A Separate Peace

July 27th, 2011

A Separate Peace

~ Dumping the radicals of a Golden Age.

If you’ve been reading all of my posts lately you may have an idea of where I’m at.  Art and politics are as intertwined as the weather and fire; both sets are intertwined with each other.  New Mexico is a desert, a spiritual place perhaps, a place where most people have no abiding need for money because in fact there just isn’t much money that goes around.  The money that is here comes from federal spending like the Air Force Bases, the labs, White Sands, National Parks and Monuments, Indian appropriations, federal retirement programs.  Yes, a little income comes from oil and gas leases of state lands, but that money is only a token of the value of the resources that leave the state tax free.

New Mexico was occupied by Europeans before the original 13 colonies had life.   However, more remains of Jamestown than anything equally as old in New Mexico; here we have few “colonial” ruins and few buildings more than 100 years old survive.  The main revolution in New Mexico was an effort to have enough to eat, a greater politics was secondary.

In the east things are different.  Tea Party radicals ate well, enjoyed the luxuries of life like tea and coffee even before Starbucks was born.  They had money not only for day clothes, evening clothes, but also costumes.  They had the foresight to “false flag” the event by blaming it on “the Indians”, an idea that makes the “tea party” not so popular in New Mexico to this day.

The idea of the first tea party was to hijack America, the colonies, the continent that included New Mexico so far away.  The idea of the “new” Tea Party was to hijack the Republicans and their party and by doing so to put the Democrats on the run, perhaps to even end them.  Turn-about is always fair play.

What the Tea Party has done is to leave the Republicans as a party divided.  This division makes possible an opportune political attack.  It is like Virginia or the Carolinas making a separate peace during the Revolutionary War; like letting the hot heads of the north fight it out in Philadelphia without troops, money or leadership from Virginia.  Maybe it is an idea who’s time has come.  The states easily remain united when everyone is fed, real sacrifice is not an easy virtue.

The Republicans, the right-wingers, Rupert Murdock and Stauss-Kahn and others have underestimated Obama.  They thought he was weak.  They thought history was on their side.  Now they are in a pincer move, are going down, are taking the Republic with them because after all the whole thing is just contrived.  There is no party loyalty at the top, the best patriots are also the King’s men.

The rhetoric has been that default = crisis, major crisis, as in not enough to eat.  Banks will crumble, interest rates explode, old people will be homeless and go hungry as Social Security goes unpaid.  Even things worse might happen, the USA! would be AAA-, not AAA+.  The horror of it!

The point is FEAR drives Wall Street and the fear of fear drives America beyond reason.  It’s like believing in weapons of mass destruction in Arab hands, or in Al Qaida or in 9-1-1; the fear will make most citizens support the most dangerous things.

Almost half the Congress is composed of Democrats, half the revolution was composed of southerners.  The Republicans are the problem, having hijacked Congress like they did.  They will not do their job.  They will not authorize the spending of the money that Congress as a whole has authorized to be spent.  It makes no sense.  Controlling the debt means that as a member of Congress one knows how much one (you) are spending.  The national budget is NOT a credit card where the bank tells you you are “over limit”.

So yes, the Republicans and the Tea Party is looking stupid and looking bad.  Obama WILL order that all US bills be paid.  He is the Commander-in-Chief, he is the President.  Solvency is an issue of national defense and national honor.  Nobody really understands debt, because most Americans have so much of it.  It’s like a “credit card”, just ask the bank for more money, or get another card from elsewhere – life must go on.

But first the nation must default, that’s the law and that is politics.  Markets must tumble.  There must be a crisis that looks like a crisis before Obama can act and before the Republicans will be ruined (and the Tea Party, and the Republican Party).  It’s like Hoover and the Great Depression (all over again) – the Republicans are looking clueless.

John Boehner can now see all of this.  Will he lead his party to ruin?  Will some in the party seek a separate peace and vote with the Democrats to save the Republicans from “instant destruct”?  In either case it is Obama as (obvious) President for another term.

