Boycott the BBC

May 31st, 2010


I have been patient too long regarding the BBC – the British Broadcasting Corporation.  They are not interested in truth,  The BBC represents the worst forms of tabloid and “no brainer” propaganda based journalism.  The latest (and LAST) straw was their continuous pro-Israel junta stance regarding the freedom flotilla.  Maybe it was the Irish peace-seekers on board the boats that drove these British journalists nuts.  Anyway, read about it here.

What I find equally disturbing however is the giant German swastica superimposed on a world map in the upper left corner near “news – front page”.  Oh sure, their “lines” are the only way they can divide Europe from Asia, from Africa and India.  Let’s face it; it is very bizarre.

What is not clear is why a news organization so oblivious to the German Third Reich (and its symbols) would be so supportive of Israel.  Oh well, there is the Telegraph and the Guardian for real news.  And the news does not look good for the Israeli junta – will the people arise?

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Update:  11:05 PM Mountain War Time – Turkey is said to be planning to send Turkish fleet to break blockade.  Israel citizens must act NOW to avert war, street demonstrations in Tel Aviv or it is over – please Israel citizens – Arise!  Will the people arise?

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Out of the buildings and into the streets!

May 31st, 2010


OK, this is what it looks like at this point to me.  The whole massacre of Turks was carefully planned in advance by the Israeli military and its de facto leader Benjamin Netanyahu.  There were nine ships (boats) involved in the flotilla originally.  Israeli saboteurs were able to impede the progress of three of the ships before they left port.  This left only six ships sailing in the International waters of the Mediterranean Sea yesterday.  The largest ship was the one from Turkey with at least 700 people on board; less than 100 have been accounted for by the Israeli military since the Israeli terrorists hi-jacked the vessel in International waters.

Netanyahu was in Toronto, Canada at the time of the attack.  The attack was apparently ordered to begin at 10:00 P.M. on Sunday Toronto (and New York) time.  It was the classic “attack on Sunday and over the three day weekend” ruse.  It was 5:00 A.M. off Ashqulon (well off west of Askalon – like at least a hundred miles – off Aschkelon – in international waters).  Sunrise would occur at 5:34 A.M.  The plan was to attack at dawn and capture before dawn.  By capture it is meant “steal”, “hi-jack”, “pirate” five (5) of the boats (ships) – capture everyone and everything, but not the Turks.

According to Netanyahu himself all five of the “other” ships capitulated, surrendered, gave up without a fight in that cold dark night-time before dawn – the Israeli armies of the night.  But evidently the ships gave up too quickly; too fast.  The video for the false-flag video showing “resistance” from the “Turk ship” assumed an attack at DAWN, not a minute earlier.  The footage was shot in the light; so one could see the “clubs and knives and guns and bodies overboard” and everything.  Benjamin Netanyahu had the speech; was ready to deliver it – didn’t realize it would make the case for a charge against him of MURDER.

It’s hard to keep killers quiet.  They have a lust for blood.  They are impatient.  In the military they are known to attack too early.  They did.  The IDF man in the street did not know about the video they had shot; did not know about the “bright light of day” thing – had no reason (he thought) to wait.

The IDF (Israel Defense Force); should be the Israel Army of Retribution if they got the name right.

Anyway, the IDF did attack and kill too soon.  Benjamin Netanyahu spoke too soon about the “clubs” and the Turkish attack; he wanted to kill Turks and get away with it – send Turkey a real message – not get caught.  We caught him though – lying, the liar that he is.

Is any of this true?  It doesn’t matter.  If you remember the Israel government said they weren’t there anyhow; it was all a false flag operation by the Palestinians, the ones with the navy and the boats; you know – the motorized speedboats from Gaza seen clearly in all the footage.


The first AP report came in at 12:07 A.M. New York time; 7:07 A.M. in Tel Aviv.  The Israeli goonsquad successfully (almost) killed the radio and internet transmissions (read communications) for about two hours.  But they didn’t really.  The really did not succeed.  The video got out, messages got out, the whole story got out about the killing that they did.

So if you’re in Iran don’t worry.  The Israel communication black out is not what it seems; not total, does not really work – can’t stop the message from even ONE small ship at sea.  Now laugh, that’s really funny.

But if you live in Israel pay attention to this.  The sirens may come well after the rockets and not before.  Wear your gas masks 24/7 to be safe.  Better yet, get a life and get a new government NOW.

If not; it sure looks like WAR to me.  Shalom, Salaam, Peace Now! – do you really mean it?

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Update:  11:00 PM Mountain War Time – click here for latest documentation of dead and time (dark) of Israel terrorist attack.  Compare dark to false-flag video of “bars and knives”.

[First posted:  2010.05.31 / Monday  Out of the buildings and into the streets.]

A Simple song of freedom.

May 31st, 2010


As you probably know by now the Government Of Israel has attacked six civilian ships in International waters.   Neutral international inspectors had carefully searched the ships before the attack to verify that there were NO arms on board and that the cargo of all ships was composed entirely of food, medicine, and reconstruction materials.

Israel itself admits to murdering nine (9) of the civilians on board.  These people were not “enemy combatants”, they were unarmed civilians.  More reliable reports (than those of Israel) place the number of those murdered at at least twenty-six (26).

In a clear example of state sponsored terrorism and in flagrant violation of International law the Israel government has hi-jacked and seized six different ships.  The hi-jackers have taken hundreds of hostages and in many cases moved them to torture / interrogation centers located in areas of occupied Palestine.  Please pray for the safety and survival of these hostages on this Memorial Day.


Not since the invasion of Cambodia by Richard Nixon has the world been so poised for an outbreak of outrage against military intervention that is this wrong.  The lesson of Vietnam is clear.  Any regime or state that stands so solidly on the side of disrespect for law and order and against the right of peaceful protest and redress of grievances must be vigorously challenged and ultimately replaced in its entirety before any peaceful resolution can be achieved.  One cannot negotiate or compromise with a state of evil; nor condone its continuance.

I have, in the past, indicated a support for “Free Gaza”.  I now see a much larger and more important issue – FREE ISRAEL!  Regardless of the theoretical idealistic foundations of the nation established in 1948 it is clear that at some point since then the State of Israel has been infiltrated, taken over, and politically hi-jacked by a subversive and well-organized group of violence driven individuals.

