The first day of the nation of Israel holocaust

April 7th, 1933
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April 7, 1933
Laws for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service
“Civil servants who are not of Aryan (non-Jewish) descent are to be retired.”
April 7, 1933
Law Regarding Admission to the Bar
“Persons who, according to the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service of April 7, 1933, are of non-Aryan descent may be denied admission to the bar.”
  1. Albert Gorter, a prominent minister official gave the definition of Aryan as: The Aryans (also Indo-Germans, Japhetiten) are one of the three branches of the Caucasian (white race);they are divided into the western (European), that is the German, Roman, Greek, Slav, Lett, Celt [and] Albanesen, and the eastern (Asiatic) Aryans, that is the Indian (Hindu) and Iranian (Persian, Afghan, Armenian, Georgian, Kurd). Non-Aryans are therefore: 1. the members of two other races, namely the Mongolian (yellow) and the Negroid (black) races; 2. the members of the two other branches of the Caucasian race, namely the Semites (Jews, Arabs) and Hamites (Berbers). The Finns and the Hungarians belong to the Mongoloid race; but it is hardly the intention of the law to treat them as non-Aryans. Thus . . . the non-Jewish members of the European Volk are Aryan.  National Socialists rejected the definition.
  2. holocaust survivor(Noun) – a person of the type targetted by the Nazi holocaust who survived


February 24, 1920 – The National-Sozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (NSDAP) is established – 60 members.

The “National Socialist German Worker’s Party” proclaims a 25 point party platform.


November 8, 1923 – “Beer-Hall Putsch” – Adolph Hitler, Eric Ludendorff, and two thousand followers attempt a coup in Munich, Germany.

The putsch occurs at the height of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic.


February 26, 1924 – Adolph Hitler’s trial for treason in the “Beer-Hall Putsch” begins.  It will end on March 21, 1924.

December 20, 1924 – Adolph Hitler is released from Landsberg Prison after serving just nine months for his part in the putsch.


July 18, 1925 – Volume 1 of Mein Kampf, authored by Adolph Hitler, is released.  500 copies of the book are published.

The original title, “Four and a Half Years [of Struggle] against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice” is rejected and is shortened to, “My Struggle” (or My Battle or My Fight). 
Volume 2 will follow in December 1926.



January 30, 1933 – Adolf Hitler is sworn in as Chancellor of the German government in a formal ceremony in the Reichstag building in Berlin.


February 27, 1933 – The ‘Reichstag Fire’ occurs as the Reichstag building in Berlin burns.


March 23, 1923 – Enabling Act is passed by the German Parliament.


April 7, 1933 – Laws for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service is passed.

Pursuant to the Enabling Act these laws cannot be challenged or undone.