Oh where, oh where to begin

May 17th, 2012

Oh where, oh where to begin

~ If it’s about lifestyle, maybe education is not where to find it.

I’ve been writing lately about my student loan, the one that was made, was paid, that then came back again to haunt me.

Last night I wrote a post about “the end game”.  I posted a letter about how I was dissed by the Department of education dismissing a lifetime of (their) lies by saying “it was an error”.  “You’re damn sure shootin’ it was error,” it was an error that took a lot of my life away from me.

But now the same bastards that are bastardizing education are stepping forward to defend it, through their fellow travelers at the National Center for Health Statistics (if that isn’t a useless agency, there isn’t one).  These guys, this gal, have done research on a 25 year old guy who even though he isn’t dead yet “they” know will die nine years earlier if he doesn’t get an education (meaning a postsecondary education, involving a student loan).

Oh, it doesn’t say that.  The study doesn’t track statistics based on debt, on student debt, on real life decisions.  As this article clearly shows (except you can’t really read it) getting an education is more about the big bucks than about the course of study.  Since you can’t read it, I will summarize it for you.  A failing kid, not bound to graduate, paid $200 for a weekend English course and got a “C” and graduated (presto, bango) no questions asked.

The Superintendent Winston Brooks (of Albuquerque) said simply that it was “usually the rich kids that do this, and the athletes”.  I guess that it is clear now why the rich do live longer, have a better and easier education even if their quality of life is NOT so good.

In the longevity article linked above Dr. David Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine, said that “the good news is life expectancy has gone up”.  Is that really good news?  I guess it is “good” for the student loan industry because the students will have longer to pay, and pay and pay.

So yes, I guess I’m doomed statistically.  My student loan (experience) helped me make sure that I would never graduate from college.  So here we go, or I go.  Look here, the life expectancy for U.S. males is 75 years and 219 days.  But subtract the years lost because I didn’t graduate, nine (9) years, and that leaves me leaving (statistically) at age 65 and 146 days (plus one more for leap year).  So I can’t wait, eight months more and, “I’m outta here”, I graduate “for sure”, I move on to someplace a whole lot better where the lack of a (college) diploma will not cost me, cost me my life.

Of course the better argument would be that my student loan is what really killed me.  Everyone really knows that STRESS kills, that debt causes stress, that debt has never been so high is U.S. history or world history or in the classes that teach all kinds of history about “you” being history and “me” being history.

So I’m doomed and you’re probably doomed too (if you have a student loan).  You’ll die early, you’ve already died often.  You’ve already wanted to die because of the debt.  So it IS the end of the world as we know it; and I DO feel fine.

2012.05.17 – 17:01.

It’s a long hard road

May 17th, 2012

It’s a long hard road (song link)

~ Keep on clickin’ and kickin’.

If you have been reading this series of posts, “My Student Loan” for awhile then you are probably getting tired of clicking on the Rasmussen and Reinhardt letters, on the documents, on all the links that prove just about every word that I say.

You are probably outraged by now.  Like I was, you should be.  It is VERY tiring to read all the documents in detail, to cross-check each bit of information, to think about with honesty what lies were said.  It was far worse to live in the shadow of these lies when the only documents that were known was this one, and that copy was long ago lost (by 1990) when this whole ordeal began.  Before that summer the only proof that I had that I had fully paid (had satisfied) my student loan was that my transcript had been released by the University of Nevada in Reno (in early January of 1974).

Today’s new document is the document from the IRS that documents how they stole my wife’s tax refund check, which left us both short of cash and maybe short on food.  The times were tough then, at least a bit harder than they are now.

My wife started this mornings morning by showing me this link, (paragraph 6 & 7).  How does one pay (or payoff) a student loan without making (and selling) 89,000 bean bags?  The irony is that this:

came in the mail today from Discover Card (TM).  “Full-time students do not need to have even an income of $10,000 to get a Discover card.”  The college student of today gets”easy credit” credit cards while in college so that they can make student loan payments when they get out of school by growing their debt, with more debt, just like the federal government that created this whole mess insists on doing.

It took four (4) months for the IRS to withhold the Clayton IRS refund.  You can only imagine how many months it would take for them to issue a Form 8379 refund, perhaps years.  They would first have to collect the funds from Diversified Collection Services, if not the wrongly withheld funds would have to be added to the federal debt.

