Isaac J. Sherman

March 29th, 1823

Isaac J. Sherman

 ~ The following is Index of Family Relations information regarding Isaac J. Sherman (also known as Isaac Shearman, at birth; Isaac Shearman Junior, when young; Isaac J. Sherman, when married and after, including burial).

BIRTH  March 29, 1823
Washington County, New York
Isaac Shearman + Mary Gifford Sherman

MARRIAGE  June 2, 1847
Elsa Marie Jones (Sherman)
La Porte, Indiana

DEATH  December 1, 1888
Hollister, California——————————————————————————————————————————————————
+  Died – SHERMAN – in Hollister, California on December 1st / 1888, of heart disease, Isaac J. SHERMAN, a native of New York, aged 65 years 9 months.  The remains were interred from the Presbyterian Church on Sunday, he came here nearly 20 years ago.

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