Calvin Care

March 30th, 2012

Calvin Care

~ In the tradition of elders, despots and other rulers it is often only chaos that cares.

My last post was entitled Obama Care and carried the story of how I cancelled and otherwise have unwound from my healthcare plan that (if the truth is known) didn’t, or doesn’t care.

So who cares as in these final hours or minutes or days of America we can plainly see the fires burning on the upper floors and see the shadows of people jumping as we relive the harrowing hours of 9-1-1 “America under attack” and realize that this time we KNOW the outcome, we’ve seen the previews, we’ve all bought into or have been brought into the meme.  Yes, America is the towers.  Yes, the upper floors are already burning.  Yes, as we all know the towers will fall, and fall quite suddenly, and fall at free fall speed because the supports at the base are not sufficient to keep the capstone or upper flights in place when all the little people at the bottom are just “blown away”.

OK, you can bring up planes and terrorists and the military and quasi-military and other things that fly.  You miss the point.  But I don’t fly anymore, so I guess it is only the building and the buildings that matter.  And that, my friends, brings up the topic of John Calvin.  Here is his picture.

If you carefully read the whole Wiki article (I just read part), you will learn the Mr. John Calvin and his good buddy John Knox were prudish or prissy or presumptuous puritans, some say reformed Jews, that had a little to do with the east coast version of the founding of America; dare I say in New Mexico we have traditions that go back a bit further.

Anyway my so-called “health care provider” is (until 11:59 tonight, March 31st) Presbyterian, which brings up presbyters and vespers and ancient religions and their ancient practices that are at the root of “modern” medicine and somehow (too) I guess how religions and their institutions can be constructive in the building plans of building pyramid schemes of the type that has often been the building blocks of America, and now the weight is so heavy on the backs of the bottom few that they are waking up and walking away and moving on and are not going to wait around to be blasted away like what happened in the movie and the media event known as, “The Twin Towers”.  Amen.

The issue (MY issue) of late is about a few blood tests, count them, there were four that were ordered on March 19 by my Doctor (Known as my “Primary care physician”) of which my plan says that I have to have one and the one I have (and like) is actually on the Presbyterian Healthcare Plan approved list of doctors.  The blood tests involves collecting “specimens” at a lab (not at the office) and that brings up the only lab that is available and that is TriCore.

If you think competition is good, and might help keep things a bit honest you should know that Presbyterian (in the ABQ metro area) ONLY uses TriCore for all covered insurance services that require the services of a lab, a laboratory or “reference laboratories” as TriCore calls themselves.

Before I go on I should show you their logo, so you can get an eye, a base or an idea of the point I made earlier about pyramids and schemes and building things the old fashioned way which does not involve “choice” or freewill or the freedom of the city or the freedom to be free from “blood work” and blood drawn by the worst or best of them.  The TriCore logo.

And here is the logo at the entrance to the building in Albuquerque where I visited for two hours yesterday.  In their front lobby is a nice black plaque that among other things states their “vision”.  Their “vision” is to “offer a choice“.   So since the choice is not about the laboratory one is allowed to use, what “choice” really is it that they offer?

My wife and I have had trouble with TriCore before.  This lab did lab work for my wife that because of the way Presbyterian handled it she thought the bill was paid.  Part of it WAS paid, but there was a TriCore laboratory balance owing.  Tricore FAILED to access the mailing address on record at Presbyterian (as required by Presbyterian rules) and instead sent their “billing letters” to an unused street address, and to make matters worse even got the street address wrong.  When they got no response do you think TriCore checked the phone book or the web or contacted the Presbyterian database?  Absolutely No, of course not.  We were (and are) dealing with corporate America, Pyramids and towers, things that go splish or splash in the night when we aren’t out there looking.

So, in time, they sent the $135 (or something) to a collection agency for collections.  The collection agency used the same wrong address used by TriCore, but upon their “final notice” a substitute postal carrier was put on the route and got all HIS addresses wrong and delivered the collection letter to the WRONG ADDRESS, which was us, actually the “right” address after all.  The point that I am making is (of course) that ALL of America is collapsing, burning, not working or something obviously much worse.

It took a little over two months to sort out this “TriCore Affair” through Presbyterian and TriCore and the Collection Agency involved.  Needless to say we are VERY CAREFUL about TriCore and TriCore billing and things that go bump in the night and corporations that are having parties for their employees instead of adequately training them about how things really work and what to do and not to do to keep customers (and patients out of patience) out of trouble.  OK, I may be dreaming; reform will not work, it is all corrupt to the tricore?

So now we have that majic word “training”, as if being trained were a good substitute for thought or clear thinking or being able to think at all.  It isn’t.  You can “train” fleas to turn left by eliminating all the fleas that turn right from the database or the life base if that seems appropriate.  Training is about a process of selection that keeps as employees those that agree with you (and your goals) and involves firing or not hiring those that don’t.  It is really very simple.  Training is another word for the “yes” men and the “yes” women that want the “yes” men jobs.  “Yes”, they will say anything you want them to and “no” they will deny saying anything they shouldn’t even though in reality they did, or really did, or “so help me God, I didn’t say that (though I really did).”  They used to say that there was a very special place in hell for such liars.  I don’t know.  I haven’t been to hell, I’ve only experienced such people here on earth.

Presbyterian and probably John Calvin hires such people, or seems to hire such people on first blush and from the bush, and keeps them and retains them and puts them in places of influence and authority such as the modern equivalent of a phone room which is, well, a phone room.   Enough said.  It was the phone room, the “customer service representative” the member services agent” the “eyes and ears and mouthpiece of Presbyterian” that took the call when my wife called to find out how much of these FOUR lab tests my health plan at Presbyterian really covered.

The person who answered, we shall call her “Crystal” because we don’t have a last name and nobody like her ever does; anyway “Crystal” was on duty on March 21 (going on about noon) and had no trouble understanding that the question of “how much” really involved the issue of money and not the weight of the specimens potentially in play.  Crystal (maybe a gay or a guy), to make it all polite and legal, evidently had no idea about all the pain she was about to create and cause by not asking for “codes” or the “type of visit” or other good and great things that might have had the effect of instilling care and confidence because such questions might quickly cut to the truth.

Health Care and Health Care Insurance is NOT about truth and soul or truth or soul or anything having to do about the truth at all.  It is all about money, only money, and how to pick the pocket of the gullible and unwary and how to put the money in the hands of “doctors and lawyers and such“.

My wife said and asked all the right things on my behalf.  She had the plan number, the member number, the right date of birth and social security number and full name and middle initial and mother’s maiden name (if they asked).  She had me there to back up her requests in case the case arose, “yes I authorize this person to place this call”.

She explained the fact that I (Donald Clayton) had seen his doctor and that his doctor had issued a form for blood work to be done.  She read off the tests from the form.  She used the alpha codes (CMP, THYS, CBCD, ESR) that TriCore used on the TriCore form.  There were no “5 digit codes” and there was no place for such codes on the form.  In the bottom right corner another “code” V70.0 was written, a code meaning Routine general medical examination at a health care facility”.  This is the code that doctors use nationwide to indicate an annual physical or check-up, the code indicates to anyone in the know “Preventative Care”, but who really cares anyway? 

