Saving the hippo

August 25th, 2012

Saving the hippo

~ And nobody saved him, and that’s the point.

Hippopotamus is such a bulky and cumbersome word.  So, for those of us that have always been “just texting” and shortening things, like shortening lives and life, have referred to those cumbersome animals as just “hippos”, the giant denizens of the deep that live in the depths of the Nile and other rivers of Africa (and not beyond).

A lot of people, like Walt Disney, never liked the hippopotamus very much.  I “did” the jungle ride (on the river) in “Wonderful Disneyland” when I was eight (in 1956) and thrilled by the mechanical hippo raising from the water, and thrilled more by the power of guns that killed him.  It was a virtual reality of course, but it was a reality that stuck, EVERY hippopotamus is dangerous, maybe (therefore) EVERY hippopotamus should (perhaps) be shot and killed.  Thank you for this message from Walt.

Of course the world is now much “greener”, even though with all the asphalt and underground roadways the world has really turned just five more shades of black.  What would a fertilizer truck bomb do here?  Oh well, the issue of fertilizer brings us back to the hippo (in Africa) and the swimming pool and the great issue of dung.

So yes, a hippopotamus wandered into a swimming pool (it seems) and took a dip (or really just hid out, according to the folklore) and could not get out to drop his dung onto the land where it belonged.

Now I’m not saying that scientists and greenpeace and all the save the whales folks are in cahoots with Walt Disney and don’t know squat about animals or folklore and don’t “give a shit” about hippos; but that IS the way it seems.

The whole world was given a heads up about the hippo in the pool, in distress, starving and clearly not happy.  Excuse me, I think the hippo was a metaphor (more) about the planet and the population and the people thereof.  It’s scripted.  Of course the hippo has to die.  You’ve seen the “jungle ride”; it’s survival of the fittest and the selling point is death, if not just the guns.

Here is a snippet of the world “my way”.  You find the hippo in the pool.  You get a net, a safety net if you really want to save him.  You get a very big net, made with rope or synthetic rope like they used to use on freighters to lift cargo.   You fill (not empty) the pool with lots of water, because hippos float, and you want the hippo to rise, not sink (to save him).  Then you simply slip the net under the water and under the hippo and you then get fifty good strong people that can each lift a weight of maybe 20 (or 40) pounds and you pull together (all together now) and lift the 1,000 or 2,000 pound hippo on the net out of the pool.  The hippo walks away.  Think joy.

But, that is not the way the story went down.  Hippos love the water, so the “mad scientists” drained it.  They left the hippo to deposit his dung in the pool, which became very polluted, because that is where he was forced to live.  The lower the water, the greater the stress, the more dung the hippo created.  In time the pool was just a cess pool, where even a hippo could NEVER live.  Of course he died.  That was the plan.  That was the plan from the idiots that never wanted to save him, just wanted the hippo dead, so the metaphor for the planet would live.

Yes, my friends, I get it and you get it and you get what all the news of the world and from the world is all about.  I can’t watch (the news) any more.  I don’t like reading it.  I don’t even care to listen.  And as you may have noticed I don’t even like posting about it much any more.

There is a NEW WORLD coming, a world of our own.   Or there ISN’T.  It does not matter.  THIS WORLD is totally TOAST, and there is no sustainability or hope left in it, as long as the world remains as it is.  Don’t vote, don’t get involved in politics or elections.  The police will NEVER save you, they will just kill you if they can.  There is NO SAFETY NET, it is the lesson of the hippo.  Suck it up.  They want you dead, nobody on this good green earth really wants to save you, or wants you saved.

The only power you will EVER have is the power over yourself.  Use it.  Make yourself a better person, more caring, not more “informed” (as in the news).  They can’t kill the “better” people, or maybe they can, but life on this earth always ends in death, so why not use your time in efforts that matter?  The goodness lives on, the greed and money is just the bonfire of the vanity and the vanities.   The good things in life are not art when even just one child is starving, or the halt and the lame can’t be fed.

