December 30th, 2012


~ Confused and twisted thinking marks the owner of a gun.

This is Post #9 regarding the national gun emergency.  

This post began when I was writing another post about mantras.  The mantra in question was the myth of “food, clothing and shelter” as being the only “basics” that everyone really needs.  The statement, in reality, wasn’t well thought out.  It assumes that everyone eats raw fish, raw meat, raw everything and lives where it is always warm and has no need for even the simplest things like anything metal, or anything ceramic, or anything that even an animal could pull.

The fourth necessity of life, perhaps the first, is ENERGY.  Animals are (after all) not only food, but the most basic source of energy only after wood.  And wood (as an energy source) has been with us as long as the Caveman stayed warm in his open cave stooped around a fire.

Old myths die hard (if one is thinking).  If one were to imply that the number on an amendment was an indicator of importance one must remember that the “ban” on quartering government troops in private houses is the THIRD Amendment, more important than any trial or being free from searches or seizures.

Even then, the Constitution prohibits the practice only in time of peace, not war.  America is (now) at war, so in terms of the Bill of Rights U.S. troops could be quartered in any gun-owners home and have the right to use the weapons therein.

You see, the SECOND Amendment does not give anyone the right to “Own” guns, just the right to “keep” them.  It’s like keeping a mistress (you don’t “own” her).  It’s like having a credit card, you don’t own the card, you just have a right to “use” it.  You just get to have it until you (or too many “others”) break the rules or the bank just changes its mind and revokes the card (and/or) the credit limit.

There are many things that can be (and are) bought and sold that generate tax money for the state, or states.  Nuclear weapons and various components are among these.  It seems to be a myth that private American citizens cannot “own” a nuclear weapon (law and more laws).   The laws are clear, you can “keep” them, just not use them.  And you can’t “keep” (possess) a nuclear weapon if you plan to share it with a terrorist (state or organization).  It seems that you can even (legally) share your weapon with a free-lance (unaffiliated) terrorist as long as no U.S. person or property is harmed.  And no international law or treaty seems to stand in your way.

So, gun ownership – from dart guns to nukes – is legal because it benefits the state (through the collection of taxes).  BUT, gun ownership is not a right, it is a privilege.   All those gun nuts have you snookered, they mislead you because you simply cannot (or will not) learn to read or even think, much less read the law.

What we (we in the United States) really need is a good old fashioned court test.  A (support the) troop needs to be assigned to be quartered in Wayne LaPierre’s house, and along with the trooper a self-proclaimed member of a militia needs to be quartered there too.  Both persons will demand to use Mr. LaPierre’s guns, maybe with no promise to return them.  If he objects, then the U.S. goes to trial.  It will be the “battle of the Amendments”, the 2nd and 3rd rights in the Bill of Rights.

But really, the real idea is to create gun frenzy buying so that the hunters and killers and target store shooters will be further along the road to broke.  “Plant bullets, not seeds”, is their mantra.  Buy titanium, not silver or gold, even if it is in just a rifle.

Americans are guaranteed the right to a speedy and public trial.  Americans are NOT entitled to speedy and public legislation.  The latest gun outrage occured 30 seconds ago, somewhere in America; Newtown was two weeks ago, Columbine 12 1/2 years ago, Wounded Knee was well over a century.  Nothing has changed except that now government has to intervene to increase the buying (of guns).

Which brings up the “criminals and outlaws” issue, “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”.  How quaint, how John Wayne, how 1950’s.  Maybe it is, “whens guns are criminalized only criminals will have guns”.  The reality is that in the above linked case (from Columbus) NO criminals ever bought or sold or smuggled guns!  A person is not a criminal until they have been convicted (6th Amendment folks).

Even Adam Lanza was NOT a criminal, he never got his day in court, he was NEVER convicted of any crime.  The same is true regarding the assassin of Lincoln, and of Kennedy.  No criminals or criminality here (or there), just guns.

Yes folks, it is JUST “law abiding citizens” (not criminals or outlaws) that use most guns, people like Booth, Lanza, Oswald and a million others that never did and never will go to trial, much less be convicted, for the robberies, shootings, murder.   Over 64% of those who were convicted by federal authorities for homocide (murder) sexual assault, robbery, assault or other violent crimes were never “caught” carrying a gun – most “criminals” do not own or use one.

Most gun damage and violence in America is committed by a “law-abiding” (never been convicted) citizen.  They become “first-time offenders” only after they are caught (IF they are caught), and only AFTER they go to trial and are CONVICTED, which is often very rare.  Even then, many (or most) violent crimes are never punished by an actual prison sentence (either state or federal).  A few months in jail (city or county) is often “it” for even murder.   Guns do the violence, the crime, PEOPLE are set free.

The point is that according to the SIXTH Amendment there cannot even be a trial unless there is proof of a CRIME.   A trial is the search for a criminal, in many cases a criminal is never found but the DAMAGE CAUSED BY A GUN is in full evidence.  The horrid truth is that GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE, and only (PHANTOM) PEOPLE are the ones that did it.  This brings us to the attempts at solving violent crimes that have no EASY solution, the police or DA just selects an EASY mark, someone poor or minority usually.  This creates even more victims of gun violence, the EASY mark as the suggested shooter.

So, guns imprison people.  Gun ownership TAKES AWAY real rights (if one is poor).  Gun ownership is mostly for the rich, like the drug barons in Mexico; full circle to Columbus and the motive for gun ownership and sales and control.

So keep your guns if you must.  Buy more.  Promote the gun culture and see where it will take us.  If you have $100,000 buy your titanium rifle.  Better yet, buy the intelligence to get a nuke, the personal deterrent of choice.  Retired scientists are standing by.  Every communist in China and Russia wants more U.S. citizens to buy more guns, what the cold war didn’t win, American gun ownership will accomplish, i.e. the destruction of both the American people and the state, and without a second civil war.

Happy New Year, and I ask you, “is life really getting a little better?”

2012.12.30 – 23:26.


Private Armies

December 23rd, 2012

Private Armies

~ These are the guys that must control the “Thugs” according to Wayne LaPierre.

This is Post #8 regarding the national gun emergency.   

I haven’t written the past few days because I’ve been under the house (my house) searching for leaks and surveying and controlling the water.  My home is old, built in 1938, and the pipes are the same age.  The practice in America is to “bury” problems, or potential problems, so you can’t see them, can’t easily solve them – like water pipes.

I’m sure that when they built the house they never thought about the house getting old, things going wrong; after all the house was new (then).  Sure “they” knew about rust and rot and things getting more difficult with age, but that would happen sometime in the “far off future“.  But, now the future is NOW.

So, the pipe burst (rusted to the core), there was a whole lake of water under the living room in the inaccessible crawl space, now filled with heating ducts that replaced the original (and simple) hot-water radiator system.  Even finding the location of the leak was very hard.  Then I heard the sound (of water gushing), a faint sound audible by only those who are truly listening, like distant gunfire in the night.

The rotary saw came out, the hardwood floor was severed and cut, the leak was found.  It was much worse than even imaginings might tell, literally 6,000 gallons of water per day.  And Albuquerque has a very dry climate and we are in the middle (or beginnings) of a very serious drought.

Some might say the “cold” was to blame, the several nights of freezing temperatures, a water-pipe blanket might help if you could just unbury the pipe from under the dirt.  Others might blame “the city”, the water pressure is too high, too irregular, the whole thing being “privatized” would be the solution.  I know better, age is the real problem, pipes (like attitudes) that are just plain old, worn out, now broken.