So here is the form in question, and I still have questions – don’t you?

What do “codes” have to do with coverage at Presbyterian?  It was so easy for “Crystal” to ignor the issue of codes and claim expertise and inform my wife that, “Presbyterian will NOT pay anything for the tests, you have a $5,000 deductible that has not been satisfied or met.”  I hate to quote, the words may (slightly) vary, but you get the gist without having to hear the tape.  The point is clear. Coverage by Presbyterian for the blood tests was clearly denied.

The point is that nowhere on the form does the form communicate the words “Preventative Care”, only the code in the bottom right corner indicates that these tests are for Preventative Care; and then the codes ONLY work if you know what they mean, which not one American in 100 does.  Did you know a V70.0, before reading this post?  OK then, what does a 715.9 mean?  I was told by an LPN that the code meant “fatigue“.

Further, the four tests ordered are NOT known to be preventative care unless the five digit codes are entered (TriCore uses the term “populated”) and TriCore only “populates” (enters the codes) if the lab work has been completed and if an insurance company is to be billed.

The whole “lab test” procedure is surrounded in secrecy.  The critical information is hidden from the patient by the fact that TriCore does not provide the codes that the patient needs to ask the EXACTLY right question to get an EXACTLY right answer.  Presbyterian defends the call center communication of denial of coverage by saying that the customer (my wife, the agent of the patient) did not SPECIFICALLY SAYthe lab tests were ordered for preventative care, are they covered?” (exact script – you must use it).  Even then, the call center would probably deny that there was insurance coverage if the “patient / customer” could not provide the codes for the specific tests.

Where are these SECRET codes to be found?  Even the supervisors at Presbyterian Health Care don’t have them.  They only have a list of numbers that are “covered” under preventative care, but not that are correlated to the TriCore names or TriCore alphabetical initials.  The ESR “Westergren” test is an example.  The codes are NOT even identified on the web.   I did find a site that has some lab test numbers (insurance codes), but this facility seems to offer tests for far less than available through Presbyterian (TriCore) which quoted $239 for the four tests.

Using the form I was given (above), you try to figure out what you would have to pay and what codes exist that will unravel the mystery.  It is curious that even the supervisors (team leaders) at Presbyterian would NOT call TriCore to gain access to the codes that “they” claimed were needed to confirm that the tests were for prevention and not a diagnosis or a cure.  No organization could be so incompetent.  If the “procedures” smell, there must be a reason.

Tomorrow (or later) I shall endeavor to continue my tale about the saga of the collapse of health care.  Nobody is watching.  Nobody really understands how things work, except those at the top that are making all the money.  I’m glad that I am out of it, have unwound from the racket, have assumed responsibility for my own health and care and the bills that might come due.  I recommend the same course to others.

Note:  The reason behind this post is to reveal the truth, to tell it “like it is”, to offer in a public forum the information that those charged with overview and oversight might have missed.  I honestly believe that, “Nobody stays stupid forever”.  The top floors are falling, even Elvis has left the building.  Maybe you should too, and quickly.

2012.03.31 – 05:45.

Obama Care

March 24th, 2012

Obama Care

~ Health care, insurance, doctors & meds and all the “middle men” that make it work – the bottom line is that it doesn’t.

There are so many words for “doctoring” these days that pink slime and Obamacare are just the most obvious (two) examples.  The real bottom line is that “you are what you eat”,  and “good genetics” certainly plays a role; health is more about food and who you marry (or screw) than all the fancy devices, brochures and politicians would lead you to believe.

OK, to cut to the chase I dropped, meaning “disenrolled” from, my health plan, health insurance, medical coverage type thing yesterday.  I’ve paid for the plan through the end of the month, so I therefore (technically) have another 7 days of “coverage”.

The point is “what coverage did I get for my outlay of more than six thousand dollars?”  I got one 21 minute visit to my doctor, for a $20 co-pay.  That’s it.  The rest of my money went into subsidizing doctor salaries; paying for fancy medical equipment that I will probably never benefit from; and paying to care for people that don’t care about what they eat, nor about exercise and basic cleanliness or who they sleep with and when.

And, oh yes, I helped make a few hundred lawyers very rich because the medical industry supports the lawyers who sue them just enough to keep them a slight bit honest.  This brings me to the subsidy of religious fetishes through “health care”, meaning circumcisions, meaning that when they go wrong it is not just Catholics and Jews that pay (under medical insurance they don’t have to pay for this religious privilege that some rightly call “male mutilation”).

So if YOU are not yet confused enough about the medical intrigues of Mitt Romney and his wife and who pays the bills for who, then I should mention “preventative medicine” and the lab fees (blood tests) that might go along way to help make a healthier society.

My plan, what I get (got) for $6,000 was a doctor visit co-pay.  My doctor ordered 4 blood tests to test for the usual indicators of future expenses that go along with “typical” aging for people my age.  The tests cost $230, to be paid entirely out of MY pocket, no co-pay, no nothing.  “I gave at the office,” I said (to myself).  If I did NOT have medical insurance the $230 would be like nothing, but after $6,000 paid out (for nothing) you might think that keeping me healthy might be in a health insurance companies best interest.  No!  You don’t get it, neither did I.  The whole idea of medical plans and insurance is like everything else, to take from the poor to pay for the expensive health needs of the very rich.  How else could you have fancy machines and doctors standing by 24/7 to keep the 1% alive, and looking pretty, and in pretty good health?

Most people in America are NOT so lucky.  In Albuquerque it is those that work for “the labs”, the NUCLEAR BOMB INDUSTRY, that get the best insurance, coverage, health care for themselves and their families.  Lab people are the ones that dentists and doctors love, they always pay because they never have to pay for what they get in health services.  Their needs are “our” expenses, the little people pay for these policies through taxes, and impossible to meet deductibles, and impossibly high monthly premiums considering what you get.

OK, I heard the other day that “forced pay” medical premiums, like Romney’s plan in Massachusetts, is justified because, “every one will eventually need medical care”.  Yes, (maybe), but EVERY ONE will eventually need food and I don’t see an offer of “food plan insurance” on the public agenda.  If there were such a plan it would be designed to provide caviar and oysters, lobster and flaming brioche, and $100 bottles of French wine free to the rich while the rest of the population ate a diet of pink slime burgers and GMO corn syrup mixed in with a diet heavy on potatoes and beans and with not one side of fresh broccoli or carrots anywhere in sight.

So why don’t most Americans “eat healthy”?  Why don’t GMO foods (like almost all corn and soy) get eschewed instead of chewed?  Why isn’t high fructose corn syrup banned as public enemy number one, and the cow killer BGH and the disease it spreads turned into “new news” until it disappears onto labels that say clearly “pink slime free” (or is that the label that means you get pink slime for free?).