It’s up to you.  Start changing.  Change yourself every day a little more.  Don’t tolerate corruption, avarice and greed.  Just say no to war.  If your house is funding the police, it is only fair to just foreclose.  If your taxes pay for war, rejoice in being underemployed or unemployed.   This is the REAL politics of change.  In every “bad thing”, in every adversity, there are the seeds for things getting better.

Make a photocopy of a hippo.  Post it on a telephone pole in your nearest park.  One hippo died, so that all the other hippos (like us) may live.

2012.08.26 – 03:29.  (The world will come to peace, time).

Everywhere a new Zip-Code

August 13th, 2012

Everywhere a new Zip-Code

~ OK, yesterday I was right about America going postal.

It seems I was also right about Texas A&M (ATM) being a fundamentally weird school.  I did a post awhile back about the cult of Bush and Cheney, and the Texas Morning (AM) School and the ubiquitous “hooking up with horns” hand sign.  Horns like those can’t ever be found on cattle.  To carry on with a point made yesterday, the Texas School IS in Mourning now.

Stranger than a red-blooded Texan without a gun is the fact that these latest murders occurred at Well born and George Bush streets; I guess that there is no “Manor Born” street in Bryan (Texas).  Maybe THIS Texan had a brain tumor too; without an open autopsy we’ll never know the mental health of Bush, LBJ, or that Texas guy that failed to give Mitt Romney a run.

But (of course) there is NO real Texas A&M connection.  No real shooting occurred at “Bush & Well”.

    The Aggies and their devil signs are all shook up for nothing; it was an eviction, a commonplace effort at homelessness, a case of someone just not paying a bill.  And the address was at Highland and Fidelity Streets, a good quarter mile away from the University of Texas campus.  You did not need to think (or re-think) the red-tower killings at all:

The University of TaxUs at Austin – The Crimson Tower:

Now in College Station (or Bryan) they will evict a person over an unpaid water bill, no wait, that is College Park in Georgia, not Texas.  How many “College Parks”, or College Stations or colleges in America now are there?  Far more, it seems, than there are JOBS.  No wonder people are shooting people rather than being successfully evicted.  There is no life hereafter on the streets, or in living in a car; or is that where we left off on the post yesterday?  Maybe the guy at High land and Faithfulness should have just found Route 66 and walked all the way to California and gotten a new start.  Or, maybe he heard that California (too) is totally busted, broke, gone south regarding honoring its obligations.

So, what POLICE FORCE, what OFFICERS IN BLACK OR BLUE are going to move in and evict California, or the government thereof, or the deadbeat moms and dads that refuse to keep the government of California properly funded?   Will the “renters” or the home owners fight back?  Will they use their guns and all that ammo (stored up and away) to kill?  Isn’t that what Charles Whit man thought (or said), “I’m just going hunting.”  It’s not house hunting when you live in a home as simple as THIS.

So, Mitt Romney got his financial backing from borrowing from the death squads.  The Republicans have “hit” on an idea whose time has come.  But really, which side is he really backing, the one inside, or the death squad knocking on ones front door as they say, “Be reasonable, living on the street won’t kill you.”  But in Syria, in Aleppo, it REALLY will.  In America it really will, also.

Are you getting the business / postal message?  They will kill you in the theaters, they will kill you in your house of worship, they will track you down and kill you in your home, even if you’re homeless.  Even Obama says guns are good.  The shoot up in Syria is not a talking point, like in America it is real.  There are Zip-Codes everywhere.  Is YOUR postal zone the next exclusion zone to follow, to be followed, to be tweaked about until the cows come home?  Really, why should I care when you don’t care (or until you do)?

2012.08.13 – 22:57.

America goes postal

August 12th, 2012

America goes postal

~ The country was always more of a postage stamp than a coin, but there are two sides now.

OK, I stand corrected.  The first American coins were minted in 1652, the first contract for letters came forty years later, in 1692 (USPS History).   The point being (of course) that on neither date America existed, it was not even a dream.  The eastern shore of North America was a hodgepodge of British colonies (owned by the Brits), the rest of the continent was occupied or claimed by Spain, with France stuck in the north a bit.  The guerrilla wars between the”States” (and the United States) and the native people had not yet really begun, the extermination policies had not yet been implemented, the death marches (much worse than Bataan) had not commenced and the concentration camps (and States) had not been established or designated.  OK, this does bring us to Oklahoma.

