Truk Islands (now Chuuk Islands)

January 1st, 1543

The Palau Islands were discovered by Spanish Europeans in 1543.

This is a map of Truk Islands:

The Moen Flight Strip (military) on Moen Island (now Wemo Island) has become the Chuuk International Airport.  The airport is served by Continental Airlines.

Operation Hailstone (トラック島空襲 Torakku-tō Kūshū, lit. “the air-strike on Truk Island”) was a large naval, air and surface attack, February 17–18, 1944, as a part of World War II.  The United States Navy attacked the Japanese naval and air base in the Truk Islands, a part of the Caroline Islands.

Moen Island and Dublon Island and general sketch map of area of Operation Hailstone.

Map of a portion of southern Dublon Island.

This is the flag of Chuuk Islands: