November 29th, 2010

~ It’s about people and those who live in glass houses and with the new Pro-Scan scanners we all do.

So No!  This post is not so much about the TSA and about a government that wants to get down to the skinny and underneath all the briefs and wants to use technology (and idle hands) to fact-check what is often never in plain sight.  So where ever you are and whatever you are doing you should remember that every word shared with a U.S. government operative is for the open press; it’s transparent, one day your every word (every verb) may reverberate across the world.

The word is out.  The U.S. government is incapable of keeping a secret (secret).  It is what you get when you try to get those who are not spies to spy.   Thanks Hillary, thanks Bill – you showed us how.

Hillary Clinton always thought of herself as an amateur sleuth.  She snuck around looking for “Bill” somewhere, she would find him, but failed too to look under his desk.  That’s the difference between the amateurs and the professionals.  The one is trained, the other is not.  It’s like most Americans, watch one episode of “I Spy” or the latest new movie starring “James Bond” and bingo-bango-bongo you (one) thinks that they are a spy or wants to be a spy and all that happens is the secrets start leaking out.

“So, I hear James Bond is good in bed,” are you?  “Sure,” comes the answer, “I have the videos to show you,”.  Never mind that the woman that you are pictured with was not your wife, not even the hooker that lives next door.  It’s a lot like “Sex, lies, and video tape“, this reading about the updated Wikipedia which is Wikileaks in real time as it tells of the hidden times of real neighbors, friends, and enemies – not to mention accusations of “Pussy Galore”.

So are all the diplomats really spies as the Russians and North Koreans have always said?  Was Henry Kissinger always totally wrong or totally naive when he built a career at Harvard saying that “Diplomacy” was the key – in reality diplomacy was just another word for spying, for lying about who you are and what you represent.  All those missing credit card slips for when you took an American diplomatic friend out to dinner – they’re in the U.S. Embassy vault; you never “lost” that slip at all, it was stolen by your dinner mate, who was not a “mate” but just a common spy, and “no” he/she was not that good in bed.

So, how many governments around the world will fall before this is over?  Maybe all of them.  Sleeping with America, shacking up with the U.S.A., spilling out your guts about whiskey – women – men – even children and booze; it makes you sick when it all hangs out, not a little like Homeland Security and feeling up the crotch because “physically it’s necessary for security as you know”.

So, did you feel the bomb that went off yesterday?  It shattered glass all over America and around the world and every glass-house American Embassy has fallen as the inhabitants and habituatees habituated to bad habits have been blown to bits or at least have bitten the very dust.  Another one bites the dust.

Do you think?   Do you think that Homeland Security would be better off scanning the U.S. Embassy cable traffic than the genitalia of U.S. citizens to see what is what and where?  Not a chance.  The idea is not to make the U.S. or U.S. interests secure, it is transparency; and the real war has started, and it is the government now that must strip, keep stripping, strip again and again until every surface and every cavity and every body cavity is laid bare.  Remember, it was TSA that taught us how, it is TSA that has trained us regarding what to expect.  And yes. everyone lives in glass houses now.

Good luck Hillary in sorting everything out.  I think Obama finally got you (and Bill).  He’s even.  Hillary, you have no place in history, except for being just another stooge – communist or otherwise, just a “stand by my man” stooge.  But, it was Obama that appointed you; maybe he too can disappoint you.  In the State Department there is a pressing need for a lot of firing; do it now!

Yes.  Every diplomat will always be a political appointee and a spy.  That glass house has been forever exploded.  If you are an American ambassador you are a spy, you cavort with spies, you get down and dirty like all the other spies.  Your embassy is a den of spies.  North Korea was always right; they learned their lessons a long time ago; like a good and worthy adversary they took a lesson from the U.S. and that’s not why they are better than us (?) – yes, they are just like us.

So let’s keep all the exposure, stripping down, transparency going and growing.  We need this exercise.  It’s parity for all.  Mark my words, corporations will be next.  You’ve asked to see mine, “I want to see yours”.  Then we will see if there really is a difference.  The game is on!

Two hours to Karma

November 27th, 2010

~ So many better things about which to post besides Korea.

This is one of those posts that is better read at the beginning, not 24 hours after the fact.  Actually, if 24 hours from now I can still laugh and joke about how precipitous it was to post about precipitous events and closing deadlines and countdown clocks and North Koreans (20,000) suddenly leaving Russia to go back home for the big one then I will truly be happy.  At least I will be happier then than now.

The fact is that I have never before been aware of an exact time being given for the beginning of a war-games exercise.  Most war games get little coverage in the mainstream media at all.  So, what’s with this?   The World Clock confirms that the times are right even if the timing of the war games seems all wrong.  “Unpredictable consequences” seems the mantra of the day (Sunday) and as we all know it is already Sunday in Korea.  I should note that as I write this it is still Saturday here (in Albuquerque U.S.A.!)

It will be 1:00 A.M. in just two hours in Washington, in “D.C.”.  People will be sitting in bars or will be just leaving them.  In Seoul the day looks a little different.  The protests there are getting fever pitch which is rare for Seoul where most South Koreans stay calm in the land of the morning calm – where politics really means nothing, where the power of the state is better left untested and the leaders are left to be just who they are.  Of course 3:00 P.M. (the time for the exercises in Korea) is not the morning, but is the afternoon.  It is that classic Jean-Paul Sartre time – “too late or too early for anything”.  Maybe it is better than half past three, but I know that General Sharp, commander in South Korea is sharp so he probably knows the line (referring once again to Sartre) and so his clearly stated message – is what?

