More about Moore and it’s not OK

May 21st, 2013

~ People are hurting tonight, and it’s not just in Moore, Oklahoma.

More about Moore and it’s not OK

The authorities in Moore are being quite tight lipped of course.  They are NOT saying how many have actually died, are actually missing, are actually in critical condition or homeless or even how many homes have been destroyed.  How can they?  Anything they say will take what looks bad and make it a lot worse.  Homeland Security said, “Prepare”, “Be prepared.”  If the truth were known or even reported the truth would reveal that Moore, Oklahoma was NOT prepared.

So what does one say about a community, a city, of 55,000 that is situated right there in tornado alley and doesn’t have tornado shelters in all of their schools?  Obama has offered, “all the help that is needed.”  Where was the help to protect the people, the children, with federal aid for shelters?

All the money spent to “protect” Americans is spent “fighting Al Quida” in Syria and Afghanistan and in 128 battle zones throughout the world.  There is no money left to protect Americans at home, in schools, in mobile home parks or hospitals or churches much less travelers on the Interstate that might make a wrong turn or can’t turn around and go back; meaning go back to sanity when they hear the Roar of the Hurricane or the roar of a tornado.

Thank heaven for 7/11.  At just one store in Moore three died.  300 people from the community sought sanctuary in the community hospital, there is no tornado shelter on site.  The hospital was so badly damaged that now it has been evacuated and closed.  You’ve seen the pictures of all the mangled cars and trucks and SUV’s.  Interstate 35 through Moore was officially closed.  There isn’t even ONE tornado shelter for travelers, not even ONE SIGN directing traffic to a shelter on the entire Interstate system anywhere in tornado alley or elsewhere in “OK” (Oklahoma).  Drive there at your own peril or risk, or maybe just don’t.

There are NOT too many things in America that is (or are) compulsory.  Sending your children to school is one, unless they are home schooled, which in Moore, OK is safer than giving in to one mindless law.  There may be 20, or 30 or 50 parents or sets of parents that might wish tonight that they had home-schooled their kids, looking back, looking forward.

Doesn’t a school district have a legal responsibility to protect children and teachers against OBVIOUS risks?  Where was the school board on this one, this risk, the “risk management” that says why risk a life when you can save one?  Why isn’t saving and protecting lives a no brainer?

No money?  Is that it?  Is it that AMERICA has NO MONEY, or no money left or is it that nobody cares until there is tangible death and dying and then every child brings their piggy bank forward when it should be the Bank of America bringing forward $40 million dollars to help rebuild 160 badly damaged or totally lost lives.  Each “survivor” of 9/11 got $1 million dollars or more; not in Moore.  In Moore those that got hurt or got dead because of government neglect will probably get next to nothing, maybe they will be offered LOANS, government backed loans that are free money for the banks, not the people, not the people hurting and badly in pain.

Some will say it was a “natural” disaster.  A natural disaster is like an airplane without wings.  We know about physics, we know about risks.  We know that in tornado alley there ARE tornadoes.   I mean that.  Why should I lie, or try to lie to you?

The government says that there is “green house warming”.  That means (they say) EXTREME weather.  There is nothing as extreme (in weather) as an F5 tornado.  The prediction now is that the tornado that hit Moore, OK will be an F5 tornado, not the EF4 tornado that was yesterdays news.  So when will Homeland Security start building and equipping and provisioning shelters to PROTECT the people that need protection as both the world and the climate start to change?

Maybe it is a CLIMATE WAR that we are in.  EVERY airport needs a shelter for every passenger waiting for EVERY plane.  It’s the lesson of the Titanic where so few were saved because of not enough safety because of not enough boats, meaning life boats.

30,000 people are without power (NOW) because of this 40 minute storm, aka “weather event”.  The reason is simple.  The power company puts power lines above ground and NOT below (ground).  So the grid failed?  So what?  Electricity isn’t needed in an emergency?  Oh.

Just one month ago the mantra from Boston was “shelter in place”.  Too many in Moore, Oklahoma apparently listened.  The people sheltered (in place) where there was no shelter, no protection, no safety – it’s (perhaps) a lesson about home; but more it’s a lesson about public places, schools, community centers, public buses.  The only shelter that such places provide is the “shelter” of their never being a real attack, or never being a real target in an attack.

If the storm track targets you, YOU need a REAL shelter.  You need one near, you need to get to it fast.  It’s the same thing as an enemy attack.  You need a bio-chemical safe shelter in case a tank car explodes, a bio-chem terrorist comes by (or by you) or a missile comes in from the sea or North Korea.  If your government can’t and doesn’t build shelters who will?