I seriously doubt if Congress has EVER investigated how fast, or IF the student loan collections corporations ever repay the IRS for wrongly seized money.  The reason why I say this?  Look at the June 26, 1991 Statement issued by USA Loans (USAF).  The $265.00 seized by the IRS one month earlier has not even been reported to the USAF.  This is despite the fact that on May 26, 1991 the IRS stated that, “We have applied all or part of your refund to fully or partially satisfy a past-due obligation…”

If the IRS did (and did not lie) then Diversified Collection Services (DCS) certainly takes its time in posting revenue (collections) received to the appropriate accounts.  As of July 8, 1991 (the last date of communications regarding this matter) there STILL was NO RECORD that DCS, Inc. (or USA Funds, Inc.) ever even acknowledged receiving the money that the IRS seized.  How much “free federal money” (interest free federal money) do these financial corporations really receive while the Mothers of America sew bean bags, waitress tables, scrub floors and watch their young children go hungry because they got married (to a student loan recipient) and he couldn’t get a decent job?

The student loan path to education has not reduced poverty in America, it has created it.

It was almost exactly one year from the time that DCS first contacted me and the time I got the whole thing settled.  There were a lot of “24/7” days and weeks, a lot of letters, a lot of writing and far too many trips to the post office to send things certified mail.

“Don’t mess with me”, I too, “may NEVER forget.”  This is especially true when the government is wrong, the system does not work and banks and bankers are engaged in an endless war of ruin and ruining lives.

There are (probably) more documents on this left to be posted.  However, this one is my favorite.  My wife likes to say I won.  I didn’t win.  The student loan racket and abuses grow worse every day.  They must be stopped and there is ONLY one way how.

In the letter the entire series of lies, deceits, frauds and criminal activities about which I have posted for nearly a week is “dismissed” by the U,S. Department of Education as “an error”.   No, there was only one ERROR made, the error was to even apply for even just one student loan.

It should be really simple.  Every student in America should be able to just say, “I made a mistake.”  At that moment ALL DEBTS (all student loans) should be instantly forgiven, wiped clean, files purged, the whole thing forgotten.  The reality is, that even the Department of Education (ED), never apologized, never said that “I’m sorry”, never admitted making a mistake.

ED is still in denial.  They say “a GSL was assigned in error”.  No, ED creates the rules and policies and approves the practices that in my documents you have seen; and you have seen clearly how poorly they work.  ED did it.  ED has shown no remorse, they keep “doing it” to millions of human beings that will have to wait until they are 60 (like I did) to realize the pain and destruction that the student loan industry always creates.

Americans fining other Americans for not getting a job that doesn’t exist is just plain stupid.  Paying Americans to make life miserable for other Americans is wrong.  The loss of hope, productivity, and trust that charging too much for an education too poor, is too much to bear.  Select people in select jobs in selected circumstances may have benefited from a few student loans in the past.  That was then, this is now. The “I’ve got mine” mentality is something we all need to get over, the “student” generation is NOT the enemy, they should not be used by the banks and by politicians as pawns.

Did you notice?  Daniel E. Oppermann did not even care enough about my letter to sign it himself.  Is anyone listening?

2012.05.17 – 07:30.

Why not just execute this corporation

May 16th, 2012

Why not just execute this corporation

~ This United Student Aid Funds, Inc. account statement for Donald Clayton was produced on September 30, 1975.

In recent posts I have documented the lies, the deceit, the travesty of what happens with student loans and inside the student loan industry.  I have explained how banks, universities, trade schools and others work with United Student Aid Funds, Inc. (USAF) in order to funnel money into a collection (agency) racket, creating perhaps millions and millions of loans that can NEVER satisfactorily be repaid.

Today the documentation gets deeper.  It starts with the document shown here showing the entry made exactly two (2) days after Assistant Manager Richard P. Reinhardt had stated that, “this account is settled”.  The United Student Aid Funds, Inc. (USAF) computers were documenting a different reality.  On January 17, 1974 (two days after the January 15, 1974 letter) the computer “print-out” stated that there was a Principal Due of $136.51.

