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August 31st, 2010

~ Putting an end to August; or is August always an end?

SO!  I’m here, but I may not be “back”.  It is hard to write and breathe Corexit all day all at the same time.  Add the UV radiation (code word for the brightening intensity of the sun) and life gets hard enough without wallowing in the mayhem of Afghanistan, of Pakistan, of Israel and Gaza or is it just the question of Palestine that we’re after?  Too, Moscow I guess is still burning and China still has its floods and all is not well in Africa – meaning mostly the Sahel.

So, is it still hot in Arizona?  Did the boycott work out as planned?  Are the private armies that run much of Mexico getting all the traction (and publicity) that they need?  Will the World Trade Center (twin towers site) become the 400 square block National Recreation Area and Park that it should be (and every inch of this “park” under minute federal and park ranger control)?  Add that last one to the posts that I should have written but did not because of the Corexit in my body and in my throat and lungs – not to mention the swelling and redness of my skin.

I would like to make my case for more National Parks in Manhattan.  I would like to draw the map, show the areas where buildings might be bulldozed, where old brick buildings and new not so “modern” buildings can be turned to green – maybe the native animals of Manhattan can be put out to graze like they did in 1776, next to the building “1776” and a new statue to Henry Hudson and a memorial to the Swedish and the Dutch who settled Manhattan when the tip was really cool.

Some think that cemeteries and battlefields cannot be Parks.  Gettysburg proves them wrong.  Manassas is another, Bull Run comes to mind.  Omaha Beach would be a National Park if it were in America.  Pearl Harbor and the Arizona (a ruin still sunk with all the sailors still on board) is a park, a memorial, a recreation area with sealife and with newer subs.  An eclectic approach is best.  Some like pretzels and cotton candy with their memories of fallen soldiers (sailors) secretaries killed in the falling towers on that day.  A big gift shop would of course be necessary.  It could sell models of each plane; audio CD’s of telephone calls from the towers; square handled trade tower flashlights could leave a light on like a Motel 6 ad, brought to you “and your park service” by Motel 6 of course – or maybe by Bill Marriott and the company he keeps.

Wall Street of course would be well within the “Park”; another “crime scene” if you know what I mean.  Park Security (meaning National Park Rangers) could be the guards at every door.  Someone has to save this institution, this relic from the past for the sake of history before even the building itself suffers from rack and ruin and 100 years from now would otherwise have to be restored (for the sake of history).  At the seawall they could tie up a super (oil) tanker and then tie up a container ship and maybe bring in an oil drilling rig made in China or South Korea all in the name of “World Trade” so that American citizens could get “hands on” experience about what world trade really is and what the towers were really for.

A Boeing 757 Dreamliner could be put up on display in Battery Park (now a “mini-park” within the larger National Park) with tours (of the plane) every hour on the hour; the “cargo hold” tour would be available twice a day.  Bus parking for the tour buses would not take more than 20 square blocks of lower Manhattan, the appropriate brick and marble buildings would have to go.  All the Park “concessions” for food would of course be Burger Kings and Starbucks and Krispy Kreams as that is what America as a nation really eats.  All other restaurants would be banned, save a parks employee cafeteria not open to the public.  If the system works way out west why not in Manhattan too?

The “Parks Idea” for the trade Tower site is the best of America in every way – it combines Big Government with Big Business (Big Corporations) in the best possible way.  Boeing (obviously) donates the Dreamliner exhibit (meaning the plane); the government runs the exhibit for free.  China Shipping can donate the container ship and a few thousand containers; maybe Halliburton can set up a few loading cranes and a few thousand containers stacked higher than the Wall Street buildings right next door (to Wall Street and the container ship).

Park Rangers can work the cranes, create lots of noise, offer action shots of the world at work with “Halliburton means jobs” literature at every info-kiosk in the park.  BP can donate an old oil tanker painted up with new paint.  The World Wildlife Fund can have an exhibit on board about what good partners oil and seabirds make.

So many good ideas could come from the park; that’s what all the “anti-Muslim” protests are for; it IS part of the pro-park plan; “Stop the Mosque” – “Inact the Park Legislation” – every American wins!  More, and maybe a map – later.

SO!  I guess that the above is “My SUMMER” in review.  The world (and me) did avoid nuclear war in the Middle East (meaning in Israel and in Iran).  The world avoided a methane explosion in the gulf.  The world avoided the collapse of silver, the skyrocketing of gold, the meltdown of Wall Street and that nuclear reactor on the Susquehanna.  There were no major earthquakes in L.A., San Francisco or Seattle.  Even the war in Afghanistan failed to go “ballistic”; without an end to the endless deaths.

There WAS concertina wire and tragedy in Liberia (for and about and against my son – reaching to me).  But there is concertina wire in Albuquerque too, and in Afghanistan too, and probably around every port where container ships go or where oil tankers disgorge their rent of oil.  Even the postal service in Albuquerque protects their property with this razor wire; why should Gaza or New York City be any different?

So, what is LOCAL?  Is it the water that we drink from Coke or Nestle bottled in plastic (oil products) from far-off contaminated wells?  Is it the air we breathe from far-off oil fields in the waters east of Texas?  Is it the cars we drive made in Japan or Korea or Bavaria at best?  Even our Apples are made in China and at $2 per hour (working wages) those workers kill themselves because neither capitalism or communism is working.  None of this is sustainable; none of this is green.

This post was to be about the local issues in my life.  My neighbors are fighting over whether to allow (meaning hire) the Blackwater Troops in.  These private armies go by many names.  The theory is that the police department isn’t working; that the fire department will be next; that everything should be privatized and that money paid for private parks and recreation – private armies and mafia – private fire engines and insurance is NOT a tax at all; it’s just business getting better and why should you be entitled to freedom unless you paid the $500,000 premium at birth?

Do you think I make this stuff up?  In Liberia in the 1940’s one had to pawn their children in order to stay out of jail if one were not born rich.  Liberia exported slaves to Spain and the third Reich, legally because the 2 cents per hour wage was termed “contract labor”.  THE U.S.A. just “looked away” because “free trade” was good.  Add this to my list of things I would be happier if I never knew.

