work.  One was with NMED, ‘enemy D’, as the other expert kept saying.  I guess it was a slip of the tongue, or the result of an unfortunate acronym.  They were very polite and cooperative with each other, a real team.  They pointed out the deep wells that they were drilling in the neighborhood, test wells, or extraction wells, or both, or neither.  They thanked the residents for being good sports about the noise, the traffic snarls, the thud-thud of the drilling.

After looking out the bus window at a church parking lot with a new deep well well in place we were informed that it was a ‘traffic qualified’ metal cover that covered the well hole.  Such a nice touch for a cleanup that is so very challenging in an urban environment.  Kirtland was probably out in the boonies at the time of the spill (really leak); it was never anticipated that houses would someday crowd around an air base I guess.  But nobody really knows when the spilled fuel, the leaking fuel, the whatever fuel, got there, or was first leaked there, or entered the ground there.  The point of the operation is to “move on” and to do the best one can to “cleaning it up.”

The bus, and all of the occupants, moved on to the ‘Truman Gate’ at Kirtland to move on to being on the base itself.  The Gate is named after the road; the road is named after the President of the United States that was probably President when the first fuel was spilled, or leaked, or got out of hand – Harry Truman, the “buck stops here,” Mr. President.

And like we were all Presidents of the United States we were quickly whisked through the Truman Gate without such as a murmur or mention about showing an ID.  No bags or backpacks were opened, much less searched, base security was baseless on this day, for this tour.  I sincerely hope that things are not as casual on other days, and with other people.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the tour people were asked to have their names checked against a list.  However the only tour ID that was provided was a copy of the 26 page report, not everybody received one; and not only that there were boxes full of the reports in a box on the ground at the entry to each bus.  The buses were more than 300 feet away from the Community Center.  Anyone, from anywhere, could have easily parked, or walked, and climbed aboard the bus, even grabbing a packet.

During the entire tour no one ever asked again for a name.  On the buses, seats were exchanged, people changed from bus to bus.  At the end of the tour no one checked off names as the buses were unloaded.  Most school field trips have tighter security than this tour did involving a theoretically high security United States Air Force nuclear weapons air force base.  It was my impression that the tour group lost at least five people after the first stop, I could be wrong; but if I am not wrong they found their way on to a free range on Kirtland.

There were a lot of very expensive, very high resolution, cameras in evidence at the first Kirtland stop.  One camera had a very large telephoto lens.  There was even a news team quality camera and tripod set up.  All the cameras did a lot of filming, or capturing of digitized images.  Most of the cameras were taking pictures of faces, of face time.  Most of the cameras were used by Air Force people dressed in civilian clothes.  They must have taken twenty pictures of me, and I am not even sure why I was there.  My theory is that they took the pictures to identify why I was there, to match people and names, with faces.  If I am right they will have read this before even you.

Name tags on a trip such as this would be good.  Checking ID’s would be good.  Keeping track of people and identifying people and introducing people by rank and title and active service status would be good.  It would have been good to know what the ‘tour’ was for, or if it was more just an exercise.

Clearly the NMED and the KAFB people wanted a publicity show, to show how transparent they are, to show how sincere and effective they are in cleaning up fuel that should have never leaked, or been leaked (or spilled).

One ‘expert’ spent a lot of time talking about how he used to see people smoking around gas pumps when he was young.  He speculated that those fueling planes, nuclear bombers, jet fighters in the fifties probably smoked as they filled up the tanks.  The idea was to suggest how casual things were ‘back then’; hence the possible reasons for leaks and spills.

I take exception.  I lived ‘back then’.  Nobody at any gas station I went to ever smoked.  Security was tight in the fifties.  Nuclear crews did not mess around.  Fuel was valuable, not something to waste.  Fuel trucks had measurement gauges, that sort of thing.

The way someone checked on how much gasoline was sold or aviation fuel was used was with a long stick.  One stuck the straight stick (really a narrow four-sided pole) in through the top of the tank until it hit bottom.  The top edge of the fuel left a mark, like an automobile dipstick does today.  Simple math, based on knowing the size and configuration of the tank revealed, at any moment, how much fuel there was (on hand – in the tank).  By comparing the measurements with the fuel truck (or tanker car) invoices one could almost instantly detect a leak, a leaking tank, or a  corrupt contractor lying about the amount of fuel delivered.  If fuel went missing and it wasn’t corruption or a leak, it was pilferage, if not full scale theft.  It was a security issue, a court-martial issue.

It is easy to find a list of all the base commanders that Kirtland ever had.  It would be easy to determine who was in charge of fuel, and fueling, and when.  Somebody either did their job, or didn’t.  It is really quite simple.  It is also quite clear that someone else clearly did not do their job of holding responsible people responsible for irresponsibility.  The price of that is the cost of cleaning up Kirtland, meaning the plume, today.  But, I keep thinking about the lax security involved with my tour.  When will anything change?

Original post on October 25, 2015 @ 00:01 UTC.

A Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) fuel leak, from a USAF aircraft fueling location, believed to have been seeping into the ground for decades before it was discovered in 1999, has created an underground plume of pollution and contaminated groundwater that has spread across Kirtland Air Force Base and into residential areas of Albuquerque near Gibson Avenue to an area bordered by San Pedro Drive on the west, Kathryn Avenue on the north, and Louisiana Boulevard on the east.

Cleanup of the Kirtland Air Force Base fuel spill, which has already cost taxpayers $100 million, may cost $125 million more, the United States Air Force’s lead scientist on the project said.  The implication is that a ¼ of a billion dollar final cost, or greater, will probably be certain.

During a July 2015 public meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, ADRIA BODOUR, a civilian with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center in San Antonio, Texas, said the cleanup project had already cost $99 million, $9 million spent between 2000 and 2010 and $90 million between 2010 and July’s meeting.  The project involves the drilling of wells, the construction of systems for removing contaminants from soil, filtering contaminants out of groundwater, and extensive data collection and analysis.

BODOUR is still in the process of nailing down a solid “cost to completion” estimate for the project.  “I will have a figure I am more confident in by January,” BODOUR said Saturday during a public tour of cleanup-project sites on and near Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB).  “But I think a conservative high estimate is $125 million more.”

BODOUR said it will take time as well as money to complete the cleanup job.  “Do I think we can go back to the way it was before?  Yeah, I do.  Do I think it is going to happen tomorrow?  No. We are probably looking at another 20 years of work.”

Work has been done since July, including the drilling of two new wells – one at California and Gibson SE, the other at Georgia and Anderson SE, wells that will extract contaminated groundwater and feed it to a filtering system for cleaning, eventually providing irrigation water for the Kirtland Officers Golf Course located in a remote section on the military base.

DENNIS McQUILLAN, [Chief Scientist] with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), said the two new extraction wells should be up and running by the end of the year.  The new wells join the first extraction well, which is in a church parking lot at 6200 Gibson SE and started pulling contaminated water out of the ground in June of 2015.

The greatest concern has been that the leak would degrade the quality of Albuquerque drinking water taken from water wells in the Southeast Heights.  During Saturday’s tour, McQUILLAN said contaminated water has not been indicated in Albuquerque municipal, Veterans Affairs, or Kirtland Air Force Base wells, in the area.  The sampling is based solely on water quality criteria selected and proscribed.

A worker collects water samples for testing in a residential area on Arizona Street last week. (Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal)

Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal

Temporary treatment center – Stop 2, near new building for permanent treatment center.

Better to be aware of Bert

September 6th, 2015

~ Dew Line, New Line, Conelrad, ‘my bad’.

September 7, 2015 @ 04:30 UTC.

I just discovered that the planned place where DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER would have ridden out an atomic (nuclear) attack, if it had occurred, would have been deep within the same mini-mountain that contained (at the time) the largest stockpile of atomic and nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.  The irony, at first blush, seems so off the charts that the story (the truth) seems unbelievable.

At the exact same time (the same years) the Civil Defense folks were producing short films about Duck and Cover, featuring the good ol’ lovable green turtle named Bert.  These films, features and educational programs clearly stated that a thin piece of cloth could protect children and adults from radiation and nuclear blast burns.  These same programs, this same short ‘Bert’ film, also demonstrated that a desk, a street curb, or a simple well-built school hallway could save someone from the dangers of a nuclear blast.  The latest Wiki article on the subject says the same, only better.