So a “too old white man” (the same age as me), Wayne LaPierre, spoke up while I was under the house half buried.  He said that “more guns” are the solution, and arming more people with guns, and creating private armies (of NRA “volunteers”).  Yeah, this guy does not like the feds, does not like law enforcement, does not like laws, I quote, “federal agents (are) “jack-booted government thugs” who wear “Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms.”

This is an interesting comment regarding the NRA (and gun supporters) definition of thugs.  Therefore, the call for private NRA armies to patrol the schools and the stomping grounds of our youth.  Now, it is plain to see who the real “jack-booted storm trooper” advocate is, the real enemy within.

It was Sliwa and his Guardian Angels that eclipsed the Black Panthers as the largest privately funded private army (in America and beyond).  Maybe Blackwater is really larger, who knows?  But are private armies really the answer to increasing public disorder and unrest, always brought to you under the banner of “public safety”?

Yes, I see a pattern, the New Dawn, the NWO / NRA enemy within that thinks that they have already taken over.  The only question is, have they?

Wayne LaPierre is of course old and senile, a blast from the past, from Virginia, but not well educated.  He probably believes that the Virgina Tech Massacre (gun killings) were the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.  Both he and Time Magazine are wrong. The worst mass shooting of civilians in U.S. history was not at Virginia Tech, it was at Wounded Knee, where 150 American civilians were murdered, 90 of which were unarmed women and children and even infants, literally babes in arms.

But (of course) both Wayne LaPierre and Time Magazine is inclined to lie.  The worst mass shooting of civilians in U.S. history was not at Virginia Tech, it was at Wounded Knee.   At Wounded Knee the weapons used were the first machine guns, the Hotchkiss Revolving Cannons, there were two of these that were used, multiple shooters were directing the shots.  When one thinks of machine guns, one thinks of rapid fire, yet the Hotchkiss guns could only fire 60 to 80 rounds per minute, 1/10th (or less) of the “NRA legal” weapons of today.  The power of multiple guns and the AR-15 technology (800 rounds per minute!To be effective the NRA Riflemen at all the schools would have to have arms that fired far more than 800 shots per minute and would have to be protected (24/7) with vests and helmets that made the older storm troopers look naked.  Is this the America that we really want to have?

The “Indians” learned that fighting back with rifles and riflemen was futile and useless (more than 120 years ago).   They learned that Ghost Dance promises of “bullets bouncing off” were unfounded, it is really bullets that kill.  The result has been astonishing, nations and people that live in peace.  Maybe the “white men” really will self destruct after all, living and dieing and disappearing with all their guns.

2012.12.23 -19:30.

10 Simple Things

December 18th, 2012

10 Simple Things

~ Things to do to stop a war.

This is Post #7 regarding the national gun emergency.  

It is hard to watch as some blogsites that one might have respected go over to the dark side in their rhetoric in support of war.  And the current gun crisis IS a war, a war on all peace loving people who might still believe that America should be free, free of the need for Swat Teams, special weapons and a population resigned to constant violence and the need for violence at every shop, school and store.

Eric Blair argues that, “because there are so many guns in the hands of street thugs it’s even more vital to protect our right to self-defense”.  He goes on to argue that the “good guys” should have the right to guns as big and bad as the “bad guys”.  It’s the old Problem-Reaction-Solution circular argument and circular reality.  Eric ignores the FACT that the reason that “bad guys” have guns is that the NRA and the gun lobby has made it so easy for everyone to own and acquire guns.  He easily forgets that Hollywood has made being a “thug” so very attractive and so very sexy.  He forgets that the wealth disparity in America and the “easy money” of the stealing rich sets a very poor example for any “work ethic” for the poor.

The “Reaction” to a fear of guns (street thugs) is to “buy MORE guns” (the Solution) according to Eric, to arm everyone, to have an endless shootout at OK Corral.  A gun salesman for Bushmaster (corporation) could not have made the argument better, oh wait, maybe Eric is on the dole (of the gun lobby).

What the Activist Post is best at is providing lists of things to do regarding certain situations.  The simple NRA (Solution) list would be 1 – 10 “Buy more guns”; number 11 would be to pass more legislation to protect and subsidize the gun industry, gun ownership, and probably the NRA itself – once again I link to Bills by Boehner.

The NRA and its cohorts could not have picked a better time to pull off the latest “gun frenzy” buying spree event.  It is NOT a “call for gun control” that follows every mass shooting, it is a BUYING FRENZY of gun purchases that is the only really predictable outcome of a mass massacre.  Have no doubt, THIS CHRISTMAS in America will see gun sales at an all time high; rifles, shotguns, handguns, shells.  Meanwhile, the Newton shootings come at a time when Congress will not be in session AND when Congress is in a self-imposed straightjacket regarding the “fiscal cliff”, while America goes over the PHYSICAL Cliff of unrestrained gun violence, and right-wing calls for more (guns and violence).

I am sick (very sick) and tired of the racist media’s propensity to care fifty times more about white people, white shooting and dead white children than stories about the people of color and native Americans who are so far more frequently killed by guns than those that can (and do) afford $12 movie tickets and “the best schools” money can buy.

I am also tired (very tired) of hearing white racist bigots that are willing to ban expensive semi-automatic attack weapons that are mostly bought and used by white people to kill white people (under the guise of the fear of people of color) and NOT the cheaper (usually) simple handguns that are used by the “street thugs” that Eric alludes to to kill innocents on the rez, in the bario and in the ghetto (the poorer neighborhoods populated by people of color).

It must be remembered that it is (there) NOT people that kill people, but POVERTY that kills people.  The simple, obvious truth is that if Peter Lanza had been “ghetto poor” he would have had 10 times a greater chance of getting shot by a gun than in ever finishing (college) type school, and then he would NEVER have had all that money to give his wife so she could buy all those guns.

The situation is complicated.  The need for very serious gun regulation and removal is simple.  The arguments and things to do begin as follows.  It may be a very long time before Congress convenes to confront the (gun) crisis, but personal action can begin now.

1.     Write your local Mayor, Councilpeople, and Police Chief, County Sheriff and request that the INCOME of each shooter and shooting victim be included on every crime report and not just “age and race”.  America MUST become aware of the link between gun violence and poverty and the FACT that it is the lack of jobs, opportunity and hope that turns innocent six and seven year old kids into “street thugs” and “suicide statistics”.

2.     Research which category of gun product kills the most people annually in America.  Write emails to every elected representative (that you can) demanding that the weapons that do the MOST damage are the weapons that are vigorously regulated, controlled and confiscated first.  Do not be misled by the “flash-bang” of racist and sensational media coverage and politicians seeking the limelight and easy (uninformed) votes and voters.

3.     Look long and hard (like a search for Obama’s birth certificate) for a police document that documents a case when an NRA member ever used a gun to prevent a shooter from shooting, or killed a shooter that was shooting people.  Hint, you will NEVER find the document, but that is not a reason not to try.  When you are finished trying, try not to ever again believe the nonsense about “more guns” being the solution to the ever increasing numbers of shooters.

4.     Ask your pension fund administrators, or your retirement fund administrators if they invest in any financial vehicles that are engaged in the manufacture, sale or distribution of guns (like UPS, Federal Express).  If they do, ask them to divest of such assets.  Why should federally subsidized airports, air traffic controllers, federal highway funds and endless other public welfare be used to federally subsidize the gun runners and to make it easy to get guns that kill?