They have covertly developed and deployed nuclear weapons.  They have managed and corrupted elections and the electoral process.  They have engaged in endless war and wars, often claiming that the wars they started were started by someone else.  They have infiltrated foreign regimes to promote their destructive plans.  The people of Israel deserve far better.  The people of Israel deserve to be FREE, and free from the tyranny and penchant for war that their current government brings.

In time of crisis the common people must speak out.  They must give voice to the cause and causes of freedom.  They must oppose tyranny with all their hearts, souls, and might.

In February of 2010 the “Vichy” (collaborationist) government of Israel began issuing gas masks to every (non-Arab) man, woman, and child in Israel in clear preparation for a planned war.  The people of Israel have not had a referendum on this war, the people of Israel do not support this future war.  However, due to the ongoing preparations of this government; due to ongoing military provocations and pronouncements; due to ongoing military threats against her neighbors both regional and next door – her neighbors have been forced to arm and entrench, both literally and figuratively, in preparation for the so-called pending “Israeli onslaught”.

In reality it is NOT Israel that is warmongering; it is only the government, the current regime of international henchmen that seeks to subvert a world of peace in favor of the money inherent in the pursuit of war.  No sacrifice of civilians, Israeli or Arab, is too great a price to pay in a desperate attempt to fill the coffers of these (so-called) leaders.

In the name of Mohammad, Jesus, and Jehova I pray that the neighbors of Israel do not act militarily in light of this latest very startling provocation (by Israel).  I also pray that they freely allow and facilitate the popular voice of their citizenry to be heard; so that the world can hear; so that Israel will hear the cry of warning while peace still has a chance.  I call on too, to the people of the world to just say NO, to start now and say NO TO WAR – to march, to rally, to demonstrate and WRITE so that this madness will begin to end, not escalate.

To the people of Israel:  It is up to YOU to change; to change your government, and maybe how you think.  In America we know that a society half slave, half free cannot long endure.  In our case it took a war, the bloodiest of all wars of America to learn this lesson.  The result is the Memorial Day we observe today.  Both you and your Arab neighbors are “semitic” people.  You are from one root, one source, one God.  Israel to survive must be the land of ONE OPPORTUNITY, one ID card, one vision of freedom and of the future; economic and political equality; religious diversity and true religious choice.  Israel needs a flag that states that freedom; a new flag for ALL.

Your neighbors and the world will not wait forever.  However, if you begin NOW they WILL give you time.   Send YOUR VOICE across the borders; let the world know that maybe there is still in Israel a little freedom alive.  Write, hold hands, SING.  Sing a simple song of freedom.


OK, so I used to like to write and give speeches.  But I mean this.  It is what someone needs to say.  Pass the word along, no copyright on THIS post.

[First posted:  2010.05.31 / Monday  Simple song of freedom]

Update:  4:10 P.M. USA Mountain Time – link to Amy Goodman.

Update:  4:15 P.M. USA Mountain Time – link to onboard footage taken during attack.

Update:  4:25 P.M. USA Mountain Time – link to BBC alleged Israeli Army footage.

Israel is so poor that they can’t afford color digital cameras.  Why?  Because as they demonstrated in the USS Liberty incident they are very good at finding ships that look like other ships.  This “false flag” video shows people dressed very differently than the real peace activists who wore distinctive ORANGE life preservers (not visable in this pre-taped black and white video).  How gullible does Israel think the world is?  How gullible does BBC think the world is?

Update:  5:00 P.M. USA Mountain Time – I’ve found this mornings article. –

This was on page A-8 of the May 31, 2010 Albuquerque Journal this morning.

Note:  The “Israeli military” clearly denies that the boats were attacked.  Prediction – Israel will lie about everything regarding this incident.

Update:  5:20 P.M. USA Mountain time – link to CNN report.

Note:  CNN footage from the “Israeli military” strangely has the “false flag” “riots and clubs” footage deleted.  Boy these guys move fast.  But CNN does have a photo (upper left of screen) showing the helicopter apparently landing at night, while the B&W footage looks like day.  Can anyone find who made this ship and where sister ships might be.  Maybe Israel can be caught with a smoking gun while memories are still fresh.  Follow this story folks; it is like 9-11, but LIVE.

Update:  4:10 P.M. USA Mountain Time – link to Amy Goodman.

Somewhere in France

May 30th, 2010

~ No, I haven’t left the country – but which country is it that I haven’t left?

“Somewhere in France”, was of course (of course) the moniker that the GIs and Dough Boys used during the World Wars (meaning numbers 1, 2) to describe their position when they wrote their letters home.  You see, there was censorship.  The authorities (meaning the military censors) did not want the true facts about the war or how the war was going or what was really happening to leak its way back home.

Like a cat thrown into a bathtub full of water I hate secrecy.  “Need to know” is an expression carelessly used by those who wish to keep the truth away from those who have the greatest need to know, those that will have to remember what others find so easy to forget.

This brings us to Afghanistan of course.  It brings us to “today’s news”; which like “the south of France” is as clear and as specific as mud.  It’s like the Debka (files) – think the “Pravda” of Israel – the official propaganda organ of the state set up to tell lies and NOT the truth (“Pravda” theoretically means “truth” in Russian – like in 1984 (the novel) and in Alice (in Wonderland) – everything is backwards).

So the Debka files says that the U.S.A. is headed for a great war in the Gulf over oil (not the Gulf of “Mexico” – the “Arabian” Gulf it seems – maybe the “Persian” Gulf if you know your history).  Names are like that – they change.  Names can be used to clarify or confuse; Israel or is it Palestine that God gave to the Arabs?  Marja or is it Marjah?  Istanbul or Constantinople?  Ceylon or Sri Lanka?  But I was talking battle groups, battle groups at sea – now two (2) according to Debka, with a nuclear submarine (U.S.) already inside the Gulf – not there looking for oil or oil leaks.