I wish I had the time to read through all 202,000 hits referenced and linked above for unpredictable consequences.  Maybe the North Koreans have.  They have a way with words.  They use them to intimidate, mislead, foxtrot and fool.  In the end (of course) each word is clear.  The nation, the leadership, the people are hurting and we know from our own experience that people that are hurting can make a real mess for the whole block, ruin a recess, make a friendly date unpredictable if not miserable with miserable consequences for one and all.  This is not to say that we are not all hurting.  Maybe that is the point.  We are all hurting.

Korea has been around a lot longer than France.  Korea has its own philosophers; they don’t need Sartre.  So maybe Kim or Kim or Kim doesn’t know what the 3:00 o’clock message means; like a tree falling in the forest; if you don’t speak the language do you know it’s there?

Oh well, so much more to say but my deadline is up; it’s a little past nine and that means less than two and that means changing the title of my post or starting over after all.  It’s hard to start over.  So I’ll just end this and carry on.  It’s like the U.S., the George Washington, North Korea and China; why change things when it is easier to just carry on?  But hey!  South Korea, we’re thinking of you.

All I want for Christmas is the George Washington or peace.

November 26th, 2010

~ The yellow sea is yellow because of the fact that the yellow river drains yellow sand from the Gobi desert.

Ah hum.  We begin today by talking of the West Sea.  That’s what Korea calls it.  That’s what Koreans call it.  No, the U.S.S. George Washington isn’t going to sail into the West (or western) Sea.  You can read about the deployment.  The big ship is headed for China and the yellow sea and the yellow river and what once was called the yellow race which is important because history has moved on and the Chinese are not “yellow” anymore in that negative sense of the word which when I was young meant “chicken”.

It’s a shame when all a modern man can do is spend time playing “chicken”.  One ruffles their feathers, bloats up his chest, fills the lower abdomen with hot air.  The brow furrows.  The facial skin is brought to taut.  There’s a new firmness to the chin.  It sounds like putting on makeup, or putting on a mask – it’s all about the same.  It’s like getting dressed for a fancy dress ball, men in tuxedos, women lining up just to get in line – a receiving line maybe.

“You know the drill.”  We all know the drill.   We have all been through this posture and this posturing and this false bravado a hundred (if not a thousand) times before.  These exercises of course cost a lot of money.  Six thousand (6,000) sailors on just the George Washington alone; it’s a lot of pay per day.  All that doesn’t count the jets and jet fuel and the nuclear fissionable fuel and the food, meaning the 18,000 meals served per day on this good ship lollipop.  She’s a sitting duck; putting her in harms way is like being played for a sucker.

If you (or the captain) put the George Washington in the Delaware River sideways where the real George Washington rowed across on that December day you would have a paved flattop deck that would reach from Washington’s camp right into the British officers hut, which was a house, but you don’t need to know that.  Walking from one end of the flight deck half-way would get you further than Washington and his troops ever rowed.  That’s how much war and warring have changed.  Then it may have been courage, now all it is is bluster.

When I was young the poem they taught me went something more or less like this: “first in war, first in peace, first in the heart’s of his countrymen.”  Does this mean that the George Washington will be the first ship to be engaged in this new war?  Will the ship soon find eternal peace?  Will America remember, and never forget this ship like it remembers the U.S.S. Arizona?  Oh no.  Probably not.  The commander-in-chief would never send the ship into China’s way or harms way if there were not very good reason (meaning good reason to believe that the ship would come back again, which means to a home base in Japan, not Norfolk, not Virginia where she (like Washington) was built.

So find a map and draw a line along the coast of China about 200 (230) miles off the coast of China.  That’s the “China” Sea.  Now find the map that lets you know how far from North Korea each North Korean silkworm missile can go.  Now you know where the war-games will be played.  Not so much open water.  Conventional wisdom says that carriers operate better far from land.  That’s why the U.S. carriers were far from Pearl Harbor on that fateful day, December 7th or something.  It was December 8 already – in Korea.

Oh sure.  The MSM tells you all you need to know.  It’s Black Friday!  Aren’t you glad?  Buy your brains loose, buy more stuff made in China, keep that Chinese economy alive even though the economy in America is really dead.  Debt will get you buy.  Don’t worry a bit about Korea.  There are just 28 shopping days til Christmas, and just 28 days til Christmas – every one of those days is reserved for shopping.  And George Washington (the first) even went shopping in Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas Day itself.  Maybe war has not changed.  There are always so many surprises.

As an American I am so conditioned for war that it is hard to really hope for peace.  “Peace on Earth,” is what they say; it’s not what the national leaders say.  We (meaning those few who still fly) accept the scanning and the groping because we accept the fact that America is at war.  What we find hard to accept is a war that really might hurt.  We want an entertaining war, media at night, something like a cross between a video game and the tension of being declined on your credit card – a “bummer”, but really not that bad.  We like shopping to be exciting, but not so exciting that anyone gets hurt.