5.      Demand that airplanes and trucks that are used to deliver guns used in any crime be identified as property that can and should be legally confiscated as soon as such use is determined.  If a car (even borrowed) is used in a crime it can be confiscated and sold at auction, why shouldn’t a FedEx plane or a UPS tractor-trailer truck be subject to the same provisions when those vehicles actually profited from the transport of the weapon.  (Remember, a corporation is a person, airplanes and trucks are a part of the corporation/person).

6.      Visit a first grade classroom.  Chances are that (unless you are a parent of a first-grader) you can’t.  See how near to the children you can get.  Ask yourself (if you can’t) if you live in a free society and IF children always locked away is YOUR American dream.  If you can get near, or can visit the classroom, ask yourself “why?” and ask the head of school and the school board what measures are in place to protect the children from “the right (sic) of people to bare (meaning be seen in public) arms”.

7.      If you are a lawyer, get your 15 minutes of fame by filing a lawsuit regarding the “right to bear / bare arms”.  People do not have the right to bear / bare arms at an airport, in a Federal Building, near an elected official.  Do people have the right to publicly display (visibly carry) guns in a public park, on a public street, in front of a bookstore?  Is gun display intimidation?  Why does someone not have a right to publicly show a gun in a bank, a convenience store, a farmers market, or do they?  Does “bear” mean hold, point, show?

8.      Try to really identify with the Newton Massacre victims, deeply imagine and visualize their fear, their sadness, their terror.  Move beyond the soundbite of “a shooting”, but imagine the experience of each child, each teacher in those last few minutes of life.  Use your minds eye to see the others around you being killed, the colors of the clothes, the fear and then pain upon their faces.  Feel the incoming bullets as they come in.  When you have done this, sincerely and deeply, think again if the “recreational” use of guns is worth the devastation that guns have wrought, and that they will inevitably bring again until this venue is forever banned in a free country where children have the RIGHT to grow up and live and not live in constant fear.

9.     Consider not shopping at locations that sell guns, sell gun safes, sell books about guns and how to use them.  Write Amazon and ask them why they do, ask Target to change their name and logo, ask that your local museum with a gun display also add a display that as vividly portrays the realities (and numbers) regarding gun violence.  Have them post and display pictures of family members of the local dead. Turn away from romancing the gun, display the reality.  Display pictures of “happy hunters” and the dead animals by their side.

Join in, make the GOP elephant this dead.

10.    Here is the easy one, save a life and stop seeing movies.  Hollywood, even the old Rank films are filled with guns and violence.  Hollywood grew out of the barrel of a gun and until those tables are turned the film industry will never stop supporting and glamorizing gun violence.  Everyone has bought into it, it is almost impossible to escape.  Gun ownership depends on a “virtual world” of gun imagery gleaned from (literally) a thousand movies and TV episodes of which most people don’t even remember the names.  Few people have actually been witness to a real killing, unless they were the shooters themselves.  Most police arrive after the incident, after the body is dead and don’t have to watch the people die.  Hollywood killings have no reality, they are ALL poorly acted by people who have never been really shot (much less killed).  They are all fantasy films, carefully crafted to avoid reality so that real people are brainwashed to become comfortable with and around guns.

So, start somewhere.  If you do, you will be glad you did.  Don’t wait until the next shooting, the next massacre, for the numbers to start getting really deadly.  We have a lot of catching up to do before life here is like in My Lai, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria or Gaza.  Guns can (and will) make it happen, America is not so exceptional, the war is coming home, guns are war and war is guns and guns (America) are really NOT us, or U.S..  This country would have a long happy life without them.

2012.12.18 – 19:61.

Hey, hey – Ban the NRA

December 17th, 2012

Hey, hey – Ban the NRA

~ The NRA is a terrorist organization, a hate group of dedicated killers.

This is Post #6 regarding the national gun emergency. 

The dialog heats up.

It took the My Lai Massacre to really get those draft cards burning, to raise the consciousness of dedicated Americans, to serve notice that the old (American) leadership was dead.  Old myths die hard.  There were no John Wayne movies that showed the “X” Battalion of the U.S. Army massacring 504 innocent civilians in two friendly villages, men, but mostly women and children too.

The “world view” of America has always been that American lives are always worth far more than the lives of “foreign devils” (even if they are “friendlies”).  It goes back to Tarzan movies, and Hollywood / John Wayne movies about “Japs” and “Gooks” and people of color as well as various Germans and Russians that were (incidentally) white.

But 300, even 400 dead villagers, DEAD, in a war that was being fought for “hearts and minds” was clearly crossing the line.  No Manchurian Candidate could do a better job than U.S. Lieutenant William Calley in damaging the U.S. national interests in prosecuting the Vietnam War.  The war was not lost because of student protestors, it was lost because of the American conduct in the field (of villages and battle) and because of those that supported the racist, hate-filled actions of people like William Calley.  (See the Easy Rider clip linked in Post #5).

The card burners were those that HAD felt good enough about officialdom and the war, all wars perhaps, that they were willing to register and serve and make the memory of John Wayne proud.  Then (with the My Lai deaths), they got a life.  Thousands burned their cards publicly, many millions more just tore their cards “right” up and made their wallets that much lighter.

The same thing IS happening today, without the public fanfare.  I don’t think the average card-carrying NRA member has the guts to burn their cards publicly, to call the press, to have their 15 minutes of fame.  No, no NRA member really wants to be a hero; that’s why there has NEVER been a card-carrying NRA member that actually stepped up with his gun to kill a shooter in a deadly shooting.  Look it up, it NEVER happens.  Lots of talk, but bottom-line, they’re cowards; that is why they need their guns to feel secure.

This is NOT to say that every card-carrying member of that racist hate-group is so brain-dead that they can’t see the light and know when a ship is sinking.  It’s like the captain of the ship that scuttled his ship when he saw the torpedoes coming, “I’ll never surrender, never let THEM take me down”.

So, like I said yesterday, the compromise measures (sponsored by the NRA) have started coming.  The NRA is scared, they know that John Boehner is a dead man walking, they know that compromise now is necessary.   The have cried the alarm, “assault rifle owners it is time to SELL”.  The NRA is always out to protect the interests of their followers, their dupes.  The real dupes are those that see the current gun crisis as a “time to buy”, the “buy on fear” and “sell on hope” mantra.  Fear, hope?  It depends on which side of the NRA one is on.

If I were a gun owner I would SELL all my guns right now, cash in, watch out for #1.  No, most NRA “die hards” don’t really believe that their house will be broken into and disaster awaits just because they don’t have a gun.  There’s a greater chance they will kill the boy next door (trying to see their daughter) and will face a manslaughter charge for doing so, and a costly trial.

Most NRA members know in their hearts that there is no chance of the New World Order winning, of UN mercenary troops from Uganda shooting up America’s streets and homes and taking away guns that in most homes simply aren’t there.  They also know that if this DID happen the NRA folks would be hiding in the hills and killing each other to amass a fortune of “trade goods” useful in the apocalypse.  Isn’t it ASSAULT RIFLES that one needs to fight Uganda troops in the apocalypse?  It is clear that the NRA is NOT supportive of the survivalist agenda.

