Well this Christmas

December 20th, 1929

3726 Florence St.
San Diego, California
Dec. 20, 1929.

Dear Mother,

I hope you are very well this Christmas-time and having all the joy of the Christmas Season.  We are all well and busy.  The weather is fine and no rain or frost here.  I hope you use the rug (I sent you) every day to step on by the bed or where you need a nice soft warm rug.  The colors are fast in it, and it is meant to use.

We all wish you a very nice Happy New Year. –

Hemmie, Guy and Lloydine.

Thank you for your letter we got some time ago.

Note:  The rug is apparently a small 2 x 3 foot type throw rug popular in the ’20’s, colors that run are not fast – referring to the quality of dye used in the manufacturing process.  Many cloth items made in America at the time, clothing as well as upholstery and other fabrics, had colors for show or for the showroom only.  Upon the first wash, or cleaning they would bleed their color ruining other items and losing all the luster of a less than fast purchase.   The upstairs bedrooms in the old farmhouse had no carpets, just the original wood plank floors.  CWE used a chamber pot at night, as she had always done, as there was no indoor plumbing in this large Victorian style home, considered very modern when it was built.  Even in 1956, near the end of its life, this home still had just an outhouse.

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[1929.01.26 / day – HNB to CWE in Lasita, Kansas.]