Bart Simpson 9/11 Video

September 21st, 1997

~ Season 9, Episode 1 – Homer vs New York.  Below you will find a partial video of The Simpsons, with Bart Simpson, contemplating an inexpensive bus company ticket to visit New York.

September 12, 2015 04:00 UTC.

There is an article on the episode.

The City Of New York Vs Homer Simpson
Broadcast on September 21, 1997, four (4) years before 9/11.

In the first excerpt, Homer Simpson makes reference to two of the three 9/11 crash locations when he says “I was on my way to the Harrisburg [Pennsylvania] Coat Outlet to buy an irregular coat, but it required a stop-over in New York City.”

In the next excerpt Lisa Simpson suggests the family go New York City. She holds up a picture advertisement for a $9 bus ticket. It shows “NEW YORK” at the top, with the 9 of the $9 price next to the World Trade Center towers as the 9 is next to the 11 in the expression “9/11”.

In the next excerpt Homer arrives at the World Trade Center, the precise New York target, where his car has been abandoned.

In the next excerpt Homer is talking with people hanging out of World Trade Center windows. But the windows on the World Trade Center couldn’t be opened. On 9-11 people broke the windows and stuck out their heads to escape choking smoke.

In the next excerpt Lisa is riding a New York subway and talking to a homeless man. When she suggests that she could write to him if he gave his address he gives an address which is “care of the Pentagon”. This is the Washington DC 9/11 crash location, in fact the actual building.

In the next excerpt Homer impatiently looks at his wrist watch which reads 11:06. 11-6 is 9-11 upside down.

In the next excerpt Homer buys crab juice from a man who appears to be Middle Eastern. The writing on the crab juice cans is a foreign language. The 9-11 terrorists were allegedly Middle Eastern. After drinking a lot of crab juice Homer asks the man about using a men’s room. The man directs Homer to one of the World Trade Center towers.

In the next excerpt Homer enters one of the towers, and delivers the Middle Eastern man’s crab juice there by using a men’s room near the top of the building, as airliners will deliver burning jet fuel by crashing into the buildings on 9/11. Homer notices from a window a policeman placing another ticket on his car, and he screams. During the scream the camera pulls back from the building, in steps. When the camera finally stops, the twin towers have disappeared from the New York City skyline, as they will when they collapse on 9/11. The towers will not appear in this show in the skyline again, though they appeared this way several times earlier.

In the final excerpt the Simpsons are in their car driving out of New York City. Lisa is discussing returning to the city with an angry Homer. Garbage falling from a sanitation truck in front of them is coming into the car through the broken windshield. A bag labeled “BIOHAZARD” hits Homer in the face. One week after 9-11, letters containing deadly anthrax will be sent to New York City.

Credit: David W. Roscoe – 2009.