The rich really are not so different

June 30th, 2012

The rich really are not so different

~ But by the grace of God it would too be me.

I’ve written a lot, and lately, about the “good guys” and the “bad guys” and those of different genders perhaps (too) stuck in between.  My theory has been that there are those that, to coin a phrase, might as well be cold-blooded, cold-hearted reptilians living not unlike the lizard of Geico with a smile on the face, but just the wind-up of corporate money (or worse) to keep him (or her) going.  These lizards smile so sweetly, you just, “gotta love um”.

The question on the plate today is, “do you?”  My son disagrees with me.  He says that maybe there really just are no “bad guys”, or if there are there really aren’t that many, in fact there are remarkably few.  He believes that every person “has a story” and that every person is the “hero” of the story that they tell; or of the story that they tell to themselves, to oneself, to the one that listens when nobody else in their right mind will.

Every person (he declaims) thinks that they (he, she or it) is the “good guy”, or is at least a good guy, a person that goes about “doing the right thing”, “doing no harm”, or at least doing no real harm to all the “others” (meaning people like me and you) and that if they do harm (like killing people in the military) they are just the good guys, killing the “bad guys” so that they can see themselves as the heroes in the on-going play that involves the meme of “making (or moving toward) a better world”.

I have a good friend that works high up for a billionaire, or near billionaire, not Warren Buffet, but you would probably recognize the name if I wrote it down right here.  This friendship (and the job) results in a lot of stories.  Most of the stories are about how really different the very rich are; they often ride in private jets, drink the blood of fresh killed snakes in China, stay in five star hotels and complain when the hotel does not have six.

A recent story involved this “billionaire”, who makes perhaps $10,000 (or much more) per day, and his meeting with an employee in one of his factories in China who makes about $8 per day by working lots of overtime on top of his 10 hour per day (28 days per month) regular shift.  The “take home” line is that things are getting better; the worker made only $3 per day not that long ago at this same factory.  The “billionaire” is the hero of this story, for paying wages so low that $8 per day seems like he’s making someone rich.

In a capitalist’s eyes every person fired is really a person just sent into the future on a better way.  Every person will get a better job, move up, or go out and borrow the money to get a “better” education.  Even the workers wife and hungry kids will thank the factory owner some day, “thank you for firing my dad, making me starve, causing us to lose the house and all – it made me a better person – it killed my Dad, made my mother a widow, made me an orphan, but made me a better person learning in real time how corporate America really works – put my mother on welfare, just so you could call her a ‘cheat’.”

The very rich tell themselves a lot of little lies each day.  They believe that laws interfere with their making of more money, and that they are just like all the others, “everybody cheats”.  They believe that taxes are the curse that stands between wisdom and prosperity, thinking they alone (and a few friends) are alone in being wise, by making so much money, and that if all taxes disappeared they could make more money and a few more $8 per day jobs and the whole planet would be getting better.

Recently, my billionaire friend (once removed) was dabbling in philosophy, “the rich are such nice people”, is what he said.  I think he really believes it.  Like Mitt Romney, he has never known “poor”.  He has never known a really poor person in his entire life, unless it was some poor worker who would smile and say anything just to get or keep a job.

So what about all the people in between?  Every person who admires the rich, wants to be rich, wants to be “different” like the rich knows how to act and think like the rich, too.  The rich are not so different because they have so many imitators.  Almost everyone now robs and cheats and steals, cheats on taxes, cheats their customers and the consumers, cheats on their husband or their lover or their wife.

Everyone cheats on their diet, cheats on what they report and pay, cheats when it comes to truth-telling, cheats on the hours that they are supposed to (or say) they work.  It is that “good rich taste”.   It is the taste of corruption, when seemingly every product and service has gone bad.

So, if all this lying and cheating and behaving like the rich has gotten the planet so far in such a hurry why are things as messed up as they are now?  The rich tell themselves that because of what they did (in life) the world got a little better, even the poor got a little richer, even the worst off got a few more trinkets to play with that amused them.   They say that the American dream and the world dream is alive and well; they hope and pray that nobody ever really wakes up.

Think of the world and your life as a Cinderella story.  Cinderella was grateful for a few crusts of food and a warm fire gone cold.  Shoes and a new dress were out, but she knew that only the very rich deserved such things, so she was happy.  The rich and their fans and followers say it doesn’t matter what could be; it doesn’t matter what could happen if the real wise men and women of the world arose.  They say that things are “good enough”, they say look at Cinderella, they say, “she has no right to go to any ball”.

Mice and pumpkins are the fantasy.  Like the American dream it is just a fairy tale that will never come true.  Cinderella is still out there working.  And on a million backs of people just like her the rich, the very rich and the wanna-be rich are turning America and the planet to a hell on earth fit only for cold-blooded lizards, of which there are (probably) more than just a few.