Debka says there will be five – 5 – IV nuclear aircraft carrier battle groups there by sometime after the fourth (4th) – which means July; which means it really looks like war (says Debka).  Ain’t that the truth?  War against Iran, take on North Korea and Iran all at the same time while troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan (or is this just a pincer move?).   Is the war in Afghanistan not really about Afghanistan?  Are the civilian casualties there just a ruse?  Like the classic shell game – the pea is really in the hand (the shell is the real ruse).

“Calm down”, you might say.  You act as if this is RED ALERT, you act as if Obama has gone crazy, is MAD, has lost his head (his marbles) and a few other good things.  Keep your “eye on the prize”, look at Arizona, watch the Gulf-oil waters stream towards the Atlantic; DON’T look behind the curtain.  This is just another red alert.

So I breathe.  “There was an article today in Sunday’s paper.”  It was about Afghanistan I think.  It was about another 23 dead, “there” – “somewhere” in Afghanistan.  Let me read:  KABUL, Afghanistan – U.S. military investigators found that “inaccurate and unprofessional” reporting by U.S. operators of a Predator drone was responsible for a missile strike that killed 23 Afghan civilians in February, according to a report released Saturday.

Release of the scathing report is part of the U.S. effort to counter rising public anger over civilian deaths, which threatens to undermine the campaign against the Taliban at a crucial juncture in the nine-year war.  Twelve other civilians including a woman and three children were wounded in the missile strike.

The article goes on to say that those U.S. officers involved MAY have their careers a bit tarnished (the solution to that is Brasso – which means either vinegar or a promotion).

So where were the deaths?  Were they in Kabul?  Of course not.  These 23 people died somewhere in France (or the south of France) or maybe in Greece – it’s Greek to me!  They DIED in “February”; great date for the tombstones; no date on or at or dates at all – people killed in hyper-space by hyper-warriors on a hyper-date with death.  Their “joy sticks” (now there’s a name) on their game boards at the video arcade located in la-la land went bad.  Which the real “la-la” land is really a U.S. Aircraft carrier “someplace in the Arabian Sea or in the Gulf”.  Maybe it is really the “Persian Sea”.

So I guess the U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be leaving Afghanistan fairly soon.  Debka never lies.  Think Kandahar maybe; I think “the south of France” might be more accurate – no one will really know where your son or brother or mother (women in the military now) died.  Like the above “story” said Kabul; the new story may well say “Kandahar” – we really don’t care “where” now do we?  “Let’s just let the people die.”

It is Memorial Day weekend, Memorial Day here and now.  Bring out the hearts and flowers.  Remember the dead and those about to die (do we salute you?).  Remember the wars to “end all war”, to “make the world safe for democracy”, to “preserve the union” (not including Arizona or the Battleship Arizona – boycott that too!).  It’s all just names.  We are all now “somewhere in France”; lost, searching; looking for the golden shore in this time of WAR!

[First posted:  2010.05.30 / Sunday  Somewhere in France]

A penny saved is a penny burned.

May 29th, 2010

~ There is a difference between a yen for work and just a yen.

I guess this post was rooted in yesterdays link to the Panay (incident); the theory of “two Japans” (like two Koreas) and the fact that then (1937 – 1938) there were Japanese and Japanese children willing to give everything that they had saved to save the world from war.  Often the amount was “a few Yen”, meaning at best a penny or two.  Now THAT is a depression (or depressing).  Probably both (or IS it?).

The last oil crisis (1973) pitted the oil companies and producers in a battle with inflation.  The dollars that were stored in banks by the billions by the Sheikdoms of the Gulf were evaporating right before their eyes at a rate of about 20% per year in the Carter years (high inflation thing).  What to do?

The Gulf States had a choice; either dump the money or drive up the price of oil meaning “get a lot more money in the future for the oil still in the ground.”  Dumping the money would have involved buying things; buying things from the U.S. at inflated prices which would drive up inflation even more (of course) and that (of course) would make everything worse (still).

So the Arab States (the U.S. friends in the Gulf) held back the oil.  There soon were 50 ships in Suisun Bay (oil tankers, not the Navy) laying very low in the water (filled with oil) that for some strange reason could not be unloaded to the refineries (right next door).  So soon there were long lines, very long lines at the pumps in California (and elsewhere).  People waited an hour or two for gas; travel almost halted; Nixon ordered the dousing of all the lights (including the lights of Christmas).

Of course everyone got mad (then) at the “Arabs”; Congress never looked at Suisun Bay and beyond, tankers in the Gulf too, hundreds (maybe thousands) elsewhere sitting full of oil while America went dark (and cold – Nixon also ordered the thermostats to be set lower in the cold of winter).

So is this post about the windfall possible by leveraging one well in the Gulf to a nationwide (worldwide) shut down of drilling that would inflate (conflate) the price of oil; maybe send it through the roof (not the top hat) the way it was really planned?  Sure oil prices are now not rising while the oil is still rising in the Gulf; but wait; all things come to those that wait.  Things that are not always good (unless you “invest” in oil and in “bad” wells that are really good – meaning good for business).

No, this post is about the dumping thing.  Dumping the cash (the money); the option the Gulf States had but didn’t take.  It is the problem with “saving”.  Ben Franklin was wrong.  A penny saved (or a dollar) is a fool’s errand; it takes hard earned money and sets it aside for a rainy day when it won’t buy “nothin'”.

Ben Franklin of course was a banker (Ben Franklin savings & loan).  He knew the swindle.  The “interest” is the bait; the interest is ALWAYS less than inflation so “zero sum” and you’ve gained already without the loan (loans).  The spread between real interest and real inflation is just the real dimension of the swindle.  Like now; real interest about 1.5%, real inflation about 16% – a real big swindle; a great transfer of wealth – money flying from the economy and the people to the banks.

So if you’re like China, South Korea, Japan and have a lot of “savings”; meaning the holding of U.S. dollars and the dollars are rapidly evaporating in terms of what they can buy – What to do?  Do you dump?  And if you dump, do you dump all at once, or slowly?  It’s still like oil; it trickles up before the truth trickles down.

You’ve waited; so here it is – the claw.  It was in the daily paper, the daily rag, the daily fish wrap (still without the oil).  OK, that’s the point, fish ARE oily (hence the need for the wrap); but there’s oil and then there’s OIL now isn’t there?  Now as I was saying:  “It was an article about Intel, local guys in Rio Rancho, sales up – economy rebounding – America so competitive.  Everything’s just great!”

