The FSA Today

July 31st, 2012

The FSA Today

~ The bigger question is what the Free Syrian Army will be tomorrow.

There is a battle brewing in Aleppo, and in Syria, and at points in between and points surrounding and all the points that are connected to all the points pointed to.

Things have gotten far more complicated than when I wrote the previous post.  Chinese warships are using the Suez, Turkish units are massing at the border (or northern borders).  The Russians are strangely quiet.

You might remember that during the last Suez Crisis (involving the Middle East and war) that what really was “lost” was Hungary, as in the Hungarian revolution.   Yeah, the “rebels” rose up against the puppet state and with arms tried to take over.  The Russians, the Soviets, Khrushchev even, were not amused.  Vast columns of tanks were sent in.  In “no time” the revolution was over, as the United States was far too distracted by events in the Middle east to even think of getting involved.

Russia has never had a very big Navy (too far north), and when Russia did have a Navy (in the war with Japan) it didn’t work.  What has always worked for Russia (and the Soviet Union) are lots and lots of tanks.  Think Stalingrad and the battles thereafter.  Think of an endless line of Soviet armor extending from the Baltic to the south of Ukraine, tanks not unlike like Syria uses now.  But the Russian tanks are now much better.

So, is it like (or likely) to be like the BBC movie Threads (at 3:28), when the Russian tanks start to move south, from Georgia (on my mind) into Turkey, toward Syria?  Who else is in position to prevent a wider war and to prevent the disaster of the FSA (the emerging Free Syrian terrorist military) from permanently terrorizing every city, hamlet and nation throughout every corner of the Middle east and even the known western world.  Or, do I exaggerate, somehow?

Think about it.  Why has not Kofi Annan (now vilified as being a shill for Assad, and NOT a shill for the West) allowed NATO and the UN to go in?  Why has the U.S. not quickly gone in?  The reason (I think) is quite simple.  The real reason for the hiatus (and fear) regarding a quick intervention is that the Free Syrian Army is being allowed to grow, and grow and to grow into a major international terrorist force.

If you think that Al Qaeda was bad, think of a much larger, much less disciplined, much more active, “free terrorist” organization with a huge biological and chemical weapons supply and the will and experience to use it.

I really hate to be the first to tell you, but the good old USA has really created a monster with the idea of this “Arab Spring” and the idea that governments can be overthrown with democracy protesters getting armed and polarized and taking power by the point of a gun.  Something was bound to go wrong.

The fluff stuff of American media says that American brain power has everything quite under control.  The message is wrong, it doesn’t.  American politicians and American thinking has gone wishy-washy, is not clear, does not think anything through very clearly.  It’s like Mitt Romney on steroids; if there is no muscle power in the brain they just don’t work.

So, if you look at the latest pictures, the power of the rebels, the FSA, just keeps getting bigger and more powerful.  They have the weapons to blow apart buildings and make mince meat out of the old Russian tanks.  The FSA certainly has the firepower to take over the buildings where the weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) are stored, as soon as they find them.

The fuzzy thinking in Israel is that Hezbollah is the threat.  If you repeat the same lie too often, you start believing that lie yourself.  No, the REAL PROBLEM is the newly created motley crue of cobbled together mercenaries from every terrorist organization and terrorized fanatic from everywhere in North Africa including the Middle East that has been brought together to fight under the flag of the FSA, rhymes with USA.

Note the flag in the picture, the green is on top, the stars are demonic like the three stars on Mitt Romney’s Republican flag.   So in the FSA (like in the USA), which side will win, the stars pointed down, or the stars pointed up?  Get the picture?

Al Qaeda is getting so yesterday, so last week and last year.  The leader is dead, was dead, was reupped and rekilled and reburied.   The TSA (not FSA) needs a new reason for groping, for existing at all.  Yes folks, you see the new FALSE FLAG in the making; it is the flag of the Free Syrian Army, the rogue army from the rogue state of new Syria, of the new Syrian revolution.  And (yes), it’s revolting!

(So) Maybe watch for those Russian tanks.  This time it is the only thing to save us, to save Israel even (from chemical weapon and gas attacks).  Israel can’t attack the FSA, because the FSA is US (“R US”), Israel just didn’t understand that what the U.S. really needs is a terrorist threat, even more than an ally.  Romney is too stupid to know that a good enemy is far more valuable than any good friend when the agenda is war and more endless WAR.  The times are not changing; the battlefields will.

2012.07.31 – 19:38 (Middle East Super War Time).

The two guys from Libya

July 29th, 2012

The two guys from Libya

~ Every picture is worth a thousand words.

In 1978 there was a restaurant off south Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada called “Two Guys From Italy”.  It was Italian, or at least the restaurant served what they thought was Italian food.

The “idea” seems to have grown (or groan) a bit.  The “two guys” are now everywhere from Dallas to Pasadena.  In Reno there is now even a “Two guys from Hong Kong”, a restaurant, not just a Triad with the wrong number.

So, I wrote about the latest “next new thing” in business, armed revolutionaries.  One hires just two guys that will go anywhere, and like to get their picture taken, and “zippy – powee” one has “democracy in action”, an armed revolution, a reason for a NATO strike if one really needs a reason.

