The winds of fire

April 26th, 2012

The winds of fire

~ Variations on the strangest dream.

I had a dream the other night that “it” was over.  Or should I say that the other night I wished (in a dream) that it was over.  It’s not.  It’s NOT over that is, but to rephrase Winston Churchill, “The waiting is over.”

In a world that has embraced the concept of endless war the fact is that we are now joined in the final battle.  The battle is biblical of course, depending (of course) on your version of the Bible, of the sacred word, of the word of God and what it represents and when it will come to pass and when thoughts of being overpassed have quite frankly passed over.  Nobody gets passed over this time.  Take your sides.  The first to be lost will be those found undecided.  Time (now) waits for no one.

The ancient enemy has struck his colors, his code, his plan for world control and domination.  There was even a logo once.  The Information Awareness Office – IAO.

Can you see it?  Can you see the I (eye) graphically, the pyramid that is the “A”, the world (globe) that is the “O” (the orb)?  The idea is that “information” matters, that knowing everything that anyone ever said or did or does (duz); knowing where everyone and anyone ever was; being aware of what was politically correct and politically acceptable – together, all together now, really mattered.

That is why there are all those cameras in the squares and on the streets.  That is why the TSA takes such detailed measurements of every inch of your body.  That’s why the grocery checkers check each purchase with a bar code and record it, match your buyers card with each receipt, match the camera angles from over head.  An iris scan, facial recognition; precognition “no”, it was all planned by an intelligence long ago – from the dark side.

So, I have written so many posts about how the computers so often get it wrong.  They suffer from dementia, from tiredness, from old age and broken bones and other parts and hard drives (memory) gone missing.  They are really so “human” after all, they get overworked and overloaded and can’t get the alphabet straight or sometimes can’t even count past two.  To put the world in such hands as these, you can’t be serious!  It doesn’t work, the system is splitting apart at the seams and with each new bit and byte it gets closer to an information freeze, the scientific counterpart to global warming.

So lets load it up folks, and upload too.  Give the (bastards) everything they want, more information than could (or should) ever matter.  After awhile it begins to look a lot like trivia and a very trivial pursuit, the IAO, the “intelligence” community, the office of records, search and scan.  To beat them all you have to do is, “just keep talking”, jive talk, talk in riddles and about things that you will never know; ask for everyone to “get along” and then act like you don’t really mean it.  It’s war.  The peace is over.  It’s take out time, and this time I don’t mean food.  The fear (mongering) is so boring.  You want to see some balls, some ass, some 64 year old completely naked?  The heat is coming, real heat, the big heat, the heat that goes on and on until the old world is finally over and seemingly EVERYONE is running around NAKED in the streets.

The “New World Order” is a myth, or maybe not.  Maybe it was all just a warning ‘bad guy to bad guy’ about when to know when you’re dead.  All the skulls and bones are (for some) too real, it is the skull contemplating the skull, the dead burying the dead; the poetry of the whole thing IS really fairly exciting.

And about all that information?  It is a two-way street.  The receipts document each mouthful of bad food they ever sold you, who made it, where and when.  It can be used to prove how bad the cars were, how poor the gas, how bad the health care was when people really needed it (meaning good, honest care at honest prices).

Information awareness will prove how much the government lied, the politicians, the prostitutes and Hollywood and all the pimps. The coming awareness will prove how corrupt each corporation always was, how greedy and LAZY were their executives, how such little work was their undoing and the undoing of America and all its minions.  The tapes will show how many doughnuts every cop ever ate, where the cops bought their bullets and their guns.  Every stool pigeon will make a tape or reveal the tapes that they made, secretly, like in surveillance (as they had it too).   Who’s really watching who?

I’m watching.  I’ve been watching.  I too am a witness.  I’m willing to testify, I’m willing to spill my guts out to convict the bad guys, no plea bargaining this time , just the TRUTH, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.  I have nothing to hide.  I need no place to hide.  The truth will protect me.  I’ve tried to live an honest life and those who tempted me (to do otherwise) is so easy to show, to prove.  They’ve got the records, the memory, and so do I.  It’s parity.  Finally, the playing field is equal.  I can’t wait for May.