If the Republicans had any real leaders or leadership things could be different.  That is the failing of the “Presidential system” of politics that we have.  Sarah Palin, Senator McCain, Newt Gingrich just don’t make it as serious news.  Democrats don’t threaten to cut-off Social Security, Republicans do.  There could be 10 days of chaos, but the President will win the fight, just because he is president and he has ALL the power.

Like after 9/11 I do not believe that America will ever be the same after the default, “after Tuesday”.  Settling the debt crisis will come at great cost.   The idea of the discussion was to “rattle the cage”, to mix things up, to play politics and help the rich get richer by making middle America feel less secure.  The outcome will bring more than that.  In New Mexico it looks like a lot more fire, not so much rain.

2011.07.27 – 19:23.

Sunshine Patriots

July 26th, 2011

Sunshine Patriots

~ A worthy Congress would be lowering the debt ceiling, not raising it.

It has been a long time since I was interested in Thomas Paine.  He was a patriot.  He loved his country and freedom and was opposed to tyranny in all its forms with all his heart.  He was not afraid of blood as long as it was the blood of patriots spilled in the fulfillment of patriot dreams.

We are all red coats now.  America has become what Thomas Paine and all the other patriots resisted.  America is the tyranny, the tyrant, the army of mercenary soldiers fighting for empire and markets and ever higher taxes, even on tea.  The cost of empire is endless debt.  No true patriot expects another to pay the bills for his or her service.  True patriots bring their own arms to the battlefield; it is not a corporate “profit making” affair.  If the battlefield is too far away to walk to, it is a battle that doesn’t matter.  Defend your home, wars are not the way to “see the world”.

It was the cost of war that defeated Britain.  Higher taxes, more ships, more money for mercenaries could have brought the Brits victory.  The King and Parliament, like the President and Congress, could have coined or printed enough money to beat the Americans at Bunker Hill or Beacon Hill or anywhere else the terrorist army raised its ugly head.  That’s what the empire called them, “terrorists”.

So now the “outcome” of the debt crisis is clear.  President Obama will make a decision as commander-in-chief to defend the nation by averting economic calamity by ordering the payment of all national debts.  The “ceiling” will be history, an arcane piece of legislation from a rebellious Congress that has no meaning, is against the law, and (of course) threatens the very Republic and Constitution which he (Obama) has sworn to defend.

Bush started this over-reach of presidential power.  He lied to Congress and the American populace.  There were no weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq) and Bush was damn sure that he wanted none found.  That was the point – to lie and clearly get away with it.  That is the road to real power.  Every tyrant has walked this walk since Babylon, or before.  It is not the thin veneer of truth that keeps tyrants in power, it is the flagrant disregard for truth that inspires the masses and makes them leave their homes to build empires and the empires of debt on which all empires are founded.

Without the military the Congress might act.  It might “assert” itself.  It might speak up for the principle of a “balance of power”.  There is no balance now, the scales are tipped (the tipping point is past), it is just about raw power.  Elections are just the opiate of the people, like the dust-bin religions before them they clutter the floor of history until they are neatly swept away.

The military must side with Obama.  It is the “chain-of-command” thing, he is the Commander-in-Chief.  Obama has grown the military, created careers, elevated military men to positions of civilian power.  A nation at war needs more men and women in uniform, patrolling the airports, waiting for planes, making their presence felt.  The China threat is real.  It is no time to have a debt crisis and a cut in national spending.  America needs every dollar it can borrow to bolster national defense, to build its forces, to make salaries attractive to attract the best and brightest to shine in the national honor.

Does all this sound edgy?  Is it even true?  Are these new ideas or just the old ideas found in every empire and that are now current in our own?

The point is that the debt crisis didn’t happen because people were thinking clearly, were intelligent, had all the facts.  It did not occur because Congress was sincere, honest or trustworthy.  It took a thousand lies, a thousand deceits, a thousand selfish acts to create 16 trillion dollars of national debt – a figure so high as to never be payable.