Needless to say USAF DID NOT make any effort to inform Donald Clayton of this “newly created” student loan reality.  USAF never sent any statement to Donald Clayton indicating ANY amount owing.  Meanwhile, as one can see from this statement (printed out for an unknown reason as USAF interest was steadily growing, by the statement date in 1975 the “amount due” USAF was $148.46.

By June 26, 1991 interest had grown to $166.74 and the “Balance Due” was $303.25.

If the 33 1/3% “collection fees” ($101.09) were added to this amount the amount due would be $404.34 (about four hundred dollars).  However, that did not stop Diversified Collection Services, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Education from DEMANDING a payment of $1,051.53 (for this January 17, 1974 artificially generated) student loan in a letter generated on January 11, 1991, a date 17 years after the real student loan had been “paid in full” including interest and collection fees.

As you can plainly see from the letter, neither Diversified Collection Services, Inc. OR the U.S. Department of Education could or would provide any proof, rationale, or evidence for the demand for the additional $650 (six hundred and fifty dollars) over and above “principal, interest and fees” ($1,051.53 – 404.34 = $647.19).

The way this student loan collection racket works is that IF I were to pay the demanded $1,051.53, then a NEW collection fee of (1/3 of the amount collected) would be generated – $350.51.  This new amount would then show up on the USAF computers as an “unpaid principal” of $350.51; in reality the creation of a whole new, “unpaid” student loan that the collection corporations would wait another ten to twenty years to collect (like they did the FIRST time).  It is a perpetual money machine.

What is abundantly evident by the above documents, Reinhardt’s letter and the USAF statement, is a clear case of entrapment.   On a technicality one might argue that entrapment applies only to “criminal” activity and that not paying a student loan is NEVER criminal.  It is a criminal offense for a public official or his/her agent to patently and deliberately lie in the course of official duties.  It is also a criminal activity for a corporation to falsify financial records for the benefit of the corporation and the corporations agents, in this case the collection corporations.

Entrapment is, “engaging in reprehensible conduct by inducing persons not disposed to commit crimes to engage in criminal activity.”  Legally BOTH Richard P.Reinhardt and USAF, Inc. ARE legal persons and BOTH are guilty of “reprehensible conduct”.

The irony of corporate “personhood” is that the corporation is a “special and elite” person that is “above the law”, as a corporation cannot ever be put in prison, be executed, or be subject to the myriad punishments that are so effective in controlling the behavior of real persons (people).

If a falsely conceived “student loan” as documented above results in a wrongful death (a suicide), a divorce, an unfed member of a struggling family the corporation should be (if found guilty) executed, or imprisoned (banned from corporate operations for maybe 5 – 20 years).  “Personhood” should have consequences, not just a free lunch; every corporation should be tried and punished for the crimes committed.

What you plainly and painfully see by all the evidence (and there is MORE evidence to come) is that corporations and other (really real) persons are NOT on an equal playing field in America.  The banks and financial institutions have ALL the power, not the people.  And finally, the banks and corporations are using their power to DESTROY real people and to ENSLAVE them with endless debt, often if not always, illegally conceived.  Easy credit is in and of itself entrapment unless a financial corporation can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person extended is “credit worthy” and has (and has had) an income that clearly demonstrates an ability to repay the loan.

The “housing crisis” PROVED the peril of easy credit and proved the death and destruction (of real human beings) that easy credit has wrought.  There are no reasonable “future earnings” for someone who has never had a well-paying decent job.  That line of thinking is a hypothetical, speculation, a claim unsubstantiated by all the evidence of history.  Any reasonable person knows that America does not need half the jobs it has. Machines do most of the real work, everything made can be made more cheaply and efficiently in China or many other countries of the world.  There IS a limit on how many waiters and waitresses and maids this country needs, especially when 80% of Americans cannot even afford to eat out or travel without more credit card use and debt.

The most real education anybody needs is to learn how to grow food in ones own back yard (or front yard).  America started this way, from scratch.  It can start this way again as everything moves swiftly toward the inevitable collapse.

2012.05.16 – 06:35.

A dangling conversation

May 14th, 2012

A dangling conversation

~On the borders of our lives.

The big news on Sunday was the story about a janitor and his graduation.  The student, the graduate, was aged 52.  He graduated from college without a student loan.

