August 31st, 2011


~ In reality it is more like September Song.

Everyone has always known it was coming, September, this September.  You don’t need a crystal ball, tea leaves, the sound of music or something more like the roar of jets to know that the waiting is mostly over and that the epicenter is here.  The Empire, the Enemapire is all around us, not be rude, but now it’s about to douche. 

Let’s get a life; like Libya, like Fukushima – the situation is ugly.  The homeless situation is really bad, but Wall Street just goes up and up, not on the up and up.  The leaders eat non-contaminated beef while serving the radioactive version to kids, not a happy meal, but a meal never the less.

The Save the Children bandwagon, meaning big truck, was in Albuquerque the other day.  It was not soliciting, but delivering meals (on wheels).  That’s how far it’s come.  The war (on poverty) has come home but the war on humanity continues each and every day.  Afghanistan, Pakistan, South and North Korea, Chechnya maybe, Libya, Israel and Iran.  The war gets wider every day.  The people are losing.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen democracy work that I think the system really was born on welfare.  ALL elections are so crooked, you couldn’t straighten them with a willing right hand.

We’ve sexualized our society, sexualized the world.  It isn’t safe just to say “she and he” did it, you have to ad the “bi”, the “both” and the neuter.  What is the word for a feminine eunuch, or is true you can’t cut off the best of balls if you don’t have them.  It is a metaphor (maybe), the whole population has been castrated, lobotomized, distorted like it was on LSD.  Who isn’t on drugs (in America), the legal ones, the illegal ones, the ones that cause the butchering in Mexico, in Afghanistan, in the south of Strauss-Kahn France.  It’s crazy.  How long can all this madness go on?  Anybody with a lick of information, or sense, has totally given up.  The “system” is not fixable.  It IS that badly broken.   And then there is TSA – lick their boots, before you can even put on shoes.

It is probably more sadness than anger that makes me speak right out.  The planet has become a sad, sad place to be.  All promises have been broken, except the promise of the coming fire.  All bets are off.  All “short-term capital gains” are about to be liquified, the longer term gains evaporate in the face of infinity.  It’s been so long in coming, it is hard to believe the time is finally here.

So I, not unlike you, must carry on another day, for another day in this September.  I will do my best, to do my duty, to God – forget about the country, it’s gone global, you thought “globally” and look what happened.  Not so good.  So many of you can’t remember when life was better, when there was still hope for a better world before fate and the enemies of mankind found us, corrupted us, led us toward their evil ways.

The only true enemy of life in indecision.  It is the sideliners of life, those on the sidelines, that make the “horror of it” possible.  Those that refuse to live life passionately, with “true vigor”, with one eye on the prize and the other on the need that are the ruffians among us, the doppelgangers, those that live in “want”, not real need and as a result become the wastrels of everyone else’s best hopes and truest dreams.

The world IS divided between the “haves” and the “have nots” it has been said.  It’s true.  There are those that have faith, have kindness, have compassion and caring and love for all around.  Then there are the others, the “have nots”, that have not these things.  Of the things of this earth, nothing else matters.  You will see.  It is now September, and time is so very short before November and October, and the ghost of Christmas past.

Distance yourself from this ruin.  Your efforts and your essence is your stock in trade.  Protect it, magnify it, keep it safe from sack and ruin and the bell will not toll for you.  When all this passes, it will be as just a dream (a nightmare really, meaning someone else’s dream), and then your dreams may come (and maybe also your dreams can become true).  But NOT in this world, not the way it is.  The wait has been too long already.  Rejoice that the time is here (and near) and whatever.

Sweet surrender, or is it “Sweet September” that I really mean?

2011.09.01 – 03.29.

A bit about Fukushima

August 31st, 2011
This post is so incredible and “right on” that I had to reproduce it here.  The original site is HERE.   The Mainstream Media would rather talk “hooey” about Irene.  Well guess what, GET WORRIED, Katia is coming and America DOES NOT have its nuclear power plants in order.
Anonymous said…
So, let me get this straight…one PRIVATE CORPORATION can set up a nuclear power plant for profit–without receiving public consent–then, THE GOVERNMENT approves this, with safety regulation violations…then, when there is an accident the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT DO NOT EVACUATE PEOPLE TO SAFE PLACES, THEY WITHHOLD INFORMATION (FROM SPEEDI) AND CAUSE PEOPLE TO BE IRRADIATED IN THEIR OWN HOUSES OR IN NEW EVACUATION ZONES…then, the people must lose EVERYTHING–homes, jobs, pets, possessions, food, their health and possibly their lives–and the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT shut down media reports about the truth, then tell people to eat radiated food, then give only a tiny fraction of people a few hundred dollars and maybe a gymnasium to live in, indefinitely…the PRIVATE COMPANY AND GOVERNMENT have NO SOLUTION TO STOP RADIATION…they hold BULLSHIT MEETINGS that amount to, “WE DON”T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THOSE, WHOSE LIVES WE DESTROYED”…THE GOVERNMENT AND NUCLEAR INDUSTRY CIRCULATES MORE PROPAGANDA ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL NUCLEAR POWER IS and besides, they claim, they *don’t have the money* to stop using these plants…even though everyone knew building nuclear plants on faultlines, in an earthquake prone country was a bad idea…and now…NOW, the people must DECONTAMINATE THEIR OWN PROPERTIES, WHICH HAVE RADIONUCLIDES–FROM THE PRIVATE COMPANY’S AND GOVERNMENT’S NEGLIGENCE??? Okay, these people in power need to be yanked from their homes and thrown in jail–immediately. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO BE SUED, TEPCO NEEDS TO BE STRIPPED OF ALL ASSETS…THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS NEED TO BE FOUND, TRIED AND GIVEN THE DEATH PENALTY–IF IT LEGALLY EXISTS IN JAPAN. INTERNATIONALLY, THIS GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE COMPANY NEED TO BE SUED–for contaminating North America. NOT ONE PENNY SHOULD BE LEFT IN ONE TEPCO EXECUTIVES’ POCKET, WHEN THE PEOPLE ARE DONE WITH THEM. There is no excuse for this at all. ROUND UP THE CULPRITS. IT”S TIME FOR JUSTICE.