Sooo, is their life after Corexit?  How long does it take to die when one is poisoned a little more each day?  Is the Internet here just to entertain you?  Will August or the madness end first?  I think I know.  It’s “Goodbye August”; the madness is probably here to stay.

Sanity comes when one simplifies.  Safety is rooted in a lifestyle where there is nothing left to take.  Safety therefore is an illusion until all the “takers” are banished from the earth.  There are no “hearts and flowers” solutions on the table anymore – that opportunity is longtime lost.  Wisdom must now come between the heartbreak and the peeling, the downsizing and the rain.  The good thing is that September is not October and that it is really not November yet.  December is just a blur.

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August 13th, 2010

~ Hiatus is the word that comes to mind.

This is the 5th posting in the series entitled: PLAN B

This could be my last post for a while.  But then again – maybe not.  I sense that my life and that of the world (too) is hovering at the brink of a great transition.  At times such as these perhaps there is nothing left to say; words are for (or to create) transformations, changes, make people ready for what lies before (cryptic word meaning both forward and back).

When things are hinged upon the possibility of all possibilities they are also hinged on the possibility of no possibilities at all.  That is the nature of “the great game”; roll the dice; everything to gain or lose like a great game of chicken – events cascading toward each other at such a speed and with such a ferocity and intent that only the insane can watch – the only time that one is wise to just, “look away”.

Human beings, nations, generations all tend to identify as groups; behave as herds; see themselves perhaps as lemmings to the sea.  My experience is yours and your experience is mine.  One person runs out and runs off a cliff with the surety that another (too) will follow, perhaps in a different way, but a “cliff” is the idea just the same.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  People can be unique, can be individuals, can be independent and can keep their head while all the world seems to be losing theirs in the collective anthropomorphic metaphor that juxtaposes sanity versus doom.

Nations, corporations, generations, the new world order, or the U.S. Constitution (like Walmart or your car) are of course NOT human.  Only human beings ARE human and only humans have a choice.  Everything else just (or will) follow.  As we (meaning you and I and many more unseen) sit perilously at the brink we have an opportunity to contemplate what really is human, what is human behavior, what it means to be human as we go into the future and move quickly away from all that’s past.  That’s what it is about now isn’t it?  Humans reinventing themselves all the time; being better than before, not worse.

Everyone can look back at a past (the past) that did NOT work.  Everyone can point to what “human potential” was and what potentials became manifest.  The past IS NOT pretty; there are bouts of beauty, sanity, exceptionalism, specialness and special events and special people even – the point is that this part of humanity is all too rare – most of the time people sell themselves short, or cheap, or to the lowest bidder.  I’ve been there.  I know!

So, can personkind and/or the planet be redeemed?  Does anyone really care?  Do we push forward with Armageddon for “the masses”?  Do we drift on to a certain unexceptional and very predictable fate made possible by the belief that every act and dream and thought is devoid of consequences (meaning real consequences, not trivial in the here and now)?  We are (perhaps) beyond the age of reason; it’s what we deeply feel that really counts; not everyone can think.

Is there any reason to go on; any reason to not end it here?  All the arguments made and rooted in the past are known.  PLAN ‘A’ certainly did not (will not); cannot work.  Based on the past (for all of us) there is no future!  But each tomorrow is a new day.  With each tomorrow we can, the world can, the nation (or other groups or groupings) can begin a new life; can redefine what is human and what human behavior really means.

It is humanness that binds us and “inhuman behavior” that sets us all apart.  Is this a value judgment?  Of course!  What a human does does not make the act “human” any more than a barking machine is evidence of a dog.  Human beings are capable (by act of free will) of denying their humanity, of being inhuman, of being cruel or indifferent beyond imagining, of pursuing death (otherwise known as “greed”).  Intelligence is not people learning to think and behave as machines; it is machines becoming more human – making value judgments as if they could think – like a bomb that could refuse to detonate because the “bomb” knew that death was wrong even though the “human” (that made the bomb) could not think that clearly.

War, Peace, – Revolution.  I’ve posted on these topics before.  What we need now is contemplation, silence perhaps, a meditation of the mind.  The next step will be here (for all of us) soon enough.  We must be sure that we are ready.  WE must decide what role, what place, what side we might be on; what side of history as the planet moves on from transition to a better place or state (of the world and of our situation).

Saturday is still before us and even Saturday too is a new day.

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No escape?

August 12th, 2010

~  The people, places and events of the mental self.

One of the more interesting “news stories” of the recent past was about the X’er flight attendant that went nuts because a passenger “went nuts” on his flight.  The airline will of course go unnamed because it was unnamed in the press report that I read – so much for “modern” journalism.

You probably know that the airline was JetBlue (think red jets and blue jet states) and that the guy (the flight attendant) was (is) gay and that the female passenger was “female” and that his dereliction of duty (regarding keeping passengers safe and happy) was not insubordination as much as it was just a “snit”.  Stewardesses can go bad; can forget the, “coffee, tea or me” drill and think that the world is just about “ME” and not about the job or something else important.

The picture below brings up a host of issues and questions.  The article here brings up many more.

Today’s readings began with girls behaving badly; read here.  Of course the two stories are related and of course both stories are related to the rainbow colored “long arm of the law” (pictured above) and the “snit-fit” of the gay-guy who perhaps should have never had the job.

The whole point is (I think) that all this modernism and all this “touchy-feely” stuff (as an “open” way of living has gone a bit (or “way”) too far).  Life on this planet has moved “forward” way too fast.  There has been “way too much” to ponder and think about and try to absorb for much of anything to turn out especially well.  So “guess what” – we have a real crisis!  We have a real crisis about what is reality and what reality will prevail.

So letting it ALL hang out maybe wasn’t such a good idea.  It is not “the sixties” anymore, not the cultural revolution, and maybe Chairman Mao and Richard Nixon with those devil horns in each hand really were quite misunderstood.  “Peace” – “Victory” – “Devil’s horns behind the head”; maybe it’s just all the same – in any case and in all cases it’s just a “catch 22”.

The point is that the world has changed a lot since the 1960’s when Kennedy was President and when LBJ was trying to take over.  Maybe in reality the world was NOT so different then, but the point is that there were those in MY GENERATION that thought the world was different and are a bit surprised by the way the world seems now – it is all about expectations.

