North in Alaska

September 1st, 2015

~ North to Alaska was such a great song.

September 1, 2015 ∩ 18:00 UTC

The Russians, and Putin, are brilliant in understanding the importance of timing.  There are very few times that the opportunity presented by the Obama administration was so clear (and easy).  The plan was quite simple.  Not only would the President of the United States (the Commander-in-Chief) be away from Washington for three full days, but he would be very tired from a 4,000 mile non-stop air trip for two days (one day going out, the other day after he came back).

Therefore, he would be “in the air” for much of Monday August 31st, and would be still pretty tired on Tuesday.  Not only that, he would be tired on September 3rd, a Thursday.  Not only that, the whole U.S. government would be getting ready to shut down for the Labor Day weekend (that officially starts Friday) on Thursday.  By sometime on Friday most of government would be “gone” until Tuesday September 8th.  Putin was given the better part of 10 days free reign.

It gets better (for Putin and the Russians and Chinese and Iran and much the rest of the world).  Not only would the U.S. President be way up, far north in Alaska (beyond the Arctic Circle in fact), but the U.S. Secretary of State would be in Alaska with him; but would not have a lot of time with him, because of different airplanes and different schedules.

The whole scenario meant that the good Team Putin could politely inform the United States formally of their intentions to pour airplanes and personnel and equipment, and even to begin to build a new military seaport, in and into Syria full well knowing that the Obama Team could do little or nothing (reasonable or rational) about it for a very long time (meaning a full week or more).

Not only that, the whole exercise would give Russia and China a perfect opportunity to monitor just exactly how the encrypted emergency crisis communications equipment on Air Force One really works, and how easily it can be interfered with or hacked.  Alaska is so close to Russia and all those very stealthy Russian submarines after all.

Sure, Obama could have decided to cancel his Alaska trip and to immediately fly back to Washington where he could meet (privately and safely, in an electronic safe zone) with the National Security Council (NSC).  But, to do so would raise the red flag of EMERGENCY and HIGH CRISIS and the fact that the U.S. was facing Cuban Missile Crisis II would be immediately clear to the whole nation, and world.  So, yes – Obama didn’t (postpone and fly back to Washington).

The U.S. stock market was doing badly enough in this well organized “China Crash”, dare we say actually carefully planned by China.   Note:  The markets catastrophically fall on rumors of wars and then usually rise when massive war spending is clearly on the economic agenda.

So what, we may very well ask was so incredibly important about the Alaska doomsday, climate doom, trip that justified putting the established and promoted western interests in the Middle East in absolute peril?

The easy answer is that the whole thing is being orchestrated to get the U.S. economy out of trouble by getting the U.S. (everyday people) into a real bang-up, by golly, shooting war with deaths and casualties and the kind of military spending that trickle-down spending can never achieve to save an economy at the risk of bankrupting a nation.

Or, it could be that when the ‘500 Day’ climate ultimatum was made it was substantially forgotten about 100 days later and the whole world (especially Alaska) had to be reminded of the fact – in spades (meaning by playing a very powerful dark suit).

Since the ‘500 Day’ deadline is only three or four weeks away, maybe, Obama (or his controllers) reasoned, the nation (and even Alaska) needed to be reminded of the very high stakes, big time.  You see, maybe there is a “climate” change that really can happen in a blink of an eye, or can take effect in something that really seems like a specific DAY.  At least it’s a theory worth thinking about; think Krakatoa, or think the Carrington Effect.  Is anyone sure anymore that science at the scale of magnitude of the CERN Hadron level can’t make a simple earthquake or volcanic eruption happen?  We KNOW that an earth-made Carrington Effect (magnetic pulse event) is now so easy for science and scientists to do.

I do not know if you have been paying attention, but the verbiage regarding greenhouse warming has slowly changed.  ‘Greenhouse’, became ‘Global Warming’; Global warming became ‘Climate Change’.  Now the new mantra is being “Anti-Climate Change,” it is like a petition to maintain the status quo; a claim that “our” climate on earth is ‘just fine’, so don’t anybody mess with it.

So who (or what) is proposing to “mess with” the climate, the one climate, “the way it is?”  Sure, there are the usual speakers, the ‘warming people’, with warnings about how the waters around us have grown.  It’s got to be more than trying to make Bob Dylan into a real canonized prophet (by the Pope) at some point in the not too distant future.

Obama didn’t mince words in Alaska.  He has used the whole state to trash and change (forever) the state.  Mount McKinley is now Denali.  The McKinley Glacier is still white, and named after the all-white U.S. President, but that glacier and all the others have had their reputations (and reasons for visiting them) tarnished and trashed.  They are no longer beautiful glaciers; they now are just symbols of climate doom and gloom.