One can argue that the link (the graduate link) is to High School, I think not.  College is the new high school education, it is the mass experience, it is designed to be fun and social and socially networked.  It is NOT a real education at all.

In the distant past America was a leader in higher education.  No more.  In the 1920’s America spent more on education than the entire rest of the world combined.  The result was more patents on useful things, more expertise in everything, more things made in America than any other place.  No more.

What made America great was not debt, but effort.  Graduating from even high school in the old days was a real accomplishment even if the high school, the books, the buildings were there “absolutely free”.  College was even a greater experience, more special.

One had to really want to go to college in the 1930’s or 1940’s (before the GI Bill).  One had to really want an education, one had to earn the education by working part-time jobs and full-time jobs every summer or maybe by working for several years after high school before the college experience could begin.  Even then, college was not just a training school for a “basic” education or a trade school for a job in science or industry.  High schools offered “vocational” education (then), for that.

No, a college education was designed to expose people to philosophy, to theory, to the best ideas of western man, eastern man, ancient men and the ideas of a vast number of women too, “you have your Emily Dickinson, I have my Robert Frost”.

College (then) was about poetry, about the classics, about the ideas that were important to make America what it was in that day.  That era of America is long gone, is dead, was buried by the GI Loans and the government intervention and subsidy of higher education that turned “the greatest generation” into a generation of mush and mush-heads and mushroom eaters that confused higher salaries with higher thought.

Student loans were birthed in the military and were given birth with the intention of rewarding the warriors and war-mongers with the intention of diluting the “leftest radicals” that with their ideas of free speech and free thought and the idea that colleges and universities WERE the open marketplace of ideas that had, would, and would forever keep America great.  This was an outgrowth of “the thirties thing” and then became a mid and late “60’s thing”.

It was LBJ, the man behind the killing of Kennedy, that pushed for student loans.  It was the man that made the Vietnam War possible, impossible and impossibly bloody and divisive that wanted college campuses to be “over-run” with the poor and poorly educated middleclass masses (from “decent” homes) that would change the face of a college education forever.

There are very few people left alive today that even remember when the purpose of a college education was to uplift the abstract mind, and not to just get a better salary in a better job.  Better salaries and better jobs were what “job training” was for; college was once SPECIAL, different, somewhere where one went for different reasons and an exposure to “different” ideas.

The current generation of college instructors, administrators, paid staff and over-paid athletic directors are the sell-outs, are those who (unwittingly) sided with LBJ and “went all the way with LBJ” in the plan to destroy America, and everything good that it represented, by destroying America “from within”.

People that lament the killing of Kennedy, the assassination, the death and passing of Camelot should also lament the passage of government backed, bank backed student loans and the entire student loan program.

The intent of the student loan program was never to make America better, or the lives of Americans better.  The loans were designed to corrupt America, to monetize materialism, to make the military industrial complex not only possible, but to make it prosper.  From Vietnam to Afghanistan, the purpose of student loans is to support the endless war machine.

The plan (of course) worked.  Every generation after the academic purges following the uprisings on college campuses following the invasion of Cambodia and the military murders at Kent State has failed to stop any war or to challenge the military takeover of America.  And now that the college campuses and faculties have been thoroughly and completely neutralized, and the student bodies have been reduced to fear (because of student loans), there is no need to continue the charade, there is no need to do anything except let the entire edifice and structure “drop”.

Of course ALL the students, all the bought-off colleges and trade schools, all of the pathetic banks and other “financial institutions” will drop too, or will be dropped like a lead weight falling like an anchor from a ship.  The difference is that this time there will be no anchor chain, the entire ship (of education and state) will be cast adrift in the uncharted seas of the very near future.

That’s the “lesson” of this past Sunday’s lead story and the real reason why Congress (on both sides of the aisle) are using the student aid “interest” bill like a political football that has as much hot air as the one passed around by the gipper.  I do love to mix my metaphors.

So, here’s to (you) 52 year old Gac Filipaj.  You are an immigrant, humble, and a sage.  You have shown the way to an America that once more can be a land of riches.  The richness of your life is demonstrated by the way you have lived it, have struggled, have stayed debt free yet prospered.  In your story is a lesson for us all.

The “My Student Loan” documented story begins (began) here.  Or you can access all the posts here.

