The 99% Solution

November 27th, 2011

The 99% solution

~ Being half-right doesn’t make it wrong.

We are being bombed-barded by images of the typical Black Friday shopper, consumers fighting over toasters and I-pads and World of War (craft) video games thinly disguised as Army Training Field Manuals.  Needless to say, these people are the real 99%, and if they are not the real 99% they are the real leaders of the 99%, the early adapters, the spear-point people of the coming age.

The problem with democracy is the propensity of the ideology to make people think in terms of numbers, of majorities, of mass movements and of the masses and in the idea that the mass of people are “right” just because they are “the mass” and isn’t “one person – one vote” the key to the utopia in us all.

Such nonsense makes a mockery of even the idea of individual moral responsibility, much less the actual living of a moral life.  In a democracy the statement “everyone is doing it” is instant justification for virtually any act, if in fact the “everyone” statement is true.  Wall Street (the street) would not be possible without the underlying belief in democracy, because how else could the morality of man be so easily corrupted and the corruption be so easily accepted?

It is simple for a slave to identify a tyrant.  A serf or an indentured servant can easily point the finger at a King or Prince or a tyrannical land-holder and say “they” control my life – “I am not free”.  Only democracy can achieve a free-will consent to tyrants and tyranny, only democracy can create a victim that blames the victim (and other victims) for the new slavery that exists.  Further, only democracy can offer the false-hope that through a reinvigorated democracy can there be achieved a real change that can free the masses permanently deluded and perpetually enslaved by a collective lifting of the bootstraps in defiance of gravity and even the most basic science.

It has taken just 235 years for this experiment in greed to successfully seize the wealth of nations, of all nations perhaps.  The idea that started in America, on land “stolen fair and square“, has now engulfed the world and the world of finance and consolidated the wealth of 90% of the world’s people in the hands of just 1% of the people and done so with 99% of the people left believing in the system (democracy) that created this god-forsaking mess.

Of course there have been the detractors along the way, honest and independent souls that have favored reason over majority, morality over the masses, individuality over a common education.   The conspiracy worked because we all feel that we are the common man, that everyone else is like us, that the majority of people are not so different and that there is strength in numbers and little strength in the power of just one honest person acting out and living out his life as God with man sees fit.

We (some, a few) lament (now) the “failed institutions” that have corrupted our times and our society, undermined our faith in each other and the decency of each person when stripped of the institutional dogmas that divide and conquer and deliver power to the pundits and the select few that do not have our best interests in their stake.  We forget that it is “they” who created these institutions just to reap the results that they now sow.

The tyranny of the media that protects and serves Wall Street and makes mindless consumers of us all is just the natural outcome of a “free press” that so many found so good and so many have believed in, except for those that must suffer the poison now flowing from that pen.  True freedom requires restraint, not license; responsibility, not profitability.  The failure of the free press was birthed in its belief in the democracy that created it and the resultant effort to create majorities and mass movements instead of isolated pillars (of individuals) holding steadfast to an unvarnished truth.

From freedom of assembly, to the militarism inherent in the “right to bear arms”, to the “pursuit of happiness” and the right to property there is created the model for consolidation, exploitation and endless war.  Even the right for a temporal government to control all activity and life “with the consent of the governed” is a model for tyranny when looked at with wisdom and with the awareness that public “opinion and values” can be easily controlled when all the institutions of government, and allowed by government, are brought to bear to manipulate the common weal.

It is not an entirely new idea that democracy is an invention by the rich and by a select elect to maintain and increase personal wealth and power.  The idea of democracy is not to share it, not to distribute it, not to make participants economically equal or to even provide them with the necessities of life.  It is the moral person that offers food to a person hungry in a famine, democracy can’t and won’t do it and it never has.

A true elector, a true leader in any system is one who authentically has the best interests of the whole in mind.  Such awareness takes experience, originality and sincerity – it is never based on self-interest, selfishness or greed.  There is no right of an idiot to waste the time of authentic counsel.  The electors alone must discuss matters and decide.  An elector that listens to idiots (lobbyists for example) should be removed from the council, by the council.  The concept of Congressional privilege and immunity is tyrannical in and of itself.

