Solar eclipse

July 30th, 2010

~ To make dim the light of night.

OK, so it is hot today in Albuquerque.   It is the desert southwest; what do you expect?  It of course is a lot “hotter” in Phoenix, in most of Arizona – but that is politics “as they say”.

So, are any demonstrations ever real anymore?  Don’t ask.  I won’t tell.  But I think I know that almost all demonstrations are now orchestrated, planned, planned by the cabal – the NWO – the group of central planners that plan everything that you hear about on the mainstream media news – like the “local” oilspills everywhere – tankers, trucks (meaning highway “rigs” and broken pipelines to the ocean or the lakefronts or the sea).

We had our “demonstration” oil spill last week “locally”.  It was in the Bosque; meaning the Bosque del Apache, which is a wildlife refuge of course.  An oil tankcar on a train (how novel) just happened to go into a ditch, rupture, spill oil into a creek that the wildlife might (DOES) use.  Today I was looking for land in Truckee (in California near the lake – meaning Donner Lake, not Lake Tahoe).  Oh guess what?  Yes, an OIL SPILL – this time from a truck (rig) that “hit ice”; like there’s ice on the roads of Donner in late (late) July on the hot asphalt (or concrete) that is sufficient to cause trucks to slip-slide into the once pristine waters of good old Donner Lake.

There is a WAR ON NATURE going on; a war on animals, a war on beauty too (meaning real beauty and not just the sophistry and sluts that the media moguls push to separate you from your hard-earned bucks – if you are a buck – or if you have a buck to lose).

This war is getting hot.  Which brings us (meaning “me”) back to the topic of solar things, maybe solar power, and a reminder of the fact that solar energy is not so much about the light as it is about the whole electromagnetic spectrum of which most of it is “not to be seen” and yet of course it IS REAL.

(So) before you worry too much about what is going on in the “dark” of day and the “light of night” (not really meaning the moon so much, think more about the stars) it is probably a good point to begin with the point of admission that you are probably really confused.   Confusion (here) is good of course; the only real danger comes from those that are confused but will NOT admit it.   The main stream media does that.  It makes people think that they are informed when in fact they have just been deformed by the constant dry, disappointing drivel.  The cliches do sound so cliched now, don’t they?  The words don’t play (like the music wouldn’t once); the scripting now just sounds so comical and so “dead”.  And YES – PBS HAS SOLD OUT – don’t trust the “public” radio anymore – every word on the spectrum has been scripted “just for you”.

In Albuquerque the temperature is not so high; but the UV count is nearly off the chart.  The ozone is not working here – UVC is getting in – eyes are burning and watering like sandpaper from the sun (ah shucks; it really is “sandpaper from the sun”).  The Canadian UV website says “stay in” between “11” and 4, even when the UV count is only eight.  In Albuquerque today it is 10; our scale won’t even admit that there is an “11” which is the starting point of EXTREME!

But all of this is SECRET!  You will not hear about the UV’s in the main media news.  It is a “dark” secret – UV is beyond the visible light (like night); like the idea that one must be a night owl before it can be seen (What rubbish!).

So (if you recall) cement roofs are ever so “cool”.  They take the heat out of the blinding day and the force out of the baking UV light of night (not really night – but by so many still unseen).  So that’s the simple secret of “greenhouse warming”.  The “ozone hole” – no, not so much.  It is the sun, the solar orb, the source of so much power that’s doing this folks – letting “the sun shine in” (not so much the hair).  But the real energy of course does come first “from the stars” in a remarkable convergence of the sun with “fate” (assuming of course that a pre-existing scientifically discernible confluence of cosmic energies is seen as “fate”).

Of course “our” scientists have known about this for a long, long time.  The “government” too has had a clue.  The only question is when “they” will move beyond the “greenhouse warming warning” and will admit the ruse and come clean with the real truth of the blow to the solar plexus of the planet.  But, “Why wait”?  “They” will only wait until “they” can see some advantage to their announcements / pronouncements (like a rise in panic); which is to no ones real advantage at all.

On another level it is safe to say that “short term” all these solar changes bring to mankind a great advantage – that being putting an end to all the silliness, stupidity and lies (the cabal / NWO thing).  That’s why all the secrets are coming out folks – “they” know their time is up; it’s “end times” and “end game” now and I don’t mean the way they see the ending – I’ve seen a different script – written by talent that can really “right”.

Transitions are always hard.  They’re like “moves” when one is used to staying “home” in the same old space and place.  The roof leaks, the garage is full; the grass needs mowing and the weeds need pulling and the house could use a better coat of paint.  Either way one must move, take action; one must get their house in order or watch it wash away or watch it as one moves away (the old house growing smaller as every new milestone is passed).

So is it dark out there (seen as it seems)?  Nah!  You just can’t see the light; it’s like a “Black light”, like ultra-violet of course, like my grandma Hemme and other gemologists used (to bring out all the incredible beautiful colors) with and within their rocks.  She knew what to save and what to collect and only used the “black light” back home to see them.  Food for thought.  But for me it’s dinnertime of course.

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Beat the retreat.

July 28th, 2010

~ So what part of law don’t you understand; is it that there is no law?

So U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton is an enemy of the state.  Of course she is.  She is an enemy of Arizona.  She has ruled that states have no rights, only illegal immigrants have rights; that IN FACT was her decision.

Oh sure, in time arguments may be heard (if she listens) and rulings made that “time” is of no importance; the “clear and present danger” doctrine is out the window with (too) the concept of “irreparable harm”.  The state (of Arizona) can go broke while the people wait for a federal court decision; or they can go into mutiny as they lose all hope in the rule of law.

Let us remember – it is a question of obeying the law and being “legal” that brought this whole thing to the fore.  The federal court has clearly said that “being legal” DOES NOT matter; one never needs an ID; it is a violation of a persons rights to require that an ID be carried.   Seems like the NWO just shot itself very squarely in the foot.  No ID; just cite Judge Bolton (it’s federal law now for the interim).  Note: only state law requires IDs except in federal courts and at other federal facilities like at TSA checkpoints which after all IS federal land.

