The Pentagon of Power

June 29th, 2010

~ The war in Afghanistan is because of this:

Lewis Mumford books are rather amazing.  The Pentagon of Power was written (published) in 1970; forty (40) years ago.  The video that I link here is one year old.  I had not seen it until today, but I had seen portions of it as independent interviews earlier (in a few cases years earlier).

The video is 80 minutes long; so reserve some time and watch it when you’re comfortable and ready.  The truth is you will never be comfortable with this truth; you will never be ready for what you will learn.  That is why this video is so important.

Some do not believe in “conspiracy theories”.  Some do not believe in the truth.  Some still believe that the communists really did burn the Reichstag, that the Spanish started the spanish flu, and that the Civil War was fought to end slavery.  So be it.  But the only real question is that when ALL the truth comes out (and it is coming out, all the truth will come out) what side of HISTORY will YOU be on.  You pick sides by what you choose to believe, by what one is willing to deny – ask Judas, ask Marie Antoinette (oh, you can’t – they’re dead).

Rewriting history to glorify or justify the (temporary) victors has always been so “in”.  Eventually (however) the bad guys (and gals) are found out; the truth comes out – that is the basis of all real law.  The pursuit of falsehood goes nowhere; in time all liars are confused by the lies they tell; only the truth resonates for very long.  One knows the truth when one sees it; feels it – that is all the evidence anyone ever needs – no need for a real trial, the truth will make you free (immediately).

So watch the film-clip.  Look for the evidence of the plane in the wreckage, look for the bodies, the pools of melted molten metal in the bowels of the Pentagon basement.  Like Mumsford said (30 years earlier) – there are none.

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Southern Man

June 29th, 2010

~ I thought it would miss, now maybe not.

I’m talking about the Hurricane of course, about “Alex”.  And Alex obviously begs the question, about the song (Southern Man) and what it means or meant and what the good book really said (or says).

The news is that the hurricane is now stalled just off the western tip of the Yucatan (Peninsula).  It is hovering at 990 millibars of pressure in an ocean with a near perfect 1013 point something.  It’s something I don’t know that much about; Meteorology.  I took a course (in it) once and passed it with more than a passing interest; once I understood that the course was about weather and not meteors and the meteor shower end of weather – big stuff falling from the sky, like meteor crater in Arizona – you know the drill.

So is the oil “spill” (really blow-out) big stuff?  Oh, yeah!  So “Alex” (means “helper and defender of mankind”) is hiding out about 700 miles south of ground zero in nice warm almost ninety degree seas.

The “tracker” of course tracks the hurricane as going “out west” as if it were a young man (hint: Neil Young, and “Alex”, a man’s name).  Meteorology is so simple; I could have made money doing this stuff; no isobars, just a regular bar, a few drinks, a jukebox maybe and a bit of Horace Greeley wisdom.  America will buy anything; hurricane bound for Laredo (Texas), why not?  Actually Laredo gets hit by the remnants of a hurricane about every other year (200 year average).  The hurricanes like to cross the border there (going south, meaning to die); the Southern Man thing (maybe).

So the meteorological record DOES favor “way out west” and Laredo for an ending; NOT a landing.  At 10 MPH (once Alex does start moving) it will take about 70 hours to make landfall; about three days – three days to prepare.  They are already preparing in Laredo.  I don’t really understand their “white area assessment” and what (in Texas) this has to do with hurricanes; but I guess it is a “southern man” thing – not racist, something else?

How long has a hurricane remained stationary?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Maybe a Guinness Book of World’s Records – “oldest hurricane at sea”, stationary for 18 months while people prepared (for the big one).  But no; if I were Alex I would not want to go into those oily chemical laden waters filled with Corexit and Methane; no, not even to save mankind – “been there, done that”, it did NOT work – mankind does not want to be saved (or helped; doesn’t want a friend) – the hubris is too great; they have Obama and BP to do it; a Congress and Senators; “experts” on every front.  “Save the southern man?”  Maybe, why?

So does Alex help and defend mankind by letting things go on; by letting things get worse?  Or does Alex get involved; does Alex defend mankind by taking out the oil and the oil industry in the gulf (assumes that fishermen will take their boats and flee) – “should have sailed to Gaza,” gone far, far east for the summer.  Or, does Alex just play around; toss up seashells on the sand; wash the rigs with a little bit of rain – and call it “help” just for the record; like the way that humans do?

It DOES NOT really matter.  Other storms with other names may have ideas of their own.  Not all storms will head for Laredo.  Maybe not any.  “Southern change gonna come at last.”  “I heard screamin’.”  “Bullwhips crackin’.”  An end to all the bullshit!  Oil is NO LIFE; oil puts an end to good things in life.  Go north ALEX; for God sakes, please GO NORTH.