Oh joy, what are (or were) these guys and gals thinking?  Who is the real enemy after all?    We shot and killed Bin Laden, the Huns, most of the Gestapo, the Stazi faded away; the Cheka, KGB and all the others are now all gone (not a shot was fired); the Red Guard is no more, we now buy everything from China.  Yet, we still allow (fear of) the Taliban to rule our lives, kill American sons, maim and wound American daughters.  Hint, if we weren’t there (in Afghanistan) we would still have 1,435 Americans still living, it would be like the second tower was never hit and did not fall.


NKVD – Taliban Afghanistan – IRA terrorists – NRA terrorists

Look again, only ONE of the above organizations is covertly responsible for the deaths of over ONE MILLION Americans, it is “the enemy within”, the NRA.

Hitler was able to pass his law for ending civil liberties in Germany, the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State, because the Reichstag (Legislature) was rife with members of the National Socialist cause.  America is so-threatened today with a national legislature that is rife with NRA membership.  The NRA (like the Nazi party) is only a small (but armed and militant) minority of the national population (4 million, 1.2% of the US population).  Yet, (like the Nazi party) the NRA has bullied and intimidated the general population into giving up their rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” by claiming (like the Nazi party) that Gun ownership protects the people and the state.

The NRA, like the Taliban and IRA is a dangerous para-military organization that supports gun violence and is especially indifferent to the violence guns do to the poor and racial minorities (like the Nazi party did and was).  And like the Nazi party, the new NRA wraps each member and the entire organization in the national flag, and uses draconian laws to protect and project the NRA party agenda.  Like the IRA and Taliban, NRA members wear no uniform, blend into “the crowd” and operate (usually) in stealth, even though they might be neighbors or co-workers.  They are an insidious threat, abetting the deaths of one million Americans while posing as responsible citizens.  The NRA should be investigated by Congress (but with so many Congressional members of the NRA that WILL NOT happen).

If someone were to hack the NRA computer membership database and publish the names and email addresses of all the members the whole argument opposing vigorous gun control would quickly end.  These men and women would be quickly cowed if they were identified, which is WHY they fear gun registration that proves that these people own and (often) use guns.  98% of America does NOT support the NRA and the NRA agenda, if they did they would become members and join and pay dues to help pay for the gun lobby propaganda.  At least the German Nazis had the courage to wear armbands, where is the NRA courage to do the same?

As you can can see I am angry, I am saddened, I am hurt by the life of fear and guns and the fear of guns that the radical right and the NRA has imposed on my life and on America.  Now these panic stricken people are actually saying that every teacher, every theater usher, every ticket taker, every cabby and bus driver and school bus driver in America should buy and carry and be prepared to USE a gun.  THAT is the NRA solution, the final solution, the solution that would bring quick death to many millions more of Americans in the foreseeable next few years.

These people are SICK, they are blind, they are selfish egotists that in their fear of others seemingly relish in seeing “other” people die.  How else do you square the rhetoric with the facts?

The idea behind the NRA is to make a very few people very rich by manufacturing and selling guns.  The more guns made and sold, the higher the profits.  It’s very simple, an idea based on promoting fear.

Those that advocate that every Kindergarten teacher carries a gun is not conversant with the American Indian gun history.  The colonists and later the military used guns to recklessly slaughter tens of thousands of unarmed or poorly armed Indians (Native Americans).   They used guns to round the Indians up and to march them in death marches to “reservations”.

In many cases the Indians were able to buy guns or to remove them from the dead “blue eyes” that had tried to use the guns on them.  The Indians (at times) fought back with guns, the theme of countless Westerns.  The effort did not work.  Virtually every battle and skirmish was resolved by fire POWER, the force with the best guns, fastest firing guns, first on the draw, best trained to kill, always won.  The less prepared and armed and ready DIED.

So what the NRA (members and supporters) are really advocating is a new generation of “born killers” Kindergarten teachers and P.E. couches and bus drivers and elevator operators and New York doormen that are disciplined, trained, fearless shooters that are better armed and more willing to kill than the two or three (probably) better armed and more hardened or wacko classroom assailants that just want to “make their day” their way (by shooting up the mall, the class, the theater, the jewelry store, the apartment building near you.

The childish, silly banter about “fighting back” with guns by gun owners is all over the airwaves this day.  The NRA is so “dumbed down” that they evidently believe that all of America is dumbed down with it.  The only reason why shooters surrender or kill themselves is because the police, military and Swat Teams arrive in overwhelming force – bigger guns, vests, training, numbers, strategy, tactics, helmets, communications – the force involved is large enough to fight a WAR and is ready for war, not just a one-on-one vigilante duty.  Get real.

But I ask you, how much do these para-military response operations cost?  How many dollars, how much tension and stress and “battle fatigue” when it is over?  How many first responder families must suffer the depression, the nightmares, the images left over after the coffins lie in their graves or the mutilated bodies are cremated?  It’s graphic, not a sanitized John Wayne movie filmed on a two-bit back lot.

Can this nation afford the new taxes and new debt to respond to, rather than prevent, the carnage that guns cause?  No new taxes?  The only answer is NO MORE GUNS.

To be continued…

2012.12.17 – 20:20.

An Easy Rider

December 16th, 2012

An Easy Rider

~ When gun control is so easy, why worry about banning guns?

This is Post #5 regarding the national gun emergency.

The dialog continues:

The scene in Easy Rider about the NRA’s casual use of guns is as hard to forget as the images of Klu Klux Klan members engaged with guns and murder.  Certainly not every joiner of the NRA (or member) is or was a Klanner, but it is fair to say that every member of the clan was a card-carrying member of the NRA.

It was the Klan (of course) that in its use of guns for extortion, intimidation and as an aide to murder (and for murder) caused the creation of the Black Panther Party and the often heavily armed Black Panthers.


KKK / NRA members.                                  Huey Newton / Black Panther.

The argument that handguns and rifles are mostly used by sportsmen and hunters who need to kill for food might have flown in the 1950’s before there were food stamps and food aid for people in need and when most hunting was done to fill the family freezer rather than to fill the ego of someone with a vendetta against saving Mexican Wolves or other endangered species facing extinction.  There’s nothing like blasting to death a Prairie Chicken when you’re frustrated about Green Peace and their efforts to Save the Whales.

The NRA’s fellow travelers, sporting clubs and sportsmen, long ago disassociated themselves from the 1871 organization founded by General Burnside to improve the quality of marksmanship in military forces.  In the early days (now long forgotten) the NRA was REALLY about the MILITIA of second amendment fame.

Of course the KKK just saw THEMSELVES as a sportsmen’s organization, hunting “the N word and Jews” and like in the Easy Rider clip, “just out for a little fun”.  Even after the KKK (and KKK sympathizers) stopped being the biggest backer of the NRA, NRA leaders and travelers insisted on staying blind to what the gun lobby had really wrought and brought to America – an armed revolution of armed patriots that had the “guts” to make a move.


Patty Hearst, member of PIN – people in need.

Timothy McVeigh, farmer extraordinary that thought fertilizer had a better use.

The Tim McVeigh story is illuminating in that once it was fully appreciated that chemical fertilizers in large quantities could be misused to make an almost perfect bomb, the manufacture and sales of such fertilizers quickly became heavily regulated, controlled and monitored.  The NRA expressed no objections.  The weapon used killed almost an identical number of children as the Newtown Massacre – 19 in OK City, 20 in New Town.

