March 31st, 2011

~ There’s a lot to be learned about life, by studying death.

Yeah, yeah, OK.  I do read the obituary section in the newspaper occasionally, maybe once a week, maybe more often.  It’s not just about “dead people”, it’s more about life, what the “little” people did, those that you (meaning maybe me) never read about or heard about before.

It’s a shame when someone dies and more words are written about them then, than maybe they ever wrote about themselves in their entire life.  Sure, people should write more letters, more stories, or maybe they should blog (before it’s over); like they should leave a record (of life) before someone else writes a paragraph or two about their death.

In today’s Albuquerque Journal there are 32 “announcements” regarding “Deaths & Funerals”.  It’s not exactly, of which the Journal is not even a part; it (the Journal) is apart from the pack, the mainstream, the stream of life and what’s really going on.  Albuquerque metro is a population of 1 million, and we only have reports of 32 of the dead.  Simple math would indicate that it would take 85 years for everyone now living in Albuquerque to die.  The real (national average for life) figure is 77.9 (call it 78) years so the obituaries figure is not really wrong.  But then, 7 of the 32 have no date of birth or death or are just remembrances of those who died in the past, often years ago, and not this day at all.

Crunch that number and it looks like a 27% “unreported deaths”, which sounds about right to me knowing the journal and the shortage of money now – no money for even a simple obituary when you die.  However, for some, it is a privacy thing; a private life and an even more private parting.

Irene MacPherson, “Mama Mac”, lived to be a hundred, a 101 years actually, and a few months, and a few extra days.  She of course is evidence for the “fact” that “we” are all living longer, are healthier, are happier now.  The paper indicates that she had a long and happy life, there were cookies, no grandchildren though.  She loved to travel.

There are of course the usual crop of 80 year old’s (7), and one person who lived to be 90.  And Mr. Frank Otero who died at 79.  36% of those who died “out-lived” life, meaning the statistical due date to die.  I guess they were glad to do that, by the obituaries we will never really know, life itself can be “such sweet sorrow“.

64% of the people never reached the target date, the national average of life.  They died young or younger, maybe not in the flower of their youth, but certainly not in old age.  Four of these people died in their sixties, one at 72.  They were old enough to get some Social Security (if they tried to get it at 62) – I guess that that is some solace, much money in, a little, a few dimes and dollars back out.   The $255 that Social Security pays for an obituary and funeral certainly might help.  The costs of dying are so high right now.

10 people, 40% of the deaths, died between the ages of 20 and 57, actually only three of these people were in their 50’s.  28% of the dead were between 20 and 48, not one of these were in their thirties.  So what does this say about our new quality of life?  What is it that allows or encourages so many to die so young, in the age groups born after 1942 or so, in the war torn “endless war” toxic generations?

I’m so happy that government bureaucrats can crunch the numbers and come up with all their statistical averages and data.   It seems so reassuring, that they know what is in control, and the forces that are in control.  The reality is that not one person born since 1942 has lived to be even a simple 70, meaning 70 years of age.  What happens next is pure speculation, looking back, not forward, assuming that the lives of the Silent Generation and the GI Generation and those before are anything like the lives of the rest of the people living now.

Start with the issue of obesity, the level of artificial chemicals in the (lifetime) food, the toxins in the air, the infant exposure to radioactivity (both fallout and x-rays for starters, the radiation from TV stations and high tension wires and the ubiquitous presence of radio and the navigation radars at the airports and seaports.  Radar did not even exist until 1940, and now it is everywhere, even cooks much of America’s food.  Seems obvious, from birth in the age of the bomb (and radar), there is a new radioactive generation that is living on this earth.  For “how long” is what we do not know.

So yes, I plan to keep on reading the daily paper, the obituaries from time to time, maybe when the paper dies.  It’s good to ask these questions, to question what others write, what people read, what the sequestered “experts” say.  It’s good to get a local angle on things, to do ones own research, see what things look like from real facts and not just statistical speculation.

Sure; one paper, one issue, just one day.  My whole world does not revolve around the post above or the conclusions contained therein.  But life itself is just a combination of days, the one following another.  Miss a day, miss one death when a man (or a homeless man) dies violently in a river, and your statistics will start getting skewed, distorted, contorted.  It’s better to pay attention, than not to know.

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See, See, C-I-A!

March 30th, 2011

~ At Qala Bist we move from the planes (in the air), to the troops on the ground.

I would cite (way back) when I first posted about the CIA’s involvement in creating the Libya affair.  It doesn’t matter.  Everybody else did too.  Everybody knew it quacked like a CIA operation, walked like a CIA operation, and WAS a CIA operation.  Some revolutions just don’t arise naturally, they need CIA insiders to do the killing, that create the incidents, that are used as a (false-flag) pretext for WAR.

Oh yeah, all those “Libyan UN diplomats” that defected weeks ago.  Not really.  They were PAID, given money and immunity by the CIA to defect from Gaddafi.  They care about as much for the welfare of Libya as a tailor cares about a nude beach.  Hint: Not at all.

More word about the work of the CIA is coming in, more “defections”; defecant would be a better word.  These ex-pieces of human sh*t were never loyal to Gaddafi, they only loved, and love, money and the CIA-safety that they think the CIA money will bring.  We bought war-lords in Afghanistan, why not buy a politico or two in Tripoli, in Libya, in Benghazi and everywhere else.  We don’t have a Federal Reserve printing free money for nothing, now do we?

Two days ago we learned we we need to know about the “rebels”.  It too is a totally managed CIA affair.   And now even the President himself (Obama) is implicated, flat-out named, signed an illegal order to put troops “on the ground” when the law says the U.S. needs to stay away.  I said just the other day that this guy is dangerous and lies.  Hitler smiled and smirked too.  Nobody should be fooled.

A pilot goes down, the CIA is there to “save” him.  An Al Jazeera news story goes up, a CIA writer writes it.  Videos of the “dead and dying” are filmed at CIA “Libyan villages and hospital scenes” in the Southwest of the USA, then “postmarked” for the news and news channels gullible enough to play this stuff in the game being played on the air.

