Corn Hoeing Time

May 24th, 1929

3726 Florence St.,  San Diego,
May 24, 1929..

Dear Brother John, –

Here it is spring and corn hoeing time again.  But how is your weather now?

Tornadoes and floods and freezing is not good for crops.  It has been very windy here for a week.  It nearly blows down my flowers – glads are beginning to bloom and dozens of other kinds are in bloom just now.  Hollyhocks from seed we got in Kansas when Lloydine was eight is in full bloom here (for the first time).

Lloydine has another month of school and is doing very well at it.  She will be 16 the 28th of June and will have one year more of High School to do.  Just a week ago I got a letter from Maude.  I guess she is thinking of putting Loyall on the farm again for the summer.  I hope it doesn’t make a lot of work for Mother.  Why doesn’t he go to Iowa or to some other relatives once in awhile.  Or he might get something near his mother for the summer.  His grandma is going to Iowa again.  They went down to see Forrest at Easter time.  She said she didn’t know yet what to do with Loyall this summer but that he wanted to go help John.

You see you are very popular with the young folks.  Now Lloydine said she wanted to go to Uncle John’s and Grandma’s if we would only take the trip together in the car as Guy has been talking of doing.  But we could only be gone a month or less and it is so far I don’t believe we will get to do it this year.  Then we thought of driving to Oregon but that is just too far.  So we thought we would go to Yosemite or perhaps as far as San Francisco.  And that is how it is now.  We have a 1927 Hupmobile Eight that is a mighty good car for pulling and makes good time too.  Guy will be free most of the month of June as far as we know now but employed again in July as a Bldg. Appraiser for the Tax factors, Inc. of San Francisco.

Lloydine says she wishes she had learned Swedish as her Grandma tried to teach her, because her Chemistry teacher writes his test questions in Swedish so the pupils can’t read them before a test.  His name is Peterson and he is master of several languages.

“Uncle Will Martin” left for Pittsburgh, Pa., for the summer today with a return ticket good until Oct. 30.  I went to the train to see him off.  The pictures I enclose were taken after I had them all for dinner last Sunday and we drove to the beach to wade in the Pacific.  I took the pictures so can’t be seen.

There was a “holdup” about six blocks from our house Monday noon and the men used a machine gun but it wasn’t pointed our way.  A “money car” was robbed coming from Tia Juana, Mexico and the bandits got $85,000.  They killed the two guards with the machine gun fire.  Have not caught the bandits yet but probably will.  (And I was in the garden and never heard a shot).

Guy has been appraising buildings on one of the biggest ranches in California, 230,000 acres.  An old Spanish land grant.  The manager of it gets $18,000 a year.  Cattle raising is the main thing.  It is the Santa Margarita ranch.  I went with him to Oceanside where he now stays and rode around two days a couple weeks ago.  He will be done there by the first of June.  He comes home every week-end.

We enjoyed the letters received recently but as usual delayed a letter in answer, hoping for more to write about.  But this is about all the news flying around today so I must close.  Best wishes to you both from us all.

Hemmie, Guy, & Lloydine.

Note:  While John Backlund lives on the farm located about a mile from the small town of Lasita he receives his mail in Green, Kansas, Route 3.  The cost of postage (surface rail) at this time is a 2 cent stamp.  Lasita, no longer marked on most maps, is located in Riley County, Kansas.  Forrest and Loyall are the sons of “Alfin & Maude”.  Alfin Backlund was an older brother of HNB.  He died of the influenza in 1918 leaving Maude a widow.  Forrest is at the time of this letter a legal ward of the State of Kansas, living in a State Institution.  Jay Loyall Backlund was born February 14th (Valentine’s Day) in the year 1912, this ‘first cousin’ (of Lloydine) is “essentially” Lloydine’s age.

Next HNB Letter – June 30, 1929.

[1929.05.24 / day – HNB to John Backlund Jr. in Lasita, Kansas.]