NRA apologists would argue that the legislation was advisable, if not really necessary, because in addition to the children, 168 adults were killed, and all were killed by a weapon other than guns.  This (of course) ignores the fact that nearly 10,000 (mostly) adults were killed by guns in America in that same year – 1995.  (And another 20,000 Americans were killed by guns in 1995 in suicides, or murders disguised as suicides.)  The NRA would use the word “died” (rather than the real word “killed”), confirming the DENIAL about the GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE mantra.  No!  The reality is that GUNS KILL, people die.  No gun death would be possible without the use of a GUN!

When 9/11 was associated with the death and murder of approximately 3,000 people America was immediately outraged and virtually demanded retribution and approved a war.  The goal (we might remember) was that such death and destruction would NEVER be allowed to happen AGAIN.  America approved of great changes, an end to unencumbered and free air travel, a prohibition of guns in certain places (airplanes, airports, civic buildings, courts and capitols.  All politicians used 9/11 as an excuse to immediately protect THEMSELVES from the reasonable possibility of gun violence.

These same politicians have comfortably ignored that THREE 9/11 DEATH TYPE EPISODES occur each year in America because of unregulated, uncontrolled and federally subsidized (read: gift, dole) gun purchases.  The war in against Afghanistan is useless as a new 9/11 (caused by guns) happens every eight fortnights (every 4 months) in our own America of today.

It must be remembered, a gun MUST be purchased before it can be used to kill, it is self-evident that the gun manufacturers DO NOT GIVE their guns away.

Since the NRA fellow travelers and zealots live in constant denial and in a world of half-baked self-delusional facts we must move to the argument that “they” are just breathless to say, “What about the guns that are stolen?”

This is the, “Only Outlaws will have guns” argument, printed on countless 1960’s bumper-stickers, that made a laughing stock of the NRA.  Stolen guns, or guns “borrowed” (perhaps unintentionally) or “lost” (so insurance companies can pay) ARE the guns that most outlaws have.  These guns are obviously illegal, they are “stolen goods”.  The “outlaws” often use them for ill intent (just having them in ones possession is ILL INTENT as they were not purchased by an identified user), and are used to circumvent  the system.  The Newton Massacre was made possible by such guns.  The root of the problem is that most people who purchase guns are NOT RESPONSIBLE about keeping guns out of the hands of crooks and thieves and half the time don’t even know where all their guns (think arsenals) are.  This is the NRA “gun safes and gun locks are safe” argument, “Go out to Walmart or Home Depot and buy one”.

For all her education, money, alimony checks and fear, it is obvious to everyone by now that Nancy J. Lanza wasn’t interested in “safe guns” and didn’t think about the impact of her gun ownership on her friends, her community, or her neighbors.  Do I dare point out that most gun owners are as in denial as she was, they believe only in their “rights” and NOT the RIGHTS of others (to live, have liberty and to pursue happiness).

I have explored issues such as bad faith, carelessness, denial and collusion as these issues pertain to gun use and ownership.  For nearly 50 years, since the assassination of Kennedy (by a gun or guns), America and Americans have had the opportunity to “come clean” about guns and devise a way for the good and honest people to own guns and be responsible and devise a way that “outlaws” can’t ever use a gun, thus making outlawed guns useless.

Fortunately there really is a very simple solution that every sincere (and not paranoid) American can embrace.  (Paranoid Americans perhaps should not really be allowed to own guns.)  This proposed idea is one wherein even the federal government and big business can profitably get involved.

As you probably know already, I live in Albuquerque (New Mexico) in the shadow of Sandia Labs, sister National Laboratory to The more famous (or infamous) Los Alamos National Laboratory.

I have friends who work (and worked) in these locations and know others that get field trips to areas and programs to which the public is virtually never invited.  The Labs are fairly incredible, they do much work and research that has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and the preservation and maintenance of all the nukes.  Pursuant to contract number DE-AC04-94AL85000 Sandia Labs is allowed, even encouraged, to work with private companies and start-ups to develop products that might serve or promote the national interest.

The proposed product would be a finger and thumbprint scanner add-on that could be easily embedded to any gun during the manufacturing process.  A small camera facing the user with an Iris scan chip would be added.  No gun could ever be fired without a perfect match between the three checkpoints and the original registered purchaser and owner.  When the owner dies the gun becomes worthless (except as a relic in an NRA Museum).

[Note:  This proposal is in perfect harmony with the “lifetime love of guns” epitomized by the “die with them in my cold dead hands” mentality of Carleton Heston and many NRA followers.]

If the gun is lost or stolen or borrowed by a family member it is useless.  Guns become ONLY useful tools for hunting, target practice or self-defense; not as investment vehicles or a means of intimidation.  The chip automatically records the time, date and location (via GPS) of EVERY bullet fired.  The product has obvious advantages for use by police and the military in their own complements of forces.

Most of the technology required exists and is “off the shelf”.   Full product readiness would take no more than six (6) months.  Foreign use of the technological systems would be banned; ALL guns sold in America to Americans would have to be “Made in America” by licensed and vigorously regulated manufacturers.   Sale of the guns would be limited to federally run stores that would use the thirty day manufacturing window to access background data that is now prohibited by law from disclosure to private companies or private individuals, such as mental health records.

Existing dealers could continue to buy and sell “historic” guns provided that they were made inoperable by the federal authorities that would be both liable for damages and accountable for any weapons not made absolutely inoperable.

ALL gun sales, gun gifting and gun transfers would become a violation of federal law from the date of signed legislation through the date of product availability of the new gun products.

Within one year of new product availability ALL older and existing guns would have to be rendered inoperable or surrendered to federal authorities.  As of that date the original purchaser of any gun not made inoperable or surrendered would be held liable for all gun damage ever done, assuming that the original purchaser is still alive.  Otherwise, the most current owner AND person in possession of any such gun would be fully liable for ALL gun damage done, including punitive and exemplary damages.  Gun dealers and manufacturers would be required to provide serial numbers (including under international treaties and laws) for every gun made or sold in the past 50 years (the Kennedy Law provision).

Wake up America!  The NRA and it’s fellow travelers and cronies (like John Boehner) have held a gun to our collective heads for far too long.  MORE than one million civilian Americans have died by bullets blown out of the end of a gun since that day in November (1963) when Kennedy was shot.  50 years is too long to wait.  This is NOT Kindergarten anymore.  Our minds are no longer clothed in diapers.  We are all first graders now, in Newtown, staring down the barrel of the gun – it IS time to turn the tables and finally take a stand!

Circulate and share this post and the proposal.  Support it as if the life of someone you love depends upon it, because it does.  Write your Senators and Congresspeople and if they do not immediately concur then go to work on your STATE legislators; call them and visit them at their homes, work, schools.  They are public servants, demand they serve the children of America and NOT the gun lobby.  The gun crisis is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue, living a free life IS your RIGHT.  Don’t let yesterday’s guns ever kill you.

I do guarantee that if you do this, a VAST table of compromise gun control measures will soon flood the table.  This time America, “we won’t back down“.

2012.12.17 – 04.52.

The end of the world came early

December 16th, 2012

The end of the world came (one week) early

~ It’s the end of the world and we know it; it’s now America First.

This is Post #4 regarding the national gun emergency. 

So, the Hanukkah / Christmas Massacre in Newtown was (by some) unexpected.  The point is that out a a 26,000 year cycle an error of 7 days is not even 1/millionth off.  It is the tipping point, the point when the old order dies and a new alignment begins.