And just a thought if you’re wondering.  All the good people along the coast have already left or will leave by Sunday.

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A Pox on you Toronto!

June 27th, 2010

~ Let’s face it, living in the cities is no longer safe.

I think it was the last year that I tried my hand at college; meaning attending college, vying for credits, “playing the game”.  I think it was 1972 or something; maybe 1974 – there were so many “last tries”, final efforts, efforts at getting loans, getting money, long commutes, long meaningless hours in classrooms listening to the hubris and rhetoric of people that had no clue about reality or the real world or what made the real world “tick”.

Going to college is like joining the military (or the police) – for it to work you must start “young and dumb” and be very “programmable”.   After that it does not matter; “they” will mold you into being a young communist, a young capitalist, a young national socialist, a young zionist – anything “they” want.

One’s only hope is to stay ahead of the curve; to learn more, earlier, than they offer to teach.  That is the secret of freedom – preemption, preemptive learning.

Anyway, about this time I came up with a plan.  The “Abandon the Cities” campaign.  It was heavily rooted in the “back to earth”, “back to the country” sub-movement of the sixties.  The problem was there WAS no movement.   Everybody would congregate in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco), on the Boston Commons (Boston), in Greenwich Village (New York) and sit and discuss how “cool” it would be to live on a farm or in a commune in Oregon or Maine or how they actually DID once take a trip (while taking a trip) down the coast highway to Big Sur (which they never found the turn-off for – but “hey”, that was cool – “we saw the coast”, saw the rocks, followed a VW bus for a while doing 24 MPH – that took all afternoon – “bummer driving at night”; but we got back to the CITY – now we can tell you about our “cool” trip [to the country].)

My idea was to invoke the usual drill: posters, be-ins, paint-ins, bands in the park (free music), balloons and bubbles, a few powerful “bring them to their knees” political speeches and “whoosh” ten thousand hippies and would be hippies (“long hairs” and “ban the bra” warriors) would be piling out of over priced apartments and into under priced buses and vans and bugs and beetles and maybe a Honda Civic or two and be driving up the coast highway to, to…?  Well, you knowto the COUNTRY!

My point was that exactly.   The point was to GET OUT of the CITIES.  It did not matter where one might go; where else one might go – just not another CITY!  Cities were crowded, cities were expensive.  Cities were (are) polluted.  Cities are injurious to ones health (mental and physical).

Oh well.  Thirty-five years do fly by when you’re “having fun”.  Not so much fun (for me); so not so much “flying” – more like crawling on ones belly like a reptile (little Egypt, certainly not Gaza).  But then this weekend is more about Toronto (canada, not Canada dry).

If one believes the Israeli “take” on things the people (G-20 nations) had the whole thing planned from the start.  “They” planned  the confrontation; they wanted violence; that’s WHY they shipped off to Toronto in the first place.  They wanted “a scene” to cover for the weapons and the violence that they planned to slip in to Canada and into Korea and into a whole lot of places more.  The G-20 group IS a terrorist organization (do you see?).

Anyway, I don’t know where this gang of thugs found 20,000 black shirts to outfit (well) their Black Shirts.  I thought police wore blue.   “men in blue”, am I wrong or did something change?  Sure women prefer black, but not so many women in those “police lines” in Toronto.  It looked more like a man’s thing.  See the pictures here – all 100 of them right from the source.  And here for the video.

Anyway, I sure wouldn’t want to own a business in Toronto; certainly not an office building anywhere near downtown.  The anguish seems indelibly rubbed into the walls and streets; doesn’t look like it will wash away; can’t “drain” it like the $200,000 artificial lake.  The cops faces are sometimes “filled with hate“, sometimes not.  Most are not from Toronto; most just want to go back home; leave Toronto; leave the images of their lives turned to ruin (fighting the new world war).

There were a lot of freaky people visiting Toronto, visiting Canada this weekend.  I had no idea the New Yorker had so many readers.  “Weekenders” up for a holiday – looked that way to me; buying water bottles for a cool drink; sleeping in parks; seem to dislike coffee (or is it just Starbucks they abhor?).  In Reno in the 1960’s the Canadian tourists were this way; cheap, slept on their buses, left little or no tips (wanted their coffee “weak”) – came and went without doing anything much good; left saying, “I’ve been to Reno.” – that’s all.