The native villages are now just flood zones waiting to happen; just tragic and sad.  Alaska was once the largest state to JOIN the Union, now the big new name associated with Alaska is EXIT, as in the Exit Glacier.  It almost seems that the word about Alaska is to leave it, not love it; and to leave it, EXIT NOW.  This so seems like it is more than the usual politics about Palin, Palin bashing, and Trump.

Maybe it is all just very personal with Obama, being from Hawaii and all, actually being born in Hawaii, even if not everybody believes it.  Not many alive today remember the rivalry between the two states at the time of their respective admissions  (as states, to the the Union, to the United States of America).  The coveted spot was to be #50.  #49 was so associated (at the time) with the California Gold Rush, the ’49’ers’.  The biggest state, Alaska, bigger than Texas even, wanted to be the big 5-0, meaning Five, Oh!; higher than the old 48; Hawaii, being lower, could be old ’49’, or ’49 West’.

It wasn’t to happen, or it wasn’t allowed to happen.  Hawaii got the 5-0 and surged in tourism.  It became a destination (ask Obama).  Alaska pretty much languished, a bit of oil, then the world’s biggest earthquake in modern times, in 1964, a 9.3 magnitude jolt lasting more than four minutes.  For years after, people left there, not wanting to live there.  Maybe Obama just wants those in Alaska to be ready for another “climate” change-’round, with more waters rising, or rising again just as rapidly as on Good Friday in 1964.

Is the planet really at the point of, “being beyond repair,” as both Obama and John Kerry have said?  Maybe the message is to set a date, then if “it” doesn’t happen, bail.  Maybe it really is just an “EXIT” strategy that “they” are looking for; the “allow us to leave peacefully, untried, and unharmed,” and we will stop messing with Earth and will ‘for all time’ just leave it alone.  It is always what almost every terrorist and every anti-terrorist always asks for when they get caught.

The question is what is “it” and who the “they” are.  Then, one might ask, is when is the price of all that injustice too high?  “Let ’em go,” – I don’t think so, no, I really don’t think so.  But, maybe there should just be a world-wide referendum, every person everywhere, everybody gets just one fair vote.

Like in the song, ‘the river is winding’, ‘big nuggets they’re (or “there”) finding’.  It’s just a September Song; Obama will be back in Washington soon.  There are much bigger fish to fry in Washington (D.C.), and on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Sit back, make popcorn.

One is by Land, and Two is by Air

July 20th, 2015

~ A few observations about the great planetary sea above us, and the new, possibly Greek, roots.

There always seems to be an ‘American connection’ to almost everything.  That’s the way it works, the way it is made to seem to work.  ‘American exceptionalism’ is a hard nut to crack, but like all “nuts”*, it is crazy.

According to American folklore, Paul Revere, a silversmith with a horse, was sent to alert American partisans regarding an upcoming planned British invasion.  “One” lantern was by land.  “Two” lanterns lit in the North Church tower was the symbolic symbol for a British invasion ‘by sea’.

There was not perceived to be a ‘sea’ of air above, by which the British might come, might invade; in an ‘air’ invasion back then.  That all changed 128 years later, at Kitty Hawk, the first airplane flight ‘in the world’ location, according to yet another American legend.  Noteworthy perhaps, is that this first venture into the air sea above was from a beach of the wet sea below; from ‘sea to shining sea’, as it were.

Pan American Airways travel promotion featuring the territory of Hawaii.

The sand trap, beach place, on the sand dunes of North Carolina was not the world’s first airport, it was not a port at all, not a Sky Harbor, not a Sun Port, not even an Air Port or an Air Base per se.  The airport per se, and all those other names would come later.  But not all that much later.

The first airbase was at Summerall Field, Fort Myer, west of the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  In 1908 and 1909 the US military engaged in extensive testing of the ‘Wright flyers’.  The first airport in the world began on January 18, 1910.  Bader Field, at Atlantic City New Jersey was built why?  To bring people ‘to the hotels and the beach’, of course. 

Are you thinking Greece yet, perhaps you should.

Below you will see two posters, reflecting two points of view.  The one on the left is perhaps the older approach.  The one on the right, “the Imperial view,” probably provides the key to the ‘next generation’ of airports, the ‘next new thing’, the privatization thing.

