Bennie and the jets

February 28th, 2012

Bennie and the jets

~ When Alexander entered Jerusalem the government welcomed him because he wasn’t Persian.

OK, this thing goes “way back”.  The Alexander I mention was of course “the great” Alexander.  The year was 334 BC or BCE (as the non-bible sayers say), about 2,335 years ago if my math is right.  I’m sure that Benjamin Netanyahu can cite chapter and verse of the problems with and perils of the Persian Darius, after all, “all Persians are the same” and “Iranians are just Persians by another name”.

Historically speaking, a good argument can be made that the current conflict is not about religion at all, at least not the Muslim religion.  You see, Darius favored the religion of “light and life” (Ahura – Mazda), the car and the Edison light bulb continued the name.  Darius enabled eternal flames to be kept burning (think JFK – Kennedy) on various mountaintops throughout the land (Persian empire) and that probably meant that Mount Moriah had a “light and life” flame too.  Maybe Alexander (from Greece) would change all that, extinguish the fire, let local Gods rule locally?

Anyway, along with admonishins against “Greeks bearing gifts”, the idea of the dangers of “Persians with fire” were added.  History dies hard.  2,335 years is NOT such a long time (in the larger scheme of things), and a rotary engine in a car is almost as good as one that is electric, so “woo hoo doggy” how DO you keep your organized and orchestrated religion pure if you are the head of a religious state?

So the latest news is that Bennie (Benny, Benjamin) is NOT going to tell Obama when the attack on Iran will begin.  Fair enough.  It’s back to doing surveillance the hard way; actually observing things make it so much harder to lie.

So, it may be a Russian observer, or a Chinese observer, or an Iranian wearing a yamaka that sits aside the tarmac watching.  It won’t be a man from the CIA that first sees the blast from Bennie’s jets as they course down the runway for a special parte in the theatre of life.

The Russian will radio Moscow (Putin) and Putin will text message the air command and the Russian jets already in the air will close at about Mach 3 and do what they have to do the minute that the U.S. built Israeli aircraft cross the border of Israel.  Jamming and counter-jamming will be so intense that even Radio Luxembourg will probably be knocked off the air.  And thus the real war to end all wars will (most probably) begin.

Putin alone will be the puppet-master this time.  It will be Putin that decides if to let Israeli aircraft in (into Iran), and how many.  It will be Putin that decides which Iranian targets are hit, and how hard.  Putin will orchestrate the damage, the blame, the retaliation.  The only person totally beyond Putin’s reach will be Kim Jung-un of North Korea; what he will do with his nuclear arsenal and his million man army is anybody’s guess.  He has no children, so leaving the country to an heir is probably out.

There WILL BE NO press on hand to truthfully report the clashes and the markings on the missiles and the jets.  Weapon fragments will all be planted (salted), like in the Lee Harvey Oswald world, the U.S. media will probably even be provided with notarized receipts.  China will dump U.S. bonds and paper in direct proportion to the loss of Russian jets.  The only Iranian surprise will be that the Strait of Hormuz will stay OPEN as anyone could have predicted, the attack will concentrate on destroying ALL the Gulf of Oman refineries (which takes out the oil going out by land and sea).  Certainly at least one U.S. aircraft carrier will be sunk; this is not the Battle of Midway all over again.

Assad, left by Hillary Clinton with absolutely NOTHING to lose, WILL launch every flying device he has toward Israel just because (in his mind) it just no longer matters.  The loss of life (Syrian civilians) caused by the NATO retaliation will make even the most strident die-hard advocate of middle east democracy wonder if ANY election is ever worth such a price.

And then things will be reported as “getting much worse”.  Wal-Marts will run out of food as people panic.  Gas will cost $50 per gallon (if and when) you can get it.  Credit cards will not be accepted for food or fuel anywhere and certainly not for winter clothing.

All of the above is of course, fiction.  There will be NO WAR because no leader of Israel will commit national suicide by allowing ANY Israeli jet to go down any runway unless in pairs or alone.  Even Israel knows that the whole world is watching and that those in the know (know) the name and number of every Israeli pilot and monitor their phones, their computers, their bedrooms and know before they do if they will be called to fly on any given day.  Only the U.S. public is kept “in the dark” about these things.