2012.05.15 – 03:55.

False promises of “Paid in Full”

May 14th, 2012

False promises of “Paid in Full”

~ We are wending our way through the “learn by doing” school of education regarding the student loan industry that no “formal” educational institution can ever offer.

The best part of THIS post is this post.  If it is documents that you want (or need), I have them.  I am posting them also right here.

The student loan disaster is like 1,000 Titanics sinking all at the same time.  It may not be bigger than Fukushima, not as deadly and nasty as BP in the Gulf (of Mexico).  But, I tell you it is HERE, and it is coming, and the loss and rage when the whole thing blows up and goes bust will be too big for even the Mainstream Media to ignore.

This Sunday I was reading the Wall Street Journal “news”.  It said two of every three (2/3) of this years graduates graduate owing a student loan.  There is a 50% unemployment rate among those this young, “educated” or not.  The news from Europe is about Spanish college students (age 27) whose only hope are to get to Germany and wash dishes (forever) just to have a job. 

If YOU think the rest of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and BANKS are any more honest about their figures and their facts and representations than the truth reported HERE then YOU probably do believe that the economy is coming back and that there is not imminent reckoning for the “powers that pretend to be”.

I was lucky.  I learned in 1990 and 1991 how desperate and corrupt this government and the financial community really was.  I learned how ineffective the various attorney generals were, and the laws regarding credit, debt and collections.  I learned how easily so many people lie.  I learned most of this just because I paid off (in full) a student loan and that wasn’t enough for a bankrupt nation state hell-bent to destroy the people of this country.

This “system” is in ruin.  Life itself has been structured to be non-stop SHOCK and AWE.  The idea is to create a crisis-a-minute, acute; a personal crisis or a public crisis that cuts quickly to the core.  My student loan (1990 – 1991 version) was just one such government assault, a war on me, a war on my wife and family, a WAR against both sanity and the family.  I’m not alone.  I’m just one of 50 or 100 million or maybe more. 

I’m all shocked out now.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of taking it and I’m tired of it continuing.

The revolution starts now, continues now, begins now for many millions.  There is absolutely nothing to lose, every student loan is a mortgage on all your property and on your entire life and on your husband or wife if you are (or ever get) married!

America is now not only a Police State, it is a nation of student indebted wage slaves.  There is NO HOPE unless the revolution starts now.  And since that is not going to happen in time for the many, the ONLY hope is for the few that take action and STAY AWAKE.  There will be no soft landing.  The growing anger is too great.

Stay with me.  Read my bits of history so that you too can learn how we got to where we are.  “They” have been tearing apart families as a habit for a long time with asking for one’s mother’s maiden name and who your parents are.  They use their information to destroy friendships, to turn friendly family members into informers, to create constant and universal distrust.  The simple solution is to not trust anyone with a claim to power, a will to power, who has a power over you.  Trust (only) in truth and God.

Enough.  Read the (linked) posts.  Think about your situation or the situation of those you love.  Then, TAKE ACTION.  Stop every student loan, demand your file, demand the original of every note.  Never take “no” or “I don’t know” for an answer.  Are you with me?

2012.05.14 – 06:06.

So you can’t buy a Moped, so what?

May 13th, 2012

So you can’t buy a Moped, so what?

~ Every student loan can ruin your credit even when fully paid.

My student loan story started a few days ago.  Today I posted the Interim Note that is proof that I had a student loan once, nearly 40 years ago.  If it had never been paid (in full) I would still be struggling to pay off the thing.  If I did not have the original loan document in my possession I would be still getting demands from some “damn fool” collection agency for more money and would have the IRS confiscating my meager Social Security checks (all of which is “legal” in the America of today).

I plan to soon post the documents that document the fact that my student loan was Paid in Full, then I will document the collection efforts undertaken by agents of the U.S. Department of Education 16 years AFTER the loan was fully paid.  The student loan situation in America is a REAL mess and it will soon bring down what little is left of the American republic, or is it the American public?

Before I got married in 1978 I didn’t own a car.  In July of 1978 I wanted to buy a Moped.  I walked to work (in a casino, a casino restaurant), but a moped would help me get further faster if the distance was greater than a few blocks.