Will Santa Claus come early to the men on the Yellow Sea?  Will it be Christmas time in Trenton and another secret attack?  Will things once again happen on a Sunday?  Will the war be over by Monday with no Americans really getting hurt?  In World War 2 the issue was Why We Fight.  Today, the issue is Why We Shop.  As I see it, it’s to get our minds off it all; I personally really would prefer peace.

The U.S.S. George Washington heads to the Yellow Sea in this picture taken on November 24th, 2010 at port in Japan.

Don’t lie if you fly.

November 24th, 2010

~ Is journalism really totally dead or is it just that all Americans are confused?

I have a house to clean, food to unpack, leaves to sweep or blow.  I know these things.  What I do not know is how many people really travel and how many travel on each and every day.  Guess what?  You don’t either.

I’ve been posting about opting in and opting out and opting all around about.  “Opt” is a bad substitute for making a real choice and a choice that is not real is no choice at all.  “What are ones’  options,” you might say.  Let me explain.

You have the option of listening to the Mainstream News (MSM) or of not listening or watching or of believing any of it if you do.  You can read the garbage on the web or you can read better things on the web or you can rake leaves and clean house and set tables and make things nice.  A lot of hungry people still rake leaves.  A carefully set table doesn’t mean that there is food to eat.  If you could end poverty in America by giving up flying forever would you do it.  Now there’s an option, I present you with a real choice.

The main thrust of the “opt-out” movement is to make the decision not to fly.  The idea has not been to create lonely scanners and long lines.  The idea is to make the traffic at the airports of America (especially today) as contrite as possible (as when the meaning of the word means small and compact).  So, to know the success of this effort one must know the numbers.  It is here that America is at a loss.

This link is a MSM article to let you know that the Opt Out protests are a bust, America is flying.  Once you’ve clicked off on the fashion advertisement at WIRED entitled Threat Level and planned to buy your brains loose on Black Friday you can read that the Opt Out Day protest has probably fizzled.  Read on.  By paragraph five (5) you will learn that only 1.6 million people are traveling (according to Threat Level’s version of AAA).  So if 24 million were going to fly and only 1.6 million are doing so I would say that the Opt Out Day protest is quite a success.

The more likely reality is that Kim Zetter is like brain dead.  She wrote this stuff.  She should get the web and try for Google and try searching for the travel numbers from ATA (the Air Transport Association) which might tell her how many people fly and not just those that are flying members of AAA.  Even TSA agrees with ATA, as you can plainly see by reading paragraph nine (9) and beyond.  But yes, get your real news from fashion news by all means and stay “wired” even if you’re really not.

But hey!  THE TSA says 2 million per day are flying for every day of the undefined twelve days of Thanksgiving which sounds a lot like the 12 days of Christmas and if I had an Advent Calender with windows for turkey and olives and cranberry sauce and those dreaded sweet potatoes known also as yams that are not actually yams but something else I could tell you when Thanksgiving (the holiday) actually begins (and ends) as far as travel is concerned.

Wednesday, this Wednesday, is actually supposed to be bigger than the 2 million per day average for people flying.  This is good as according to this report 809 million people fly each year which means that on an average day 2.21 million people fly so actually the estimate of 2 million per day over Thanksgiving indicates that this holiday air traffic is way, way DOWN.

I ran into this from a year ago.   It’s back to AAA.  In 2009 out of 38 million travelers (for the Thanksgiving holiday) only 2.3 million will go by air.  So in 2010 (at Kim Zetters figure) the 1.6 million figure for air travelers indicates that air traffic is down a whopping 30% for Thanksgiving travel in just the last year.  Talk about opting out, this story is really huge!

So no.  Sources such as AAA, CNN, and Reuters (much less Wired) are not to be counted on as being even wildly reliable.  And maybe too the ATA and the TSA are smoking more than drinking coffee.  Or maybe it is the journalism, always put and pieced together by people that cannot think, cannot be clear, always fail to be specific.

Some lately have been castigating the quality of life of those that live in North Korea.  They say that the N.K. regimes propaganda machine makes truth hard to find.  Well, it’s a lot like America.  Opt out and go rake those leaves.

Prelude to war

November 23rd, 2010

~ A war is always good for taking the pressure off homeland security.

When I was young (like meaning age ten or twelve) I was always somewhat intrigued by those intricately carved balls of ivory that they sold in Hong Kong, Chinatown in San Francisco and sometimes in Japan.  The balls were balls within balls.  Each ball could be moved separately by matching up the holes in the outer ball (balls) and moving a stylus or small stick into the inner chambers of succeeding balls.

The “best” balls were the most expensive.  The price was determined by the number of somewhat concealed balls within each large ball of ivory.  Elephant tusks can only get so big, so the size of the outer most ball could not be larger than the largest tusk of ivory; but the inner ivory had to be solid too so rotted tusks like rotten teeth had to be used for lesser things like trinkets for the tooth fairy or chips of inlay for an Afghan table.  Actually the detritus from carving of the balls could be used for the inlays of Afghan tables.

Now (of course) there is a ban on ivory; elephants and their tusks are scarce.  But what the elephant balls (of ivory) remind me of is the concept of wars hidden within larger wars.  Each war is self contained and the largest (outer) war-ball is what protects the inner lesser wars by concealing them (mostly) and by providing the “shell”.

