Carson City, Nevada: July 12, 1954

July 12th, 1954


Addressed to:
Hemme Martin
149 N. Forest St.
Gilroy, California

Return Address:
405 N. Roop St.
Carson City, Nevada

Typed letter:  Carbon copies to relatives.


July 12, 1954

Dear Everyone,

This is such a belated letter that I really don’t know where to begin.  It is hello to the Deans, now back from their gorgeous trip:  Greetings to Elsa who can now relax in the joys of a whole summer of vacation:  Good luck to Hemme who is studying so hard at San Jose State this summer:  and Thanks to Caddie who has been working so hard with her blackberries this summer.

Mainly I write to tell about our gorgeous vacation which is now over, but such a memory.  It was our first truly family vacation in 11 years, and will serve as a memory for as many more years.  This was the two weeks we got off out of every 52, so it was to be relished and cherished and filled.  We did all of that.  A vacation with pay is the most enjoyable kind, and Fred got enough expense money to cover the days at Sun Valley (considering the very special rates they made for the convention there) so actually the trip to Yellowstone and back was our expense and we had been wanting to see that for years.

Our start (supposedly on June 19th) was greatly delayed by car trouble and later on by a new tire purchase, but after we were past Wadsworth the trip went smoothly although some Idaho scenery had to be covered in the dark in order to make Sun valley by the morning of the 21st of June when Fred had to start attending sessions of the Mountain-Pacific Conference of public service Commissioners.  Our accommodations were American plan with cafeteria meals (wonderfully cooked) except when we had planned banquets or a barbecue.  The boys ate all they wanted of the best of everything – and that is something for a couple of hearty teen-agers.  We all had luxury breakfasts, etc.  Tickets were furnished free for the various activities normally charged extra for, and in addition some activities are always free to guests so we had a chance to: swim in warmed pools, ride horses, play tennis, croquet, ride regular or tandem bicycles, skeet shoot, ice skate out doors on an artificial rink, ride the ski lift, dance, use the well stocked children’s playground, golf, pitch horseshoes – all for free.  None of us did quite everything, but we made a real effort – especially the boys.

Sun valley is really beautiful, well located and well kept up.  It is fun just to walk in the gardens and around the pools, and from area to area.  Fred was busy forenoons and afternoons, except wednesday, but the rest of us did nothing but play and eat.  The people there were all just lovely to visit with; men, wives and children.  The ladies even each got a caricature drawing of herself depicting her favorite hobby, by a well-known artist who has pictures in the Brown Derby, i.e. “Pancho” {also here}.

Monday evening we had a deluxe organized barbecue (not what one would call in the rough) with which I still entertain myself mentally when the afternoons get dull at work.  The food was out of this world.  Everyone commented on the fresh corn as well as the meat and sauce, etc.  There was a little orchestra playing in the “shell” by the outdoor dance floor, etc. while a brook gushed nearby.  It was dreamy.

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