Open-source Indicators

August 31st, 2011

Open-source Indicators

~ Is it “OI”, or just Oy Vey?

Actually maybe it’s OUI, or just “oui“.  There has always been a problem with “yes men” saying “Yes!”.  So I do have my doubts about this latest boondoggle of federal spending, but intelligence agencies do need to make a buck by passing the buck.  The easiest way in the world to get away with something is to say “but everybody said it”, even if “everybody” is wrong.  The survival of the U.S.S.R. comes to mind.  As you might remember, the CIA missed it, meaning missed the advance word of the collapse.  “They” read about it in the New York Times in real time, so it’s said.

This (of course) is where it gets interesting.  Maybe the CIA DID know, maybe a year or two in advance.  Maybe it was via remote viewing, inside informants, psychic mice or something “he-said, she-said said”.  The point is that in intelligence, as in an agency, you never say what you really know, just like you DON’T reveal your sources.  It’s the “being an insider” game, the game is no fun if those on the outside know (meaning, “know too”).

The “solicitation” sounds a lot like the old ad man con game, “help us look for the hidden persuaders”, we need to know how well our job has been done.  Advertising execs have always known that if people buy Kleenex because they saw it on TV they will stop buying Kleenex very soon; all you’ve done is created a fad.  Fads quickly die, or die quickly.

That’s the point of “hidden” persuaders, they’re HIDDEN, (oh, gee).  Oh yes, you might actually read the linked post right about now, you’ve been faking it.  You thought you could get by by reading the top few words, scanning the middle, then “getting the idea” for something you DON’T really get.  This whole “solicitation” is really just a “post” from the government saying that what YOU say really matters.  We are all a bit insecure (maybe), we need to know that the government is watching, is listening, really cares.

“They” missed the bad guys on 9-1-1 (ten years ago); or maybe they really didn’t.  Maybe they knew, knew who, knew who and why and when, even knew where.  Inquiring minds ALWAYS want to know and the intelligence agencies have the most inquiring minds that there are.  OK, it WASN’T a part of the general public perception (before 9/11 happened).  The OSI approach IS “volume instead of depth” (so much for “deep” undercover).   The idea is that no real plot (or plot of nature) is, or can be, ever kept secret – in a sense “everybody” always knows, it’s the volume thing, lots of people shouting “it” from the rooftops, and now the OSI is there to listen.

Is all this based on a LOT of flawed logic, sure.  And it is based on rejecting about 5,000 years of real intelligence planning.  (Why not?)  It’s “out of the box” (thinking), as if Pandora never happened.

So, will a hundred teeny-boppers show up to see the Beatles if they aren’t paid?  The point is that they WERE paid.  The OSI question is whether the OSI indicators (is that redundant?) can ferret out two things; “does everyone know that the Beatles will become popular”, and “does anyone know that the teenyboppers really were paid?”  The second question is the “sleeper”.  You need to know what the OSI program wants to know, not what it says it needs to know, or you won’t get the contract – and that part is assured.

We’re all a little like the intelligence operatives, analysts, that sort of thing.  We all would like to have a crystal ball, an inside track on what’s happening or on what is going to happen next (without the “maybe”).  We could bet the bank on it, buy or sell stocks, safe-guard “our” future.  We could prevent “future crimes” before they are even thought of; like in Iraq, the “weapons of mass destruction” WERE in the hands of Saddam Hussein even if only in his “future” mind, the one that was terminated before it even came up with the idea.  It’s a slippery slope, this executing people based on the “intelligence” of the crowd.  Goodbye Agatha Christie, the “who done it” is out, the “everyone thought it” is in.

Just a thought.  Be on your best behavior.  Keep all your thoughts nice and clean.  Keep your thoughts and conversations and posts and postings and tweets and twitters to a minimum, because someone IS watching, sure.  The “thought police” will use your thoughts to prevent all future crime, the natural and unnatural enemies of the state will meet rack and ruin.  That epidemic that you feared would happen will be prevented before there is even a sign of disease.  Everything is “fine” as long as someone doesn’t THINK that YOU are the (future) carrier of the plague.  There’s always a cost to prevention (it’s better if that “cost” is not you).

Forgive me.  I like my “news” the old way.  First “it” happens, then the news is reported, not a “beat the news” other way around.  Maybe it IS a lot like Irene (the hurricane).  The “disaster” hit long before the storm; why solicit?  OSI is already here.  The contract was “let out” a long-long time ago.  It’s only intelligence.  Thought you should know.

2011.08.31 – 17:56.

Without power

August 29th, 2011

Without power

~ Meaning; flooded, under water and without power.

Yes, I know.  The “latest reports” have it that at least 6 million (6,000,000) are or were “without power” in the United States.  I disagree.  I would say that about 306 million people in the U.S. are without power and I don’t mean electricity.  They do mean electricity.

The Reuters story identifies sources.  It cites Peter Beutel and the Department of Energy (DOE).  I looked.  The DOE had this as the “latest news”, the latest story is from August 26th on this, the 29th.  Read “All News” and there is nothing about power outages anywhere.  Who makes this thing up?  I guess you need an inside line to get any real news from the big dot Gov.