Assuming that this is (or was) all true, the question I ask is, “why were they planning to fly EISENHOWER 1,700 miles away from Washington D.C. to an underground bunker near Albuquerque, New Mexico when a heavy raincoat and hat, and a short 6 mile trip to Falls Church, Virginia, would have done the job?  The Albuquerque area bunker, protected by over 50 stories of solid rock and earth, seems to be a mighty thick shell even for the longest lived tortoise, much less turtle.  It really appears that either the Military-Industrial Complex people, or the Civil Defense people were lying.  And if the later is true, the Wiki people are lying too.

Most Americans were, and are, pretty freaked out about nuclear weapons.  It’s not the survivor stories that got all the attention in Hiroshima; it was the death toll, the injured; it was those permanently damaged and disfigured by the endless radiation that carried the day, that had sway.

Duck and Cover was to cover what to do when one did not get advance notice of an impending attack.  The National Defense Highway System (now known as the Interstates) was built, was being built (in the early and mid 50’s), to get people the h’ out of ‘Dodge‘ (City, maybe in a real life Dodge car) when they were informed of the coming nuclear attack.

The trip wire, the line in the sand (really the line across tundra and ice), in Alaska and near the Arctic Circle (and in part of Canada too) was (is) the Dew Line (the DEW line); DEW was an acronym for Distant Early Warning.

The line really would not provide much warning for the incoming bombers and jets, the nuke or nukes on the way; the ‘early warning’ would basically just offer an hour or two, five hours at most, of advance warning, depending very much, of course, on where you were, where you are.

At the first sign, proof positive perhaps, of trouble and Washington D.C. would be notified; the President would board his nearby Lockheed Constellation already ready and waiting for the flight to KAFB in Albuquerque; and then the Conelrad Radio Decoy and Information System would go off and go on – or go on and go off.  In this way most people would be informed that it was too late to take the freeways (away and to safety, like EISENHOWER was doing at that moment, by air).

The reason Conelrad was created was that the Japanese planes followed the clear channel communications system AM radio broadcast beams in a straight-line to Hawaii.   No maps, or other navigational aids were needed, it was just tuning in and taking advantage of the wireless signals out there to royally wire Hawaii, or at least the sitting ducks (not covered) of the U.S. Pacific Ocean battleship fleet.

Conelrad was an alphabet soup name for “the plan for control of electromagnetic radiation (+).  The name had nothing to do with nukes really, it was not about that incoming radiation potential of the nuclear bombs.  The radiation was the broadcast rays, the outgoing electronic spin frequencies of the thousands of American radio wave towers; ‘Elrad’ was (is) the homing beam broadcast frequency system that could very quickly cause the loss of any nuclear war.  The only method of not being precisely targeted was to turn off the entire broadcast media (all TV, all Radio) and to observe ‘radio silence’ for the duration (of any war).

So the radio and media people devised a system, using ingenuity and science.  First, all TV stations would immediately leave the air, shut down, stop broadcasting.  This would be the signal that, by going down, something was up.   Then all the radio stations, each and every one “in voluntary cooperation” would say “turn to 640 or 1240 on your radio dial, NOW.”   Then every radio station in America would suddenly leave the air.  From that moment on there would be no beacon to guide fliers or flying objects to Berlin or Manhattan, not then anyway.

How EISENHOWER’S plane, a greatly modified Lockheed Constellation, would navigate its way to Albuquerque, a nearly 6 hour trip at 300 miles per hour, at this point is anybody’s guess.  Maybe the Columbine made the use of maps and a compass, obviously something the incoming Russian pilots would never have.

How much of the 1950’s was about the creation of fear rather than the implementation of clear practical solutions is, at this point, anyone’s guess.  The same might be said of the 30’s or 40’s I guess, and probably the 60’s too.  It certainly had a lot to do with 9/11.  The term for it now is “Fear Porn.”

I bring this point up because it is very hard to decide whether the hub-bub about the month of September is just fear porn or if it is, by some very remote fluke, the real thing – the real deal.

Wars, and rumors of wars, is always a bit common.  However the biggest fear porn piece (if that is what it is) that must be factored in to the ninth month of the 2015 equation is the January cover of the Economist magazine.  To say that the cover was bizarre is an understatement.  It is like an album cover for the Doors, for Sargent Pepper, for the worst of the Jefferson Airplane all rolled up into one.

71mrVEUGeGL._SX425_ sgt_pepper_cover screw the RIAA

The Economist cover is supposed to be a head trip.  What is strange, about the strange days that the cover seems to depict (or predict) is that so few of the “Beware of September” pundits reference the original January 2015 Economist magazine cover image.  And yet, at the time, that’s is where the whole 2015 creepiness started.  And if you believe the Economist (what’s in there not to believe?), since the whole ordeal thing has only four months to play out, it is far more than just a September Song (as I said), and one, like in the song, does not even want to think of December.

The similarities between this song and the Cohen song linked above are disconcerting: wasted time, waiting game, days grow short, older and richer (and fame).  September Song doesn’t mention Manhattan (New York), Cohen clearly does.

This post began with a study of Bert, the turtle, the “hello animal” at the bottom of the Economist cover.  I’ll show you:


Basically Bert is at the bottom (base) of everything.  The top of everything (on the right) is an atomic cloud, or nuclear war, a bit higher is the eye (really ‘delivery means’) of the drone (remote control).  The whole earth watches from above (two faces, like the Greek drama mask), one side wet, the other dry.  The dry side looks happier, but not happy.  A missile launch represents technology (science), in the middle of the remote control and ‘the mushroom cloud type’ weapon.  This brings us back to ground zero, to Bert.

The “China Panic” is clearly depicted, now we know it was predicted.  Even Japan pretending to hold power (the battery), is seen.  But perhaps that is only a reminder of Fukushima being larger than even Japan.

The Beatles and the Brits and the 50 + 20 (the reflection) make 70, which connects with WW II and the UN.  The theme down there is old toys for young boys, back to the theme of September Song and Cohen.  It’s to whom the Pied piper plays, to the children, the dumb, the dilettantes, the immature.  The Piper is standing in water, Bert the turtle is headed there, but like Obama still dry.  The Queen stays dry by leaving in her Range Rover (to or near, or under, India).

The front row is backwards of course.  India then China, then the US, then Germany, finally Russia (as pictured) should be reversed; maybe it’s about changes, a new order.  England is less a part of the mix, the first tier.  It’s very clear that the Piggy Bank leaves London.

But, what is missing?  Am I wrong, is the Pope really missing?  Donald Trump is not in the picture, nor Bernie Sanders.  Hillary is (but she really isn’t).   The Greek crisis is missing.  The “storm the gates” immigration crisis just isn’t there.  In a year that has been about everything moving, the “predicted year” is incredibly stationary.  It’s static and wooden.  It’s like the Economist magazine and it’s backers – static, old style, wooden.  There is nothing really imaginative, nothing new.

So yes, there are the two arrows, stuck in the ground near the feet of Alice, in “wonderland.”  The two arrows are the two arrows that killed Cecil – Cecil of course being named after Cecil Rhodes.  It’s symbolic, the great white hunter “Cecil” is hunted, no “teeth” in it anymore.

Where is the animal life of the planet, the ecology, green grass and trees and running rivers, streams lakes and fish?  Two fish, gold or golden only.  One Panda, a humanoid, trans-something.  One dead tree branch, on which sits a ginger cat, a human mouthed tabby.  The only real animal is Bert.  He ducked.  He covered.  He carries on while every one above him waves a fond “goodbye.”

Maybe next years cover of the economist will carry pictures of real people, a real planet with plants, real water, and trees.  This year it was just a “cover” of Fear Porn, a fantasy, not a fact.  Maybe the bad guys and gals out there will try to figure out my meaning, my take on the future.  Or maybe they will try to work it out based on yoursThere is no white rabbit.  That is what’s missing.  There are no doors, no beetles, it is the worst of the airplane (all black).  Fade to black……

September really can be a new day, not just the last day, as it very well may be for some.

Timeline of September 2015 Events:

September 1st, 2015

~ This timeline presents a selection of scheduled events for the month of September 2015.

Donald Clayton may be reached at: @CityofNikko on Twitter.

This web page is under construction.


Timeline of September 2015 Events

1st through the 30th

Timeline of September 2015 Events: – Post #2748 – Time Node: September 1, 2015 – Original Post: August 31, 2015, @ 03:12 UT
⇒ Current version: September 9, 2015; update information has
GRAY headlines.