I have never been to Toronto.  And as of today – I never want to go!  No point, just bad karma; just that gang of 20 getting the violence that they planned for $2 billion dollars spent planning violence; just three days of violence – $650 million dollars per day staging a DISPLAY of VIOLENCE.  Even the Afghan war doesn’t cost that much; but it was not so carefully planned – no, not like Toronto.  The G-20 really planned to TAKE TORONTO DOWN.  Kill the city with all the future taxes to pay for the foreign tourists and their jets and their mayhem.  Yeah, I saw the pictures too!

So I would not live in Toronto.  I would not live across the border in Detroit.  New Orleans seems not so good now.  In Atlanta it’s getting hard to breathe.  Boston without their clams and lobsters – not so good (the oil is coming to every theater near you).  Saint Louis is on a fault line.  Chicago; well Chicago – what else do I need to say.  San Francisco and Seattle look a little shaky.  L.A. always loses it on a dime.  Denver; King Tut and the Swastica (Airport from hell – to hell) – that’s like craziness on crazy.  So YOU find a city (I can’t) worth visiting, much less living in.  I guess I WAS right.  ABANDON THE CITIES!  It does not matter where (else) you go.

Thought you should know.

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The END of news.

June 26th, 2010

~ Call it 24/7, call it CNN, call it quits.

I’ve always followed the news.  I’ve written (often) about this before.  I’ve written about the newspapers in my life, the local stories, the local comics even (strips, not Linkletter).  I’ve talked about how Hemme (my grandmother) was a journalist – the Cactus Blade and later the San Diego Union and Tribune.

I’ve talked a bit about reading the U.S. News and World Report in Kabul in 1959; reading Newsweek there a while too.  I’ve written about KPTL in Carson City, Radio Tashkent in the U.S.S.R.; Radio Peking and the “banks are made of marble” song – about AFKN, TV and radio and the teletype machine.  And there was Allan Prell, KCBN, KOLO – KOLO TV the London Times (Sunday edition); the Reno Teenager, KYA Beat, the S.F. Chronicle even before the days of Hearst.

I’ve said I’ve worked in cable during the “glory days” of CNN and the news; saw the birth of MTV from like cable company number 5 – Oh, ho hum.  What a waste.  What was once good has gone so very bad.

The point of this post is NOT to bore you.  The media (MSM) has done that already.  So many names, so many “news personalities”, so much water under the bridge – so much water pollution / don’t drink up!  What I am saying applies to you.  So much of my life / your life has been spent in front of a news TV, a magazine (news), a news/talk radio, a newspaper (one or two or sixty).  It is hard to say goodbye.  It is hard to turn off the sound, fold up the pages, put the whole thing to rest.

But the simple fact is that the Mainstream News is dieing.  It has long been dead.  Now even the after-death twitches are losing life and real rigor-mortise is setting in.  The words are becoming wooden; no resonance there; only the advertisements have any life and you KNOW they are all full of  s*it – or is it (“s^**”/9&@@!-+it”) – anyway, a lot of garbage in each simple message.

If I see a URL on the web that says “CNN” or “Fox” or MSNBC” or “BBC” or “Time” or even “AP” I give it the short shift, the “86”, the “boot” which is like the back of my hand and not my hand and certainly not a dime of my money (what money?).  This shill stuff is not worth watching or reading.  It is misinformation, disinformation, disconnected information from disconnected (once) people now barely human and not disguising that fact very well.

In the old days they played the stars spangled banner after the end of the last evening news (of the day).  On TV they showed a flag while the band did play.  It was fitting.  It was a message too.  The message I got was that when the news is over only the fighting is left – the “rockets red glare”, the “bombs bursting in air”, the “night that was there”.  Sure, the “flag was still there” and it was still there when the Brits burned the White House, the Capitol Building, and most of Washington D.C. to the ground.  No, the flag didn’t matter much; nor the Fortress in Baltimore.  Read your history!

But this is not about history.  It IS about the end of news.  Many will be like the troops at Fort McHenry, rallying around the flag while the capital and capitol are like “gone”.  They’ll say, “Hey, how can it be so bad there when “here” it looks alright; I saw it on the news; I read it in the news; we “won” the battle – no mention of the WAR.”

So I’ll keep it short and simple.  Click here to play the song.

Now scroll down for the flag.

You see.  The news really is dead!   “MSM is dead.”  “Long live MSM.”   “MSM is dead.”

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Go to Hell, Canada!

June 25th, 2010

~ Group of eight; G-20 – sounds like “hate” to me.

So I used to like Canada.  I liked Canada a lot.  My father worked in Canada once, helped build a natural gas pipeline across the Rockies.  I guess that is where things began to go wrong.