I saw the movie “Videocracy” and the movie trailer here.  The trailer doesn’t do the movie (or Silvio Berlusconi) justice.  Berlusconi, you see, is Italy’s richest man, a Mussolini fascist at heart, and owns and CONTROLS 95% of Italy TV.  He is the unquestioned Godfather of the media, of TV, of the new televised reality and how to control it to gain ABSOLUTE control.  Sure, the whole thing started with sex, selling sex, pornography, Paris Hilton at his parties.  Tony Blair and Gaddafi’s sons were there too, hobnobbing to disco, all together now, Oh yeah.

Henry Kissinger pointed out the link between sex and power.   He too was on TV a time or two.  Had his fair share of exposure, was a rank amateur, compared to Berlusconi.  But now the USA! has learned, the administration has learned to control every TV image to create central power, the power of the “president”, the “images” that he thinks all Americans want.

TV is now not only dangerous, it is out to destroy you.  It will destroy your mind, your real hopes, your honest dreams.   If you think that the Italy depicted in Videocracy (the movie) is anything like the real Italian reality you’re really sick, lame, uneducated, stupid and even worse.  Link here, but look elsewhere to get my point.

But is America any different.  No, not now.  You see, the CIA is everyone and everywhere, it literally employs and contracts and has contacts with millions.  There may even be a CIA agent (or former agent) living next to you.  Like Valerie Plame now living in New Mexico.  I guess it is the “nuke scientists” thing.  Who knows if she is not still “undercover”?  See the movie and then you decide.  Fair Game, the movie, shows that the media reports in support of war are not EVER “fair and balanced” or even truthful at all.  Libya = CIA = chilling.  So chill.

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Miscreant Child

March 30th, 2011

~ The word miscreant might be bad enough, but the real issue is acting like a child, as in childish behavior.

Hopefully this will be a short post, to make a point long overdue in the making.  The point is about Japan, and the point is that everyone (American – paragraph eight) is leaving, and sure this Exodus might help bring up the price of homes and housing in Long Beach or in Seattle (for awhile), but then again when the radiation reaches there, home prices will once again just plummet as the people there exit (singular for the larger exodus) the coast and move further east in the ever escalating panic.

There is just one letter that separates the words dome and doom.   And sure, every potentially doomed nuclear reactor usually has a dome, a “containment” vessel, a cute architectural wonder that looks a lot like a building that is built to look like a bomb; hiding there in plain sight.

Oh sure, I could write about the famous dome in Hiroshima, the one wiped out in a nuclear incident by an airplane from above.  The picture is here, if you don’t remember:

And the above dome didn’t even have a nuclear reactor inside when it was breached.

If the World Trade Towers were designed to be hit by a 707 (aircraft), fully loaded with passengers and fuel, and were designed TO SURVIVE such a hit, and each tower was designed that way, you can only imagine what would happen to a nuclear power station when something equally bad went down.  The point is that since most people “know” that the payload on a 767 (when compared to a 707) was what “made the difference” between the towers staying UP as opposed to FALLING, then everyone should be asking for what size of “hit” are all the nuclear domes around the country designed to take?

OK, a Boeing 747, which has been around awhile, is less dangerous as a projectile that a 767, much less an Airbus or a 777 “Dreamliner”.  The first flight of the 777 was on June 12, 1994.  So how many nuclear power stations in the United States were designed, or redesigned, for a 777 sized hit (or larger) since 1994?  One.  The one at Watts Bar 1 in Tennessee.  And it came on-line on February 7, 1996 (before 9/11 taught us all the danger of planes when used as a weapon).

Now according to the list there are about 2,000 billionaires in the world.  I should note that you certainly don’t have to be a billionaire to buy a jumbo type jet, even John Travolta has one.   And I’m not even suggesting that all billionaires are bad, it doesn’t matter if even 99% are “good” (though I personally doubt it).  What this means is that on any given day or at any given hour there are about 20 “private Jumbo jets” out there, flying around without the need for any airport security (think body-scans), that could easily go crashing into a nuclear power plant to create a little profit – like oil goes up, or gas, as the nuclear fuel thing goes down.  You get the picture (I see Getty Oil).

Yes, all Jumbo jets are is TOYS for very rich BOYS and probably a few misbehaved GIRLS too.  This excess is childish, less than human.  But the fact that the scientists in their optimistic euphoria don’t design nuclear containment vessels so that bad boys can’t take and trash their toys into them is in and of itself a “nuclear disaster”.  The “boys of science” and the girls watching them, (think Janet Napolitano), seem not to be on the ball, not thinking clearly, are just acting like childish children with their hands in the cookie jar or “the candy store”.

OK, this post is getting long, but the points are important.

Nuclear power is a two-edged sword.  One edge is the un-folding in Fukushima, the failure of a good design at the power plant.  Let’s be real, that is all that it is – BAD ENGINEERING, caused by “scientists” that couldn’t anticipate and design for the obviousAll hazards should be obvious, man-made, natural, or otherwise.  Good design is (or should be) the cost of doing business when it comes to nuclear power.

The second edge (of the two-sided sword) is the second event, the second event that obviously is coming.   Like one trade tower was not enough, like with fax machines, you need two! (too communicate), meaning two is what it seems to take before people get the message (OK, sometimes it takes three times, like with the Pentagon affair).

One can always anticipate that the first dome, the containment dome, will fail.  That is why there should be (at every nuclear reactor) a second dome-like structure, a containment vessel type backup, like they are building at (for) Chernobyl now.  Maybe “giant Quonset Hut” would be a better description.  Put the thing on rollers, line the inside or the outside with lead, with boric acid, with boron, with huge thick pre-fabricated panels of thick cement (think tunnels).  Then you can have a “safe-place” for the liquidators to work and die without contaminating the whole countryside, Tokyo, San Diego, Seabrooke or half the world.

So yes, one can make nuclear power “safe”.  It would be expensive to have good design and safe design, safe from risk and hazards, that are too great to even insure (against).  Good design would include both a much stronger dome and a Quonset Hut always ready, a realistic exclusion zone, too, would be good.  Anything less is a BUSINESS SUBSIDY, A free lunch for CORPORATIONS, a failure of governments to protect the PUBLIC INTEREST or Public Safety, or Public Security, or the Security of the “Homeland” itself!  You have read the warning, what is OBVIOUS.  Now PREPARE!