September is now the ninth month of the year, it once was the seventh (7th) month of the year, which is why the month is called – ‘September’.  Many of the predictions for the month involve multiples of seven.  September is the first of four (4) consecutive months that have misleading numbers that are often perceived just as names – October (8), November (9), December (10).


2015.09.01 / Tuesday › EST 09:30 AM


Russian naval, air, and “anti-terrorist” military forces have begun a large and rapid deployment into Syria in support of the Syrian government and to demolish the pro-western anti-Assad ISIS forces.  It is widely suggested that Russia’s most advanced aircraft, the Mig 31, (possibly the Mig 31 BM) will be used to assure regional air superiority.  It appears that the Russian government is tired of being pushed ‘way to far’ in Ukraine. (+) (+) (+) (+) – (+) (+) (+)



Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), opens the month of September 2015 at 16,528 points; just 2,633 points higher than it was eight years earlier, on September 1st 2007, when it was at 13,895 points.  This is only an average 2.2% return on investment per year, over the last eight years.  Considering inflation, the U.S. economy is clearly not “in a recovery.”
UPDATE: The Dow closed on September 1, 2015 at 16,058 – down 469 points.


[U.S. President] BARACK OBAMA and [U.S. Secretary of State] JOHN KERRY are in Alaska.  Both high ranking U.S. leaders are visiting the state while promoting an anti climate-change agenda.

150629111340-alaska-bering-sea-exlarge-169 Obama_Alaska-08429-1433

2015.09.02 / Wednesday › EST 00:00 AM


• A Special Physics Run (VdM) (Week* 35) begins at the CERN Hadron Collider, located on the French-Swiss border near Geneva, on September 2, 2015.  The Event is scheduled to last two (2) days, followed by five (5) days of Machine Development (2).  The satellite map.  *Exact date is uncertain due to not knowing when a “Hadron Week” begins.

View of the CMS detector in the surface hall at Cessy.  Location_Large_Hadron_Collider


• A six-ship flotilla of China’s navy made a show of force in international waters off the coast of Alaska as [U.S. President] Barack Obama toured north of the Arctic Circle.


The “dead refugee child on beach” becomes a world-wide image designed to define the “refugee crisis” confronting Europe and all the known world.  The idea is to make September the new international ‘Refugee Month’, where the “poorest of the poor” have their needs addressed by being given ‘International Rights’ or the loss of most ‘Human Rights’ as live-style options are relegated to multi-national planning committees that determine “universal” migration/life options and government responsibilities.  It’s complicated. (+) (+) (video +)

Followup:  It is revealed that the father of the two children drowned was a human smuggler, $10,000 per person for a boat-ride that went, and ended, too fast.


2015.09.03 / Thursday › EST 00:00 AM


The nation of China celebrates Victory over Japan Day on September 3, 2015.  The Tiananmen Square  parade features personnel and equipment of a very modernized Chinese national military.  The [Secretary of the United Nations] Ban Moon attended, as did Putin and the [President] of South Korea.  Obama and several western leaders, notably Japan’s Abe, insulted China be refusing to accept the formal invitations.


The White House announced that it was, “closely monitoring reports that Russia is carrying out military operations in Syria, warning such actions, if confirmed, would be “destabilising and counter-productive.”  The President returned to Washington from Alaska at 09:30 a.m. after a 4,000 mile flight.


The chances for an independent Israeli military strike against Iran significantly increased today with the announcement that the ‘Iran Deal’ would not be blocked in the U.S. Congress.  The Israeli position has long held that if Iran is not fully “dismantled” the nation will build a nuclear weapon and immediately use it to destroy Israel.  The ’34th vote’ leaves Israel little choice about a massive military strike against Iran, unless Russian aircraft in the region can stop it.

2015.09.04 / Friday › EST 03:30 PM


• Sometime during the afternoon of September 4, 2015 the three (plus) day Labor Day Weekend begins.  Most Americans making something meaningly more than minimum wage get these three days off.  Most ‘Service Workers’ in restaurants, gas stations, lodging facilities, resorts, casinos, food stores, and most chain businesses labor (work).

2015.09.05 / Saturday › EST 00:00 AM

2015.09.06 / Sunday › EST 00:00 AM


In an event that shows that, “time has passed Hillary by,” the ‘Queen of emails’ and Nixonesque (sic) type deletions (tape erasures that nobody remembers), Hillary 2016 hits the skids as the heir apparent isn’t ‘here’ anymore, because of too many ‘errors’.

2015.09.07 / Monday › EST 00:00 AM


• Monday September 7, 2015 is Labor Day in the United States of America this year.  It’s a holiday of course, the last day of summer; very near when most young people in American begin to go back to school; the new school year often beginning on Tuesday, September 8th.

2015.09.08 / Tuesday › EST 00:00 AM


Troops from the nation of Turkey, a nation in crisis because of hundreds of thousands of war refugees crossing the country, has send troops into Iraq to avenge PKK attacks in support of an independent Kurd nation.  Turkey is a member of NATO/OTAN, the North Atlantic ‘mirror’ organization, a ‘Z’ organization, as in lightening, not enlightening, which is really enlightening.


• The United States Stock Market (DOW) closed up 390 points.

2015.09.09 / Wednesday › EST 00:00 AM


• The Nikkei Stock Exchange average soared 1,300 points.

2015.09.10 / Thursday › EST 00:00 AM

2015.09.11 / Friday › EST 08:00 AM


• The 14th Anniversary (7 x 2) of the 9/11 Events occurs beginning at 08:00 a.m. on September 11, 2015.  It was at 08:00 a.m. that Flight 11 left the ground at Logan International Airport (BOS), in Boston, Massachusetts.

• November 11, 2015 is the 25th Anniversary of a New World Order Speech given by GEORGE BUSH I on September 11, 1990.  This GEORGE H.W. BUSH stated, ” Today that new world is struggling to be born.” (Full Text).

• URBAN MYTH:  November 11, 2015 is not the 24th Anniversary of this New World Order Speech given by GEORGE BUSH I on September 11, 1991.  This GEORGE H.W. BUSH speech was delivered on January 29, 1991 (full text).

2015.09.12 / Saturday › EST 00:00 AM


The end of the Jewish year of 5775 occurs on September 12, 2015.  This date also marks the end of a grander Shemittah Cycle of 49 years (7 x 7 = 49).  This grand cycle begins the year of the Jubilee.
CONSPIRACY THEORY:  “There are special, little observed and little understood, observances and practices that secret adepts of a ‘great’ or not so ‘great’ work symbolically act out on the world stage, which somehow has something to do with the theory expressed in Shakespeare (“Shake a spear”, or “wield a wand”).

• The period of the Jubilee may begin on September 13, 2015 and continues to September of 2016.  At the beginning of the last two cycles, in the Jubilee year, it has meant a critical war, a war in the Middle East.  The most recent Jubilee War was in 1967, the Six Day War (and the Vietnam War); before that was in 1918, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I (and the Great Influenza).

2015.09.13 / Sunday › EST 00:00 AM


Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year starts for the year 5776, on September 13, 2015.  The Biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah (“day of shouting” or “day of raising a noise”).  The two (2) day event is also known as the Feast of Trumpets.
CONSPIRACY THEORY:  “There are hidden meanings in the numbers of old calendar systems that few ever use.  The year 5776 is somehow connected to the date (1776), which suggests a new revolution, or perhaps the date for the birth of a new world state, which will last for 224 years, until the (Jewish) year 6,000, when this world ends.”
• A New Moon will Begin on September 13, 2015 (see above).
CONSPIRACY THEORY:  “The New Moon is not like the Old Moon, it is often a cosmic event.”


• A Solar Eclipse will occur on September 13, 2015.
CONSPIRACY THEORY:  “Any solar eclipse, even partial, not even total, even anywhere, is always totally scary, not just “starry.”


According to a ‘Corporatocracy’ report the “God Year” theory will severely rattle the United States of America stock markets.  JAMES HALL is the apparent point person, making the claim on 9/9/2015.  The only problem with this prediction is that the NYSE is not actually open on this date, but maybe it all about “futures.”

2015.09.14 / Monday › EST 00:00 AM


• On September 14, 2015 the Opening of the 70th United Nations General Assembly occurs at the U.N. Building in New York, New York.