So, the war on terrorism contains the sphere of the second (on-going) war in Korea and the war against Iran and the war on poverty (think LBJ) and the war for freedom in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan and so many more that you can see that I’m talking about a very expensive (carefully crafted) big ball of ivory for which no Senator or President or Representative has even considered a ban.

These inner wars get revealed when one lines up the holes “just right” on the outer wars and one can see through the deepening layers of holes until “voila” the intricacy of the less known and less seen ball (meaning war) is revealed.  Which brings us of course to Korea.  The war was always there, is always there – no treaty, just a temporary truce.  We’ve been at war in Korea for more than sixty (60) years; Afghanistan has just been ten; the War on Poverty was never won and that war goes on after 46 years and counting.  The raw statistics may say America is rich; in reality America is very poor – the debt is killing everyone and every thing including the United States military.  With a hotter war in Korea we can renew the draft.

On March 26, 2010; just about eight (8) months ago the U.S. sank the South Korean ship Chenoan.  We of course blamed the sinking on North Korea.  I posted about it then and about the real news story and about the international reports filtering in.  A nation used to lies finds each new lie ever  easier to digest, like McDonald’s burgers and fries – they are addictive.

North Korea said of course that they would get even, in their own time – even.   And so the U.S. ramped up the pressure for an early war and sent in the aircraft carrier and the fleet and had fun having war games on the east coast of the Korean peninsula in the Eastern (Korean) Sea.  We call it the Sea of Japan, since Emperor Hirohito liked the name and since we liked him even if the Koreans and North Korea were not so hot for the long and brutal Japanese occupation (think 1910 – 1945).

Oh well.  North Korea did not respond to the military war gaming and the indignity of the fleet.  N.K. responded that they would once again abide their time.  “Later”, they said.  We will respond in our own way, and when and how is up to us and not really you.

Is this war?  No, I don’t think so.  The war is always here; like poverty it just goes on and on.  There is a flare-up now and then like when someone goes hungry on Thanksgiving, loses a home or house, can’t pay their food or utility bills or both.  There is a crisis when a medical emergency brings attention to the dearth of medical care (meaning for the legions of uninsured).  The government does not want to fight the war on poverty anymore; it needs the funds to fight a new hot one in Korea.

North Korea always has maintained that the U.S. was a paper tiger, thin sheets and glue just blowing in the wind.  Iraq and Afghanistan lacked a first-rate military.  They had no nukes, no weapons of mass destruction.  Korea has both.  North Korea has nukes and South Korea has the U.S. nukes and both nations (the U.S. and North Korea) have three million man armies (active and reserves).  It could be a real show.

Ultimately (though) the U.S.A.! has 72 million males “available for military service”.  At least 80% are fit.  So in the long run and the end (and in the end run) and when and if everything went down the U.S. would win hands down.  Oh sure, we could lose a million males, but we would still have 71 million more so what’s the problem, why really worry?  That’s what big countries are all about – we’re BIG!

So, what is with this North Korea thing, shelling islands and villages like there is no tomorrow?  Isn’t North Korea afraid to make the U.S. mad?  Isn’t that what fear is for?  Isn’t fear the only tool to use if you’re the aggressor, “strip to your knees grandma”, “TSA has all the power” – you need to learn to live in fear.  Or, maybe not.

So yeah!  Clamp down and lock down and launch the nukes and throw everyone (opposing the TSA) in jail.  Call up the reserves!  Draft every last one of the 72 million and draft another 72 million females too.  America is at war!  Be ready and let the enemy know that America is ready!  Beat every drum for war, turn every plowshare into a sword for war, take on every last enemy NOW.  And by the way, didn’t you read that one in five Americans are crazy?

On a more serious and sober side I remind you that it is war that is the fastest way to make one crazy.   I lived in South Korea, in Seoul, for two and one-half years (about).  My whole life and my whole family was there.  I was an American and Korea was my home and every day I lived with ten thousand men in uniforms waiting to die at (or near) the DMZ.  The airforce dropped napalm for entertainment (near the officer’s club golf course next to the River Han).  I would take trips to Osan (air base) and figure out which Quonset Huts held the U.S. nukes.  I watched the teletype when Kennedy suggested the real possibility of nuclear war; but, I posted about that one before.

Was all the worry just a waste?  Can there be peace or war in Korea like there is now, forever?  How many generations will fight and die in Korean waters and on Korean shores or stand and wait and be ready to?  Stand Down TSA!  Maybe, just maybe, the whole world really is watching.

Airport Insecurity

November 22nd, 2010

~ When nothing is the truth there is no such thing as an inconvenient lie.

So, call it “war gaming”; call it fiction; call it a novel (or short story) about murder and mayhem and suicide bombers if that is what they are.  I should have been a writer, maybe I am.  But, what I write is more about social commentary, current events, speculation.  I posit what is against what might be, what could be, what is so obvious to any clear thinker – which is why I see transportation security as being so financially greedy as to be so very dumb.  It is another day and we have of course another post about the war by TSA against America.  Patriots Unite!

9/11 left us with a legacy of a war upon the airplanes, the image of hijackers in flight.  We have the mantra of the heroes, the “let’s roll” cry down every aisle, the “lock the cabin doors” and we will be forever safe (mentality).  “Keep the bombers off the planes and we will be safe to fly,” is the lie that covered up the fact that there was no real airport security on that day more than nine (9) years ago when TSA failed us, fighting the last war which if I recall was in the Gulf and with tanks.

