Indy Search

January 30th, 2012

Indy Search

~ March 1st is sooner than you think.

If I were Google I could delete every mention of Google (or google) that I ever made and I could do it instantly.  It’s about making information disappear.  Actually it is the opposite of “access”, as in “access to information”, which is the underpinning of intelligence and this time I probably mean intelligence of both or even all kinds.

Information Overload is the simplest path to censorship.  In the IO world you don’t have to delete anything, you just overwhelm the good stuff with ‘less than good stuff’, you put the lesser foot forward and since you are not off on the right foot the chances are that you will never find your stride.

Continuing……  “A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step”, but if that step is a misstep then you very well might be marching off in the wrong direction, and that is the point of the March 1st ultimatum from the overlords at Google, now isn’t it?

My interest in posting is in direct relationship to my interest in the viability of the web.  The web is NOT viable without good and honest search engines that are content neutral and not “pleasure machines” designed to please you by coming up with the bad ideas of ones near or distant past – i.e. “I thought about buying that once” (before I grew up and became an adult maybe).

I NEVER (almost never) click on CNN or Fox News and so “news” stories from these networks never come up on my Google “just for you” searches.  Bad idea.  I want to know what CNN and Mr. Fox are saying even if I don’t really want to read their party line.  A search engine mini-screen is like an advertisement in the old days, it creates awareness even if you don’t want to spend your money – awareness is a good thing.

Now (however) every ad I ever see is about ME, as in the past me and not the person I am becoming or want to be or could be if I had an equal access to information and not just a filtered version created by computer programmers that are dumber than drumsticks on a Hofbrau platter and with less experience than the wings that never did any walking (much less flying).  That’s science for you, crunching numbers and algorithms as a way of life while everyone else is really living.  No, numbers are NOT alive, nor is math, so what is the attraction of spending time with dead things?

I am of an age (62) that I grew up in an age where a computer was described as nothing more than a more advanced Counting Machine.  It was like our plastic slide rule type number boxes that were really more like pencil boxes; keeping a pencil handy being the more important part.

Computers are still just counting machines that crunch numbers.  Life cannot be reduced to just numbers and just numbers cannot make even the most impoverished life better.  The new Google doesn’t compute or begin to comprehend what are the “best numbers” for me even though the good, better and best numbers are clearly out there.

So I did a search, searching for a better search engine that could do better searches.  It’s like asking a rotten apple to point out the good apple touching it; it can’t be done.  Sure, there are “independent” search engines aimed at better advertisers (an oxymoron).  But no, there are no “Occupy Wall Street Search Engines” (OWSSE) or “Free Libya Search Engines” or “America is a slave state search engine”.  All of the above options would be evidence of a free country devoid of press censorship and free and independent thought and file sharing.  Crunch those numbers, baby.

I’ve posted fairly often about how I just about never missed a movie when I was young, my theater passes thing.  The idea of course was that I would use them at the “kiddie matinee” and see all the advertisements aimed at all “us” kids.  Being “a kid” was not my market, not my plan, not very interesting to me.  My idea of fun was not throwing a box of popcorn through the air so that some poor hapless janitor would have to spend hours just cleaning it up.  Get a life.  The new “consumer RU Google” is NOT green; it IS just an effort to create boring days, sleepless nights, dissatisfaction and envy.

There are (maybe) 5 billion adult type beings on this planet earth.  It would just take the miracle of one to create a truly neutral and really workable search engine, better even than Google used to be in the beginning.  There are 60 days in which to do it.  If YOU are the one, the WORLD will beat a path to your door.   If not, the lights go out in river city and a real darkness will descend on a once fairly free web.

2012.01.30 – 20:59.