So, the U.S. is in a bit of a pickle and a mess.  The drums of war and saber-rattling sure make people nervous, but not nervous enough to really change.  It would take a war to change things and the “final battle” is not doable, except by accident or default.

The RISK of course is accident, as in an “accidental” nuclear war.  Like Oswald, or like Jared Laughner, or like the guy in Chardon, Ohio just the other day; they’re out there, they think as highly of themselves (or as little of themselves) as Benjamin Netanyahu or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Hillary Clinton for that matter.  Some are military, some ex-military.  Some are just civilians that happen to find themselves in just the right place at the right time as the figurative politician or the motorcade goes by.  It happens.  To paraphrase Kennedy from Fort Worth on the morning of November 22, 1963, “It just takes one button unwatched, someone leaving for a cup of Starbuck’s at the wrong time.”

So THERE IS a lot of history worth learning and remembering so that everything doesn’t just go “repeat – repeat”.  There is the theory that the “cabal”, the “Illuminati”, some Übermensch, is “out there” and in control.  The reality is that this “they” is NOT in control, if they ever were, they have now lost it.  “They” may have killed Kennedy, may have orchestrated Afghanistan and the Iraq War; but now there is mutiny in the ranks, disloyalty to disloyalty, smiling faces everywhere that are virtually impossible to discern.  This is why March (this year)appears to be such a very interesting month.

It is always very wise to be prepared if things go bad.  One should do what they can do to survive and at the same time not be too attached to move on.  There seems to be an expiration date appearing on money, maybe literally, or maybe only in my mind.  How else would one know when to “cash” it in?  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and I have vegetables to plant, to sow.

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The Tides of March

February 27th, 2012

The Tides of March

~ Checking in before checking out.

I don’t know if March will bring the nuclear winter that all those at Los Alamos have been so patiently planning for and designing for.  I am not sure that Greece will default (sooner), rather than later, or will default at all.  I don’t know if gas will go up another million (mills), or is it “milrays” – which would be about $100 per gallon, or is it another $100 per barrel that I mean?

I do know that the Arab Spring is orchestrated, that the CIA and Mossad have unlimited money, and that most Republicans believe that there is “no price too high” with which to purchase freedom; and that buying foreign mercenaries is so much cheaper than spilling the blood of domestic (raised) grunts if not Marines.   The British hired the Hessians (after all) and hired countless tribes in India to attack and invade Afghanistan in their Afghan Wars.  History is just repeat, repeat until it looks like “new”, like a new nuclear weaponized Iran or a new nuclear war to follow the one we already had (in 1945).

Maybe Israel does not really have the bomb and Iran could be the first middle east power to have nuclear parity, or is Iran more a part of South Asia and why were Pakistani centrifuges not a “talking point” in 1998 when the Clinton’s were in power?  Maybe if Hillary spoke up about the “rights of (married) women” (then), Pakistan would NOT have the bomb now, because Bill Clinton would not have been so endlessly distracted?  Get Netanyahu a mistress or an aide and the whole Iran bomb thing can be over in less than a week.  I’ll spring for the knee-pads if a little piece will bring peace (repeat, repeat) this easily.

I don’t know if Tokyo needs to be evacuated because of the high levels of radiation; I would say no based on how careless (or is it “care-free”) with the X-Rays my dentist is.  The new mantra about how safe radiation is (is), “only half as bad as the background radiation in Fukashima, and people in their eighties still happily live there“.   The problem with the 1% (the power elite) is that they are so busy scripting the news that they don’t have time to read their own stories.  Is radiation really so dangerous?  Why should anyone in the Middle East worry, blast and heat can come from anywhere, heat comes from the sun and even a car bomb creates “blast”.  Think of how many lives would be saved if Iran could just nuke Israel instead of having to invade this isolated little island.  And like with Japan, it’s regime change that is wanted, not the destruction of the people.

Regimes that spend money on preparing for, and pursuing, endless war should be ended.  It’s very simple.  Peace comes to the peace-makers and war gravitates to the warriors and that’s why I have nothing to fear from an atom bomb.  “They” have been trying to make me afraid of these weapons all my life and guess what, I’m not afraid of them anymore, it’s over, So OVER, so get a life and move on and if having nuclear weapons will make everyone else as happy as Americans are because they have them, let’s do it, go for it, and do the Cha-Cha-Cha because Americans are not that special and a legal wage of 70 cents an hour will make that point perfectly clear.  70 cent per hour wages for refinery workers and oil workers would bring $2.50 per gallon gas to America’s heartland in something under 1 week.  “Beat China”, I say we should give it a try.