Howard Hughes established and grew TWA, Trans World Airlines.   If you flew to Europe or Greece in the 1960’s, on an American flag carrier, you probably flew on TWA.  Howard Hughes always thought big.  He designed a bra for Jane Mansfield’s over-sized bust, he built the Spruce Goose, the largest mostly wood aircraft ever made, he tried to buy most of Las Vegas before it was over (meaning before his life was over).

Hughes had great plans for Las Vegas.  He saw its future as a ‘hub’, as a mega-port airport where SST’s and planes even bigger and faster would ‘jet’ from one regional mega-port to another, and then passengers would take lesser planes out to the lesser airports in lesser cities.  Las Vegas ‘the meadows‘, would be the new homeland, meadowland, for the great new fleets of the air.  He purchased Bonanza Airlines (of Nevada) and a few other regional airlines to form Hughes Air West, the first step in pursuit of his plan.

While Howard Hughes was very rich, a modern sum close to $10 billion (like Donald Trump has), like ‘the Donald’ most of his money was tied up in assets; then making it very hard to float the bank loans to own and control airports.  Today the financial arrangements are quite different.  A billion or two to buy an airport is just ‘chump change’ (‘trump change’?) in some quarters.  With airline profits so high, and landing fees so comparatively low, it is really quite clear where ‘sky high’ profits might originate – privatized airports!

The Spruce Goose fuselage leaving a hanger at the Hughes Airport, a private airport located in Los Angeles, California.

‘They’ have gone to a whole lot of work to get the idea across, to get a head-start, first-start in the nation of Greece.  It was very hard for Schauble to get Tsipras and the government of Greece to buy it, to ‘sell out’ the idea of government owned and controlled airports around, and throughout, the world.  But it has happened, happened right before your eyes, a real coup, not #ThisIsaCoup.

How much is Heathrow worth, and what will it sell for?  What about Brandenburg, Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle?  And then there are so many lesser airports, often one for each city, each one a chokehold on commerce and tourists and freight and passengers and things.  Just the profits possible by putting a choke-hold on Federal Express is worth billions and billions, package delivery prices can always go up.

And then there are all the airport services thing potential.  Money can be exchanged at the airport, ‘cheaper’, better than the bank, or maybe only one bank, the one special one.  There could be a profit center in security services, the privatized police thing of course.  Every country could have body scans, iris scans, all the data from (electronic) passports collected.  Selling this data could be a goldmine.  Hiring girls to intercept businessmen on the way to an important conference could work, private property, no laws really apply.

The airports could soon take charge of customs, not like the old custom(s).  A ‘small’ fee if you don’t want your bags searched.  A large fine if something is ‘found’ and you want it to all go away.  Why worry about ‘official corruption’ when privatized corruption is so very much more profitable?

It will be very interesting to see how far this “privatization of airports” gets.  I think it could be the unhinging, the straw on the camel, the ‘fly’ on the wall that just hits the wall, or maybe just, “splat.”

Greece, like any other country, must decide if they want to keep the tourists coming in, the businessmen, the packages, package tours, and commerce.  You can ‘bet your life’. . .

But, as Groucho Marx would say, “there really are so many questions.”   And it’s really not funny.

*The term “Nuts” was made famous during the ‘Battle of the Bulge”:  McAuliffe said, “What do you mean?” I answered, “Sir, you said ‘Nuts’.” 

Cats in the Sun

July 19th, 2015

~ Books, Beasts, and a collection of reflections.

It is only reasonable I guess that my heart, my mind, once again returns to Greece.  It’s in the news, still in the news actually.

Actually, real news from Greece is pretty hard to find.  There are the usual rants, both left wing and right wing; there are the usual pitches regarding hotels, restaurants, and islands.  There are the ubiquitous photographs of the Acropolis and the streets and ruins of Athens.  There are pictures of banks, ATM machines and sometimes the homeless.  Photographs of high end shops are not common.  Pictures of people of color in Greece are not common.  Pictures of the common people of Greece are not common either.  So it goes.  Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it does.

Greek cats in the sun

I have a few pictures, a few books about Greece and its culture.  I have a copy of Mythology in Marble, by Louie M. Bell, a woman writer, also a poet, from the very early days of the last century, the copyright is 1901.  I inherited this tome when my grandmother died, and she only had the book because she was very good friends with the author.  The book was a gift you see, a seal of friendship.  My wife brought into my life a lovely copy of Stories From Virgil, an 1878 edition, fully illustrated, purchased in London (by my wife) when she was young and hopeful.  About 2 pounds sterling perhaps.  It was a long time ago.

My father left me three or four classic textbooks about Greece from the 1930’s.  He picked them up at the University of California, in Berkeley, back then.  I still have Lucretius On the Nature of Things, but Lucretius was Roman, only his thoughts were Hellenistic, so maybe that book doesn’t count.  There was a book about Homer, an outline of Greek history; books pass away.