The only news you need to know about Peter Buetel is about his father.  He was married four times, once to a soap opera star and once to the daughter of a tobacco lobbyist.  He also was anchor for the NYC evening news.  PETER Buetel specializes in reporting about oil, not electricity.  Oil is his grid.  This doesn’t mean he is above trying to make a buck by reporting about water.  Reuters should know, but “sources” are really hard to find these days.  No one in power wants to be really quoted.

So, ever since Rupert Murdock started taking over the “news” about 1976 or so journalism has been in a nose dive toward free fall.  Nobody in America expects “sources” regarding a “story”.  The source IS the teleprompter.  Nobody knows, or cares, who writes the news.  Someone just makes stuff up and the gullible people swallow it, and the rest just really don’t care.  Video clips (footage) is like flashbacks on Candid Camera (Allen Funt, from New York) – they might be memorable, but they were seldom real.

In a real technology with real real-time computers there would be lists of utility companies at your finger tips reporting how many customers were without power and how much “oil” as a result they had saved.  Massive power outages means a reduced demand for gas and coal and “oil” to fire all the plants.  That’s enough to make the market GO UP like it did today I guess.  Or, I guess, the energy analysts just don’t understand being without power.

But really, 6 million out of 65 million storm area residents, not even 10% of the population was impacted.  Most of those (“impacted”) probably lost power for only a few minutes, at least that is what the utilities will tell the regulators to keep energy rate increases going up, and up.  Poor service is supposed to result in a loss of rate increases when you are a monopoly.  But regulation is DEAD, like (for some) the lights and power.

Traditionally the solution to flooding is the building of dams.  They built dams on the Nile Delta, on the Nile, now there is the Aswan HIGH Dam, a flood control project mostly, but it generates a bit of energy too.  There are dams on the Columbia, dams on the Sacramento, dams on the Colorado.  I guess the Susquehanna River has a few.  The point is that if there were enough dams, properly run along the east coast rivers there would be plenty of electricity, NO real flooding and a lesser need for “oil” (coal and gas).

Yes, there HAS been a scandal THIS YEAR about letting reservoirs get too full to handle the runoff from unexpected storms.  It is about POWER COMPANY greed, and about how the government fills the greed by mismanaging the reservoirs for generating money, NOT for preventing floods.  You saw it earlier this year on the Mississippi, now you see it on the East Coast.  “Sorry” once again; your overly wet house and main street is the fault of the Feds, the politicians, CONGRESS – not poor maligned tropical storm Irene (or even “hurricane” Irene).  Once again, the flooding is caused by GREED!

But REALLY!  Who has time to get an education, to get knowledgeable, to learn to value the truth so that they are not susceptible to lies (and liars) and those who are constantly bending the truth to their own profit and advantage?  It IS easier to just watch TV, to blame the randomness of weather, to think that greenhouse warming is a terror attack and not just a hype to justify neglect.  A NEGLECT of the infrastructure is what I mean.  To the degree that this IS true, the terrorist is YOU.  By being a “true believer” YOU are helping to tear this once great country down, piece by piece, flood by flood, with lost communities and jobs right behind.

Before the 1880’s this nation, the entire continent and the world did not need electricity to live, much less survive.  Corn grew (then), real corn, as I might add.  People traveled, took trains, rode a horse or two.  Almost everyone talked to their neighbor, did not ever watch TV.  At night the lamps went on, sometimes by an old lamplighter.  People read, people relaxed, people talked by a nice warm fire.  People chatted, people went visiting, people looked into other peoples eyes.  The world was not a bad place you see.  Maybe in those times things were BETTER.

So what is this THING about the wire and being wired ALL THE TIME.  It’s nice when the electricity goes off.  No 60 cycle hum.  It’s back to basics and the basics really aren’t so bad.  That’s basically the basic truth.

It took people working with pen and pencil by candlelight and kerosene to create the “electric world” we have today.  Maybe it will take people like me keyboarding on an “electricity driven computer” to undo the damage that the “electric culture” and the “electric madness” has brought.

If you disagree, enjoy your flood; there always will be more water.

2011.08.29 – 22:33.


August 28th, 2011


~ On the other hand, on the other side, you have “compulsion”.

There has been a shrill rhetoric in the last few years about the will to selfishness, to self interest and to greed.  The argument is that “people” have no real interest in others, unless it is to advance their own power, fame or wealth.  It’s a dark view of humanity and of the human condition.  The theory gives rise to the justification (and acceptance) of compulsion, of force, of forcing others to do what they would not do acting alone.

You’re right.  I am referring to the hurricane edicts issued by the protocols of power, by the power brokers brought up and trained in greed.  They find edicts to be natural, to be comfortable, to be a pleasant and comfortable way of doing things as in, “there are privileges in power”.  Their antics are to grab the headlines, reach for fortune, to reach for fame – “patient industry” and a gradual improvement in the social and human condition is not the goal (or their goal).

It is fairly easy to look at a situation and identify this “will to power”.  The power brokers don’t ask for cooperation, they demand it.  The word “mandatory” comes to mind.  They don’t hold a referendum on shutting down the trains, they don’t consult specialists and engineers, they don’t ask questions about the real dangers and real conditions – they just “blow off steam” and throw spanners in the works and create unnecessary chaos in the name of “reason”.

These people see themselves as superior, as “supermen” perhaps.  They see themselves as the elite, the chosen ones, the ones on whose life the lives of other lesser creatures depend.  They have no faith in humanity, the common man, the common intelligence as being equal to or better than their own.  They have disdain for real (meaning thoughtful and voluntary) cooperation.  They have disdain for the real leaders that would foster the will to work together, for the common good, not just for selfishness and money.