It’s like understanding World War I, said to have begun with the assassination of
Arch Duke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914.  Not true.  The writing of treaties, the arming of armies, the stockpiling of guns and ammunition and the gun rolls of patriotic propaganda that filled millions of hearts with hate and lies had been more than a generation in the making.  And “the war” did not start on June 28th, nor even in June of 1914.  Fighting did not begin until the 28th of July.  The assassination (June 26th) was just the tipping point, the day that the long preparations for a world war would catalyze into the long endless wars and weaponization of the 20th century.

World War I and the reliance on guns and violence as a world wide mantra for the resolution of conflict of all kinds that it instilled was not necessary.  Sure, vast fortunes were to made from the war and the wars and weapons that have to this day come; but wars and weapons (the GUNS of August) are not the only way to make a buck, and are of course morally incompatible (and at odds) with any notion of a civilized world.

The world population (of 1914) had a thirty day window in which to re-evaluate and to decide whether to cling to old hatreds, prejudices and propagandas; old treaties and laws; old generals and armaments; old thinking, or to move forward into a new century that seemingly held such promise.  The population DID decide.  Flags waved, patriotic banter baited, detractors of war were bullied and lambasted and driven into silence.  The dove of peace was skewered and the murderers of peace had millions of patriotic parents in Germany, Austria, England, Russia, Turkey, Italy, America and France that willingly joined the drum roll of selling subsequent generations into the endless servitude of endless war.

Of course the war was a tipping point for America.  The earlier efforts and interventions of the few decades earlier were ratified by the war.  The sage advice of Washington to eschew the politics of Europe and the rest of the old world were forgotten, scoffed at, held in contempt.  With “Victory in Europe” came a new colossus ready and ratified toward world empire, ready to intervene in even the smallest politics and productions and protections anywhere where the American flag could be planted or allowed to fly.

A new hubris arose, “American products are the best”, “America’s lifestyle is the best”, “American arms are the best, for we fought a war that “saved” the world.”   And soon the entire world was seen as America’s private oyster, an enormous aphrodisiac that would wed sex, violence, war and guns into America’s most prolific image of itself, a new and fundamental “worldliness”.

Americas new found love of everything “worldly” would exponentially grow with each passing year as “world records”, “world Olympics”, “world markets” and world just about everything obsessions grew as Americas interest in itself and the good that was at the root of the “great experiment” began to fade and falter.  America began to loose self-confidence, “right and wrong” was replaced by the worry of “how does the world see us”.  Images of the rapidly emerging image of “the ugly American” was met by an effort to Americanize everyone, so that the ugliness might be shared, and weapons, sex, lies, lawyers and videotapes would be the hallmark of EVERYWHERE in the WORLD.

New Town came at the pinnacle of this madness, at the point when virtually everyone accepted that the news from Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela, Russia, England, Germany and France – the Balkans and Bosnia – China, Japan and the Malvinas – Zimbabwe and Tunisia, even Cairo – were all more important than the news from River City, from the small town next door, than the needs and concerns of each neighbor across the street.  America had all but forgotten that it was the small business with one location that was important and not corporations and banks that spanned the world selling products, processes and services from around the world, none of which were “made in America” anymore.  The nation was debating the fiscal cliff; not for the impact on America that the debt might have, but for how foreign markets and banks and American military operations throughout the world might be impacted.  Default would be an end to “world” trade.

And all this was happening in a nation “under God”, where incredibly, on which not one bomb (to this point) would ever fall. How long, we might ask, can karma be forever suspended?

The sense that “everything has changed” is emanating out from the new ground zero.  Hanukkah Menorahs are coming down in Newtown, as are Christmas decorations and Christmas lights.  It does not seem the time for celebrations.  It is not the time to toast good cheer.  It is rather a time for reflection, for contemplation, for asking that hundred year old question of, “where to, now?”.

Thoughts across America are not on Israel today, nor Cairo, nor Kabul in Afghanistan.  Nobody cares if WalMart opened a new store in Bangladesh.  North Korea’s space program is not THE issue, nor do people care in what foreign land Hillary Clinton fainted.  America has turned its lonely, tear-filled eyes finally homeward, and those eyes are gazing toward itself (and not the world).

Things (of course) can never be the same.  Because of what happened a new “lost generation” is upon us, “where were you on December 14, 20-12?”.  “What school were you enrolled in, sitting at what desk?”  “Did you want to return to school on Monday?”  “How was it for you for Christmas on that year?”  “Did your principal hold a drill, were counselors present, did an ambulance siren make you jump?”

And the next year… “When did they install the bulletproof security doors at your school?”  “What about the glass?”  “How many security guards did your school hire, when did all the security cameras in each hallway and class go in?”  “When did you start wearing your bulletproof vest?”  “Did they have a TSA-type scanner at basketball games at your school too?”

So many questions, so little time, so much money that “we” (America) must spend.  Why buy a $500,000 or $1 million dollar life insurance policy when you won’t spend $50,000 or $100,000 protecting the life of your child, your husband, your wife or a good neighbor that lives next door?  National defense is NOT about the Army, it is about being protected from the unknown gun owner next door, down the street, or “hanger” at the theater or the mall; a restaurant perhaps, a Walmart might be next, are Safeway stores so safe?  Do you shop near to where they sell guns, fire them, allow them under clothes while full of ammunition?

The liability lawyers will make sure that every school is covered (with the best security money will buy).  Cities that can’t pay will go bankrupt and close their unsafe schools.  Taxes will go up for many others.  Police will start hiring.  Every community needs an ambulance bus.  You can only blame yourself if your community is not prepared.  The shooters live and circulate among us.  The only question is when and where each one will strike us next.

Fear is a contagion.  Fear of Germans, fear of Communists, fear of the poor, the rich, the envious, the other people with guns has brought us to this point and through the last century of total war.  All the armies of the world have failed to make us safe.  Nukes haven’t insured us of security, nor have anyone’s else’s nukes (yet) taken it all away.

We still have that window.  We can still do what is clearly right.  We can take ALL the guns away and move away from this brink of madness, in America, in America alone.  I don’t care if “the whole world is watching”, or if it isn’t watching and doesn’t care one whit.  I don’t (quite frankly) give a damn what the NRA and the gun owners and lobbyists say.  They’ve said their piece, and Newtown proves that they are clearly wrong, wrong headed, and that they don’t give a damn about anyone’s civil rights, especially the right to live and not to die.

The Constitution begins with “are endowed by the creator to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  Many of the first graders of Newtown have been deprived of life, more will find it hard to ever be truly happy and a nation imprisoned by the shield that gun ownership makes necessary will have NO liberty at all.  There is no need for Constitutional amendments if the federal government can’t guarantee the constitutional preamble itself while systematically subsidizing the gun industry through subsidized mail, subsidized roads and airports, subsidized federal airwaves for advertising, subsidized police protection for their operations, and a raft of public laws that PROTECT the gun manufacturers and dealers from the righteous wrath of the common people themselves.  Without federal laws, courts and judges to protect them the merchants of death would not be in business very long.

The federal policy in grossly inconsistent.   Marijuana (pot) and heroin are banned from manufacture, sales and ownership not because they might make good holiday decorations or provide status (or sex appeal) when displayed on a coffee table.  Most people have no interest in misusing these drugs, or (probably) even “taking” them.  They are banned because they COULD be misused, and are often DANGEROUS when they are.  Even the most vocal don’t advocate the legalization of pot for children, yet there are no age restrictions on the ownership and use of guns.