-7  -8


ABC News in Philadelphia announces that there are major closures of Freeways, Highways, and huge sections of ‘downtown’ starting on September 25, 2015.  Schools and government offices will also be closed for almost 4 days. (+)

2015.09.15 / Tuesday › EST 00:00 AM


• CONSPIRACY THEORY:  “September 15, 2015 marks the End of the Jade Helm summer U.S. military exercise is scheduled.  The question is will it (whatever it is) continue.”


• CYCLICAL THEORY:  September 15, 2015 marks the 7th Anniversary of the 2008 Wall Street stock market crash.  Do things ever repeat on or near the same date?

2015.09.16 / Wednesday › EST 00:00 AM

The September meeting of the Federal Reserve Board (FOMC) begins their scheduled two day meeting.  A hike in the Prime Interest Rate is considered.

2015.09.17 / Thursday › EST 00:00 AM


• 14th Anniversary of the third worst Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) drop of 684.81 points.  The New York Stock Exchange was closed for a week after the 9/11 events.  When the markets reopened the following Monday the Dow plummeted more than 7 percent, dropping nearly 685 points.  Airline stocks saw some of the steepest declines.  See: 9/29 and 9/13.

2015.09.18 / Friday › EST 00:00 AM

2015.09.19 / Saturday › EST 00:00 AM

2015.09.20 / Sunday › EST 00:00 AM


Athens, Greece:  “A decree setting early elections in Greece for September 20, 2015, was signed Friday by [Greek President] PROKOPIS PAVLOPOULOS, the state news agency ANA said.  The decree that dissolves parliament adds that the chamber will reconvene on October 1, 2015.”



2015.09.21 / Monday › EST 00:00 AM

2015.09.22 / Tuesday › EST 00:00 AM


• The [Pope] begins his first Visit to the United States of America by landing at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington D.C.

• In the Jewish calendar, the day begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Yom Kippur on the sunset of Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

An interesting CERN / Lego production is released on September 22, 2008 (-7 years from 2015).

2015.09.23 / Wednesday › EST 00:00 AM


• The 2015 Fall Equinox begins on September 23, 2015 @ 04:21 a.m. EST.  Officially this is the first day of fall.


URBAN MYTH:  “The Strange Embedding of “Sept. 23, 2015,” into dozens of Hollywood movies and music videos dating back to the 1980’s.”  Details about embedding here.

One of the strangest and clearest are two ads for the NAVY.  First the ‘239’ years ad, then the Red Balloon ad.

• In the Jewish Calendar, the day begins at sunset, so observing Jews will celebrate Yom Kippur at sunset of Tuesday, September 22, 2015; but most of the “day” of Yom Kippur occurs on September 23, 2015.

• The period of the Jubilee (7 x 7 = 49 ‘years’) alternatively begins (according to what is called the Isaac Newton Theory) on September 23, 2015 (Yom Kippur) and continues to September of 2016.  At the beginning of the last two cycles, in the Jubilee year, it has meant a critical war, a war in the Middle East.  The most recent Jubilee War was in 1967, the Six Day War (and the Vietnam War); before that was in 1918, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I (and the Great Influenza).

Yom Kippur in 2015 is the 42nd Anniversary (7 x 6) of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, a war in which Israel did not properly anticipate a military attack by its Semitic neighbors.

• September 23, 2015, is the 266th day of 2015.
[Pope] Francis is the 266th [Pope].
266 days (268 days) is the typical human gestation period (for birth).”

09:15 AM
• The [Pope] meets with [U.S. President] BARACK OBAMA in the White House in Washington D.C. on September 23, 2015, the 266th day of 2015.

04:15 PM
• The [Pope] Officiates at a Canonization Mass for [Father] Junipero Serra (of California) in Washington D.C. on September 23, 2015, the 266th day of 2015.


• In Ukraine a $500 million bond repayment is due on September 23, 2015.  This is a small part of a much larger debt that the government of Ukraine has no money to pay.  Debt reduction negotiations are at a crisis level, with little or no progress.


2015.09.24 / Thursday › EST 00:00 AM


• The [Pope] makes an Address before a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., then goes to New York to Officiate at a Mass in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

• The federal budget will not be finalized by the September 30, 2015 deadline.  This means that both the new fiscal budget and a needed increase in the debt limit will be in flux when the Pope addresses a joint session of Congress on September 24, 2015.

2015.09.25 / Friday › EST 00:00 AM


• The [Pope] makes an Address before the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations Building in New York, New York.


CONSPIRACY THEORY:  September 25, 2015 marks the end of the 500 Days predicted by LAURENT FABIUS, to prevent “climate chaos.”
RE: The world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” [French Foreign Minister] LAURENT FABIUS said, while standing alongside [U.S. Secretary of State] JOHN KERRY at the United States State Department on Tuesday May 13, 2014.  Theoretically this was just high level French hyperbole being used to promote the United Nations Climate Conference, scheduled to open in Paris, France on November 29, 2015, (565 Days later).


Some believe it is the definitive walk-out of the New World Order (NWO), others may view it as the most anti-banker, anti-capitalist plan ever put forth on the planet.  On September 25, 2015, the 15th year of the new Millennium, a 15 year plan is to be (apparently) unanimously supported by U.N. member states.  The key words (See: ‘Partnership’) is “Planetary Solidarity.”   One might ask if there is a counter-agenda, or against who or what, makes such solidarity suddenly necessary? (+)


ABC News in Philadelphia announces on September 14, 2015 that there are major closures of Freeways, Highways, and huge sections of ‘downtown’ starting on September 25, 2015.  Schools and government offices will also be closed for almost 4 days. (+)

2015.09.26 / Saturday › EST 00:00 AM

• Numerous reports and theories suggest that a significant event, possibly involving the City of New York, will occur on this date.  The suggestion is that it will appear to be “natural”, but will in truth be ‘man’ made (of artificial earthly) origin.

2015.09.27 / Sunday › EST 00:00 AM

• Mass (led by the Pope) on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 27, 2015.

LEGO Dimensions is a Toys-to-life video game based on many different LEGO Themes, set to be released on September 27, 2015 in North America, September 28, 2015 in Australia and on September 29, 2015 in Europe.  The VIDEO from ‘Group 7’ is here.

2015.09.28 / Monday › EST 00:00 AM


• September 28, 2015 marks the date of the fourth, and last full moon, in a rare Tetrad of Blood Moons set to occur on the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

• Full Moon.
Just about every month has one.  Some see it as a day of sanity and energy; some can’t handle the sanity and energy.  September is a Harvest Moon.


• Pope is scheduled to leave the United States of America.

• On September 28, 2015, with the U.S federal budget still presumably in play, the following world leaders will address the UN General Assembly: Obama, Xi Jinping, Putin, Hollande, Rouhani, and others.  There are rumors that Hollande will propose a Palestinian state. What is not a rumor is the UN’s new Post-2015 Development Agenda (See above: World Reformation Agenda).

Entrainment and Propaganda.  Pre-engineereed (federal budget).   HUD’s latest round of top-down control of local communities. (+)

2015.09.29 / Tuesday › EST 00:00 AM


The second largest one day drop in the Dow (DJIA) occurred fourteen (14) years ago (7 x 2) on September 29, 2001.  The Dow loses 777 points.

• The largest point drop in Dow history occurred seven (7) years ago (7 x 1) on September 29, 2008, also a 777 point loss.  See: 9/13 prediction.

2015.09.30 / Wednesday › EST 00:00 AM

[2] 38:077 – North America – United States of America – District of Columbia –
WashingtonThe White House – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Timeline of September 2015 Events:  END.

2015.11.19 / day › EST 00:00 AM

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in Washington, DC through the Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff set a final deadline of this date to allow a significant increase in the allowable level of radiation exposure that people should feel comfortable with (NRC-2015-0057).

North in Alaska

September 1st, 2015

~ North to Alaska was such a great song.

September 1, 2015 ∩ 18:00 UTC

The Russians, and Putin, are brilliant in understanding the importance of timing.  There are very few times that the opportunity presented by the Obama administration was so clear (and easy).  The plan was quite simple.  Not only would the President of the United States (the Commander-in-Chief) be away from Washington for three full days, but he would be very tired from a 4,000 mile non-stop air trip for two days (one day going out, the other day after he came back).