So here’s the real drill.  You can make a chip for a dollar (you, yourself – like South Korea or China).  The U.S. chip costs $1.25.  Inflation, stupidity, being non-competitive.  But, you (meaning China, Japan, South Korea) have a billion billion dollars eroding each day at like 32 cents per dollar in two years.  Now which chip is cheaper?  The U.S. chip of course.  It’s the miracle of inflation – makes what’s up look like down, and down like up and everything like Alice (in Wonderland).

So if China dumps the U.S. bonds and buys the U.S. chips it can get somewhere (like out of saving).  Of course if the bonds are dumped, interest rates will rise, the price of chips and everything else will rise and China will have to buy more chips faster and sell more bonds faster (still).  Which you get it; it’s the circle game.  A game all caused by “saving”.

So dump your money while you can (not financial advice, I’m not a Wall Street guy).  Sell your bonds, get rid of cash, head for the valleys or the hills.  Now you can see the “need” for war in Asia; take out Korea, you also take out Japan, China will not want to “play”.  A long range solution?  Of course not; but for someone it might buy a little time.

You can help stop this madness.  You can Stop the War.  You need the help of others; sell now, go home.  Talk up a storm.  Be prepared.  Storm warning.

[First posted:  2010.05.29 / Saturday  A penny saved is a penny burned]

Two is by sea.

May 28th, 2010

~ If the human body is 90% water no wonder we always want to return to it.

This post is obviously about the three crisis’s occurring right now on water.  At Qala Bist (.com) it has always been suggested that it is always about the water.  That’s why we have ships, navies, San Diego and Cabrillo.  Just sail out and have a salvo and sail back and have a drink and – well, there she blows.

One could recount the “events at sea” (or in Gulfs) that have been the catalysts for war, disaster, the disappearance of thousands (maybe many more).  Remember the Maine?  Remember the naval reinforcements sent to Fort Sumter?  Remember Pearl Harbor?  Remember the Pueblo incident (maybe not)?  Remember the Gulf of Tonkin (incident at sea, resolution – no resolution for such a long long time)?

And of course there was the Lusitania; catalyst for the U.S. entry into the World War.  The list goes on; like fish in water; as predictable as the day is long.  No wonder sea water makes me nervous.  Like sea salt; rub-a-dub-dub, and rub it in the wounds; drink it – it seems the salve but is often not a safe solution.

So often these “incidents” in time were revealed to be not what (at the time) they seemed.  They still don’t know what blew up the ship in the Havana Harbor; odds are it was not the Spanish – but the Spanish paid.  Only the “history buffs” know the history of Fort Sumter; the naval flotilla sent down by Lincoln to throw down the gauntlet to the State’s Rights cause.  Pearl Harbor is still a question, questions of the Panay Incident and what the gunboat was really doing that deep in China.

The Pueblo (and the Pueblo’s people) were almost a catalyst for war – staged incident (maybe) in familiar waters.  The Gulf of Tonkin WAS staged; the history is “outed” now – it was all a ruse to get us “legally” into war (now that IS an oxymoron – WAR is ALWAYS a crime, a crime against humanity, against the waters, against the shining of the sea unless you think the shimmer of oil is the shining that you want).

So the oil companies have hit us (meaning the U.S.) broadside.  They struck at dawn (or was it night); struck amidships while at anchor, took us down.  The devastation is a hundred times greater than 9/11; 10,000 times the jobs (lost and going); it’s an economic catastrophe; huge financial loss; “my God, they’ve taken the whole gulf over – no shoreline is safe.”

So will the U.S. strike back at Oil (like at Al Qaeda in Afghanistan)?  Will we send in troops to take (or take down) the refineries?  Will we send in U.S. marshals to take over the offices and assets of the enemy (and their agents)?  Will we seize the records, hold people accountable, extract confessions under the duress of Guantanamo at night?  Maybe we should.  Mr. President, America awaits your leadership.  Act NOW.  Nationalize the oil, Castro really was right in June of 1960, it has taken us 50 years to learn what he knew then.  Big Oil is NOT good for business (or the Gulfstream waters, or fish; oil is not green).

So that leads us to the next “Victory at Sea”.  Or is it the “Liberty” of the seas, the U.S. naval ship attacked by the Israeli Navy; dead sailors; surprise attack at dawn.  You would think that Israel was an “Arab” country by the way they acted.  Isn’t that the “line”?  Israel good, Arab bad?  Ignore the facts, ignore the history; pick and choose your battles – be deluded again?

There is a flotilla floating, steaming, moving toward Gaza waters (not Israeli waters).  But Israel does have a blockade (legally an act of war) around free Gaza (not really free).  So the ships of the world are sailing to seek freedom of the seas; to put an end to pirates (with their skulls and bones); and to land in Palestine like Exodus (the ship, the song, the movie), but that was then and this is now.  History keeps repeating; same places, same events – will it be the same this time?  Let the ship (the ships) through; we don’t need another war.  BELIEVE ME, if Israel stops these ships there WILL be WAR.

So now we move to number three – three takes and it IS Mr. President.  You’ve read the ticker.  Before you rush to judgment, think back.  Remember the last Korean crisis?  Which one, you ask.  Do you remember the one about the boat, the ship, the water?  Oh sure, you say.  “No”, I say, I’m serious.  Do you remember the boat from Korea sailing south (they said towards Iran) with missiles on board (they said) that (they said) could start a war?  OK, now you’re getting it.  A year or two ago – that’s right!

Well, if you remember the boat (torpedoes on board) sailed very slow (slowly), turned back in time, stopped in many ports; had a strange strange history – nobody knew which side the boat was on.  About the torpedoes inside, not through the hull, inside the hull in boxes – read the manifest – look at the ship; review the evidence.

Now remember the Lusitania, the arms on board violating the blockade.  The Germans knew.  The Germans ran ads to warn the passengers not to sail.  The Germans had the torpedoes on the German sub.  Of course the Germans could have used Russian torpedoes, but that was not the point (then).  It was not the secret blame game then; everything was open.