A more recent acquisition is The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece, copyright 1998.  My wife and I paid full price for it, new, first edition.  It was an addition to our library back then, when hope seemed eternal, and it seemed that good books would never be forgotten.  My how times change.

The last book about Greece was purchased at a library sale.  Paid an even $2 for it, 144 pages, large size, full color.  There are maybe 200 pictures in it, all pictures of cats mostly; cats in the sun.  ‘The sun’ they are in is of course the Grecian sun, the Greek places, Greek walls and Greek steps, Greek byways and passage ways.

There is every color of cat, every shape, every size.  There are solo cats, companion cats, cats in colonies.  The theory is that cats are both solitary and social creatures.  One image of a cat can never apply to all.

This last book of cats in the sun was published in 1994, 21 years ago as time may be reckoned.  A lot has changed in Greece since then, and the cat scene has changed a whole lot too.  Cats are not allowed to be free anymore.  It’s the law.  It’s pretty much “world” law now, from the shores of the Rio Grande to all the Greek Islands, and most places in between.

In Greece the law is comparatively new, 2012.  A cat without a collar is worth a 100 Euro fine, a cat without a metal tag on the collar is priced out at 100 Euros more.  A cat that is found unattended and not under the control of its owners is valued as a 300 Euro hit.   Two cats, on a ledge, left alone would be 600 Euros, the three cats pictured above would be a fine of at least 1,000 Euros.  Read it all here:

Chalk it up to EU membership.  It’s all about control, and power, and sanctions.  Animal companions seem to be now reserved for the rich, or the unwary.  A cat that takes (labe) a fish out of water, now is a crime.

The new regulations are astonishingly scary.  Where is the hope when it is clearly getting close to so leave the planet?

There are, of course cat people and ‘dog people’ too.  Dogs are often far more of a problem, packs, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds trained to carry bombs and to kill.  It’s always the war thing, never a law that is ever enforced regarding the military, or a person in uniform.

In the movie Soylent Green a person ready to die was offered pictures of a beautiful world the way it was.  It was supposed to make the person in their last hour happy.  I’m not so sure, all these free cat pictures just make me sad.

Alexandra Leaving

July 14th, 2015

~ It’s about Alexander, Alexandria, and Alexandra Lost; meaning it’s about #Greece to me.

Alexander generally refers to Greece’s greatest once living hero, Alexander the Great, namesake of Alexandria, Egypt.  Alexandra lost is a reference in the Leonard Cohen poem “Alexandra Leaving,” the performance linked, of which was held in Helsinki, Finland.  Everything ties together in a very predictable #Greek sort of way.  Hashtags are my own, because, “hey,” why not.

I will not waste my time, or yours, trying to recount the Greek events, the Greek drama, that has been unfolding for the last two or three weeks or two or three months.  Maybe it has been two or three years.  Does it matter, probably not.  The whole thing can be summarized briefly: “No means yes,” “yes means maybe,” “Oxi means Oxy,” “mental water-boarding means I like it,” “what is said one day means nothing the next.”

Anyway, I still don’t care for the IMF, for Merkel, certainly not for Schauble.  Germany is certainly behaving like an enemy.  However, Greece is sleeping with the enemy, enjoying every minute of it, with absolutely no regrets, and no remorse.

Lyrics for Sleeping With the Enemy:

Suddenly the night has grown colder
The God of love preparing to depart
Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder
They slip between the sentries of the heart

Upheld by the simplicities of pleasure
They gain the light, they formlessly entwine
And radiant beyond your widest measure
They fall among the voices and the wine

It’s not a trick, your senses, all deceiving
A fitful dream, the morning will exhaust
Say goodbye to Alexandra leaving
Then say goodbye to Alexandra lost

Even though she sleeps upon your satin
Even though she wakes you with a kiss
Do not say the moment was imagined
Do not stoop to strategies like this

As someone long prepared for this to happen
Go firmly to the window, drink it in
Exquisite music, Alexandra laughing
Your first commitments tangible again

And you who had the honor of her evening
And by that honor had your own restored
Say goodbye to Alexandra leaving
Alexandra leaving with her Lord

As someone long prepared for the occasion
In full command of every plan you wrecked
Do not choose a coward’s explanation
That hides behind the cause and the effect

And you who were bewildered by a meaning
Whose code was broken, crucifix uncrossed
Say goodbye to Alexandra leaving
Then say goodbye to Alexandra lost

Yanis Varoufakis Resigns

July 6th, 2015

Greece’s chief negotiator, a renowned economist and an outstanding politician, Yanis Varoufakis announced a surprise resignation on Monday a day after the referendum, in which the Greeks said a resolute “No” to creditors’ ultimatum.

“Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today,” Varoufakis said in a statement titled “Minister No More!”

All-India rail

August 1st, 2012

All-India rail

~ Why rail about the use of power or the lack of power when the real rails have gone bad.

You have probably heard by now about the latest power failure in India that has left at least 650 million people without power, meaning electricity I guess.

The point is that a lot of points have been left without lights – stoplights, ATM machines, the machines of factories and commerce – not to mention the lesser lights that turn night to day when the real nighttime is not really all that bad.

Sure, India does have some cars, some vehicles on wheels; but mostly India moves by train and the trains are all-electric and the electricity is what keeps keeping them moving.  Or (when the power shifts), doesn’t.

I guess you might say it was a dog-day afternoon.

I guess that something can be said for “old scratch” and the invention of electricity, but you would have to have a dictionary, read a lot of history and know a little bit of science to make all the connections about the connection.  I don’t have time to present it here. Let us just say that just a short 120 years ago we (the world) would not be in all this type of trouble.  If there is no further forward, maybe we can go back.

So, yesterday I was writing about tanks, and looking up all the tanks on all the web and reading all about the great new tank, the T-90, and that led me to the paragraph or two (really seven) on the T-90 in India (of all places).

The T-90 costs between 3 & 5 million dollars each to buy or to build, call it an even $3,000,000 and then consider the cost (or expense) of building about one thousand six hundred of them (1,600) and if you do the math (or if I do it), the figure looks a lot like this: $4.8 Trillion dollars (U.S.), which of course is a whole lot of (or more) in Rupees, the currency of India.

You guessed it; it is easy to see why the power in India is tanking, it is tanking because of the tanks, the T-90’s, the T-90’s that get all the money that the electrical grid type power isn’t getting – and that really does not seem fair.

So, I did a little looking and I found this, which if you follow the links and do a little reading and thinking, you will find that for about $1.2 billion dollars India could build a brand-new GAS (cleaner than coal) fired power plant that could light about 6 million Indian homes because a home in India uses a lot less electricity than one in the U.S.  So 100 of these plants (built) could provide power for all 600 million and it would leave India with $3.8 Trillion dollars to spare and a lot of coal-fired power to use or spare.

If the TANKS are so necessary and powerful why didn’t Pakistan or China attack India when the lights were out, the communications were down and India wasn’t looking (because in the dark, it IS hard to see)?  Or, maybe the last sentence was NOT a question.

Yes folks, the cost of wars and the military is a very (VERY) big expense.  India is not so unlike America after all.  So when the grid goes down here, our grid is not too big to fail, remember that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought you here, or brought you the heat and the darkness that you really knew to expect, IF you were thinking.

To keep this image in mind I bring you (via the web) a few images of life without power, or life WITH power, when the choice is to have the power of tanks, the military, the sound of freedom even if everything is ALL DARK.

Have a safe night.  With no military your taxes, and your troubles, will certainly be much lower.

2012.08.01 – 19:30 (Middle East War Time when it comes).

Climate change

April 11th, 2012

Climate change

~ Once the word meant something different.

Yes, we all watch or google too much of the Weather Channel.  The weather is not really real news.  Most serious weather (events) were considered an “Act of God”, a punishment of sorts, a plague of locusts; actually a real plague of locusts IS a weather condition, or the real life manifestation of one, when before the plague people weren’t really watching.

So in the dictionary it is definition 3. that I want, that I refer to, the one that I know you will know what it is that I really mean.   You see, “climate change” has nothing to do with “greenhouse warming” regardless of how many unscientific scientists get aboard that broken band-wagon.

I offer you the month of March as evidence.  If you live in America you experienced it (the month) first hand.  It was warmer.  It was a lot warmer.  It was warmer by about eight point six degrees (8.6!).  And spring was busting out all over.  The pollens were (and still are) bursting forth. The “climate” is one of allergies, and by that I mean an adverse reaction to the national atmosphere of subterfuge, perversion and subversion.

America has become the “communist menace” that we were always told we didn’t want.  America is the black arm-band hand of the Gestapo.  It is the American military that has been identified as the most probable suspect in “the rape of Belgium”.

Does it matter that the rest of the world has weather?  Does it matter that the rest of the world does not have TSA, nude body scanners, on-demand cavity searches at the mall?   The climate in America has changed, changed big-time, and has changed faster than a speeding bullet or than any “greenhouse” weatherman ever did say (it would, or could).