Envision if you will a whole world awakening, awaking from an endless slumber (a seemingly endless summer of things ALWAYS getting better, or at least better in the eyes of God, two eyes opened, depth perception to see into the darkest deeps where no secrets are ever hid and where no one even tries to.  We all live in glass houses now, open, transparent.  Every ganderer gets a view.  No exceptions.  Even the 1% will get down, get naked, get exposed on the midway, mid-day, in the hot midday sun.  And all the WORLDS will be watching.  We’ve waited for this time for so long.  We’ve prayed for this time for so long.  We’ve dreamed for this time, and too, we’ve wished.

Forgive me for my warts.  In a new and better world maybe so many people won’t have them.  The old world, the Old World Order, it’s passing, it is nearing its death, even the memory of it will soon be forgotten; Obama, Clinton, Bush and Cheney (and so many others) just like dust in the wind (and ashes from a fire).

2012.04.27 – 03:14.

The Quality of Life

April 19th, 2012

The Quality of Life

~ Sometimes it is good, lately the effort has been toward the bad.

The basic construct of life is really very simple.  The universe is so ordered as to favor improvement; progress; things getting better, but perhaps not all the time.

There is no “law” that requires things to get better, the law is more about free will.  Beings can be bad (or VERY bad) if they want to, if they don’t care – you know the drill.  The universe (and God) tolerates such rebellious spirits for awhile, sometimes for a very long while, in hopes that such malefactors may repent, change, start doing good and start helping out and making an effort to being a permanent “part of it all” (meaning of the universe and all its wonder).

So, here we are and we (the good guys) have to tolerate and endure the bad guys for awhile, or just awhile more.  I use the term “good guys” because a very bad guy called me that once.  He was strung out on crack cocaine (or worse), stole money and property for a living, was in the employ of someone very rich and probably twice as bad.

She owned a nearby house, two stories.  She had allowed all the windows to be “blown” out, the ancient tile work to be reduced to ruin, the snow and rain to come flowing and blowing in.  “Her” house had become the bane of the neighborhood, the front yard was just weeds, the bad trees got worse and the good trees she trimmed just to kill them.

The drug-head was her answer to all the neighbors complaints after the City of Albuquerque literally condemned her property and posted “no entry” signs on the doors.  She asked the druggie to contact me when he arrived in town after getting lost in Utah (on a trip from her bed and breakfast in the gayer parts of San Francisco).

I tried to help this guy get a new start in Albuquerque and in (on) life as he tried to put the “this dead house” back in order.  I put him in touch with skilled laborers; he preferred junkies who he could blackmail with drugs.  After a few rounds of pure idiocy on his part I withdrew.  He said that’s understandable, “you are one of the last good guys” and implied “I’m not”.  He then implied that the “not” also applied to his employer.  This is obvious.  Good employers don’t tolerate bad employees or employees that lie, equivocate, and work hard at twisting the truth (often) until its dead.

A descending quality of life is indicative of things going bad.  The bad guys work hard on destroying what the good guys believe in – family, friends, values higher than gross materialism.  The bad guys say, “Honey, I didn’t know she was a hooker when I was getting laid, even if she did things you would never do – so dirty, so diseased and for money.”

I always find it so amazing how much people will actually lie because they are paid a little money and want to please an employer “on the job”.  Fishermen will place no-eyed shrimp on the open market, mutilated by Corexit, just to “make a buck”.  But, the “buck” does not stop there.  Let me explain my latest predicament, caused by employer / employee lying.

It all started March 16, (2012).  I saw a doctor for the first time in about four years.  Things went badly.  The Presbyterian Member Services employees lied.  They said that I wasn’t covered for a few simple blood tests when in fact I was.   Rhonda “team leader” refused to take things seriously.  She wanted everyone to “move on” and to forget the lying part and to behave as if it never happened.  She left me with three hours to get my “tests”, I was (by then) too busy.

I cancelled my health insurance as a result of the lies and lying and efforts to trivialize the whole matter.  My quality of life went down as it always does when in humanity I am disappointed.  Why “wing it” if you don’t know the truth?  When it comes to medicine and medical people’s lives are at stake – why mess around?  Why just be preoccupied with just the MONEY?  There was ONCE an oath.