Why are the most immature, the most poorly developed, the most childish and badly behaved people in charge of the media, the government, and of our lives?   Why have the people of the world allowed this?  Why can’t we all just “grow up” and expect grownups to be our leaders instead of picking miscreants to lead us in dangerous games?  Monopoly, the military and money are games for children.  Play with your toy soldiers elsewhere, another planet maybe, but please not on mine.

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Brief Update:
I finally found the regulations.  As I suspected all along the NRC (read all the rules here) EXEMPTS existing nuclear plants from all the realistic regulation regarding aircraft impacts as you can easily read here (last paragraph of course).

And if you really want to be impressed by how “on top of things” the regulators are, read this (if you can understand one word).

March 31 – 01:30 ZLT – Update:
Oh.  I forgot.  I do live in New Mexico, and in New Mexico we have Roswell.  What is scarier than flying saucers and UFO’s is the KFO’s – the Known Flying Objects.  And yes, they’re all stored at the same military airfield (now civilian) where the original nuclear bomb wing was positioned, ready to fly from Walker Air Force Base.

What are these KFO’s.  The pictures can be seen here.   They are the surplus super-jets and Jumbo-jets in storage because of Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security and the campaign against peoples right-to-fly.

See, every time that they do more scans and scanning more people feel violated and become afraid to fly, or embarrassed to fly, or outraged about the prospect of flying.  This has led to a reduction of flying people (airline patrons), passengers – you know the drill.  So to keep the price of seats up, and to keep profits flying, the airlines have reduced the size of their fleets by reducing the number of airplanes in the air.  The planes get moth-balled at Roswell and Mojave and at Tucson and probably about two-dozen other places in the world.

Then all these planes, hundreds, probably many thousands just sit there and, “wait to sell.”  Yes, you see they SELL THEM and they SELL THEM VERY CHEAP!   A whole privately owned 747 jumbo jet can be purchased for only $1.5 million dollars.  Anybody with chump change from drugs, drug running, arms sales, or just a good friend in the Fed (Federal Reserve or Banking system) can buy one, fly one, crash it where they like, without the need for a single airport waiting room passenger scan!  Wow!  Isn’t America and capitalism really great?

Of course you know where I am going with this.  Private planes of any kind, of ALL kinds are not safe, should be outlawed and banned, in the name of National Security if nothing else.  The skies of America should not be just playgrounds for the irresponsible and the rich and the irresponsible “greed motivated” rich players that can afford an “investment vehicle” such as these.

Maybe David Cameron will get the message, or in France – Sarkozy.   Actually, after looking here, I think not. It seems that ALL the political leaders have their own TOY PLANES and would be afraid to take away the TOY PLANES of those richer and more powerful than them who actually put THEM (all these “leaders”) in power.  There are 192 Member States in the United Nations, say each state has 5 or 10 “State Planes”, then if you got all the statistics and photographs together you might come up with a “UN Private Fleet” of at least 1,000 UN Private “heads of state” planes, including planes for Gaddafi, planes for “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il, and maybe two dozen so-called “tyrants in power”, who have “got to go” as David Cameron and others have said, and will probably GO by flying in their own protected diplomatic airplanes (wherever they pretty much want) if they “GO” at all.

OK boys in blue, I so do hope you KNOW who is aboard each of these planes, each time each plane takes off.  There is NO no-fly zone past the shores of Tripoli and Libya, but I’ll say one more time – there should (be).  “No-fly” should mean No Private Jets! and probably should be expanded to a total ban on private planes over the airspace of America.  Amen.

The radiation is already in the air, let’s do everything to make sure that it doesn’t get any worse.

An Empire in decay.

March 29th, 2011

~ An empire in decay is not unlike the half-life of nuclear radiation.

I grew up near a new empire in decay, growing from old to older, one half gone and now beginning to disappear.  New Empire (Nevada) was not a metaphor, not an analogy, it was a real town, a city, a place once busy and prosperous and industrial (or industrious), like in a revolution.

New Empire was located north and east of Carson City, it was a town of mills – like the ones associated with mining; in 1870 or so it processed ore and used chemicals for the processing which then were OK and today have been banned.  Not a lot is left of New Empire, except the name, a placename on a map that doesn’t really show the past or any real location.  The Empire is just a memory now, half decayed when I was young, and now almost nearly gone.

New Empire was where I was found the only time that I tried to run away.  I was seven I guess, in the summer of ’56; I planned (with a friend) to go to Idaho and start a new life.  Maybe I was headed for Reactor Valley (Arco, Idaho is nearby), but I thought I was going to Sun Valley (Idaho) instead.  One has natural radiation, the other has radiation entirely man-made.

Either way I didn’t make it.  I walked across sage brush, took long abandoned paths, went under and threw barbed wire fences until I was so far from Carson City (and my family) that I was sure I would be safe, would not be found, on the day I ran away.  The night-time is what gets you, dusk, when the coyotes (not distant) start howling and the jack rabbits know to disappear.

When the stars begin to appear, the moon is on the rise, the city lights are failing because you’ve gone too far – then it’s crunch time, even if you missed it when the clock turned four.  So I headed toward the highway (U.S. Route 50), and when I reached it, seemingly hours later, I began to walk.  The choice of course was which way.  Should I head back to Carson City and all the troubles there, hearth and home, food, loving parents and a safe warm bed.  Or, should I go on to a new valley, with reactors or perhaps the sun, to a place I had been before, fond memories away from a half-life not half-good, but seeming now to be moving quickly to half-bad.

It’s the half-gone part that I missed then, on that day.  That’s what happens with slow decay, institutions in ruin, infrastructure old and in decay; when all the old rules are half gone and the new rules have not risen to replace them.  The difference between a glass of water and a ship is that when a ship is half full of water, everybody KNOWS that it is sinking, and that it is not going the other way.