I guess (based on Judge “Bolting Bride” Bolton’s opinion) that the federal computer data base of bio-metric data is now pretty complete.  The feds don’t need real-ID anymore; if they have the body they have their person – they know who you are and what you represent.  Arizona I guess is not so lucky.  Arizona was stupid.  Arizona should have used a data-base, secret eyes and cameras  and secret police to catch and catch-up with the criminals by making a data file of every legal resident of the state and by collecting secret surveillance on every person who ever came in by way of the airport or by train, bus or car.  That’s the way the feds do it.  Evidently it works every time.

The difference of course is that the feds can (and do) print their own money.  The feds have no fear of any real debt.  A million people on the payroll as “intelligence operatives” – no problem.  Maybe there will be two million or three before the District Court declares the Arizona case “over”.  By then even Arizona will have the federal “camps” (why else make all those federal lands in Arizona “off limits”)?  Inquiring minds really do want to know.

So is the tea party over?  Has Sarah Palin lost the day?  Is it all about the new general (Patraeus) now?   Or was this whole thing really about the right versus the left as opposed to the right vs. wrong – the fact that a state without laws or law is no state at all – its tyranny and anarchy and looks a lot like ruin.

So what will “good Arizonans” do now?  Yes, there ARE good Arizonans, good people there that don’t just want the purveyors of slave labor to be the only ones with rights.  That’s who Bolton ruled for, the corporate junkies who pay junk wages and often don’t pay people (their due) because they are “illegal”.  Pick the cotton, pick up that hoe, unload those rail cars and trucks (for a dollar or two an hour or a day) – Bolton knows how big business and the fed works – on the backs of the immigrants – it’s the ONLY agenda.

Will Arizona rise up and revolt and once again be free?  I don’t know.  I don’t live there.  I don’t even have a real ID.  So don’t try to ever stop me.  I KNOW MY RIGHTS!  What fingerprints?  I’ll close my eyes.  I’ll cover my face with a veil (the Taliban is right).  It is easy to fight these f**kers; secrecy is always the key?  We’ll see who wins.  Oh yes!  We will see who wins now that “they” have shown us how!

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Staying mum with Mumford

July 28th, 2010

~ The buzz is about posting fatigue; on the other hand that might not be “all”.

I have posted about the works (work) of Lewis Mumford several times before.  He is a man worth reading although the reading (now) is often “dry”.  It is not that he doesn’t really write so much about water (he does write about the sea); but his main thrust is about technology (technics), machines and nature and of course the nature of man (which means women too in case you really are interested).

Mumford was perhaps among the first to raise the red flag about the now famous “cabal”, the corporate/social elite, the wedding of big business / governments / (and) banks.  I don’t think the word “cabal” appears anywhere in his seminal work “The Pentagon of Power” (published 1964); it is NOT in the index of course and books don’t have the benefit of google now do they?

You may have noticed by my posts that I too have gone a bit “dry” lately.  It is not that the words do not flow (they do); it is like I’m holding the ideas back a bit (like in a reservoir) – bottling ideas for the future; not just making (for) a constant flow of wine.  Too much wine and one gets too high (or drunk) or might mistakenly assume that life is like that – wine all the time – “the days of wine and roses“.

As I am not convinced that the name “cabal” carries the right meaning or emphasis anymore (the word really has become quite the cliche) and I too find the term “New World Order” far too confrontationist, militaristic, satanist and dramatic.  Let’s face it; the bug-a-boo about Moloch and the so-called Satan is a modern adaptation based far more on fiction and fantastic conjecture than on any fact (the supposed “religion” is substantially an invention of very modern men).   Sure there are vague historical references and “accounts”, but the modern perspective is mostly distorted silliness by minds with way too much free time and wealth to do anybody any real good.

Doing HARM is another matter.  Lewis Mumford makes an excellent case for the perspective that it is the misadaptation of the concept of “New World” that is at the root of all the misgivings about modern (misnamed) civilization.  He cites evidence that so many of the “early explorers” were mostly “modern” mass-murderers that would put any follower of Moloch or Satan to shame.  He argues that the term “New World” itself implies a culture of mayhem and death that in the history as manifest in North and South America began with the slaughter and enslavement of people, quickly spread to the eradication of countless animals and then became a wholesale war on nature itself – with the eradication of land, minerals, forests and most of natures monuments.

He points out that even Audubon would eat the birds that he painted and drew.  The pattern and the propensity was to (1) discover (2) document and record (3) destroy and finally (4) save a few “samples” and place what little was left in a museum.  The same science that was so effectively unleashed to destroy animals, habitat and nature was able to create the excessive “wealth” that made the wholesale slaughter inherent to modern wars possible – beginning of course with the “marvelous” inventions that made the death and carnage of the U.S. Civil War so remarkable.

The modern museums of Moloch preserve such artifacts as the Battleship Arizona with the “first born” still sealed up inside and the flying ship Enola Gay that incinerated (by fire of course) at least 80,000 people in less than one day – the ancients would truly be amazed – their bestiality and barbarism and debauchery was so “innocent” and minimalist by comparison.

Mumford makes the case that it is largely the advent of the machine and of course machine politics and machine type corporations that has led to the “mechanization” of the population (of people) as a whole.  “We see ourselves as cogs”, is the way he might say it.  We are as aware of our roles as the inanimate cog is aware of its existence as a cog.  The point is that “we” have sold away our humanity; our personhood; as cheaply as the ever present metaphor (and reality) of buying the New York Islands for a handful of beads implies.

So every man and every woman can (and must) look at their own life within the context of the planet as a whole.  Has individuality and personality and creativity and uniqueness grown as a whole on the planet under their tenure?  Has the number of killed and the killing been greatly decreased?  Has the population of truly free people grown or is it only the number of those waiting for a new mass-sacrifice to Moloch that has been enlarged?  What is the purpose of mass populations on a planet that for its numbers is very small?

Mumford does not just despair.  He holds out hope.  He believes (as do I) that the aberration of modern history is caused by the rejection of all real history and the ignoring of all the lessons therein learned by the sincere and diverse people and populations that have come before (but have been systematically ruined by the misapplied science, scientists and the machine).  He suggests that relearning history is time-consuming and often painful – it is like looking into the abyss and not flinching; it is the fear that in looking back one will be turned to stone (instead of being freed).