The problem on the plane and the problem in Pakistan and in Moscow as well as right here in Albuquerque is there is (or seems to be) “no exit”, no escape, no way out to get away from the smoke, the rising water, the corexit, the continuing rain and pain.  There is not enough “space” for the passengers bags; not enough space on the plane for sanity itself.  If God had wanted girls or boys to fly they would have been born with wings – maybe that’s what Nixon is doing – spreading his “wings” (and horns) and hoping to fly (but he had a private/public helicopter to help him do it).

The rest of us are not Nixon.   We cannot (and maybe should not try to fly).  The message of the day is that the only real way out of this mess, or any mess, is to “pull the plug” and use the escape shoot after all – don’t “walk away” or “jump” – just “slip-slide away” like you might hear here.

But Paul Simon wrote and sang other songs.  Too, there are other artists and other albums with which we may choose to sing.  So maybe that is the point.  Maybe the better part of the past 46 years has NOT been better at all.  Maybe if we all went back to 1964 and started over and did a little rethink and made “better plans” we might not be where we are today.

Of course we can’t go back.  Of course many things that have occurred since 1964 are good.  But too, we all have so many regrets about the here and now.  Life is not a JetBlue plane.  Most of us are not “gay”; can’t just “sleep it off” with some new lover; can’t buy a new “thong” to feel better about ourselves.  ALL these images are so disturbing, like the pictures out of Moscow, out of Pakistan, out of Chernobyl too – to say nothing of the Gulf.  How much more can a sane person take?  Where can one “go” to escape all these images of cultural, environmental and moral ruin?

It IS the main stream media, the movies, the textbooks and education, magazines, and even the web of lies that has gotten us here and made us largely what we are.  Our inner selves are better.  When left alone we are better, stronger than when we turn the media or our cellphones on to get our bearings.  When we’ve had enough we will turn it off – we will pull the plug – meaning on the media and “the message”; not meaning on life.

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More nuclear nonsense

August 10th, 2010

~ Berwick PA, near Wilkes-Barre, on U.S. Route 11 (south).

So 80 miles northwest of the three mile island meltdown of 1979 we have a freon leak at a nuclear power station.  Let’s crank the “environmental crisis” up to “11” on a scale of 10 and see what happens.

First let us be clear.  “Berwick” Pennsylvania (PA) is located on the Susquehanna River about seven (7) miles NE of Berwick.  You can find the photo on Google Maps, lots of steam, the two tell-tale towers (11) on U.S. Route 11 of course.  Boy, this does get boring.

It is only a Stage 2 alert as I write.  This may or may not change.  The news story is about something more.

It is a “freon” leak.  Oh, gee!  See here.   And here.

The point is (as the poster posted) FREON IS BANNED.  See here.   But as you can see (by reading) the illegal substance is available in Mexico.

So in violation of the Montreal Protocol and the good graces of Albert (call me “Al”) Gore who helped Dow Chemical ban Freon (r) for the sake of profits (for Dow futures) we have the silly situation of why Arizona can’t really be allowed to close their southern border (with Mexico).  You see the nuclear power people (meaning the industry) needs Freon (which is NOT “green”) to produce the good “green” nuclear energy type power because coal, gas (and coal gas) and oil are so very bad (which in truth they are).

So the “open border” with Mexico is “open” so that all this illicit Freon can get in.  It makes so much sense (now that the news is breaking).  That’s why there are severed heads in Palomas, Mexico across from Columbus, New Mexico where Pancho Villa had his “raid”.  See here.  So I guess nuclear power HAS killed more people than found in Ted Kennedy’s car (citing an untrue bumper sticker from the sixties).  Refer to Arco, Idaho and various Reactor Valley events.

So, so much for the U.N. – un United Nations and the Rio Treaty and the Ozone Hole and all that belly-aching about being green; green is about money and envy – NOT the environment at all.  Green is about “catastrophe theory” and the theory about how to have an environmental meltdown in the name of “peace” (Greenpeace dare I say).  Go chase your whales, the whales financed all this electric power anyway; can’t you see all the irony now?

So fairly near Columbus (New Mexico) is where all the nuclear waste is stored in caverns so that the Mexican crime lords can know where to look and where to move the weapons grade plutonium to safer shores (or at least to other shores not located in “border towns”).  So we have “everything” moving full circle – freon north, nuke stuff south – a real quid pro quo in the making (already made of course).  Latino U.S.A., you’re such a dupe and dope – you really DON’T get it do you?  The whole “game” is just set up to kill.

So hey folks!  WATCH this one.  See if the Main Sex Media interviews Al Gore, asks Dow Chemical for comment, sends a search team to the WIPP plant asking to see the “waste” and all the records.  I don’t think so.  So the boys in Pennsylvania better get their act together and shut this whole Chernobyl II act down.  The world is NOT a stage.  All the local people don’t need to die.  Let the heads roll in Washington and New York and London where the Queen can put them on pikes like she used to.

Have a nice day.  But you know; I really AM tired of all this nonsense.

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Moving on with water

August 9th, 2010

~ South America, Southeast Asia, and various connections to other posts.

This is the 4th posting in the series entitled: PLAN B

The issue regarding the Illuminati is not the issue of “population control” as in the concept of “family limitation” (reference to Margaret Sanger) but more about the issue of “population generation”, population expansion, artificial and unwarranted population growth.

You see the world was getting along just fine before the Illuminati came along; progress was slow (yes), but progress (objective progress) was being made.  There was a balance between nature and human life, between nature and resources.  Sure there were problems.  There were wars.  There were the ruthless villains that often held the castles and more often held the land – but these guys were going, getting booted out, history was moving on.

Of course this is not the “take” on history that we have all been taught.  We have been taught “the myth of disease” (not about the plants and food that cured).  We all know about “scurvy”; we don’t think about the fact that it was the empire ships that brought about these conditions.  We are not taught that it was war itself that created most of the poverty and famine – we are taught instead to remember the “heros” like Napoleon and Wellington and to not forget the burning of Moscow; it is “foreign enemies” that we are taught to hate and the need for bigger “national” armies that we are taught to love.  What history books ask the question, “Who financed this war?”, “Who benefited from the war and how?”  The war was never about France (and all the “glory”), it was a trans-national, “international” cooperation administration.  Wars are administered, not just “fought”.