In the beginning Canada was about the Royal Mounties (red jackets, cool hat); about Totem Poles along the Pacific; about Quebec (and the City) and Montreal.  Too, the Saint Lawrence River was cool – safe passage to Europe without so much “open sea”.  Ahh, memories.

But now Canada is just a client state.  Foreign bosses control all the top Canadian politicians.  Google these words and phrases; you will find out that I am right.  How can 33 million people go so wrong?

It is only costing every man, woman, child and polar bear in Canada $30 (U.S.) to pay for the three day meeting now in progress – $1 billion dollars (U.S.), not from the U.S.; but caused by the U.S.  It IS enough to start a war; a revolution; a “take back Canada for Canadians” type thing.  I do hope that type of thing really happens.  This IS war (or it should be)!

The Maple Leaf used to be more the coin – gold sovereign, safe haven for money in time of need.  No more.  There is NO safe haven for money.  No money is really safe.  Having no money is the only safe bet – join the masses of the world – reject the messes of the world.

The Gee of 8 and the “Gee” 20 and all the “gee” geezers of “Gee, golly, gee whiz” fame don’t see money my way.  They see money as the answer; as an “on-going” thing; as if the shit that hit the fan can be reconstituted, brought back to life, reassembled so that it can “shit” hit the fan again.  Oh, boy!  These guys and gals really are confused!

Confused people do the strangest things.  It’s an Art Linkletter line.  One looks, one laughs; one ducks to avoid the upchuck.  Anyway the nut cases from Canada spent a portion of their billion dollars bailing out the New Yorker Magazine.  American media is in trouble.  Every dime they can get is a dime to take; it doesn’t take long to go broke, to lose it all, to have an ad campaign that “goes bust” when people notice.  People ARE noticing now.

So the New Yorker costs $5.95 (U.S.) per copy.  On June 28 (2010) all you got was a “dish, pan, hands” type of cover and ten (10) and one half pages of “Canada” advertisements – inside front and both back covers.  What a WASTE!  The rest of the content (of the New Yorker) – dry, no humor, nothing funny in the Canada issue – it’s Canada; not really worth reading.  Get your $5.95 back and cancel your subscription as you move toward a more real future.  American print magazines are so dead.  Trust me, advertising pays and you’re reading this (my anti-ad for Canada) on the WEB!

So what happens in the fall, with the fall of Canada?  Try this:

Fall leaves turn dry, turn brown – the once red color turns to rust.  It’s the business cycle thing; rust belt; time for a return to Totem Poles and Rivers, Polar Bears in the sun.  Mounties not politicians; and keep the Queen away.

I do hope the billion dollars for security does go all wrong.  A billion dollars for security IS all wrong.  That is a lot of fear with a dollar price tag on it.  Too much fear for me to handle.  I can still cross a street alone.  Too bad these “leaders” can’t (can’t lead, can’t cross, can’t even walk someplace without a limousine).

So Canada, you really can go to *ell.  You can take your fears and phobias and the leaders that brought them to your home and have a real stew (not a mosaic this time – a “stew”).  No the southern tourists won’t be coming.  Things have changed.  We have our own southern problems; people fleeing north; but not as “far north” as Canada – don’t be ridiculas!

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Steam train to nowhere.

June 25th, 2010

~ Steam rhymes with green but it looks a lot like oil to me.

So here’s the news folks.  The Cumbres & Toltec Railroad trestle has burned.  It’s a “local” story; local if you think that something that happened at least 130 miles away is local.

It would be a 260 mile round trip car trip to get to Chama (New Mexico) to get a picture of the trestle (meaning railroad bridge) that burned.  So since you aren’t inclined to go, to make the trip – and neither am I – here’s a picture of the damage:

From Phoenix, from Denver, from Austin or San Antone – it’s all about 500 miles to get to Albuquerque (new mexico).   The “authorities” think that the fire was arson, a larceny of sorts.  What was stolen was jobs, hope; the hope to find ones family, relatives and friends.  Stolen too was the hope of riding history; the history of the rails, reliving an experience now gone with the end of the age of steam.  We’re all fossils now, meaning fossil fuel use, meaning DEAD like fossils – dead, dead, dead!

The railroad once went from Chama to San Antonito (Colorado) (NOT San Antonio, Texas).  Once before that it went on up to Denver, connected to the Japan Fast Mail (a train) and points east if one wanted to go east.  Why go east at all? Like Ronald Reagan once said, “If you’ve seen one bank, you’ve seen them all.”  Are banks even interesting?  I don’t think so.  That’s all there are in the east – just Banks; and unjust Banks at that.