Some people naturally gravitate to an interest in the past; some see only an all too bright future without questioning from what source (or at what cost) the bright light may come.   Some people gravitate to truth; others gravitate to error.  Some people seek only power and (sex and) money; some seek the higher and finer things in life that life always offers.  Of course the machine is dying.  The machine has always been only about the cultivation of destruction and of death.  The end is axiomatic to the core values inherent in its beginning.  All the “cogs” (and parts) of the machine too must die with the death of the machine – but “people”; now that IS a different matter.  It is ones identity that counts (meaning with whom or with what one identifies).

So this brings me to my final point (of today) which is about ORGANIZATIONS.  Aurthur Schlesinger loved to create categories (categorization) and to create “generations” and generational propensities that frankly just do not exist (but he wanted to convince people that they do exist).  He loved most of all his own generation (“GI” – women need not apply) and those people like him who were “followers” as evidenced by their adherence to the “party line”.  The “Party” of course was always another organization.  He liked a life whereone was known by the organizations that they kept (kept up with) and of which they were members (thereof).

It started with (perhaps) being a Grover (Bohemian Grove); maybe being a member of the CFR; maybe being a member of some Country Club of sorts.  Maybe one was a Knight of Columbus, a Mason, a Lion or a lifer in Rotary or in Pi Phi or some other “club” in college.  There was a “society” for everything, a Club of Rome, a party that one could always join, support, run for, or run against.

With each new guild or guide or fraternal order of “friends” that one joined or with which one got involved ones humanity would lessen and ones “offices” would grow.  The offices soon became offenses, the precepts became rules, the values soon became lost to being valueless.  “This was not what I saw in the UN Charter”, “Isn’t NATO really for defense?”   Things change.  That is the problem with organizations – with clubs – with ALL the members and the membership.  One never really knows what’s going on; what the club was really for; why it was so important to ever join.

Without all these clubs and organizations the culture of death and destruction could not continue.  Without the pitting of “left vs. right” there would soon be found a common ground.  There is no such thing as “bi-partisan compromise”; the partisan part is the problem – party or non-party – it’s all just the same – politics is the problem (not the solution)!  From Democrats to Republicans, Teaparty to the PTA – the solution is not to sign-up and not to join.   No, not even AARP; the “discounts” are not worth the destruction that your few destructive dollars cause.

So, unwind your life, unravel yourself from the forces and groups associated with ruin.  Identify with LIFE.  Move mentally now.  I guess you have more energy (new energy) already.  Have a nice day.

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The Elastic Reality

July 25th, 2010

 ~ When a rubber band is always stretched the very point of rubber is lost.

So you know the drill.  A rubber band stretched between two fingers or a finger and a thumb and the thumb moves forward and the outstretched stretched rubber band goes flying, zap, and flings across the room and maybe hits an unsuspecting someone in the ear.  Ouch!

The point of rubber is that it can be stretched, can recoil, can flex to avoid and cushion tension.  Like a rubber ball; it comes bouncing back “to you” (for you).  Like the “rubber to the road”; it takes you away from (or into) new places.  Like “rubber soul”; well what is really “rubber soul”?  Maybe that is the point – sometimes the rubber part of rubber goes missing; elasticity is dead; the “s-t-r-e-t-c-h” of latex is over (not “all over”) and reality is just as it seems – the full, dry and awkward truth.

Truth of course should never seem “awkward”; the truth should never be awkward.  There should not be a disconnect between reality and appearances; the stagecraft of illusion should not (of course) exist.  The world should not be “a stage” – that notion is but a lie, a word of warning, not a tip on how to get a better paying job.  There’s no future in “stagecraft” really; bad investment; Hollywood and Bollywood and the areas around Times Square are dead – the elasticity of thought is over.  There is no more willingness “to believe (in make believe)”.

So yes, a few months ago I posted about “two is by sea”.  I posted about the clear and present dangers lurking in Korea, the Middle East, the Gulf.  The Gulf went ballistic.  The Israel / Gaza route to Iran went there with it.  Now Korea is back – all rubber bands are stretched out – elastic to the maximum, with on each front the maximum of threat.

In reality it has been this way for years.  Shock Doctrine has always been around us.  “Get Married” (now) because of the threat of war like after Pearl Harbor (I’m shipping out); like after the thing in Cuba (the ships have turned around).  We’re programmed for catastrophe; “Hollywood” and stagecraft controls our every move – time to break the cadence, get out of lockstep to oblivion.  It is easy if you try.  Maybe the elastic will “never” be sprung; maybe that’s the point – it was never a rubber band at all – just stagecraft – just an illusion.  “Theater” can not make one laugh or cry; it can only remind one of the reality that they lack (or that was taken away as they succombed to the mystery of the drama).

What “great” and master forces can be at work so large as to make the entire world seem as but a stage; seem to offer “lead roles” to leaders that are two-bit actors at their best; that seem to assume that everyone else will be content to “play their part”?   It reminds me of the Coliseum (Colosseum) at Rome and all the others elsewhere.  They were built for plays; they were built to depict the ravages of naval battles at sea, the anti-Christian spectacle called “feeding the lions” (why else are the “Brit” lions still among us, except to remind us of this feat or feast?), the savaging of animals (though no “animals” were really harmed – it’s just that in the movie it looks like we like to kill them).

So the Coliseums then and now were the theaters, the movie houses of sorts, the CNN 24/7 “news”.  All a bit scripted it would be fair to say.  Would not life itself be “boring” without the drama, without the murder, mystery and intrigue?  “Bread and circuses is all that the people want,” ask Shakespeare, he was in on the plot all the time – and ALL that believe in Shakespeare are all in on the plot too playing their part as the plot says “must be”.

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my life.  I’ve watched a seemingly endless number of “plays”; some “legitimate” and “illegitimate” theater thrown in too.  Most of bores me.  I watched movies because the theater was cool (air conditioned on hot summer days) or because the movies were mostly free (free theater passes) or because others said the movie might be good (the movie almost never was).

The give away was that the Movietone News Reels were shown back to back with the other “movies”.  It was like a film course; comparative screening and all that.  The plot of “A” was always the Plot of “B” – only an idiot could fail to see the connections; but then parents and educators and political leaders would often lie, “It’s only a movie, Donald – the News Reels are reel”.