Anyway, I was told yesterday by a “Patient Accounts Coordinator” working for Southwest Medical Associates, Inc. (in Albuquerque) that I was sexually a female, or at least that was what Claim MD (an electronic medical billing clearing house) maintained as the clearing house DENIED the Southwest Medical Associates, Inc. (in Albuquerque) claim to Presbyterian Insurance Company.

What a CLAIM (MD)!  How could I have not known?  All these years, thinking that I was a male, liking girls, marrying one, having a child, being enrolled in “boys” P.E.  Oh God, even my Drivers License is wrong, my U.S. Passport, my long form birth certificate, college transcripts – all lies.  The “shit” that computers say means more than common sense, close observation, applications actually submitted in writing.

Actually, Walt Disney got it wrong.  It was DONALD Duck, that was the girl and DAISY Duck that was the boy.  It’s all gender bender now, the past must be reevaluated, Daisy is now free to come out of the closet and Donald can get groped by FEMALE TSA inspectors.  (They are not prostitutes if you don’t pay them for feeling under your balls).   Really now, based on the name how many of you thought (like I did) that I was a guy, a male, a sexually singular, probably not acey-deucey; after all I am married (and all).

That brings up another interesting question.  According to Presbyterian Insurance Company (who KNOWS that I am married and that I am married to a female) then I would have to be lesbian, and living my life as one.

Sure, I have had my share of perverts trying to get me drunk when I was 15, males trying to seduce me, males wearing pink pants giving me a nod or a wink, saying hopefully, “you’re gay aren’t you”.  I’m not.  I just said no.  It was so boring riding the Greyhound and Trailways and having to face bus stations.  “See America”, nah, YOU can have it.

But I have never before been called a lesbian.  This is a new first.  And to add insult to indignity Presbyterian Insurance Company has implied that my wife is a lesbian too.  What insanity!  How do I begin?  I am so angry I can’t even get mad.

The regulators may side with the theory that it was, “just a typo”.  They will probably side with those who say the “Burguenos” video shows off the smartest and best intelligence in Albuquerque, and imply that computer data entry operators go “way down” from there.  They will ignore the financial benefit gained by Presbyterian Insurance Company from the denial of claims (on a technicality).  The regulators (who refuse to regulate) may refuse to see INSURANCE FRAUD as a fraud against consumers (the insured) as opposed to a fraud against the companies that abuse the public trust.  You see MONEY is CASH FLOW, deny or delay payment and you make MORE, bottom line.

So I have another war at hand.  It is into the trenches, it is the fight for the good fight.  What is time for if not to (try) to make things better when so many others are groveling in their efforts to make things worse?

I see it as simple.  Sex has NOTHING to do with a claim.  If the membership number is the same, the name on the card matches up, the social security number is a match and the insured presented a “Real ID” then PAY THE CLAIM, don’t delay, don’t try to confuse mountains with molehills just to drive the cost of health care way up.

It’s just common sense really.  The bad guys don’t have it, don’t want it, would not use it if given a chance.  They bad guys want devo, devolution, downward and southward and sexual divisions where to be frank, sex just does not matter.  Did the insured pay the premiums?  Is the office visit covered?  What does SEX have to do with it?  Are claims paid only when you show balls?  I’ll “show them my balls” now that they asked.  Let’s hope that the regulators show some balls too, even if they are the “balls” of a woman.  It happened to me, it could happen to you.

2012.04.19 – 22:43.  It’s Earth Day – Let’s change it!

The next post will bring you up to date on the latest in this public interest saga.

Waiting for the big one

April 14th, 2012

Waiting for the big one

~ As I remember it, Obama ran on “change”.

This post is not about politics, politics is too boring.  The governments of men are never prepared for “the big one”, no politician is ever going to say, “we are not prepared for natural disaster”.

The code word for disaster is “change”, which makes it much easier to understand the need for “hope”.  Was there hope for the passengers on the Titanic?  Was the hope that it wasn’t really sinking?  Was there hope that the great ship would arrive in New York in record time?  Which hope was it that led to folly, to disaster, to the running of the race in which nearly everyone on board would be left behind.

“The big one”, is about California.  The big one is about Oregon and Washington and the whole Pacific Coast.  Guess what, the world is not so pacific any more, that meme is over.