The American people went along because life was good and people are (too often) inherently lazy.  Freedom is hard work, it does not grow out of the barrel of a gun.  If nature favored the creation of billionaires all government would be unnecessary; only governments can create the conditions that allow the emergence of the uber-rich.  Big and powerful government, as a concept, is the only thing critical to their self interest.  The idea is to throw enough pennies at the poor in order to make the poor think that the government exists to help them.  In this context the middle class is an accident of history, not the purpose.

So, Thomas Paine was wrong.  The independence of this continent was declared too soon.  It was the impetuousness of youth and the angst of aging men that caused the impulsive actions.  Any revolution achieved by force of arms will, in time, surely fail.  Freedom is a patient thing, it abhors fast and furious action, shock, awe.  Freedom requires courage, and courage requires a free people, free from debt and bondage and the bondage that debt always brings.

This crisis cannot end well.  There are too many things upon the table.  From the Tea Party and revolution, to the cost of wars and NASA and NPR, America is at loggerheads about both its history and where and why what went wrong.  Every hamlet in America is dependent upon federal spending because only the federal government can create all that debt – 40 cents on every dollar (now); 75 cents or more each year within 5 years if the Ponzi scheme were to last.

Of course the Ponzi scheme cannot last, like Britain and the Soviet Union, in time there IS an end to money, ambitions are reigned in, the credit cards are cancelled – banks and bankers fail.  Tyrants too, are swept away; and the parliaments of men eventually stand empty.  Visit Rome, see Athens – we have been down this road before.

One day down and counting.  Only those with eyes can blink.

2011.07.27 – 05:09.

Metal Fire

July 26th, 2011

Metal Fire

~ Who says metal can’t burn?  That’s why I’m “in”.

OK, this summertime is burning time is getting old, a bit.  First there was the Wallow Fire, then the Seashell (Conchas) Fire and now we have the Metal Fire in Albuquerque, because metal (heavy or not) really does seem to burn.  I quote Larry Gallegos, “There is a huge amount of metal burning.”

The Albuquerque Journal had all of 79 words about the fire, buried in section 3 (C) on the far side of the second page.  Any real newspaper would have had a front page spread with the picture of the mile high plume of dark, black and dangerous smoke billowing out over Albuquerque for miles.  Journalism is dead, it DIDN’T.  The news was a recycled story from June 17 about how the USA! is smuggling guns and super rifles to the drug lords of Mexico so that they can kill USA! drug enforcement agents.  I kid you not.  This is the world that Wall Street is protecting.

Back to the fire.  It was at Acme Recycling, a “green” business where all the toxic waste type things that “green” consumers consume are piled up and left to rot in the heat of summer after summer until “capitalism” gets around to creating a market that can derive a “profit” from turning trash to treasure. There are no laws regarding how many years and how many acres can be consumed while the world waits for this green thing to happen.

When my son was here we went on the train, the Railrunner Express, up to Santa Fe and back.  The train was a project of Governor Richardson (Democrat) who was willing to recycle the deteriorated tracks of Warren Buffet’s Burlington / Santa Fe RR and provide a huge government freebie to said company and billionaire by promising to keep the tracks and rails in good condition at New Mexico taxpayer expense so that Warren could gain an even greater profit.  Who says that Democrats are “bad for business”?  The only thing that deficit spending is for is to give government welfare to the rich and huge corporations.

The point is that Richardson’s train has lots of windows and these windows enable one to look out and see the backyards of New Mexico, of Albuquerque and points in between.  The “in between” part are the parts of “Indian Country” (which means the Pueblo Peoples) and their sovereign nation-states where photography is forbidden.  Remember this the next time you think of buying a smart phone.

I didn’t take any pictures of the endless trash wallows that constitute the personal and corporate backyards of Albuquerque and the “City Different” even.  Each yard is a recycling center where piles of trash and tires and metals and long dead pallets and plastics and dead trees and other debris is stockpiled with the HOPE that the economy will turn and that these piles of “green trash” will turn to piles of gold as the needs of China or India or Brazil comes in to Albuquerque to create a new Eldorado.