Maybe Obama will win, or maybe Romney.  Either way, this picture of an empty stadium indicates how popular politics and politicians really are right now.  They should move the goalposts (of politics) to reflect the crowd.  The bottom line is neither America, nor parts of the world, are working and if YOU think things ARE working then you are too confused to be any help in making anything any better.

Picture of the American stadium.

What the world needs now is a FUNDAMENTAL  change in consciousness.  People need to divest themselves of the willingness to “make a deal” (“Let’s not”), to “settle” for being second best or something so much worse, of material possessions when the spiritual world is the only one that really matters.

Another war will not ever bring peace.  No regime change or “democratic election” will ever make people care about one another.  No free market system will ever result in a universal living wage much less income equity.  Money IS the root of all evil and we need a world-wide financial root canal.   Think big.  Thing world scale good dentistry.  There is so little time before the (real) “big boys” pull this infected tooth.

Trying to live effectively in an enslaved inhuman environment is like arguing against green-house warming when you are already under 123 feet of water.  The idea (then) is not to stop the rain or the ice from melting, it is to reach the surface before you die.

Virtue IS its own reward.  Honesty is not only the best policy, it is the ONLY policy.  Greed really does SUCK, and that brings us back to Hillary and Monica and 1998 and Pakistan and the question of what is really wrong with a Muslim state having the bomb when the short answer is that maybe every religious state should have more than one; like cars in America, there are never enough.

I have posted endlessly before about how the downside of nuclear weapons is the willingness of governments to “tax and spend” in a misguided effort to obtain them.  Each dollar wasted on nukes is a dollar taken away from a needed cataract operation, a necessary dental filling, a hungry mouth to feed.

One suitcase sized nuke could buy 1 billion organic “heritage” seeds that could enable every one on earth to eat free for ever (with a modicum of effort) and at the expense of greedy corporate grown food.  End hunger and nobody on planet earth will work making (Illuminati) Eye-Phones for $5 or $6 per day.  End hunger and nobody on earth will waste the planet’s precious resources trying to buy one.

The goal (on this planet) until recently has been to become a better person, who could lead a better life, that by so doing would make the world a better place – meaning “better” in the things that matter and by that nuclear weapons and Wal-Marts just don’t make the list.  Things do not “go better” with Coke.  A Happy Meal, just isn’t.

The currency of effective prayer is goodness, which is why a million soldiers “praying for peace” just really doesn’t (in the cosmic scheme of things) mean much. Anyone willing to kill and murder, “under orders” is not anyone’s idea of good free-will behavior.  No banker has ever been credited with caring about the necessities of poor people in context of the vagaries of life.  These bankers are “experts” at banking, in the ways of life they are absolute failures.  Let the finger pointing begin; it is only fair considering the fingers that have been pointed at me to create a conformity to this recent age of absolute unreason.

But more important than finger pointing; let the politicians, the pimps & whores, the entertainers, and the bureaucrats lead the way in doing it; is the urgent need for a world-wide effort in prayer.  I am not talking about the prayers of need and greed, the “I” prayers, the prayers for the protection and deliverance of any given nation.  I am talking about sincere prayer that begins with the notion that God knows best, even if that means that Iran gets the bomb or even if Israel is the first to use it.

A prayer for sanity, freedom and equity is pretty much all that anyone really needs.  Forgiveness is granted in the lifetime hereafter, if it is granted at all.  The hardest cruelty to endure in this lifetime is to be treated unfairly, to not be listened to in time of need, to work hard and intelligently and loyally without a commensurate and fair reward.   Such conditions are not of God’s creation, such conditions exist because of a delay in justice; a delay that I humbly submit is at or near its expiration date.

By definition the iniquitous are not predisposed to a prayer for equity.  Those burdened by guilt are not inclined to pray for justice.  Those that gain materially from the oppression, control or enslavement of others are not sincere in their utterances for true freedom.  The insane are not the correct arbiters for determining or defining sanity.  What more needs to be said?

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