So if you believe the common wisdom (which incidentally is a lie) you must believe that the enemy is always sharper, always just one step ahead of what our government is planning and thinking about and planning for.  And that’s the rub.

Like an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, without one an airplane can never land.  Airports are the key to flying, to takeoffs and landing, to controlling all the sky.  America is obsessed with bombers, with B-52’s and B-1’s and B-29’s like the Enola Gay – and bombings and the use of planes as the delivery system for bombs if not being the bomb itself.  London was not brought to its knees by bombs and bombers, neither was Berlin.  New York still stands today; but, America moves by air, and hence the need for airports; and TSA is in the way.

Lets face it, before the TSA lines and scanners there was never created an easy target so big, so many people, such lines, such a concentration of humanity and flesh so packed and bound together in just one place – the TSA “Security” checkpoints, a danger to us all.

The “hub system” is also a problem.  It concentrates passengers at choke points – Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver – you know them all (meaning if you fly you know them all).  If planes can’t move in and out of each hub quickly the whole transportation system collapses; too many passengers and too few planes and too little hedge room (no reserves) from which to draw if just one place (one airport) really does go bad.

So, what if at one checkpoint one real terrorist had a real bomb?  What if that bomb were the real plastic explosives which TSA claims they are so concerned?  What if the suicide bomber blew him or her self up near or just inside a TSA scanner; “I saw the bomb and then the screen went blank”, said the person in the TSA backroom and too “I saw it,” John Pistole said.

The scene would be pure mayhem.  As many people as on four jumbo jets would be there as witnesses and as victims.  The airport would immediately be shut down.  Airport security would be lost as those waiting to be scanned headed for the benches, for the gates, for the safe cover of safe planes.  Every plane would have to be immediately grounded.  Security would have been compromised; every passenger on board every plane and every plane would have to be once more searched.  There would be no new planes or passengers making it to the next hub.

The “new scans” and groping searches might be difficult at best.  Body parts and blood would be everywhere, the plastic bins would be in disarray, the teflon gloves of every TSA inspector might be hard to find.  Back home (at Thanksgiving, or another holiday) families would wait for their friends and family stuck in San Francisco or Boston or Duluth without the necessary plane (or planes).  “Just eat without me,” would be the hue and cry.  Hang Janet Napolitano, hang the TSA, hang John Pistole would be the other cry.

No, I’m not the smartest guy on earth.  Anyone can see this stuff, can think these thoughts, can write a script for a plot that makes or doesn’t make a wit of sense.  So, while you’re being stripped electronically until you are quite naked, or while you’re being groped think of the alternative possibilities – the unscanned terrorist that might be nearby. It’s about the crowds and crowding that TSA creates, without TSA the opportunity would not be there.

So many reasons not to fly; airport security is a total myth – you’re only safe if you reach that plane.

Yes, I think we need someone new at TSA, at Homeland Security and a few other places just beyond.  We need someone who can think, not just react, not just fight the last war against the old type terrorists now dead and gone.

About Wednesday?  It’s just 36 hours away.  There’s a lot to think about, now isn’t there.

Breaking News!

November 21st, 2010

~Wednesday is the day of Mercury, and Mercury is the messenger of the Gods.

Al Lewis writes for, of all things, The Wall Street Journal Sunday, the Sunday rag supplement that gets stuck in a hundred or so greater newspapers that have lost touch with their ability to keep in touch with financial reality.  The Wall Street Journal is the wanna-be financial publication that wants there to be an economy without the rule of economics.  But more about that later, America has a plane to catch.

In two days it will be Wednesday, time for the showdown between the TSA perverts and the generally decent and tolerant and long-suffering masses of America – at least the ones that can still afford to fly.

What Al Lewis said was good.  He calls the TSA what they are – terrorists.  He makes it clear that the enemy has come home.  The enemy of course is the enemy within, the home grown fascists and infidels and non-believers that don’t really believe in freedom but just say they do.  First on the list is John Pistole, a man who the Gestapo would welcome in any country, even Nazi Germany at its height; Pistole is one of theirs.  If he carries on cavity searches for everyone who flies is a given.  This man must be stopped.

Janet Napolitano probably has less than six days to fire him (meaning to fire John Pistole).  Someone has to take the rap, Pistole’s arrogance and visibility certainly fits the bill, it has never been so obvious that someone was going down since Martha Mitchell spoke up and did her husband John N. Mitchell (U.S. attorney general) in.  John Mitchell just wanted to set up concentration camps for active long hairs; even he was not obsessed with nakedness and the grope.

Actually, I hope that Janet Napolitano continues to be slow.  I hope she blows it and lets John (P) stay so she too can be fired.  Obama will politely ask her to resign; she will resign.  Any other scenario and Obama will never be re-elected – he’ll be a one-term President at best, or maybe being like Kennedy is the real plan.  Don’t quote me; I’ve heard it said many times before.

Post-democratic states are so unworkable.  Ones with no economy and nothing else to offer are really lame.  Maybe we can someday catch up to China in the way of freedom; maybe we can become a country that is not afraid to fly and does not support a tyranny whose mission is to strip-search every citizen and record the image of when they got nude just for access to “public” transportation.  As long as John and Janet are at the helm everyone in America should be embarrassed to say, “I fly”.  I have dignity – I don’t fly.