Therefore, he would be “in the air” for much of Monday August 31st, and would be still pretty tired on Tuesday.  Not only that, he would be tired on September 3rd, a Thursday.  Not only that, the whole U.S. government would be getting ready to shut down for the Labor Day weekend (that officially starts Friday) on Thursday.  By sometime on Friday most of government would be “gone” until Tuesday September 8th.  Putin was given the better part of 10 days free reign.

It gets better (for Putin and the Russians and Chinese and Iran and much the rest of the world).  Not only would the U.S. President be way up, far north in Alaska (beyond the Arctic Circle in fact), but the U.S. Secretary of State would be in Alaska with him; but would not have a lot of time with him, because of different airplanes and different schedules.

The whole scenario meant that the good Team Putin could politely inform the United States formally of their intentions to pour airplanes and personnel and equipment, and even to begin to build a new military seaport, in and into Syria full well knowing that the Obama Team could do little or nothing (reasonable or rational) about it for a very long time (meaning a full week or more).

Not only that, the whole exercise would give Russia and China a perfect opportunity to monitor just exactly how the encrypted emergency crisis communications equipment on Air Force One really works, and how easily it can be interfered with or hacked.  Alaska is so close to Russia and all those very stealthy Russian submarines after all.

Sure, Obama could have decided to cancel his Alaska trip and to immediately fly back to Washington where he could meet (privately and safely, in an electronic safe zone) with the National Security Council (NSC).  But, to do so would raise the red flag of EMERGENCY and HIGH CRISIS and the fact that the U.S. was facing Cuban Missile Crisis II would be immediately clear to the whole nation, and world.  So, yes – Obama didn’t (postpone and fly back to Washington).

The U.S. stock market was doing badly enough in this well organized “China Crash”, dare we say actually carefully planned by China.   Note:  The markets catastrophically fall on rumors of wars and then usually rise when massive war spending is clearly on the economic agenda.

So what, we may very well ask was so incredibly important about the Alaska doomsday, climate doom, trip that justified putting the established and promoted western interests in the Middle East in absolute peril?

The easy answer is that the whole thing is being orchestrated to get the U.S. economy out of trouble by getting the U.S. (everyday people) into a real bang-up, by golly, shooting war with deaths and casualties and the kind of military spending that trickle-down spending can never achieve to save an economy at the risk of bankrupting a nation.

Or, it could be that when the ‘500 Day’ climate ultimatum was made it was substantially forgotten about 100 days later and the whole world (especially Alaska) had to be reminded of the fact – in spades (meaning by playing a very powerful dark suit).

Since the ‘500 Day’ deadline is only three or four weeks away, maybe, Obama (or his controllers) reasoned, the nation (and even Alaska) needed to be reminded of the very high stakes, big time.  You see, maybe there is a “climate” change that really can happen in a blink of an eye, or can take effect in something that really seems like a specific DAY.  At least it’s a theory worth thinking about; think Krakatoa, or think the Carrington Effect.  Is anyone sure anymore that science at the scale of magnitude of the CERN Hadron level can’t make a simple earthquake or volcanic eruption happen?  We KNOW that an earth-made Carrington Effect (magnetic pulse event) is now so easy for science and scientists to do.

I do not know if you have been paying attention, but the verbiage regarding greenhouse warming has slowly changed.  ‘Greenhouse’, became ‘Global Warming’; Global warming became ‘Climate Change’.  Now the new mantra is being “Anti-Climate Change,” it is like a petition to maintain the status quo; a claim that “our” climate on earth is ‘just fine’, so don’t anybody mess with it.

So who (or what) is proposing to “mess with” the climate, the one climate, “the way it is?”  Sure, there are the usual speakers, the ‘warming people’, with warnings about how the waters around us have grown.  It’s got to be more than trying to make Bob Dylan into a real canonized prophet (by the Pope) at some point in the not too distant future.

Obama didn’t mince words in Alaska.  He has used the whole state to trash and change (forever) the state.  Mount McKinley is now Denali.  The McKinley Glacier is still white, and named after the all-white U.S. President, but that glacier and all the others have had their reputations (and reasons for visiting them) tarnished and trashed.  They are no longer beautiful glaciers; they now are just symbols of climate doom and gloom.

The native villages are now just flood zones waiting to happen; just tragic and sad.  Alaska was once the largest state to JOIN the Union, now the big new name associated with Alaska is EXIT, as in the Exit Glacier.  It almost seems that the word about Alaska is to leave it, not love it; and to leave it, EXIT NOW.  This so seems like it is more than the usual politics about Palin, Palin bashing, and Trump.

Maybe it is all just very personal with Obama, being from Hawaii and all, actually being born in Hawaii, even if not everybody believes it.  Not many alive today remember the rivalry between the two states at the time of their respective admissions  (as states, to the the Union, to the United States of America).  The coveted spot was to be #50.  #49 was so associated (at the time) with the California Gold Rush, the ’49’ers’.  The biggest state, Alaska, bigger than Texas even, wanted to be the big 5-0, meaning Five, Oh!; higher than the old 48; Hawaii, being lower, could be old ’49’, or ’49 West’.

It wasn’t to happen, or it wasn’t allowed to happen.  Hawaii got the 5-0 and surged in tourism.  It became a destination (ask Obama).  Alaska pretty much languished, a bit of oil, then the world’s biggest earthquake in modern times, in 1964, a 9.3 magnitude jolt lasting more than four minutes.  For years after, people left there, not wanting to live there.  Maybe Obama just wants those in Alaska to be ready for another “climate” change-’round, with more waters rising, or rising again just as rapidly as on Good Friday in 1964.

Is the planet really at the point of, “being beyond repair,” as both Obama and John Kerry have said?  Maybe the message is to set a date, then if “it” doesn’t happen, bail.  Maybe it really is just an “EXIT” strategy that “they” are looking for; the “allow us to leave peacefully, untried, and unharmed,” and we will stop messing with Earth and will ‘for all time’ just leave it alone.  It is always what almost every terrorist and every anti-terrorist always asks for when they get caught.

The question is what is “it” and who the “they” are.  Then, one might ask, is when is the price of all that injustice too high?  “Let ’em go,” – I don’t think so, no, I really don’t think so.  But, maybe there should just be a world-wide referendum, every person everywhere, everybody gets just one fair vote.

Like in the song, ‘the river is winding’, ‘big nuggets they’re (or “there”) finding’.  It’s just a September Song; Obama will be back in Washington soon.  There are much bigger fish to fry in Washington (D.C.), and on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Sit back, make popcorn.

Bowling for Bowling

August 29th, 2015

~ Life is made up of the school of hard knocks.

August 29, 2015 ∩ 18:30 UTC

In the beginning there was bowling, the knocking down of objects, later of pins.  Bowling is a lot like billiards, like ‘pocket’ billiards (pool), where one uses a ball to put other balls in motion.  In bowling, it is a larger ball that puts pins in motion, large pins, not the really small pins made mostly of metal.


In American bowling the ball is very large too.  One gets more ‘bang for the buck’ with the large ball, than with the small ball of ‘duck pin’; small ball, smaller pins.


So, it is clear why, in time, televised ‘Championship Bowling’ became a nationally televised game show – Bowling for Dollars.  The exact date, even the exact year, of the first broadcast of Bowling for Dollars has been lost to history, at least lost on Google, and on the web.  I remember seeing it by about 1965.  I was a bowler back then, and a bowler before (then).


KTVU was a popular TV station serving Oakland, reaching Stockton and San Jose (all in California).  They carried a program, Dialing for Dollars.  It was probably the program that inspired the Bowling for Dollars gig.  Although I would have said (wrongly) that it was the other way around.

Fifties television was like that; always promoting the idea of money coming out of thin air.  There was the Millionaire program, about how a worthy person gets a knock on the door and a check for one million smack-a-roo’s for nothing more than a smile and a handshake.

Queen for a Day was my grandmother’s favorite.  It featured very sad and even seemingly very pathetic everyday housewives that were lifted momentarily out of their daily drudgery with small gifts, a cape, and a crown.  Real royals they were not.

The (very rigged) $64,000 (USD) Question was based on the premise that being smart and educated would bring one fortune and fame.  It did more for putting people in college than a thousand ‘GI Bills’ that promoted ‘higher’ education.  But even the GI Bill was all about free money.

It’s clear that the real American Dream, and much of American exceptionalism is less about the rewards of hard work and more about free money, E-Z money, EZ big money, and just ‘money, money, money‘ as Hollywood would say; as those in Hollywood always say.