So the (Plan A) theory is that wars decrease population and peace increases it.  If one wants to destroy nature one must create an “industrial revolution” that turns nature into things and creates machines that with an insane speed turns more of nature (and what is natural) into things that can be “consumed” which means things that are thrown away as trash, which is another way of saying “trash the world”.  All this is (was) done under the name of “science” and in the battle with “religion” was promoted as the force for the “betterment of man” (and I do mean “man” as women were not conceived by the Illuminati as being equal partners – these European white boys have never embraced the 16th Century reforms of their Islamic neighbors; they hate them to this day (meaning both the neighbors and the reforms).

So from the not yet 2 billion people on the planet in (say) 1812 the Illuminati “masters” have “grown” the population (by hook and crook) to the (unsustainable) 7 billion that we have today.   In the meantime “they” have trashed almost all of nature (save a few cherished enclaves created as “pleasuring grounds”; now known as Bohemian Grove and “National Parks”) – so much for John Muir and the Sierra Club and all the “greenpeace” green thing).  Sure there were “filter down” benefits for some (I do/did so love my National Park refuges now and when I was young) but the “common people” was not the point – the point was to create controlled “off limits” areas where only the really really rich “officials” could live, work and play while the rest of nature was converted to a place worse than “hell”.

Human slavery, wage slaves, serfs and peasants and indentured servants and servants and cooks and housemaids and “drivers” have always been the capstone of the Illuminati.  The theory is that you (meaning the lazy ones) should not and cannot do anything alone which means “on your own” which means with ones own hands and effort and real work and work ethic and all those good things that their lip service says is good and their lifestyles say is “bad”.  Hey guys and gals – make your own beds, clean your own toilets, drive your own cars through the rush hour traffic in a car you can’t fix yourself (no air conditioning maybe) on a hot polluted day in L.A. (or Moscow).  You get the drift; then make dinner of filleted fish and rice in the microwave oven that you told others was so cool – and “do it” every day for maybe 1,000 years because that’s the life the Illumanti has created (though often not nearly as good) for the millions (billions) of “workers, consumers” that they deliberately created in order to trash nature and the planet and religion (meaning the opportunity for personal and real religious growth).

So need I say that the phrase, “the world is my oyster” is not so great now as one swallows the whole Gulf Oyster whole – oil, corexit, methane, benzene and all.  This is the “oysters Rockefeller” world that the sloop “John D” created.  Was it worth it then?  Is it worth it now?

The Seventh Day Adventists saw a “new world” with just 144,000 people.  The Masonic Memorial in Georgia (Georgia Guidestones) reserves the world for 500,000,000 (in the “elite”) – under “sustainability” (the Agenda 21 agenda) the rest of the people are just “slaves” living in World Trade Tower type boxes waiting for the robotic planes to fly in when the need for slaves is no longer necessary – or is it an issue of “food” or sacrifice or what is it that is really going on?

So now we can really begin this post.  The point (leading off from the last post) is that in the 1950’s (and before) the idea that if a company wanted to despoil the environment around a town in order to create “profit” it could (or would) be restricted was mostly absurd.  That’s what “companies” were for – to destroy nature, meaning to destroy first the quality of the air and water – soon to be followed by the destruction of the land.  These factories and factory towns; these mines and mining operations; these foresters and their lumber mills of course provided “jobs”, work, working persons wages which often meant death – in time the wages of the work always meant death.  Of course capitalism will kill you; it was always setup to be that way!

A lot has changed in my life and in the course of my life.  Now the assumption is that “government” controls everything.  Generally (now) “government” is not about elections or elected officials – that concept of government is so “old style” – like having a “Mayor” run things instead of a hired professional, a City Manager or Department Heads that really do all the work and really make all the decisions that really matter.

In Contemporary International Politics (circa 1940) (the smoking gun book about the cabal) the case is made that traditional (national) governments and legislatures do not really work.  The book advocates (strongly) that an end run must be made to circumvent these outworn institutions and to replace them with “agencies” and departments and commissions that are beyond what a politician (or a real leader) can control.  The idea is to “dumb down” government at the core while replacing the traditional “democratic” avenues of (people) power with a new secret power (base) built around the presence of “like minded” administrators that are friendly (and compatible) with the aims of the Illuminati and the cabal and all their Masonic minded (money motivated) followers.  Why do you think that it is the Masonic symbols that are on the money?

So the “end run” has been made.  The Agenda 21 agenda is now “law” in 600 American cities and countless more world wide – there never was a vote, never a referendum, not a hearing on whether it was the people’s choice or the people’s voice.  “Law” is not really the right term – it is better to regard the whole change of affairs as “policy” – a word easily confused with “police” which means “law and order” and now you know that the idea was not just a TV show.

Under Agenda 21 the whole idea of good clean water and good clean air for everyone is in the “good hands” of “Allstate” which means of course the U.N. which is of course the United Nations which gets back to the League of Nations and “International Cooperation” which was agenda item #1.  You look it up if you don’t believe me.  And so too we are back to Rockefeller (who funded the whole thing) and the oyster stew that is all Rockefeller money even if it is all in the gulf.

So, “good air” – “we’re getting there,” as the Sierra Club leaders would say, a 25 year solution – that really is their plan.  Maybe “water too” in 25 years – maybe more; I think the message idea is that nature takes time and that sleeping dogs will never be awake (in time) to bite the hand that feeds them.  So where is the capital “P” in progress?  In 25 years we can go back 60 years to the way it was then in Nevada and to the way it was 200 years ago in much of the world and maybe 500 years ago in Europe from where these white men came with their ideas of globalism and empire and global empire without the church, without religion, without God.  Like their models of Hitler and Mao and Mussolini and Stalin they will be (which means so they think) worshiped as they lie in Grant’s or Lenin’s tomb.   Who really is buried in Grant’s Tomb – inquiring minds want to know – or to paraphrase the movie, “show me the body”.

So “PLAN A” is just too weird for words.  It’s fun though, unraveling and unwinding all the lies and the upheavals that they’ve put us through.  Truth IS so rewarding; it is the solace of the soul.  An added note: there is a difference between struggle and suffering.   Suffering refers to willingly enduring the unendurable; struggle is taking action to change a condition that is clearly wrong.  Suffering is never good, the antidote is action.  So that is why we have PLAN B – not the sentimental choice.

