Romney is Goldwater

September 18th, 2012

Romney is Goldwater

~And that makes Obama another LBJ.

It has been forty-eight years since the Republicans faced such a disastrous election.  Until yesterday it was inconceivable that Obama would win 44 of the 50 states and would win over 60% of the general election votes.  Now it looks like Obama could win a landslide, he could win in every state except Utah, meaning “go” for 49 states and win too in the District of Columbia.  The 1% just don’t have enough money to make up for pure living idiocy when those who call themselves ‘Republicans’ aren’t even trying.

OK, Goldwater had some integrity and was more honest than LBJ.  The nation has never looked for an honest man to be President; even the Cheery Tree incident was a lie.  But to publicly state that 47% of Americans do not take personal responsibility and do not care for their lives is like saying Hitler was right in sending the Jews to Auschwitz, it is far worse than class warfare, it is a declaration of war against 50% of America and everything that America stands for.

Many have said that Romney was rich, an elitist, out of touch with Americans and what they represent.  But never before did a Presidential candidate dismiss half of America as ‘worthless eaters’, incapable of reason, rationality or change.  Mitt Romney said it, and said it clearly.  He was speaking to ‘like-minded’ followers, Republican party members hell-bent to destroy the fifty percent of Americans that cannot see the reason for trillion dollar annual wars and trillion dollar bailouts for the bankers and Wall Street and other trillion dollar wealth transfers from the working class to the lazy, idle useless rich.

Hell, even Obama expects to get his share of the 1% vote.  Obama hasn’t “written off” anybody.  America just became a one-party state.  The Republican standard bearer did not just shoot himself in the foot (he shot both of those off years ago), he led his party in a public ritual of hari-kari, gut-wrenching suicidal mayhem, an attack on Israel, an affront to God.  What Mitt Romney said cannot EVER be forgiven.  He is a danger to the country, to his followers and clearly to himself.

We ALL know that Mitt Romney is an apostate Mormon (which IS an affront to God); he WAS Israels ‘best hope’ (now Bibi can swing in the wind alone); the party of Lincoln that once freed the slaves has now declared war on every freed slave’s descendant (the racist-republican mantra will now never die).  Simply put, Mitt Romney is a total, certifiable idiot and the only question is how many fellow certified idiots pay federal income taxes?  That IS Romney’s effort to ‘get out the vote’.

So, the election IS over.  Any chance that Romney had, or the Republicans had to get back the White House is totally gone.  Bibi could be gone (too) for just being publicly photographed shaking Mitt Romney’s hand (what a New Year!, the year of egg on your face).

So, since I don’t believe in politics, why should I care?  I’ve said there is no need for voting, here’s why.  I DID find a post from someone who does NOT pay income taxes.  His property taxes are far greater (as a percentage of income or wealth) than Romneys.  He keeps his capital local.  He does what we should all do to keep alive.  I’m getting there, but this guy is an INSPIRATION!

Romney is not just stupid, he’s wrong.  Any candidate could win the next election by giving non-voters a good reason to vote, not mindless rhetoric, just ONE GOOD REASON.  Leadership is what it once was called.  Romney couldn’t lead Bambi away from a forest fire.

So (and so), it’s all the way with LBJ, it is the Vietnam War all over again, it’s back to the draft, back to civil riots and turmoil, back to dead Kennedy’s and domestic assassinations and deficit spending as we buy both guns and butter, or Nimitz-class carriers AND small bowls of brown rice.  Sure, Obama is NOT your friend, but anyone calling themselves a Republican is the best friend that Obama ever had.  Those nuts just handed him the election.

2012.09.19 – 02:58.

The non-event in Benghazi

September 13th, 2012

The non-event in Benghazi

~ This was not the Seals finest hour.

The only thing that the recent assassination of a United States Ambassador has really had is that the election of Presidential candidate and nominee Mitt Romney is now much further away.  No, you don’t “go to war” over an assassination, unless it is of an Archduke, and it IS carefully planned and well orchestrated.

One event.  So many repercussions.   So much that in the mainstream media will NEVER be said.