OK, I DID walk toward the City Lights and Carson City and the place on Roop Street that I called home.  My father met me half-way; he was out looking for me in the family car.  He found me in New Empire, as I was growing older in a New Empire now growing very old, one store, one bar where he stopped to call home, one car that night – I would like to say it was mine, but really more my mother’s and my father’s.  No.  I was not abused, not ever, not even spanked that night for running away, so far away.  My father was not an alcoholic.  My mother was always kind.  Sure the family had all the usual minor troubles, but were they really reason enough to “run away”?

My posts are not so much about the memories as they are about the words.  We, meaning you too, construct these images in our minds, experiment with them, then deconstruct them sometimes and reconstruct them at others (meaning at other times).  One day, one way, the picture looks like this, then like that, then like something all together different – like now.  These words, these images are our real physics, the building blocks of energy and of nature.  It is with words and images and photographs that we create and define our world, nothing more and not one thing less.

So much of our life as we have seen of late is defined by our nightmares.  Obama went there yesterday.  Japan is there today.  The Gulf went there last year.  The Middle East looks like it wants to follow, or break away, it’s a choice between the decadent (root is decay) or the dream.

The news is just a metaphor to help each of us decide what is real, what should be real, what is there and what we should cast aside.  Everyone makes their own choices, like I did that night.  I walked toward New Empire, but left it, as I entered the open door (of the family‘s car).   And from that day, the entire world looked a little different; life, if nothing else, was whole.

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Body Count

March 28th, 2011

~ The death toll in the blood-baths is equal to the body count, but when the intervention.

News is out this evening about the genocide, the tribalism, the blood-baths and “potential” bloodbaths that are hard to quantify and hard to measure.  It’s nasty, gruesome stuff, these wars.  It is the price of democracy now!, or not having democracy now!, – you decide.

If there was ever a case for intervention (by The United States), to stop a bloodbath, to help democracy, to save civilians, it was in Cambodia in the case of Cambodia (Kampuchea) under the Khmer Rouge in 1975 through 1979.  1.7 – 2.5 Million People died there and the United States did nothing.  Maybe it was that there was no oil, or maybe that there was no vested “religious” interest.

I get mad, or very sad, just thinking about the whole thing.  The hypocrisy makes me more than sick.  Where to begin?  It began with Gerald Ford, the President and continued on for nearly three more long years under President Jimmy Carter, the Man from Plains (2007 trailer), peace advocate and all, advocate for democracy is what you are supposed to remember.  Give me a break.  No wonder this ex-Navy man, ex-plantation owner, President during the Three Mile Island crisis, is so driven.

OK, line up the usual suspects, first there were the Republicans (Ford), the Democrats led by Carter, and then of course the U.N. was there too, supporting (of course) Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge and all the killing (end of the third paragraph down, in case you are confused).  Oh yeah, the U.N. is supposed to be so great, so neutral, so against all the civilian killing.  I wish it were so, but NOT SO.

Before we get to Libya, let’s look at the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire).  There was more killing there today, many more civilians dead and many more tens of thousands driven from their homes, across the border to Liberia, which is like going from red to dead, in the scale of the problems.  But then, they’re killing the detainees in Lampedusa, Italy right now, so maybe Liberia is not yet so bad.

The point is that the U.N. installed a President, President Alassane Ouattara, in November of just this past year.  The UN President replaced the old President, Laurent Gbagbo.  The UN said (probably Jimmy Carter too), that the election was rigged (like the Bush/Gore one 10 years earlier) and UN troops should make everything right.  Soon after (this U.N. intervention) the killing started, civilians dying every day, the U.N. way.  Now the number is up to at least 462, with no end in sight.  Where is Obama (and the U.S.) with new U.N. resolutions?  No, the U.N. has, “been there, done that,” before.  There will be no new U.N. troops to STOP the U.N. sanctioned and caused killings.  Democracy IS so highly overrated.

So tonight we get to see or hear Obama.  He will make the case for the war that is not a war, no war powers act is applicable here.  Section 8 (2) b seems to be the issue.  See, there were no NATO or UN “high-level military commands” running the Libya operation, and that is the burn, and the violation of the law.  Is the United States Armed Forces involved in “hostilities”?  Is the firing of 110 cruise missiles a “hostile act”?  Give me a break.  Go back to watching TV, there’s a lot of other stuff on.

Yes, maybe 200, maybe 1,000 Libyans have been killed.  Troops, mercenaries, civilians?  We will never know until we have a list of who and what and where.  Until then it is just propaganda, “unconfirmed reports”, not like with the U.N./U.S. Ok’d Pol Pot regime where there were skulls just rolling in the streets and piled up high in the jungle.

It DOES all get back down to oil, gas and water resources in the desert – all well tapped.   At Qala Bist, in the end, it all gets down to the water.  I wish there were not so much of the blood and the bullets, and so often, in-between.

[“Body Count” Post originally written on March 28, 2011 @ 23:25  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Post Obama Speech Update:
OK, I admit it.  OBAMA IS REALLY SCARY!  He spoke as if he were Hitler, justifying the intervention (invasion of) the Sudetenland so that so many (German) lives could be saved.  This time the claim is “preventing a great massacre”, a “humanitarian catastrophe”.  Obama knows that one cannot prove a negative, no one can prove that his “great fear” would not have happened, just as no one could prove that the German people in the Sudetenland were not THREATENED!

This President is upon a VERY slippery slope!  If America buys his lies, or even just condones them or ignores them, the Constitutional Republic is over.  He has thrown down the gauntlet.  He is in a war against the truth.  He will use the military anywhere and anyhow.  If you saw his eyes, you know that he means it.  “Hitler Alert!”  I’ve seen the look before, in newsreels, in pictures.  I’ve seen the flags before, the military brass all lined up and applauding.  I see the beginnings of a much wider war, many more dead, much more blood on American and “allied” hands, perhaps even the dreaded “blood across America (itself)”.

This is like the day after the Reichstag fire, bringing the Reichstag Fire Decree.  This “speech” changes everything.  Obama is clearly, now, a President (maybe more a Chancellor) on the move.  Forget the words, the eyes are the clue to power.   There is no sympathy, no compassion, no humanity there – just the “Will to Power”.

