January 1st, 1994

1994 Calendar


January 21, 1994:

  • Donald assists Chess Club for a month at Albuquerque Academy.


February 1, 1994:

  • Mary Louise Shillock dies in Washington D.C.  She was the wife of John C. Shillock.  She was the very close friend of Dr. Devault (Sp.?) of Afghanistan FWC letter.  On February 3, 1994 her obituary is published.  Book: WPA Guide to Washington D.C. (reprint).


March 14, 1994:

  • Milk Caps of Washington D.C. themes sent for sale to Old Post Office location shop.  Many more.


April 8, 1994:

  • Donald & Storey fly to Reno, Nevada on trip for Mandy’s wedding.  Rent car at airport.  Will return on April 13, 1994.

April 9, 1994:

April 10 – 11, 1994:

  • Trips to the ‘old haunts’ of the Mapes Hotel; Carson City (capitol, hospital, 405 N. Roop St. house and Nevada State Museum); Virginia City; Pyramid Lake and the site of the ‘Pyramid Lake Indian Wars’; old Honey Lake Smith place (from afar); and on to Fort Churchill (the fort and more pictures of the often photographed family graves).

April 13, 1994:

  • Donald & Storey return to Albuquerque, New Mexico by air.  Visited Larry & Judy (family) the evening before.

April 23(?), 1994:

  • A wind blew down the wooden fence on the south (ditch) side of the property while in Reno.  About this date Donald begins building an extensive strawbale wall around 3540 12th Street.  Refer to slide sequence.  About third wall ever in Albuquerque, built before any houses or building type structures.  Wall Building Permit originally obtained on September 23, 1993.


May 6, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette see the Flying Karamazov Brothers at Popejoy Hall, at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque.

May 8, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette see the Albuquerque Little Theatre production of The Father of the Bride.

May 10, 1994:

  • Many, many people stop by 3540 12th Street to observe the straw bale wall construction and to ask questions in May and on into June.


June 5, 1994:

  • Donald & Storey see the new movie ‘Maverick‘.


July 17, 1994:


August 6, 1994:

  • Storey returns by air from summer CTY program in Carlisle.


September 0, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette attend ‘back to school’ party at MDS headmaster Posich’s home.


October 22 (?), 1994:

  • School pictures at MDS, Paulette is teaching.


November 19, 1994:

  • Donald & Storey & Kim & her father go to the New Mexico State Fair held at the Fairgrounds in Albuquerque.


December 28, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette & Storey fly to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit old friends from Oregon.  Will return on December 31, 1994.

December 29, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette & Storey & John Anhalt drive to Hoover Dam and take lots of pictures of, and in, the dam.

December 30, 1994:

  • ‘Episode 1’ at Luxor Pyramid Hotel / Casino in Las Vegas. “Luxor Pyramid, a new Las Vegas theme park with a casino and hotel large enough to house nine 747s and home to world’s wildest virtual reality system.”
  • Eat at Golden Nugget buffet at 11:30 PM.

December 31, 1994:

  • Donald & Paulette & Storey fly back to Albuquerque from Las Vegas.

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