The universe does NOT support these privileged denizens in their wanton use of power.  The wars that they predict that they will win, they lose.  Remember LBJ’s “War on Poverty”, 47 years later and poverty still massively exists, it is worse than ever, the “war debt” has still never been paid.  The same is true for the “no wider war” in Vietnam, or the outcome of the Vietnam War, The Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan, or even the war in Libya right now.  The warmongers and their warriors are liars, their wars are made possible by the draft, by conscription, by the conscription of script (meaning money) that is stolen from the people under the false pretense of, “we will win”.  It is easy to predict with certainty that those that approach problems like this, in this way, will ALWAYS lose.

So it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to see that when they started ORDERING the subways closed, the games to be cancelled, the coastlines and the elderly in the safest buildings ever built to be evacuated to some smelly and dilapidated school gym that the storm would “go south” as it moved north, would weaken, would surely and quickly die.  Goodnight Irene, good night.

There is still out there an army of petty tyrants, of “true believers”, of do-gooders and zealots who still say that the storm was the “storm of the century”, a disaster beyond reason, a carnage of epic proportions – said as if they were prize-fighter hucksters trying to fill all the empty seats.  “Let’s be honest folks, we have two has-beens, one will get a bloody nose in the fifth round, it’s all been fixed, we need your money, step right in,” No, THIS is not what the hucksters will ever say.

But, what about the DAMAGE?  What about the flooding in the low lying areas and the ponds of pooling water and the rivers that have overflowed?  What about the trees falling on power lines and taking the electricity out?  What about the neglected infrastucture that only cooperation can ever fix?

“No new taxes” means no new roads and that the roads we have will always get worse.  There will be drainage culverts that will NEVER be replaced, pavement damaged from a storm 50 years ago still reduced to ruin.  Tunnels that didn’t leak, should never leak, will be filled with water by the smallest rain (or watermain break).  They were not MADE to be this way, it is that you and the leaders did not care, you got lazy, you let your civilization decay as you double-downed on foreign wars, on Empire, on the need for greed.  It’s NOT the storm, or weather.  It IS whether YOU cooperate and care.

Even the stupidest person KNOWS that houses should be built BACK from a beach.  Your government issues the permits for “houses forward” and shacks called “businesses” to be licensed.  Insurance companies insure them, it’s so profitable.  “Disaster Assistance” comes in and helps to give money to repeat-repeat the cycle.   Give to the Red Cross, disaster aid, it pays good salaries for the relief of “disasters” that never should have occurred on the beaches and on the beachfronts and on the beach heads of this losing war.

So hey, “Mr. New York” and Mr. Bloomberg.  Fix your gutters, fix your sewers, fix your leaking subway tunnels and fix your neglected bridges and fix the tracks before the fix is in on you and the whole “she bang” goes bang as it collapses from its own weight, and not the weight of a storm, that brings federal disaster aid for the disaster that your leadership (and lack of it) will always bring.  You CAN’T!  You don’t know how to cooperate, you just know how to make a buck, and the buck does NOT stop with you.  Amen.

Earthquakes, storms, plagues of beetles, floods and a whole lot worse have been around a long-long time.  The records, properly read, shows it.  Mankind (people) can live WITH nature and in this world or can try to fight it.  If a building floods, don’t replace it – build a wetland or a park.  Duh!  If you fear a storm surge build a seawall.  If you can’t build one high enough, don’t build on the coastlines at all.  It’s common sense, NOT greed.

If YOUR greed gets YOU into trouble, don’t ask me or my neighbors or the taxpayers to BAIL you out.  Suck it up.  You knew the power line right-of-way was never trimmed.  You knew the utility company reported profits based on infrastructure neglect, you bought the stocks.  It’s your lights that should go out, not the lights of others.

So YES!  This storm, Hurricane / Tropical Storm Irene did a lot of damage.  It was a hit amid ships against the ruling class and the classless act that they want YOU to follow.  It’s not about greed, compulsion, the will to power.  It’s not about any real danger from any storm, earthquake or whatever.  The world “they” built is crumbling.  You can do better.  Cooperate in fixing the things that YOU can.  Don’t worry about the rest.  It’s a lost cause, it’s the Confederacy, it’s the losing side of the civil war.  Bury the dead.  Move on.  It was not the storm that killed them; it was greed.

2011.08.28 – 19:19.

The photographic evidence

August 28th, 2011

The photographic evidence

~ It’s a crime scene, referring to the greed.

OK, I’ve already posted one today (meaning a post), but then I saw these pictures and had to get involved.  If you want to see water, turn on the tap.  That’s how technology works (do you get it?).  The rest of science and engineering and common sense is involved with keeping water AWAY from where you want it away from.  Tracks may follow rivers, but they are put up high.  Trestles are built if needed, oh why bother, America’s leadership is so damn dumbed down that they wouldn’t know an aquaduct from a culvert, or a pump from a fishing lure.

Anyway, I’ll TRY.  The photo journey begins here.  These are not pictures of a hurricane, these are pictures proving gross neglect.  Nothing pictured is one bit new, these are pictures borrowed from post cards from the past (maybe literally).  The point is that every problem pictured is easily solveable, indicates poor design, or is proof of maintenance too long neglected.  Let’s begin:

Looks like a picture of Central Park.  The walkways are flooded.  Maybe five inches of undrained water.  Get a life.  Build up the soil and make the walkways higher.  They WERE higher a hundred years ago when built, the use has compacted the soil, big deal, life happens – it’s like buying new shoes when the old soles are worn down.  Do you like New York City “on the cheap”?  Then just leave it, it will only get worse.  Tropical storm Irene is like a teacher making red marks and giving out grades.  New York City flunked.