If “good Germans” had of spoken up earlier they say history might have been different.  I don’t disagree.  We are at that crossroads again.  The people are jobless, going hungry, losing even their homes and the “Leader” wants military spending and more war.  No cost is too great to build a better Homeland / Fatherland, is what Obama seems to say.  A future in “fears of massacres” stopped by military invasions and military solutions.  The German people bought it then; I will NOT buy it now – the cost is far too great!

Spread the word.  This guy must be STOPPED.  Prepare.  If the revolution didn’t start yesterday, it may probably be too late.

I ended the first part of this post with, “it all gets down to the water.”  I guess the question is, “when it’s time to leave, can you swim,” or will you just be home free?

Radiation is a pain

March 28th, 2011

~ Radiation is a pain, which is why inquiring minds want to know.

With Sunday being spent reporting and misreporting, reading and misreading all the gauges, test instruments and reported reports regarding the nuclear radiation at Fukushima, Japan it is a wonder that anyone wants to talk about radiation at all, now that it is Monday.

I posted some basic information yesterday about White Sands in New Mexico and the Trinity Site where this man-made radiation thing really started.   I mean “really”, not necessarily “literally”, as there was literally man-made radiation created before the Trinity Site nuclear detonation.

The point is that, as I discovered, and you can easily see, even the “experts” are very confused about radiation and “what’s safe” and what “background” radiation is.  To make matters worse, yesterdays information is in “mrem’s” and today everyone is talking “Sieverts” (Sv).  Rads and Rems are so old-style, out of date, probably misunderstood, and yes, silly – if not just stupid AND unscientific by today’s standards.  You get my point.

I admire this person for trying to get the radiation story out there and a little straight.  His comments about Gupta seem very good, and important to know.  He’s not a nuclear scientist as he clearly admits.  Those that apparently are nuclear scientists give us this:  From Wiki.  Not only is this guy (these people) totally confused, but their attitude (See: Metric prefixes is a must have) is absolutely elitist (and ridiculous) when he moans, “The fact of existence of intellectually impaired individuals, incapable of grasping the concept of metric SI unit prefixes.”  Oh gosh, can this website help?  Yell “Fermi laboratories” when you get all the correct and relevant “SI” answers.

So the people at OMSI are “intellectually impaired“.   And (for using Rem) the people at White Sands Missile Range too.  To wit:  If 5 REMs per year are OK (5,000 / 1,000 = 5), and you get .5 mREM in one hour at Trinity Site (12 x 1 mREM = 12 / 1,000 x 365 = 4,380 / 1,000 = 4.3 REMs if you lived 365 – 24/7 at Ground Zero!  Wow!  It looks like you’re under the average “OK” limit and that nuclear radiation is really safe.  So WHY is the site only open for two days per year, and only about six hours per day at that?  Nuclear tourism could make New Mexico SO much money.  (You go first, rent-a-tent, let me know two years later.)

No, I’m not a nuclear physicist, but I do know a number of them, “rocket scientists”, “nuclear scientists”, “medical radiation technicians” and others that have worked with the bomb, made bombs, defended nuclear power stations & bombs.  They are all trained in, “need to know.”  The result is most of them don’t know (globally) the first thing about radiation, dosages, and long term effects.  “It’s safe,” is all they ever say.  They get paid very well for saying this, and doing this “line” of work.

The problem is that every “expert” and government agent ever asked has always lied about every nuclear event and the consequences (in radiation) thereof.  The Rocky Mountain Flats case is a good example.   What the linked Wiki-article does not tell you is that the site itself was built on an exceptionally rich field of (radioactive) uranium.  This led to the “Denver” background radiation being reported as being so high, when so many other “higher” places don’t have the dosages of (outside) Denver at all.  The OMSI material (western map) takes this “Denver” myth to a ridiculous extreme.

It’s probably too late to start over, take real measurements, get everyone on the same page, get the knowledge out there that the people really need without relying on experts that often lie (or always lie about what they do not know).  So, what to do?  My suggestion, “take cover.”  Like they said in the 1950’s, “Duck and Cover.”  Good advice then (maybe no), good advice now (well, yes).

And if you live at Rocky Mountain Flats, you might leave it; the Nevada Test Site, leave that too; Trinity Site 24/7, not a good idea; Hanford Reservation, I have serious reservations; Reactor Valley, Sun Valley is so much nicer; Three Mile Island, not for more than three years; Chernoble, you’re already dead; and finally Fukushima, you should have left last week.  My opinion only – “expert” opinions may differ.

There is always more to radiation than meets the eye.  Ain’t that the truth!

[“Radiation is a pain” Post originally written on March 28, 2011 @ 08:10  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Update 16:51 ZLT:
“What’s a Sievert?”, my wife asked this morning, as I was reading the latest outrage from the Associated Press, an article by Yuri Kageyama and Mari Yamaguchi.

I explained that 1,000 millisieverts are equal to 1 Sievert, and that the sievert thing is really very simple.  A good journalist would have done the math (I explained), and just said that Unit 2 at Fukushima Dai-ichi was leaking radiation at a rate of 1 Sievert per hour, not millisieverts, a full sievert.  And since 5 sieverts a year (in exposure) is about as much exposure that you would ever want, then the claim that the government of Japan thinks that 250 millisieverts per hour is OK, is clearly crazy.  The math is: 250 x 24 = 6,000 millisieverts = 6 sieverts per day (which is more exposure than should occur within an entire year.  365 days x 6 sieverts = an annual exposure of 2,190 Sieverts (NOT millisieverts).  This is 438 times the level of exposure that everyone (except at TEPCO in Japan) thinks is safe.  I assume that when AP says “officials” they mean TEPCO and NOT the government of Japan.  I could be wrong.

The real point is that the leak is 4 times the “438 times” exposure level said (they lied) to be “safe”.  So the radiation leakage is really 1,752 times the “safe level” at an annual rate of radiation exposure of 8,760 SIEVERTS (no, not millisieverts) per year.  If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

AP, however, does NOT say where the “airborne radiation” was, meaning where the measurements were taken, and how high the dosage was at various distances from the plant.  No wonder journalism is dead, not just dying.  Nobody (in the press) is asking any real questions.