Yes, most states used to require a blood test before you got married or had children.  I had to get one in Oregon, it didn’t kill me and it didn’t make the doctors rich.  Todays health care would be much cheaper if all couples HAD to get a battery of tests before they had sex, were allowed to procreate, were allowed to congregate with people that did (have health free sex).  Then maybe too, there should be higher insurance rates for those with higher risks; it is like making the alcohol industry pay for the full cost of all the losses caused by DWI.  Isn’t that the point?  Isn’t alcohol the cause, or is it “just drinking”.

Most people are so confused by all the media propaganda and “squiggly think” that is always so self-serving for the corporations and insurers and their “health providers” and agents that they forget that good health begins (and ends) with good food and good habits and occasionally a bit of self-restraint.

So, that IS my health plan for this day and my future, and maybe for the best health care in America’s future too.  The blood tests, I probably don’t need it.  You can buy a lot of really good and great tasting healthy food for $230, even at today’s high prices.  And I have seeds coming up as I grow my own.

And the other thing.  No, dying doesn’t really scare me.  I don’t want to subsidize the healing of gun violence at the end of the gun, I would rather address the issue at the beginning.  But if YOU are a likely target for a weapon of someone else’s choice, then maybe you should purchase all the insurance that you can get.  The same is true if you keep eating GMO’s and buying the coupon cutting brand name products sold in most stores.  The only difference, starting today, is that I won’t be subsidizing you and your wanton lifestyle of excess and regret.

Don’t worry.  Be Happy.  There are always new ways you can live better for less money.

2012.03.20 – 21:40.

There is a watchbird watching you.

March 21st, 2012

There is a watchbird watching you.

~ The less sinister, more user friendly, side of 1984.

It seems like every sleazy cowpoke in every two-bit western (many starring John Wayne) would sally or sashay up to some unsuspecting good guy or good women and say “Howdy Pardner” and then proceed to do that victim no good.  It was very trite of course and not too real, the real word was “partner”; but the word is still misused today.

Partnership is too often a term used to describe the unequal, or a conspiracy of “like minds”, “likemindedness”.  You notice the word “Like”, as in the Facebook thing; it makes you forget about who really is making all the money.

There was a partnership between Winston Smith and the telescreen as portrayed in the novel 1984.  The telescreen was (of course) the agent of the state, always watching you, always suggesting to you what to think and what to do, taking Winston Smith’s time away from time spent with others, meaning time just spent alone or with other human beings not tied to the ever present telley.

This one-eyed two-way relationship is perhaps best symbolized today by the watchful eyes of CBS and AOL Time-Warner.  These corporations are the state, are “partners” of the government and the powers that be in telling you (politely) what to do and think and carefully guarding over who will get the money; friends Like friends, and that “eye in the sky” is your opportunity to participate in virtual power when real power is so far out of sight.

CBS, AOL Time-Warner, and Fox News before it got too foxy:

You can clearly see the eye in the pyramid (power) in the AOL logo, but seeing the pyramid in the Fox News logo takes more work, the searchlights are lined up just so.  Anyway searchlights were the “eyes in the skies” before the invention of radar so I guess that Fox News too is watching you while you think that you are just watching it.

That brings us to the Neighborhood Watch logo and signs that are seen in so many neighborhoods throughout the country.  And that also begs the question of why most “vision specialists” present just ONE eye when it takes two eyes to have good vision and two eyes to have any real sense of depth.

Why am I thinking of Florida?  Would the young victim still be alive if he did not have that cellphone distraction stuck against his ear?  Can too much audio input really make you blind?

“Of course” pirates always had only one eye, but did they?

The new Long John Silver logo has one eye blind, but the earlier Disney movie and all the early books portrayed the man as sighted.  Captain Hook, too, can really see.  And in the case of Captain Kidd the above depiction is the exception.  The images keep changing even while your kids eat.

The point of all these words about watching and about who is watching who (like an owl?) is not just the owl eyes of the new Google:

It is to revisit the question of who likes to be watched, why, and when.  This brings us to the Watchbird again and the other book (not 1984) that brought home the idea that somebody is watching you and telling you what to do, and if they are not watching you they should be.

The book(s) and the Watchbird:

Actually, Munroe Leaf drew a lot of these images in his efforts to make the surveillance society seem acceptable, even good.  In the early 1950’s he started a campaign that involved distributing “Watchbirds” (like the above picture, but looking at you straight on) for free for GI Greatest Generation type parents to put up in the kitchen or bedrooms of the children that they had.  The idea was that your “parents may not be looking” but the Watchbird always is.

Even my parents got one, about 1954 in Carson City, and put it up.  I didn’t like it.  I complained and wisely they took the Watchbird down.  The fact that my older brothers sided with me probably helped.

Taking down Google may not be so easy.  Stopping the NSA facility in Utah may be harder yet.  The watchbirds now come in a drone version and are already not just an eye in the sky, but are also armed and dangerous with laser beams directed toward your head.  If all these new eyes have it, I’ll clearly side with the “nays”.

Somebody should set up a website featuring Dick Cheney, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, Munroe Leaf and all those thousands of others who were “servants of the cabal”.  There might be a hundred thousand names before one was finished, all nicely ordered, alphabetical, each person listed by height and weight and race.  Social Security numbers would be listed, maybe a retinal scan just to clearly make the point, and a body scan from TSA for good measure.

The point is that when all this present unpleasantness is over and the world returns or becomes the way it REALLY is (without the overlay of fear and power), then there will be a list of the deadmen and dead women of the past that tried to put the world in chains but now (meaning then) will have been long forgotten as 100,000 better people will come to take their place (in history) and in the collective memory of men (meaning all the women, boys and girls, too).  And on that day, and at that time, this post will be forgotten too, and all the logos and images on this page will long be past and nobody will even care that they ever existed.  So turn your greenback dollar over, look hard, the image you see will soon be gone and if you cling to that dollar too hard you (my friend) my very well be gone with it.

2012.03.22 – 03:43.

How can all the killing keep going on?

March 21st, 2012

How can all the killing keep going on?

~ We are probably beyond the point in America where either most religionists or even humanists are opposed to making murder very easy.

If Buddy Holly were alive today (and if he were candid) his song “It’s so easy” would be about buying guns, not love:

It’s so easy to buy a gun.
It’s so easy to use a gun.

People tell me guns are for fools.
So, here I go, breaking all the rules.
It is so easy,
Oh so doggone easy,
It is so easy.
Where you’re concerned, my heart has burned.

It’s so easy to buy a gun.
It’s so easy to use a gun.

Look into your heart and see,
What your kill book has set apart for me.
It is so easy,
Oh so doggone easy,
It is so easy.
Where you’re concerned, my heart will burn.

It’s so easy to buy a gun.
It’s so easy to use a gun.

The gun violence has been so ever present and rapid fire lately that my wife, who still listens to NPR, asked, “what news would there be if there weren’t stories about murders and guns?”  She’s right, there would be basically NO news, at least no bad news.