I went back to the Bank (FNB, then First Interstate) where I had repaid my student loan well over four years before.  I thought that they would appreciate my “good credit”.  The problem was that they “didn’t know” that my loan had been repaid.  They had, “no such records”.  They said “no” to my request for a $325 loan for the moped that I wanted to buy.

I laughed (then).  I chalked it up to poor record keeping, poor research.  I went to my credit union where I worked and got the loan quite easily.  I paid the loan off in about a year.  12 years later my decision to not investigate the unpaid student loan claim came back to haunt me.  It was in July of 1990 when my student loan ordeal began.

There is a lesson here.  NEVER take any student loan lightly.  Don’t take or make any student loan at all.  It is NOT worth the education.

I hope that my student loan story is educating YOU about the clear and present danger of student loans and the student loan industry.

Soon you will see just exactly how it works.  Stay connected.

2012.05.13 – 08.22.

Free Federal (guaranteed) money!

May 12th, 2012

Free Federal (guaranteed) money!

~ Let’s look again at who really are the slackers and the cheats.

When I “took out” (applied for) my student loan the Federal Department involved was the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.  Today the “Cabinet level Department” is simply the U.S. Department of Education.

An argument can be made that there is a relation between a citizen’s health, their education, and their ability to become employed – thus not needing “welfare”.  The same is true for U.S. corporate citizens.  A healthy citizen should not need welfare; a corporation or any healthy business should not need the federal dole, constant and increasing federal subsidies, special laws and legislation to keep the business well fed and well housed and alive.

So, who really benefits from the “free federal money” that IS the “student loan”?

The purpose of my sharing of my student loan life story is to clearly and with finality demonstrate that there is no free federal money for any so-called “student”.  ALL loan money will eventually have to be repaid, with high and above market-rate rates of interest.  Most loans will incur penalties and collection costs, but probably NOT attorney fees.  Those that profit from student loans need never to actually sue a student or their parents (or guardians), they have the whole federal bureaucracy (including the military and the IRS) to serve as their “collection agency”.

Most Americans reading this will assume that most student loans go toward subsidizing various colleges and universities and their extensive operations, very often meaning that most college football and basketball programs could NOT exist without the massive financial welfare represented by student loans.  ROTC programs would NOT exist as a means of propping up the military without student loans – the pool of “students” would be far too small.

Every business and corporation that has failed to contribute properly to the education and training of their own work forces is a federal welfare recipient.  Like IBM, those businesses that benefit most from student loans pay little or no taxes.

Yes, MOST four-year colleges are dependent upon the destructive forces of the so-called “student loan” industry in order to keep them alive in their fat and bloated modern form and size.  But so too are ALL Community Colleges, those two year institutions where, “less than half of students who enter a community college graduate or transfer to a four-year college within six years” and the average age of a student is thirty (30).   The ultimate (4 year) graduation rate for community college attendees is a closely guarded secret, certainly no “financial aid officer” is willing to tell an aid applicant that, “there is only a 35% chance that YOU will ever graduate from college, and that means (probably) that (the statistical reality) is that your student loan will go into default.

Such is the mania for “an education” in America.  It is a system that feeds its young into a fire of misery just to keep a few jobs safe, and incomes unreasonably high, for an elite few at the top of educational and corporate ladders.

But the misery of education does not end there.  Thousands of “trade schools” and “training schools” are the welfare recipients that receive the benefits of student loans (“aid”).  Most of such schools are scams.  I know, I worked for one, an “automotive training institute” that solicited uneducated and poor families with the “dream” of getting a well-paying job.  The catch was an “easy to get” student loan.  The reality was that less than 24% of loan applicants ever graduated, so the applicant did not get the “certification” necessary to get the “better” jobs.

The entire school was run like a Nazi academy, complete with a “uniform” of  trim black leather jackets that many of the employees wore, a gift for “good performance”.  I was “trained” in how to entice and confuse perspective applicants so that they would enroll in the “school”.  It took me just three weeks in order to find out how deceptive and predatory this automotive training company really was.  I quit in the middle of my training; after openly asking too many questions I was asked to leave.  Those that stayed as “admissions counselors” knew all about the “trade school scam” and had no problem with duping the gullible into a life of debt and financial destruction.  My three week employment was in 1988.  The scam of “trade schools” continues to this day through the miracle of “student loans”.

