James W. Wadsworth Hospital

January 1st, 1927

Time Node:  January 1, 1927 – Default date for the opening of the Wadsworth Hospital for veterans.

Wadsworth Hospital
Following World War I, a new governmental agency, the Veterans Bureau, was created to provide for the hospitalization and rehabilitation of this much younger group of veterans.  The development of medical facilities for veterans during the 1920s fueled a burst of construction during that decade.  The James W. Wadsworth Hospital opened in 1927, replacing the Barry Hospital.

The grounds of the former Veterans Home, which was established in 1888, along with a cemetery and hospital for former soldiers and sailors, is also referred to as Sawtelle. This area, containing former hospital and apartment buildings now converted to research and office space, is mostly north of Wilshire Boulevard.  The site of the original Wadsworth Hospital building may be building 157?

Since 1977 this area has formally included the Veterans Affairs (VA) and hospital building (VA Wadsworth Medical Center), which is south of Wilshire Boulevard near the San Diego Freeway.

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