Alfin Backlund letter

June 5th, 1898

Lasita, Riley County, Kansas
June 5, 1898 (Sunday)

Dear brother,

Well I was expecting you home today and you should have come, for Aunt Emma is out here from California.  She and Minnie arrived last Sunday at Clay Center and yesterday auntie came out here.  Emma, Hemmie, Mamma & Papa were to church this forenoon, and this afternoon Emma called on Walstrom’s.  She will go to Clay Center about Thursday (June 9th), and to Omaha about the 15th (Wednesday), then she will make her home at Thorenes.  Well, she may come back here later in the summer but not sure.

The girls and Papa were to Clay Center last Wednesday (June 1st) and were surprised to find Mar?ns in town and also Emma and Minnie.  Minnie is attending the institute.

The band feels sure of Randolph for the fourth (of July).  To their bid they received a letter wanting to know if they meant to have expenses paid or pay them themselves.  So it sounds that they thought $25 was cheap enough if boys pay their own expenses.

Well Dad got me a $6 watch at Clay Center last Wednesday so I have time with me and know enough to not rest too long.

We have about 2 days cultivating left for the first time.

Well I write poor and get the words mixed up but I can’t help it when I have to sit and listen to the old maids love stories.  It’s hard to listen to a dozen things at once.  Goodness she can talk like any city girl, but she’s mighty proud and young looking for her age.

Well I must close now and please answer soon.

Your brother,
Alfin Backlund

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