In the spoken word there is no tell-tale revelation as that created by the reality of spelling.  In “oral” conversation it is always so much easier to lie.  Is Isreel just a dream?  Is the change of just one letter all that stands between the truth and the illusion?  Take away all the film footage and the clippage and the edited movies and “film masterpieces” and what have you got.  You have reality.  What you see (without the episodic memories) is what you get.  No actors, no illusions.

So, how much of America and American modern life is just a reflection of something that we once saw up on a screen?  It’s just Klug lights folks, and cellophane and cellulose and carefully painted cels.  Would the discovery of the storyboards (getting dusty in the archives) of 9-11 or of Pearl Harbor or of the bombing of Dresden (as seen from the ground) make it real (would the storyboards discovery convince you that it was all really true that it was all really just a lie)?

So I “ate my Wheaties”, “bought my M&M’s”, “blew my nose on Kleenex (brand tissue)”.  I bought my Hula Hoop and Davy Crockett cap right on demand.  My parents bought the “Ford or Chevy” just as they were told.  The whole family, “bought it all” – hook, line and stinker.  I read Dick Tracy, liked Donald Duck, went to Disneyland with the rest and the best.  I ate TV dinners by the dozens; sang a long a bit with Mitch; chomped down on the Beatles on demand.  I rode trains, left them for planes, accepted body scans as the price-part of a ticket.  I AM AN AMERICAN after all.  I do what “they” say, after all (it’s mostly all that I have done).

But now?  But NOW the party is over.   The elastic has lost all of its illusion.  There is no stretch in stretch pants; the yo-yo ain’t never coming back; the rubber band (if it were ever really rubber) isn’t going to fly into anybody’s ear.  No “Ouch” no more; no “one last dance” or “one last time” or “one last tango” or “one more for the road”.  The rubber’s dry, cracked, not safe on any road.  Blowout ahead; watch where you travel!

So two years ago I warned (or wrote) of the “great unraveling” not knowing what it really was or what it would be.  It’s not about the “they” or the “them” so much; it’s really more just about “me”.  I’m the one unraveling.  I’m the one being separated from my life of fiction, from the movie and the commercials in which I errored.  How much will be left?  I do not know; I really do not know.

Five minutes of reality is not too much to ask from any life.   Five minutes not scripted, out of the movie house, in the sun; five minutes without the glare of lights, without the memories of the past movies (NO THANKS for the memories – really, all bad movies after all).  I was seduced by the silver screen – but weren’t we all?  Where are those “EXIT” signs now that we really need them?

God only knows!  And only God will make you free.

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Sell Phones

July 24th, 2010

~ One message is all you need.

My son and I were talking about cell phones the other day.  We were talking on the phone; not on cell phones – the real difference may not matter – it is probably just the magnitude of things (meaning the amplitude, the proximity, the complexity of the programming and the message).

The theory is of course that the invention made by Alexander Graham Bell is dangerous (DANGEROUS); as to your health, but more importantly dangerous to your mind.  Mr. Bell of course stole the idea for “his” invention (the invention) from someone else.  It’s interesting history, but not the point of this post.

Anyway, my son was saying that they’ve done studies about the problems associated with holding magnets up close to the mind (meaning the brain; the brain being the physical harbor for the “mind”).  The point (of the studies) is that the magnet makes the moral compass go haywire (in this case “haywire” is not good).  Which brings up the point that haywire is good for holding hay bales together; but once you “clip” the wire all “hell” breaks lose and hay explodes all over the place if the bale is not on the level and the wire (usually two, hence “wires”) “springs” (as if to life) and might scratch your face, your arms; or tear your clothes – if you are not watching carefully or if you don’t hold the wire down.  I learned all of this circa age 5 or 6 when my brother (Ken) got his horse and I helped feed him (meaning “her”, because “her” name; meaning the horse; was “Rocky”, not “Ken” – so maybe try to see things my way).

Even the early phones, the Ma Bell types involved holding magnets up close and personal to your “ear” which was convenient code for the side of your head (hint: next to the brain).  The longer one talked the more damage that was done.  Intuitively people kept “chat” (phone chat) to a minimum, the corporate message was always “talk longer”.  Movies encouraged you (meaning “all of us”) to talk longer, call long distance, make the best of AT and T.  The government (and schools) told us that the U.S. was “strong” because we had more telephones than anyone (meaning than anyone else).  So strength was predicated on “sticking it in your ear” (meaning the magnet to your head).

So maybe I could write a whole post on how “the empowerment of women” was based on the subliminal phone messaging message of “Power is based on talking longer on the phone“.  Of course (maybe) the message was a ruse.  But maybe not.   Maybe there is a relation between moral decadence and power, between the short-circuiting of the (God-given) “moral compass” and the “Will to Power” thing – “Strength Uber Alles” (only the strong survive – as a mainstream media message).

By the mid 1960’s there was a lot more going on and being learned by “science” as to the ability to electrically embed messages in the brain.  Electro-shock experiments had come a long way; electrodes attached to the skin-side surface of the skull was getting information out and putting information in.  Sidney Cohen (circa 1966) challenged Timothy Leary about the claims of the “wonder drug” of LSD being so special or so great.  In the taped debates held at Harvard Mr. Cohen claimed that, “everything that LSD can do chemically, structured electrical pulses can do “electrically”.  [Note: I have NOT (yet) found the video taped debates anywhere on the web.  But I have found this.]

Soon after this an important movie was made about embeding a permanent (electrical transceiver) “telephone” in the brain (always “on”) in every American on the planet earth.  The point being that by the late 1960’s “science” (and the think-tanks) had realized that far more than a simple “moral haywire” reality could be imparted to the brain (unseen and unsuspected) by the advent of a simple phone.  Sure the electrical grid had gotten everyone in America on its “60 cycle hum” (of questionable discordance) – but a direct “plug in” to the brain – on a scale of magnitude this was quite a difference.

