The End of Z Division

November 1st, 1949

~ On November 1, 1949 Sandia Laboratories is established as an independent division.

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[U.S. President] HARRY TRUMAN establishes the independent agency status of Sandia Labs.
Page #2, Page #5 is a Map of the 5 Technical Areas (TA) and the 16 associated facilities (circa 2005).

images-1 This map shows the location of both the Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL) and the Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management Facility (RMWMF).  It also shows the location of the Sandia Pulsed Reactor (SPR).   All three (sub-site) sites are within a larger area that is often referred to as the ‘MWL’ or the Mixed Waste Landfill.  This circa 2005 map shows the boundaries of Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) after the National Forest Service (NFS) land acquisition.

manzano2  This undated diagram shows some of the specific technical aspects of the Manzano Mountain (not mountains) Manzano Weapons Storage Area (MWSA).  Noticeably missing is a clear portrayal of the roads.  What is very evident is the dividing line between (north-south) areas 19 and 20 of the grid.  The one road clearly marked (grey shadow) in grid ‘O’ in #19, bends exactly at #20.  The 19/20 grid line is exactly 106.5000° West Longitude.  The “entrance road” in grid area M-18 follows  35.000° North Latitude exactly.

The following maps demonstrate the generalized (very non-specific) portrayal of the ‘large area’ location of the MWL:

f55-1 This map shows the Manzano Weapons Storage Area (MWSA), which is actually a small mountain.  Since this map was produced the National Forest Service (NFS) has acquired jurisdiction to most of the area east and southeast of the MWSA.

figure1 This map shows the name of the Technical Area (TA) Three – ‘TA III’, and the location of Technical Area Five (TA V) where the Sandia nuclear reactors are located.  In this map a very large area is portrayed as the “Mixed Waste Landfill.”

This ‘1,000 ft.’ satellite view shows in detail most of the large rectangular area shown on the map above.  The reactor site is in the NE corner; a paved road road goes around the north and east boundary.  The paved road continues about half way down (south) on the west side boundary, then becomes dirt on the west side and south side boundary.

This ‘500 ft.’ satellite view shows the relationship between the nuclear reactor sub-site (buildings upper right), and the MWL sub-site at a 45° angle, about 2,000 feet to the southwest.   The MWL is 500 feet southwest of the small oval where three paved streets intersect.

This ‘100 ft.’ satellite view shows the actual Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL) specific location.  The abandoned ‘rocket sled’ track is less than 200 feet to the left (east) of the MWL boundary line visible on the image.

A map showing general contours of the (large) Mixed Waste Landfill.

figure3  This photograph (looking south, slightly west; taken from an aircraft) shows the fence secured “Classified Mixed Waste Area” (on the right) and the two non-classified nuclear (mixed waste) dispoal areas: the North Mixed Waste Area, and the South Mixed Waste Area.  All three (3) areas are a part of the Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL).

figure3  This is a “flipped” version of the above photograph that represents true north-south relationships of the Mixed Waste Landfill located within Tech Area III, Mesa Del Sol, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It is located at 34.991 North 106.545 West (Center point).

map-mwl-440  This (top is north) diagram shows the various disposal trenches, holes, and cavities created, or used, to bury the remains of various nuclear events, experiments, or investigations.

Notes on Location:

The Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL) is located on Mesa Del Sol, an elevated mesa or flatland, located about four (4) miles to the southeast of the original town site of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The mesa first got attention when it was noticed that it might make a desirable location for an airfield.

JAMES G. OXNARD ‘borrowed’ a City of Albuquerque bulldozer and a city grader and in just one weekend literally plowed out a sufficiently level landing field on the mesa, far enough, and near enough, from Albuquerque and the Rio Grande (river) to make the airport site both practical and reasonable.


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I want to once again thank you for informing me of the Mixed Waste Landfill situation five or six miles away on the KAFB area of Mesa Del Sol.  As you know, it was a situation that I had little or no awareness of.