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The nature of war

August 8th, 2010

~  It is not so much a war on nature as it is to use nature as a weapon of war.

We are in that three day “calm” between the detonation of the world’s second atomic bomb (the one “dropped” on Hiroshima) and the third nuclear detonation (the atomic bomb “dropped” on Nagasaki – a city in southern Japan).  The first bomb was exploded in New Mexico where all of the atomic deaths were delayed.

August is not necessarily a nice time of year.  There are fires raging across Russia.  There is water in Pakistan.  In America and in Mexico and in Cuba we have corexit in the gulf – animals are dieing; the “fishing” industry is dead – nobody believes the lies about how the “fishies” are all safe (something very fishy here to hear).

War has always been a war on nature.  The red poppies of Flanders Fields bloomed because of the massive disheveling of the earth caused by the monotony of the endless pounding of exploding shells.  The U.S. “civil” War had its “scorched earth” campaigns; Genghis Khan used his armies to move salt from the sea to the cities that he destroyed so nothing would ever again grow.  Trinity Site would not be visitable today if they had not removed the “atomic glass” from the playing field that will stay radioactive for 1,000 years.

Gettysburg is an illusion.  It is “green” now, not blasted heath all covered with corpses of horses and pails (even buckets) of blood from those sacrificed upon the alter of war.  The trees are trimmed now, the grass is mowed, shrubs are nicely cut.  This was not the Gettysburg left over after the battle.  Gettysburg should be “preserved” with the stench of rotting flesh, the carrion and the crows sitting on shattered tree limbs, the blood upon the ground, the horses dying in their agony as only Picasso can portray.

guernica – a rendering by Pablo Picasso based on an event circa April 26, 1937.

War of course is NOT pretty.  Every soldier returns from battle with his (or her) lips forever at least partially sealed.  Unspeakable things are done, happen, are caused by war.  No soldier is a victim.  There are no “heros” in any war; just those that maybe knew not what they had really done; liars, deniers regarding the real events of any given day.  Only the artists can convey the “art” of war – where are the artists from Afghanistan, from Korea, from Russia telling the truth about the fires like Pablo Picasso did from Spain?

So yes – you know where I am going.  Point One – the WAR has already started; it started when I added “Mountain War Time” to my posts.   Point Two – This is not your father’s or your grandfather’s war; this time nobody is “looking back” and fighting the “last war” once again.  This IS the last war, no holds barred, all weapons are on the table, “you” choose yours and “I’ll” choose mine.

The weapon of choice (for now) is not so much the biological and chemical and electrical weapons, but the adaption of these weapons to take advantage of the “forces of nature”.  Like the horse adapted to use in war (the warhorse) we have what the artist might call the “warnature” – floods and rain used as a weapon – forests and peat bogs “weaponized” – fish with chemicals great enough to kill – an entire gulf turned into a cauldron of ruin spewing out a thousand miles of acid rain.

Oh sure, like in the springtime of 1937 your parents or your grandparents did not see the coming war.  World War II of course started in Korea (in the year 1910) when Korea was occupied by Japan and the U.S. and Europe and England of course did nothing (meaning did nothing to stop the occupation and the resulting war).  War in Europe would (of course) follow, but Japan was “on our side” in the beginning so we saw the intervening “peace” as war – or is it the other way around?

War always originates in places that one is not watching.  By the time of the “Pearl Harbor” or the “Tonkin Gulf Resolution” the war has been so carefully planned that it cannot be stopped – the “war” started so many years before, maybe just an endless war, maybe just new weapons to “try out” like the bomb in New Mexico destined to be “tested” in Japan.

So, “Hello Moscow” – “Hello, too, to the Indus”; it’s Albuquerque here.  We hear your agony, your cries, your suffering in the night.  We know your pain because we too have the same pain right here.  At least for you the world is listening.  In America it is ALL CENSORED NEWS!  The acid rains are upon us, the air is poison to breathe.  Our energy is getting low and our memories are decaying to ruin.  Send artists.  Please send artists to record our state – it’s the Spanish thing to do – and we ARE Spanish here on the verge of another civil war.  It’s complicated.

Picasso – we really need you!

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Land, Air, and Water

August 7th, 2010

~ Getting as basic as basic can be.

This is the 3rd posting in the series entitled: PLAN B

If one googles “Contemporary International Politics” (even without the quotes) one ends up here.  This article clearly demonstrates the progression, if not evolution, of things.  This assumes however that politics is “progressive” (refers to root word “progress”).   As in the term Alliance for Progress, what does the word “progress” really mean?  “Movement toward a specific goal” is all the word progress means.  The question remains, “what is the real goal” with the realization that the “goal” may not be based in reality at all.

So we’re back to birth, births, rebirths and birthdays.  Birth is the transition from a world of water to a world of land and air – the “air” part comes first if you don’t remember.  The amniotic fluid (of the mother) should of course always be kept – samples should be kept so that one does not have to wonder where and up to what the mother has been.  The quality of the mother, the pregnancy, and even of the child is (or could be) revealed by the proper tests – maybe the word “qualities” would seem less threatening – dare we ask, “what are the goals of human life”?

So with “birth” we have the transition (with the body and in the lungs) from a “water world” to one of air.  It will be a long time (in terms of a baby) before “arms” are replaced by land, meaning two feet placed and planted firmly on the ground, no crawling, walking upright and erect is what I mean and what is meant by “being human”; undamaged by the advent of accident or of war.

So unlike what the IR Departments (mentioned by link above) and the NWO does NOT say, or talk about, or put first up on the list of “the rights of man” or the rights of every human after all is the fundamental right (from and including birth) to clean air and water, free and free from the chemicals and carcinogens and all the other contaminants of a misplaced technology taking over all the earth.   Clean and free air and water is the first right of every person born or yet to be born.  The right is more fundamental than politics, business, money or machines – without clean air and clean water a “right to life” cannot exist and living space and a right to land has no meaning.