You see that is how we have been trained to think.  We think a “civilian” ship is not carrying the armaments of war.  We “think” the nasty Huns are bad because “we” are British, not German (even if your family is really German).  We think German submarine, German crew = German torpedo.  Maybe it was once; maybe not now.

Oh sure; the U.S. Navy and the U.S.A. with all their sonar and satellites and surveillance does not know exactly where every North Korean submarine is 24/7.  We’re better at that stuff than the North Koreans; we know the under water waters; they do not.  We can put our U.S. subs ANYWHERE in the world (take pictures of the oil leak if we want) WE KNOW.  So whose sub was the North Korean (captured) torpedo really on?  Who really fired the torpedo into the hull (of the Cheonan and peace)?  Do you assume you know?  Will you bet 3,000,000 Korean lives on it?  The U.S. stands to lose at most a statistical 1,200.

The North Koreans wanted to investigate (if you remember) – probably could have proved their case with serial numbers, records, and all.  The South Koreans laughed, said NO!  Not funny.  The Russians of course are not sure about the thing (they remember the NASA “weather plane” from Turkey U-2 thing), they have their doubts.  The Chinese are the wise ones.  Read their statements carefully.  They know who did it.  They want us to know that they know, because they want peace, not war like the U.S. does.

Regime change is never nice.  Ask Castro.  He did it; Kennedy tried to do it with him.  Castro is still alive, Kennedy is not.  So did Castro use LBJ?  That is the question.  Follow the red herring (not the money); it works every time; Every red herring leads to water, to the ship, to the commanders on board.  Sure, a New International Order without North Korea, without Iran, without Al Qaeda and the Taliban, without other “thorns” might be nice.  Add Pakistan, add Hawaii or Kenya, add South Africa (the Union), add Sudan, Indonesia, Greece, Iceland (especially Iceland), Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Ukraine.  Maybe the whole world needs “regime change”; or maybe just the U.S.

Pray for peace.  Work for peace.  Spread the word.  “No war for oil, war on oil”  Free Gaza!  Save the Gulf.

Korea, Korea is just fine!

So many fronts, so little time.

[Originally written:  2010.05.28 / Friday  Two is by sea]

Update:  2010.06.02 / Wednesday  7:00 P.M. Mountain War Time – This article appeared on the web today about the Korean waters incident, however it is dated May 20, 2010.  Read it here.


May 27th, 2010

~ Maybe this is about Afghanistan, maybe it’s more about a higher education.

I am more used to creating my characters out of whole cloth, from bolts of fabric stored away and perhaps never seen before.  It is a “special treat” to be able to borrow a past from someone that someone HAS heard of; Art Linkletter may provide an example.  He’s dead, but as Kurt Vonnegut says, “so it goes”.

But I should really thank Art (for dieing).  His death has given me a cause and a reason for relocating the lost textbooks of time – the yearbooks – of his and my mother’s past.  I’ve had a chance to read and re-read them.  I’ve had a chance to see things more clearly than I ever did before; figure out the dates, the sequence, the overlapping and underlapping of time (Linkletter claimed to be a swimmer).

Yesterday we (meaning “me”) did a bit about Art Linkletter in High School.  No links, just Linkletter and a bit about my Mom (who knew him – but NOT well).  Today the post is more about college; you know, the “college” thing; higher education; degrees and debt and opportunities and maybe the limitations that college brings.

So let’s go back.  Let’s see how it really was; take snapshots of the pages; isn’t that what yearbooks are really for, snapshots?

But first lets start in the beginning (my family and the San Diego State University thing).  The school started on March 13, 1897 was not a university.  The school was not a college.  The school was a “Normal School”, a “college for women”, a place where teachers could and would be trained to teach and train the boys (and girls too) in the finer things in life like Civics and being civil, math and how to count (in numbers, maybe not in life) and how to spell so you didn’t inappropriately link the letters.

My grandmother came out in 1908 from Kansas and the Kansas State Normal School to San Diego to complete her education at SDNS (San Diego Normal School as it was called then).  I have her records; not a male student in sight; the big social event of the year was the Maypole (dance); students holding ribbons, men watching from afar.  That was education then, women were, men generally weren’t (educated).  Hemme Backlund (later Martin) graduated from the college on June 23, 1910.

She received her “lifetime” teacher’s credential.  By 1950 (a short 40 years later) the credential was no good.  The San Diego State College (as it was known by by then) refused to honor its own degree (by backing it with the State of California) and Hemme had to go back to school again at age 64 (this time elsewhere) to get a new degree just to teach.   Times had changed; changed too was her alma mater college.

Sure it’s nice to go to college where “mama” went.  Maybe.  Out of state, away from home might be better.  Lloydine (my mother, Hemme’s daughter) had no choice, no money.  It’s “take the streetcar to school” or don’t go, so she did (go, and take the streetcar daily to each class).  Now a streetcar is not a railroad, but she WAS railroaded a bit; she could have easily gotten in to Berkeley (no money for the University of California that far north); or Stanford (University, more money, just the same) – so “State” it was (and still is).

But “State” had changed since the times of her mother.  They let “boys” in now.  The boys had taken over; which brings us to the Art Linkletter part and a reminder how much can change in just 20 years.

In 1921 the school had become the “San Diego State Teachers College” (nothing Normal about the school anymore).  Lloydine graduated from San Diego High School in June of 1930 and moved on in the fall to the old campus (of SDNS) with several new buildings.  In February of 1931 (six months later) the campus and the college moved to its new present location.  A small college “on the hill” above San Diego – made for “higher education”.

It was a new campus in the middle of nowhere.

View of San Diego college from the air as seen on page 5 of Del Sudoeste – 1932.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The whole college had about as many students then as just the graduating class of San Diego High had – about 500.  88 graduated in 1931 from the school; only 21 were men (then).  The school was new, had “high hopes”; in the graduation class was 1 black (woman), 1 Japanese (American male), and 1 person of indeterminate “color”.   San Diego State College was certainly not the “melting pot” of America.

But there was architecture, and a plan.