The cars – did I mention the cars?  Trucks even, and car parts and truck parts and trailers are in all these yards too.  There has never been a car or truck in New Mexico that has ever been thrown away.  These unregistered vehicles just float from yard to yard, owner to owner through the years and decades and the tires get rubbery and the rubber melts, but since there is no fire it never burns.  Until today, which means yesterday about 5 PM when the metal yard caught fire and the rubber and chemicals in the plastic batteries and the foam rubber and plastic seat covers and naugahyde of three decades began to burn and catch fire and spew chemicals and lead into the air as if there was no tomorrow – which of course there won’t be, because we will all be dead, as this toxic cloud really can kill us.

New Mexico could “land-fill” the East River with all its junk and still have enough “recycled material” to fill the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  It’s only fair.  We take your nuclear waste and you take “our” recyclables.  We are talking of a hundred years of Wall Streets excess here.  Each object, relic that Wall Street helped to make, manufacture, distribute, sell has been carefully saved because it has “value”, consumer goods do last forever.  People keep them.  And then one day at the end of time or times, they burn.

The fire department of Bernalillo County will let this fire burn until it burns itself out.  It is a chemical fire (mostly), but there is no foam so they use water (which is in short supply).  I have a bad feeling about the fire.  There is a health alert (finally).  Last night was a Homeland Security disaster, but “who would know” – this was not “Muslim” terrorists, just terror and terrorism just the same – a chemical attack.  There is no other way to spin it, unless you really believe that, “metal burns” (not “metal melts” when there is a source for real fire).

Did I say that 85% of the schools in this state are failing (according to federal standards)?  I’m guessing that government is overwhelmed.  Maybe America would be run better IF the drug cartels from Mexico took over, maybe that IS the government plan, new leadership?

I feel like a school child myself, today.  The mayor says I should not go out for recess.  The advice is that EVERYONE stays inside and avoids the toxic smoke.  “Downwind” (SE winds) means almost all of Albuquerque.  Maybe I should write a post.

2011.07.26 – 20:10.


July 25th, 2011


~ Time is money, a week early is better than a minute late.

It’s Tuesday already in Great Britain – July the 26th.  The markets are closed and are still open in Tokyo.  We live in a small and changing world.

There are 31 days in July, six more.  Then there are two days in August, the first and the second; on this much we can be clear.  The first of August is a Monday.  August 2nd is a Tuesday, it figures.

Nothing important ever happens on August 1st.  Chubby Checker released “The Twist” on this date – point is made (match, set).   August 2nd is no better, only worse.  JFK lost PT 109 in the Solomon islands on August 2nd, just “shot out from under him” as they say.  The day is full of losers and historical losses, Google the date if you don’t believe me.

So this puts the pressure on Friday, July 29, three days from now.  Obama has put the word out (in Monday’s address to the nation) to “light up the switchboards” of Congress and Congressmen and women and those that are genetically cross-gender or neutral.  It’s a nice thought, but he lost his budget credibility and the respect of Congress (and America) when he went to war in Libya without one word of discussion or compromise and without any authorization of funding.  No wonder John Boehner does not return his calls.  There is bad blood everywhere.

The deficit has increased 6 trillion dollars since George Bush left office.  The federal deficit was only a total of six trillion dollars when George W. Bush went in.  In just three years Obama and the military war machine has created more debt than all Americans that ever lived created in the first 232 years, being a term of time beginning with the Declaration of Independence.  George W. Bush “only” created a half-trillion dollars of debt per year, “just” 4 trillion dollars of excess federal spending.

There are no “switchboards” anymore, the nation is now digital.  24 hours does not make for a campaign, any real campaign needs at least three days.  Three days ends on Thursday night, everyone sleeps on it and decides on how to vote “in the morning” (Friday morning).  The problem is that there will be no bill ready on Friday morning.   The market will have already tanked on Thursday, and panic and self-interest will have set in.  “Get me money for my mistress”, will be the thought of the day, not saving the country from default.