It was an oft repeated Old Testament idea that “God favored his favorites by bestowing them with money.”  It is this notion on which the religion of money is founded.  The Catholic Church promotes the idea, most of the Jewish culture and religion, almost all of the Protestant ‘fundies’.  The idea represents the transportation of American wealth and power across politics, religion, cultural divides, and the right and the left.

Janis Joplin knew this.  She felt this reality to the core of her soul.  This was the last song she recorded, just before the time of her death (10-4 on 10/4/1970):  

Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends.
So oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz

Oh lord won’t you buy me a color TV.
Dialing for dollars is trying to find me.
I wait for delivery each day until 3.
So oh lord won’t you buy me a color TV.

Oh lord won’t you buy me a night on the town.
I’m counting on you lord, please don’t let me down.
Prove that you love me and buy the next round.
Oh lord won’t you buy me a night on the town.
Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz
My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends.
So oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.

There is another side of life.  There is ‘bowling for bowling, not bowling for dollars’.  There may not be dial telephones anymore, but there are keypads for reaching in and reaching out and not just keypadding for dollars.  There are ‘business calls’, sure.  But, the real business about many or most calls involve getting the low down on how low the money crafters and the power mongers go, or have gone.

It’s the last chance day at the last chance saloon or the last day cafe.  To coin a metaphor – if you’re lookin’ for planes to know the fate of the towers you haven’t studied the basement too much lately.  Ground zero started at ground zero; it should be obvious by now.  One event is earth shaking, the other is just an air blast.  Smoke and mirrors; one makes you look up when you really should look down.  There’s always a reflection from the still and deep waters.

Fourteen years ago, just before, or about on this day, I wrote a word document on Works on my new Sony Visio desktop computer.  I still have the computer and I still have the file.  The title of the post (but it was never put up, or put out there) was Beware the East Gate.  I thought it was about genealogy at the time, about my grandmother and her parents maybe.  It wasn’t.  Or it was and it wasn’t; it’s complicated, or it is very simple.

I wrote of the visage of a man with a long beard, mid-eastern.  Behind him were diamonds.  The East Gate, of course was New York; that (to me) was clear at the time.  Much of the rest of the writing was a mystery.  I had written the words, but the words, while very compelling, seemed to have so little understandable meaning (at the time).  That all changed in little more than 11 days.

Castle Garden is just 2,700 feet (less than ½ mile) away from the Twin Trade Towers site.  Castle Garden in Battery Park, is now Castle Clinton.  It was the first entry point, “gate”, for immigrants entering America and New York.  It was where my Swedish great-grandparents came in, landed, came ashore, registered to make it all legal.  Ellis Island is there too, close by but not near by, both in space and in time.  It is more than twice as far away (physically) as Castle Garden.  And Ellis is another island, not on Manhattan Island, which is a big island – more like the mainland.

My great-grandparents did not come to America looking for money.  They came over to look for land, the good land, good black backland like the fertile black forest land like that that the fortunate few enjoyed back in Sweden.

It’s been feeling a lot lately like that late August day just fourteen years away.  The closer to September it gets, the stronger the feeling.  So much of life seems so cyclical, the “cyseans” I guess; the movement from late summer to fall.  It’s the divergence between the ‘school’ summer, the ‘summer work’ summer and the ‘axis tilt’ summer that changes on the equinox sometime in September (September 23, 2015 @ 04:21 a.m. EST this year).

Monday September 7, 2015 is Labor Day in the United States of America this year.  It’s a holiday of course, the last day of summer; very near when most young people in American begin to go back to school.  School calendars vary of course, but Tuesday, September 8th, is often certainly a date to notice, or to take notice of.  Three days later is 9/11.  Two weeks later is September 22nd, easy to remember because of the 22 stars on the seal of Homeland Security (DHS).  So those are the 15 days between 9/7 and 9/23 in the year 2015.  They are the last days of summer, or the first days of fall, depending upon your perspective or persuasion.


Anyway, the odds are that this September will be like any other September, for whatever that means.  The difference this year is that, because of the web, one can project the dates onto a map (timeline) of the future.  One month from now we’ll all know what happened.  Would knowing early really make any difference at all?  Ten pins.  How many up or down determines the game.

9/11 Revisited, on the down slope of history.

August 17th, 2015

~ Most see history as a ‘tabula rasa’, a flat plain, not a ‘flat plane’.

August 17, 2015 ∩ 22:15 UTC

There is yet another new video that’s out about 9/11, the 9-1-1 emergency.  The root of emergency is emergence, like a new born baby crying; sometimes there seems to be a lot of noise.

‘Noise’, ‘chatter’ are words that are often used to “get the ship confused (@ 1:10)” in popular parlance.  The old trick to seeing the truth about TV was to turn off the volume.  It works with soap operas and quiz shows, it also works with the news.

What real planes look like at quite a distance.

What real planes look like at quite a distance.

The camera work of the cameras and cameramen (and persons) is usually not good enough to tell its own story.  That’s where dialogue, voice-overs, sound-tracks, musical scores, sound effects, and jet sounds (“the sound of freedom”) come in; and expletives, did I forget the effective use of expletives in creating a very dramatic “heart felt” news story?

So now I guess you get the drift of this post.  This post goes beyond what is posited as a possibility in the new video tape link, linked above.  Turn that sound off too, it might really help.

If you maybe weren’t alive, or conscious, the day the real 9-1-1 happened there are a lot of ‘continuous coverage’ video tapes up on the web.  One can literally review the history, with the sound-off this time.

Everyone in America, if not in the world, knows the script.  The “the plane,” “a plane,” “another plane,” and “planes” were the words of the day.  Most often ‘the planes’ were not there unless you heard them from the lips of a witness or announcer; meaning heard about them.    Sometimes you could read about the planes on fairly instantly created captions.  Actually seeing good clear pictures of real planes is quite a different matter.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  There were three film sites on 9/11.  The LAX shots, the Emma E. Booker school shots, other shots at other locations were just a distraction.  They really were not a part of the story.

Working backwards (maybe), the FIRST film site was in the area at or near Shanksburg (PA).  It’s simple, there is not one shot of the plane, neither live, video-taped, nor still.  It’s like the Roswell crash site, “where is the photographic evidence?”

The SECOND film site is the Pentagon.  Flight 77 is said to have slammed into the west wall.  There is no live picture, no video-tape, no still shot of a plane.  There is very grainy video that seems to show something flying, and very fast.  The two video-tapes that exist were ‘produced’ 56 months after the actual event, just sayin’.  The ‘plane’ is just one frame (@ 1:45) on the tape, and only a very small half-plane at that.  It’s like the Roswell crash site event, “we wait five years and there is not even a balloon.”

The THIRD film site is the 9/11 trifecta event; the three trade towers that virtually disappeared on September 11, 2001.  Look at the date, three ones, three sites, three towers; it’s 111 x 2; rather easy to remember don’t you think?

Two Tower debris field with the Third Tower shown.

Two Tower debris field with the Third Tower shown.

So everyone can agree that the film footage for the plane destruction of WTC Building #7 went missing.  Blame it on a union grievance, a very late lunch, a vary bad day at the office; meaning the film office perhaps.  The world was waiting for the 1,2,3 punch on New York and only the first two plane punches (putsches) ever came.  Maybe it was the wiring, maybe the demolition team just wasn’t ready.  Maybe the video effects team just couldn’t get all the camera angles just right.

The theory here is that the plane image dispatch on WTC 7 was scrubbed, but the building still had to be scrubbed because it had been totally wired.  It would have been the smoking gun as to how it was done, meaning how the ²/³ of the trifecta had nothing to do with planes, but only with wired towers.  Anyway, there was an agenda on why even Building 7 had to be taken out.  So it was, and the film footage documents that there was plenty of warning.

The most universal feeling as the day, as the ‘events’, unraveled and unfolded was that it was like watching a movie, that it was, “just unreal.”   And maybe it was.  And it was a very challenging ‘movie’ to make – no doubt about it.

Hollywood is famous for movies and making movies.  Sometimes just one scene takes 15 or 20 ‘takes’ to get it just right.  In New York there are ‘stage shows’; always less forgiving.  When the action (on stage) in New York is live, the rule of thumb and the rule of success is to get it right the first time, and every time.  The audience won’t ever come back if you mess it up badly.