The number of gun suicides each year is vastly greater than all the deaths from heroin.  The loss of wealth from gun robberies is far greater than the entire loss associated with all drug use and abuse combined.  The cost of incarcerating those found guilty (much less accused) of gun crimes is far greater than ALL the money spent on mental health care.  Only a society with a death wish could be so blind, or so easily swayed by the arguments of personal license and criminal greed.  Guns cater to the lowest common denominator, irrational fear, ingrained in the weakest among the body politic.

The dialog must continue…

2012.12.16 – 23:07.

Big Pharma

December 15th, 2012

Big Pharma

~ The Twinkie defense, “the drugs made me do it”.

This is Post #3 regarding the national gun emergency.

I’ve posted before about my first live murder, in Carson City (Nevada), when I was eight.  It was 1957 then, still winter, March maybe.  I was sitting in the front seat of my parents station wagon, a 1950 Ford “woody”.  My father had been driving.  He parked in front of the Carson City State Capitol building and crossed the street to the hardware store to buy a few new light bulbs or some wire.  I wasn’t sure.  I wasn’t listening.  It was just another trip in the car after a fairly long day in school.

As I sat there alone, waiting for my father to return, a car from California stopped suddenly in the middle of the street, not more that fifty or sixty feet away.  A man was driving.  His wife was next to him in the front seat of the car.

He got out.  He jay-walked across Carson Street and went to the hardware store where my father had gone about five minutes before.  He went inside.  My father later said that he wasn’t sure that he had seen him.

It took the man just three to five minutes to buy the gun, the handgun and the ammunition which he would soon use to shoot and kill his wife.  I saw him afterward, meaning after the purchase and before he pulled the trigger.  I saw him re-enter his car.  I heard the brief yelling, the sound of a gun shot.  I heard the horn sound and the silent fall of the body onto the steering wheel.  I wasn’t yet nine, but I knew it was murder.  I knew the police would come, an ambulance.  My father (however) came first.  He saw the car.  He listened to me as I told him what happened.  We went home.  We read about the murder in the paper the next day.  Needless to say my name was never mentioned.

I’m sixty-four now.  I still remember this killing of a women I never knew by a man I never knew, nor ever really knew anything about.  Was it a crime of passion, a crime of rage, a crime against humanity or just a mindless assault on the minds of children – one of which was me?  Was the man on drugs, on alcohol; had he been drinking?  Was the man on meds and were the medicines too little, too late or too strong for his constitution?  Was he just a ‘wacko’, a felon who had served his time or a two-timer and his wife had just found out?

Sure, he could have whacked her to death with his fists.  He could have stoned her to death with the cobblestones buried under Carson street.  He could have chocked her or died a scarf around her neck, like the ones they sold in the millinery store a store or two away.  So many ideas are presented by the movies, but guns are the fastest, the surest course to murder.  Just one shot, one life is usually over, so little effort, (at first) so little blood.  It IS guns that are usually used to kill the people.

He may have shot her in the stomach, the chest, the head.  Inquiring minds do not need to know.  What one needs to know is that she was SHOT, and that now she is DEAD.  Guns DO kill people.  When the trigger is pulled it is almost never “just a warning”.

In John Boehner’s world any twelve year old, any nut case, any person with a phobia or a gripe can get a gun, buy ammunition, kill the person across the street or next to them.  He allows for 24 hours (time to compare and shop), but wants enough guns out there so anyone can find one – lost or stolen.  He doesn’t even support laws that prohibit guns as a “gift”.  Even a car requires a license, is taxed each year, and requires a drivers license to use one.  Not so with guns.  Any gun purchased in another state can freely pass to any state in the federal union, no questions asked.  Shooting galleries NEVER ask questions; they just “praise the Lord” and pass the ammunition and that is how Americas most deadly shooters are carefully trained.

Arcade type games are used to spread and teach the violence.  Gamers get used to the blood and guts and fast draw and reaction speeds necessary to mow the enemy armies of innocents down.  There is no need for trials.  The gamer knows that ALL opposing weapons are ‘virtual’, NOT real.  There is no room in a gamers mind that the ‘other’ guys might kill him – they can’t.  Only “game over” can ever make the gamer die.

On November 27, 1978 I was in a car on my way to Oregon with thoughts about getting married.  The car radio carried the news bulletin, the Mayor of San Francisco was dead.  He was shot at his workplace in City Hall.  The gunman also shot a Supervisor, Harvey Milk.  Both men were dead.

The shooter was taken into custody where he would cite sugar and caffeine and a corporate diet of “junk food” as a justification for murder.  Either he or his attorney was clearly a nut case, but the argument took and Daniel White served only five years for this double murder.  The attorney, the gun manufacturers, the peddlers of the weapon and ammunition all got off scott free.

Since then killers have reasoned reasonably that if they can get a doctor to prescribe drugs the drug prescriptions can be used to justify and mitigate almost any kind of murder.  Big Pharma is a willing accomplice in this charade, as are all the doctors that prescribe meds to mitigate the little inevitable pains of life and induce a culture of non-reality.  There is big bucks in these practices and the gun runners will always cite that it was (probably) the meds that kill, not the guns, “It was the meds that pulled the trigger”.

What were the meds that Adam Lanza was on?  What is the name of the doctor that prescribed them?  Who was responsible for monitoring Adam’s daily take, or was he just a free agent who could self-medicate his urge and willingness to kill?

The lives of the rich, the famous (including Republican politicians), was first “outed” by Jacqueline Susann, in her wildly successful book (then movie) Valley of the Dolls.  The modern metaphor (and often reality) of drugs, decadence, divorce and denial as a cause celebre was the creation (or revelation) of this intelligent and very talented author.  The Connecticut towns of Stamford and Newtown are quintessential examples of the 1% bedroom communities of this suspect aspect of American culture; which is NOT to say that their five and six year old children deserve to die.

What is obvious is that the fastest way to change America is if communities such as these were to embrace the changes and if the people therein were to use their vast privileges and wealth to create the changes that might save their lives and the lives of the children therein.  The lesson of recent America is that what starts out as uncommon and rare soon becomes commonplace as the entire society increasingly becomes unraveled.  I believe that it is not saying too much to say that the future of America depends upon the swift adoption of strict gun control NOW.

We’ve come a long way from Carson City in the 1950’s to where America is now.  It is one thing for America to become unhinged because of unfathomable national debt, it is quite another to contemplate that unhinging in an environment of 500 million unregistered and uncontrolled rifles, automatic weapons, semi-automatic hand guns and numerous other pistols and side arms.

The time to make the choice is now.

2012.12.16 – 01:24.

More dead in Ohio

December 15th, 2012

More dead in Ohio

~ Congressman John Boehner seems more dead than alive.

This is Post #2 regarding the national gun emergency. 

I recently wrote a post where I posted a link to Congressman John Boehner’s record as a mindless stooge for the American gun lobby.  John’s power and influence over the American state has literally “grown out of the barrel of a gun”.  He knows “what every Communist must know“.  He learned his lessons well as a ‘fellow traveler’.

As a dedicated communist, John Boehner hates that which is most fundamental to traditional America, a love for its elderly and for its children.  Mr. Boehner is famous for his wars on the grandparents in America, the elderly, those closest to the children of their children.  He thinks (like his good pal Romney) that the elderly are “takers”, that they live off “entitlements”, that they receive more money each month than John Boehner gets from the makers of hand guns and assault rifles each year.