This post is written because the two guys from Libya have now been photographed in Aleppo, in Syria.  “Round, round, these guys get around“.   They have just blown up a Mosque (not nice), and what they have in mind for the kid is anybody’s question. Bulk him up on food from Burger King or McDonald’s, maybe.  Toys from the new American Wal-Mart might be nice.  Maybe he can work in a “Two Guys” chain when he grows up, flippin’ burgers and dishin’ out fries.

So here is picture #1 from good old AP, or maybe (really) from SANA (taken before these two guys were shot:

They are on top of a tank it seems, the “peace sign” doesn’t mean peace, but Victory, or like Winston Churchill said, “Smoke more cigars”.  That’s the Cuban, Bay of Pigs connection.

So here is picture #2 showing the religious edifice that these two guys have destroyed.  Two guys, playing in the rubble.  Civil War is never really fun, but finding a tank destroyed by rebel artillery fire makes a good photo opportunity.

Did you notice, the rebel “CIA backed big guns” destroyed the Mosque and not just the tank.  Oh, I forgot, the rebels HAVE tanks, so it must have been the Syrian government destroying the “rebel” tanks and the Mosque (by mistake) – in an incident of “friendly fire”.  So why are these rebels posing, as if the tank was not their own forces that were destroyed?

So here is picture #3.  It’s of a child asking for a good cigar.

Three pictures, and so many more questions.  Maybe the kid wants you to know that it is the two guys from Libya that we’re after.  He feels safe, their backs are turned.  He’s not a Happy Meal kind of kid, he likes couscous a whole lot better.

So, I thought you should know.  I thought you should see the pictures that seem to prove that the NATO airstrikes really have begun, or that the government of Turkey or Israel really are shelling the Syrian government positions, the city of Aleppo, even Mosques during Ramadan.  The Mother of all Battles seems really to have begun.

Or, maybe YOU have a better theory.  Look at the pictures (again and again).   If the rebels captured the tank before it was destroyed, why are the rebels celebrating, and taking credit for the kill?

I think I’m right.  I think that is why the Syrian Foreign Minister has gone to Iran.  He’ll probably go to Russia and China next.  STOP THE LIES and lying.  Peace in the Middle East doesn’t have a chance until the Western World decides to stop the overthrow of every freely elected parliament that there is.

2012.07.30 – 05:00 (Middle East War Time resumed).

From here to there

July 29th, 2012

From here to there

~ Things just keep getting stranger.

The news from Aleppo (and Syria) is like the news of two ships passing in the night.  The MSM keeps carrying pictures of the same two guys seen in Libya, the Toyotas with big back seat guns and the Honda mini-wagons always painted “just white”.  The MSM insists these CIA supported hoodlum-gangsters are winning.  Let’s put it this way – if the voices or vortexes of democracy looked like this at the national political party conventions, and dressed like that (guns and arms and all), then, everyone in AMERICA would know it was ALL OVER and that either the revolution or the police state were here.

But the big news TODAY is that coming in from the Olympics.  YES, the 2012 Olympics are clearly a bust.  The empty seats and seating gives it away, all away, as if they gave the seats all away (which they did).  “They” gave the seats to corporate sponsors, the rich and richer, the various bankers and other people with all the money.  The rich always like handouts and things for free.

I guess the plan was to give tickets to all the better employees, but someone forgot that corporations now don’t have employees (except for those offshore).  Maybe the rich planned to give their extra seats to friends; but the rich don’t have any friends anymore, except for rich friends, and they were up to their gills in extra seats (themselves).  The bankers decided to invest their seats in Euro bonds, so we will see a return, or the seats filled, in about two to three hundred years from now – it’s called long term investing.  “So long”, that in the end nobody will even care.

Another theory regarding the empty seats is that everyone smart is so afraid of a false flag bombing (or shooting – like the movies) that everyone smart is staying far, far, away.  A British Bobby on the street, when asked, said, “Aleppo is probably safer” (or maybe that was Romney).

Still other theories abound.  One: one is that there really is no money left to buy the tickets.  Two: two is that various bankers foreclosed on all the seats.  Three: three is that while the seats were free, the bus fare to and from the Olympic venues was really too high, too much and most people are just saving to buy food this winter when the Olympic spirit will be just a faded dream.  Watching well-fed athletes is not so much fun when ones on food stamps or starving, or almost starving.

The final theory is that it is just the ongoing British rain (or reign).  It’s been all wet for far too long and the public (private) mood is crumbling and nobody gives a “copper dam” (coffer damn, or something) about Olympic endorsements that don’t endorse the changes that everyone knows, and fully feels, are HERE and ARE COMING.

Why are they fighting so hard in Aleppo when the only thing that matters (according to the Queen and Mitt Romney) is winning Olympic silver and Olympic gold?  I ask you, isn’t the fiat currency enough, a metal or a medal backed with nothing?

I guess the (new) Olympics are next to nothing.  Like the New World Order, it’s all a bust.  The bronze busts aren’t even bronze anymore, they’re just paper mache, plastic mulch and glue and paint; they will all just get old and soggy in the endless rain.  At least there is a bit of sun in Aleppo.