So on Wednesday John and Janet will turn America’s airports into guerrilla theater.  Those with guts will insist that the TSA does their groping in the public square.  The “good Germans” will put up their hands and go inside (meaning inside the Pro-scan scanners).  All airline workers who are real patriots will just stay home.  By Thursday America’s goodness can come out.  Kind and gentle people will go to airports and offer stranded passengers a ride home (meaning to their home) and an unscheduled (but very appreciated) Turkey dinner and a telephone with which to reschedule or make new plans.  I suspect that Wednesday will not be pretty and that by Friday there could be a new meaning to the term Black Friday, at least for the defenders of TSA.

“Unsavory” is the word that spells the death of chicken.  The word implies tasteless, spoiled – like flying has become.  Flying was once “blue skies”, the “friendly skies”, the fastest way to a meeting.  No more.  Now flying just means a willingness to public nakedness and a strangers grope, flying has become unseemly, perverted, contaminated – like a Greyhound Bus Depot restroom in the 1960’s, for young males it made you wonder what price was worth it to “See the U.S.A.” given the fact that eventually you could not hold it and you would have to go.  Been on a Greyhound bus lately?  When is the last time you will take that plane?  Maybe the only future is boats, trains, and cars.  If so, you can thank Janet Napolitano for undoing what the Wright Brothers brought.

Disgusting.  Most Americans think that it is disgusting to have to fight and struggle for freedom when there’s a paid military that is supposed to pave the way.  Standing up, being brave, being disciplined and to maybe protest is not easy for those too used to luxury and comfort and the corruption and decadence that luxury and too much comfort always brings.

48 hours from now America may start a new awakening.  Or, maybe not.  It’s up to you.  If you fly, just say “NO!” (to TSA and their scanners and their groping).  It’s not too late to cancel all your plans; stay home or away from home; consider spending Thanksgiving Day with a stranger; make a friend.  Maybe going to the airports this Wednesday, even if you don’t intend to fly, might be an education.  See history first hand.  Don’t wait for Fox or the CNN Breaking News.

Waits and Measures

November 20th, 2010

~ The long thin line moves forward.

There is only one thing more random than the web and that thing is the web of life.  Each day we all make an input, each day something else, something new and different comes out.

The connection between input and action, effort and ideas and what happens next has long been studied, but perhaps has never been completely understood.  “Cause and effect,” is the simple way of speaking of this thing – some say it can be figured out by science; in reality it is philosophy and the social sciences that are closer to knowing how.  One person says something, another reacts.  But only philosophy projects the power of the mind, the power of thought (the thought), the intuition that may lead a person to listen, to comprehend, to understand and then to act.

One may never act if it does not make sense.  Which brings us to the shores of Normandy and the beachhead and the fact that I was looking for the one true meaning of “a long thin line” and what I found was Ernie Pyle which since he was from Albuquerque made some sense and since he was against war made more sense still and since he questioned authority (like I sometimes do) everything fell together and so I post his post.

His description of property and personal effects scattered upon the beaches is a bit like those things that TSA spends its time searching through or searching for.  America once again is on the battle lines as the long thin line of citizen soldiers lines up (this Thanksgiving) for the searches.  The censors too are there, clipping out the lotions, the potions and not just addresses on each piece of mail.  In modern war and warfare the citizen soldiers don’t wear uniforms; uniforms are only for the rank and file.  The real combatants and non-combatants have no rank, they only file; they file through the lines that those with uniforms make for them, proscribe for them, insist for them as they give up the power to insist (or resist) themselves.

So was it my one post that set the wheels in motion for the pilots new accord, ten years in the making and agreed within just two days of posting?  I mentioned the proposed (my proposal) of a pilot’s sick-in to help get rid of TSA; TSA came to its senses and to its knees and wanting to live (not die) cut a deal and is now backing off on ten years of searching pilots as if they were dogs (the dogs of war) and not the real commanders of the air.  It is a victory.  But one beachhead does not conquer Normandy, nor save America, nor keep America safe and flying.  Safety is measured by freedoms gained, not lost – and don’t you (or anyone else) ever forget that.  We fight for freedoms, not just for an empty (meaning strictly symbolic) flag.

Yes, the National Opt-Out Day protests are still “on”, even if we continue on without the pilots.  The stewards and the stewardesses may still join us, the ground crews too, the backage handlers and those that fill the places on your plane with all that uninspected air freight, that unsearched U.S. Mail with the return addresses still safely on – this is not the war of Ernie Pyle.

America has always been about choice and choices, Democrats – Republicans, Betamax or VHS, Ford or Chevy; we now can choose between products made in China or South Korea or even Taiwan – no, America is no longer a real option.  With TSA Airports there is no choice, one brand-name conquered all – it’s un-American at best – call up a Congressional Committee; hold hearings; we did it the fifties.

So the move is on to take out the TSA and their scanners and have an option of “Choice ‘B'”.  If you’re really fearful and think the Taliban is on board (your flight) you can fly out of Newark.  If you think the Tea Party might be right and that free enterprise is better you can leave from Kennedy or La Guardia – anyway, that’s the plan.  Airlines and air routes will adjust; some airports and airport communities might die; new freer (maybe even free) airports might prosper.  The choice about having a choice is up to you.   Opt-out on Wednesday; your children will ask you what you did to win the war when there was a war for control of the air over America.  Don’t let the TSA facist state win out!

