List of the best places to see in this world

August 8th, 1948

List of the best places to see in this world

1951 greatest ice storm of record from texas to pa.

1922 Knickerbocker storm in Washington DC – January 27 – 28.

~ This is “my” work in progress list of the top “top of the world” world sites.

Nikko – January 1, 1617

Taj Mahal – January 1, 1648

Bamian – January 1, 0100

Pyramids at Giza – 2,550 BC

(Old) Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong – December 1, 1928

Old Faithful Inn (wiki) May 7, 1904

Raffles Hotel in Singapore – January 1, 1899

Hotel La Fonda – January 1, 1922

Palace Hotel in San Francisco – October 2, 1875 / December 19, 1909

Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco – March 21, 1904

Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite – July, 1927

Adolphus Hotel, Dallas – October 5, 1912

Olympic Hotel, Seattle – January 1, 1924

Lake McDonald Lodge – June, 1914

Glacier Park Lodge

Crater Lake Lodge

Timberline Lodge

Multnomah Falls Lodge – 1925

Mission Inn in Riverside – 1902 / 1935

Banff Springs Hotel

Empress Hotel in Victoria BC

Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver BC

Challenger Inn in Sun Valley

SS Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach

Disney World Hotel in Orlando

Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego

US Grant Hotel in San Diego – 1922

Claremont Hotel in Oakland here

(Hotel Durant in Berkeley)

(Rainbow Lodge)

Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco

Chaco Culture

Grand Canyon

Taos Pueblo


Carlsbad Caverns



SP car ferry Berkeley

Old Ironsides USS Constitution

Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Pink Palace) February 1, 1927

Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston

Willard Hotel in Washington DC

Plaza Hotel in New York

Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York

Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia

Drake Hotel in Chicago

Palmer House Hotel in Chicago

Casa del desierto

Alvarado hotel

Mapes Hotel

Glacier point Hotel

International Hotel in Virginia City

Nyack Lodge

Old Imperial Hotel in Tokyo