Indian Summer

October 9th, 1929

3726 Florence St.,  San Diego, Calif.
Oct. 9, 1929.

Dear Bro. John, –

How are you and the Indian Summer getting along.  Here it is pretty warm most days.  We have had no rain nor frost.  Lloydine was glad to get a letter from you a few days ago.  She studies very hard now that she is a “senior” and she also takes care of other things, is one of the teacher’s “office girl” after school, chairman of one social service committee, and helps sell tickets, etc., as they ask her.  Then she goes to Sunday School every Sunday and is on committees for their work.  It is the Episcopal Church.  She has not missed a Sunday for several months.  She takes care of some children some evenings for a little “change”.  So you see she is useful as well as busy most of the time, and no time for being naughty.  She is a pretty good girl.  She will write some day when she isn’t working “algebra”.

Guy has been busy only part of the time as he cut his thumb and the Dr. took one stitch in it and he could not use it for two weeks.  He gets some insurance for it.  He had to sub-let some work on two contracts he had taken just then.

I am busy too.  This week I walk all day for the “Community Chest” to help the “poor” people.  I do not get paid for it but I get some chance to talk.  And there are more than 3,000 of us “volunteer workers” who expect to raise $265,000 this week.  The first two days we got $80,000.  I have got $30 so far.  There are 31 agencies including Salvation Army and Red Cross and Old Folk’s and Children’s Homes included in the Chest.  We go from door to door and if we find anyone in need we report them also.  Today I found an old man who was in hard luck and I am arranging to get him an “old age pension” which they have in Calif. by a new law.  You must have lived here 15 yrs. and be past 70.  He has been here 19 and will be 80 next month.  His wife is in the Hospital and he is paralysed a little but cares for himself as well as he can alone.  Then I found several families in need – some sick – who did not know how to get help or where to ask.  They were glad to know they would be helped to get work through the agencies of the “Chest”.

Well, at home I have very little to do so I can’t tell what you can about canning fruit.  I peeled and canned a few peaches so I have a dozen cans.  I made some jelly and jam.  I feed the cat and hoe the garden.  I am apt to be called to teach sometimes because I have been elected a “substitute” teacher.  So I can say now I am one of the San Diego Teachers altho I have no teaching to do.  I have to go to all the meetings and the first $12 I earn has to be paid on the “retirement fund”.  I get $150 a month if I am called on.  But I may have to wait a long time to be called on.  Out of 1,200 applicants there were less than 50 chosen this last year and I was one of them so I ought to feel honored.  It is very hard to get in to teach in a big city like this.  I have really been trying to get in for four years but couldn’t quite succeed.

Guy just said, Tell Uncle John to come out and see us, and so I pass the word along.  He says bring grandma along too.

Guy’s father and “Uncle Will” are not so well this fall but they are able to be about.  His mother is well.

I meant to go to the “Kansas Picnic” but we had company and I forgot it until too late to go.  I will send clippings about it.  I guess you can call the pigs both black and white and white and black so they come home to eat, anyway.

I guess Loyall had a great time.  Did he try to feed the calves he named?  I have not heard from K.C. since June or so.  I do not write as often as I should.

We have been paying 58 cents for eggs here.  You have been getting a good many eggs but I guess they get broken before we get them out here.  That is why they are so high here.

I guess I had better stop for this time.  I hope you both are all well and keep well.  If you can read this you will have good eyes.  I couldn’t find very good paper.

So long, Yours lovingly,
Hemmie, Guy, & Lloydine –

Note:  Maude and Loyall live in “K.C.”, Kansas City, Kansas.

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[1929.10.06 / day – HNB to John Backlund Jr. in Lasita, Kansas.]