So since I first posted about the $1 trillion dollar (or more) loss of this EAST JAPAN DISASTER, it begins to look as though I might have been right.  The exclusion zones from catastrophic radiation exposure with half-lives of however long, might make the land-loss even greater than I might have ever imagined.  And then there are the “clouds of radiation” apparently ready to contaminate ships and planes, making world trade the way it was almost impossible to put back together.

So yes, maybe we are fine with just one nuclear power station disaster.  But two?  Take your chances, sure, but if a second were to occur anywhere, then everywhere, LIGHTS OUT.  I thought you might let your Congressperson or Mayor know.  Teach them about Sieverts.  Someone has to.

Project Hope

March 27th, 2011

~ Project Hope and the situation in Japan, a retrospective on why things don’t work.

Before there was the internet, there was Life Magazine.  It contained articles and pictures, big pictures, of people, personalities and the weekly news.  The size of Life was everything, what made the magazine fun for people and fun for the kids of the Boomer generation (like me).  You won’t find the size of the magazine (+/- 15.5″ x 13″) mentioned in the Wiki-article linked above, which is more than a mistake, it is a travesty, like confusing a laptop with a big screen (screen).

Life changed in 1936 when the name was purchased by Luce of New York.  My parents were married in 1938 and “started a new life” together and then in 1939 gave “new life” by giving birth to a son (not me, an older brother).  So I guess that it was natural that during this time they picked up on subscribing to the new magazine (early 1939, somewhere I have a letter that documents the date).

Life magazine was collectible of course; who throws away pictures, especially big blowups, and color page makeups, and even (in 1939) a few color photographs too?  The point is that they saved these magazines, didn’t recycle them, saved them for reference and teaching another generation.  Then came 1941 and 1942 and with these years and more, the war – World War II.

Life became a chronicle of the war.  It carried all the war propaganda, words from the front, pictures of Pearl Harbor, Saipan, Normandy, Truk Island – you know the drill.  These were beach places, called beachheads then, not beach fronts.  The point is that they were locations near the water where ships could get in, could access the land, could make a difference or make a change.  Like in Inchon later, but I digress.

By 1953 (the year of the Ebb Tide link listed above), I was living in Carson City, on Roop Street in Nevada, like as seen here, before Roop Street was even paved, not like it looks now:

OK, the house did have an inside, as you’ve seen before, but you haven’t seen the living room, Christmas, or this picture of my mother (meaning also: Lloydine):

The reason I show all of this to you now is that in this house and under the bench (really like window seats) that the Christmas tree is sitting on, and a few presents too, are the window seats that had hinges on them and opened up and inside was where all the old Life magazines were kept.  I say “old” because by 1953 or 1954, the year 1942 or so was ancient history, at least in my mind then.

Most of the year, and over the years, the Christmas lights weren’t there, nor were the presents.  This made lifting the lids much easier, and I from the age of five and beyond, would get out these old chronicles of history and page through each issue while sitting on the floor you see in front of you.  It kind of takes you (and me) back, I guess.

In time I worked my way up, through the years, got older, and finally caught up on my reading and started reading these magazines as they came in, current issues and all, the new stuff that is (to you, perhaps) the very old stuff now – circa 1957.  That was the beginning (perhaps) of Project Hope, the new Great White Fleet of medical care, evacuation, and mercy and a lot of dreams that now seem as dust.  Anyway, I read (then) all about it in Life.

If you Google this stuff today things get a little murky and complicated.  There are four 4! “Great White Fleets” to reckon with:  Teddy Roosevelts Great White of 1907-1909; the Great White Banana Fleet came before (see: 1899) and the United Fruit Company banana boats (1956 song).  Then there was the proposed new Great White Fleet, of which the SS Hope would be the first ship; then there is the Second Great White Fleet, perhaps it will be Chinese.

Let’s go back.  You see Teddy Roosevelt felt that a naval fleet could do more as a deterrent to keep the U.S. out of war, than to be a battle-force in war.  That’s why he painted all the battle cruisers white (not battleship gray), and sent them around the world, past Libya, that sort of thing.

Actually, as the fleet was approaching Libya, a great earthquake and tsunami hit in nearby Sicily, causing a bit of damage (not unlike in Japan today).  Ships from the Great White Fleet were sent in to help.  It helped.  In fact the help helped so much that some 50 years later (in 1959) the idea of a great fleet of white ships available to give aid in time of disasters came around again and Life magazine got a hold on the story and promoted the “Hope” thing and soon after the SS Hope was painted and sailing it was hoped that a few aircraft carriers and civilian troop ships might be next.

Oh well, fast forward, it didn’t happen – add this one to the “new physics” post on scientific advances that don’t advance.   Project Hope became hopelessly lost in missions centered on birth, birth control and HIV (aids) that had nothing to do with emergency aid and relief and even gave up their ship (scrapped in 1975) and the “ship to shore” connection that was what World War II (on the bad side) was all about.  History provides the lessons; it’s up to people to interpret the lessons in order to turn bad to good.  So this brings us back to now, and to the needs of Japan today.

Envision, if you will, an aircraft carrier, perhaps a whitely painted SS Kersage off the coast of Japan (not Libya) using its helicopters to lift in medicine, whole field hospitals, emergency generators – that sort of thing, and lifting out civilian casualties, the damaged and the wounded, those people desperately in need.  The ship would have fuel on board, blankets, warm clothing for the elderly that have been cold and are old, and have lost everything they have ever had or had.

Oh yeah, you SO get the image and the idea.  Boats waiting offshore to evacuate those that need evacuation in a nuclear disaster, a tsunami, an earthquake or a flood.  Food aid, human aid, warm aid in a world turning cold – not aid for AIDS so much, just aid for living people where lifestyle choices don’t count so much.  Where everyone hurt, and hurting, can apply.

So, what to do?  Actually, we are helpless and can do nothing.   This is not the 1950’s anymore.   Politicians and the corporations are now in charge, greed is the way, a lack of leadership and vision is in the way.  Which is just another way of saying, “we’re all doomed.”  We have the President, the Congress, the military and the budget that we deserve.  We have the debt and the deficit we deserve.  We, as a people, have wasted so many opportunities, so many chances to get it right.