What was that last part?  “Climate Change” (the carbon-offset version) is supposed to be “man-made” and thus occur fairly slowly.  If I remember correctly temperatures were supposed to “warm” about 1 degree per year, not EIGHT degrees in a single month!   OK, the models were off a bit, and the “scientists” are talking “average”, and it could be really really cold this November, and penguins could fly, and Rick Santorum could be our next President even though he is officially out of race (or is it the race?), or is it that the Republicans are so white it doesn’t matter?

My new roof is designed to take a lot of heat.  Yes, I’ve probably seen it coming.  I’ve watched the changes in nature, meaning the nature of my back yard, my side yard, even my front yard as of late.  The bees talk to me.  Even the lowly cockroaches have their missions.  The apple tree has been like an avatar.  The tulips remember Holland, not Belgium.  Many cottonwoods are dieing.  Even the Water Authority has been degraded.  All the “water police” in the world can’t get blood from a turnip that has run dry (a nice mix of metaphors).

My new roof is designed to be a shield, not to just keep off the rain.  In Albuquerque the only ones who carry umbrellas are those who do to shield from the heat.  Every day is more of a scorcher.  Many women wear white gloves when walking, many others cover their entire face.  It is not the surveillance cameras that they are afraid of, it is the UV rays and other cosmic manifestations of the heat.

The military helicopters (here) are flying lower overhead.  The hot air is thinner at these higher elevations, less lift.  No wonder there is the shift to drones, the new planetary environment can’t carry the weight of man and men flying so near the sun, the new “pilots” are grounded, or under-grounded where if it weren’t for fracking maybe they might be safe.  I don’t worry.  Mother nature taught me that the way of nature is to create a lot of drones, then almost all of them quickly die off.

My grandparents (Backlund / Martin) served me well.  They left me about twenty years of Desert Magazine, which if nothing else teaches one how to survive the heat and possibly even how to live well while doing so.  Like the trap door spider learned, just a web does not always work.  When it gets hot enough webs never work.

Life is a lot about how you look at it; about what you see.  The plans of other people are often of little interest to me.  It is my plans that I hold most dear.  It is what I intend to do or what I hope will happen that matters most.  The plans of most earthly governments are bound to disappoint.  Are you not glad that the government doesn’t own you?  Regardless of what some seem to claim, they never did.  “They” will always make an offer, but as Nancy Reagan said, “Just say No.”

So, my friends, the great unwinding will continue.  It is not just an economic unwinding, not just political.  It is not just an Arab Spring, an Occupy Movement or the uprising of the great unwashed.  The unwinding involves rockets, weapons of mass destruction and weapons of local destruction too.  My advice is to dig in, but not too deep; seek shelter, be open to a new way of life.   Simplify.  New villages will rise on the rubble of the old city centers and the cities of God will emerge where you thought it was least likely to find them.

Yes, another day – up on the roof, and out in the garden.

2012.04.11 – 20.12.

A bit about Fukushima

August 31st, 2011
This post is so incredible and “right on” that I had to reproduce it here.  The original site is HERE.   The Mainstream Media would rather talk “hooey” about Irene.  Well guess what, GET WORRIED, Katia is coming and America DOES NOT have its nuclear power plants in order.
Anonymous said…
So, let me get this straight…one PRIVATE CORPORATION can set up a nuclear power plant for profit–without receiving public consent–then, THE GOVERNMENT approves this, with safety regulation violations…then, when there is an accident the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT DO NOT EVACUATE PEOPLE TO SAFE PLACES, THEY WITHHOLD INFORMATION (FROM SPEEDI) AND CAUSE PEOPLE TO BE IRRADIATED IN THEIR OWN HOUSES OR IN NEW EVACUATION ZONES…then, the people must lose EVERYTHING–homes, jobs, pets, possessions, food, their health and possibly their lives–and the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT shut down media reports about the truth, then tell people to eat radiated food, then give only a tiny fraction of people a few hundred dollars and maybe a gymnasium to live in, indefinitely…the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT have NO SOLUTION TO STOP RADIATION…they hold BULLSHIT MEETINGS that amount to, “WE DON”T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THOSE, WHOSE LIVES WE DESTROYED”…THE GOVERNMENT AND NUCLEAR INDUSTRY CIRCULATES MORE PROPAGANDA ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL NUCLEAR POWER IS and besides, they claim, they *don’t have the money* to stop using these plants…even though everyone knew building nuclear plants on faultlines, in an earthquake prone country was a bad idea…and now…NOW, the people must DECONTAMINATE THEIR OWN PROPERTIES, WHICH HAVE RADIONUCLIDES–FROM THE PRIVATE COMPANY’S AND GOVERNMENT’S NEGLIGENCE??? Okay, these people in power need to be yanked from their homes and thrown in jail–immediately. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO BE SUED, TEPCO NEEDS TO BE STRIPPED OF ALL ASSETS…THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS NEED TO BE FOUND, TRIED AND GIVEN THE DEATH PENALTY–IF IT LEGALLY EXISTS IN JAPAN. INTERNATIONALLY, THIS GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE COMPANY NEED TO BE SUED–for contaminating North America. NOT ONE PENNY SHOULD BE LEFT IN ONE TEPCO EXECUTIVES’ POCKET, WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE DONE WITH THEM. There is no excuse for this at all. ROUND UP THE CULPRITS. IT”S TIME FOR JUSTICE.