Again, I seem to be digressing.  The real point however is that there is really no way that most people receiving student loans can EVER prove that they were paid, which means that every student loan (in time) can be doubled (even tripled), interest can be added, penalties can be assessed and (financially) lives will be ruined.  I know.  I’ve “been there and done that.”

The bottom line about any student loan:

Always save copies of EVERY document and paper.  Save every document FOREVER.  Record EVERY conversation, or ask that the representation made is clearly stated IN WRITING.  Remember that “financial aid officers” are “in it for the money”, may be on commission and DO NOT have your interests in mind, but are AGENTS for the institutions and corporations that benefit from the money that YOU borrow and that THEY will fairly immediately receive.  Most of these people (agents) do not know what you already know by reading just the first two posts on this student aid report (My Student Loan).

And remember too that any promise or “guarantee” in writing can always be changed (at any time) by act of Congress.  The promises of any government massively in debt can not be trusted.  Your loan represents a government asset, a security, a lien against your entire life (forever, or at least as long as you are alive).

A final word.  IF a “friend”, a relative, a parent or even an employer talks to you about the “virtues of a good (higher) education” and IF obtaining that education (or training) requires a student loan – ask them if THEY will loan you the money instead.  They probably WILL NOT, a co-signed loan is not an option – the “Department of Education” will still come after YOU.

You have no idea if you’ll ever get a job, or if you will keep the job you have.  Your loan can be bought, sold or traded to anyone or any entity anywhere in the WORLD.  The “local angle” of a local bank is just a ruse to gain your trust.  The bank is just in it for the money.   They don’t care about the loan unless the bank can use the loan against you.  You’ll see, I’ve got proof.

2012.05.12 – 15:30.

My Student Loan

May 12th, 2012

My Student Loan

~ This matter is so important that I have established a new category.

There are few things so painful that one must wait a virtual lifetime to really come face to face with them.  In my case it is the existence of a student loan.

What I will present is a story (every word of which is true) that is so terrifying, so outrageous, so compelling that anyone who reads this narrative and reviews and peruses the copies of the documents contained herein would NEVER apply for another student loan again.  It is really that simple.

I tried to do a “quick search” to see if I had posted part of my student loan story before.  I’ve mentioned the loan several times (in passing), but the full story has never been posted.  It is time to do it now.

Before I begin I must say that the ENTIRE student loan program is based on deception.  Any idea that any student loan is of benefit to anyone is simply naive.  The whole idea is to use the “Department of Education” as a front to create a loan pool so large that the collection fees on the inevitable delinquencies and defaults will result in a substantial wealth transfer to a select group of individuals and corporations.  Simply put, it is a criminal enterprise that would not be possible if it were not for the millions of “good students” that provide cover for the duplicitous scheme.

On June 10, 1991 I expressed my feelings this way in a letter addressed to (then) Congressman Les AuCoin of Oregon:

I repaid my student loan sixteen years ago.  A private corporation masquerading as the United States government is trying to collect the debt a second time.  The “government” has “lost” all its records.  The IRS has confiscated my wife’s earnings.  Nobody seems to know what is going on.  I’m “mad as hell”.

However, I am getting ahead of myself.  I am providing the perspective that one has gained by trying to make sense of what really happened, and of why it is happening still.  Make no mistake, the fraud behind every student loan is still with us.  My student loan story is your student loan story.  If it doesn’t take 16 years for YOU to find out the truth it could take 25 (years) or 50.  There is no statute of limitations on “collections” regarding a student loan, and as you will soon see, this applies to “collections” on student loans that have already been paid off (paid back) “in full“.

In the spring of 1972 I was enrolled at the University of Nevada (Reno).  My draft status was 1-A.  My mother and brother had died in 1967 during my Freshman / Sophomore year.  Life since then had been difficult.  My income was erratic as I struggled between casino jobs, I struggled to be self sufficient and depended (too) on various types of support from friends.  By 1972 I had obviously missed my goal of graduating within four years, but as “hope springs eternal” I decided to return to school and to get my degree.