He’s wrong.  He’s out of touch.  America does not “survive” because of pistols owned by crackpots and fear mongers and fearful people who sleep with a pistol or two in their nightstand drawer.  John Boehner has, like his fellow travelers, watched too many Hollywood movies, TV shows and sitcoms and taken their false messages (about gun ownership) far too seriously.  “Make my day”, take the guns away.

In Mr. Boehner’s world the elderly would starve AND many of America’s children would starve (to death) too while those making more than $500,000 per year would be protected by the government and the arms industry from the “burden” of new taxes, much lower than the “old taxes” that the rich paid when General MacArthur was alive and America had “more freedom”.  Plot the curve, the lower the taxes on the rich the fewer freedoms that government allows.  Or, do YOU feel freer today than when Eisenhower was President, or Kennedy?

But the Boehner war on children doesn’t end with support for GMO (poisoned) food.  His policies and practices make a world of school shootings possible, perhaps likely.  Gun control (the outlawing and confiscation of all guns) is not political, GUNS are the root of most politics, and gun violence along with it.

No, old white men with political power are not the ones that will ever have the courage to make America safe, free or fair.  It is the women and mothers of America, in America, that must lead the call to end the endless litany and legacy of gun violence.  It is the mothers that must move to protect their own, that must turn the barrel of the guns against the (dead red) politicians.  The alternative is to stand and watch, without hope or power, as sons and husbands and even rapidly increasing numbers of small children die “from the barrel of a gun”.

Guns DO kill people.  A thousand police reports and purple hearts are testimony.  One does not get a purple heart because of a fistfight, one must be wounded.  The cause of the wound is ALWAYS a matter of record, even friendly FIRE is eligible; but a person must be fired upon, and the bullet MUST have hit its mark.  We are talking guns, not pure, but simple.

What part of ASSAULT rifles does John Boehner not understand?  Assault rifles are used for assault.   The term would be “defense rifles” if that is what they were.  Body armor is for protection, cell phones, house alarms, panic buttons, strong doors and locks; maybe mace even.  Is a society even safe if constantly carrying a concealed gun is the cost of constant freedom and the cause of constant fear if you don’t carry one.  Is your religious mantra “be always ready to shoot your neighbor, your ex-husband, your fellow shopper, your co-worker, your mum”?  It happened.  It is happening EVERY day in America and IT IS TIME TO STOP.

I have no interest in living in a John Boehner world.  He is not my friend.  I don’t like him.  His policies are aimed at killing me.  He is anti-family, un-American, an elitist and a communist sympathizer at heart.  He’s sick.  He is supported (the dole, free lunches) by sick and destructive friends.  He’s a tyrant and an imbecile and all the guns in the world, in America, can’t and won’t cut him down.  He’s already too dead to kill.

John Wayne is dead and mostly forgotten.  Charlton Heston’s hands lie cold and in his grave.  I don’t know how many guns he was buried with, but he was never really Moses anyhow.  The Reagan Revolution ended when Jerry Brown’s father was defeated, and he’s dead and even Jerry Brown is very old.  Time moves on.  The NRA is an archaic entity, like the John Birch Society, a relic of the 1950’s when the tax rate on the rich was 90% of income (91% in 1963, on Kennedy).   Maybe we should bring the 1950’s back so America can get a life.

Would John Boehner and his Republican misfits trade taxes on the rich for a continued ban on gun control?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s far too late.  In a flagrant copy-cat killing Dunblane has happened here.  Does it have to happen everywhere before America and Americans will WAKE UP?  The hell-hounds with all their ammunition have started this war, opened fire, every child of peace is in their sights.  Like all the fascists in Germany, from Germany, it is time to stop them before they rule the world and before there is a school massacre or workplace massacre every day.

Listen to the sounds from Dunblane.  The drums and drumbeats are getting nearer.  The fate of the world is in your hands.  One voice, light a candle, cry wolf; but don’t just sit and curse the darkness.  It is time for Candles in the Rain.

2012.12.15 – 10:10.

New Town

December 14th, 2012

New Town

~ Following the media after the death of journalism.

This is Post #1 regarding the national gun emergency. 

Oh sure, you’ve heard it all.  Ryan Lanza, a 22 caliber rifle, a shooter from Hoboken NJ.  Maybe not.  Why did the MSM and 885,000 others report all these ‘fuzzy facts’ without even asking a neighbor the name of Nancy J. Lanza (‘s) 20 year old son.

Oh, this brings up the question of why Peter Lanza was not on the property records of 36 Yogananda Street.  Maybe Christmas and Hanukkah and Yoga don’t really mix as well as the New Town might want.  Is Ryan J. Lanza the son of Nancy and Peter Lanza, or was the Hoboken address bogus and Ryan Lanza was not really paying about $2,500 per month rent.

So, it was Adam Lanza and not Ryan (Lanza) that was the apparent shooter in the latest national disaster in America that involves the use of guns, handguns, not 22 caliber rifles that are (predictably) left in a car.

An assault rifle was not necessary.  No high powered rifle scope was necessary to shoot five and six year old kids, children, the innocent.  The Connecticut State Police spokesman spilled the beans, “two rooms”, the principal died in (or near) his office, a ten year old (apparently) died there too (referenced by Obama).  The other room was the Kindergarten Room.  The first-responders will never recover from seeing the scene.  What does it take to round up ALL the guns and melt them down and bury them.  You haven’t seen the scene.  You never will.  The NRA and the Congressman John Boehner ARE history, are just barely hovering at the fiscal cliff of the dustbin of history.  It’s time to tax the rich.   It’s time to save the children.   It’s time for new thinking about America and the gun culture and the culture of violence that results in endless wars.

How does a 20 year old child buy a Glock, TWO hand guns, 100 rounds or more of ammunition?  How is the child of a Kindergarten teacher become so jaded that he can so mercilessly kill?

I began to blog against the war in Afghanistan shortly after I started to post.  Then it was other 20 something year olds (American) that were killing Afghan children and women in their greed for war, for violence, for macho retribution for a complex litany of perceived abuses and wrongs.  The “war” has come full circle – the war has come “home”.

Will there ever be an end to all this killing?  Is every shooting or droning or improvised bomb or bomb drop just the result of another ‘lone nut’ or ‘evil’ or imperfectly adjusted adolescent or post-adolescent, even pubescent, unemployed young person that has an education but not a real job?  Why are so many shootings centered at a school?  What is it that is taught that makes every school such a magnet for so many guns?

Take all the TSA scanners and put them to use where they might really save some lives – at the entrances of every school.   Is any price too high to save the lives of our children, our most innocent, our young?  Why is it more important to ‘make it safe to fly’ than to make it safe to read or learn to read?

Yes, my friends, something CAN be done.  America itself CAN change and the thinking of Americans can CHANGE too.  Gun ownership does not preserve freedom, gun violence is not the arsenal of democracy, a bullet through the head is not the sign of freedom.  Good schools need to teach this TRUTH!

Just in, the guns used to kill the Kindergarten teacher and her students were purchased by her and registered to her, Nancy J. Lanza!  Talk about full circle!

Get rid of YOUR guns before they come around full circle.   Or don’t.  An adult “victim” is never really what they seem.

2012.12.14 – 23:32.