So now perhaps 80% of all Americans over age 5 have cell phones embeding unseen messages directly into their brains.  For some (Americans) the message center is almost always on – for others not so much.  This is a clue to “American behavior”; much of the population it seems is programmed (directly controlled) by an attachment to the ear.  Does this explain the almost visceral response (by many) to the sight of someone driving with a cell phone in their ear?  I think so.  I think some (who don’t use the phones) know how very wrong this cell phone thing really is – there can be no freedom when everyone is held in bondage as a slave.

So “prove” to me that your cell phone is not a message center in disguise (wait! they SAY IT IS!).  Prove to me that the new I-phone miscue was not really not a mistake in design.  The positioning was on purpose; of course Steven Jobs always knew.  Everything IS getting better all the time – the only question is FOR WHO?

So here’s the test.  Compare cell phones (brands and models) and cell phone usage (how long on) among all your neighbors, relatives and friends.  Now ask them (or correlate) what they “think” (how much they really think as opposed to just regurgitate the “news”).  Do we have a match-up here?  Are the cell phone users usually wrong (meaning on the wrong side of the issues of truth and love and war)?   You check it out.  YOU decide.

So SELL your cell phone; or give it away (or give one away like someone I once knew recently did).  Don’t use the cell phone to talk OR to listen – end the contract NOW; you’ve been sold a “bill of goods” (not good).   Are you listening (which means if you’re reading this that’s good)?  Cell phones today (out); florescent light bills tomorrow (out); and that (in time) will leave us only stuck with the 60 cycle hum – not good, but a whole lot better than the way things are right now.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  I hope I “will” be back.

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Car Parts.

July 23rd, 2010

~ Looking a little like local.

Where to begin?  I’ll try here, not a link; just HERE.

Maybe I should begin by stating that I’m not a mainstream blogger; which means I’m not a mainstream player; which means inherently that I’m not big – I’m small.   I’m the “little guy” as guys come; the “pip-squeak, the runt, the guy left out of the litter when they (“they”) decided to litter all the world with their trash.  I’m the garbage man, the “clean-up” guy, one of those that accepts the assignment of going in and cleaning up the mess and messes left by the wastrels of the world.  Someone has to do it; first-responders “not so much” – the clean-up guys come last, keep the hard-on on the longest, outlast those that think they’re so hot (so heavy) so “kool” (spelled with a “K”; because “K” is letter 11 and “Oh, thank heaven for Circle K”, but I think the word is Hell).

Reread the last sentence, take it in, internalize your thoughts.  I’m not talking “sex” here or “sex magic” or all that rot.  I’m talking simple facts; nothing cryptic or occult (means “concealed”) like in secret societies or secret conclaves or secret clubs and handshakes and everything that bores me.  The clean-up guy has hands-on experience with the rot, the excrement left by the sex, the filth that pollutes the mind – the body – the water and the AIR.  Penetration is just a metaphor for something much worse – It’s the mind that they are after, the body is just the vehicle, the carrier, the “car”.

Where to begin?  I lived again last night through the second gas/chemical attack of my life.  It was not “again” for the second attack (although one does relive it at least once within ones mind) – it was the second attack, lasting far longer than seconds, giving me a second shot at thinking about how long these bastards have been “in” and how soon we need to get them out.  Cryptic?  Shit, I’m learning why there is profanity in the world – why the world needs words to label and identify these corporate politicians from hell and all their acts and all their deeds and misdeeds and everything for which they stand – compost piles is all – the clean-up guys are the ones that take care of that – IBM was wrong, it really is “garbage in”, “fertilizer out” it’s the real way of “green”.

So my other car (call it maybe a truck) is of course a Kia.  “Killed in Action”; Kandahar International Airport; the “big K” thing followed by an “i” and an “a” (which adds up to 21, which was like yesterday, which reduces all to “3”, which they say is like “the Jupiter effect” or something – maybe not.)

So the Saab (I still have) is maybe in part because I’m (in part) part Swedish.  The car (under GM) is part American which is only fair because I’m part American too; until and unless I get “parted out” and then the parts are past participles and the “whole” game is over.  The KIA part of course comes from “Korea” (“I love Kia, tell the world I do” – if you log my links in my Korea posts).  I lived there; I lived in Korea on a military base and walked to school in the acid (read radioactive “hard” rain) and rode my bicycle downtown (meaning to downtown Seoul) and road back with wire and bamboo poles for Radio Megaton projects and then might ride out to Inchon or somewhere like that and maybe try to envision the Inchon landings, which was hard because all I could see was mud and I should really post the pictures because not everyone has seen a commercial freighter sitting on the bottom of the sea (in mud) stuck because the sea went “out” and maybe nobody could see it coming.  I make nothing up.

My bicycle (in Korea) was a KIA; made by “Korea Industries” or something.  KIA did not make cars then; they made bicycles mostly – to compete (or co-operate) with the Japanese.  In Korea KIA said it was to “compete” – I’m not so sure now.  I probably owned a Japanese bicycle in disguise (read “undercover”) made by a Japanese “Daddy Warbucks” company that owned (or controlled) everything that Kia had.  Anyway, a bicycle is sometimes the entry level drug for cars as they have tires, often require streets and roads, and can be equipped with brakes and lights and other parts that corporations make sure will someday break or be broken.

So KIA grew up and made cars and I “grew up” and bought a Kia (car).  Wow!  How simple (or simple-minded) is that?  Absolutely no advertising necessary!  Like the Ipana toothpaste that I used when I was young – I use it NOW (and oh sure, I also drive an Edsel)!  The point is that sometimes the elite corporate asshole politicians sometimes (really very often) screw up.  That’s why there is “us”, the clean-up guys, the guys that anticipate the mess and are standing by for when duty calls – REAL duty – KP duty not so much, let’s leave the “K” out of it.

So to tie up loose ends – the Kia guy called on the 21st to say that Kia had lied about the part number on the parts and sent the wrong parts and because the number checked the local guys didn’t really check the order or the parts when they came in and that meant my great long drive across the town was all for naught and “could the car stay overnight” (at the dealership) and “we’ll fix it in the morning” (when the real parts arrive) and “sure you’ll bake in the 102 degree weather” but “What is the poor Kia corporation (Japanese shill company), owned by someone currently attending the confab at Bohemia Grove to do?”  “Eat Shit” is what I say; which is probably what LITERALLY they are really doing.