Money was short.  My father was unemployed, but he was not willing to help me financially anyway.  It was suggested by a well-meaning friend that I might be eligible  for a USA (United Student Aid funds) “student loan”.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1972 I filled out my two page application for the USA (United Student Aid funds) “student loan”.  The amount of the proposed loan was $750.  I asked if one could declare bankruptcy on the amount if one were unable to find a job and thus was unable to repay the loan.  Mrs. J. Roberts, the loan officer involved communicated that the answer was “yes” and referenced documents that apparently proved it.

The contract (the student loan) was agreed to based on the fact that bankruptcy was one way of discharging the loan.  The United States Congress would later renege on this promise and passed a retroactive (ex post facto) law that repealed the right of bankruptcy for ALL student loans.  The argument revolves around the fact that debt servitude is NOT a criminal offense in the United States of America.

To be continued…….

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Department of Education letter – Purging the record

July 8th, 1991

Department of Education letter – Purging the record

~ This U.S. Department of Education letter about a student loan (GSL) was produced on July 8, 1991.

In this document you can see the documentation of my student loan being “purged” from the system.

This letter sent under the name “Daniel E. Oppermann” is NOT as comforting as it seems.  To begin with, there is someone else’s Social Security (Account number) hidden under that black border before “(GSL)”.  GSL is short for Guaranteed Student Loan.

While the U.S. Department of Education (ED) did send me 33 pages of “file” accompanying this letter, there were 9 pages of “RAMM COPY” that were “ILLEGIBLE”.  Of all 33 pages, only 2 pages were originals, the most important being the “Promissary Note” (the Interim Note).

The student loan application was sent as a COPY, the original application was NOT sent.   This gives rise to the possibility of it being used in the future as a basis for “Department of Justice litigation“.  Am I being “just paranoid”?  I don’t think so.  As you’ve seen from the beginning, the U.S. Department of Education and its agents are just plain crazy.

Another disconcerting point is that this letter says, “Our claim represents a GSL that was assigned to the Department of Education (ED) in error, this account was settled January 15, 1974.”   ED uses the word “a” (singular), alone, ONE.  The evidence is that it was NOT the ONE student loan that was repaid; it WAS the new student loan that was created by the USA Funds, Inc. computers on January 17, 1974 (two days later) that was one of the student loans that DCS tried to collect.  In reality the DCS (Inc.) demands had morphed into at least four student loans (outstanding) by the time this ED letter was written.  Each “student loan” was based on reading a different line in the “payment breakdown” computer files.  ED did get that one right; the student loan computer system has always been “broken down”.

So, REMEMBER – with student loans “over” never means really over, “settled” never means really settled, “paid in full” doesn’t mean anything, there is nothing clear about the word “cleared”.

The only way to END any student loan is to take the whole student loan program and KILL it, to drive a stake through it’s bloody heart and pound and pound away until it completely stops, then to take the remaining body pieces and bank notes and burn them; and IF the banks don’t have their proper records then maybe burn the banks (too) (meaning the illegally run banks) like they burned the one in Santa Barbara

And really though, I don’t really support this kind of violence as long as there is a better way.  You decide if there is a better way, don’t just listen to me.

So (hey) let Congress decide, maybe the President.  Let them decide whether or not America will be plunged into another civil war, not so civil, about how “civil” is this thing called student debt.  It is not about the interest rate (stupid), it is about the loan, the existence of the student loan itself.

As I said in my post here, any student loan may kill you (or me).  And THAT fact is a crime.  The crime should be prosecuted.  Everyone should appeal to the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal relief.  Let’s kill these corporations (legally) before they kill the people and fabric of the United States.  You see, I’m fighting for my life, and I’m fighting for your life too.

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USAF (USA Loans) Account Statement – Purchased Account

June 26th, 1991

USAF (USA Loans) Account Statement – Purchased Account

~ This United Student Aid Funds, Inc. (USAF) account statement for Donald Clayton was produced on June 26, 1991.

In the document below you can plainly see that it is a USAF document by the address, meaning that there is no other identifying agency on the form unless you look carefully at the lower left-hand corner.

This document documents that USAF sold “assigned” the falsely generated student loan for Donald Clayton to the Department of Education on September 8, 1989.  As you will see here, the U.S. Department of Education will “assign” this loan to a collection corporation that will add a collection fee of 343% of the amount outstanding.

The whole story starts (started) here.

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