I do love trains and Amtrak too.  Electric wires and water don’t mix.  That is why the wires are elevated and the train is on the ground.  The whole idea of a railroad “roadbed” is being ABOVE water, it’s called a “grade”.  If the grade is not high enough the whole system goes under water.  Reinforced banks keep rivers and streams from flooding.  Keeping the channels clear also helps.  If you can’t see the blocked up / stopped up river channel in the picture, keep looking, it’s there.  So why can’t a government effectively run trains and keep the roadbeds in order?  I give up.

I love this one.  It could be a beach anywhere, anywhere where people are in love with greed.  Really, a little exercise would not kill you, you might actually have to “walk” to the water instead of building with the water at your door.  And then there is that “houses built on sand” thing.  I guess government never heard of it when they issued all these permits for houses built to just be destroyed.  Building inspectors should look it up, it’s spelled “H-U-R-R-I-C-A-N-E”, it should have been on the “sales disclosure”.  I think the buyers knew.  I think the banks knew.  I think it is a fool’s errand to rebuild HERE, but THEY WILL – they are all in it together, but there is no sympathy from me.

The pictures keep getting better.  Here the water on the roadway can’t even drain to the river right next door.  There are bridges too, just to make the point of how high to build to ALWAYS be above the river in a 500 year flood.  A $100 culvert (to the river, from the roadway) would probably fix this problem.   I know, you would rather spend the money on 1 split second of a foreign war, bombs for Libya, that sort of thing.  I understand.  I like water too.  Why fix America when we can really fix Pakistan and set an example for the world.  Right.  This IS the example that we offer to the world, whoops.

Most old piers such as this collapsed a long-long time ago.  Notice, no cross-bracing.  Telephone poles recycled as stilts.  It was built “on the cheap”, probably by a dealer in creosoted timber.  The stuff is poisonous at best, but we “grandfather” this stuff in.  See the new electric lights installed on an “unsafe structure”.  National electrical code violation here.  But who cares?  You can probably find an older picture of this same pier with a storm surge up to the top of the bottom rail.  New York city officials take note.  This is how high your sea walls need to be just for regular tides and storms.  I am talking about as HIGH as this entire structure.  Get busy, don’t complain, tax the rich and corporations if you need help, or just “let it flood”, WHEE!

Here’s WALL STREET, high and dry.  All you need is an umbrella.  Don’t kid yourself, the bottom of the columns is not a boat ramp.  It was never designed that way.  This market will be open Monday.  It is built to withstand a storm.  150 mile per hour winds will NOT break this glass.  It’s about the rich and being rich and the greedy getting greedier, “to coin a phrase”.

This newer home was obviously under water.  Like 20% (maybe) of the homes in America.  You get my point.  It was not well built, was built where it should not have been.  I bet the builder made a tidy buck.  It is the resident that pays.  The bank may have insurance on the mortgage, the owner will take all the loss.  The system is called exploitation, not cooperation.  Damage like this?  Get a really good lawyer and SUE!  Sue the building inspector, sue the realtor, sue the bank, sue the agency that licensed the contractor.  This type of thing should NEVER happen.  The other buildings survived the storm, on the right with little damage.  The people on the left need to SUE their roofer.  He was paid.  There are building codes.  Get a life and live in the age of REASON.  There is no reason for this just because you are middle-class or poor!

This one is labeled “New Jersey”.  There is water in the streets.  The house has satellite TV, maybe cable.  There ARE laws about how much water a street MUST be designed for, to drain.  It’s called engineering and code enforcement and keeping a track on corruption so home dwellers like this will not be “had”.   This whole neighborhood has been “Had”.  I sure hope nobody here is paying property taxes as if NOTHING is the matter.  There is a lot that “matters” in this picture that impacts the way of life.  There are a lot of codes being violated, a lot of (probable) landlords getting rich (off human misery).  “Other peoples money” finances this type of greed and it is the “little person” that pays.  THANK YOU Irene.  I DO get the picture.  The people in power want to blame Mother Nature and NOT themselves.

I’m NOT buying it.  Neither should you.  It rains.  Even Morton Salt can make a salt that pours.


Sure, it is NOT the 1950’s anymore, but America can still do better.  Throw the bastards out.  Clean up City Hall.  Get a new Mayor, a new Governor, a new President a new building inspector and a few competent engineers!  Or don’t.  Who needs a life, when it is so easy to moan and to complain?  Lie to yourself if necessary, but don’t try to lie to me.

The storm (this one or the next one) didn’t do it.  It was Harvey, Harvey the Rabbit, don’t YOU see (the puca)?

A picture of a picture of Harvey:

Sleep on it maybe.

2011.08.29 – 00:12. 

The museum is closed.

August 27th, 2011

The museum is closed.

~ “You have reached the Metropolitan Museum, we are closed, thank you for your call.”

A few hours ago I posted this:

Just a thought after reading the latest from Norfolk stations and the Richmond, Virginia area.  It DOES look like the storm is making a beeline for Mineral, Virginia – you know, the epicenter of the quake, the EARTHQUAKE.  After that rendezvous with friends and history, who knows where this storm will choose to go?  Maybe the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia would make for a nice stay; the bunker thing and all.  But that would break up the entire storm and make my point about rain about to happen.

2011.08.27 – 18:53.

So the information was wrong, the beeline went north, to Norfolk after all.  But the (mini) post got me to thinking about Hotels, and hotels I’ve been in or might be in and that made me sympathize with all those people (right NOW) that are stuck in hotels in New York with nothing to do and no place to go.  A lot of those hotels are expensive, maybe justified by a once in a lifetime trip to New York, the Big Apple, to see a play and pick up a museum (or two) and to get away on a “get-a-way” from home.