First, why does Mitt Romney even want to be President?  Is it a death wish?  The chance of a U.S. President being assassinated (murdered, killed) is one in four.  No other job in the entire world is as likely to end as badly.   Oh sure, there is the presidential protection service, and the idea that there is intelligence, the secret service, the Seals, even the U.S. Marines that can be brought into play if a President is threatened and otherwise not protected.  The best protection for a U.S. President, one might add, is an exceptional honesty in all his doings, as mere “popularity” is usually just orchestrated.

Mitt Romney is (therefore) on the death list, the death watch list to be specific.  And then there is Obama and his penchant for birth certificate privacy and acts of war without notifying Congress, and his obvious ability to just plain lie that keeps him on the death watch list too.  But really, can’t just drones successfully protect the President?

Drones.  Yes, drones.  They can assassinate (from New England or Nevada) at will.  Can’t a real drone just assassinate a presidential assassin?  Why risk the lives of Navy Seals to intervene and save a U.S. Ambassador (or President) when a fleet of maybe fifty drones can swoop in and save the lives of top officials?

Oh.  So the U.S. is better at killing, at assassinating designated officials than at saving them.  The technology is a one-way street.  Maybe the American death wish is more universal, officials and leaders are perhaps often better dead, remembered by history as heroes or martyrs, which brings us back to Bush (the ‘fall’ guy) and the (fallen and felled) of 9-1-1.

In the past thirty (30) years there have been maybe 1,000 people who have served as U.S. ambassadors to one of the (approximately) 200 foreign countries.  Some ambassadors serve multiple terms, other ambassadors are frequently transferred.  It CAN be a career position, except for the 1 / 1,000 chance of getting killed (murdered, dead).

Few people would take any job wherein the death toll was so very high.  So, was it that U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens had a death wish too?  How safe is a safe-room where it just takes smoke to kill you?  And why were the drones and Seals in Afghanistan and Yemen when they should be posted near Libya and Egypt and Israel in case they’re really needed (to save lives, not KILL them).

It doesn’t take a movie to show why the U.S. is often so very hated.  Smart people hate stupidity, and let’s face it, Mitt Romney is as stupid as they get.  Security at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi must have been the work of Bain Capital.  All the jobs were outsourced to overseas.  But (oh, I forgot), Obama is the President (not Romney) and it was on Obama’s watch that the overthrow of Omar Ghaddafi took place, to be replaced by the currently “friendly” regime in Libya (courtesy of the CIA, U.S. warships and NATO).  With friends like these, the CIA and NATO, what ambassador really has a chance?

So yes, the United States has two Presidents now, two leaders, two real heads of State.  One was elected, one is leading, having just “taken over” and taken over by being (and acting) so very Presidential.  Democracy is so highly over-rated.  Why wait to vote?  Why change horses in the middle of a stream when you can have two horses and two riders and two leaders both charging forward?  Why choose between black and white when you can have both black and white in the same White House both at the same time.  Be real, the house is large enough, it IS a mansion.

Be real.  No one really knows where the non-event in Benghazi will really lead.  Maybe someone will buy smoke detectors for the embassy safe rooms all over the world.  Maybe a few drones will be redeployed from Afghanistan to airspace over Delhi or Ankara or Canberra (in Australia) where they really might be needed, because smart and educated people hate ignorance and stupidity EVERYWHERE in the world, and it doesn’t take a racist hate-filled movie (or video) to show people how.

Given that Mitt Romney is a Mormon (LDS), and given the history of that religion and even recent practices, it might do a real good if Mitt Romney were given a real chance to actually live near and with black people and people of color before he reached the White House, or (as I suggested) actually while in it.  And Obama, too, might learn a thing or two about Mormonism and about how most Mormons think the REAL Zion is in southern Utah and not in some far-off reach of the Middle East (OK, Google thinks so too).

So having two Presidents isn’t an idea that is so very bad.  We can save a lot of money without needing to hold the election, and save too the cost and expense of voting.  And like in the Hunger Games, when the statistically dead president gets terminated we will still have a survivor, a sitting President, or is it like in Benghazi, just another sitting duck?

2012.09.13 – 16:56.

Things that go break in the night

September 5th, 2012

Things that go break in the night

~ Getting used to the fact that nothing works like it used to.

Yesterday was not a good day.  Get used to it.  The “good days” of America are past and both Romney and Obama are proof of it.  Neither of them are talking (about things that really matter) and that’s the talking point of evidence that the world as we know it, knew it, is over.