Imaginary site of San Diego college described on page 22 of Del Sudoeste – 1931.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The Portals of San Diego college – page 7 of Del Sudoeste – 1931.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The Campanile of San Diego college – page 137 of Del Sudoeste – 1931.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

San Diego prided itself on 400 years of Spanish and Mexican history (circa 1942, based on the September 1542 Cabrillo sighting of the shore).  Yet in 1931 (in the yearbook) there was not a single member of the administration, the faculty, or the student body with a Spanish surname.  But the yearbook was Del Sudoeste (Spanish for Southwest), and the entire new campus was in Spanish architecture.  This was the (hypocritical) world in which Art Linkletter attended college (and Lloydine did too).  The difference is that Art Linkletter went on to be a “comic” and Lloydine went on writing her Master’s Thesis (while still at SDSTC) on George Victor Collot’s trip of 1796 into Spanish Louisiana (before the French stole it with acts of war).

But, Art Linkletter and his buddies were staging their own revolution at San Diego State.  They had a plan.  The “men” would take over, the school, life, everything.  In the five years he was there much had changed.  Of the 111 graduating in 1934, 35 were men (about 30%) – but on the 1934 Student Council there were 14 men, only 5 women.  The finance board was all men.  The rally committee 75% men (an Art Linkletter Committee), the Aztec shops (SDSTC were “the Aztecs) were 75% men. And things were changing into the future – until the class of 1936 the VP was always a woman (and the secretary of course).  In the class of 1937 the only woman of the “big 4” was the secretary.

The Student Council of San Diego college – page 31 of Del Sudoeste – 1934.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

A new powerful organization had been formed.  It was the AMS, the Associated Men Students.  Needless to say there wasn’t an “Associated Women Students” association, club, organization – it had been “reorganized” at this traditionally mostly women’s college.  Guess who led the Men’s club, the charge.  Not funny.  It was Arthur “Art” Linkletter and his main friend Jack Benton.

The Linkletter AMS of San Diego college – page 116 – 117 of Del Sudoeste – 1934.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The secret of course to the men’s takeover of the school was athletics.  Football, baseball, track – all men all the time.  These jocks were America’s new heroes as the world moved towards war.  Art Linkletter was of course a jock – played basketball – not swimming.  It WAS San Diego, the BEACH, the OCEAN, Coronado sound – EVERYONE in San Diego did swimming.  Lloydine did swimming.

Men’s Basketball at San Diego college – page 135 of Del Sudoeste – 1934; there was no Women’s basketball.

This photograph of Art Linkletter basketball is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

Hemme had done the hoops (played basketball) at the Normal School in Kansas in 1903.  She too coached a team in Turlock (California) (circa 1912) that won the County (Championship) – girls team, boys school.  But there was no basketball for girls (women) at the new San Diego State.  No, everything had become a man’s world – increasingly only for men – like the new Linkletter created “men’s lounge” in the new Gymnasium – which unlike the “ladies lounge” was not a bathroom.

Art Linkletter, it seems, practically ran the school.  He held high office early:

The Inter-fraternity council – Art Linkletter at the head – San Diego college – page 194 of Del Sudoeste – 1932.

This picture of Art Linkletter as head of the Inter-fraternity council is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

And what was the result?

“Fun” Linkletter style at San Diego college – page 224 of Del Sudoeste – 1932.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

If you’re not convinced; consider the yearbook graphics themselves:  Exhibit one – the Aztec, (not Maya) sacrificial stone (not a calendar) found in Mexico City in 1790.

“The College” frontispiece graphic of San Diego college – page 25 of Del Sudoeste – 1932.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

“The Aztec Sport World” graphic for the section on San Diego college athletics – page 129 of Del Sudoeste – 1932.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

Finally, in case you’ve missed everything we have two more illustrations of Art Linkletters world – his image of women (on the left) and of men (on the right).

All this I guess seems so “contemporary” now; familiar places, familiar scenes?  Seems a bit weird to me – extreme – “over the top” and not subtle.  Wait for a world war?  Strong men?  Then (and perhaps now) it’s all coming up???  Or maybe the place was just one weird school.

So as we bid adieu to the old – then new – San Diego establishment of learning I leave you with this final thought.  We have lots of pictures of the “funny man” Art Linkletter – High School, College.  Not once is he ever smiling; no trademark grin.  He’s always serious, solemn; like if his parents had beat him.  Maybe they did.  And that brings us back to Linkletters unusual way of treating children.  Watch the tapes.  Not funny, not funny at all.

Post Script:  One more picture, of Art Linkletter and Lloydine Martin; this time on the same page.  What a change from High School.  All those activities for Lloydine; now gone.  That happy smile is gone now too.  But look at Art; his list of “accomplishments” – puts everyone else to shame.  No wonder it was Hollywood next – why not the world?

1934 Graduating Seniors – San Diego State College – page 45 of Del Sudoeste – 1934

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Del Sudoeste is the yearbook of the San Diego State Teachers CollegeSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

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You were a swell guy Art.

May 26th, 2010

This is Post #47 in the new Series “Going to Afghanistan”.

Arthur Gordon Linkletter died today.  He was 97 years old.  He starred in the People are funny TV series; he endorsed The Game of Life (which was a board game, not just Art Linkletter’s attitude).

I have very mixed feelings about the death of this man.  There are a few things you don’t know about him, things that his publicity agents left out or ignored.  Maybe (just maybe) none of that is important now – he’s dead.  But these things were important to my mother at the time, very important.  They were the things one remembers, never forgets; like an old wound, an old sore spot, a grating that grates when one turns on the TV at the wrong time, or sees the “game” that the Lynchs bought to learn a bit about life.

You see my mother Lloydine Clayton went to school (and more school) with Art.  She was in his classes; or he was in hers – especially bad in High School, not so bad (but not good) in college.

If you’ve been reading this blog you probably know a lot more about Lloydine by now than you do about Art Linkletter (who?).  It wasn’t always that way.  Art was once a star.  He made people laugh by pointing out the bad things, the weak spots, of other people.  He called it “funny”.  He thought it was funny to point and criticize and laugh out loud (sometimes in their faces).  He prided himself as having a superior wit, a wink, a nod and control of the microphone.

He was a child of the “talkies”.