The big apple (another “big one”) is rotten to the core.  The bedrock of Manhattan (the project, the projects) has been fracking.  It is the news that you never hear that will kill you, faster than a speeding bullet from a gun.  Why worry about all the little things when it is the big one that really matters?  A one day loss of a trillion dollars in real estate; would that one get your attention?  Nothing is ever going to wake most Americans up unless it is bigger and bloodier than the most outrageous Hollywood “block buster” shocker.

Imagine (if you will) an event so huge that in just one day the result was an additional 10 million people unemployed.  I don’t mean “employed” in something useful, like saving lives, feeding the homeless, wrapping bandages, that sort of thing.  I mean “unemployed” as in Wall Street’s and Washington’s meaning of the word, “out of a job, not a wage-slave anymore, not paying your weekly taxes”.  Ten million proles not contributing to the rich man’s world (instantly), now that would be a shock & awe shocker!  Wall Street would react as every insurance company in the nation went instantly broke, except for the bailout that Congress would (instantly) make.

Imagine.  A $500,000 home with just $10,000 worth of damage.  Every home in a very wide area is hit the same.  The loss is not so large, but there is no electricity or water, the roads are in ruin, the local dams and reservoirs are leaking, the tall buildings didn’t fall but they need to be taken down to make the city safe.  Like Manhattan without the pancake (ing), the explosives must be planted later and there are 5,000 sites from which (then) to clear the rubble.

Trains and subways of course would not be running.  The US aircraft carriers from around the world would be called home and be redeployed.  Cruise ships would not be cruising.  Emergency housing for millions would be (immediately) needed.  FEMA would be there with bullets, not bandages.  The joke of a government that cared would be just that, a JOKE.

“An ACT OF SCIENCE” is what every one would say.  Science did THIS to us, it is all based on scientific principals, it is the “revenge of the I-Phone”, the curse of Bill Gates.  No one would blame God, it would be science that failed to deliver us from this catastrophe, that would fail to relieve the suffering or meet the needs of the dislocated masses.  The little good that would come would be a gift from God for those few that still believe (believed) and still have faith in him to intervene in a world gone mad, gone material (girl), gone viral, gone to the dogs as they used to say.

Everyone in America would know someone in the area (areas) that were “hit”.  Nationwide communications would go down.  Tweets would be overloaded.  Home Depots and Lowes Stores would be overloaded as 160 MILLION unprepared people decided to prepare for THEIR big one (finally).  Priorities (nationwide) would become (instantly) clear, families would drive great distances to be reunited.  Empty desks would replace empty nesters as the new next “big thing”.

It was a “miracle” that America (in World War II) was never bombed, never lost a single city, never lost a port, a factory, or even one house from (an) enemy fire.  It was NOT God that protected America back then (he knew better).  America was protected by her politics, her politicians, her arms length diplomacy and the machinations and orchestrations of a great cabal.  NOW that same cabal is losing, and losing it, and has lost its grip and the Gipper, and the corn and cornball moves and movies and grade ‘B’ acting and scripting that created the police state that we all now live in.  Our troops look like storm troopers from some Starwars movie, the drones are like some Hollywood remake of Invasion from Mars.  How can anyone take this new world seriously?  The TSA scanners, only Hollywood could make that stuff up.

I guess we all have a choice.  The American Dream is based on “choices”.  You can keep believing that all that you see around you is “only a movie”; and if you do the next big scene is going to be “the big one”.  It will be bigger than 3-D, better than the “feelies”, the “surround around” will make the largest Century Theaters seem very small.  The extravaganza will have a cast of millions, plenty of blood and guts and violence in the traditional “American Way”.

The alternative is reality.  The alternative is to see the world as it really is and to realize that so much has been needlessly wasted.  Millions of lives have been wasted in a mindless materialism, senseless greed, soul-destroying debauchery and delusions.  The alternative reality is to realize that the fantasy is over, the “movie” version of the life experience is over, FIN, the end.  Like with any bad movie (experience) it was a waste of money followed by a waste of time.

So, yes folks.  It IS time to tear down the sets, clear the decks, dig in and rebuild – to START OVER!  The day of the dream merchants is over.   Leave the theater, that’s what those “EXIT” signs are for.

2012.04.15 – 04:52.

Climate change

April 11th, 2012

Climate change

~ Once the word meant something different.