It was a conceptual challenge really; making this live action, historically revisionist, modified ‘Mockumentary.”  Why rewrite history after the fact when you can present the distortion in real-time, live; it’s so much more efficient that way, so much more satisfying?

Every real movie made always begins with the wires, the cables, the connections that connect the generators to the lamps, to the camera booms and the lights on the actors.  ‘Lighting up’ a scene takes a lot of preparation, expense, and just good old hard work.  The ‘cable guys’ are often well paid, but always stay out of the limelight.

The only real live action part of this movie was the buildings blowing up, or apart, or whatever; and of course even that was totally scripted.  The demolition scenes involved a cast of thousands.  It was New York, lots of people, live theatre, a wonderful opportunity for crowd scenes, live action panic, people running like in every Hollywood Sci-fi spectacle ever made, but no cheesy image of saucers or giant spiders.

In every Hollywood production that ever went bad it was because of 1.) a totally bad script, or 2.) special effects that turned out to be not all that special.

Over acting: the waving of hands, an excess of pointing, a smirk when there should be a frown, too much emotion, can all be forgiven, and will be forgiven and forgotten by the average audience.  This, every director knows, that’s why they hire ‘extras’, and not just actors to appear in every and all scenes.  Who wouldn’t want a ‘cameo appearance’ in the greatest screen play ever made?  It’s not just the big bucks that motivate; sometimes it is fear, and sometimes it is fame.

There is a good, deep, rich color to every live explosion.  Booms and blasts are effective.  They bring color and pathos to an otherwise dull movie.  This movie was not to be a ‘blood & guts’ thriller, no up front faces of bodies on sidewalks, of splat marks on the sidewalk 96 stories down.  The graphic gore of the Boston Massacre (Boston Marathon bombing) could wait to come later.  This event was PG rated, a fit for the whole family, a preliminary mockumentary on why they grope you just to fly.

The demolition crew was probably told that they were just pre-wiring the buildings for a distant future destruction.  When the buildings went down they knew that they were all instant felons if anyone spoke up, or was ever caught.  The electric chair would be likely – the irony.

The directors knew where every explosive was placed.  It was easy to plan camera angles and to pre-position cameras.  Tests were made using filters and just the right lens and lenses.  Great detail in high resolution would capture the flames, the dust, the explosions.  It would be in high contrast to the special effects involved with the planes.

Every movie has a story board, which is always made first.  9/11 was no exception.  All the ‘live feeds’ were carefully planned.  The stakes involved a more than $10 Trillion dollar production, nothing less than the entire command and control of America was at stake.  Spending a billion dollars or two on this, at most, 10 hour live event was a lot like making a block-buster movie and four simple sequels.  The block-buster part was actually busting apart America’s most expensive block, the WTC site with America’s two tallest office towers.

It would be an amazing 10 hour ‘America under Attack’ and the President of the United States would only get a 10 minute cameo appearance out of the 600 minutes shown.  Such a deal.

The special effects, the “plane scenes,” were kept very plain and simple.  There was plane one, plane two, plane three, (the best airplane filmed footage) was scrubbed.  The plan was bad, better, best.  The first plane was not much more than a charcoal image, the second plane had no markings, but some detail.  The third plane, the Shanksville jet, would come in low and slow, so everyone could clearly see all the markings, the ‘press’ that is; as the area had been mostly cleared (said the script).

So, look at the maybe sixteen seconds (total) of plane scenes.  There really aren’t many.  Most were shown literally 40 times per hour, 400 or more times on that day.  There were five or six scenes, times 400 = 2000 video tape reminders of “the planes” on that day.  Most people have not seen their own baby pictures, or wedding pictures, that many times.

Human awareness is closing in.  We’re on the down slope of history right now.  Things are converging.  The truth is really out there, like Fox Mulder once said.  “It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it’s just men messing with steel.”  The real 9/11.  Number 9, it’s soon to be over.

“Retaliation gone bad”

August 17th, 2015

~ ‘Retaliation gone bad’ raises the question of what is ‘retaliation that is good’.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The backstory is a story from Albuquerque about the recent arrest of a shooter, in a less recent drive-by, that is the son of a noteworthy politician, a woman in New Mexico that has attained a position in the halls of power.

The notable quote in the story is the summary of the situation, “a retaliation gone bad.”  The point apparently being that since the shooter did not shoot-up his intended victim, the ‘retaliation’ for the perceived previous wrongs had not been ‘righted’ in the right way.

May 23, 1934 lesson in retaliation.

May 23, 1934 lesson in retaliation.

All this of course caused me to immediately consider the question of what is ‘retaliation that is good’, and what does that mean, and where do we get this stuff, and finally – why should we care?

My first image of course was the Twin Towers, 9/11, the attack on the Pentagon and on Building 7.  Forgiveness back then was of course not an option.  It may have been an option with me, but I was not in a position in the halls of power.  The word of the day was revenge, retaliation, pay-back at whatever the cost.  In retrospect, the cost has been very, very, and even extremely, high.

Very high too was the cost of ‘right retaliation’ in the case of Pearl Harbor, that ‘day of infamy’ event that ushered the U.S. into the second World War, and made a simple war in Europe an almost world-wide calamity.  Retaliation is code-word for escalation and escalation is always the key to increasing the violence and not ending it.

At Pearl Harbor the Japanese military orchestrated the death of approximately 2,400 members of the American military.  On August 6 and 9, 45 months later, in 1945, the American military orchestrated the deaths of approximately 240,000 Japanese, mostly civilians, with just two bombs, dropped on two days.  This single event in the war was a 100 to 1 retaliation; need I say more?  And this was the ‘good war’ with ‘good retaliation’?

There is probably nothing more (or else) that is as firmly embedded in the American psyche as the theory and importance of retaliation.  Retaliation is what made the murder and massacre of Bonnie and Clyde, without charges or trial, so palatable and acceptable.  Retaliation is the keystone to the American prison system, a ‘correctional’ system characterized by rape, degradation, and numerous forms of officially sanctioned and tolerated human depravity.

American style corporate capitalism is perhaps the hallmark of the retaliatory system.  The system begins by severely punishing the employees that made the mistake of believing in the system in the first place.  The corporate world turns 80% of its workers into ‘bottom feeders’ that often are not paid enough to get by, or to only get by very poorly. 

The system leeches off the government by refusing to pay the costs of job preparation (training), which is the ‘public education’ factor.  The system then goes on to leech the system by being dependent upon free government food, often housing, and subsidized medical care to keep the underpaid workers afloat.

The workers are further punished (retaliated against) by being made to feel that they are ‘slackers’ that they are not ‘wealth creators’ and therefore are contributing next to nothing to the system.

Most ‘mid-level’ managers do not fare much better.  By the end of the typical corporate career they are left imbued with a belief in a life-style that they can little afford.  Their greatest memories are often a few years in public education, or of military service.  They are left in the trash-heap of history with the feeling that until retirement, life just passed them by.  In most cases that ‘retirement’ would not ever have been possible without the government ‘dole’ of military pensions or Social Security, or in so many cases, both.

The truth about the American system is that it is not the world that is out to get you, it is the system itself that is out to get nearly everyone, and so often it does.  And too, sometimes it misses someone, or so it is said.

The premise of the system is that everyone should always be looking out for someone ‘out there’ that is always ready to do someone wrong.  The ‘rape of Belgium’, the ‘persecution of the Jews’, the ‘poor sailors on the good ship Arizona’; all are examples of wrongs that must be ‘righted’ by the infliction of violence and the destruction of most everything once regarded as sacred.

The ensuing violence is always an orgy, a ritual, a ‘learning experience’ in which the event is never complete until the orgy spills over into the inevitable ‘slaughter of innocents’, which is the only thing that really gives the whole ordeal its proper (really improper) meaning.

9/11 is perhaps the perfect example.  At least 1.5 million people world-wide have died in retaliation for the ‘3,000’ that were killed in the eastern U.S., mostly in New York.  It is a 500 to 1 retaliation affair.

But, it doesn’t stop, and hasn’t stopped, there.  We are now in the ‘slaughter of innocents’ phase.  Our terrorist drones search out and destroy whole families, family members, friends and neighbors, often of ‘friendlies’.  There are just not enough real enemy combatants to feed the machine of war and retaliation.  The blood lust has no end as long as the mantra is ‘never again’.