Advertisement on page 176 of The Gray Castle – 1929.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

My mother was of course used to arrogant and pushy boys by the time she reached high school.  The playing field was never equal for girls; sure she beat the boys at their own games (like marbles) when she was young, at academics her whole life, Fred in the realm of writing.  But in the “ABC’s” of things there was no escaping Arthur Gordon Linkletter (it was the “L”) and Lloydine Della Martin followed close behind with the inevitable “M”.

Arthur was a year ahead in school (on paper).  But Lloydine was ahead of her class so that often put Arthur in her classes, or her in Arthurs.  He didn’t like this.  He thought boys were always smarter, that he was smarter; he soon became the pain.

Art Linkletter ridiculed my mother, teased her, taunted her, tormented her almost every chance he got.  He made much of her time at school, in school a living hell.  He thought it was all so funny.  “People are funny, Lloydine he said”, like you – “you’re funny”.

So nobody is supposed to like High School.  That is the plan.  The jerks torment the good guys (and gals) to build themselves up by tearing the others down.  What’s new?  I did the high school thing,  I know – no reason for a reunion, so few good memories if I go back.  Who were those guys?  I have no yearbook to look back on or in – too painful, too much the disappointment.  I might change my mind (someday).

For my mother it was different.  She loved history, she savored every memory both good and bad.  She bought a yearbook each year (although she had very little money).  The softcover versions were cheaper; until she was a Senior that’s all she had.

So from the softcover we have this:

Art Linkletter yearbook picture, page 50 – circa 1929.

This Art Linkletter photograph is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The “Take trip around the world” was his goal, his “joke”, his rudeness showing.  I read an article today lamenting his alleged college disappointments.  The last line is supposed to be where you state your aims for college.  No plans for Art; sex was on HIS mind (and rudeness) – around the world of course was code for getting laid.  People ARE funny.  Laugh NOW (the blinking sign is up like it was for the canned laughter on his TV show).

In fairness, Art’s base humor might have come from the bases, the Naval Base in San Diego, or the air bases there too.  There was Lindberg Field, home of American aviation – the place where Lindberg left from for Paris before he left again from Long Island (Garden City) in New York.

The 1929 yearbook, like Linkletter and Lindberg were “air minded”.

Art Linkletter yearbook frontice cover – circa 1929.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

Art Linkletter yearbook Forward – circa 1929.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

The yearbook had pages and pages of prophecies for the class and its members; but I think this one is best – (Memories are) “Like a silver plane high over the downs at dawn, with the sun flashing on its wings – a flickering and then the end.”

I don’t know which person remembered San Diego High School more fondly.  It may have been my mother (despite Arthur Gordon).  She did get the coveted California Scholarship Federation Pin, Art Linkletter did not.  She helped the men at the Naval Base hospital, Art Linkletter did not.  She did a hundred things in High School that Art Linkletter only dreamed of.  But the guy DID debate.

Art Linkletter yearbook – debate picture, page 124 – circa 1929.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

As you see Art Linkletter was always “Civic” minded.  He won his debate.  The topic was “Resolved: The influence of instalment buying is detrimental to society.”  Art was on the negative (his choice in debating then) – he spoke out and up for debt and credit (a really modern guy in 1929); but this was June or before; October 1929 had not yet happened.

I’m not saying Art Linkletter was always on the wrong side of everything in life (laughter please).  He did go to San Diego High School – a very fine place indeed.

Art Linkletter yearbook picture, page 11 – circa 1929.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

SDHS was a very fine place in 1929 and 1930.  The building in the middle is the “Gray Castle” as you can see.  The other buildings are newer.  The stadium is much newer.  You wouldn’t know the place today.

But time does move on; Lloydine’s Senior year at SDHS was free from Arthur Gordon Linkletter.  It was a much nicer year, a nicer yearbook.

Lloydine Della Martin’s yearbook – (aka: “Lloydine Clayton”) – circa 1930.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

And she got her picture in this yearbook too:

Lloydine Della Martin’s yearbook picture – (aka: “Lloydine Clayton”) – circa 1930.

This image is in the Public Domain.  The Gray Castle is the yearbook of the San Diego High SchoolSan Diego, California.  Please credit if you copy rather than link this image.

Lloydine graduated 11th out of a graduating class of about 450.  She was happy; happy to graduate and move on to “State College” which meant San Diego State College (they had dropped the “teacher” part by then).  Her mother had attended the same school in 1908; it was familiar ground if not the same old buildings.

One problem of course.  Art Linkletter never made it “around the world”.  He ended up at the “teacher’s college” too.  He stayed there for five years – just to taunt and torment Lloydine (who graduated on schedule in four, almost with her Master’s – in history of course.

Epilogue:  I thought you should know a little more about my mother; her past; about the woman writing all the letters in these posts about Afghanistan.  Small world?  Not really.  Everybody has an “Art Linkletter” in their life.  We get used to them; we move on; and we get to write the history now – so art – “Get a Life”, it’s not a game (now that’s FUNNY).

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November 7, 1958

May 26th, 2010

Noon gun (noon Cannon) firing in Kabul – November 7, 1958.

Photograph taken by Fred W. Clayton – This photographic image is copyrighted by Donald Clayton, all rights reserved – first published 2010 on

November 7, 1958:

No one is ever ready for the first blast from any cannon going off.  It’s all nice in theory.  Load, aim… fire.  The reality is always quite different, unexpected.  Hence we see the fussiness, the blur, the shock value caused by the shock of the weapon fired (and here only blanks) and not in anger as in a real war.  Hold your ears or hold the camera; maybe Fred’s ears are ringing still.

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Broken finger

May 25th, 2010

~ Exploring medicine more than Korea, but maybe it’s Afghanistan that we want.

Yesterday was not really a day off.  I wrote a post about “Homeland Security”, a local angle on the “International” protective services thing; new International Order and all that rot.  I didn’t post it because I’m still evaluating who I would make mad and how mad.  Let’s just be clear – I’m Mad.

But speaking of the local angle, they’re stealing man-hole covers and today sewer grates off the streets of Albuquerque.  One block away and one was stolen (the “drains to river” metal grate that allows the discharge from the street to drain to the river – the Rio Grande – Texas is the next stop).