Some posts never end.  If you clicked on the link above and saw the picture three common myths stand out.  One – the myth about no facial features shown – False.  You see the picture folks and on the real TSA screens and data memory the resolution is far better.  Two – the myth about why body scanners are necessary and metal detectors just don’t work – False.  That is not a plastic gun with plastic bullets that you see; you can’t buy an all-plastic gun and even rubber bullets need metal housings.  The all-plastic gun is a total myth.  Three – those of course are plastic explosives and not nicotine patches around her waste (ignoring the fact that cigarettes kill more Americans each year than all the other terrorists everywhere combined can).  The point is that a simple waistband pat-down could catch the lotion packets (plastic) potential killers.  The plastics are not hidden behind her breasts or in her vagina after all, or so far behind the buttocks that the scanners just can’t see in.  The scanners are a hoax, ten seconds is for the photograph and for the intimidation, not to help TSA really “see” if a terrorist is carrying concealed plastic explosives.  What do you think the airplane restrooms are really for?  The cameras in them recording the pulling out of the explosives comes too late – is TSA really this stupid and this dumb?

Oh well.  It does make you wonder.  TSA is about the money, the power, the greed; not air security at all.  We’ve had the full body scanners in Albuquerque for about four (4) years.  New York (including Kennedy) apparently got them just in the last few months.  ABQ has just one or two flights a week to a foreign destination, no 747 or 757’s, or 767’s or Air Buses ever fly in (much less out) – go figure.  Should not TSA assets go first to where there is the greatest threat?  Maybe there is no real threat and all the fear is just a lie.  But, just to be safe – if you are really scared; Don’t Fly! – the way TSA is run it cannot save you.

Air Supremacy

November 17th, 2010

~ Taking America back, the revolution has begun.

Some call it air power.  Some just call it supremacy.  The point is that without control of the airspace (above) real control of the land (the ground) is almost impossible.  It is the art of war, and I remind you America is at war.

We’re of course not talking here about foreign wars or wars against imaginary enemies composed of imaginary lists of an enemy with unnamed commanders who control no real territory anywhere – the U.S. military does have world-wide air supremacy after all – except for over China and parts of Russia maybe – well, maybe not.

The point is that on 9/11 (2001) the military air power proved incapable of defending the USA!, the United States, the people and property of America.  Indeed, the military could not even defend the Pentagon – meaning itself.  So, ever since “air power” has been redefined as controlling the civilian airspace, civilian planes, civilian passengers, civilian pilots with sufficient suppression to make America “safe”.  The agent and the agency for this transformation has been the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

Of course “transportation” includes trucks, interstate carriers, buses and trains and the Metroliners and the like.  A crashing train can be dangerous and kill.  The Oklahoma bombing (Murrow Federal Building – 1995) demonstrated the inherent danger posed by unchecked trucks.  A rail container transiting Albuquerque or Houston or Oakland even could cause enormous harm if detonated from inside.  It’s all transportation, but for some reason it is only the air carriers that TSA seems to care about, it’s the legend of the last war – the civilian-military always fights the last war.

So the pilot “sick-in” of November 24th comes as no surprise.  The pilots have taken all they can; they are screened when their friends in trucking go scot free, while the train engineers go scot free, while the commuters on the New York and Jersey rail go scott free.  I imagine that the ground crews and the service agents and passenger agents will follow; maybe even a steward or stewardess or two.  It’s a war for control of the airports, the planes, of flying.  “Keep them flying” was what the military always said (in WW II).  They don’t seem to care about that now.

According to TSA and the Bush administration the safest day America ever had was the day after 9/11 when all air traffic over America was grounded.  Homeland security made it clear that “any” civilian plane in the air might be a threat; almost every flight was grounded (except for the flights taking the bin Laden family out of America).   Half the American airlines that existed then are now gone – the skies are greatly consolidated – freedom of the skies and the freedom to fly has been grounded – you flying is a security risk, so I guess that fewer flights and fewer planes and longer lines and almost empty planes would be good for America, good for freedom, good for the security of all.

I’m all in favor of the proposed civilian resistance planned for that same day (November 24, 2010 – the Wednesday before Thanksgiving).  We should be thankful for our freedoms.  We should be willing to stand up and take a stand even if it means we might not be sitting down to football and a five course meal.  The Pilgrims were not body searched before sailing; why does freedom demand that now?  Metal detectors might have been one thing – homeland security and the TSA has gone too far – strip searches and nudity and the grappling of the groin is not what Thanksgiving should be about.

John Mica is a Republican, a Congressman, a civilian, and a citizen of course.  He reminds us that the TSA is not mandated.  Like I said yesterday, there always is a choice.

It takes guts (pride, integrity and guts) to just say no to this facist organization.  The more entrenched the Nazis get the harder they are to remove.  It’s easier to stop the madness now.  Each airport could say “no”, the airlines could refuse to pay to land at a TSA run facility.  City governments could get involved and revoke the TSA charters; a few delays sure, but delays and a sleeping bag at the airport might just be the cost of freedom – the military can’t make you free; remember the stand-down of 9-1-1.

