It’s three weeks since I posted.

February 19th, 2013

It’s three weeks since I posted.

~ So, have you been on vacation?

There is a rumor out that there are great changes about.  About what?, you may ask.  “I can’t tell you” I answer, I probably couldn’t (tell you) even if I knew, and “I don’t really know”.

So, I spend (lately) my time wisely.  I sort.  I throw.  I give away things to good will or to the assistance league to assist in their good will.  It is my will, my free will, even if I don’t believe I’m dieing.

Almost nobody believes that they are dieing.  Almost everyone thinks that they will go on, will live, forever.  People cling to stuff, to worldly riches like they can and will take it with them, or will lay it up (or down) in some earthly tomb – a remembrance from me or thee to you or thee from me.  It’s not really like that of course.  People die, people quickly forget.  There is no great storage locker or shed at the gates of eternity, nor at the gates of the cemetery that first lets you in (although, to every rule there IS an exception).

There is a theory (of life) that each person will first die a thousand deaths, before the final ONE.   Each “death” of course brings a new beginning, a chance to start anew, an opportunity to sink new roots into a deeper earth, a better one or at least one not so shallow.

There is a theory of the planet, of this good green earth, not unlike the theory of greenhouse warming.  It is the hollow earth theory, not to be confused with the hallowed earth theory about the perceived benefits of civil war.  I tend more (myself) toward the “shallow” earth theory, the flip side being the quest for deeper meaning.

In the shallow earth theory, the theory is that most people tend to live a life that verges on the superficial.  They are (I am) gullible of course.  Such people follow fads, are easily coerced into a search for easy riches.  A sum-zero game is taught, my loss, your gain, my gain your pain.

Beyond a bit for food, energy, necessary clothing and basic shelter the only ingredient left out of life is the necessity of a happiness or two, or too.  This IS the clincher, the quagmire, the quicksands of the desert and the maelstrom of the ocean. “Happiness” is left undefined.

I have a neighbor whose idea of happiness seems to be centered on owning a $50,000 BMW, or buying his wife diamonds mounted in a ring.  Or maybe his happiness is rooted more in being noticed (I noticed), or sending notice to those to whom he’s sued.  He “noticed” my wife in this very way.  It may have made him happy, my wife was NOT happy.  Now he lives next door, but no apology was ever given.  Until then, we will probably not forget.

I like to think that to apologize can make one happy.  I do regret each pain I’ve caused.  I like to think that with each passing day I will leave less pain in my wake, caused (often inadvertently) by the waves I make (not deliberately, but just in passing).  In this, my pleasures are simple, or at least are simply put.  True happiness is rooted in the spirit of life, in spirituality (perhaps), in the faith-based belief that there is a greater good and that reaching toward that good is really what we are all here for (beyond the shallowness and pettiness that marks so much of each in our daily lives).

We surround ourselves with reminders of past battles that should (best) be forgotten.  There IS no hallowed ground, no riches gained that were worth the price, no blood shed that would not have been better left unshed.  If words matter talk is never cheap, the dialogue must always continue, there is always time, a rush to judgement need not ever be made.  It may take a whole lifetime to sort out a single fact.  There is time, as sure as there will be another tomorrow.

The answers that we seek are not to be found in those things that surround each of us today.  Every”thing” is but a reflection of the world as it is, as it was; not as it could be or will be.  The future belongs to those who will change and to those who might dare to be good by doing good and by eschewing everything else.

So the great sort continues.  I sort out the things in my life while on a greater platter it is the lives of peoples and nations that are also sorted.  This pile is to keep, that to throw; the one over there may be useful recycled, or with different owners, new directions, a better hope divorced from an unfulfilling past.

There are no political solutions.  Our lives are in greater hands.  No political laws will save you, protect you.  No one life is ever guaranteed by any constitution, nor is it warranted that any group, family or clan will prevail.  When so much is an illusion, why worry about the superficial things in life?  There’s the trash to take out.  And soon perhaps I will hear the robins sing.

1012.02.19 – 21:36.

Another day, another month, another worry

February 1st, 2013

Another day, another month, another worry

~ The lesson is that with coin and with cash you can be happy.

Yesterday I ran across an organization that is so secret, and secretive that even use of their URLs is forbidden; refer (if you please) to their copyright information.  So, don’t be surprised that I didn’t, and won’t, link it.  The group is backed by Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation, Citi Bank and Visa.  It is also strongly supported by that good old employer of my father USAID.  “You said it”, where this government organization has been going is truly bad.

The claim is that the “better than cash” society has greater “transparency”.  Transparency here is a word that means open WINDOWS, rather than the “trans-parent (cy)” that might be a reflection of crossed-gender or some other sort of illegitimate birth.  The world today is complicated.

So sure, this whole thing makes sense, not cents.  Banks (like Citi, like Visa) like money, to make money, to have on hand (or at hand) everything but cash.  Every vault, every till, every cash transaction brings up the question of security.  Security guards, security cameras, secure ID’s become necessary.  It’s such a drag on profits.  It’s so contrary to fees; meaning fees paid on just about every transaction except getting out the cash (there is of course a fee for “borrowing” it).

So with EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card use on the rise the fact is that the use of the card creates a reduction of benefits; 10% or more of the money is eaten up in fees.  The whole scam is just another great subsidy for the banks and the EBT (cashless) card makers, card promoters – people like Melinda Gates.

So for awhile one can still get cash with an EBT card, a credit card, a debit card, a “cash” card of various descriptions, like VISA.  But some people are looking at restrictions.  Maybe one shouldn’t be able to spend money, or public money on goods and services from out of state.  Maybe “tax free” (sales tax free) purchases should be declined.  Maybe only businesses with business licenses should be fair game in the game of cashless money.  Maybe the cashless society offers the opportunity for greater government (not self) control.

In this great cashless society one can work as a maid, but only through a credit-authorized (EBT / VISA) approved agency, no free-lance people need apply.  Businesses behind in their taxes could be barred from receiving cashless spending.  A doctor or dentist in bad graces, on an “enemies” list, that doesn’t prescribe the politically correct corporate drugs could be cut off in a whim, by the whim of persons in places always unknown.  The mind boggles at the opportunity for social engineering.

Let us be clear.  There is a difference between “cash” and “coins”.  Coins last longer, are made out of metal, go tinker, tinker or clang, clang or often make a sound far more like music to your ears, especially if it’s silver.  The sound of cashless currency is more like “thud”, or “swish” (as in swipe) or a grating sound made by each timeless tick, a parasite that’s bad.

Your money is only your own when it is in cash or coins.  Coins are always safer, no RFID chips embedded in them, not like “cashless” RFID cash type money.  Remember, when you “hide” your cash under the mattress or in your wallet or in your car someone with an RFID reader can find it faster than you can say “I’m broke“, or “I was too broke to buy a new and better wallet or passport / currency case”.

So, what to do?  Every New Year brings changes.  Go with cash, especially in smaller denominations.  Wrap it in aluminum foil (thickly) just to be safe (if you “carry” or hoard quite a lot, meaning $1,000 or more.  Buy a new wallet; make sure it is too the FIPS 201 standard.  If traveling, buy a Passport / Currency case.  Avoid the cashless society, make a friend, let them have their rightful money without the fees, the strings, the controls.  Don’t be controlled.

2013.02.02 – 01:23.