Thinking the unthinkable

March 25th, 2011

~ It’s an oxymoron, that only a moron can believe, or advocate at all.

What’s with the words today?  Of today?  “Oxymoron“, moron (you know), and now another new word – Meme.   OK, we’ve got our vocabulary lesson in order, now to get to the point.

Words, like politics, can take you all over the map, and quickly.  They can be shoved in peoples mouths, eaten like cornflakes for breakfast, smeared on walls, painted carefully on carefully crafted signs.  A President can speak them, a dictator, an Admiral or a NATO commander or even someone else.  Words can serve to be like weapons, or they can be the only weapon of the truth.  Painted prose, maybe, but maybe too there is something really going on.

Among the roadblocks established by the Constitution (of the United States) to violent revolution, widespread repression or another civil war, the last two were these two:  (1) Congress, not the President, had the right to take this nation to war;  (2) The violent overthrow of the government itself was illegal, an illegal act (a “no” go).

We learn (most people learn) our lessons of history, our lessons in civics, from action.  We not only watch the history coming down, we live it, we experience it, we take up or throw down the latest meme.

The “old” meme was that Congress cared, that it was composed (not composted) of “elected” representatives that had the people’s interests at heart and were not just corporate pawns, power brokers, politicians out to cut a deal.  The old meme said that Congress would declare, or at least be consulted (meaning given evidence, purposes, and a clear-cut reason) before there was a war, before another nation was brought down by violent means or violent revolution supported by, or caused by, the actions of the U.S., with the clear support of the U.S. people.  “Old” is now yesterday, gone like last spring’s flowers (1961) like passé, (meaning like, not new).

Now, many people think that there is nothing new to learn, that we “know how”, and know how to create and forment revolutions, topple unpopular governments at will, how to move out an elected leader without worrying about any Constitutional exchange (or change).  Why limit the discussion to Libya, when the same happened in Afghanistan (in 2001), in Iraq (in 2003), in Chile, in El Salvador, in Iran, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Chile, Greece, France and Italy and a whole lot more.

“Oh sure – not France, not Italy – I’ve read my history,” you might write.  But I’ve read the history too, and I’M RIGHT, read between the lines, the suppressed revolutions of the “communists” and the ballots that they carried, the demonstrations in the streets (and the rioting that occurred thereafter), armed insurrection (or the threat thereof), thugs, brutality, criminality – creating governments that are a crime and do crimes against humanity, like in Libya (and elsewhere), like TODAY.  But, I digress.

The point is that most people find a currency collapse more believable than the possibility, the encouragement by the government itself, of the violent overthrow of the United States itself.  It is simply “unthinkable”.

But NOW (meaning not yesterday), this is exactly what the President of the United States, Congress (by its inaction), the highest U.S. military commanders, and other “fellow travelers” advocate, promote, and carry out as being U.S. POLICY.  Enabling the VIOLENT OVERTHROW of an unpopular regime, a national government with a Constitution, is now de rigueur, the latest thing, clearly what’s in fashion.  Why be a hypocrite, (or a hypocritter), and say that what is good for Libya is not good for the good ole’ U.S.A.?

No, nobody even bothers to believe that the “revolution” or the “revolutionaries” in the land of Al Qaeda (Eastern Libya), were ever non-violent, democratic, or peaceful.  There has never been even one election in Benghazi in the past ninety (90) days – to choose a revolutionary council or something.  That’s not the way it works.  It’s “grab the weapons, capture tanks, take captured military jets into the sky to shoot civilians”; it’s war, it’s violence, it works to work up the U.S. into supporting this type of “regime” change – VIOLENT REVOLUTION!  You don’t need the links; it’s all on the web, or was all on Al Jeezera (which even Hillary Clinton supports).