So this IS what (in my life) Nevada and much of Afghanistan had in common.  In Carson City (Nevada of course) the water was pure.  It came from mountain springs and streams and (and/or) from valley wells.  The snows came and melted, sometimes the summer rains; the high country was not polluted, the timber was not sprayed; no chemicals kept the mountain roads free from weeds; Nevada did not use poisons to bait the wolves or oil to kill the fish.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains (6,000 or more feet tall) were an effective barrier to keep the chemicals of California “in” (meaning “in” California).  The lift of moisture on the western slope lifted the pollutants from the air, dropped them on the western slope towns to drain back down to the less than pristine California rivers (all draining to the sea).  You see how myth overtakes reality, like the Nevada of old there are lands and ways that you never knew that do exist.

Few planes then flew over Nevada.  The prop planes offered very little pollution; no chemtrails then, no kerosene type fuel dust, no clouds not natural, no seeding of clouds at all except once or twice “as an experiment” of course.  Sure we too had our Saber Jets.  They flew out of Stead (Air Force Base) in Reno; the jets broke the sound barrier at times (an awful noise); scarred and scared the horses, chickens, cats and dogs.  The humans did not like it much.  NOT the sound of freedom; more like the sound of WAR!  And then they began to fluoridate the water – nothing would ever again be the same.

A thousand books could easily be written about how things were in the West before the age of machines when everything was pleasant, clean and pure.  One could write about the land, the water before the age of dams and diversions and diversion dams when the air was clean.  But who would publish these books?  There is no money in clarity and purity and purity of thought.  There can be no profit without first creating an atmosphere of greed.  There cannot be war and conflict without the creation of artificial shortage – humans can understand catastrophe; they cannot fathom selfishness and greed – it is NOT natural – it must be taught.

I’ve written about how Afghanistan was different.  I’ve written about how the country was (first) changed – why I was there and why my father was there and what he was doing.  I’ve written a lot about “ICA”, the International Cooperation “Administration” before the advent of A.I.D.  “ICA” was a mouthful for me when I was growing up.  It was alphabet soup everywhere with all the agencies, clubs, administrations, councils, conclaves, bureaus, boardrooms, and “bullshit” everywhere.  The word “international” sounded so cool, like overseas, like out of town, like London – Rome – or Paris when Berlin or Tokyo were still considered bad and Moscow was agreed to be much worse.

Who didn’t believe in “cooperation”?  They sometimes use a hyphen now (co-operation).  It means “two”, “co” means two as “two is company” – hence co.  I was expected to cooperate with my teachers, with the police, with the postman of course.  One should cooperate with the military, the National Guard, with anyone in “authority” or in “control”.  “They’re there to help you Donald,” a teacher might say, “like I am”, “now go get your water”.

The water fountain faucet was always in the hall, outside the door; located where it was “off-limits” to children most of the day.  The classrooms were stuffy, smelled of stale perfume and chalk and drying urine from kids not really in control.  Outside the air was pure.  That was the reason for recess – pure clean air and a chance to drink the water.  The education system is so basic.  It’s the simple lessons that we all learned.   You must “cooperate” to retain access to the clean air and water; otherwise it’s, “stay in for recess” and “no, you cannot get a drink”.

Of course school was a lot like prison; like the real prison (the Nevada State Penitentiary) located too to the south of my house (in Afghanistan both were located north).   A prison is like the land without the land; fences or barbed wire or both to keep you out or keep you in.  In Afghanistan there were no fences, just open spaces punctuated by the city (or country) houses with their walls.  Chain link and barbed wire had not yet made it there (in 1958 and 1959).

In Carson City the prison had barbed wire on top of the chain link fences.  The National Guard had a chain link fence protecting all its army trucks.  The only other chain link fences in the city were around the new elementary schools.  I guess that is all I (or anyone) needs to say or know.  There is a pattern here; not worth repeating.

Well, we are a long way from the CFR and the League of Nations and the Rockefeller connections to it all.  Afghanistan and Carson City ARE a long way from Geneva and from New York.  It won’t stay that way – but things could move that way again.  Are you having fun?  I think maybe I am!

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The New World Order and a few other things

August 7th, 2010

~  The “other” things may be found in the book Contemporary International Politics (circa 1940).

This is the 2nd posting in the series entitled: PLAN B

I’ve said before that I like to rummage among the books that may be found at library sales.  In Albuquerque (New Mexico – where else?) they sell “old books” for as little as 25 cents each.  Some of the tomes have been culled from the books paid for by taxpayer expense that were part of the “general” collection.  Old books, seldom read are considered of little use; like on the web things get “lost” if they don’t get the traffic.

Other books are donated to the library (by common people) in the vain belief that these donations of once cherished books preserved for personal use will now be put on the shelves for public use and a public perusal.  Generally the hopes of the donators are thwarted – the old books (often out of print) are sold, 25 cents (if the book is sold) is what has really been donated – not the literature, history, or the ideas.

I think that George Orwell in his book 1984 had something to say about the value of old books and the power of these books to change the history (meaning the perceived history, not so much the real facts).  Anyway, his book does not end well – in 1984 “Big Brother” seems to win, the hero dies, the world in endless war keeps spinning.  I guess that good old George did not read the bottom of page #753 of Contemporary International Politics that warned of the possibility of “cataclysmic developments” that would ruin everything (including “Big Brothers” long term plans).  But George Orwell must be forgiven, his book was a novel and disaster scenarios would have made his book too long.  A sequel might have saved him (not saved the plot); but there was no sequel so in reality “Big Brother” (like most old fairytale books) just died – or now can be found at library sales, all but discarded, for (in paperback) 15 cents.

In this “modern” cover for the novel 1984 you see “the eye”, the two inverted pentagrams and “five stars” and the “sunburst motif” used by both Hitler and Stalin (and Tojo too) to say nothing of the “razor” concertina wire all around the edge.  It’s almost enough to bring the message “home” (well, maybe?).

Contemporary International Politics was written a decade before 1984 was published.  Contemporary International Politics is a college textbook, a scholarly work of explanation and exploration not a paperback novel sort of thing.  Contemporary International Politics however does make the case for the need for the 1984 novel and for the need for Hitler and probably for Stalin and for how it all works together for the coming “new world order” on the world stage – like the whole thing WAS staged and was not really “natural” at all.  The term “new world order” appears on line 11 on page 752 (many pages before all the references to the Council of Foreign Relations – the CFR – as a primary source for suggested further reading).