First there was the story out of Afghanistan about the mass military murders, the Massacre at Zangabad.  Then an Albuquerque police officer shot up a man for fencing a stolen stereo and bumping a police car.  In Florida a Neighborhood Watch busy-body murdered a young man for talking on a cellphone and eating candy.  In France a self-proclaimed patriot went around killing school children and French paratroopers at point blank range.

The “citizen army” crowd lamented the fact that Homeland Security had ordered 450 million rounds of deadly ammunition to be used, “for what”.   What they didn’t worry about was that 80 million Americans owned guns and had amassed and stockpiled at least 8 billion rounds of ammunition and this doesn’t even include the thousands of rounds that are passed out daily to the uniformed military for killing Afghans, Pakistanis, undefined Arabs, and people and politicians in Syria that support Assad.  Let us not even contemplate the guns and ammo of various calibers that is and was transited to Persian waters to kill Persians (and I don’t mean just cats).

The bottom line is that the global shoot-out (not ‘shout out’) at OK Corral has begun, and begun in earnest.  The more shootings, the greater the fear, the greater the fear the more guns (product) that WILL be sold.  And don’t forget, every gun needs bullets and that means cartridges and ammunition and no wonder the price of copper (brass) is soaring and that this metal is now of investment quality nearly everywhere around the world.

If you can’t afford a gun or two EVERYONE knows that all you have to do is to join the military and they will provide you free with plenty of heat.  Using this firepower to kill civilians is not a problem (anyone will tell you) as the firing line between those in uniform and those without uniforms is “just a blur”; or as Bobby Bales said, “I can’t remember, I was drunk.”  OK, guns and using them IS OK (they say).

So, the other day I found and posted a link to the German language version of Universal Soldier.   The song was sung in 1974, and is interesting because the rhyme and rhythm and cadence of the German language creates word adaptations that the English language version does not make as clear.  “The war will go on until the day that all weapons are banned,” (at 1:57 here).  My point?

My point is this:  First, this is not 1974 – the Vietnam War era is over; we are now in the era of Universal War where every civilian is a soldier and every soldier is a civilian, the era of “Enemy Combatants R US” where the toys are guns and every one who wants to gets to play.  It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or a conservative; a patriot or in the military; the truth of the fact that the dividing lines are gone and that, as Robert Bale said, “It is all a blur,” is true.  Everyone has pistols, every one has an AK 47 or an Uzzi or something bigger if they want one.

The argument AGAINST nuclear disarming is that MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) is what really works.  In this case, the only road to peace in the Middle East is IF Iran is encouraged by all concerned to get the bomb since the region is in danger as long as only Israel has the bomb and is thereby free to use it.

But perhaps we live in a MAD, MAD world.  Perhaps we live in a world where the only reason that the people don’t put an end to warlike governments is because the governments have guns to protect them from the onslaught of the masses and then again the governments can’t totally take over because the people can out munition them at a rate of 16 bullets to one.   It IS MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction.

But does it work?  Will it work forever?  Which side has more credit and more money in order to maintain the constant escalation in the purchase of personal armaments and munitions?  Who will blink, or go for broke or go broke trying to win this war?

Are we at a point (yet) when we can really go to the table and work ourselves away from this madness and work out a “deal” where everyone disarms, starting with the government forces, and with equal concessions from the various drug cartels and the citizen civilian soldats?  Police and fire (departments) could enter the negotiations and maybe a Neighborhood Watch group or two.  The alternative is maybe something like the situation in Syria.  Who needs a house or a job when you can find a weapon and shoot up your neighbors and the neighborhood?

Meanwhile, invest in copper and carbines (buy stocks, or stock up) and the end of money will be here faster than you might think.  Go for broke!

I think, however, I will just step aside.

2012.03.21 – 18:10.

The Lynch House

March 20th, 2012

The Lynch House

~ The Lynch House was the house behind us (in Carson City), where the Lynchs lived.

Lynch may refer to:  Lynching, also known as Lynch law, named after Charles Lynch (jurist), a form of extralegal judgment and punishment, usually by killing; Terrace agriculture, or a terrace, also called a “lynch”; one of the fourteen Tribes of Galway, a surname of Irish origin.

As a five year old the only association I knew with the name Lynch was lynching, I had seen a few western movies and I knew “lynching” was bad.  My mother explained to me that “Lynch” could also be just a name, my fear subsided.

The Lynchs lived very near to us, just across the empty lot from our own back door.  The town was Carson City, population pretty near 3,000.  We lived on the edge of town, the Lynch house was on the very eastern edge.  From the back door of the Lynchs the next house going due east was probably in Utah, which was where the Lynchs were from, once, a great many years before.

Photograph of “Donald with chickens” and the Lynch House (the white house) in the background.

The Lynch family was “Mormon”, they constituted a branch of the Latter Day Saints that disagreed with Brigham Young about the having of multiple wives.  They were fundamentalists, believed in the Bible and in the fact that the world as God gave it to mankind was basically good and needed no particular alterations or improvement.

I’ve written someplace before about the bees, or the wasps, or whatever flying stinging insects were in the lunch bag that day when I stuck in my hand to retrieve the mud pies that I had made and where the wasps had taken up residency and that they objected to my removing their home (my mudpies) from the bag.  I was stung.  I hollered.  I cried.  I ended up at the Lynchs after that; my life as a “latch-key” kid became a life of “baby-sitting”, or to put it nicely “child care”, as in “I” was the child that needed care or so my parents and the Lynchs said, or thought, or something.

There are perhaps two catalytic experiences in my life that have colored my perspectives of what is possible in this world, they are my life around the Lynchs and my life in Afghanistan.  In both cases, the lesson is about life among the basics, the simple life, life as God probably planned that life should be – open spaces, living with animals, being pretty independent in all you need and being fundamentally free from the repercussions of war.  I should add that there is also an article of faith, physically manifest, that adds too to the acceptance and the appeal.

The Lynchs lived (in the 1950’s) a life that most Americans can only dream of now.  It is a life of open spaces, clear skies, clean chemical-free free water and the opportunity to be free from the opportunities deemed by others.

Nevada (then) had a population density averaging only one person per square mile.  Growing up in Nevada, such spaciousness seemed natural.  There were few fences to fence you in.  “Space” was a resource taken for granted in Nevada; if the United States had a population density like the opportunity available in Nevada the population of the entire U.S. would have been less than 4 million (people).

Given the fact that Nevada land was reasonably cheap the Lynchs had enough land to have a fairly good size garden.  They raised perhaps 80% of their own food, canned it, had a supply of mostly home canned food in their basement cellar that would probably last well over a year, probably two years.

The Lynchs didn’t drink processed milk.  They drank whole milk that came directly from a friend’s cows that were raised and milked at a farm on Carson River Road.

Mrs. Lynch made most all of the clothes for the family, she sewed.  She sewed the shirts, the skirts, the pants and the pajamas for their family of five.  They had a telephone (one), no dishwasher, a washer but no dryer.  They had electricity because Mr. Lynch worked for the power company as a lineman.  I don’t believe they ever owed anybody a dime in their entire life.  They had a reasonable amount of money, they saved.  They bought their eggs where they bought their milk, out on the Carson River Road.