If I were running things (I’m not), I would not have let this last “roadblock” get pushed away, get defeated, made to whistle in the wind.   I am opposed to violence, and the violent overthrow of Constitutions, of governments, of the will of people by violent demonstrations or violent demonstrators in the streets.  But I am old, and old school.   There is something new out there now.  We can think the unthinkable, advocate it for those who will, it’s government policy now, trash the Constitution and the safeguards that it represents (apparently), the world is moving toward the mob, aka: the democracy of the streets.  Maybe it is time for ALL PARLIAMENTS to step aside (like in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Wisconsin).   The one in Washington seems already gone.  Do I sound nice and modern now?  Forget about all the papers and the empty words written on them, it’s out into the streets, it’s time for the (lyric) REVOLUTION.

[“The Revolution Starts Now” Post originally written on March 25, 2011 @ 22:52  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Update:  Just for argument (and illustration) I offer this reminder – The (real) revolution will not be televised.

Emergency in Wisconsin

February 25th, 2011

~ I would rather that you read this, but it’s too late for a vote.

I used to like Amy Goodman and her crowd at “Democracy Now”.   She has stood firm against many wars and given voice to many freedoms and a lot of vilified and marginalized people.  She has been a patriot, and I note her logo is patriotic too.

But!  But, today’s program is different.  Amy goes off the deep end.  She doesn’t just advocate and report and comment and editorialize, she takes sides.  And this time her side is wrong.  This time she sides with war, for war, she stands on the side of civil war and civil division in the State of Wisconsin and for the overthrow of the very “Democracy” that she advocated for, for so long and hard.

Let me explain.

But, before I explain let me say that maybe this post should be added to the continuing discussion about the perils of democracy with emphasis on the fact that “democrats” as well as republicans don’t do well when it comes to making democracy work, because (maybe) they don’t really believe in real democracy at all and their followers, meaning the people, don’t understand democracy even if they get on TV; watch TV; carry signs; demonstrate by the numbers (100,000), in numbers big enough to cause the call for the call-up of the National Guard (or something); but, I don’t like the direction and the way this thing is going – like Libya and Muammar Gaddafi, maybe the point is that neither side is right when the whole situation is wrong.

Some day, one day, back in the 1890’s or 1920’s or some time in between; when the people of America found that DEMOCRACY just wasn’t working they rose up (sing “Rise Upmaybe?) and passed some Progressive legislation, not to be confused with Progressive Education.

Anyway, the idea included two important ideas – recall and referendum.  The point is this.  If you have a situation where some nut case (or cases) actually steal an election (elections) then you recall the bastard (bastards) and you do it quick.  Also, if this legislature or group of thugs or brown shirts or red herrings or whatever they are or were or pretended to be pass bills before they are recalled then you (meaning the people of Wisconsin) use democracy to call for a referendum, a citizens bill, and you undo in a special election or at the next election what these addle-brained pretenders at democracy did.  If Germany had have had referendum and recall in 1933 (and a population of informed voters and journalists) Hitler and his party would have never had a chance.

The sad part is Germany didn’t and Wisconsin did, but doesn’t.  Let me explain.  Wisconsin does have recall, (alternative source for but if you read the PDF file you will see that for some very stupid reason the good people of Wisconsin are willing to let stupid people stay in power for a full year, which is time enough to do a lot of damage (and be, or to be, a witness to Hitler).

So, I don’t really know if 100,000 or more people demonstrating and maybe rioting in the streets and taking over public buildings and creating a real public mess represents the will of a state, out of a population (in population, a population of 6 million) (a chilling number to say the least), or not.  I don’t live there, I’m only watching.  From a very safe distance I am watching.

Yes, knock heads if you want to in Wisconsin; bash heads, or bash your own head against a wall; take to the streets; start a revolution; maybe Amy Goodman can make a new logo that reads “Revolution Now!“, same colors, same patriotic imagery.  You get my point, and so should she.

What I would suggest is a bit different.  Write a bill of referendum Wisconsinors, do this thing right.  If the state wants collective bargaining and unions and the way it was (or is) let an election decide, not street theater, not just marches of the masses.  And meanwhile, circulate another referendum to change the recall, so that the citizens can recall a tyrant, an out of control tea party, before it’s too late.  Wake up America; Wisconsin may be first, but you certainly might be next.

Referendum, Recall – legislatures are in session – pass the bills that safeguard democracy NOW!  It’s not too late to maybe make it work, but don’t say that I said so, don’t quote me.  Because, if you are a journalist, revolution makes such better, more action-packed, press.

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