The Bird – Martin House in Ann Arbor, Michigan

January 1st, 1869

Time Node:  January 1, 1869 – The Bird-Martin House, 1884 Miller Road – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Washtenaw County

1869.01.011972.12.00  (103 years)
North America – United States of America – Michigan – Washtenaw County
Ann Arbor – 1884 Miller Road


The Bird – Martin House was built in 1869 by John C. Bird as a part of the Bird family farm, a farm of about 40 acres.

John C. Bird died in 1887 , his wife, Jane C. Slatford Bird lived until 1907.  John C. Bird’s son, John Milton Bird, worked the farm.  He had a daughter, Julia C. Bird (“Tude”), who later married Earl William Martin.

Apparently, Julia C. Bird Martin inherited the house from her grandmother, Jane C. Slatford Bird.  Tude lived in this house her entire life.

Earl Martin came to Ann Arbor from Addison (Michigan) to go to the University of Michigan and worked on the Bird family farm while going to school.  Julia C. Bird Martin (“Tude”) married Earl William Martin in 1910.  William Richard Martin, son of Earl and Tude, grew up in this house.

After World War II William Richard Martin came back to the house and lived there with his family until 1950, living in one of the two apartments upstairs.  Earl and Tude lived on the 1st floor during this time.  Soon after, in the early 1950’s, the farm land was split up and 200+ houses were built all around this one.

In 1972 Earl Martin died and the house was sold.

The house is still there today (circa February, 2011):
Google Maps indicates a location for “1884 Miller Road” in the 2500 block of Miller Avenue.  The actual house appears to be where it belongs, at 1884, except the street is now called “Miller Avenue” and Google does not have street numbers (address numbers) for this area.  This is the link.

First posted February 14, 2011.  This post is under construction and contains genealogical information relevant to the family of John William Martin.

Tude lived with her grandmother Jane and her aunts Jennie and Corinne.

My husband and I were married in this house in May of 1970.