Yes, we all watch or google too much of the Weather Channel.  The weather is not really real news.  Most serious weather (events) were considered an “Act of God”, a punishment of sorts, a plague of locusts; actually a real plague of locusts IS a weather condition, or the real life manifestation of one, when before the plague people weren’t really watching.

So in the dictionary it is definition 3. that I want, that I refer to, the one that I know you will know what it is that I really mean.   You see, “climate change” has nothing to do with “greenhouse warming” regardless of how many unscientific scientists get aboard that broken band-wagon.

I offer you the month of March as evidence.  If you live in America you experienced it (the month) first hand.  It was warmer.  It was a lot warmer.  It was warmer by about eight point six degrees (8.6!).  And spring was busting out all over.  The pollens were (and still are) bursting forth. The “climate” is one of allergies, and by that I mean an adverse reaction to the national atmosphere of subterfuge, perversion and subversion.

America has become the “communist menace” that we were always told we didn’t want.  America is the black arm-band hand of the Gestapo.  It is the American military that has been identified as the most probable suspect in “the rape of Belgium”.

Does it matter that the rest of the world has weather?  Does it matter that the rest of the world does not have TSA, nude body scanners, on-demand cavity searches at the mall?   The climate in America has changed, changed big-time, and has changed faster than a speeding bullet or than any “greenhouse” weatherman ever did say (it would, or could).

What was that last part?  “Climate Change” (the carbon-offset version) is supposed to be “man-made” and thus occur fairly slowly.  If I remember correctly temperatures were supposed to “warm” about 1 degree per year, not EIGHT degrees in a single month!   OK, the models were off a bit, and the “scientists” are talking “average”, and it could be really really cold this November, and penguins could fly, and Rick Santorum could be our next President even though he is officially out of race (or is it the race?), or is it that the Republicans are so white it doesn’t matter?

My new roof is designed to take a lot of heat.  Yes, I’ve probably seen it coming.  I’ve watched the changes in nature, meaning the nature of my back yard, my side yard, even my front yard as of late.  The bees talk to me.  Even the lowly cockroaches have their missions.  The apple tree has been like an avatar.  The tulips remember Holland, not Belgium.  Many cottonwoods are dieing.  Even the Water Authority has been degraded.  All the “water police” in the world can’t get blood from a turnip that has run dry (a nice mix of metaphors).

My new roof is designed to be a shield, not to just keep off the rain.  In Albuquerque the only ones who carry umbrellas are those who do to shield from the heat.  Every day is more of a scorcher.  Many women wear white gloves when walking, many others cover their entire face.  It is not the surveillance cameras that they are afraid of, it is the UV rays and other cosmic manifestations of the heat.

The military helicopters (here) are flying lower overhead.  The hot air is thinner at these higher elevations, less lift.  No wonder there is the shift to drones, the new planetary environment can’t carry the weight of man and men flying so near the sun, the new “pilots” are grounded, or under-grounded where if it weren’t for fracking maybe they might be safe.  I don’t worry.  Mother nature taught me that the way of nature is to create a lot of drones, then almost all of them quickly die off.

My grandparents (Backlund / Martin) served me well.  They left me about twenty years of Desert Magazine, which if nothing else teaches one how to survive the heat and possibly even how to live well while doing so.  Like the trap door spider learned, just a web does not always work.  When it gets hot enough webs never work.

Life is a lot about how you look at it; about what you see.  The plans of other people are often of little interest to me.  It is my plans that I hold most dear.  It is what I intend to do or what I hope will happen that matters most.  The plans of most earthly governments are bound to disappoint.  Are you not glad that the government doesn’t own you?  Regardless of what some seem to claim, they never did.  “They” will always make an offer, but as Nancy Reagan said, “Just say No.”

So, my friends, the great unwinding will continue.  It is not just an economic unwinding, not just political.  It is not just an Arab Spring, an Occupy Movement or the uprising of the great unwashed.  The unwinding involves rockets, weapons of mass destruction and weapons of local destruction too.  My advice is to dig in, but not too deep; seek shelter, be open to a new way of life.   Simplify.  New villages will rise on the rubble of the old city centers and the cities of God will emerge where you thought it was least likely to find them.

Yes, another day – up on the roof, and out in the garden.

2012.04.11 – 20.12.

The Ides of Wednesday

April 3rd, 2012

The Ides of Wednesday

~ When is the best time to talk about what is coming?