As everyone knows by now the Japanese military had a 1.2 million man army in Manchuria (Manchukuo) on August 6th and 9th.  They were just sitting there mostly, ‘ripe for the killing’, just waiting to be bombed with an atom bomb or two, directed against the military, and a traditional military target, troop concentrations.

Not the point?  No, the point of retaliation is to inflict pain, to punish the perpetrator by saying, “look, look at the damage and destruction that you made me cause.”  Like in Albuquerque, ‘retaliation gone wrong’ is really always ‘retaliation done right’.  It’s the name of the game, it’s understanding the game that is the only thing that is important.  My advice; don’t play.

Sylvester Churchill & the Kearny Conspiracy

August 10th, 2015

~ Abbreviations, abbreviated history, and the personal connections in the quest for the past.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear Donald,

This is presented in the ubiquitous ‘letters to oneself’ format (literally) or perspective (that somehow has to do with “the Donald”, but is not this Donald, but then maybe in some ways it is).

Anyway, ‘this Donald’ first attended his first school in first grade in (or at) Fremont School, a new school then, in its first year.  It was in Carson City, in 1954.  This Donald was just six.

And so it begins, or so it began.  As anyone who has ever gone to school probably already knows, school, each school year, begins with orientation.  It’s the map thing, ‘orient’ being east, orientation is figuring out where ‘you’ are.  It was teachers then who figured out where you are, where you were, where perhaps you were going.

I was going to Fremont School, Fremont Elementary School, named for (or after) John C. Frémont, short for John Charles Frémont, and the accent really is, or was, important.  In Carson City the accent was not deemed to be important, it was not taught, it was my introduction to a modified and abbreviated history.

Kit Carson on a mule at the Carson City capitol in Nevada.

The chicken and egg question in Carson City was which, or who, came first – Fremont or Carson?  For me ‘Carson’ came first, or at least I came first to Carson City, before Fremont Elementary was even ever built.  Carson, the person that the City was named after, or for, referred to ‘Kit’ Carson, the trapper, the explorer, the ‘Indian fighter’, the Scout; or so I was taught, or so I was told.  I was also told that ‘Scout’ did not mean that Kit Carson was a Boy Scout, or a Cub Scout, but was a real scout that gave, by example, the zeal and zest that scouting (Cub and Boy) really stood for, like being outdoors and always learning new things.

I guess everybody, meaning every adult of, or at, the time, knew that the only reason why Kit Carson was anywhere near Carson City was that he was in the company of Fremont (Frémont).  So, Fremont (Frémont) was in (or near) Carson City too.  The fact was that (though) nobody really seemed to know where, how close, or really exactly which route either of them, or both of them, actually took, or would take as they passed through, or passed by, Carson City or Eagle Valley or where ever ‘we’, meaning ‘they’ were back then, before there were names on things and places to orient us all.

New Spain in 1819, before Texas and after the Louisiana acquisition.

That was the point of the Frémont Expedition, to map things and to locate things on the maps.  He was a surveyor, a cartographer, an explorer of sorts.  Frémont was a botanist, a biologist, an observer of life, the ultimate outdoorsman.   He was also a husband, a hunter, a family man, a military man, an illegitimate son, a rising star, a national hero, a revolutionary, an abolitionist, and also a spy.  He was not above the occasional massacre or murder, but perhaps all that was done in the ‘national interest’, so added to the list might be ‘American sniper’.

None of the information in the preceding paragraph was imparted to me as I entered Fremont School   “Fremont was an explorer,” it was said, “he discovered the west.”  Fremont Elementary School was basically elementary, it was not complex, not comprehensive, not broad.  It did not offer a particularly broad education.  If it had been in Oregon it would have credited Lewis & Clark with ‘discovering’ the west, but then again it would have been named the Lewis and Clark School.   In Santa Fe (New Mexico) I might have been taught that Onate and Coronado discovered the west, in Taos I would have been taught that the west had always been there, the Taos and Taos Pueblo thing.

If there is one thing that I have learned in my fairly long life it is that every history is often just a matter of place and a matter of perspective.  It is very hard to do what Frémont tried to do, and that is map out everything as a cohesive whole.   There just isn’t a chart big enough, there isn’t enough paper or ink, there is never enough detail, clarity, or color.  So, enter the web.

The web is probably aptly named.  the term ‘tangled web’ would probably be redundant.  What the web really represents is the tangled, complex, diverse and divergent, often confused and discordant, reflection of history.  It is a reflection of that which makes it up: documents, editorials, writings, reminisces, reports; reports about what has ever happened, where it happened, what went right and more often what really went wrong.  And most importantly, the web is the record of people; it is after all, like life itself, a very personal thing.

Fort Churchill is Nevada’s oldest fort, it is 20 miles north and east of Carson City.  I have relatives buried there.  The fort looms rather large in close and early family history, and too, in the larger history of things.

Fort Churchill is named for (or after) Sylvester Churchill.  And Sylvester Churchill is somehow related through the far past to the other Churchill, better known, with the first name of Winston.  One strand of every web always connects with another.

Not too much is known about the life of Sylvester Churchill, that is, without a fair amount of digging.  Dig deep enough and eventually it is probably mostly, or all, there.  One thing that is not there are words about the trial; and that is strange, or not strange, depending on how one is inclined to view history and inclined to see and organize the facts.

As with any person, there were of course a lot of trials in Sylvester Churchill’s life.  He was a military man, hence his name on the fort.  Military men engage in acts of violence, are often victims of violence, often do violent and untoward things, and do so often without the benefit or use of conventional weapons.  In Churchill’s case, in the case of the rather special trial I’m referencing here, the previous statement may or may not be the case.

The ‘case’ in this case was the Court Martial of John C. Frémont, a court martial is the bringing of charges, then comes the trial.  Sylvester Churchill was a trial judge at the court martial trial of Frémont.  To be clear, he was the ranking judge on a panel of judges, or so it appears, or so it seems.  The issue of rank can be so confusing.

Actually, it was an issue of rank that led to the charges.  Stephen Watts Kearny arrived in California about the time that most all of the fighting, and squabbling, and competition and contesting for power and the control of California (Alta California back then) was virtually over.  The Russians were out, the Spanish were out, the British were out, the Mexican government had been out a very long time, and when Kearny arrived even the Californios had been pretty much defeated.  One battle, and one march more, and the war was over on the western front.  It should have been quite quiet in California.

Mexico 1838, click to enlarge.

The Mexican War, the War with Mexico, the Mexican-American War are all names that can be so misleading.  There is some truth in it (the names) of course.  Empires die slowly and names often continue after their death.  New nations, new states, arise in the old states ashes.  In California the new state was the California Republic, or the American Republic, one or the other, no one was really sure.  Think, “fog of battle.”

There was never really ‘war’ in California.  Every skirmish was really quite half-hearted.  Most strategic points and places fell, gave up, rolled over, or surrendered without a fight, or much of fight.  Alta California was not Mexico, in the east, state-side, this was never really understood.

Frémont organized the peace, he signed the agreement.  He made promises that only he could ever keep.  Kearny never understood any of this.  When Frémont became (military) governor Kearny decided he wanted to be governor too, or instead, or something or another.  It was complicated.  ‘Rank’ was said to be the issue.  In peace there became war.  It was a war between California and customs; between California practices and military customs (not orders per se).  It was a war pitting east vs. west before the discovery of gold would change both regions forever.

Frémont was very much a national hero, Kearny was famous for horses (cavalry), but otherwise almost a nobody.  Frémont was “supported” by his father-in-law Senator Benton, a very big man of the time, Manifest Destiny and all, more of an effort to take a continent than just California.  The quote has a meaning.  It was complicated then, it’s still complicated now.

After several changes of venue, and after a fair amount of delay, proceedings began in November in Washington City, in the District of Columbia, at a location so very different then than it is now.  Schools change.  The lessons learned then are not necessarily the lessons learned now.

The evidence then, and the evidence now, remains now, as it was then, muddled.  If I lived on Kearny Mesa I might see it all differently.  I don’t, so I don’t.  I’ll stay true to my school.  The Kearny conspiracy was an injustice, a counter-revolution, a deep thorn in the side of very carefully made plans.  The fate of nations were at stake, even the world.  How much of the truth can ever be uncovered and told is still rather unknown.  But I’m working on it.  I’m mapping it.  Like Frémont, I’m researching and exploring all the possibilities.

Sincerely yours,

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