Kansas Central Railroad

April 15th, 1879

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LasitaKansas Central Railroad (KCR)


The Kansas Central Railroad was organized from the ashes of the defunct Kansas Central Railway on April 15, 1879.  

The Kansas Central Railway was established on May 31, 1871 and had narrow gauge tracks that began in Leavenworth, Kansas and extended to the banks of the Big Blue River in Garrison, Kansas (Pottawatomie County).


Beginning on August 3, 1880 the tracks are extended from Garrison, Kansas , across the “Big Blue” to Garrison Crossing in Riley County (Kansas) and then at a rate averaging 1.5 miles of track laid each month the rail line reaches Clay Center, Kansas on December 25, 1881, a distance of 28 (rail) miles from Garrison.

The map below indicates the route of the Kansas Central Railroad from Leavenworth, Kansas to Clay Center, Kansas in 1881

The following map shows the Kansas Central Railroad line through Riley County, Kansas (circa 1910) when the railroad had become the
Leavenworth, Kansas & Western Railway.  The communities served were Lasita, Leonardville, Walsburg and Garrison Crossing.

It should be noted that both Garrison, Kansas and Garrison Crossing, Kansas are (now) under water, permanently flooded by the Turtle Creek Dam on the Big Blue River.

This map of Lasita, Kansas (circa 1910) shows the Kansas Central Railroad going through Lasita after the line was sold and renamed the Leavenworth, Kansas & Western Railroad.   The map of Lasita is misleading.  Both the Lasita School and the Michael Senn house are west of the shaded area indicated as being the town.

The narrow gauge railroad was converted to standard gauge on August 25, 1890.  On October 1, 1897 the railroad became the Leavenworth, Kansas & Western Railway.

On May 25, 1908 the Leavenworth, Kansas & Western Railway was sold to the Union Pacific Railroad.   The Union Pacific operated the line from 1908 until March of 1935 when rail service was discontinued and the right of way abandoned.  The tracks were removed soon thereafter.

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