Leaders must always be chosen based on their honesty, fairness and virtue.  Experience alone is not what matters, but a deep and diverse experience is recommended.  A leader must live an open life where everything is (and always was) open to public scrutiny.  The discovery of secrets and a “secret life” should remove one from the possibility of public office or public trust.  Decisions should always be local in adherence to local practices and norms. The freedom to leave or immigrate must not be abridged.  A widespread public order must evolve slowly, it can never be (lastingly) imposed.

So we are caught up in a debate between jargon (“democracy”) and ideas, ideals and values.  We KNOW that democracy can never change, it is the voice of the masses and the average person can never be uplifted unless he or she has an exposure to leaders who were uplifted, truth-seeking and righteous long before.

The task of change at this late hour is too great; we must start over.  Those that work to illustrate and illuminate the excesses and failures of the failed system are half-right in the effort and time that they expend.  We all need teachers now and real teachers are better than the ones we’ve had.

Change needs no majority.  Change starts where YOU are now, it is your actions and activities and not those of others that matter and matter most.  Entering heaven is not based on a popularity contest, and it is no different about being a good person here on earth.  May you have the strength of being content with being your own person and a force for good.

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3 oz. of pure black

November 25th, 2011

3 oz. of pure black

~ Thoughts on the price of a shade of grey.

The good news about the latest dearth of posts and postings is that the roof (project) is progressing right along.  Three things are fundamental to good construction: a good foundation, good walls, and an adequate roof.

The adequacy of a roof is of course totally dependent upon what you (one) sees as coming.  For a little rain, a roof not much more elaborate than an east coast umbrella will do.  For snow and hail something stronger is a must.  For warmth in winter and cool days in a desert where it’s hot a better roof is better.  Standard roofs in Albuquerque were once composed of at least a foot of hard-packed earth and the thickness of the hand hewn beams that were required to support the weight of weather when it got heavy.

The philosophical argument revolves around the question of what type of roof is required when indeed the sky IS falling.  What roof is “drone-resistant” as in adequate to distract the all-seeing eye?  What kind of roof blocks alpha waves or the electrical interference waves that interfere with sleeping?  What roof best blocks sound, best blocks cosmic radiation, best keeps out Corexit and the smoke from a thousand distant burning fires?  Is a fire-proof roof really necessary for when the world burns?

The house in which I live was built in 1938, war was coming, tile roofs were all the rage.  The theory was that Mexico would side with Germany due to ancient grievances and that Albuquerque would be bombed and the main danger would come from the resulting fires.  By 1937 most houses being built were brick.  By 1940 houses with reinforced concrete walls (like my neighbor) were considered to be the only “safe house” type worth building.  A basement (too) was a “must”.

My house is brick of course, but the roof was never tile.  Maybe it was the depression thing (it is too expensive to be safe), or the owners thought the German planes would spare them or maybe they knew Mexicans that didn’t really want the “old” country (meaning nation-state in area) back.  Or maybe they just thought that there would never be another world war.

I read just the other day about Occupy Wallstreeters and their plans.  They are young kids mostly; history (for them) is about what happened in the 1970’s, much of it occurring on TV – you know, new programs and old ones that were cancelled.  An “idea” is something one was taught, not something that came to mind.  They are limited in their perspective.

The point being made was that the current system is saveable, transformable.  The “idea” is that there is time and that the center will hold long enough to change things and to hold on to quaint ideas like greenhouse warming and tax reform and to build a new America rebirthed in light rail and electric cars and weight loss centers that really work.  The new (old) idea is that it is business as usual in America, and all that is needed is a little twist, a little tweak and a million or two tweets; simple, given the millions of cellphones.

I guess they could be right, but I doubt it.  Time is slipping away too fast; we are far beyond the time for solutions.   You don’t order a tile roof when the German bombers have already been seen flying north over the border; it’s too late, and it doesn’t matter that they have yet to get here.  Wars are long, it is not always wise just to leave town.  The desert can be so inhospitable and starting from scratch in the sand is something that even Bill Gates never claimed he did.  A good roof over ones head is perhaps all that really matters.

The old owners and residents are now gone, departed.  The house lives on.  The idea is that the house will finally have the real roof that it deserves, strong and protective, like or better than the neighbors.  The tile is still months away, but the base for the tile is almost ready.  I’ve called it a “cement roof”, rolled aluminum sheeting is also something with which it is covered.  The old and new is bonded together with 3″ screws, not just nails.  This is a roof built to last and to make the best out of whatever really is coming.