Take it from one who has been on the carpet, and studied it from the carpet – so many years, and so much that has been lost and done so wrong.  There are no ships that are coming in, only a shoreline that is breaking.  “C’est la vie”, a French phrase, “That’s life”, or more precisely, “Such is life”.

We all will go down to the sea again, with, or perhaps without, life.

[“Project Hope” Post originally written on March 28, 2011 @ 02:30  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Physics of the Future

March 26th, 2011

~ Getting down to earth, Physics for the Future, we’ve heard it all before.

Futurists have always made me a bit nervous.  It’s not however that they can’t be a lot of fun.  All this “scientific modernism” and predictions about our “future world” is really nothing new.  Amazing Science has been around a long-long time, in our clear memory at least since 1864.

My Zeitgeist Post was written because these guys make me nervous.

Alley Oop, the comic strip was a lot of fun, and the song (1960) wasn’t too bad either.

Future World is a movie, for a translation click here.

Amazing Science (fiction) was a magazine, or was it, was it more just about advertising for NASA?

1864 is of course when Jules Verne wrote Journey to the Center of the Earth (movie trailer 1959), which science has still not accomplished to this day – only the Mohole, 100 years later, (circa 1961).

The point is that the futurists say that the future will look different.  “Different than what,” I say.  OR, “Different than what I say.”  Their point is that the world will be different because of advancing science.   It is an info-commercial about the role of science battling civility.  The two, it seems, cannot co-exist.  It’s not just Dick Tracy and the first cell phone, it’s about magnetism too, and “controlling the universe.”

So much “wrist talk” propaganda was written (and drawn) that it would have taken an atom bomb to keep it from all coming true.

On the other hand the Space Coupe (Dick Tracy 1964) has not become the least bit real as this piece in NASA makes clear.

Oh well, I’m getting tired of the future format and the idea that science is going to get you where you have not already been.

When I was young Life magazine carried ads for and pictures of flying automobiles.  And then there was the “air car“, actually proto-typed near Reno.  The idea was not bad, the dust storm it cooked up was its undoing.   Then there was the GIRO-copter, and the AERO car to get you where you needed to go – but didn’t.

The Flying Wing (passanger plane version) was super-cool.  And with mass-production you could make them.   And then there was the idea of the future of dirigibles (or do I mean blimps?).  Most people seem to forget that the top of the Empire State Building was for dirigibles to swing on, not King Kong.

The Trans-Atlantic Tunnel was never built, but you can see the (1935) movie (trailer).   Maybe this isn’t really a trailer, but is the movie – once you get beyond the internet ads (another “science” that doesn’t work).   But then, blogging doesn’t work either if you get involved watching a grade ‘B’ movie just because science has said you can.

Then there is the whole “death ray thing”, hand held, or from a tower like Tesla built and from which some claim Nikola Tesla caused Tunguska.  Of course once one starts studying Tesla (start with the first hit on the link just shown), and gives him credit for just a part of what he accomplished (like our A/C, alternating current system), then the physics of the future starts seeming unnecessary as nuclear energy would be gone and over and all the rivers could run free and TEPCO in Japan (and a few other utility corporations) would be as dead as dead can be.

So it isn’t really about science and the science.   It is not about the future or future dreams (or nightmares).  It is more about money and corporations, about what science goes forward and which science gets killed.  Having a heart is always better than having science, but I wrote about that point the other day.

Here’s “future physics” – the song.

[“Physics of the Future” Post originally written on March 27, 2011 @ 03:50  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Dirty Bomb

March 26th, 2011

~ Do we really know where this whole thing is going?

Let me begin by saying that, as a whole, I do believe that the people of North America are generally a decent people, hard-working, and trying.  From the Eskimos in Canada to the patriots and dock workers in Panama I think that most people are “on the job”, doing their job, to make “America”, this great continent of North America, a better place to live.  At least that is the goal.  We all share that goal now, don’t we?

Oh sure, the U.S. has had a few disagreements with the Cubans – had a spat or two.   And in Mexico the nation has largely been taken over by a Cartel or two (meaning “drug cartel” maybe).  However, it may be more about NAFTA, and the dislocations caused by the U.S. subsidies for corporation corn, wheat and cotton that the Republicans want, and want to keep.  Add this to the list of why democracy doesn’t work.

In Canada the government is collapsing.  Some say it is the economy, perhaps the price of food and fuel, but the Canadian attack on Libya was probably the final straw.

In the central most nation of America (the USA!), the President and Congress are on the ropes about how to balance a budget in a budget process gone bankrupt so many years before.  There is no solution except to dissolve the currency (and therefore the problem) when they are good and ready.  What America is being asked to be ready for (however), right now even, is a dirty bomb – something about Facebook (maybe) and all that excitement for an “Arab Cultural Revolution”.

A “dirty bomb”, however depends on your meaning.  Is the dirty bomb the degradation of the daily comics by their escalating use of the term “butt“, bra and bosomMaybe a dirty bomb means Al Qaeda, sounds like “Ralph Nada”, or Al Quida, sounds like “I lied to ya”.  Which brings up the President (Obama), who says the U.S. is not in a war in Libya.  This one statement alone should put at rest those that have argued for the intelligence of Obama.  He’s not.  He is not as intelligent even as Forrest Gump:

who at least knew that, “stupid is as stupid does.”  Both Afghanistan and Libya are wars, and both are stupid wars at that.

OK, I stand corrected.  The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms does not actualy contain a definition for “war”.  Amazing, isn’t it?  The Pentagon itself has no idea of what a “war” really is, or what the term “war” really means.  I suspect Congress has been in here meddling, or the President, or Rumsfeld, or something.  But they do know what a “game” is, as in “war game, as in read right here:

war game — A simulation, by whatever means, of a military operation involving two or more opposing forces using rules, data, and procedures designed to depict an actual or assumed real life situation.

So we are “depicting an actual situation” in Libya (evidently).   It is just a “simulation“, not the real thing, not real bombs falling, not anyone really getting killed, not like a dirty bomb; or (maybe) very much like a dirty bomb – you see, you can’t really see it.