One does not need to read (or “listen to”, or watch) the mainstream media news to know what is happening in ones life or the world.  Like the pollution everywhere in the air – you can smell it.

[Written:  2010.07.22 / Thursday ]  1:00 P.M. Mountain War Time

I probably lost my thread of thought somewhere after I wrote what appears above.  I had to go pick-up my car (which maybe means a truck).  I guess they fixed the “latch”, but as always other damage was done while in the shop.  Corexit does not good things to ones mind; makes one tired and spacey; makes it hard to get things done.

But meanwhile there is so much to learn – to know (to share).  The unraveling is upon us – the Great Unraveling.  Every act has its consequence (consequences, always plural).  The meta is the mega; the meta-event is the mega-event.  The mega-event is the catalyst for a million metas – the meta response may be symmetrical (like as to like) or asymmetrical (unlike to like).  “Violence leads to more violence,” is one of those programmed false axioms that we are taught to believe.  It can be true, but it does not need to be true – again, it’s up to you.

[First posted  2010.07.23 / Friday ]  1:00 P.M. Mountain War Time


So here you have the warning from the Grove, by (probably) a Grover.   I do love the name “Mega-con-glom-E-corp (Megaconglomecorp)” – it’s so descriptive.  The name “cabal” is now a little too lame; the corporate elite too “corporate”; the “corporate state” pays due homage to Mussolinni and all the government based operatives, but “hey” it ignores the whole point of the Tea party movement (which is really about the biggest businesses getting even bigger – meaning corporate consolidation – one government, one business; both the same).

So in case you haven’t gotten the point yet, it is THAT the Grovers and the Cabal and the “whatever” do WANT YOU to know that they exist, know what they’ve done (like all the 9-1-1 revelations) and to know about the power they have held and do hold over ALL your life. It’s the “best part” of revenge – letting your victim know that he/she was not a victim (but a dupe, a dope, someone too busy to pay attention to what was really going on).

Since Walt Disney, Superman, Batman and Blondie (to say nothing of Spiderman of course) the “comic page” has been the best venue of the Mainstream Media for communicating the real news (meaning the real messages that the “controllers” want you to know).  Much has been written about the “comic book way” of propaganda – the problem is that the USA hubris by its citizens has not seen through to the fact that it is the U.S. that IS the Third World Country that has been targeted all the time.  Wake Up!  The provisional reality is dead – it IS time to move on.
[Updated:  2010.07.24 / Saturday ]  12:40 P.M. Mountain War Time


July 20th, 2010

~ This post is more about “the juice”, but more really about “the big lie”.

(So) I’ve had it “up to here” with lies, liars and lying.  So too, has everyone else.  Lying is not just the bold face lies; lying too includes the implied deceit – in this case the willingness to make a juice carton that looks like a 64 oz. carton, opens like a 64 oz. carton, is placed on shelves with 64 oz. (read real) cartons – but WAIT – IS NOT a 64 oz. carton, but a 59 oz. carton which is 92.2 cents worth of a real dollar (equivalent – not that any dollar is real however).

Lying is systemic.  One little lie usually means that much bigger lies are to come; or have already come; or are coming at the same time to deny the “little” lie or the fact of bigger lies which belie the fact (in this case) that the product looks like a TOTAL lie.  Why not?  Tropicana (read Pepsi Cola) had a choice about the truth – they “dodged” the truth; they assumed that those with cataracts can see, will read the finest of fine print, will trust Tropicana Products to tell the truth.

Does Tropicana even test for the Corexit content of their product?  Does Tropicana test for oil?  Hey folks, we are talking “Florida” here; land of the gulf oil spill rain; land of “infill inflow” polluted ground water; land of methane in the air and (maybe) the dying trees from hell (meaning the black fool’s gold that never shines, just shimmers with its sheen).

Relax.  Maybe 92.2% of that “Tropicana” juice really comes from BRAZIL.  Yes, “Fresh Juice NOT FROM CONCENTRATE or “NEVER” FROM CONCENTRATE that Pepsi Cola ships in great ocean going tankers all the way from the rain-forests of Brazil where it was first loaded into recycled railroad car tankers made in Alexandria, Virginia near the Pentagon maybe; maybe back in 1972 (or something) which means like before the Pentagon was demolished by that great big 757 plane with a wingspan more like a cruise missile (or something).  Actually, the wing tips “folded in” on that plane when the sensors indicated the building was coming (so not a scratch on the building at the point where the wings might have hit) and aren’t you glad that ALL 757’s have this feature of folding wings because since you believe THAT then YOU BELIEVE the whole bit about whole juice from Brazil and no Corexit contamination in your “Pepsi Juice” product.  Aren’t you glad?

So does Pepsi lie (and obfuscate the truth) because the Pentagon lied first; because the President lies; because ALL CORPORATIONS will ALWAYS LIE?  Is that why people lie; real people with flesh and bones and not the lie that people can exist on paper (the myth of the corporation as being “a person” somehow).  Do people just yearn to be the corporate person, have an existence just on paper, experience no penalty for no morality and no truth?

Maybe we have a solution for Arizona here; for immigration everywhere.  All anyone has to do is incorporate; get a “corporate identity”.  You think I’m joking.  No, it’s like the “juice”, the misleading carton; the fact that no one cares about real rules and all the “real” rules have loopholes like the fact that the founding fathers never thought corporations were people so never clarified the rights of citizenship as being connected to any “natural” birth except for the President perhaps.  Be the first on your block to incorporate your otherwise illegal daughter (husband / wife, neighbor) or son.  The courts have always wanted to be everybody’s parent – now they have their chance.

Pick a topic.  Any topic.  Every topic quickly (now) leads to madness!  There are very few that anyone can any longer trust.  Every corporation and every corporate manager will lie.  “Officers” of each and every corporation are just criminal conspiracies going somewhere to happen (or are returning from some criminal corporate “happening”).   Excuse me.  This is NOT a way to live.

So, Why buy into the lie?  Why buy Tropicana “juicy” products?  The truth must start somewhere.  Why not let it begin with 64 oz. IS a half gallon and IS what a “looks like” half gallon container should contain.  It’s shopper’s choice my friend.  You can buy the truth, or just settle for a lie.  As for me – I say, “one strike you’re out”.  New game, new rules – there isn’t time for anymore lazy, hazy days of summerpretzels and beer; no, we don’t need a biergarten now.