The roof is real of course, but may be best seen as a metaphor.  Right now it is painted a medium shade of grey, industrial strength primer.  Some might call it a “battleship grey”.  Actually it is made by adding 3 oz. of pure black to the neutral white color of the Valspar contractor primer product.   It’s the only mix that works, given the volume of the can.

Some things can only be learned from experience.  Other things are best illuminated by the experience of others.  There is a certain truth in history; and by history I mean something considerably more than the last 30 years.  Or maybe this HAS BEEN the last “30 years”.

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November 9th, 2011


~ Eight weeks in November and December.

October 31 was not just Halloween in my early youth, it was also Admission Day, Nevada Day, the day that Nevada joined the union.  This day of celebrations, parades, open houses and dimes and candy (costumes and politicians) was followed by the beginning of November, a new month.

November had nothing in it except for the promise of cold and snow and ice skating on the local pond and turkey on the table on Thanksgiving.  The drudgery of school was a given, to be relieved only with December and the making of paper chains for Christmas and the Christmas tree at school and at home and then there were the carols too, and snowflakes cut out and pasted to black paper and white crayons to color snowmen if the background were colored blue.

Somewhere amidst  the all of this were too many hours spent under the too bright lights of fluorescent tubes and the all too ugly fluorescent fixtures and the deadly rays that they put out and the mind numbing static buzz that defeated even the simplest joy of learning.

The teachers would warn of escaped prisoners from the State Penitentiary just a mile or two away and then warn again of the pedophiles offering the candy that one could have for free on Halloween and would then advise (children, especially girls) not to climb into the cars of strangers and of course they would hardly listen because chocolate was such a given thing and Hershey’s sold it and who else gave it away absolutely free?

The Children’s Home just across the street from the Fremont School was its own little house of horrors.  Some called it home.  Some cried themselves to sleep each night or wet their beds or had other reasons for not doing their homework.  Children put such a brave face on things, like on poverty and exploitation and neglect and on authority figures that are too dead to ever really answer, but who cash their paychecks anyhow and can enjoy an Admission Day parade or Thanksgiving feast with the best of anyone.  Football was always about horsing around in the locker room, except horses never really “horse” around the way johns and whores and young victims do it.

Sure there was “Vets Housing” too and the damaged veterans from the greatest generation that nobody cared to talk about, and when one says, “War is Hell” they mean the prisoner camps and the social isolation and the don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t yell conduct expected of real men who weren’t so real men except in theory and how did childhood survive so many lies?  The teachers smiled so sweetly.

No, not everyone that ever worked in a pizza hut had to bend over.  Not every football star is just a homo.  Not every banker is a pathological liar and not every rich person will be denied the rewards of heaven.  But history does not remember the few, it remembers the works of the many and there are too many countless faces of the corrupt and the corrupted to keep the facade from going on too much longer.  These people make life into hell and a quick death would be too good for them so they retire with pilfered money and too much public trust which of course will be the death of them.  On Halloween we dance upon their graves and sorrow at their disunion.

Neither a bank loan nor a credit card can get ones innocence back.  All the tea in China, the temples in Japan, the cars in motor city or the olives west of Istanbul are capable of correcting even one wrong by one person unfit for leadership or power.  America is led by damaged goods and the damage that these men and women have done has wasted the best of everyone and that is why this nation is so justly cursed.  It’s on a road to hell.  The only good news is that I don’t believe in hell, so just leave the red suits out of it.

One year and seven weeks from now and some say it will be all over.  Some say on 11 – 11 -11 it will happen.  Some say it happened today when the EAS-T est was over.  I think they’re wrong.  I think “it was over” a long-long time ago when once upon a time became associated with power, wealth and money – with princes, princesses, fantasy and kings and queens.  It was “over” when the people of the world stopped caring and started hoarding and coveting and leching at each neighbor.  It was “over” when America chose the path of war.

There are a thousand good reasons why I have not been posting.  #1 is that the internet is not “it”.  There are no technological solutions just as there are no political solutions as I have all too frequently said.  There is no power associated with money, there is only one protection and that one protection is the truth.  Everything you need to know are things that I can’t tell you.  I can (at best) only talk around the things, ground zero is within you, not me.  Each person is the calm, or the center, of the storm and in that awareness there is a way to resolution.

Use each moment wisely.  This way will not pass this way again.

2011.11.10 – 04:23.