2012.07.29 – 19:27 (Middle East War Time is holding).

Battle of Aleppo

July 28th, 2012

Battle of Aleppo

~ In America it will be the hottest week on record.

I was on the web last night, looking at Aleppo.  It is a fascinating city, the main feature seems to be The Citadel, a military fortress protected by an enormous edifice of earth.

The Battle of Aleppo started about nine hours ago, at 15:00 (GMT/UT) on July 28th, in case you’re interested.  The Syrian government is doing a pincer move on the U.S. regime forces concentrated in the southwest part of the city (of Aleppo).  Early reports indicate that the American military is doing poorly; the money and arms supplied to the revolutionaries doesn’t seem to be motivation enough to “win”.

In the past President Assad (of Syria) has always allowed the rebels room to escape, a back way out.  It was his version of amnesty, fair play, an opportunity to rethink your position and the position of being a foreign mercenary before quickly being killed.

But, killing members of ones staff, even relatives, is not taken quite so kindly.  Having a peaceful nation shot up like a theater in Colorado is unkinder still.  There are LIMITS to ones patience.  Killing and shootups should not go on forever.  Aleppo is about real life and NOT about the movies.

So, Assad has over 5,000 rebel-revolutionaries (CIA financed mercenaries) completely surrounded, their way out (this time) is blocked.  It’s “death to the Yankees” in this new Bay of Pigs, another “invasion / domestic uprising” that just didn’t work.  The mercenaries and hired thugs and killers (meaning the “rebels”) should have learned their history, read history, learned to read maybe before learning to point a gun.

Will a U.S. airstrike save “them”?  Will a thousand, or ten thousand NATO bombs bring the citadel and all of Aleppo and Damascus to its knees?  Will 5,000 years of history, become “history” as land is cleared for more McDonald’s, more Starbucks, and a few Wal-Marts (meaning a few more than two).  Will Syria become just another American controlled “look-alike” city with a Century 16 stadium all set up for another shooting?

Yes my friends, the Olympics opening ceremony went off without a hitch.  “The Games” have begun.  The first stadium to be destroyed is probably in Aleppo, or IS Aleppo.  Damascus and Homs could be next.  Then the games could conveniently move on to Teheran, Tabriz and Dubai, if not Qatar.  Even Riyadh could be next.  It’s the Olympics, it’s international.  Even the Russians and Chinese might be invited to come.

Enjoy the heat.  America is hot.  Why not watch as things are encouraged to get much hotter?  It is man-made and woman-made warming without a doubt.   When even the grid fails, it will get much hotter.  Dig deep.  There is no place else to hide.  Who has not seen the previews for this movie?  Not a whimper, it looks more like ruin.

So, call me crazy, call me mad, call me madcap – it’s all the same.  I’m a bit like Obama, Romney and Clinton all rolled up into one.  It’s like I like guns, not gun control; weapons (?) – everyone should have one, be trained to use one, it’s NOT money, but violence and violent death that makes the world go ’round.  OK, I’m not like Obama, Romney or Clinton at all.  They like the movies, I don’t.

This may be your last chance to turn away from the media my friends.  It’s still not to late to stop a wider war.   Turn off your television, turn off the mainstream news, turn on to life and the living -a virtual reality is not your only hope, it is only a death wish that is all too real.

So let the little piggies die in the Bay of Pigs of their choosing.  They took the money, on the run, and ran until their little piggy hearts gave out.  Don’t let your heart give out.  Pray for peace while we all still have a chance.

2012.07.29 – 00:28 (Middle East War Time). 


Breaking Bad

July 26th, 2012

Breaking Bad

~ Which means that the Olympics aren’t breaking good.

They are remodeling the house next door, gutting it, getting rid of all the old for something new.  Change is good.  The kind of change occurring next door is probably better; better as a metaphor, at least.

The first episode, of the first season, of the media extravaganza Breaking Bad was filmed (in part) directly in front of my house in Albuquerque, in New Mexico.  It may have not been the first episode, but it was probably the first one with an act of violence.  There was no escaping it, the filming of the footage.  A guy is thrown in front of a tree, he’s hurt, but he’s not hurt enough – take 2.  He’s hurt (but he’s not showing it enough) – take 3.  He’s hurt, but there is not enough blood – take 4.  He’s hurt, but not yet really mangled, take a few takes more.  It’s Hollywood at its finest, the theme of life always getting worse, more violent, more destruction than anyone could imagine just a few years before.

Sure, I got sucked into Columbine (er, Aurora), er, Colorado.  The murals there, in the airport, are enough to make you crazy, certifiably wacko, certifiably deranged.  It’s like the Olympics on steroids, or it’s like the Olympics (20-12) as a follow-up to 9-1-1, the sequel, the second season, the season of the witch going from very bad, to worse.  Take, Take 2, take a whole lot more – we’re building up to a crescendo, a climax (at the “pinnacle of your pyramid – at 26 minutes, 20 seconds), a full stadium extravaganza (or a whole lot worse).