2012.06.30 – 22:14.

E Unum Pluribus

June 12th, 2012

E Unum Pluribus

~ One nation, Oh my God!

So everything that you thought you worked for all your life has come to naught.  Everything you believed in has emerged to be without meaning.

But who really knows the difference between “mean, median, and mode”?  One person’s $75,000 is like another person’s $500,000.  One man’s Romney is like another man’s Obama, both are rich and elitist and out of touch with America and all of “for which it stands”.  It DOESN’T “stand” for much anymore, unless you are active military and believe the bullshit about the savage Huns raping Belgium and Assad being behind the killing of civilians in Syria.  It IS the CIA and MOSSAD that kills civilians in Syria.  It is the USA that wants to overthrow and overturn every free country left on this good green planet earth.  Make more jobs for TSA.

So, from the one corporation there will (in time) become many.  From the one nation there (in time) will become MANY nations under God.  From the one President and dictator of these “united” states there will become many presidents and all the dictators (like Romney) will certainly fall.  50 States will replace the ONE oppressive central state, from one will become many.

I was in Lowe’s (Home Devolvement Store) today buying a few boards and a pound or two of cement.  The “cash registers” were down and there was panic.  Cards could not be swiped, electronic cash could not be taken in.  The “partner-associates” said it was a flash-crash, a power surge, a burst of capitalist caused energy.  The money systems were over-loaded, on the fritz, having a buzz, shorted-out, or out too long to notice the short term realities.  It sounded like hyperbole to me.  I asked about investing in surge protectors.  What do I know?

The store had managed to keep a “register” or two open.  These weren’t really “cash” registers; they were more like money “terminals”, “grave sites”, “tombstones” – the places where money goes to die.  How many jobs does Warren Buffet create?  NONE. a basic fact.  He delegates.  If you knew him you would know that HE could and WOULD NEVER give you a job.  It never works that way.  If you knew a thousand billionaires, not one would hire you.  You would be sent to personnel, to “associate wingmanship”, to “partnership planning”.  The person “in charge” wouldn’t be.  “We have needs, a budget, have competitive considerations”, he or she would say.  “Tell Warren hello for me”, they would say, “by the way you’re NOT hired”.

I made a quip about 1956 and a time when cash was cash, nothing had bar-codes, and a cashier could do a transaction because he or she could “do” everyday math.  A power failure didn’t matter much then; nobody had air-conditioning, people were tough.

There was another “side” to 1956.  The coal miner was just a coal miner, not a metaphor for the nation.   “One fist of iron, one fist of steel”, “born on a day that the sun didn’t shine”, “a mind that’s weak”, “fighting and trouble are my middle name”.

SO, maybe Warren Buffet should keep his coal and not haul it.  Leave it in West Virginia, leave it in Wyoming maybe.  What state needs more coal miner daughters?  What state needs coal miner sons, black lung sons, black white boys lost in underground tunnels as they burrow their way to hell?  If it takes coal to keep the lights on, turn them off.

On July 4th it will be (another) day of drizzling rain in America, or (worse) drought.  The sun will shine (too) on 50 independent states.  The flag of authoritarian oneness will be in tatters, a bad piece of plastic flying from some patriots car radio antenna.  A thousand displays of fireworks will ignite at least a thousand fires.  Forests will burn, waves of grain will burn, the only ones flying in the spacious skies will be those defying the TSA tyranny and the Romney / Obama police state.

A fool’s paradise always dies hard.  I don’t know when the American Dream became nothing more than a dream of endless debt.  It is a dream that I don’t believe in.  16 tons is not a story about life, it is the story of what happens on the road of pursuing money.  The best you can ever hope for is to become the straw boss that every civilized person always hated (and hates to this day, still).   The media shills, all politicians, all corporate leaders are the straw bosses of America’s new age.

Pull the plug.  There is real freedom outside the one-prison walls.

2012.06.13 – 05:58.

Cabin in the Woods Revisited

June 4th, 2012

Cabin in the Woods Revisited

~ I’ve been a survivalist for a long, long time.

I’ve been working on my house a lot lately, but when I have had time to read, I read this.

Articles such as this always get me thinking.  It’s so easy to say, “we’re on the same page”, but are we really?  I don’t share the uber-Catholic view that insists that the world is NOT overpopulated, that insists that the idea that endless procreation on a very small planet is always good, that advocates that a planetary population of not just 7 billion people, but maybe 7 trillion might be good.

I’ve posted before about the relation between people and resources, about how most people in the world earn very little money (like a wage of $2 – $3 per day).   I’ve likened such a state of affairs to slavery; only now the conditions are much worse as there is no clean air to breathe, no fresh water and little or no hope of ever living again on a planet where the “tired, poor and wretched masses” may ever even seriously aspire to a meaningfully better life.