The Lynchs had church services in their home, every Wednesday and Sunday.  A small group of friends and sometimes distant neighbors came and worshiped and prayed.  They arranged for marriages between their daughters and their sons.  Outsiders values they knew made it hard to keep life simple.  The Lynchs had no TV, almost never went to see a movie.  They owned a piano which they played.  Music was a basic part of life.

The Lynchs owned several older cars having sold the horses they owned somewhere along the way.  Mrs. Lynch’s father lived in the household and was cared for by the family.  He had the most impressive wood shop that I have (to this day) ever seen.  It was located in the garage to the right of the house (left in the picture).  Household furnishings were simple, but comfortable.  They had everything that one might need and importantly not too much more.

If the Lynchs lived today they would probably also have a bomb or fallout shelter, maybe they would be armed with guns.  But I’m not so sure.  I think that their faith in God would provide (security); they would not be living in a Carson City as large as Carson is now.  They would live elsewhere, where there was community and space; maybe that’s the point – there is no community or space anymore, so the Lynch family that I knew has moved on.

I think a lot about the Lynchs with each passing year.  I hated going over to the house, the endless sewing, the dishes always washed by hand.  Life seemed stern and strict and maybe even a little boring (then).  I was always glad to leave at 4 or 5 and then go home.  That was then.  Everything seems so different now.  One glass of that fresh clear water, one gulp of contrail and jet free air, one bite of carrot freshly pulled from the garden – it doesn’t seem so much to ask, not really.

So, how much of the past can we reclaim and how much of the past is there of which we must let go?  How much must we endure in our efforts to just carry on?  What is the price when the current course certainly is not progress?  Yes, take me back!, or take me forward quickly to a new and better time.

2012.03.20 – 06:45.

On the road to Herat

March 19th, 2012

On the road to Herat

~ Mapping Panjwai, Zangabad, Belamby, Qala Bist and Kandahar.

OK, the names begin to come in.  It was Bobby Bales from Belamby that is taking the hit or did the hit on that village “in the Panjwai region” south of Kandahar, in Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton said “it takes a village”; her question now is how many homes taken out does it take to “take out a village”.  Sixteen dead is a lot of house for one “superman soldier” to take on and take out all by himself, especially when he took time to rape several women, pile up the bodies and burn them, and walk back to Belamby base to surrender.

The Afghan government investigators are not really convinced.  They say 15 or 20 US / NATO soldiers were involved, so much for the “Security” of Afghanistan when the troops charged with security are the ones breaking the peace.

Alas, the U.S. government is never good with mapping in Southern Afghanistan.  My activist posts about the Afghanistan war began with the confusion about Marja.  Marja was near Qala Bist, the village of Zangabad is about 50 miles due east of Qala Bist, “as the crows fly” and the crows were certainly flying over Zangabar on March 11 (3/11) 2012 after the Americans (American) left.

So let’s go back to when things were simpler in Afghanistan and the only U.S. military in the country were a hand full of U.S. Marines housed in the Marine House near the (old) U.S. Embassy in downtown Kabul.  They were there to listen to Buddy Holly (records) and to serve as Embassy guards (which was a very easy job, then).  It was 1959 when I went there.  It was the first of April when I first departed from Carson City to live in a nation that virtually no one in America had ever heard of.  Remarkable, isn’t it, how things can really change.

Anyway, Kabul is in the north and Kandahar is in the southern part of Afghanistan.  Alexander (the great) marched his armies past Qala Bist and followed the river going east until he found (really founded) Kandahar in 300 something B.C.  The site of the Zangabad Massacre is just south of the Arghandab River to the west of Kandahar probably fairly close to where the armies of Alexander marched, but that was during an earlier war.

I have taken down an old map of Afghanistan and scanned a portion to give you an idea of the lay of the land.  “Dasht-i” means desert.

Map Source:  Base World Aeronautical Charts – Scale 1:1,000,000 / Aeronautical Chart Service USAF / Original cartography July 1948 (Second Revision October 1957).

On the left of the map you see the location of Qala Bist, just south of Lashkari Bazar before the Americans built a “model city” near the bazaar as part of the Helmand Valley project which involved the diverting of water, the building of dams and the importing of American made red tractors.  On the right (of the map) you see Kandahar, the red X is for an unimproved dirt landing field, the red airplane symbol designates the improved dirt airstrip and one room terminal that was the Kandahar airport at the time.

The site of the Zangabad Massacre is east of where the bottom of the “K” in Kandahar is, between the two rivers.  All these places and place names and historical sites are on the road to Herat, a city in eastern Afghanistan fairly near to the Iranian border.  In Afghanistan pictures you can see the photograph of the American built bridge south of Girishk.  For a Google Maps version of the same area, see here and here.  On the latest Google Map Qala Bist seems to have gone missing.

Now we “zero in” on Zangabad.  Look at the map above to find the two rivers, where the map turns from dust to light brown is Zangabad, although there isn’t the water so much anymore (in the rivers and behind the Arghandab Dam) as the Google Map clearly shows.

What is (of course) missing from maps is the location of Base Belamby, and too the “X” marks the spot for where the U.S. helicopters took off and an “X” for the house where the massacre occurred.  Maybe a small “x” could mark where the graves of the victims of American aggression are buried; “the rape of Belgium” was nothing compared to the rape in Afghanistan by American forces.  Mark my words, the Zangabad Massacre is only the tip of the iceberg of American troop atrocities in Afghanistan.  “Shock & Awe”?, even the most blood-thirsty Americans will be SHOCKED by the wanton behavior of so many troops displaying search and destroy tactics that make even the worst of the Taliban look good!  One “Bobby” Americans can handle, an army of Bobbies is more than a village, it’s scary.

Anyway, while we’re revisiting Afghanistan again I present you with a 1958 map of a portion of downtown Kabul:

The American Embassy and the USIS (United States Information Service) is located at the top left of the map.  The Kabul River winds through Kabul to the south.  The Palace Area where the King of Afghanistan had an office open daily to any Afghan visitor that wanted to talk to the King about grievances can be plainly seen.  Nearby is the Hotel Kabul.  The Girl’s School is south of the embassy, the Marine House was between the Embassy and the Girl’s School.

Here is the Google Map showing approximately the same area as the 1958 map above.  Some embassies have moved, the Presidential Palace has changed quite a bit.  New roads have cut their way through where roads not ought to be.

It HAS been two years since this website, Qala, has expressed outrage about the American War in Afghanistan and since a vow was taken to do everything possible to end the American military occupation of Afghanistan.  Then it looked like a long and protracted struggle considering the war had already lasted nine long years.

Now the United States is in an 11th year of war and IS clearly losing.  The Afghan people are NOW against the American presence and if Robert Bales is not given over to the Afghan authorities countless other Americans will be TAKEN by Afghan hands and tried accordingly or held for a prisoner exchange that probably will never come.