So we have a math problem here folks.  How many miles (do you have to go) to ride the (steam) train from Chama?  Let’s make the question clearer.  How many gallons of fossil fuels (gasoline called oil) do you have to use to experience that head of steam?  Ah ha.  You are so clever.  You know that it depends on how far you have to come (meaning the distance of your drive).

So from nearby cities – this is the West, 500 miles IS nearby – it is at least 1,260 miles round-trip to Chama, then more miles as one rides the train.  At 20 miles per gallon (you really don’t get much better) that’s 63 gallons of gas; maybe $150 – $200 “worth” of oil; maybe “worth” three dead pelicans, a dolphin or two, two dozen hermit crabs and a seagull – “who cares about the seagull” (did I hear you say?).

So, I guess it IS good that the railroad from Chama is now dead.  America and Americans will save a lot of gas – a few fewer birds will die next time (meaning the next time we need oil and another platform “blows”).  More platforms will blow you know.  Earthquakes in California, hurricanes in the gulf, war in the middle east (and Iran).  Nature on parade, meaning the propensity of “man” to kill, to lay the bodies of the dead end-to-end (until there is an end).

The problem with celebrating the demise of Chama is that there really ARE people who live there.   Chama is a one horse town – the train – that’s all that Chama’s got.  1,200 people live in Chama (here is what it looked like yesterday).  Tomorrow?  Ah, tomorrow it may be something else.  Real estate prices falling maybe 80% overnight.  It takes a lot of dead birds to commute to Albuquerque from Chama – maybe dead birds don’t look so good right now?

So can the people of Chama fill out a claim against BP?  I think they can.  I think they have a real case.  Get Ken Feinberg on the line – or fill out his forms; there is a “loss of income” here (in Chama) that’s why even if you fix the trestle the “tourists” ain’t ever coming back.

So if your car sales are down (the dealer thing), and they WILL BE.  Sue BP, sue Kenneth Feinberg and his banker friends, the BP fund is YOUR BAILOUT too – NOT just for the boys and girls in the gulf.  This IS national folks, International in fact!  Like all the loss of freedom caused by 9-1-1, we are all victims here.  EVERYONE is a victim; everyone should get a check – Our Life Has Changed Forever!  We can’t look back now.

Yeah!  I AM SERIOUS.  Get an attorney!  FILE!

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Mondo Carne

June 25th, 2010

~ “World of Meat” or Mondo Cane – “a dog’s world”.  In either case you don’t get it.

It was an Italian movie.  It came out in 1962.  It was gross.

In reality the movie was none of the above.  In reality the Italian movie Perro Mundo came out in 1962; the U.S. version (with the new name Mondo Cane) came out in 1963, technically in April; in reality more like the summer of 1963, “in theaters near you”.  People who saw it went “Ahhh” (no A in “a”) and in no time everyone (who saw it) was saying “Mondo Carne”.

The point of the movie was that America (or maybe “western” European society was not like the rest of the world.  The idea was that maybe the rest of the world was “gross”, or maybe that the rest of the world had different values, looked on things at times differently – maybe all the time differently.

Well, we now know that there is no “BP Oil Spill”.  Like “Mondo Cane” the whole name was a lie.  The event was NEVER a spill – it was a BLOWOUT from the git-go.  And the site of the blow-out always had a real name, the well in “Well,” had a real name; a given name, a birth name if you will.

The name Macondo will live in history, a born abortion; the “Macondo Prospect” – not really a birth at all.  It was a foundling, bringing with that all that that might mean.

Of course, (meaning that I did not know) the name is borrowed from the novel “One hundred years of solitude”.  Read here for a bit of review.  Click here for the dark synopsis.  The point is that Macondo is a cursed and wicked place, real and unreal all at the same time.  Macondo is “surrounded by the sea”.  Things end badly – “it” is destroyed by a hurricane; seven generations – like the curse of Moses on the Mount and five or six generations more.  The prospect IS Biblical in its proportions.

Of course all the world does not see the world through the eyes of oil like (or as) the U.S. does.  Other nations may have an “oil habit”, but not a “lust”.  Sure, America has done its best to get EVERYONE addicted, to SUCK UP more oil than they might; to confuse “might” with oil; forgetting that in reality it is just that “greasy kid stuff” good not even for baby goats – much less humans, fish, birds, dolphins, turtles, sea life – you’ve seen the pictures.  YES, you know.