So “what is this all about”?  Is this book that I bought for 25 cents in change with the “WAR DEPARTMENT – GOVERNMENT PROPERTY – RETURN TO MILITARY DEPARTMENT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN” rubber stamp at the head of Chapter 13 – The Internationalization of Investment the “smoking gun” book about the cabal, the New World Order?  Is this book (and maybe others) the full outline of “PLAN A” providing full evidence on how and why Plan A cannot and did not work (despite all the wanton and wasted effort that continues on to even NOW)?

So what went wrong on the road to the effort to hijack world peace?  That’s what the effort was all about – an effort to replace peace with war by creating the illusion that “war was natural” and that the cost of war was too great, so we must always have a new war to “put an end to war” when all that war really brings is death, slavery, mayhem and destruction.

I am NOT sure that until I found this book (and then began really reading it) I really believed in the existence of (meaning the Plan) of the New World Order.  It was too fantastic, too large, too well financed and too much a part of my life to really be believed.  It was like living on a planet taken prisoner (not meaning exactly Alex Jones, probably a member of the cabal himself) or having to believe that there really is “no place to hide” – so why bother.

So “they” are going into Endgame now.  Well, so am I.  Thanks to the corexit, to the corruption, to all the lies and all the denial – to the 100% lies all the time – mentality that is ALL the cabal offers now.  My eyes may be (literally) watering (from the corexit) blown 800 miles away (from the gulf).  Sure my skin itches; sure I can’t really sleep at night; sure my feet are swollen and other parts too as the chemical warfare agent permeates my veins.  Is this all that the CFR has to offer?  The cabal could have done a whole lot better – like offered real hope and not just lies and the illusion.  We must take these people down people.  Plan “A” is off the table.  We must move along to PLAN B – the word IS out, there really is a cabal – let’s not get dramatic, just a little “c”.

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Happy Birthday

August 7th, 2010

~  A reorganization of the planet would be good.

This is the first posting in the series entitled: PLAN B

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Or it should have been my birthday; at least it should have been my birthday if things had gone the way my mother had carefully planned.  I should have been born on August 8th, 1948 (8-8-48) – day of infamy, or day of reconciliation, or day of divergence or divestiture – birth is like that (for a mom); a divestiture.  Birth (in a business sense) is the shedding of assets, a transfer of wealth, a letting go of what was once closely held.

My mother was a businessperson of sorts; you may have read some of her letters under “Lloydine” (mostly to Afghanistan).  She was also a mathematician, a statistician, and too she knew something about the workings of her own body and how that working knowledge worked with men (in this case meaning my father).  My oldest brother “Martin” was born (as planned) on March 3rd, 1939 (3-3-39).  My other brother “Ken” was born (as planned) on February 2nd, 1942 (2-2-42).   It’s like a fibonnoci sequence applied to real life (meaning real life).   There’s more to math and life than meets the eye; that’s why the sequence 8-8-48 made sense.  It was not just the poetry of the thing (meaning the numbers); it had to do (too) with the relation of things and things to relations and relations to relationships probably – intelligence is not just born; it’s bred.  Or such was the plan.

I guess it would be good if all births were as carefully thought out and planned as those borne by my mother.  The world would be by far a different place.  For one there would be no bastard sons, no bastard daughters, no “sinister” relationships as they say in heraldry.  But now we live in “modern” times – my mother’s times were different.  But as made very clear by the above example my mother did not see birth just as an issue of legitimacy; she saw the giving of life as a mathematical function, a social contract, an offering of intelligence superimposed on nature to be later supplemented by an intelligent nurture of what this new nature might wrought.

So getting back to the relationship between the created and the creator (“progenitor” is such an empty term); what my mother did not fully factor in was “free will”.  Sure my brothers apparently were more than willing to go along with “fate”; to have their birthdates planned, to take their appointed place on the great mandala of the calendar at large and within the family at hand.  But no, I was different; not a “bad seed” I don’t think – just different; maybe I had different ideas on things, did not share everything with my mother – did not share her sense of “fate” or the direction or “destiny” that she saw.

When I was young and was told that I was “late” I used my little knowledge to put my spin on things.  I said, “I knew what life was like out here (there) and I wasn’t interested in rushing out to rush into such a world”.  Being “inside” was best, it was warm, secure, I was growing (and going) along just fine.  “My” world expanded as I grew, I kicked a little sure.  But did it hurt?  A contract takes two; both must be ready or it is an abortion, a miscarriage, or a “preemie” birth.

Had I just been into “me” I probably would have waited ten months if not twelve to “come out”.  My birthday might have been in September, maybe in October on Nevada Day, I’m not really sure.  But the truth is my mom was hurting, not happy, not comfortable with my growth plan while I was still inside and the inside part was still in her.  I guess I knew this; probably felt the signs; how could her angst be kept a secret from one so very close?

Of course the scientists, the psychologists, the medical doctors and community, and all the feminists even see all this (meaning my) family history differently.  They have their theories, the way they see life, the way they see the relationships between and among things.  They were not there of course; they never looked me or my mother “in the eye”; they never talked to us or asked any of the good “right” questions or cared one wit about how we lived, were born, or died.  “They” just made their assumptions, couldn’t field check their way out of a paper bag, knew so little or cared so little about the potential in each if not every human life.

Of course there is a metaphor here.  One person or seven billion; life on this planet has been going a little wrong.  The wrong people, forces, associations have been too long in control.  It’s way past time for “birthdays”; it’s clear things have not been going as to plan.  And now we have an all-out war.  The time for getting along and for compromise is long past; let’s face it and be real “Plan A” just didn’t work, now it really is time for the much better “Plan B”.

So if I’m up to this I will look a little deeper into the history.  I’ll try to point out a few things that maybe you may not have seen.  I’ll write mostly about the realities and the options that are (and always have) been there and discuss why Plan B really is so much better.   I’ll try to explain Plan B methodology and systems maybe – you see I’m mad (meaning a lot angry) about all the time that has been wasted and about the really stupid people running things; did I say undisciplined and lazy – yeah, that too!  They’ve had their “fun”.  Now it’s over.  Now it’s my turn for awhile.  You’ll see.

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The Ultimate Machine

August 2nd, 2010

~ Internet Protocols are a lot like nano-tech and GM (genetically modified) “foods” – it’s all related.

