The Campaign

October 25th, 1930

1101 Sixth Street
San Diego, California

Oct. 25th 1930 –

My Dear Mrs. Martin –

As the campaign draws to a close I am anxious that you may know how very much I appreciate your loyal support  & splendid work.  Division thirteen was a difficult one in which to work, with little money to be gotten, & a great deal of grief.

I do so appreciate the constructive way in which you worked and hope that next year you will feel able to help again.

Wishing you every success in anything you may attempt to do in the future –

I am most sincerely
Gertrude P. Geistiueih

3726 Florence St.
San Diego, California

What the Community Chest does.
Mrs. Hemme B. Martin
Chest Solicitor 13A3

Report of case Herbert J. Hunt, 1207 Evans St.  Meat Cutter by trade.  Non-resident.  Heard of at Ridgeway Real Estate. (Free house for shelter.)  Gave me wrong address.  (26th St.)  Came across family in my soliciting at dusk Friday evening, by inquiring their need.  Six children and parents, no food.  Too late to report.  Brought them groceries at 9 P.M.  Reported at Chest Headquarters at 9 A.M. Sat.  Mr. Rainwater took up case with County Welfare and Associated Charities.  Non-resident difficulty with Co. Welfare.  Help promised.  Second call to reassure family.  Parents looking for work, children alone.  No food.  Carried in bread and milk solicited in the neighborhood, (5 loaves and three qt. milk.)  Sunday P.M. called with complete outfit for girl (15) to wear to school and inquired.  No one had called.  No food.  Went out and solicited for food and brought back groceries at dusk $2.85 to relieve need until Chest could take charge through familiar channels.  Monday 8:30 case taken up in detail by several workers.  (Hunt got job as painter and went to work.)  When I called at 2 P.M. with clothing for two I found everything was working out fine.  But the job was a result of a call the man made on Miss Cory of the Y.W.C.A. on Thursday, (and she also has a line on work for Mrs. Hunt now.)  and was with Willard Rubber Co. on Coronado work, paying $8.  The man made good the first day and can work a few days a week.  The Chest can continue to look for permanent work for him if they wish to help him.  This work will be intermittent at best.

Itemized Statement of help secured by Chest solicitor. –

Groceries, Mrs. G.D. Martin   $1.50  Friday, Oct. 17, 1930
Bread, Mgr. Logan Theater        .25  Sat.
Bread, Restaurant 2161 Logan   .15  Sat.
Milk, Chili Cafe, 2181 National   .30  Sat.
Milk, H.B. Martin (etc.)               .25  Sat.
Groceries, W.J. Martin,
2970 Ocean View                         .55  Sunday
Groceries, Discount Shackelford
Grocery, 2293 Logan
(taken in groc.)                            .30  Sunday
Groceries, G.D. Martin,            1.00  Sunday
Groceries, Tom LeMante
“Tom & Louie Service Sta,
32nd and National                     1.00  Sunday

Total Contributed…………………..5.30

Next HNB Letter – January 2, 1931.

[1930.10.25 / day – to HNB in San Diego, California.]