A train wreck looked avoidable, improbable, fanciful and a delusion.  Then came the crash of bullet trains in China, one track, one way, one power failure and the lights go out on Broadway or Wall Street or maybe on the Staten Island ferry.  Default is no big deal.  There will be a next Wednesday a week from now.  The sun will rise.  It is in no one’s interest to have both a meltdown and a panic.  The idea will be to sell stocks and then re-buy them, “at a profit”.  A default is good for trade.

Student loan debt (re-payments) will go to parents not getting Social Security checks.  State schools will operate for free.  The FAA controllers will still show up for work, as will all the TSA security.  Life goes on.  The FAA is already in default, but you would not know it would you?

Truckers will keep on truckin’.  The churches will stay open.  The pope will still say mass.  The price of bread will still be expensive.  Wheat will not go up.  Orange juice will still be cheap and gas prices will still make you wonder why you own a car.  Starbucks still will not charge you for the cup, just too much for the coffee.

But, what if you did half believe me?  What if you thought I was right about a default, but not right about the lack of panic?  You would withdraw your money from the market and the bank “today” (Tuesday, a week early).  You would “get yours” and not be a victim of selfishness and greed.  You would make your money safe for the future while others “lost it all” like in ’29.  The early bird eats by “pulling out” the worm – that’s nature.

In a default the poor, like the rich now, will pay no taxes.  The federal money will stop coming in – it’s a DEFAULT stupid, which means that it is OK to not pay your bills because the “other guy” is not paying theirs.  Credit will probably kind of stop, no credit cards, no debit cards – cash only.  That’s how bad debts are normally managed, everything needs cash, not credit. Reality sinks in.

The banks and the government (those owed money) will work very hard (for the first time in a long time) to put the old rules (and system) back together.  It could take a week, maybe 10 days.  Miracles would happen.  Tea Party activists and Multi-cultural liberals would drink coffee together, talk, decide.  Biden might act presidential.  Nancy Pelosi might get a brain.  Fox News might leave the air.

By the end of August most people might say, “that was kinda fun.”  They might add, “let’s do it again in September”, this default thing is as “American as debt.”  “Take it or leave it”, one might say, “I really don’t need government or a bank, and all that military spending DOES really suck.”

So that IS the way I see it, today, right now, after the speech, the speeches from both sides of the aisle.  I’m not afraid.  NO FEAR!  I’ll be the first to get my worm, eat it, be glad and happy that I did.  No worry.  Things cannot get any worse for most of US, and as is often said, “they just might get better.”

2011.07.26 – 03:12.


July 25th, 2011


~ I prefer the wine, but a glass half-full isn’t the issue.

It’s been a busy week, but maybe not busy enough.  The weather is hot, but in Albuquerque we have had some rain, afternoon clouds, the seasonal relief from an unseasonal drought.  I can’t complain, or I won’t complain even though I can.

My son has been visiting.  He has been here.  The pace of things has picked up, I’ve been busy or at least busier than usual, which is more than I can say for Congress.  But, what is politics other than a term for laziness and not trying?  I try to stay away from politics (and money) and I learned a long time ago that debt is not working and the only one that one can ever borrow from is oneself.  That brings us to Woody Allen and his movie “Paris” and the theme of lightness in the dark.

On Thursday (last) it was Dylan, not Dylan Thomas, not Dali or Miro – not the 1920’s.   The concert was sparsely attended.  The lawn seating was closed.  The side chairs were closed.  The central seats were half empty.  It looked like rain (a hard rain) might come, but the weather cleared and the sky was lovely and the night was even lovelier still as a 70 year old crooner crooned for the all of us, meaning for those of us that were there.

Bob is of course part of the older generation, the boomers that are getting social security now and are eligible for Medicare, and have retired, or could, or just want to keep on working.  Some might say that the thin crowd was due to the recession, the depression, maybe things much worse.  Others might say it is the fact of an aging Dylan, a lack of appreciation for brown pants worn with spats, a tip of the hat to the fedora, not the upturned Zorro hat that Dylan wears.  But then, I always liked Zorro and early California and Spanish tradition, though bear-baiting and cock-fighting and bull killing and other animal cruelties tend to be a bore.