[First posted  2010.07.20 / Tuesday ]  8:34 P.M. Mountain War Time


July 20th, 2010

~ Limbo, maybe?  But it is the word “stalemate” that comes to mind.

All moves are exhausted (or too exhausting to have meaning).  The end (if not near) is clear.  Everything (or seemingly everything) is at an impasse; in a stalemate, at a standstill, in a scientific “vacuum”.

It begins when the “big boys”, the “big powers”, the big leaders and the big corporations and all the “big” others begin to fall.  They exhaust themselves; they run out of ideas and leaders and eventually followers – they run out of cash, out of credit, out of resources and finally out of friends (the only “friends” they ever had were bought with money.  The gig is up (meaning maybe “jig is up”, but maybe it is the dance that is over and that means both gig and jig because it DOES take two to Tango).

And that is where stalemate sets in.  It is not a question of “overwhelming force”, of “shock and awe”, or of “shock doctrine” even.  All it takes is the firm refusal of one party to “play”; to continue the play, the farce, the ruse or the (whatever) that has been going on and been going on so long that nobody ever even seems to remember when or how it started.  The point is – now it’s over (or at least it clearly needs be).

It’s hard to say “good-bye”, to move on when the words really mean Move On and are not just some cliche by some political organization trying to make a case for “not change” when CHANGE (good change) is what everyone really needs (or needed) or needed to just survive when that option (for everyone) was still squarely on the table.  It does no good to look back at wasted and lost opportunities; to look at what might have been; what might have occurred if people and their institutions were different, had have been different, had have behaved differently.   There is no difference now – it’s over, everything is lost!

I used to write posts about the point of ditching at sea.   A plane (perhaps) past the point of no return; low fuel; mechanical problems maybe (or the weather) (or compass headings wrong) – all the old familiar “takes” on things that have led up to the pending “disaster”.  That’s why I use quotes so much; things can always be qualified (by adding quality), can be turned around by taking a new tact that adds a new take on a word that may have become over-used and hackneyed but that people keep using just the same – the word “stale” comes to mind.

A water-landing is like a new beginning (for the passengers still alive and out upon the open sea).  The plane is down and lost of course.  Flight itself was just an illusion; “I’ve got your back, guess what, no wings; I guess we’ll just have to paddle from the sea”.

The point is that we have, some have, survived – some will survive.  We all could survive; but that would take more work, more thought, more caring and planning than most are willing to ever give.  I wish it were otherwise.  I wish it really were not so.

So what happens now?  The answer is “trickle down” of course.  Power will trickle down from the top that cannot hold it, trickle down from those that sought to abuse it; power will trickle down to the people like some vampire blue light on some computer turned off, but not really “off”.  “Off” was just an illusion, it’s “our” power now; they blew their shot, their chance to “win” – it’s just limbo now (and stalemate) and trickle down which really is just another word for “change of power”, “chance for power”, “power for the powerless”.  Not much maybe, but a little light sure beats an all dark night.   The blue light means that standby power is still on; itself a cause for hope.

Does this mean that “bang” is off the table?  I (for one) can’t be sure.  Either way the hard work remains the same.  Either way things will remain and continue to grow more unhinged.  A “soft landing” – I don’t think so.   It’s the bumpiest of rides ahead folks.  Your “kiddie” seat won’t really work; it’s an adult world now, lots to learn, time to mind your “p’s” and “Q’s” and to learn that “X” never did mark the spot.

Limbo?  Nah, nature and dust mites have always abhorred a vacuum – it won’t last long.

[First posted  2010.07.20 / Tuesday ]  12:00 P.M. Mountain War Time

The Day after the Day after the Trinity Denial

July 17th, 2010

~ 65 years later and nothing has really changed.

So yesterday was the 65th anniversary of living with the bomb.  Who would have known?  There were only 186 people who “officially” witnessed the damn thing.  Not one (as I have posted about before) was a woman.  There were no children there; no “children of the bomb”.  It also appears that there were no African-American Americans present either; needless to say no Asians of any kind.  What a “mix” – just European expats and European immigrants.

But the point is not the “official” witnesses safely ensconced upwind from the atomic detonation; it is those human beings not safe at all – DOWN WIND from the bomb, the blast, the “light”, the nuclear nightmare brought to earth from the depths of hell by the hellions who could make the bomb “work”, but who didn’t have a lick of moral sense to give a damn about those non-scientists living in the direct path of the radiation nightmare that was so cleverly created (by the scientific “experts”) – it is those “downwinders” that are worthy of the worry.

Carrizozo, New Mexico was just 40 miles from the bomb.  Tularosa was just 45 miles away from the atomic blast.  The people heard the noise, saw the light, slept on in their beds as the invisible radioactive ash descended into their lives.  Their own nation made them sick; killed them – denied it all until after almost everyone was dead.  Cancer, leukemia, lupus, scleroderma got them (meaning killed them) – not a dime of recompense.  Not one damn dime!

There were others of course.  Ranchers, children who “drank their milk” like they were told, tourists just “traveling through”, delivery drivers and salesmen just “making their rounds”.  They were all there (in New Mexico) that day – that DAY and the DAY AFTER.  They “didn’t know”.  They didn’t know to be wary, to distrust the government; to DISTRUST the scientists who will always lie just to make a buck (or keep their job) or keep their cushy government pension once promised always coming in.

Sixty-five years later the government wants to fill in their “assessment gaps”; ask more questions of those few still left alive – maybe ask the children of those that died how bad their cancer really is; whether their abnormalities are really so hard to live with after all the torturous years.  No.  No, the U.S. government nor the scientific community is interested (even now) of “coming clean”.  They may offer a few hundred bucks (in inflated 1945 dollars) for the “primary victims” still alive; no payments for the “my Dad was dead” disaster in a child’s life; no relief from “my Mom killed herself cause she couldn’t stand the pain” pain relief.  No real apologies.  America DOES NOT ever apologize to no one! Why the FUCK should a SCIENTIST say, “I’m sorry?”

