Who writes less than I do?

September 25th, 1930

3726 Florence St.
San Diego, California.
Sept. 19, 1930.

Dear John, –

Well, who writes less than I do?  I got your fine newsy letter last August and here it is September 19 already.  But I was glad to here all the news of the growing farms and the excellent wheat which shows  Kansas is getting better every year.  If you plant that wheat it will be a hardy crop, next year.  But the corn I guess will have to be served without the cob this year.  Glad you have had a change in the weather, rain and cooler, at last.

We are well and hope you are too.  Hope Mother had a Good Birthday.

Guy started to work this week after a few weeks of little or no work.  He is on a big office building as a carpenter.  Wages not so good.

Lloydine started to “State College” last week.  Paid $24 in fees and $10 for books.  But she had plenty of clothes and now will have nothing to do but study.  She likes it.  (Has two of my teachers)  There are 1,080 students, half of them new this year.  The course is four years.  When I graduated in 1910 it was two years.  She will major in “History” and “Education” to be a teacher until she can do something else.  She will have a degree “A.B.” when she finishes, age 20, and a Calif. life diploma.  Or she can go somewhere else to finish.  We don’t especially care to have her teach but a life diploma is good to have.  Now with me, I have just been put on the list of San Diego teachers again as “substitute” if they need me.  I have to pass all the requirements for a regular teacher to get on.  And maybe they won’t need me at all.  But it is quite an honor to be on even if not called to teach.

When you write tell all the news about Riley Co. schools and tell who Dorothy Chaffee married.

Mrs. Bergstrom (Esther) wrote a fine long letter last week and Viola wrote Lloydine a real nice one with it, said Dorothy was to be married.  She said (Esther) had been sick for weeks in the hospital with inflam. rheumatism.  I will answer soon.  Lloydine has already written Viola.  Viola had graduated with high honors and was in Garrison High School I believe.  She had the scarlet fever when Mrs. B took sick.  But they are both well now.

So Reed didn’t get the nomination!

We had election Aug. 16 and I was on the Election Board and we worked 24 hours!  Will have another long one on Nov. 4 but I don’t know if I can be on.  We get $6. for it.  We counted the last of the votes at 5 A.M.

Lloydine goes to the dentist to have her teeth straightened.  She works for him some as office girl once in awhile.  He took a dozen X-Rays and put bands on her teeth.  Some day we are going to pay him “if we can” he says $50 for the materials he uses and he is going to “study the case” for part pay.  He is an expert.  Other dentists (two) have asked $500 so we never had it done.  It will take two years to make them absolutely straight and even and she is very glad he will do it.  She can not chew her food properly and she has good strong teeth, but very irregular.  It has worried us a good deal but we could do nothing about it before.  So we are all glad it could be arranged.

I guess your hens have quit laying, anyway eggs were 49 cents today.  You probably have “spring chickens” to eat often now if you had strays hatch from time to time.  Some neighbors of ours have small turkeys.

All we have is a cat – and he eats all the time.  The neighbors have a pup and he tries to play with our cat but the cat is a little suspicious of him.

I have made fig jam and guava jelly.  And ate a lot of it already.

I wonder if Loyall is going to Junior College.  I suppose so.  I guess I owe Maude a letter, too.  She does not write very often as she is quite busy.  But she sent me a nice paper rose for my Birthday (which I wrote her about, to thank her, so believe I am the last one who wrote.)

I see that “Ted Lundgren” gave up his world flight for this year and came back to Hollywood.  He had so much bad luck.  A Kansas girl – Ruth Alexander – crashed here yesterday and got killed.  She had been flying here for a year, only.  There was such a fog she couldn’t get a good start.  It happened a few miles west of us.  She was going to stop in Kansas on her way to New York.

It has been down to 60 degrees some nights!?!  Shows winter is coming.

Well, I must close.  Best wishes from us all.
So long – Hemmie – Guy & Lloydine

Thurs. – Sept. 25
P.S.- I wrote this so long ago it is not up-to-date but will send it anyway.  We are well.  Guy is foreman on a three month job and Lloydine is doing well in College.  The cat and I are alone at home today.  I guess the chickens are doing better.  Eggs were 37 cents today.  “Uncle Will” is coming back from Penn. soon to winter at Guy’s folks.  Times are getting better here (If they get too good we may be able to sell our house.)

I am going to clerk at Montgomery Ward in October at a “Sale” and I have been promised “Xmas rush” clerking also.  It suits me fine.  I was ‘on’ last Xmas and enjoyed it very much.  I hope the pigs and chickens do better and better, eating less and less.  Anyway you won’t have to shuck corn.

Best wishes from us all.

Next HNB Letter – October 25, 1930.

[1930.09.25 / day – HNB to John Backlund Jr. in Lasita, Kansas.]