And NO!   This WILL NOT END WELL.  The hurricane IS coming.  Maybe many more.   I fear (or hope for) a Biblical ending!  All those Bible thumping old testament people out there – preach the wrath of God; want to experience the wrath of God.  Be careful what you say.  You yourself are the first stone – tossed out the day you were born by unbelievers (in the power and the goodness of God).  Followers of false prophets (drill baby drill, Bush baby, Obama baby – and so many other charlatans).  I do lose count!

So count your blessings; in time they will be very few.   As the novel says; these people (in the world of Macondo) do NOT get a second chance.  They (you) have had their (your) chance; your chance to leave Macondo and go so far away as to even forget the name.  Like Moses said; forget even the name.  Forget the curse of oil; wash it from your heart and minds – eschew oil.  It WILL kill you just as it has killed all those fish and birds (dolphins) the “whole nine yards” – you’re at the nine yard line now.  Flee today or you probably don’t stand a chance.  Thought you should know.

Perhaps I should say more; should waste your time going over and over (and over again) the obvious.  How could I (or anyone) make it more graphic – the boiling sea; I think you’ve seen it – if not you will.  So, like “he said,” – “May God help us all.”  I think he means – to CHANGE.

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The Soldiers Prayer

June 24th, 2010

~ Another document perhaps worth keeping.

Gettysburg – The Soldiers Prayer – handwritten copy (first page), date unknown.

Clayton Family Document from the Donald Clayton collection – This image is contributed to the Public Domain under the parameters of Qala Bist Blue.

Today’s post was of course about the coup; which means military; which ultimately gets down to soldiers and soldiering and the distance from here to there – the distance from home to death.

Hemme (my Grandmother) saved this poem from somewhere.  There is only one mention of it on the web (as of right now there are two), “Twas on the field of Gettysburg” in Pennsylvania I believe.  Her husband, my Grandfather, was a soldier once.

The stationary is embossed; few words, just “Golden Gate”.  Probably paper bought in San Francisco, lined, we’ll never know.  Death and wars and wartime deaths always leave so many questions.  Did this man suffer as he died?  How many other men did he kill?  Will his children grow up to be warriors?  Will they find a better way?  Will HIS farm be laid to ruin like the farms of Gettysburg were that day?

In any war the battle is fast and furious.  The fighting or fire-fight is over – if not in an instant – very fast.  Then comes the long sleep; the sleep of eternity; the restful repose of the eons as they glide so slowly past.  The medals, the heroes, even the wars in time are forgotten.  The graves and their locations are in time forgotten too.  The reasons for the wars too are forgotten.  All the vanity of strife in time disappears; it is the “healing” thing.

What people do remember; and remember most is the WASTE of it all.  The men, the women, the land and fields and lives all wasted by war is remembered as are the resources wasted by war.  War is WASTE.  War is the repudiation of all that could be good; that could be noble, uplifting, true.  War is to steal homes, not make them; destroy lives, not create them; to lay waste and ruin to the land (a land) and not to free it or redeem it.  War is ALWAYS predicated upon a lie and the lie grows and grows until it has consumed everyone that ever believed the lie or partook in it.

The past one hundred years has been ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF WAR.  The war has consumed my entire life, the dreams I might have had, the dreams my parents had.  It was all laid to waste and ruin.  I have lived but a shadow of my potential existence; war took the rest away – the rest away.  But I do believe there WILL BE a time of peace, an END to war, an END to all that are willing to embrace war as a way of life.  I believe too, that end will come fairly soon; not tomorrow; not next month – maybe not much more than a year.  I’m serious.  ONE YEAR.

Why not?  If you have someone you NEED to kill; why wait?  Why procrastinate?  Why put off until tomorrow what you’re “hell bent” to do today?  Let it out!  Vent!!!  Let others vent on YOU.  Why wait for “orders”; you know what you want; you know that you’ve trained “to kill”.  “Just do it!”, isn’t that what they say, “just do it”.  You KNOW I don’t mean this; but I need to make my point.  War (and killing, and destruction) is NOT a joke; not a “patriotic chore”; not a covenant with God.

God said, “Thou shalt not kill.”  Very simple.  Just say “No!”  Meaning say “no” to killing, not “no” to God.  You WILL KNOW the bad guys by the killing.  There is no excuse.  You pull the trigger, you DIE.  If you’re not part of the future, you’re part of the past – it is where we’re going; not where we’ve been that really counts.  Anyway, It IS up to you.  Thought you should know.

The full lines to the poem, and a bit of history, may be found in print here.

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The mystery of the printed page posted above quickens.  You need more information (so here it is).  The poem itself is written on a larger sheet folded in half.  The sheet is lined, 28 light blue/green lines per page.  The sheet size is 12 inches long by 16 inches wide – the center fold creates 4 pages 8 x 12 (inches) in size.  The exact length is 12 1/4 inch.  There is an embossed “GOLDEN GATE” Scroll Motif in the upper left-hand corner that is 3/4 inches long.  Golden Gate is two words, all caps.