The crowd was an eclectic mix of younger people, ex-Hell’s Angels want-a-be’s, of failed hippie types and girls (now women) wearing petula oil or just smelling like they do or should.  Some things never change.  Is this the scent that Gertrude Stein wore in Paris?  Who is to say what is “cool”?

A portion of the men wore silk barkcloth shirts, referring to the designs and color, not the cloth itself.  These $110 shirts are the fad, the rage, what’s popular; or at least what’s popular among those that still go see Dylan and appreciate spats, but would never (themselves) wear them.  A hard rain will fall; the only question really is “when”.

There is a lot of water under the bridge, or that has flowed in time under it.  The bridge may cross the Seine or cross the Mississippi or go over the Rio Grande.  Today our water is black and murky with the ash from the Los Alamos (area) fire – not worth drinking.  That’s what they say, the authorities, “let’s not drink the water.”  The Dylan concert was great, the music much too loud.  I wore my headphones, or ear protectors, the big “ear muff” type that makes one stand out in a crowd like long hair used to make one do, or wearing petula oil, or listening to Bob Dylan or liking a Woody Allen movie.

That’s the irony of the Woody Allen movie, of Paris.  There is no “here and now” in either.  Both are about nostalgia, the past, the love of what has been lost and gone forever and can’t be brought back by a concert, a walk in the rain, a simple tune reissued or re-recorded.  There is no “Golden Age” in history, no “Golden Gods” of art or literature or music or movies.  It is all just preferences, like the hats we wear, the shirts, the underwear or the under things we don’t wear that makes the differences in our lives.  All theaters are the theater, every concert is just a party.  We play dress-up or we don’t.  Some like Cole Porter, some Dylan, some Amy Winehouse.  Other people like Nat King Cole or Roy Rogers or the songs of Annette Funicello.  Others like to hear Timothy Geithener, but can he sing?

I have written about “all time” before, about how there is no past, no present, maybe no future.  It is all just NOW.  The point is like a movie, images and a script, a theme.  Watch the same movie again and a again and see what you can get out of it, see if you can get out of it.  After a while everyone wants a new script, new actors, new talent and a better movie.  Nobody likes the ending once one knows that they know the ending.  How many songs will Dylan play for an encore?  It’s all too predictable, not enough (or too many).  He has contracts, his musicians are professional, the Pavilion employees want to go home.  Another concert is just a job.  The fun depends on which side of the stage you’re on.  No stage and life looks a lot like life.

Woody Allen is 75 (years old).  He is no spring chicken.  His ideas reflect a different generation, one that is no longer young.  Paris has a Cole Porter ending, it is like the war never happened, not World War II, but Afghanistan or Libya, or the war on terror that has set us so far back.  There are no happy endings on the streets of Paris, that was so “1950’s”, so retro, so Gidget.  “See Paris and Di”, from the guillotine to the Pont de l’Alma tunnel Paris is remembered for few happy endings.  There are no Golden Cities on a hill or otherwise, not on this earth, not now.  After all these years even Woody Allen should know; you can’t be a Nihilist and a romantic.

So Timothy Geithener keeps us waiting, and Obama, and Boehner.  It’s like a stage.  Who’s having fun?  Of course there will be no default, no debt resolution, no rise in interest rates until all the money is just in a very few hands – then interest rates will sail, the rich will always get richer – that IS the plot.  I’ve seen the ending.  I’m bored.  Young blood, a new movie please; it’s time for new and different talent – Paris IS burning, it’s just that some can’t see the flames.

2011.07.25 – 17:19.

Netflix Nation

July 13th, 2011

Netflix Nation

~ One post, one month, why try?

OK, so I’ve used Netflix, tried Netflix.  It was the last hope in America.  Now Netflix is dead, it decided to destroy itself and all those that trusted “her” (meaning customers).