So let us move on to the next war.  Let us start checking all those commuters, rail containers and trucks.  Let’s get serious about security before it is too late.  Meanwhile, if you might be flying next Wednesday take a bag – a sleeping bag; your flight just might be canceled or long delayed.  Check all your luggage, it’s you and not your luggage that is a threat (according to the TSA).  You are the chemist with lotions in your shoes and plastic explosives maybe hidden between your buttocks in the crack.  Even Stephen King could not have made this stuff up, but when madness takes on traction and simple lies are propagated as the truth it is a time to stop believing – to put down Mein Kampf, to question and challenge authority and to put an end to all the lies.

Have a safe trip, even if you won’t be flying.

Shoes off, hands up!

November 16th, 2010

~ It’s a lot like being mugged or being taken prisoner – freedom isn’t free.

So, the brouhaha about being frisked by someone frisky is blowing up the travel scene if not airports.  We mentioned yesterday that homeland security spending is good for the economy (overtly).  What we did not say is that it can be really really bad for the economy as it puts an end to security and/or travel.  One does have a choice in America, stay home and feel secure or travel and feel violated.

On the cover of my hometown rag today is a picture of a man with hands held high in the air, like in the universal sign of surrender.  He is in a ProVision machine, one of four new machines at the Sunport in Albuquerque, bought to supplement the GE Scanner previously in use.  The idea is random checks, so random that you (and everyone) knows you will be checked sometime or every time or maybe more often than even that.  The alternative is a federal hand between your crack, rubbing against your genitals, “in a vigorous search”.  “You gave up your rights when you bought a ticket”.

When I was young and going to Kindergarten we were required to take off our shoes before being forced (encouraged) to lie down on a mat – really a small rug – like a prayer rug but only smaller.  The idea was a nap, not prayer.  The idea was that one could not, should not, go to sleep with ones shoes on.  Taking ones shoes off limited mobility; Kindergarten will take care of you if you will only submit.  The teacher locked the door, “for security” – fire safety be darned.  Now there are rules even if they are seldom enforced.

Hijackers usually require the victims to remove their shoes.  Bank robbers say, “Hands Up”.  There is no question which side Janet Napolitano is on.  She has more people putting up their hands and taking off their shoes on a daily basis than they did even in Nazi Germany.  And as they said in Nazi Germany, “it is for your own security and protection, you must submit”.

If you don’t choose to get irradiated like a piece of meat in a microwave (that’s really what’s going on) you get to give a cop a feel – cop a feel – TSA agents always wear a badge.  Is this America?  Is this the USA!, USA!, USA!?  It is like a nightmare where almost every flier gets naked, gets felt up or gets grounded.  The sounds of freedom are not free, every jet is like a prison with just peanuts and pretzels on board, no real food – your bottled water might be acid for someone else’s face.  So much for the “friendly skies”, for “united” – when flying it is every man, woman and child for themself.

These are the days of sinking skyships.  Almost everyone flies steerage.  Packed together like sardines, no food, no pillows, no lines allowed even for the restroom – the can – the lou.  Why do Americans do this thing?  Why do Americans still want to fly?  Dignity is not an American concept, the American concepts are depravity, control, delusion.  Don’t be naive, the Millimeter Wave Detection really takes, files, and stores pictures of you buck naked.

In 1932 the University of California at Berkeley required a full frontal nude picture of every entering male student to be taken.  The same was probably required of the coeds, but maybe not, maybe they were not then equal.  My father is now dead, but it might be interesting to see this UC Portrait of him, to see how he really looked all decked out in nothing when he was young and just desired an education.  He of course got an education.

As he told the story the only question was, “why”.  Why did the government, the Regents, the Governor of the State want this record, the photographs?  What was their aim?  Was it to blackmail someone later, to embarrass someone now, to make one feel ashamed for agreeing to such an initiation?

The paper actually reported that this new emphasis on screenings (meaning naked people seen on screens) was caused by the package bombs allegedly found in the air freight from Yemen.  Yes, that DOES make sense.  The package bombs were just a ruse, a diversion, an effort to make TSA complacent about people while they took time to look for package bombs wrapped for the holidays and Christmas; while they searched for exploding fruitcake covertly hidden in metal tins.

No, TSA cannot be fooled.  They knew the “package bombs” were just a ploy; they knew the tips were just a plot like a red herring discovered to deter the scent.  Nobody would hide a plastic explosive in a fruit cake when the genitals are at hand; TSA says inspect the one while letting go of the other.  Keep the economy going.  Send packages via Federal Express, UPS, and the mail.

The goal of any government is to drive its people crazy.  Sanity is just such a sometimes thing.  In time, everyone will submit to the madness or live a truly simple life.  Why buy a ticket when you can drive?  Why get an education when you can live free or die?  Americans still do have a choice.  Leaving on a jet plane is so highly over-rated.

Footnote:  The ABQ Journal today reported a new AAA survey on travel.  Last year 30% of New Mexicans stated that they would rather drive to their destinations than fly.  In 2010 the figure was 53% in favor of driving.  In 2009 (one year ago) 13% of New Mexicans preferred a U.S. destination rather than a foreign destination for potential travel.  This year (2010) 49% said they would prefer to travel stateside.

If the same percentage change continues into next year 100% of all travel will be within the U.S. only and of that almost 96% of all destinations will be reached by car.  Maybe then TSA Security can get a life and search all packages with the thoroughness that they currently search people.

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