I have begun to review the materials that you sent me via email links.  It is overwhelming.  The effort that others have done to uncover (sic) the situation is obviously enormous.  My initial reaction, given the new material, is that I am not sure what, in honesty, I could add.  It seems to be just nukes, more nukes, and double nukes – actually very depressing.

However, the science guys seem to be having a great deal of fun, and seem to be being very well paid to do it.  Most of the ‘garbage list’ (nuclear waste list) seems to detail hundreds of experiments, products, and investigations that I had no idea even existed.  I certainly am not sufficiently trained or informed to even begin to understand the ‘deep science’ (and scientific terms and implications) involved.  The twin processes of mystification and information overload seem to always be very effective in substantially neutralizing outside opposition when there is an inside force (power).

It brings to mind Mark Anthony’s speech RE: Caesar, “We come to bury, not to praise…”

Interred in those ‘buried bones’ seems to be the Caesar that most of America has often praised.  If, “the heart is in the coffin,” why move it?  It seems a sanctuary, not unlike Grant’s Tomb; a burial site where the remains of an idea (nuclear power) are laid to rest after their ‘useful life’ is over.  Who can argue with this?  It is not the tomb of the Confederacy that one seeks to obliterate (via removing every trace of the flag), it is nuclear power; the power of Oppenheimer, created to defeat Hitler, that ‘won’ the war against Japan (“saving millions of American lives”).

Buried on the Mesa is the “nuclear deterrent” that kept the cold war cold.  It is the (symbolic) final resting place of the nuclear power industry (of plowshares) (the Three Mile Island debris), of an imperfect science struggling toward a “more perfect union.”  We have on the Mesa Gettysburg, the battlefield and resting field (national cemetery) all combined.  It is Bullhead Park south, but so much more significant, so much ‘greater’.

Myths are created when the human mind encounters a thing, a situation, that cannot be reasonably accounted for.  Myths are transformative; they transform the inexplicable into the explicable, the acceptable.

Those that systematically created all the nuclear waste byproducts (from the beginning) have never known what to do with the resulting radiation “half-lives” (like those dying from radiation sickness).  But the lack of accepting responsibility for a satisfactory ‘end game’ has never stopped, or even caused pause, for the pursuit of the nuclear ambition – power, medicine, nuclear power, military power, the pursuit of nuclear physics.  DU (depleted uranium) has long been used, was first used, in planes (commercial aircraft) for the cost effective tail balancing of planes.

The point?  The point is that perhaps it is more the choice between the simple life, or science; that science must grow slowly and sparingly and not outreach the reach of the social sciences, the capacity of society to understand and participate in the consequences of every new small step.  Society and all citizens (not just an elite) must both understand the benefits and the risks, and agree to the risk taking – an informed consent is necessary.

To “clean up” the waste at this point is remedial (remedy, not consequential); it is to ratify the system that has made the system of “uninformed scientific advancement” possible, by suggesting (or demonstrating) that there is a “reasonable” solution to the excesses of the original elitist structure.  It is about accepting that there really are consequences for bad actions, poor decisions.

The nuclear engineers and scientists and the politicians and bureaucrats that lead them, or allowed them, are the first bad actors in that they created the waste, knowing that there was no where to put it.  The earlier (pre-first) bad actors were those that allowed the system to occur in the first place; or did not act to prevent the continuation of the system when they found out it existed.

The health narrative comes to mind.  “Health” is not just ‘healing’, it is best achieved with good diet and preventative medicine (measures).  The later measures are consequential.  They actually change things, not just ‘patch things up’ (doc).

Too many movies (for me) I guess, too many cartoons, too many newsreels.  I always catch the built in product endorsements.  After a while the whole (media) thing looks like just a “product endorsement.”  That’s why I like what MARK ANDREW FERGUSON wrote, about what PAUL AUSTER wrote, it’s real (to me).

Anyway, I hope this has not been too theoretical, philosophical, or just plain obtuse.  It’s just what it looks like, and my feelings, my thoughts, today.