The whole nation is on “deathwatch” now.  It’s like all the great bastions of capitalism really know that the whole game is OVER.  Why not trade a lifetime of business reputation building for a few last months of profit?  When there is clearly no future left, then it’s time to bet the bank that the banks will fail.

I hear that Obama is mad, has lost his temper and had a temper tantrum (or something) over the debt charade that he has been carrying on about wars in Afghanistan and Libya and other places destined for ruin.  When it comes to paying the bills, those that paid in (by force) come first.  Social Security is the “first pay” when the USA defaults.  Don’t joke around.  Cancel the SS checks and the support for the war machine will quickly go to ZERO!

Medicare is another matter.  It never worked.  It is federal welfare for the medical profession, for drug companies.  Kill Medicare, stop paying postal workers, default on retirement programs for ex-military and other federal employee civilians.  It is “found money”, nice if you can get it; no big loss if you lose it.

Social Security is basic.  Nobody needs Netflix, another movie, life is entertaining enough.  Nobody will “go back” to Netflix, it’s like AT&T and General Motors (GM), it’s over.  Too many stupid bad cars and any car that’s foreign made starts looking good.

If the US defaults (and maybe it will), Netflix acts as if it is a “done deal”, the military should be paid LAST, Homeland Security and the Potomac Gropers should be paid extra last, shut the air system down.  It’s been down for me for at least the last six months.  Who cares?

What does America have that anyone wants?  Debt?  Giant “super-sized” debt?  You want debt with a nice “debt topping”?  You want homes that have giant mortgages, and are up-side-down?  YOU want freeways that are too expensive to maintain and cities with employees that expect too much and work only just a little?  You want the bond burden?  You want the nation like it looks like when in default?  There’s nothing to defend here when there is nothing (like in Greece) that anybody really wants.  How much for an “asset sale” would Congress bring?  Who would pay a billion dollars for the current US President?  Do I hear a bid of $10 million for Hillary Clinton?  Is Bill Gates an asset that might bring in a trillion dollars if you stuff him like Roy Rogers did Trigger?

Maybe you could meet the debt by selling naming rights for the capitol, for political parties, for the President or Congress?  Call him “Wal-Mart Obama”, call it the Kraft-brand Republicans, call it BP Oil Congress.  Over 20 years the naming-rights might be worth a trillion.  Capitalism is just getting started.  A brand-name baby might bring enough for one year of college, call her “Stacy-Jello” or “Brad-Comfort Inn” and each advertising dollar will help.

Touch Social Security and I won’t be paying ANY bills.  I loaned the US my money, a part of my wages (that I never saw).  I want it back, you betcha.  Wars are optional.  Bank bailouts are like decadence and dessert.  Employees are nice, like household help, IF you can afford them.  Maybe the USA can’t afford all the help.  Maybe it is back to basics and nobody needs the trough or subsidies any more.  “Full faith and credit”, ask Netflix, faith and credit are so retro – the message of today is, “I’ve got mine.”

Anybody holding US bonds is probably a fool.  The “paper” is not worth the paper it is printed on.  There are only nine more days until July 22 nd.  No need to panic.  Just buy NOW what is worth buying, like food, like that great hen you’ve always wanted.  Things that might be practical in a world that stops streaming and streaming money and streaming fantasy and not real dreams.

And maybe by the 22nd you can join that “run to the bank”.  Greece maybe will have defaulted.  Ireland will go under (maybe)?  Italy is so nice, but so wasteful.  France and Germany have been so stupid.  Great Britain has the sea, but without Scotland and Wales, England is just so small and over-populated and really has so little to offer except for the memories of her charm.  “Do I hear an offer of $50 million for the Queen?”.  Pikers!  She would look so good standing next to Trigger, all stuffed – a Netflix video in her hand.

Don’t ask me.  I would say, “it’s over.”  Even Rupert Murdock can hear the fat lady sing.

2011.07.14 – 02:29.