Do we NEED a full film and video catastrophe to fill the tele-screen at London as the images are broadcast to the entire world?  No, the Olympics of 1936, filmed so effectively in and by Berlin and Berliners (here, and here and here) were quite enough, meaning quite enough to get the point across.

And it is, then as now.  In Berlin (and Germany) the whole city and nation became the stage.  All citizens played their part, and parts.  Every monument and storefront were decked out to be part of the film visuals, the “extras” were you.  Like in the message of Aurora, there is no difference between what’s on the screen and off the screen; the entire society becomes actors, even if only some seem to enjoy the lead.

So, here we are, a short 76 years later.  They’ve been working it all these years, bad takes time.  Badman (Batman) was (supposed to be) the biggest movie opening ever.  The Olympic opening ceremony in Berlin (er, London) WILL BE the biggest media event ever, bar none.  Like Nuremberg, being at the event in London is a private party where (to quote Hitler, “every person should be a National Socialist, but only the “best” should be members of the party“).  With opening ceremony tickets selling at 600 pounds ($1,000) and that amount being more than 50% of the workers of the world earn in an entire YEAR, it is clear that this party is strictly for the 1% and their fellow followers.

Like the “party rallies” in Nuremberg, rich with media decor and stadiums – fireworks, eternal flames and torches – and a splendid presentation of the present with the past, the point is that the majority of the population (world population) will only see the film (now, meaning “on TV”).  The point (like then) and now is that the video imagery will shake the hearts and minds of the population and the populace and maybe quickly bring it to its knees, like in Nazi Germany, because “we” are all the same.

In watching the often banned and censored saga “Triumph of the Will” I am reminded that the first function of the media is to control and teach how the controlled citizen should act and react.  Every movie takes you from the everyday familiar and leads you to the collective (behavior).  It is an assault upon the will and free will.  The purpose is to instruct you on how to behave.  Stadiums are used to reinforce the mass attention.  Everyone else is “doing it”, so why not “I”.

“Hitler IS Germany”, every person in the stadium IS the athlete being watched, a member of the team.  That’s what stadiums are all about, the focalization of the power of the many into the hands of the very few.  Oh, and YOU thought they were just a lot of fun, about fun, and not so much about “the games” as in mind games.

Now that we are on the subject of how manipulated we all are, let’s reexamine the topic of Socialists, National Socialists and the Socialists that created the U.S.S.R.  Anyone can see that the fascists and the communists are really just the same.  The bigger point is about defining evil.  The real false flag of the thing is that “Nazi” (NSDAP) Germany is made out to be the face of evil, and that makes the victims of evil “good”, often meaning the Jews.

The point (very often made) is that Hitler had it in for Germans and Germany.  He didn’t even try to win the war.  He didn’t attack at Dunkirk, he muffed his chance to be first with the bomb, he wasted enough lives at Stalingrad that could have taken all of Iran.  No, he WANTED Germany to lose and the German people with it.  At least eight million German lives were lost, dead, killed.  Many of them the nations finest, not to mention the 160,000 German Jews.  He flooded the Berlin subways before it was over, drowning tens of thousands of shelter seekers in the last hours of the war.  No that’s George W. Bush’s “Death’s Head” for you, a cult of real killers.

So, look to the Illuminati and their offshoot the Masons as the real killers, the face of evil, the neo-Nazi’s (all seven of them) in control.  This is their symbol, see it here, or see it on your dollar bill, a swastika would be sweeter.  You’ve been duped.  All these evil guys and gals want to do is KILL.  There is no “new world” for those that follow their orders, meaning that there is no Project Paperclip planned this time, no after, much less any hereafter, or hearafter – no you won’t be hearing from any of these people ever again on this or any other planet.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Don’t watch the new Olympics.  I’ll bet you half of Munich that somebody will get killed.  You don’t need to see the blood shed.  You don’t need to get that angry.  You don’t need to have washed what little brain you might have left – you might need it elsewhere.

Friday night?  The stars are out.  Talk to your children.  Take a walk in the park.  Have you read a good book, or THE good book lately (the new testament is preferred)?

A good boardgame might do it for you (not to you).  Wave to a neighbor.  Wave to a stranger who doesn’t own a car.  Smile at someone who really does have bad breath, the breadth won’t kill you, the toothpaste will.

Forget all you learned from the media.  Forget stadiums, stadium seating, and the movies altogether (now).  Move on from the Beatles and their songs, Hey Jude just isn’t the anthem that you’re looking for.   And while we are at it, pray for Iran, goodness and peace – and Palestine too.

2012.07.27 – 00:55.

The Usual Suspects

July 23rd, 2012

The Usual Suspects

~ Why we’ll never know what is really known.

Yes, we’re talking about the Aurora thing again.  Nothing happened (in Aurora), look away, “let’s move ahead” (said Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan).  Better yet, in the quote of the day, Hollywood spokesperson Paul Dergarabedian summarized the entire episode as, “unfortunate circumstances”.  That’s it, 12 dead; let’s not even call it a shooting, it’s not even “shit” as in “shit happens”, it is just CIRCUMSTANCES.

