The Zenger Case: November 17, 1734

November 17th, 1734

The Time-node for this post November 17, 1734, the date that John Peter Zenger was arrested for political “libel”.

The post below was censored on May 7, 2013:

~ The black & white of it is not what is “out there”, but is what you receive.

The Damascus Disinformation Cyberwar


So we have survived the first nuclear exchange in the newest middle east war.  That is not the news that most Americans want to hear or are hearing.  So it’s so simple; they aren’t hearing it.

Press censorship is so simple when there is very little that is still published by the press, meaning the printing press, meaning those giant circular rollers that used to put out editions and special editions daily just to keep all of America informed.  News stories then were so different.  It wasn’t about five-paragraph journalism then, soundbite stories that only nibble at the real content of the cheese.  It wasn’t (then) the official line that didn’t even offer the opposing party lines, much less the local line (meaning angle) of a local editor that still knew how to think (things through) and was not afraid to tell the local populace that he (or she) did (know how) and would do it too.

In the “old days” the back story was always a part of the front page story that was a part of the press when you really met the press when you were really pressed to get the news and get to the heart of the news.  We are talking about when the news still had heart, and still had a soul

So, throw out the newspaper, the local rag that really isn’t local anymore.  It’s fish wrap at best, food for the gullible, like a fishing expedition without the jaws.

That brings us to the next big source, which is not the next big thing, but is really the last thing that anyone with even half a brain (much less a whole brain) would want to watch.  You guessed it.  We are talking about TV.  We are not talking about the land of the free.

So, if you watched TV, meaning television, last weekend you would know that there was nothing worth knowing about Damascus.  Correction: “Damascus is in Syria”, “the country’s killing it’s own”, “everyone is concerned about GMO’s (chemicals) that are causing mass destruction”.  Did I leave out, “chemical warfare (GMO’s) can cause death.”

What the news about Syria barely mentioned was that Israel really was there; that the State of Israel dropped a couple of bombs that sure seemed like the nuclear device; that there were a lot of other bombs that were dropped there too and that the sites attacked were far more than two.

The back story behind the Syria story which is the Turkey story which is really about “Turkey”, which is about “body parts” which have been separated from the turkey which is really more about organ harvesting which is deeper than just wings or the removal of legs was ignored.  You see “civil war” which isn’t so civil anymore has so many sides and if you’re on the side of Turkey, you’re on the side of the U.S., which means that you already know that there is more money to be made in medicine than in fast food even though the body parts thing is like a cross-over; are we talking vehicle here?

No.  The real body parts from Syria cross over to Turkey as living cadavers, meaning really fresh meat from the not so civil “civil war” and then as the telephone rings (actually more by using computers) the parts are petitioned (meaning sold) before they are actually partitioned from the body (meaning cut, and cut out) and then they are shipped to somewhere else or to someone that matters, because the people that matter are not (as they say) Syrians, but there are a lot of ways to make money with war.

So, now you know why Senator McCain of Cain Mutiny fame was on the Sunday news calling for a ratcheting up of the conflict; because conflict means casualties and casualties mean product and product means profit and aren’t you so happy you now know how capitalism really works and the medical industry and Obamacare in a world that doesn’t care.  Or in a world that doesn’t care where things come from as long as the price is right; which is just another reason for the mantra “don’t ask and don’t tell”.

The logical point, at this point, would be to bring up why there is not a QR Code on every product that immediately identifies the factory source of origin and how much each worker in the factory is paid.  We have the technology, it’s just that Americans really don’t want to know, or know about working conditions in Bangladesh and worse places elsewhere.

I will say it again, like I said it before.  The difference between the first Third Reich and the new one that we’re living in today is that while Josef Mengele did the experiments (for a purpose) America and her “partners” have gone into full scale production, and the people and companies involved are not even paying royalties for the research on what is now bought and sold as product.

So, for the fifth time, this was not the way we were raised, nor what were raised to expect.   A mutiny has occurred.  There’s been a coup d’état, some one or some thing has overthrown the state, co-opted the nation, stolidly stolen most of the nation’s hearts and minds, leaving America heartless and selfish and cold.  I guess that is what the “cold war” was really about.  It wasn’t “out there”, it was in here, a war in America against America’s children.