It is still Tuesday in Albuquerque.  It rained all night (the day I left), and it snowed the better part of all the morning.  It’s spring in Albuquerque and Albuquerque has (for the most part) spring weather, lows in the high forties and highs in the mid to high seventies.

The pear trees and apricot and peach trees have been in blossom.  The apple trees have come out with their “apple blossom pink” and even the cherry trees are in blush white.  The snow clings to them.  The snow clings to the wisteria blooms and plumes.  It is a winter wonderland everywhere with the colors and fragrances of spring, of tulip bulbs burgeoning and robins plump with the eggs of the next generation.  Why have seasons when you can be witness to (and live) everything all at once?  Donovan was wrong, there is no season of the witch, or ALL seasons are of the witch.

So, YES, the end of March (March Madness) was a bit of a cliff hanger.  A lot of people lost it.  This time people are not just losing their homes and their jobs and their health care.  They are losing their bearings.  The world is changing faster than they are and that is ALWAYS a recipe for doom, or gloom, or disaster.  But, March is always followed by something much worse, on the calendar it is called April.  “April is the cruelest month“.  When the world has turned, and all is good again, we shall have new names for all the months and the old images will not ring so true.

No, I am not predicting the shelling of Fort Sumter, nor the rising of the south again.  It’s been done before.  History likes new things, not just “repeat, repeat”.

The idea of shooting down a missile is not new, but actually doing it is novel.  Had the USA police state shot down Sputnik 1 maybe we could have had a nuclear war, then, in 1957, and by now it would be over; the war or the planet; take your pick; does it really matter?  Or “what an opportunity” (for the Russians), shoot down John Glenn and his space capsule because the guy was just a spy, had Korean connections, and had shot down a Mig or two.  1962 could have turned out quite different(ly), we could have had a bigger war, a better war, a good-good gooder war as the USA police state then had even more nukes than 1957, or Israel, or China, or Russia despite the fact than in the presidential debates Kennedy lied, there was no missile gap.

So this missile and nukes and nuke force thing gets a little old when you’ve lived long enough to have been around the block or two.  Only the USA police state has “Friendship 7” type peaceful ambitions in space, if the Syrians (for example) launched a rocket it would be to attack US interests, not to create a space program for growing better food.  No, better food is NOT in the USA police state better interests; better and more pink slime IS.

I was going to write about Belladonna and the deadly nightshade and the really poisonous (toxic) nightshade family of plants that the Corporate America Policestate has “us” all eating.  It’s a hard one.  You’ve been eating these poisons so long it’s hard to even admit that they may be poisons.  But there MUST be a reason why the USA Police stazi has the most EXPENSIVE health care system on earth.  It takes a lot of people slowly dying before you need that much medicine.

No, don’t worry.  Really, Be Happy.  If the Police State shot the Red Alert, Red Menace, Cold War is back big time, North Korean missile down then the unification of the Korean Peninsula would be a done deal in about 36 hours, beginning with the “big bang” firestorm in Seoul.  That is why the paper tiger won’t do it.  The paper tiger is the USA Police stat, which it just takes one match and it goes up in flames.

My bet is that the launch will be a dud, not so much a dude.  The rocket may fly off toward Tokyo, maybe to Fukashima.  It might overfly Hawaii before it comes splashing down.  It could head off toward Alaska (not planning baked Alaska), or off over the pole on a direct flight to Washington (DC) and cause Congress to get alarmed.  There is probably no direction that the missile could go without some apprehension.  Like “Fiendship 7″, it can all look very military, if that is what you want to see.

We have been sold a bill of goods.  We’ve been programmed to believe the darnedest and damnest things about ourselves, the country in which we live, the companies that we once thought were our friends.  The sinker is in our stomach, the hook is in our mouth, the bait was little better than pink slime on buttered corn, which ain’t safe to eat because it’s really just for fuel.  It’s not the lies that we are told that will kill us, it is only the lies that we believe that matter.

“Rockets RED glare, BOMBS bursting in air.”  Visit Trinity Site on the 7th, go to “Easter Sunday” on the 8th.  Then you might be ready for the aftermath, or “next new thing” coming your way this April.  As for me, I have a roof to finish and food to plant, because I really don’t like what grows in the police state / corporate garden.

2012.04.03 – 20:59.