The “suspects”, the “useful” suspects, are of course the media and the officials that can’t think straight, are not very good at what they do, but are very good at taking orders.  180 million Americans rely on these people to tell them what to do, what to think, and how to get up in the morning down to “which shoe?”, meaning which shoe to put on first, what color and where to buy it.  There’s always a barcode for everything.

Except there is no bar code for entering a theater, entering or exiting through a “locked” backdoor or entering an entertaining story about entering a theater in full combat uniform regalia, including guns and ammo and barrels of ammunition that wouldn’t work.  This was the story in the morning newspaper:

“Even so, Holmes arrived at the theater dressed in black, outfitted in a gas mask, ballistic helmet, vest and leggings, black tactical gloves and protectors on his throat and groin.  He was armed with an assault-style rifle, a shotgun and Glock handgun.”

This is the story on the internet, long ago “rewritten”.  Click HERE.

So, a guy (or gal) comes to a theater dressed as a Tac-Squad vigilante and nobody notices or thinks it’s strange, (read the newspaper story) ‘nobody thought he was doing something suspicious’.  Nobody reads anything at all (except the headline).  Holmes was a “Lone Gunman”, all other facts are made to disappear.

The Lone Gunman theory is challenged by THIS.  But “this” news story features a “man” that conveniently does NOT have a name.  When I wrote this post, I did not know the “doors were locked” (illegally from both sides), that the doors were wired with an alarm, that the alarms were working.  “2:46 p.m.: One nagging question about the mechanics of the attack is how the shooter managed to get the emergency door of the theater open. Those doors usually lock automatically and are too robust to kick down.

Holmes dramatically entered the theater just as Catwoman came on stage.  Coincidence or timing?  Did he see the movie before?  Probably.  The HD non-bootleg version of the 6 minute trailer was released by December 19, 2011.   He (Holmes) started buying weapons in May, six months later.  Another possibility is that he had a “Lone Gunman II” (an accomplice) on the East Coast that saw the movie and cell-phoned him the exact time to enter.  Real police and detectives don’t believe in coincidences, “You’re a detective now. For you there are no more coincidences.”   But, that’s just in the movies, not the police in real life, always so order following and gullible.  Yes, if there were two (2) or more involved IT IS a conspiracy.

So, you are probably overloaded already.  You don’t want to think any more about the recent unpleasantness.  Maybe you don’t want to think at all.  Why “investigate” anything?  Did the arms dealers keep receipts?  Where, exactly, was that Glock pistol made?  Why didn’t the drum magazine work?  Where did all the cash for all the chemicals and weapons and ammunition come from?  Did he lie about his finances when he got his graduate student, tax subsidized, student housing?  Just how much was/is his credit card debt and how many student loans does he owe?

Why did the Court play to his desire to be the Joker and dress him in “Red”.  I don’t remember Jared Lee Loughner being dressed in red.  Or is a “maroon” jumpsuit the only kind of jumpsuit that they sell?  Are these suits made in the USA or China?  Like with the Olympic uniforms, taxpayers want to know.

The usual suspects DON’T want you to know.  They want to keep you guessing, no hard facts, just the newest version of the news.  Hollywood will make a movie or a documentary, maybe CNN or ABC or HBO too.  A book deal will be made, lots of books from all the right publishers.   The name “Holmes” is now worth millions; use it to sell mouthwash and new cars on TV, furniture in the newspapers – it is the CIRCUMSTANCE of the thing, and really – it is not so bad for those with an agenda and something greater to sell.

“Gee Mom, I saw the last thing that those 12 people saw before they died.”  “Can I see another new movie next week at my favorite picture show?”  Hollywood is really so very exciting, you get to both live and die as you watch.

Moving ahead, is really moving AHEAD, making real changes, changing everything perhaps.   The truth is out there, but it will stay “out there” if people won’t let the news change what people have inside.  Where else in the world do they do killings like this that aren’t religious or political or racially motivated somehow?  America is unique, a mass killing based on a comic – movie character, gone wild.  Think, John Dillinger just killing people, leaving out the robbery of (by) the banks.  It’s Hollywood at its finest, making it normal to want to kill.

So leave this poor boy alone.  He’s not just normal, he’s super-normal, he gets it.  I wore my Davy Crockett hat, but I didn’t have the guts or money to buy a real gun, much less shoot it like Davy did.  There’s a new generation out there that sees things differently, has access to more money and has far more guts, is far more “assertive” like they were taught (to be).

Their world may be far more troubling, more graphically illustrated; there may be far less reason for any hope.  Don’t blame the messenger, “shoot him?”, no – he shot first and shot us all straight between the eyes – can’t YOU see?

If you don’t like the picture, change it.  If you don’t want to see the movie (and live it), turn it off.  There’s no riddle here.  He’s Holmes, and we are all Watsons, waiting and helping Holmes and is that such a shame?  We need new role models, new characters; non-violent types that just want to live simply and bring the world to peace.

2012.07.23 – 23:48.

A matter of perspective

July 21st, 2012

A matter of perspective

~ Yes, things are crumbling so very fast.

There is the perspective that the events in Aurora, Colorado are just a “distraction” to keep one from paying close attention to the more important developments in the Middle East.  Or, perhaps, Aurora is just the precursor to the larger affairs at the Olympics (of 20-12).  Or perhaps the Olympics will lead to the Middle East and then everything will be clearly connected, to make things perfectly clear.

“Aurora” of course means “The Dawn”.  It could be The Dawn of Correction, The Golden Dawn, or the Dawn of a New Tomorrow (“which belongs to me“).  It could be the Greek Connection, which brings up the question of how Communists, the U.N., the Nazi Party and the grimoires of the Kabbalah all come into play in what is supposed to be a “just happening” secular world.

There is nothing happening on Main Street that Wall Street does not notice, whether it be Mainstreet USA, Mainstreet in Damascus, or Mainstreet in Bogota or in London.   The question is not whether Wall Street controls Main Street, it is whether Wall Street is controlled by even greater controllers that seem nearly always unseen.

It IS movies and the media that keep America moving, moving on, moving toward the Eve of Destruction, the sun going down, the sun between the mountains that may be either going down or coming up as in the difference between Dusk and Dawn, Sunrise and Sunset, Sun up or Sun down.  Nevada is a lot about nuclear weapons (too).  Most nuclear shots came with the dawn, at first light, at the beginning of the day:

Or, am I wrong?  Is your perspective that this is a scene in which “The Dark Night Rises”, where Jokers are wild?

So, what do you do with a society and a culture just “shot to shit”, and “shot to hell”?  What happens when nobody “can just get along”?  Is it just the first time gun buyers that are the problem, the self-assigned SWAT TEAM, para-military look-a-likes?  Do we, “Like”?  Or, is it the established purveyors, providers, possessors of arms and armaments that ARE the problem?  Any country (or person) with a brand new “toy” is often bound to use them.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a one-two punch, is not so different than the punches pulled in (first) Aurora, and (maybe coming soon), in London.  The Olympics?  Naw, I probably wouldn’t go.  The president of Israel decided not to.  Maybe he thinks it will be only theater, that life itself is just a play.

So my friends, dig in, stay down, take cover or be ready to duck & cover if you can.   The point is that there is little difference between an atomic bomb and the “flash” of power growing out of the barrel of a gun.  In either case, living in America means learning to duck and cover, at any moment, wherever you are.  We live in a mad, mad world.  And it really IS, so hard to take.

2012.07.21 – 22:54.

The Last Picture Show

July 20th, 2012

The Last Picture Show

~ It’s the end of motion picture theaters and we all know it.

There are a few Century Theaters in Albuquerque.  There’s a “Century 24” and a “Century 14” downtown.  The Century theater downtown was built with taxpayer money and got a free parking garage in exchange for a few CineArts screens.  Of course Century Theaters went under, went bankrupt, and with the bankruptcy went CineArts; it was not Hollywoody enough, meaning not enough guns and not enough gratuitous violence.  Why show good foreign films when you can show a movie like Batman on 11 of 14 screens?

Cinemark (ownership) brought with it grainy TV quality resolution corn syrup commercials, selling corn syrup sweet beverages and TV programs not fit for the big screen.  A movie theater (property tax free) is not like the privacy of your own home, it’s more like a business model, an idea that makes the owners a lot of money.

In my home there is a front door and a back door and a side door too in case someone irresponsibly yells “fire”.  It is not irresponsible to yell “fire” if someone is actually firing in a crowded theater.  I think everyone in America knows that by now.

But the “business plan” of Century and Cinemark and AMC and probably even Regal is to cut down on egress and entrances in the theaters that they own.  It makes the operations more profitable.  Fewer points of access means fewer employees and that means fewer “service” jobs that costs the corporation money.

If you’ve been in one “modern” theater you’ve been in them all.  The stadium seating is serviced by a stairway running down either side (of the theater auditorium) that has only one way out, in the front (of the theater).  If someone can control the first five to seven rows there is NO ESCAPE from the theater; yell fire all you want and who really is going to help you and who can really get out of any of these theaters safely?

Oh sure, there are Fire Exits in front, perhaps (sometimes) to both the left and right of the screen, but you have to get beyond the first five to seven rows.  As everyone in America knows, this is hard to do when there’s someone firing away in the front, with a gun or guns, and has thrown a few tear gas type canisters in front (too).   Homeland Security and all the American Swat type teams have taught people to “move away” from poison gas, not to head forward toward it.  It’s your education dollars at work.

In the old days movie theaters were not built like this.  They had front exits, side exits and exits in front by the screen in case of “fire”.  The candy counter gal or guy watched the front entrance and exits.  That’s how the guy saw Lee Harvey Oswald get in to the Texas Theater (without a ticket).  He called police.

The police slipped through the front Fire Exit doors like people (in the old days) always did.  Someone inside pushed down the “safety bar” and let you in, or you jimmied the door with a jam that kept it open until you needed or wanted to get in for free, meaning without a ticket.

In the “old days” both the manager and the ushers kept a constant eye on these “exit” doors to keep unauthorized people from using them for “entering”.  The modern theater has no ushers, they were “out” jobbed to China, or Mexico, or maybe ushers were just out of a job in the effort to consolidate all the money.  One manager for one theater became passe.  One manager now controls 14 to 24 screens and watches, or doesn’t constantly watch, 28 to 48 outside (entering) exits and handles complaints about the sound being too loud and the popcorn being too damn expensive.