So now we have the situation in the gulf.  More lies.  More daily denial.  65 years from now no scientist will step forward to say, “Sorry, I blew it.”  No government inquiry will emerge to set things right.  No corporate sponsor will fork up anything but book deals touting the, “I was there” spin on the “Aren’t I famous now” front.  “My Dad ran BP; so I thought I would write a book (and make a million off your pain)”.

So now we know the drill.  We have seen the movie – “Trinity Explosion version 22”.  The plot is always the same.  No new twists, same old tired actors.  Same old tired script.  3D; 4D won’t make it better (or right) – cinema is DEAD!

So do we want to live on in a life that is just an empty movie?  Are we content to be just unpaid extras on the stage (of life) that is all orchestrated by others – knowing that the “others” are insane and mad and as sadistic as anything ever associated in the mind with hell?

I think not.  Therefore I am.  Therefore I am one voice that just says, “No!”  STOP THE MADNESS!

Maybe YOU can decide.

[First posted  2010.07.17 / Saturday ]  9:52 P.M. Mountain War Time

Gas Attack!, Chemical Attack!

July 15th, 2010

~ The National Defense Highway System is there for a reason, use it!

So, my son has been visiting for the past week so posts have been slow (meaning “no show”).  This does not mean that I have not been thinking, been talking, been talking about things.   He left on Wednesday (early AM), which was like yesterday, which was like no day that I have ever spent.

It started with an early morning (about 3:00 A.M.) blast of polluted air.  It made me “head for cover” which means bury my head under the covers, breathe through a towel, cover up every exposed piece of skin including my eyes and eyelids.  I’ve learned the drill before.  If the throat hurts and one is having trouble breathing it is because there is trouble in the air.

Most psychiatrists and psychologists are NOT sensitive (physically sensitive) people.  If they were they would never have fallen for the mumbo-jumbo of their pseudo-science carp and all its baggage of related material and beliefs.  A few observations may have merit; but as a whole its just a lot of bunk based mostly on denying that (1) people have authentic feelings, and (2) the theories most people have about their feelings (regardless of how “socially” outrageous) are in most cases probably true – “test cases” to the contrary; I’m talking about real people here, not “crash test” dummies.

The point about the psy-ops people is they would contend that I was at least (partially) “mad”.  They would sit in their highly filtered (air filtered) offices and say, “Don’t you feel better now, now that you’ve seen me, and now that I’ve told you there is no danger from the gulf here in Albuquerque a good 800 miles away from those seagulls and all that shrimp.”  “I’ve always liked New Orleans myself,” the psych would say, “nice city, good food; you should go down and see (the sea)”.

I did feel better Wednesday morning while in Lowe’s Home Improvement Store looking for a “HEPA 9,000” air purification machine.  In fact the air there was so clean that when I saw the price of the machine that might save my life I said to myself, “that much, I can wait, I do feel better now; maybe I’ll come back later.”  Everything of course changed again when I got outside; outside in the 99 degree combusted polluted air wafting in (and up) from the very polluted gulf due to the annual monsoonal flow that takes air into New Mexico from the east and the gulf and this year leaves everything to get sick, get ill, die (perhaps), and rot.

Our education system failed us long ago.  It stopped teaching “how things worked”; decided that the media was a source for “information and the news”.  “If there were a problem Don,” one might say, “the news would tell you – you can TRUST the news!”  They are the “experts”; they have “science” and scientists behind them.

So everyone in Albuquerque yesterday, maybe 500,000 souls were laying low, seeking cover, or happy for the stores and mauls and offices in which they worked and the filtered air that kept them alive and “happy” while others almost died (meaning those out in the unfiltered air).   Gas attacks are like this (ARE this).  The Corexit and the methane and the benzene and the oxidants from burned or “weathered oil” are not measured here by the scientists in the Sandia Labs.  At least if the air is sampled, “they” aren’t saying – no public reports on the parts per million above where people get sick and slowly die.

I am alive.  Last night was VERY tough.  My old air cleaner was cranked up to high and barely held the chemicals at bay, windows closed, I almost was ready for the duct tape and plastic (sheeting for the windows).  I may get there soon.  First, I need to get back to Lowes and buy the HEPA machine at any price.  I wish this story were mostly fiction.  I wish this story had a little bit of fiction in it; IT DOESN’T!

So, I have said “evacuate” to those in or near the gulf.  In Albuquerque 800 miles away it looks like the message (too) means me.  That’s what the freeways are there for; evacuation corridors for times of war.  These are the times of war.

Draw a line from the nearest gulf stream (gulf coast) waters into the U.S.A. 800 miles.  50% of the land area (not including Alaska) is penciled in; at least 60% of the U.S. population.  I am not alone.  The corexit and methane is reaching me – it (too) will be reaching you.  Hey Denver, you may be next.   Atlanta already knows its history.  Get your HEPA filters now, gas masks, wet towels and duck tape – home security is “right” even without the “land” part.  A thousand houses wrapped in plastic can’t be wrong if it makes your breathing a little bit more safe.

How long?  How bad?  For some, one might ask, “How soon?”  So now we KNOW what cars are really for.  They are for governments and corporations (and the consequences) when they both go mad, when they can’t find a “shrink”, when they don’t know well enough that they should see one.  It is our captors that make us crazy; the inmates are all (or many are) mostly sane.  It is the overlords that have gone MAD!  Take a deep breath if you can still take one.  If not; maybe you too should move.  You’ve had your warning – but, YOU decide.

Evening update:

Things were better today; great cloud cover, a chance of rain.  Some trees are dieing.  Skin gets itchy if one is out (outside) for long.  Tomorrow it is “back to heat” and clear skies and maybe more of the monsoon “eastern” (meaning westward) flow.  I bought my huppa-huppa HEPA filter.  Maybe I’m ready; maybe plastic sheeting and duct tape tomorrow (not political); both Republicans and Democrats are invited to survive – or let them die and only independents will survive – dead houses with “Obama” or “Palin” signs out front (it very well may be that it could happen).

So “cheers”.  Blueberry juice is good, anti-oxidants and all.  Yes, YOU CAN survive this thing.  God bless.  Good night.

[First posted  2010.07.15 / Thursday ]  8:00 P.M. Mountain War Time

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