For anyone that truly knows history the American Experience has always been as much of a nightmare as a dream. From the arrival of Columbus, and onward, the “joys of America” have always depended upon which side you were on, which race, which color and who sold who the best armaments and arms.  Courage and bravery were never a part of anything worthwhile in the American experience, it was always about the violence, more violence and a little more about the power of other ways of making much money.

Weapons and weapons systems and the moral decay of leading and training degenerate people to use the arms and armaments at hand IS America, and always has been.  Arms control is as anathema to America as is selling a bowl of brown rice in a Mc Donald’s; it ain’t going to happen – never.  So, give both Obama and Romney a break, there isn’t a “gun control” agenda and there is no will to stop the killing of all those millions (or billions) that America has her sights on to kill.  America has been there, done that and will probably do it again (and again).  That’s what the flag is for – to rally around like a Maypole, to get in the mood for red blood and blue-blooded killing.

Yes, the rich and the militarists have always had their foibles, their quirks, their “boy buddies” (like Romney).  One persons cult is another person’s religion.  “Try to see it my way“, or maybe they see it as the high way, or the only way, or the way to something or somewhere better.  I think they’re wrong.

Any dream, every dream, is always in search of accomplices.  That’s how “dreams” are accomplished.  Dreams are (by definition) the opposite of reality, they are the flip side of every coin, they are the tail to every head.  Postage stamps don’t have tails; postage stamps are just sticky on the back, like sticky wickets they taste bad if you lick them, have no value if the right side is not always on the up and up.  I think you get my point about going postal and (too) about the importance of knowing the “other” side of history.

There IS a difference between stamp collecting and coin collecting.  There is more to it than just the face, there is the backside issue – the issue of whether there IS a backside too.  The America of late is collapsing, is doomed, has no new morning – just mourning, as in the mourning in America that has just begun, and there is NO longer room in which to grow, or even to grow old in.  Every campaign promise always begins and ends in a lie.  You ARE a fool if you vote, if you enlist – you do know the drill.

So, what does all this have to do with Oklahoma, with America, with the heat and the price of corn and the buffalo and where the buffalo have gone and with the center of it all; as if it were all connected?

I grew up in the early 1950’s, in the days of duck and cover and in the days after the Dust Bowl when the U.S. Department of Agriculture was painting all the Okies black.  “They” didn’t know about contour plowing, the government would say.  “They didn’t rotate their crops”, was the line that would follow.  That was why we had the dust bowl, why the skies grew dark and black, why the soil sailed through the air instead of staying on the ground like it used to, before greenhouse warming, before the U.S. government pitched in to show us (all) how to farm and raise a fortune from farming right (with banks, perhaps) and crop insurance and ethanol subsidies that make money when good old hard work just doesn’t (er…) work.

The “Dust Bowl”, a photograph from 1933 – 1935:

Not to put the lie to the lies told in a good 1950’s public school education, but as the above photo reveals the baby boomers were sold a bill of goods not unlike the bill of goods sold to a lot of poor white trash dirt poor would be farmers and being sold to their equally unthinking and uninformed descendants now.

You do see the sign (in the picture) don’t you?  The sign says “LANDS”.  It is the sign for the old land office that brought the people to this land that brought them ruin.  Tex Ritter was wrong, these Okies were not from Muskogee (in the far eastern part of the state of Oklahoma), or maybe they were FROM Muskogee and Arkansas and points even further south; they might have played a fiddle, but true farmers they were not.

It was a land scheme, easy (E-Z) credit, get an easy loan (fast) from an easy bank.  Just put a few dollars down (on land) and you can quickly plow up the useless buffalo grass of the open prairie and make a quick and easy fortune by planting wheat, which (at the time) was a food that had gone sky high.  Think wheat then, think corn now.

No, it didn’t really turn out so well for the not so pure prairie league, the Okies, the drifters that came in poor and starry-eyed and left even poorer, looking for new stars and new golden lands even further west, even if these new lands were backed up to the ocean.  We saw it then, we see it (again) now.  All history does is repeat, repeat.