The Afghans are a patient people, the endless presence of America and Americans has sourly tried this patience.  The Americans are now the “new” Russians, behaving badly like the old Russians did, and like the British mercenary armies before them did.  It all ended very badly, but the Afghans survived OK.  The Afghans surely will again.  It is too bad that the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team didn’t learn their history, so much arrogance and so little real power.

2012.03.19 – 22:44.

I brake for small animals and Afghans

March 18th, 2012

I brake for small animals and Afghans

~ The road to hell is a route to get off of.

This looks like a series in the making, not to be confused with Bobby Bales, a serial killer.

Anyway, a few hours ago I was positing and posting my observations about why so many Americans are programmed to kill, to murder, to murder in the military and to shoot up politicians given half a chance.  My contention was that the vast majority of Americans are programmed from a very early age to look upon murder and killing favorably and therefore it is no particular surprise when about 15% of Americans “bite” and that a few thousand actually bite the bullet and start to kill other human beings in earnest – knowing that at least 15% of America will defend them, defend their murderous rampages, and will defend the “system” that led to creating the warped mind of depravity in question (no questions asked).

I don’t eat cows, so I don’t eat red meat, so I don’t consume pink slime so I don’t think that anyone who does is really a victim.  My family were “Cattlemen“, so I guess I’ve come a long way in just one or two generations.  Yes, a cow or even a deer uptipped through a front windshield can be unsettling, even deadly.  But, it is the smaller animals that don’t stand a chance as America’s love affair with the automobile takes its toll.  So, if killing small animals is NOT such a worry to most Americans, why should the same group worry about Afghans?

The arguments linking the two are about the same: one; the killing is not something we usually see – two; “it’s a road”, we were going somewhere, time is important, the ‘thing’ just got in the way.  So do the courts just acquit “Bobby” and complacently “move on”?  Are Americans so preoccupied with the self, that there is no room to care about others unless the “others” are targets for personal greed?

Any real activist knows that it is pointless to try to change the opinions of the skillfully programmed masses.  The best that can be done is to change one or two minds at a time.  The ONLY mind that can really be changed by a regular person is the mind of oneself.  All this is good, because the mind of oneself (changing, in a good way) is the only mind that on a personal and real level really matters.  Your life depends on it (this change) and so does all your future happiness IF you don’t die when you are young.

So – How does one put distance between themselves and Lt. Calley, Sgt. Bales, Al Capone and all the other murderous pre-dead deadmen of the world that have been programmed to kill and to die as they sold their freewill to the devils and Bush and Dick Cheney and Barack Baby and a million cop-outs and sell-outs that lived far before?  It’s a question.

1.  Turn off the media, unplug.
There is no news on the Mainstream News, it may be what’s new, but it is just propaganda.  Life will be happier the less of it which you hear.  Life will be longer as you won’t waste half your life unraveling the lies that you spent the other half gathering.  No cable, no satellite, no rooftop antennae – a free home is media-source disconnected.

2. Monitor your telephone.

Talk is not free.  It is not being paranoid to know that each call is monitored and each word and sentence is crunched by a computer in this technological age.  The “bad” guys are calling and it is better if you don’t answer.  Monitor your calls with an answering machine, keep it impersonal – your real friends and relatives will understand.  There is no urgent reason to pick up on any call, take your time, water the plants and then get back to anyone that is important.  Downsize your service and your bills.  For three thousand years everyone lived happily without a phone, be always ready to disconnect your service.  A telephone number is never you.

3.  No newspapers, no magazines, no mail.
Who really wants a federal employee walking up everyday to your door?  The government is NOT your friend, it is the enemy of personal liberty and is really up to no good, it has been totally co-opted and corrupted. Newspapers are the organs of the state, the state protects a “free press” because there is no free press, it is designed to be the filter between you and experience, it colors and covers your reality until everything looks black and red all over.  Mainstream magazines are the same.  If you see advertisers, you KNOW the contents are a lie or untrue.

4.  Put an end to credit.
Debt is such a bad idea; it is made possible by credit.  Credit is like a whore looking for a John; the purveyors of credit are the pimps – it is a nasty business.  Using a little credit, or credit “wisely” is like “safe sex” with a prostitute and you “only go in a little”.  There is no shame in repudiating a lie, to help the institution work is to be an enabler to the crime and lie.  Pay for EVERYTHING in cash, or barter, or don’t acquire it until an honest transaction is what you can do.

5.  Take your bank out of money. 
If you haven’t learned that “other people’s money” doesn’t mean a darn thing to you, then you haven’t learned a darn thing out of life.  Money does not give power, or happiness, or anything else.  The only thing money does is TAKE.  Banks need to learn this.  The secret to life is to learn to live without money, without credit or even cash.  Let your local bank know that the first step is to step away from the vault.  What you don’t have, no one else can steal.

5.  Reinvent yourself and your beliefs.
A mind is NOT a terrible thing to waste, it is not a terrible thing at all.  It IS terrible to fill up a mind with garbage, “garbage in and garbage out”.  There is more truth in a day in the sun in a meadow than in any High School education.  All real lessons in life come from within.  Life teaches the ultimate futility of all “educated” thought.  The best an education can do is to undo the damage that an earlier education has caused.  The two questions every learner should ask are: “Why should I know this?”, and “Is what you teach the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth?”  False teachers will respond, “No, but THIS is what you NEED to know.”

It is getting late, but it is still early in this unwinding of the world that was.  People need to talk, to have a personal one-on-one discourse with one another, face-to-face and NOT on Facebook as it is almost always such a waste of time.  Machines will not save us, or the planet, or the people of Afghanistan from death and ruin.  The Afghans have so much more to teach us, than we could ever teach them in a thousand years.  They are closer to the earth, to God, to all that is good than most Americans will ever be.  Most Afghans don’t need a bank or a cellphone or a credit card nor a college education to feel alive, useful and fulfilled.

So yes, I brake for Afghans.  It is an issue of respect, it is an issue of right-of-way and the right way and the road ahead.  The next time that you see a small animal, or an Afghan on the road – BRAKE; it could really save your life.  You see, these lives have not been polluted by the madness, Enough said.

2012.03.19 – 04:46.


Pink Slime Two, or too

March 18th, 2012

Pink Slime Two, or too

~ Bales, Loughner, Calley, Capone – some in America just like the killing.

So if you read my last post and linked the links (“Like” pink slime) then you know the “percentage” is about, or up to, 15%.  Yes, the 15% solution is the amount of carcass waste, white colored trash, that can be mixed in with the “good” beef to make the American beef type product – red meat, the staple of red-blooded Americans and the blood red American diet.  Hint: eating bloody red meat makes people more inclined to violence and being bloody minded; the drill for the kill and all that sort of thing.

The point is that the pink slime product is that part of the cow that should be just thrown away, discarded, or left out to feed the buzzards, the vultures, the wasps or the ants.  In America it isn’t (it isn’t so).  In America this selfish slimey carcass refuse is cultured and coddled and mollycoddled and immersed in toxic fluids (like ammonia and alcohol) to the considerable detriment of the other 85%.  No question about it, THIS minority is bad, bad to the bone, and needs to be exposed and “outed”.