How does one fight back?  Should we fight back?  Where are all the American patriots now; those willing to really fight for what their father’s and mother’s fought for, which is just a simple life of simple decency that simply stays away from the temptations of avarice, decadence, denial and just simple greed.

When I was young (like in second or third grade) my teacher at the time read out loud to us A Man Without a Country (the Philip Nolan story, not the Kurt Vonnegut story that I have).  The (first) story was about a patriot, maybe so was the second one too.  The first patriot ended up wrapping himself in an American flag to remind himself of what he had lost.  But HE had only lost a country, not a planet.  His nation was still out there, our whole planet is apparently going nowhere, and what is left is going fast.

It’s not just BP’s corexit and oil in the gulf; not just the Diachi nuclear meltdown; not just Chernobyl; not just the GMO’s and high fructose corn syrup that has taken over the earth in everything most people eat; not just all the tweens and teens getting pregnant and overpopulating the world with parents too young to care about any real parenting (Get real – reset legal maturity to age 21 or older).

It’s about a world (order, disorder) that promotes and tolerates pornography, sexual slavery, sexuality with and for infants and just a little older and a whole lot more.  It’s about a government that owns and governs most of the world’s drug trade; makes deals with the mafia; IS the mafia most of the time and when it isn’t acts like it is.

It’s about a nation that tolerates not only an over consumption of gas and oil, but that is so addicted to the stuff that it hasn’t outlawed fracking, but actually not only condones it, but promotes it.  It’s about a nation that provides socialized medicine for 100% of its GOV employees, 100% of its military; but lambasts the idea that simple people might get effective cold relief or relief from appendicitis without paying premiums that put them permanently in debt.

The days of “live free or die” have long been over.  America will have a slave revolt or no revolt at all.  Forget the FEMA coffins, it is the “padded cells on wheels” that are the bigger threat.  The idea is that they don’t even have to bury you, they can harvest from you your organs and cannibalize  you like the first early Americans did, or don’t you get the message of the message from the media?

It is not a pretty picture.  Who could like what America has become?   It started with the propaganda piece “the price is right”.  It got worse with the advent of ubiquitous Wal-Marts and their happy face “falling prices”. You ate it up with Medicare and Obamacare and the idea that it was really OK that the best care was more than what the average person could ever afford.  And now the military-medical-industrial government complex is bringing you (or a richer neighbor) body replacement parts from Syria because you were always willing to support (or allow) a wider war.

Get real.  The brief bright flash of a megaton sized nuclear bomb would be preferable to the soul-crunching, soul destroying death spiral that we now find ourselves really in.  In this world it’s not hard to die if you look around at what now passes for living.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m NOT advocating death.  What I am advocating is that every person still really alive just puts their foot down, the pedal to the metal, before they run out of what is ones real gas.  It would be a real gas just to change things, just to wake one person up, just to take the floor in a meeting – no need to take the whole nation or community out.

We are in a cyber war.  It is the internet that is still at hand, potentially in our command.   It ISN’T just about posting.  THAT is going “on the air”.  THAT doesn’t mean ones message is getting out there, it doesn’t matter if the radios are on, if nobody can get the station.

Reread once again everything that I’ve said today.  There will be more (hopefully), Part II, tomorrow.  Until then, stay happy.  We (just maybe) have not yet begun to fight.   We shall see.

2013.05.07 – 19:57.

An addition to the original post:


There is no faster way to find the truth than to find out you’re being censored.  This post went up two hours ago and it still isn’t searchable on Google.  My posts are usually searchable almost instantly.  I guess I have somehow “hit a nerve”.

What the real message is is that the freedoms we took for granted yesterday are now clearly gone today.  I get the message.  Silence is golden, even if it is just paper gold, meaning gold on paper.

Thank you good readers for all the best of the past.

We can now seriously think about what the future might bring.

2013.05.07 – 22:16.