You see the economy is really, really bad and the price of commodities is up a bit and put the two together and “scrap metal” is a good business to get into – entrepreneurial and all.  There’s wealth everywhere if you just have the eyes to see it – like the stock market of today – just see it, grab it; that’s all.  Make a fast buck and don’t worry about tomorrow.

So I was talking to “the city guy” red lights flashing from his truck, about the missing grate.  He had not seen the two people I had, in cars (one car, one truck) that turned right, hit the hole, hit the brakes and surveyed the damage to the car (and truck); called the police, are ready to sue the city for these open holes in the middle (or near the middle) of the roads.  We agreed the hole was BIG, almost 3 feet by 4 feet in size; could swallow a large dog, a child, a mother and child with no reunion; a small car (think Mini-Cooper) or a motorcycle (think Ducati, BMW, or Harley).

“People could get hurt”, he said, I said, we both said as we gaped at the hole; saw the missing grate without really seeing it; talking to pass the time while he waited for the city barricade people to arrive to barricade the hole until the city could design a better fix.  “$1,000 each”, he said.  He was referring to the cost, the price the city pays for each cover to cover the water drains (at qala bist it’s always about the water).   Six more were stolen just last night.  He said, I should quote him.  The city asked for media coverage but nothing yet.

Maybe the media is not such a good idea.  Maybe most TV watchers are thinking “oil” and “Korea” and not about the prices of metal and the money they could make; good republicans, privatize everything.

Actually the “city guy” did say the last person caught (two years ago) was a businessman, a contractor, a developer of sorts.  He was building a huge subdivision in “the heights” and didn’t want to pay the price of the manhole covers.  So he stole them (at night) from the city (around the city) and put them down in his place where HE was selling houses.  Sounds like Rand Paul to me (this time it wasn’t).

So if you’re in Afghanistan or Korea (and in the Army, Air Force, or Marines) I just wanted to remind you what you’re fighting for; the kind of country you’re no longer in; what is really going on at home.

Oh sure we could have jobs if we did not have war; had the money spent on war to spend on manhole covers, sewer grates, traffic safety; jobs so people would not need the police to track down the infrastructure flying off the streets.  “Officer, my cat is down there, she could drown, please save him” – “Sure lady, but the grate is welded down; we’ll be back tomorrow after a little rain.”

It was the city guy again.  He was explaining why welding the grates down to keep them from being stolen was not such a stellar idea.  “People and their pets!”  What to do?  The city gets sued either way and with each new suit “UP” go the taxes.  Maybe we could privatize “your street”, this street; have a private security guard company guard it; pay them $100 per month for each grate or manhole cover guarded; call it the “heavy metal guard plan”.  My mental meanderings, not his.  But that WAS the pitch in the post I withheld; protection money from privatized police, the next new big thing (think Blackwater at Home) – I got the flyer Sunday.  What to do?

So China, India, Brazil are growing.  They need new infrastructure, new communities new signs.  And contrary to popular belief China cannot make stop signs as cheaply as Americans can steal them.  Like netting fish, cutting timber – the natural product is “just there”.  Claim your territory, cut a deal (pay a bribe) – harvest all the stop signs in a hundred miles and you will be very, very rich.  Who needs government anyway; it’s just in the way – heard it from Rand Paul.  People in Albuquerque (some) are taking him very seriously; acting on his message.  Left a hole in my street.

Which brings up my finger, not my middle finger (for Rand Paul), but my little finger – the one I broke.  It was many moons ago as they say; a day and a place now almost lost in time.  It happened in Korea; before the nuclear crisis, after the testing of the big bombs.  That narrow window leaves the spring of 1961; basketball in the rain – but not in the rain which is why we were playing basketball inside, in the spring, in Korea – shirts and skins and that perverted thing.

It was on the base; Seoul Area Command, kids and generals and GI’s all just waiting for the next Korea War.  Fun times.  We had a school.  They (meaning “we”, the U.S.A.) fighting under the U.N. flag (the “they”) had 65,000 or 85,000 U.S. troops in Korea at the time.  The Turks (meaning Turkey) had maybe 325; New Zealand had 86; Australia had maybe 200; the Brits 600 – you know, the typical INTERNATIONAL force.  I guess it was really (the secret) a U.S. idea to be in Korea and backing the Koreans and making war, not nice-nice.

Of course we had our nukes there, ready to “take out” North Korea like a date at General Coulter’s Statue (the John B. Coulter statue in Korea was where you went just to get screwed).  Of course most GI’s were virgins, loved “Little Lil” back home, wanted nothing more than purity and love of country and no love in the country of Korea – 18 to 22 year old American guys are like that – high minded, calm spirits, the best of diplomats.  That’s WHY the Koreans loved us, loved us so; didn’t love us JUST for the money (big bucks always rolling at General Coulter’s Statue).

We carpet bombed North Korea in the Korean War.  We used napalm.  We dropped more bombs (in tonnage) on North Korea than we did on all of Europe and Germany and Japan combined in the second world war.  We bombed every reservoir, every dam.  We drowned at least one million people in the resulting floods.  We burned alive two million civilians (men, women, children – the old).  And we kept it all mostly a secret.  Kept it out of the history books, kept it out of the press – kept “Korea” the forgotten war.

Oh sure, American hikers should be free to cross the Korean border without papers because of 10,000 (or so) political prisoners held in confinement or in chains.  But if they want to “tell a story” why not tell on their American cousins first?  Then maybe we might understand why (North) Korea is so MAD; driven mad by the worst bombings and slaughter the world has EVER seen.

So America left North Korea penniless, destitute; the people living on grass in the woodlands not yet burned by incendiary bombs.  Never a farthing to help them (when the war was over); just threats, troops and the threat of “nukes next time”.

Oh, I was saying – I was playing basketball in the gym, having fun – someone tripped me while I was driving (dribbling) with the ball for my basket.  I landed on my finger.  It really, really hurt.  I broke it.  The army doctors fixed it.  Lots of military hospitals in Korea – just in case.

Thought you should know.  Re-read the part about the sewer covers if you want to know what gives. Maybe it’s someone trying to air out all the sewers, and not the recycling of metal at all.

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