So in case you have not heard the “IPv6” is just about upon us.  In this case the “us” means that little (and rapidly growing smaller) part of the world that thinks and has not voluntarily surrendered what was once free will.  In 1940 there were 2 billion people on the planet.  In 2010 (70 years later) there are 7 billion people struggling to survive on the planet “earth” meaning: on, in, above or below the earth and water.  It is important to consider that there is a “permanent” population in the air (actually living in planes) of approximately 3.5 million persons.

The old internet protocol system (the one you used to reach me “here”) was designed to accomadate 4.3 billion addresses.  The assumption seems to have been that the richest 15% of the world’s population would each have four (4) web based addresses and that would be that, “good enough for starters”.  The poorest 6 billion people (referring to those so poor that they think the world has only 6 billion people on it) “just don’t need a web address” – they can be content to read and watch and listen to the content created by others that have a web address or two – “they’re not the ‘creative type‘.” (meaning the ones that don’t have an IP address “all their own”.

IPv4 – think of the foregoing as a “word”; the “v” may refer to “version” or it may just mean “catch 22” or maybe it is just shorthand for “11” so that you know the identity of “our proud sponsor”.  Code, including internet protocol codes, are a lot like the IPv4 / IPv6 examples – each address has its secrets and secret meanings and workings and destinations.  Each “address” (what an antiquated word) has (or may have) a special place in and of and for your future.  It may be very hard to explain to you what is coming and what it is designed to mean.

Let us begin by pointing out that the first IP address system originated about 1976 – it was the nations Bicentennial; two hundred years after the Illuminati’s birth according to the date engraved in Roman Numerals on the pyramid on the one dollar federal reserve (private banking) note.

If the first word anyone heard about the web (the w.w.w.) was that it offered a “trillion, trillion, trillion” web addresses for the 6 billion people on planet “earth” all 6 billion people would have probably (in 1976) taken notice and said in one very loud cacophonous voice, “A trillion, trillion, trillion – what in the world for?”.

We are a lot further along right now; meaning we’ve gone a lot further down that good old illuminati road.  It’s almost hard to imagine what 1976 was like – the patriotic fire hydrants all painted up with local colors by local people trying to communicate without a raspberry or a blackberry or something that Bill Gates or Steven Jobs claimed (probably falsely) to have invented.  In 1976 “robots” were still science fiction mostly, “remote control” was the Houston thing and worked if at all with the model airplane enthusiasts as they worked their way forward to create a world of pilotless drones that could kill people in Afghanistan or tall towers in New York or could keep maybe 2 million people flying safely (well usually safely) in the sky.

It is so hard to try and reach someone (like maybe you) with a message when the simple messages repeated so often have such a hard time getting through to the brain.  How many hours does someone have to have a phone up to their ear before they really understand that they are talking on a phone (or at least are listening intently to every recorded message)?  Is a life substantially without Machines & Materialism really so difficult to imagine?  Has the world really changed that much in less than 250 years from a time when the planets population was only (nearing) 1 billion?

So was Malthus (Thomas Robert Malthus) wrong?  If famine and disease has not stopped the planet from reaching a population of 7 billion why could not the planet accommodate a population of 30 billion (or more) in the next 250 years?  We could have 100,000 planes in the air at all times – maybe 100 million people – the 1% of the global elite!  There could be a “market” for 1 trillion condoms a year and there could be enough web addresses to control when (and how) each one will “break” and that would leave room for 999,999,999,999 possibilities that could be “addressed” by the web (times another trillion trillion of course).

The IPv6 protocol anticipates enough web addresses to accommodate everything.  One could “lease” their heart medicine; don’t pay and the internet turns it off.  A million daily decisions (in ones life, once called “free choice”) can be handled by the web – by remote control – by a super-super-computer big brother (MACHINE) constantly (automatically) turning everything off and on.

“Advertising” would become so passe as the illuminati controlled every synapase and every fiber of every being from “cradle to grave” of every living being through the “miracle of the web” and a smart phone type connection a little smarter than the person who first bought it.  “Eat me”, “drink me”, “swallow me”, “ingest me” – put me up to your ear and sleep with me tonight; “buy me” for your kitchen, “take me along” to work.  Machines ARE our constant companions; how could we get through a day without them; how can we have a life with them?

The IPv6 protocol can program, reach, control a billion, billion factors.  It can create a life of endless pleasure (until the “life” dies) or it can create a life of endless unbearable physical and mental pain (waterboarding is nothing compared to the tyranny inherent to IPv6).  You’ve seen the pictures of the Adolph Hitler mass rallies; imagine perfect control over a million million lined up in their masses and the “cool thing” is Adolf Hitler does not even need to be there.  The neat thing about machines is that they can go “on and on” (almost never die), maybe never break down as they make new machines to fix the machines so that they are never really “broken” – unless of course the machine wants to look like it is broken.

So now we have a basis of looking at what (really) is life; meaning being “human” and not just some life as in the life styles of a machine.  Personality is nice.  Free-will (real choice) is good.   An opportunity to love God without punishment, guilt, societal isolation, ridicule, harassment or shame should be a fundamental human right.  The right to buy stuff, own stuff, work your thumbs loose trying to make a living – not so important as those “rights” listed first.

What is important about life is Not the MACHINE or machines or materialism or remote control.  Life (human) is not about buying and owning and having “stuff” or making money or doing what one thinks one “must” do to make a living that is more like being dead.  So now we know where the ultimate machine is taking us; the scientists involved have lost their free will because they never believed they had it; they are machines making (and planning and programming)  more machines – always more machines that stand to steal what is human from every human.

In the year 1800 the so-called industrial revolution was just beginning.  It made child slavery a way of life.  It destroyed families.  It replaced family life with an “absent” procreation; it replaced family life with random sex.  The machines soon became central to the life of children; the “products” invaded the land and left no one a place to hide.  The only political right should have been to be free and safe from every machine.  The people and the politicians were blind as today they (you maybe) remain blind.

So how many of the 7 billion “people” really are to remain human?   How many human beings are there left even now; free thinking, freely loving God, manifesting a life of individuality and personal distinction?  A few I suspect; the rest are only machines – machines rushing toward the brink of death.

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