The sound and the popcorn Cinemark could fix.  But Cinemark is in a real fix when it comes to all their so-called exits.  I don’t think they really have an exit at all, no, not from this one.

So James Holmes did what no Harvard MBA could ever do.  He pointed out, very graphically, the fatal errors in the business plan of Cinemark, Century, AMC and Regal.  He showed them how easy it really is to get into a modern theater for free.  If he had have brought a friend or two there would not have been a chance to escape during “intermission” when he stopped the lock (on the seven rows) to reload.

So, will Hollywood (which depends on movie theaters for the necessary business), or Cinemark or Century thank this genius for showing up and showing how and why the business of outsourcing jobs is really (in the end) bad for business?  No, I don’t think so, it’s probably a little (or a lot) too late.  But I would not go to a movie theater now that I know every nut in America knows how easy it is to open doors and open fire, leaving no escape.

But now we can approach the events in Aurora, Colorado by bringing up the issue of arms, bearing arms, and guns.  Colorado is pretty conservative, Denver is about the worst.  Not too many large airports are designed in the shape of a Swastika.

So it is probably OK, even good, to carry a sidearm in Denver and in suburbs like Aurora.  If you had one you could shoot the shooter, be like Batman and Robin and the Joker – all wild.

The problem with this theory is that nobody had one, nobody had an open holster, a concealed carry, a shotgun, a rifle, to say nothing of a high powered weapon with a night scope that would be good for use in a theater (or so the Charlton Heston crowd might say).

Are armed guards at every movie theater the answer?  One would need “one” for every theater auditorium.  One guard would have been the first one that a shooter would target as he or she chatted with the girls or sat down in the last row just to make out and eat a little candy and watch the trailers about the life of real gangs.

No, it is ALL too risky, theaters I mean.  If life imitates art so easily, what does that really say about Hollywood and all its propaganda for guns and gun runners and assassinations around every corner and in the middle of the knight (er, night)?  We live in interesting and dangerous times, it is said.  I guess the big screen is just too big for me.  A 32 inch home theater has far more safe exits, and since you’re home, maybe you won’t need one.  But, that leaves on the table the issue of content.

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Assassins at the Beach

July 19th, 2012

Assassins at the Beach

~ Are we talking about Damascus, Eilat or Burgas?

Of course the United States has a special relationship with Israel.  It is a Jewish State.  Israel (of course) does not like black Africans, incarcerates them, deports them after being confined in concentration camps where undesirables are “concentrated”.

How many detained in these “camps” have been killed, have died, have died of a disease like Anne Frank died of at the camp in Bergen-Belsen (not Auschwitz).  She died of typhus.  Had she lived just 30 days longer she would have been liberated by the British and probably would be alive today.

Wars and death and human “ghettos” like the ones created in Warsaw and Gaza are not models of what life should be modeled to be like.  These are not the “model camps” that the media might spin.  Ugly things happen.  It is not like life on the beach.

The beach in Eilat and Gaza is not like the beach in Burgas, Bulgaria.  The beach in Burgas is very near an airport, less than 800 yards.   It is an easy walk, but if you’re preparing to join the Israeli Army (IDF) you might need to take a bus.  The physical strain of walking a half mile to the beach or a quarter mile to your hotel might be “too much the strain”.  The Israeli military must be pampered.  That’s what flights from Tel Aviv to Burgas, Bulgaria are all about.

A new recruits life might begin in Burgas, but it might end in Eilat or Gaza.  In Eilat one might learn that racial prejudice is not just about the color of ones skin.  In Gaza one might learn that all people should have a right to live, to have good clean water, to have a fair share of all that American aid.

I guess it is not a guess about who really “decapitated” half the government of Syria.  I kid you not, it WAS Kidon.  It was the inner circle of the killers at Mossad that killed 3 or four elderly Syrians who had devoted their life to government service.  What if someone killed Leon Panetta, elderly military officer and CIA statesman, like he is, or was.  Would the U.S. government fail to denounce it as an “act of terrorism”, “state sponsored terrorism” if the government of Israel did it?

By “whatever means necessary” are the marching orders to put an end to order in the Middle East.  Topple whatever governments need toppling.  Infiltrate assassins onto beaches, infiltrate them into camps, create a coup d’etat.  Shoot all the great horses, kill them, assassinate them.  Someone “in power” always knows how to keep others out of power, even if it is just an excuse for just another war.

So bump up and hump up.  I assume that they have Tacate at the Beach in Burgas.  They do have Tecate in Michigan, which is where the fellow traveler went to get his own fake ID.   I don’t know, he looks almost like he’s 21 to me.  Maybe the age for drinking beer in Bulgaria is a little older, or maybe life is different if you’re not Israeli.

Is that what we have against the Palestinians and the Iranians; they just don’t really drink nearly enough beer, they don’t know how to really “party” at a beach, they don’t keep up concentration camps like the ones at Eilat, Gaza and Guantanamo?