This would be a good time to point out the role of the media and the politicians and the other power brokers in keeping the power of this “15% Cult” alive.  The Brits came up with the idea of equating history to war, wars and battles, and glorifying the generals and the leaders therein.  The American twist was to make those in the lesser ranks eligible for “heroism” and fame, making war far more appealing to the dumb-downed masses, those that are impressed or tempted by medals.

The propaganda begins early with civic books and history books that promote the idea that it is GOOD to kill, the war thing, Washington Crossing the Delaware so he could murder Hessian mercenary soldiers in their beds while they slept on Christmas Eve for “God’s” sake.  Yes, that was the GOOD WAR, the war that taught us that enemy combatants wearing civilian attire and murdering troops in ambush attacks from behind bushes and trees was the good road to a real revolution.  And now we whine about roadside bombs and the fact that the Taliban does not wear a proper uniform.  We should be complemented, WE TAUGHT THEM.

Then Hollywood moves in and makes the case, graphically and through motion pictures, that war is heroic and necessary; that freedom and liberty ONLY grows through the barrel of a gun (or a nuclear trigger).  Only an idiot could ignore the message that it is, “good to kill”.

This sick-sick propaganda and programming that starts in the lives of all Americans at such an early age is fundamentally anti-truth, anti true religion, and anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and even anti-American if you believe in that which the best spokesmen of these last three movements have had to say.  If a tax revolt over tea is reason for war and violence then the violent overthrow of ANY government is good, unless such government is entirely “tax free”, but to advocate such a remedy (in the case of the United States of America) is now illegal.

All this war propaganda and advocacy of the usefulness of killing falls mostly on deaf ears in the case of most Americans.  Most Americans grow up giving lip service to the art and skills of war and murder and will defend the same whenever the flag goes by or when those who have reaped what they sowed are laid to rest or lowered into an eternity in hell, depending upon ones beliefs based on ones moral persuasions.  Who ever said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”  Do you even remember?

But a national policy (and a social ethic) encouraging killing and murder are so much easier to defend when people are constantly made to feel afraid.  So now we have the reason for the evening (local) news, the blood-lust of most major newspapers and all “police” tabloids, and the publishing industry that promotes such thrillers as In Cold Blood and author Stephen King himself.  The goal of these industries and their endeavors is two-fold.  First, the idea is to demoralize (undo the morals) of the 85% majority; the second goal is to move as many as possible into the column of the 15 percent; to create a cadre of violent mercenaries who can be easily programmed to kill and who will defend the right to kill to their dying breath.

In this sense EVERY murder and killing is the result of a conspiracy and a crime, a “crime before the crime”, the crime of creating the fertile conditions for the theft of a life that results in that first life stealing the life of another or others.  Every member of the military has had his or her life partly stolen by the dark forces that have convinced them that “war is good” and that the way to end war is “an eye (for an eye)”, or through “overwhelming force“.   In both cases “violence only begets more violence” and overwhelming force only leads to a delayed violent revolution.  Yes, the House of Hitler would have collapsed very quickly from its own excesses and weight had the Allied powers just held the high moral ground.  Most in the “Greatest Generation” died needlessly in the cause of creating the case for “endless war” – paradoxically, one of the most vile concepts that Hitler advocated as being “good”.

So Robert “Bobby” Bales has no official middle name (yet); not like Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Jared Lee Loughner and countless (infamous) others.  Is he just a “lone crazy”, no, he is the product of a process that is as predictable as the making of pink slime.  He is a “food additive”, that makes the big Happy Meal of America be like it is, perform like it does, like Happy Germany.  He is the sauce of our consumption, the part of the red meat diet that nobody wants to talk about, but without which “all the killing can’t go on“.

So before YOU go out and become one of “Bobby’s Girls” and join the crowd of those that say that Bobby Bale is innocent because he was first insane, look yourself once in the mirror and turn on a TV or too.  Those that would corrupt even the most innocent of children are still with us, prodding with their “Happy Meals” and the history of heroes found on each 1 dollar greenback bill.  In either case DON’T buy it, the buck really does stop here.

2012.03.19 – 02:25.

Iceberg Ahead, Full Speed Ahead

March 17th, 2012

Iceberg Ahead, Full Speed Ahead

~ It’s the season of 100 years of the Titanic.

I am not sure if the name Robert Bales has the ring of the March 16th rampage of  Lieutenant William Calley and his men in Vietnam at My Lai.  Robert Bales, it is said by some, was acting alone.  Yeah, the date is so slightly different, and in Afghanistan it is just “villages in the Panjwai district”, and the village and the victims are not even given the dignity (in America, and by the American press) of being given names – so be it for Bobby Bales of Blackhorse Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division – nah, he’s just a grunt – a new millennium GI, an anti-Arab on a mission.  Excuse me, he’s just another piece of pink slime which is what he is given to eat by the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

OK, so like the Twinkie defense in the murder of gay activist Harvey Milk, the “pink slime” defense probably works for this murderous grunt in Afghanistan, “the ammonia made me do it”.  Bobby deserves as much of a trial as Bin Ladin got in Pakistan, as much access to an attorney as Gitmo terrorists (this guy is a terrorist) and the betting should be on not if he gets acquitted, but on how many seconds his eyes still blink after he is beheaded (legally).

The issue at hand is the “status of forces agreement” as it applies to Afghanistan and about 12 other nations of the “Arab” world.  Of course the U.S. thinks it has a legal system that is better than the biblical “eye for an eye” old testament mandates.  To be fair, Bobby Bales could watch as 16 members of HIS family were hunted down in cold blood by the legal system and murdered in a fair outpouring of justice; decapitation is so forgiving considering the magnitude of the crime.  Like in the case of Bin Ladin, we KNOW he did it, so get rid of him right now without “no stinkin’ trial”.

Oh, I was saying.  A FAIR status of forces agreement means that if foreign soldiers serve in a foreign country then the laws of THAT country do apply.  Hey, IF we had soldiers from Uganda serving in the U.S.A. we would want them to be subject to U.S. laws, right?  Maybe in Uganda (under Israeli backed Idi Amin) it was really OK for soldiers to kill civilians and not be tried, but to try it here, a big NO (maybe).

But that is NOT the way it is in Afghanistan, or Kuwait, or Qatar or in Saudi Arabia to cite a few examples.  No, U.S. soldiers have something like DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY that extends to a get out of jail free card, even for premeditated MASS MURDER.  The whole idea behind this wanton miscarriage of justice is racism (pure and simple) and a cultural dissing that is behind the reason that Karsai (and many others) want the American anti-cultural racists in Afghanistan OUT!  And…. OUT NOW!!!

Oh, and THIS IS WHY the whole war in the Middle East against Syria and Iran is OFF (for now).  Yes, they (the politico-military) saw the iceberg and they ramped it up and slammed into it like it was styrofoam and not really ICE, ice-nine, or something even harder.