This time it is corn that has caused the plowing up of the prairies.  Land that hasn’t been farmed since the last car or cart was loaded up in the 1930’s is back in cultivation.  The prairie sod is again being busted up, the clouds of dust can’t be too far behind.  Some call it global warming, some think it is more about messages from the sun, “go to Oklahoma, buy land, get blown away as all the banks begin to fail”.

What are the lessons here?  OK, school is where you learn what they want you to, not what is really real. OK, the government has lied.  OK, prices of things are fixed to get the fix on certain people.  OK, the banks always win until they lose.  OK, the poor get poorer despite the promises of the American dream.  OK, you’re never really ‘dirt poor’ until you see the dirt rise up before you.  OK, eventually even Washington D.C. will get the message.

The dust of the “Dust Bowl” reaches Washington D.C. on March 6, 1935:

So where do we go from here, the flip side or the sticky wicket?  Even Lincoln sits with his back to all the Civil War dead buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, his vision is east, to the rising sun and the central phallus of presidential power.  Anyway, I thought you should know.

2012.08.13 – 02:27.

All-India rail

August 1st, 2012

All-India rail

~ Why rail about the use of power or the lack of power when the real rails have gone bad.

You have probably heard by now about the latest power failure in India that has left at least 650 million people without power, meaning electricity I guess.

The point is that a lot of points have been left without lights – stoplights, ATM machines, the machines of factories and commerce – not to mention the lesser lights that turn night to day when the real nighttime is not really all that bad.

Sure, India does have some cars, some vehicles on wheels; but mostly India moves by train and the trains are all-electric and the electricity is what keeps keeping them moving.  Or (when the power shifts), doesn’t.

I guess you might say it was a dog-day afternoon.

I guess that something can be said for “old scratch” and the invention of electricity, but you would have to have a dictionary, read a lot of history and know a little bit of science to make all the connections about the connection.  I don’t have time to present it here. Let us just say that just a short 120 years ago we (the world) would not be in all this type of trouble.  If there is no further forward, maybe we can go back.

So, yesterday I was writing about tanks, and looking up all the tanks on all the web and reading all about the great new tank, the T-90, and that led me to the paragraph or two (really seven) on the T-90 in India (of all places).

The T-90 costs between 3 & 5 million dollars each to buy or to build, call it an even $3,000,000 and then consider the cost (or expense) of building about one thousand six hundred of them (1,600) and if you do the math (or if I do it), the figure looks a lot like this: $4.8 Trillion dollars (U.S.), which of course is a whole lot of (or more) in Rupees, the currency of India.

You guessed it; it is easy to see why the power in India is tanking, it is tanking because of the tanks, the T-90’s, the T-90’s that get all the money that the electrical grid type power isn’t getting – and that really does not seem fair.

So, I did a little looking and I found this, which if you follow the links and do a little reading and thinking, you will find that for about $1.2 billion dollars India could build a brand-new GAS (cleaner than coal) fired power plant that could light about 6 million Indian homes because a home in India uses a lot less electricity than one in the U.S.  So 100 of these plants (built) could provide power for all 600 million and it would leave India with $3.8 Trillion dollars to spare and a lot of coal-fired power to use or spare.

If the TANKS are so necessary and powerful why didn’t Pakistan or China attack India when the lights were out, the communications were down and India wasn’t looking (because in the dark, it IS hard to see)?  Or, maybe the last sentence was NOT a question.

Yes folks, the cost of wars and the military is a very (VERY) big expense.  India is not so unlike America after all.  So when the grid goes down here, our grid is not too big to fail, remember that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought you here, or brought you the heat and the darkness that you really knew to expect, IF you were thinking.

To keep this image in mind I bring you (via the web) a few images of life without power, or life WITH power, when the choice is to have the power of tanks, the military, the sound of freedom even if everything is ALL DARK.

Have a safe night.  With no military your taxes, and your troubles, will certainly be much lower.

2012.08.01 – 19:30 (Middle East War Time when it comes).