So is Bibi Netanyahu really wrong?  Is Iran really worse than North Korea, or North Sudan?   If I lived in Michigan right now I would really watch out.  Someone at the DMV or MVD there IS supporting and aiding Hezbollah, is in kahoots with Iran, is (maybe even) enabling young men with backpacks to drink Tacate.

I hope they reveal his name.  Like the guy that killed the archduke of Austria, this kid (or Kidron’s) name will go down in history.  It is not everyday that you get a chance to start a world war.  He died of disease in “a Theresienstadt prison“, perhaps the same one that became a “model camp” in the next world war.

History is stranger than fiction, if only to the survivors.

Thought you should know.

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Kate in Cairo

July 15th, 2012

Kate in Cairo

~ Ships without rudders, or things that go bump in the night.

I have a friend (or a “friend” of a friend) who is currently in Cairo.  Her name is Kate.  The other day she was on the front lines with Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.  Hillary was also in Cairo, for all the obvious reasons.

When it was Kate’s turn to talk, she said the obvious to Hillary, “What’s happening?”  Kate said it for all of us.  What is exactly going on in the Middle East with all the plans for “Peace, War and Revolution?”  (At) Hoover (he) got it right, “peace” was put last; it is the last thing that the bankers, corporate America, or the military brass ever want.  What the military planners really want is a return to the draft.  Or, at least, that is what their front man Stanley McChrystal said.

The last time the “guns of August” roared the policy of the nation, the nations, was to “draft” 10% of the national population.  At the outbreak of World War I America had a population of about 100 million, 10% was 10 million.  Ten million Americans were issued draft cards.  Since the USA was NOT a major combatant, only about 3% of the total U.S. population was “called” (another word for being inducted, conscripted, forced into an unwanted military service for the national “good”).

So there you have it.  If we have another “world” war there will be a draft (you heard the announcement, the “call”) and given the current population of 310 million (people), everyone can expect that the usual 3% (10% if the USA is a major combatant) will find themselves in a nice new uniform – meaning between 10 million and 33 million current civilians will be getting their marching orders, learning to swim, or will maybe be learning to fly.

It takes about 193 days to get all the uniforms ready, 6.5 months.  So with war starting in August (this year), it won’t be until February or March of next year before you will have a new set of clothes, a new roof over your head, a full mouthful of food if you’re hungry.  Or (depending upon your sex and age), it won’t be until March or April (of the coming year) that you will realize that someone you love has been drafted and has all those nice things that (because of the economy) you do not.   Don’t you just love war, it is so conducive to upward mobility, an end to class distinctions, the equalizer in class warfare – it’s a “class act”, as they say.

Think about it, about the profitability of all the banks as all (or a lot) of all the payments on student loans get put on hold.  You don’t have to pay when you enter the military.  Aren’t you glad that you invested in all those banks with a big long war coming right up?

But, this post, is about other things that might go “bump” in the night.  In my last post I linked a photo of the “good” ship Mr. Stennis.  The ship was on sea trials, “rudder hard right”, or was it really “hard left” in the picture?  Oh yes, it was one of those fast maneuvers that big ships must do in order to avoid being hit by an incoming missile or torpedo or torpedo boat like President Kennedy used to wear.  The point of the picture is to focus hard on the hard rudder.

A ship sailing without a rudder is a ship dead in the water or one moving fast toward going aground.  At best the ship is a danger to navigation, meaning to the navigation of the other better ships in the water, to say nothing of the navigation of the ship with the rudder which went down.

So this brings us back to the Seafox Submersibles”, the cute little drones under water that are fixed with explosives and cameras and can cad-cam their way to the rear of a ship, find the rudder, and go “bong” in the night, or “bang” in the night, or “bing, bang, bong” in the night – which might make it (the ship hit) go “bump in the night” when other ships aren’t just looking.

Wow!, aren’t drones just so neat.  All you need to do is snare a (faux) mine on a rudder and all those little old submersible seawasps (dispatched by the good old U.S.) go swarming toward the rudders of every gulf (oil) tanker in reach and go “blong” (rhymes with “wrong”) and you’ve closed the whole Gulf of Hormuz “my way” or the USA way, or the way the generals that want the draft back get it back, because in the Army-Navy Game, it is better to think ARMY, because nobody was ever drafted into the NAVY.  Service rivalry is not the only thing, it is EVERYTHING!, at least in war.

So, (hey) I don’t need to mess with history.  Let the games begin.  The Olympics start on July 27, at 8:00 P.M. (a Friday).  By Saturday the fireworks should be over and the real game plans will begin.  The race will go to the swiftest, the most honorable and pure.  In the real Olympics it is never the machines that matter, it is not the nation that drinks the most, uses the most drugs; steroids, dope and doping are not the things that matter.  The home court advantage does matter, which is why the Greeks always held the Olympics in Greece (duh!).  So if the U.S. has a chance in the coming battle, it better be the battle of Omaha that we are talking about, because the Gulf of Hormuz is (like the Persian Gulf), the property of Persia, Iran, the hometeam is the Iranians.

Thought you should know.

2012.07.15 – 20:28. 

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