United Student Aid Funds, Inc. – “CW” notes

December 3rd, 1973

United Student Aid Funds, Inc. – “CW” notes

~ Donald Clayton learns of the fact that the University of Nevada is withholding all college transcripts and records because of an “outstanding student loan”.

The paper trail regarding my student loan came up with some really amazing things when in 1991 I finally was given my “full file” by the U.S. Department of Education.

Among the papers were these two pages of “notes” by “CW”, an employee of USAF (United Student Aid Funds, Inc.).

At the time of this telephone conversation I was living at 445 Hanover Street in Oakland, California.  You can plainly see what my telephone number was.  I had applied to attend San Francisco State University in San Francisco for a Spring 1974 admission.  The state college required my college transcript.  I requested the transcript from UNR (University of Nevada in Reno).  The university denied my request and refused to even send a letter stating that I had ever even attended the school.

I had NEVER been informed that it was even a possibility that my transcript would be held hostage for an unpaid student loan.  No, I am wrong.  Under the Interim Note (Page 2, OFFSET) the holder of the note claims the right to, “lien” any property of the student “without notice”.  My transcript was clearly deemed “a property”.

The problem with this theory (however) is that the University of Nevada was NEVER the “holder” of the Interim Note, so the university had no right to lien the property, and as “CW” clearly documents in his notes, “USAF does not require school to hold records.”

But there I go, being a “real user of words, + twisting them around to (my) advantage”.  (See: page 2, opening paragraph).

You might note the condition of these RAMM copies.  Many pages are copied backwards and many you can’t so “easily read through”.  This page you can.  You see, “CW” called FNB in Nevada two days after these notes were written, and “surprise”, the entire Donald Clayton file had disappeared, gone missing, was totally destroyed.

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