USAF (USA Loans) Account Statement – Purchased Account

June 26th, 1991

USAF (USA Loans) Account Statement – Purchased Account

~ This United Student Aid Funds, Inc. (USAF) account statement for Donald Clayton was produced on June 26, 1991.

In the document below you can plainly see that it is a USAF document by the address, meaning that there is no other identifying agency on the form unless you look carefully at the lower left-hand corner.

This document documents that USAF sold “assigned” the falsely generated student loan for Donald Clayton to the Department of Education on September 8, 1989.  As you will see here, the U.S. Department of Education will “assign” this loan to a collection corporation that will add a collection fee of 343% of the amount outstanding.

The whole story starts (started) here.

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