So now you’re just playing cards, watching the storm news about the storm on TV, and wondering why 40 mile per hour winds in New York can shut the city down (completely, for the first time in history) when a forty mile per hour wind back home is little more than a duster.

But, ah ha.  The USA today folks insist that a 40 MPH wind will “knock you over.”  Others say it takes, “A sudden wind gust of around 70 mph will usually be enough to knock the average adult person over.”  I guess it depends on who you are, maybe on what you’re wearing.  Maybe New Yorkers get bowled over by winds in the lower forties and other people need winds nearer 75.  The USA Today theory is that a “gust” of 60 miles per hour could send a lot of New Yorkers literally flying, as through the air, as faster than an Airborne division in Vietnam, like a little lift and you find yourself in Laos.

I like THIS ANSWER best (from Woodchips).  He seems to know his math and formulas and tables.  He would have known that no hurricane force winds would pummel New York (OR New Jersey).  He could have told you that the Statute of Liberty would NOT be blown into the sea.  He would know that the flags at the U.N. could take it, the masts could take it; that it is not a “blow” hitting New York, but just a wind.

Actually, the Big Blow that is hitting New York and the area right now is the blow to the economy.  The real storm is hitting while I speak.  Shops are closed, restaurants are closed, theaters are closed too.  You can’t play a hand in Atlantic City.  You can’t earn a tip at Rockaway Beach (unless you are in Oregon).  Can’t pay the rent?  Just say you gave your money to Irene, Mayor Bloomberg will cover it, he’s so free with other people’s money.  Maybe he will free up some of his own to pay for all the losses, the lost jobs, the lost days of pay.  Hurricanes are NOT free, especially when THEY ARE NOT “hurricanes” at all.

Oh sure.  “It could have happened.”  People could have gotten wet.  The subways could have (maybe?) flooded.  Isn’t it better to be broke, destitute, but SAFE?  Isn’t it better to blow a lifetime’s savings on a game of cards (in a hotel room), maybe Atlantic City would have been nice?  “Dear, did you know, the folks in Atlantic City got a ride all the way to Camden, in a bus!”

So I’m sitting home (almost alone) in Albuquerque reading on the web all about the storm.  I read about wind directions, velocities, the predictions of local weather for each community the next day, Sunday even, CLEARING mostly, looking good.  I guess if I had TV things would look differently.  I don’t.  THAT museum, that relic of the 50’s (for me) is closed.

And of course Bloomberg futures are UP.  The losses from “the storm” are estimated to be about $120 billion dollars, $56 billion dollars in “storm surge” loses alone.  Lots of damage, lots of jobs; all you need is a bank loan or a liberal President and you can fix it; the insurance companies NEVER pay.  But was leveraging New York City and the population thereof (like this) really wise?  Maybe it was just a gamble, a game of cards, like at Atlantic City or in a New York hotel?

Like Harold Smith of Harold’s Club in Reno once said, “I want to quit winners.”

Don’t we all?

2011.08.28 – 03:00.

A plague of locusts

August 27th, 2011

A plague of locusts

~ OK, maybe it IS more like Mormon crickets.

New Yorkers are worried, it’s not as if they live on an island or anything.  They aren’t provincial (of course not).

So a little earthquake, a medium size tropical storm and a few cockroaches have threatened Manhattan Island, the City of New York, maybe Long Island and a few miles of New Jersey.  You would think the world was about to end.  Mass transportation is massively shut down, taxis (by law) must allow dogs, the local Syrian shop owners are being castigated about not ordering enough bottled water (rather than for the kind of party run by Bashar al-Assad).  Wonder of wonders.

And yes, 325,000 people have been ordered evacuated from some of the best built (and safest) buildings in the world.  The horror of it.  They are ordered to take buses and subway cars a few blocks up the street to stay with relatives and friends.  Of course everyone in New York has relatives and friends in New York, it is a homogeneous place – families stay close, and it is so easy to make friends (in New York City).

Of course the subways and buses were ordered closed by noon (an hour ago, maybe).  But by Proclamation of the Mayor you have until five (o’clock) to move, if you are willing to walk.  Bring beer and vodka, perhaps a spot of gin.  New Yorkers are a tuff lot, they need to be fortified when there is maybe a few inches of rain.  It might actually fill the gutters (referring, of course, to the rain, not the vodka).

The idea of gullibility comes to mind.  New York denizens are perhaps the most gullible people on earth, especially their leaders, which are elected to reflect the common mental perspective on things.  Yes, they believe (in New York) that the economy is coming back, that Ben Bernanke is good (or at least not the horned one from hell), and that two planes could down three towers in nothing flat.  Oh well, call in the NATO jets to kill the crickets before they roost.  And about the Brooklyn bridge, it WAS New Yorkers that bought it, but because of the rain, it’s closed.

Only a tiny little bit of New York connects the island (islands) with the mainland of upstate.  The bridges and ferries and tunnels go to Connecticut and New Jersey mostly.  It’s impossible to evacuate New York City to New York (Upstate) without using a substantial portion of the two other states just mentioned.  Would a REGIONAL disaster authority make sense?  You bet it would, but New Yorkers (with their hubris) would NEVER consent.  “Trust my life to the Governor of New Jersey, I’d rather die,” might be the New Yorker response, or “If I wanted to be in Connecticut, I would live there,” might be the take of another.  Let’s look at New York:

This is WHY we have the FEDS.  The feds can federalize everything or anything; they can do it later or do it now.  They can say, “what a fine job you did New York, all that disaster planning,” or they can say, “you really blew it THIS time, you shut down Manhattan, are you afraid of a little rain”.

