October Fest

October 3rd, 2012

October Fest

~ Like an Octopus, October means eight.

So the eighth month is really the tenth month and 9/11 is really 7/11 and November is really number 9, but they call it number 11 and that means that a decade has 12 years or that December should have two months to follow.  Are you following me?

People do things because of habit.  It’s hard to change.  Voting for no one, voting for a ballot, voting for an outcome is like fishing in the ocean for butterflies – it makes no sense, but (to some) the image is very pretty.

It is very clear (lately) that the world has gone a scale of magnitude crazier, that small things that shouldn’t matter don’t matter, that those in the habit of doing bad aren’t going to start doing good and (that) is too bad.  Take Romney (Please!).  Only by Romney running against Obama does he have a half a chance.  Porky Pig could beat Romney in a pork slide.  Mitt Romney’s “middle class” Americans are those that make more than 10 million dollars and less than 50 million dollars per year.

A “small business” (to Romney) has annual sales in excess of a billion (dollars) and with the right tax loopholes could increase (annual sales) to 10 billion (U.S. dollars) without ever hiring even ONE American college graduate, because there is NO FUTURE in plastics, but federal free money for car companies and banks can fill any bill or till.

There is no real women’s issue except for the reality of the military and war.  War and rape goes together like Hanzel and Gretel.  (Yes, Hollywood ruins everything!)   Hollywood sells violence and war.  Dead fathers, dead husbands, dead sons are the price of womanhood – then you take care of the wounded, mentally wounded, and maimed.  And neither Romney nor the President will give you a medal, and the Pentagon will NOT.   But both Romney and Obama will raise your taxes, kill your husbands or boyfriends jobs, offer jobs in the military (doing killing) as an employment of last chance.  You don’t have a chance, and never did.

The talking pundits (the media) has taken America so far down the garden path that there is no garden (in America) left.  All politicians are liars.  All corporate leaders are mindless shills.  All corporations are corrupt.  The only way out of America involves a TSA strip search and pervert feel.

The next (new) big thing is the exit from the cities.  The population crush is scary.  The infrastructure is breaking down.  Self-assertion is rampant.  Everyone else has a claim on what you once thought was yours.  The police are NOT your friends, they ticket you so they can sex-text you later.  And then there is the endless CIA (financed and orchestrated) rampage in Syria.  There is a future in drones and in the lazar eyes that kill them.  Every home needs a dish network that zeroes in on the special drone frequency ‘silent hum’; science will make it happen; buy it on Black Friday in a super-chain-store near you.  It could happen.

“Those that a government wishes to destroy it first drives mad.”  The government (and the system) has its sights on me and you.  What (really) does it matter?

So, winter is coming even if more rain perhaps never will.  Money is meaningless.  It is a system where people will do the most ‘God-awful’ things for it because good people (like me and you) will accept their cash regardless of color.  Do something useful.  Burn one dollar bill per day, divorce yourself from money.  Put pennies on a train track, let the steel wheels run over them.  Coins and currency.  What form of money does NOT constitute a loan?  Now do all the receipts and credit/debit card transaction records really make you nervous?  No need to “live dangerously”, because you already are.

Yes, what will it take to put an end to all this madness?  Push a button, pull a plug, say 25 hail Mary’s or buy a can of mace – ours is not the world of our fathers or forefathers or the four generations of women from whom we were born.  We have let the best of all our yesterdays fall through our fingers and slip away.  America has sold its collective soul for a cellphone and a Trinitite piece of glass.  All rights reserved.  Enough said.

The ONLY thing a good person can be is a force for good.  Every person should have a goal of living at least just ONE perfect day of life, during their life – one day without lies, without deceit, without even the slightest exploitation of others.  Try to live one day without touching or handling or using money.  Live just one day without modern chemicals; to wear, to spray, to eat, to sit on.  Live just one day without eating in excess, using profanity, being anxious about anything.  Live a day with just kind words for everyone that you might meet, live a month without the tube.  Turn the Internet and telephone off, recycle or repurpose EVERYTHING completely.  Give something you own away.  Live a day without using fossil fuels or any car.  Read a book to a child.  Give a homeless or hungry person five dollars or better yet 1/10 of 1% of everything you have.  If there were a thousand people like you, he (then) would be like you.  People model themselves after the givers, not the takers, in life.

Burn a draft card, burn a credit card, burn a Social Security card; throw all your tax returns away.  Don’t pay a single bill for just one day and if anyone (any account) complains or charges fees or interest cancel the card, move away from the rental, stop attending the school.  Wear a pin or a sign or a name tag that says I’m living “a day of merit”.  Be a leader by following someone you love (I don’t mean stalking).

The world is probably facing a great crisis during this coming month.  The outcome is up to you.  It shouldn’t take a crisis though to get the good fires burning even if they seem as only coals or cinders now.   Maybe it is better that there is no rain.

2012.10.04 – 04:54.