With all the heat and record heat and even “hot spells” in Albuquerque and beyond (is there really anything beyond Albuquerque?) something was bound to happen.  It did.  My True, stopped being true.  It is true.

OK, not everybody has a True refrigerator like this.   The glass doors are nice for helping one decide on food decisions without opening the door and cooling the whole kitchen and destroying the ozone while doing so by using all that freon.  I’ve had the unit a good 12 years.  The cost has been about 75 cents per day counting electricity; like the upfront cost of two or three cigarettes per day for a smoker, but with no down the road medical expenses that you must pay later.

Obviously this basic model of True has gone up in price since I got it.  It was a good one thousand dollars less just twelve short years ago.  5% inflation is not so bad, but with incomes always going down, and prices moving up, except for the “likes” of Obama and Romney, the outcome sure looks bad.

The problem with True is the problem with ALL corporations.  They always move to make things cheaper (more profit is the incentive) and more breakable so that the consumer of the American dream will go out and “buy more” and in the end have far less.

About 14 years ago True discontinued the service nodes for adding more freon or for clearing out the freon line to the compressor.  It saved a few dollars in parts and made the units almost impossible to repair.  I didn’t know this at the time of purchase, nor did most of those with positive experiences with “True”, a registered brand name, beware.

The repair bill for the fix for my freon (line) is more than $1,200.  My guy in Albuquerque can install what the factory technicians at True can’t, a set of simple service valves.  So, why not just buy a new one and get a new compressor and a nice “green” machine instead of fixing the thing that broke?  The compressor is statistically 2/3 gone and at a value of $1,200 plus $200 installation why buy an old technology rebuilt reefer for $2,500 when I get one brand new for just $500 more, with new fans, new paint, new thermostat controls and even new florescent lights on every door?

The argument against buying anything new is very simple.  The new stuff (that looks like the older stuff) is made even cheaper, is designed to fail, is riding the rails of a reputation that (like America) is out of style, gone, and isn’t true and good and never again will be.  That’s what “Forward” is all about.  Forward looking is about going backward and going broke really, really fast.

Yes, I could have purchased a Sub Zero (at $6,000), but the last word in that refrigeration is that they don’t make the necessary thermostats any more, so if one fails (like yours), then the entire unit is just toast (or about just as hot).  Isn’t capitalism great?  You get used to stuff and then when incomes fall, EVERYTHING follows and quickly fails.

So downsizing is probably a must.  I’m bored with plug-ins and appliances that don’t work and can’t be fixed.  There is no joy in buying a new one when you KNOW that the new one is just going to break and fail and cost far more than it is worth regardless of how cheap the price.  Suck it up, technology and science are not modern marvels, they are just VERY expensive luxuries that the common people should never be expected (or brain-washed) to have.

My great grand-parents lived well without a television and anything more than an icebox which meant a box with ice.  Why can’t I?  My great grand-parents never owned a car, an automobile, a horseless carriage.  They owned a horse or two, and the horses had names and worked long and hard pulling plows and pulling buggies and even had names until they died.  Cars die too.  It’s just a myth that you can repair things; not in America anymore.

Science was built on the backs of unwilling taxpayers and conned consumers that had to foot the bill.  Now that modern drones and the ever ubiquitous surveillance camera and TSA nude scanners are here scientific inquiry and research no longer needs us, our job is done, we made the scientific breakthroughs cheap, NOW it is OVER.

My view of democracy is a prison where every prisoner works long hard hours to create all the other prisoners chains.  Democracy (even now) is the road to ruin.  Democracy will enslave you far faster than the worst despot, a tyrant that can be overthrown.  You can’t ever overthrow democracy, but by not playing along with it you can throw it out.  It’s like dirty bathwater being used to wash the dishes.

So, I do have a choice.  I can re-up on all my appliances, the complicated scientific marvels that ‘just plug in’.  Or, I can work on MY FUTURE, in a world where I can do without, and where I can take down the brave new world order right along with it, because without the scientific consciousness the entire screen will quickly go blank.

There could have been another way.  Corruption and lies and liars could have been kept from taking over.  Good people could have held the line, not bought into everything being put up for sale; including souls.  Be true to your school?  No, be true to your home school, and simplify your home; it IS a time of breaking, and maybe it’s not all that bad.

2012.09.05 – 13:57.