It is not just the right flank (Afghanistan) of the Iran / Syria military operation that was taken out by this Bobby “Magee”, it was the whole pro-U.S. “Arab Alliance”.   You see, wherever the U.S. has troops or sailors or black berets in police uniforms this issue stands out as a local grievance always waiting to simmer.  From killing dogs to defrocking girls our foreign friends logically see these two issues as “butchery” and “rape” and not just some hollow American right of hometown passage.  And to be fair, butchery and rape were not a part of hometown values when America once was great or greater than it is today.

Maybe EVERY American soldier in Afghanistan should be turned over to the Afghans for acquittal or trial.  We are “partners” aren’t we?  Equal-equal, as they say.  Every Afghan should have a chance to testify against the armed combatants that have so often made their lives miserable.  Hearts and minds?  No, the U.S. military lost their minds years ago and you can’t have a heart when you’ve sold your soul.

So, the U.S.A. has three giant nuclear and nuclear armed aircraft carriers in waiting near the Gulf.  Benjamin Netanyahu is just itching to let lose his jets.  The Syrian Assad has crushed the well armed “democracy insurgents” of the CIA and Mossad that tried to overthrow the freely elected government by force.  The Ides of March are past, there was little danger in the date this year.

Does history just have to make sense?  Isn’t it enough to know that you are on the side that is (finally) clearly winning?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is not just the law, it is the whole of the law.

2012.03.18 – 04:32.

Strawberry Alarm Clock

March 12th, 2012

Strawberry Alarm Clock

~ Shock Clock, or does anybody really know what time it is?

Herb Caen, columnist exemplary for the San Francisco Chronicle used to fairly frequently cite the old Ray Cummings adage regarding time, “Time is the device that keeps everything from happening all at once.”

From this simple axiom or observation I soon came to formulate an opinion on what “the end of time” was all about; it was quite simply an unimaginable avalanche of events, the ultimate ‘synchronicity’ as any earlier meaning of the word rapidly disappears.  As a personal experience it is where Being, Not-being, and Destiny converge; it is an a-theoretic theoretical (theory).  It is a realm of where possibilities coexist equally with the impossible and all potentials, by definition, cease to exist.

All of this is just my way of pointing out that most of us don’t spend a lot of time contemplating how many of the things we do in life are predicated by our belief in time (in the reality of time) and that it will go on forever, that “time will heal all wounds”, and that at the very least, time will probably eventually “bail us out” or at least give us the opportunity to regret the decisions we made in leisure.

Time is really not like that.  Time is not a device for avoiding responsibility and responsible living and making responsible decisions.   It does not matter how often governments and leaders and famous women or men make the claim that war and materialism and decadence are good, they aren’t (good).  Every person in their own heart has the responsibility to stop the lies; one day at a time.

The news this day, out of Afghanistan, and yesterday, paradoxically as it was Purim, out of Gaza is about 16 people, human beings, children being killed.  AfghanistanGaza.  In Afghanistan those killed were ethnically “Persians”, in Gaza the dead were “Semitic” (Arabs).

I had occasion several days ago to watch the speech by Benjamin Netanyahu, the one that he gave on the soil of this Mother Country before AIPAC and those that support the old wars in Afghanistan and earlier in Iraq and probably support new wars in Syria and Iran.  Many of these same people in attendance at AIPAC claim too to support the Jews and a Jewish religious state (other than New York), which no one alive has ever questioned should have a right to exist.

As an American who once believed in government, governments, and the wisdom of the leaders thereof I was greatly offended by the words of Netanyahu.  With great exuberance he became critic of FDR and the tens of millions in the greatest generation who sacrificed and served to bring the specter of Nazi Germany and a lingering world fascism down.

What were Netanyahu’s words?  I quote:

The year was 1944.  The World Jewish Congress implored the American government to bomb Auschwitz.  The reply came five days later.  I want to read it to you.

Such an operation could be executed only by diverting considerable air support essential to the success of our forces elsewhere…

and in any case, it  would be of such doubtful efficacy that it would not warrant the use of our resources…

And, my friends, here’s the most remarkable sentence of all, and I quote:

Such an effort might provoke even more vindictive action by the Germans.

The truth is, the World Jewish Congress was wrong and there are 900,000 holocaust survivors and perhaps 6 million, or more, of their descendants that if they gave the words of Netanyahu even a moment of thought would agree.  Netanyahu was wrong, is wrong, and doesn’t really know or care about Jewish history or he is just willing to blatantly lie to make a point.

We must never forget that the majority of the people of Israel are holocaust survivors or their descendants.  The holocaust was not just the vast labor camp of Auschwitz from which horrors many did survive.  The holocaust involved hundreds of other camps and death camps and cities, villages and towns.  It involved many people in hiding and many more which were never found because there was never a TOTAL war on Jews, even in occupied Russia and Germany and Italy and France.  Bombing Auschwitz could have easily made the German politicians decide to make the holocaust TOTAL.

Further, the “reply” that Netanyahu cited was written on August 14, 1944.  Virtually all deportations to Auschwitz ended (without the allied bombings) within about two weeks of this date (at the end of summer of 1944 – See: DEPORTATIONS TO AUSCHWITZ).  The majority of deaths occurred when deportees first arrived.  The proposed bombings very well may have killed huge numbers of innocent civilians (detainees).  The world can easily remember the “collateral damage” when the Hiroshima Army Base was bombed on August 6, 1945.

The source for the Auschwitz information (above) is the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.  Perhaps Mr. Netanyahu should visit the site some day and talk with the staff before he gives another speech.

It is people such as Netanyahu that when they get into leadership positions are so incredibly destructive to the aspirations of the peace loving people of this world.  Netanyahu type people don’t know their history, and when they cite history they are biased and selective.  They are willing to lie.  The worst thing that can be said about them is that (like Hitler and Benito Mussolini, Stalin and Pol Pot) they are politicians, everything becomes political and they use the power of the state to pursue their own private prejudices, ends and goals.

This brings us back to Afghanistan and to Gaza and to Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and a recording of his not so recent speech in Sarajevo which takes us back (and forward) to the plight of children and families as they face the ravages of an unchecked military literally “hellbent” on war.  Yusuf.

Suffer the children.  Suffer the families that will be divided and ruined by this penchant for war.

Where are the peacemakers?  We will win on Judgement Day.

There is little time to put your house in order.  The “Atomic Clock” does not just automatically move the minute hand ahead an hour on a signal received from Colorado or Denver.  There is a greater timepiece, and it certainly looks like soon time will be still.

Good sense, innocence, cripplin’ mankind.
Dead kings, many things I can’t define.
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of time.

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothing to lose.

Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns.
Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around.
Look at yourself, look at yourself, – Yeah, yeah.
Look at yourself, look at yourself,
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah.

To divide the cockeyed world in two
Throw your pride to one side, the least you can do.
Beatniks and politics, nothing is new.
A yardstick for lunatics, one point of view.

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothing to lose.

Incense, peppermints, incense, peppermints.

2012.03.12 – 07:40.

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