It’s a lose-lose situation.  Today and tomorrow are the “drill”.  You have been warned that the disaster plans aren’t up to the reality of a REAL disaster.  How could you evacuate all of New York City in just a few hours if you had the warning and saw the need?  Maybe everyone in Brooklyn could walk across town, and then walk up the Interstate that runs through the (high and dry) center of Long Island, walk north, and then swim the Sound.  Those in lower Manhattan could swim the Hudson river, or walk north and enjoy the sites of the Bronx on their way through southern New York, hitchhike to Albany.  If you don’t see my point, here is the map:

If you’re rich in New York you probably know your way around Paris better than your way through the neighborhoods where your fellow New Yorkers actually live.  If you are poor in New York you gave up hope a long time ago and the only way you will go is towards inner Manhattan (because you’ve seen all the movies).  A map of Manhattan might help:

Look closely.  There are NOT a lot of roads to move the literally 8 million people in New York City (proper) properly OUT.  And there are usually at least 1 million guest workers and tourists in New York City, everyday, too.

So if you shut the mass transit system down, instead of keeping it open you have the recipe for a nightmare of epic proportions, compared to which a plague of crickets could hardly look bad.  Just for the sake of argument, here is the tax-payer funded map:

Yes, New York is a VERY ingrown city.  It hasn’t really grown up, although the buildings go up.  Whoever designed this place did NOT design it for 21st Century realities, or maybe it just grew, “like Topsy“.

So “Yes”, New York “we” love you, and I love you and enjoy your rainstorm and your drill.  Don’t worry about the six-legged critters.  You have bigger things to think about, I think.  I’m not sure.  Maybe the economy is coming around and maybe the tooth fairy really does put dimes under pillows and maybe if you really needed to you could get out.  It’s the seven million, eight hundred thousand neighbors that I’m not so sure about.

I sure hope that there is a triple rainbow after the storm.

2011.08.27 – 17:46.


August 25th, 2011


~ Disambiguation: Hurricane, Goddess of peace; A song about a good night.

Tuesday it was an earthquake, the washington monument cracked, the national cathedral is closed.  Wednesday it was the news about “Jobs” being gone and not ever “coming back”.  Like everyone else in America it is clear to me that the headline has nothing to do about Apple.  And today the news at noon is about Irene, they are saying that “she” is coming.  They are suggesting that 50 million people “watch out”.

The graphics are ever so cool:


How often do “you”, meaning “me” get to see a map of sea temperatures off the coast?  I never knew that 80 degrees was critical.  I always was taught that the abbreviation for Thursday was “Thur.”, not “Thu”, like a “Tu” with an h, but HEY, things are changing.  Go with the flow.

Actually the Thurene looked like this on Thusday, so don’t get XITED:

I’m sure that the new google can figure it all out.  You know, the spellings, the meanings, the right advertisements to show.  Buy plywood from Lowes, buy Avion water, buy an umbrella from Saks; buy your brains loose, buy Apple, buy into the idea of buying your way out of adversity – you can always buy peace.

I had a friend who lived in the Virgin Islands during Hugo.  (Disambiguation: Hugo means “bright of mind”, “intelligence”).   He decided that the intelligent thing to do after living through Hugo was to move himself and his family to Oregon, on the coast near the water, but not where there are hurricanes anywhere near the water.  Two years later and his whole life (in Oregon) was still telling the story of Hurricane Hugo.  But hey, why listen?

In 1989 there was the Loma Prieta Earthquake, too.  And people (too) (afterwards) moved up to Oregon to get away from the quakes and to get away from earthquake country and to start life anew.  Ever since Portland has really been growing.  There is much to be said for the power of fear; or is it intelligence, or just the desire for peace?

No, I forgot – it MUST BE greenhouse warming, the climate change that got ramped up in the 1980’s and was full bore in 1989.  The earthquake (then) was a 6.9, not a 5.9.  It killed 63 people.  It left 12,000 people homeless.  “Sounds like” 22 years later greenhouse warming is not so bad.  Maybe Irene will not be anything like Hugo.  Relax.  Buy stuff.  The economy (like the warming) is improving.

So here is the map of the projected path of Hugo, er, not Hugo, I mean IRENE:

OK, have a nice weekend.  Maybe Monday it looks like a little rain.  Texas could use the rain the east coast is about to get, “hotter en hell” (there) and all.  I thought hurricanes were SUPPOSED to go across the gulf and hit Texas and not just swoop up the Atlantic coast.  HEY, things are changing.  Go with the flow.

A year ago it was that Macondo Prospect thing, the one with BP, the one about black water and “don’t eat the shrimp” and pelicans (as I remember) had something to do with it.  People forget.  Buy oil, buy a new car.  Drive your car on the highways just to get food.  So what if the loop current is dead and Texas won’t ever be wet and hurricanes need a new path?  Don’t you love changes?  Buy up a storm.  Irene is just a storm, now isn’t it?

So here’s the musical interlude, HERE.  Take a listen, you all.  The days match I guess.  Sweet dreams.

2011.08.26 – 00:01

“In the Shadow”

August 24th, 2011

“In the Shadow”

~ This could be a book about Afghanistan, and a little about me.

But, then again, I am not sure that most people read books anymore, or that there is much of a demand for books, I refer to Border Books and the closing.

And certainly (too) there is no shortage of books on Afghanistan.  Scholars write them all the time, even if they never set foot in the country.  Foot soldiers don’t often write books, or read books probably; but there is no shortage of American foot soldiers in Afghanistan to write the latest tomb, or is it “tome” that I mean?  Which brings us to the Alpha and the Omega of things, the beginnings and the ends, or end game, or something else.