I’ve written about how I was born and (partly) raised in Nevada, where there was one square mile of open space, per person, on average.  I remember a life of open and free highways connecting bountiful agricultural valleys (owned by farmers and NOT corporate farms) with pristine reserves that were called National Parks that were not seen as just the oil and gas preserves of the not distant future.

In my youth the “freeway” was still a novelty, and an unnecessary one at that.  “Better Roads” were no longer for bicycles and there were better, better roads (meaning RAIL roads) that was another word for passenger trains.  These modern marvels went everywhere, to and often into the National Parks, which meant that parking lots (for cars) didn’t have to.  Streetcars, bicycles and walking moved people smoothly within each city.

The only thing a car (an automobile) was necessary for was to help you buy and move around a lot of stuff.

There is NO question; the past WAS far better, WAS far freer and had far more opportunity for people everywhere to enjoy a truly better life.  The wrong-headed planetary conspiracy controllers deliberately ramped up the world population to create a mass market of consumers so that the quality of life (in life) would be replaced by billions of material girls and boys whose only purpose in life is the acquisition of “stuff”.  This “stuff” is what has very successfully destroyed the world and has seriously damaged the majority of evolving human souls resident in it (or on it).

No, I don’t think that nuclear war over (or on) Iran is the answer.  I don’t think FEMA liquidation Camps are the answer either.  Sickness (a virus) is really sick.  Abortion, while it may not be bad, is not really good.  The “gay agenda” is misguided, if not outright perverted.  Birth Control (as a concept) clearly is NOT working.  GMO and synthetic “processed” foods have not created the health catastrophe (meaning deaths) that were carefully planned for.  Famine has killed millions, but not nearly enough millions to “make a difference”; and who really thinks that “war & famine” are the proper ways to run a world?

So now “fellow preppers” we are on the right page with which to start.  About 1970 (or so), when I was contemplating being a real revolutionary I realized that there was something wrong with the edict, “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”  A true patriot, a true revolutionary, is not preoccupied with wealth; real freedom is only possible when a person has nothing to target that is greater than the individual self.

Even clothes (especially clothes) can get in the way during a fight, as every public school first or second grade student knows.  “I’ll tear your shirt, and your Mom will kill you”, is all any bully would have to say to bring the schoolyard into the law and order of a personally run police state.  The fear culture of protecting loved ones and property is what the gun culture is all about.  The “property” part is fairly easy to see.  What is harder to “see” is that the “loved ones” is just another code word for “my property”.

So what’s wrong with a man buying a hundred and fifty guns and two thousand boxes of ammo to protect his trophy wife that he bought into away on top of that hill in his own half-acre of hell in his lonesome “cabin in the woods”?  Serious survival (skills) are not for cowards, materialists or sissies.  If you didn’t get your priorities in order and your values in order a long longtime ago, guess what?  It’s already too late and you’re just going to have the shootout that you always dreamed of AND someone else will end up with ALL your property that you don’t destroy or divest of (now) yourself.

My theory is that nobody messes with “the average man” (except the cabal, and the cabal messes with everybody the easiest way, through the control of the media).  So to be “just fine” as everything begins to collapse just DON’T have more than the average person on this planet, and DON’T try to “get more”.

This (of course) means that most Americans are in a “shit load” of trouble.  Most Americans really believe that “I’ve got mine” is code word for “I stole it fair and square” because “I was always entitled to it, wasn’t I” because all of America (Turtle Island) was taken over by force of guns which is why the gun lobby is so powerful to this day.  And is also why those that stole the Continent from others pass the love of the weapons they used on to their children (and other loved ones) like it was some religious artifact in some very dangerous cult.  Which it is.

So the task of survival is to simplify, simplify.  Learn to get buy with less, not to stockpile more.  The more you have, the bigger the target.  The bigger you make the target (of YOU), the greater the odds that YOU will get attacked and will get attacked by a force strong enough and powerful enough that it can TAKE everything that you have, just like YOUR ANCESTORS TOOK everything that the original hosts on this Continent did not have nailed down (because they didn’t have a use for nails).

The Red Man has the gift of a superior spirituality.  The Red Man has a tradition that when the ways of the White Man passes then all people will return to the source of wisdom that was earlier rejected.

The article linked talked about the importance of locating (or relocating) near a National Forest or even a National Park (maybe).  A much wiser move would be to live very near a Sovereign Nation (Native / Indian) Reservation or Pueblo.  When the shit really hits the fan these are the people that are most likely to survive.  The more like them that you can be, the better.

2012.06.05 – 05:32.