The idea here is to try to date this page and by so doing to try to figure out why Hemme (my grandmother) saved it (since she is not here to ask).  The original poem (as published in the link) seems to date to 1877.  The Battle of Gettysburg was July 1 – 3 in 1863.  So was this writing from before 1877 (or after)?  As you see the pages are well worn; often folded and refolded as if the sheet was “in a war”.

So now I might add this:  On page 4 there is another poem – “Widowers Lament” is the title.  The same poem became a song in 1937 entitled “The Little Dove” with the addition of additional lines.  Earlier the poem is found as “The Lonesome Dove” (circa maybe 1855).  But the scholarship on the web is often so shaky.  In a death on February 3, 1869 a similar poem may be found here.  However, this is not the poem “like the one I’ve got”.

So how far up “the food chain” is this paper, the poems, the page?  Is it just late 19th Century ramblings or is it a page (of history) rather near the source?  Let me know if you have some insight.

Meanwhile, here is my copy of the poem:

Widowers Lament

One day while in a silent grove

Sat o’er my head a little dove,

For its lost mate began to coo

Which made me think of my mate too

My little dove you’re not alone

With you I am constrained to mourn

For once like you I had a mate

But now like you I mourn my fate.

This version seems to predate the printed sheet music versions (circa) 1877, which would put the “Gettysburg” version of the poem much closer to Gettysburg (the Battle).

The “added stanza” version of the song version of the poem is Here.
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The White House

June 23rd, 2010

~ While I’m looking up the date (to post this in) I’ll leave it here.

The WHITE HOUSE description – circa 1899.

Clayton Family Advertising Card from the Donald Clayton collection – This image is contributed to the Public Domain under the parameters of Qala Bist Blue.

Jersey Coffee was a product of Dayton Spice Mills Company, located in Dayton, Ohio.  In every one pound package of your favorite “Joe” came a card.  #63 is a picture of the East Room of the White House (in Washington) where the President might stay.  As you see (above) the building is probably “the least attractive in Washington”.  The building was modeled after the palace of the Emperor of Germany (in Berlin).

In case you’re wondering, you can visit the White House everyday from 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. and admission is absolutely free.  The taxpayers pay for this house, the upkeep, the President’s meals and his wash and that of his family too.  Thought you should know.

The WHITE HOUSE – photograph of the East Room – circa 1899.

Clayton Family Advertising Card from the Donald Clayton collection – This image is contributed to the Public Domain under the parameters of Qala Bist Blue.

The East Room of the White House is to the left of the vestibule as you enter.  The room is 40 feet wide and 80 feet long (3,200 square feet in all).  Receptions are held here.

To the right of the vestibule is the State Dining Room – 30 feet by 40 feet in size (1,200 square feet in all).  It is in the State Dining Room where they serve coffee (on occasions) to the guests.  Jersey Coffee would be best.  Thought you should know.

So, if YOU are ever in Dayton (Ohio) drop by and give us a call; we’ll give you a tour of our factory; show you our 75 horsepower motor that grinds things like our coffee and keeps us going in our business.  And do remember – we have 100 different PHOTO-LITHOGRAPHIC VIEW CARDS – handsome, historical, instructive.  You might want to collect them all.  WE KNOW that this is such a great country that we live in as you can plainly see by our cards.

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Coup de Etat

June 23rd, 2010

~ If one hasn’t lived in Afghanistan, and in Korea, and in Washington D.C. (near both the White House and the Pentagon) one probably isn’t prepared.

OK, I’m pulling rank on you.  You know the chain of command.  “Fall in line,” and that is an order.  OK, you probably won’t “obey” and that’s my point today.  YOU won’t obey, so you have no right to expect anyone else to.  Next point…

Military coups are always tricky.  The term “attempted coup” seems more familiar; but the reality is that (on the web) “coup de Etat” out hits “attempted coup” 6 to 1.  The point (on the web) being that coups do work.  But what makes them work?  The answer is tied up in the question, “What makes them happen?”

I lived in Korea (as you know).  I lived on a military base for the better part of two and one half years.  I dined with or next to Admirals, Generals, Colonels, Majors and a lot of “grunts”.  I had free reign of the NCO Club, the snack bars, the PX’s, the military cemeteries there (in Korea) for “UN” troops (meaning Americans mostly).   As a child of the fifties I had learned to sit and watch and listen – to observe – to not speak up out of turn, and as a “child” I was never given a turn.  I’m not a child now.