So eight short paragraphs later and I finally get to make my point.  My point is this.  The U.S. has already been hit by a “dirty bomb”!, a cloud of radiation – radioactivity EVERYWHERE.  It is converging on all of AMERICA, on all of North America from the Eskimos in Alaska and Canada to the canal workers in Panama and TVA workers in Tennessee.  It’s the revenge of Godzilla:

He’s after every factory (what factories are left?), every farm (especially corporate ones) and every town.   He represents the memory of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the apology that is overdue.

How bad does the event at Fukashima have to get before it is recognized as a dirty bomb, a dirty time bomb of man-made radiation that threatens America and the world much more than the other “warming” caused by carbon content and not by the hot heat of the extraordinary radioactive decay?

We have scientists as smart as our president, military leaders caught in a display of political disarray.  We have an entire Congress in the pocket of corporate pockets, fleecing the public everyday.  Almost 50% of everything has been lost, and the other 50% will be gone so very soon.

I hope you enjoy your radiation, get a suntan or something, enjoy your day.  It’s Saturday, why worry.  But if I were a North American I might be concerned.  I might wonder why so many are in denial, why idiots are in control, what happened to my country and Continent, what replaced truth with lies in the place of honor.

The President of these United States is making an address to the nation and the world on Monday.  Oh Gosh! – I really wonder what he is planning to say?  Godzilla or Forrest Gump – either way, I’ve already seen the movie.

The Revolution Starts Now.

[“Dirty Bomb” Post originally written on March 26, 2011 @ 21:39  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Thinking the unthinkable

March 25th, 2011

~ It’s an oxymoron, that only a moron can believe, or advocate at all.

What’s with the words today?  Of today?  “Oxymoron“, moron (you know), and now another new word – Meme.   OK, we’ve got our vocabulary lesson in order, now to get to the point.

Words, like politics, can take you all over the map, and quickly.  They can be shoved in peoples mouths, eaten like cornflakes for breakfast, smeared on walls, painted carefully on carefully crafted signs.  A President can speak them, a dictator, an Admiral or a NATO commander or even someone else.  Words can serve to be like weapons, or they can be the only weapon of the truth.  Painted prose, maybe, but maybe too there is something really going on.

Among the roadblocks established by the Constitution (of the United States) to violent revolution, widespread repression or another civil war, the last two were these two:  (1) Congress, not the President, had the right to take this nation to war;  (2) The violent overthrow of the government itself was illegal, an illegal act (a “no” go).

We learn (most people learn) our lessons of history, our lessons in civics, from action.  We not only watch the history coming down, we live it, we experience it, we take up or throw down the latest meme.

The “old” meme was that Congress cared, that it was composed (not composted) of “elected” representatives that had the people’s interests at heart and were not just corporate pawns, power brokers, politicians out to cut a deal.  The old meme said that Congress would declare, or at least be consulted (meaning given evidence, purposes, and a clear-cut reason) before there was a war, before another nation was brought down by violent means or violent revolution supported by, or caused by, the actions of the U.S., with the clear support of the U.S. people.  “Old” is now yesterday, gone like last spring’s flowers (1961) like passé, (meaning like, not new).

Now, many people think that there is nothing new to learn, that we “know how”, and know how to create and forment revolutions, topple unpopular governments at will, how to move out an elected leader without worrying about any Constitutional exchange (or change).  Why limit the discussion to Libya, when the same happened in Afghanistan (in 2001), in Iraq (in 2003), in Chile, in El Salvador, in Iran, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Chile, Greece, France and Italy and a whole lot more.

“Oh sure – not France, not Italy – I’ve read my history,” you might write.  But I’ve read the history too, and I’M RIGHT, read between the lines, the suppressed revolutions of the “communists” and the ballots that they carried, the demonstrations in the streets (and the rioting that occurred thereafter), armed insurrection (or the threat thereof), thugs, brutality, criminality – creating governments that are a crime and do crimes against humanity, like in Libya (and elsewhere), like TODAY.  But, I digress.

The point is that most people find a currency collapse more believable than the possibility, the encouragement by the government itself, of the violent overthrow of the United States itself.  It is simply “unthinkable”.

But NOW (meaning not yesterday), this is exactly what the President of the United States, Congress (by its inaction), the highest U.S. military commanders, and other “fellow travelers” advocate, promote, and carry out as being U.S. POLICY.  Enabling the VIOLENT OVERTHROW of an unpopular regime, a national government with a Constitution, is now de rigueur, the latest thing, clearly what’s in fashion.  Why be a hypocrite, (or a hypocritter), and say that what is good for Libya is not good for the good ole’ U.S.A.?

No, nobody even bothers to believe that the “revolution” or the “revolutionaries” in the land of Al Qaeda (Eastern Libya), were ever non-violent, democratic, or peaceful.  There has never been even one election in Benghazi in the past ninety (90) days – to choose a revolutionary council or something.  That’s not the way it works.  It’s “grab the weapons, capture tanks, take captured military jets into the sky to shoot civilians”; it’s war, it’s violence, it works to work up the U.S. into supporting this type of “regime” change – VIOLENT REVOLUTION!  You don’t need the links; it’s all on the web, or was all on Al Jeezera (which even Hillary Clinton supports).

If I were running things (I’m not), I would not have let this last “roadblock” get pushed away, get defeated, made to whistle in the wind.   I am opposed to violence, and the violent overthrow of Constitutions, of governments, of the will of people by violent demonstrations or violent demonstrators in the streets.  But I am old, and old school.   There is something new out there now.  We can think the unthinkable, advocate it for those who will, it’s government policy now, trash the Constitution and the safeguards that it represents (apparently), the world is moving toward the mob, aka: the democracy of the streets.  Maybe it is time for ALL PARLIAMENTS to step aside (like in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Wisconsin).   The one in Washington seems already gone.  Do I sound nice and modern now?  Forget about all the papers and the empty words written on them, it’s out into the streets, it’s time for the (lyric) REVOLUTION.

[“The Revolution Starts Now” Post originally written on March 25, 2011 @ 22:52  ZLT / GMT / Zulu / UTC]

Update:  Just for argument (and illustration) I offer this reminder – The (real) revolution will not be televised.

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