Birthdays are beginnings.  Death days are “ends”.  What comes in between is life.  Some days of life, some periods, are more intense – there is more going on, more happening.  A lot was happening to me and around me when I lived in Afghanistan more than fifty years ago.  A lot was happening in Afghanistan too in these days long before al Qaeda and 9-1-1 and when in the days of September of 2001 when America “suddenly” discovered Afghanistan, although I had known about the country all along.

I was young when Afghanistan was still old, as in “an ancient land seeking modern ways”.  I was there as part of my father, “in his shadow” as you might say.  I was ten and then eleven, my father was 45, then 47 when he left.  Birthdays and time do make a difference.

Afghanistan then, “way back then”, was casting a shadow across the world, or at least across the hopes and dreams of the U.S.  The land had so much “hope”, such a bright “future” some would say; but then some would say just the opposite and point to Russia, the C.C.C.P., the Communist Party and the unchecked “Soviet Ambition”.  The plan was to draw the line in Afghanistan, in Africa, in the Middle East and Europe too, in Southeast Asia.  It was a big world, and the war for hearts and minds and resources had many fronts.

The decision to go into Afghanistan, and stay, and go back again and stay and overstay any welcome that there once might have been was made circa 1959.  Call it September 11, 1959 if you need a date.  That is about the date when “America went in” (to Afghanistan) to tear the culture out, to change the country forever, to redefine the landscape and the people and the people that once lived there.

52 years is a long-long time to remember, to look back, to try to reconstruct what happened and the “when” and perhaps the “why”.  And then there is the “where to”, too.  “Where to” is of course where we are today.  We are STILL in Afghanistan 52 years later, we “still” have 100,000 combat troops there, on the ground.  We are still confused, losing the war, trying to win the hearts and minds of the people, assuming that we can change the minds of the people regarding their thoughts about Americans.  The Afghans have seen a LOT of Americans over time, they probably have figured what being “American” is all about.

This is where “the list” comes in.  It is the list of the Americans that I knew, or met, or knew something or too little about.  Did I know 600 or 1,000 Americans at the time?  I don’t know.  They were there, and I was there, and there were a lot of parties and shaking hands and being polite and saying, “nice to have met you, thank you.”  I listened in on conversations like today’s youth listens to music or TV, constant ‘background’ noise to overcome the silence.  I guess you get my cryptic drift.

Look at the list.  It will amaze you, as it has amazed me.  There is the CIA there (not just Gary Powers), there is a founder of the OSS, the person that ran the largest concentration camp the U.S. ever had (Tule Lake, California).  There are founders of the United Nations, officers at Nuremberg, agents for “free Asia”.

There are air force guys and ex-air force guys and founders of aviation and a lot of people from Pan Am and Fairchild and reconnaissance and intelligence and surveillance in their backgrounds, not just “spies”.   There are map-makers and cartographers and agriculturists and agronomists and builders of highways, not just “roads”.  And there are builders of airports, builders of dams, builders of education and educational opportunities “for all”, if you are “all for” the Americans.

Everyone (it seems) is an adviser, an advisor, a consultant, a counselor, a director or a chief.  Some are Presidents, almost Presidents, military Majors at the least.  If you are worried about the role of women in Afghanistan, note that almost all of them are only known as “Mrs.”, so that leaves 50% of the Americans in Afghanistan locked behind a veil.  So I guess the opportunities in Afghanistan were for American men, because that is what America was all about.  It continues to this day.

There were others there too, of course.  There was the “doctor” who performed as many as 100 cataract operations per day, helping those in the region to see.  There was “Red” Nichols, James Michener, members of the press.  America sent inventors, adaptation experts, other experts of all kinds.  The FAA, the CAA were there to transform Afghanistan’s small dirt runways to be big enough for jets, since Afghanistan’s camels could have spared us 9-1-1.

Progress is a sometimes thing.  Technology doesn’t always mean “better”.  Meddling in another country is always a two-edged sword.  Messing around in Afghanistan is never advised, or advisable.  This, history knows.

I am still looking for an “historian” on the list of those that America sent to Afghanistan a half century ago.  My mother (actually) was one.  An M.A. in history in fact.  She wasn’t paid, she kept her mouth mostly shut, she kept detailed records so I guess she knew, knew that the American effort in Afghanistan was history and would go the way of history as time and the years passed.  I wish she were alive to see it.  The roads were all “roads to ruin”, but that you know.

My goal is to make the list longer, a little more added every day.  It is a lot of work, this rummaging around in the past, looking to see what the future may bring.  Each name, each new name may make a difference.  The past is a lot like NOW.  We’re still trying to reinvent the wheel, while all the ruins of the past empires “gone to Afghanistan” laugh at us, OUR soldiers, OUR uniforms – they were there before.  They know how things turn out.  I know how things will turn out, I’ve been there.  I’ve seen the ruins, the vestiges of lost empires at every turn.

Afghanistan still haunts me.  I’ve never been back.  I went there, I saw, I did not conquer; I just left, because my father left, I stayed in the shadow.

Afghanistan is not done with us.  The damage and the scars are far too deep.  It takes a long time before a land can heal and we (America) has not yet even begun to stop the hurt.  Some day someone will read the list of names that I work on today.  Some day they will “look” and say, “Yes, this all makes sense.”  They will say “now I can see what really happened”, “where it began”, “it’s like a birthday, and a death day all rolled up in one”.

Meanwhile, don’t worry.  It’s probably all too late now.  Decisions have been made, the die has been cast, the road to hell has been paved with all the best of intentions.  Look at the list, follow the parties (a pun), have a cup of tea or coffee, note the baby shower.  There is always time for birth and rebirth – it is all in the Afghanistan that I knew.

2011.08.24 – 21:14. 

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