Later on in life I had a friend or two or a father of a friend or two in the Pentagon.  I understood the military “drill” so that made talking the talk easier – meaning easier to get beyond the small talk and closer to the “beef” of the matter.  The military is a lot about the beef; about “beefs”, not the four legged kind, but more often of the two-legged kind.

Nobody in the military ever wants to be “dead meat” – well, almost nobody (there are a few crazies out there).  Dead meat comes in several forms; “pre-packaged” – meaning the fool’s errand thing; “fresh meat” – meaning the fresh kill of battlefields often caused by blunders; “flame-broiled or barbecue” – the “pearl harbor” thing; the “it all happened so fast and we weren’t prepared that nobody saw it coming” (thing).

Most of the coups in Korea never really made the news.  Things would roil and boil around a bit; the President would get tense, the commanders tense; then someone would get tenser.  There was a lot of tension in Korea (constantly) – it is what you get in never ending war.  Nobody wants to be barbecued, be fresh meat, be in command of the meat dish of the day.  On the “political” end things are not much better; there are always great plans (great expectations), great hopes.  Put an end to North Korea; make sure Iran never gets the bomb; fight to (and for) a “truce” in Afghanistan – the Korea thing, an “armistice” so that we can control the country for maybe 1,000 years.  The military brass is ALWAYS composed of historians; that’s what West Point and Annapolis are for.

Crunch time would always come when the President (with his theories) and the Commanders (with a practical eye on things) would stop seeing eye-to-eye.  The President would always say (behind closed doors), “I KNOW what I am doing.”  The commanders often had their doubts.  The President had his pollsters; the Officers had their troops in the field and maybe a hundred thousand letters “from home” each day creating the “rumors in the ranks”.

When there was no other way out of the impasse the line officers (meaning those with their futures on the line) would line up the tanks stationed near the DMZ and load them onto flat cars (trains) and the trains would move the tanks toward (or into Seoul) (South Korea).  I lived above the (military officer’s) golf course on the base.  Across the fairways was the (Han) river.  Along the river were the tracks.  About 5:00 A.M. in the morning (on the day of the coup) the rumbling of the rails would awaken me.  The trains are moving.  The government won’t be far behind.  “Hey, Don – did you see the tanks?”  School time questions in the land of the morning calm; yeah, what did you learn in school?

The U.S. Military was always left in a dilemma.  Who’s side are you on boys, whose side are you on?  The U.S. officers often worked side by side with the officers that put their lives and careers on the line in order to save the nation by putting the President straight.  There always had to be a leader, a “face” on the face of the coup; a “cause d’ celeb” as they say; a “fall guy” perhaps – someone not unlike Stanley McCrystal – just the front guy for worries about much larger things.

I’ve posted here long and hard about what now everybody knows – the WAR in Afghanistan is LOST!  How many more lives are thrown up on that alter of fire for a losing cause?  A “fool’s errand” are the kind words (the big lie) – it is a suicide mission really; DEAD MEAT, barbecue at best – a waste of lives and talent of the worst (kind – by a President that won’t be kind, sympathetic, realistic, OR compassionate – look at the birds (in the gulf) if you have questions).  No “bird” colonel is going to get a better break.  Word is out.

And the U.S. is NOT prepared for brinkmanship in Korea; not ready for a second Korean War or the re-ignition of the first.  It would be a blood-bath.  The U.S. military would be totally discredited; heads would roll; new Obama people would quickly move up and fill all the ranks (meaning new officers in a new “Allegiance to the President” (not Constitution) officers corps).  The Navy (the familiar old “old ships” thing) is ready in the Gulf for “Pearl II”.  The Admirals are not so happy; obsolete carriers this time (with their thousands of men); not battleships lined up on “battleship/carrier row”.  Oh, don’t you love your history?  Repeat, repeat.  No question.

So, Which side are YOU on?  Can Obama get a life and save a life or two by ending the wars and refraining from starting new ones?  The military wishes it were so.  They will pay the price of a President gone mad (and mad for what reason?).

But hey folks; I hear Katy Perry is a “freak in bed”; and Lindsay Lohan really is the Princess of Gossip (poor sorry Paris).  Splash around in the gulf polluted waters; let your children take a drink (but don’t, it is REALLY bad).  Be happy; it’s the time for the “mid-summer recovery” and (No) BP Oil will not go bankrupt and leave your claims not worth a dime.  Enjoy your last delusions; they are the only delusions you’ll ever have; but meanwhile, in the real world – life goes on – I can hear the trains.

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