North Korea and China and Russia have shelters for most of their citizens very near where they live and also where they work.  Even Israel gives free gas masks and duct tape to all of their people.  The best that America can do is to give a check to the survivors to bury their dead once everything is all over.  That’s NOT OK, and it’s not OK with me, and it shouldn’t be OK with you.

Some day America and Americans will face a real disaster; like maybe 10,000 dead or dying; 20 million without power; the only first responders being the military, because all the civilian responders will be victims or will be too poor or too demoralized to really care.  It’s the kind of “disaster” that movies always warn us about.  Advertise something enough, pour enough time and money into it and (yeah) it WILL happen.

I really hope that when the *hit hits the fan, really hits the fan, that both America and Americans are ready, that they are really prepared, really have planned, really did get their *hit together and put places and situations as illustrated by Moore, Oklahoma far in the past where being “OK” with being stupid is NO LONGER OK.

So, “stand tall” central Oklahoma, the center of America it seems.  The Murrah Federal Building was strike one (maybe).  Strike two occurred today or yesterday.  Do things differently before it’s too late.  There’s a fast ball coming right at ya.  You don’t want to swing unless you really are ready.  Anyway, that’s my two bits, my opinion, my side of the story.

2013.05.21 – 06:10 UTC.

Hanging On

May 20th, 2013

~ There is very little hope on a slippery slope.

Hanging On

The older I get the more obvious it is that the relationship between a person and the country they live in is like a teenage crush, or (more often) the fantasy of a teenage crush.  I guess this is why so many “love songs” seem to be so political when one listens carefully to the lyrics and the words.

I’m not sure that I ever had a “crush” on anyone as a teenager.  I was, however, well into the fantasy – meaning the fantasy of having a crush so that I could be all crushed and bent out of shape and beside my self when I wasn’t beside that unknown someone that was the (theoretical) object of my desire.

Following this line (not “a line”, but more a line of thinking) the advent of “relationships” is more the result of batting out on the crush scene than on a genuine need for close encounters.  Sure, close encounters are nice, the closer they are, the nicer, until it is time to move on, grow older, grow up or when one party wants to get a life and the other was sure they had a life already that was just fine or oh, so fine.  Then it’s just breaking up is hard to do.

It’s hard to imagine how American residents related to their nation before the era of rock and roll.  Somehow Swanee River just doesn’t seem like the way to get into or get out of the American experience.  Maybe something was just lost in the translation.  I don’t know.

So I will stick with my earlier premise.  Love of country is a two way street.  Both parties see the relationship as an affair, a one night stand, or a fleeting teenage crush at best.  Let’s be real, patriotism is never seen in America as a marriage, and if it IS seen as a marriage it is seen as an open marriage with no real commitment beyond convenience and certainly none of the honesty of pre-nups at the git go.

What America offered as a willing suitor to its early citizens was not so much freedom as land and natural resources.  The abundance was everywhere.  Fish in the seas were bountiful, whales were everywhere, doves flew thick in the air, deer stood quietly 20 feet away just waiting to get shot with the primitive guns of the time.

The first rushers to the gold of California literally found giant nuggets just sitting on top of the ground (in some places) and could pan about $5,000 per day (in other places).  The forests of Ohio, Utah, Colorado and elsewhere offered free fuel, free homes, free fencing and free wood for everything from buggies to boats.  There were no taxes, no license fees, no EPA regulations.  Dishonest people had their pick of horses all saddled and ready to go, and banks too offered anyone with a gun great wealth and opportunity.  The worst crook or card shark could get rich one place and then settle down to an “honest reputation” in another with no one ever being the wiser (usually).

The history books are full of these people.  Land sharks, cheaters, men with far too many wives and women with more men than all the toes and fingers combined and they all became great pillars of “community” living decent lives after their decadent and dead beat lives that brought wealth and fame were all but forgotten.  Behind even every small fortune is a life of crime, or at least untoward criminal conduct.

By the turn of the century (the 19th to the 20th) the bountiful America was pretty much over.  There were too many people, not enough land, the corporations had begun to take most everything over.  Everything in this “new America” had a price, a price tag, and one HAD to pay.  Fancy was turned into fad and a lot of people just weren’t making it like they used to or like they once expected.  Then there was world war.

Now the suitor (America) offered not the role of provider, not hearts and flowers and sugary treats, but it offered to be a PROTECTOR, a big brawny bully that was on “your side” in a world full of danger, full of Huns, full of the Rape of Belgium and all that sort of thing.  When the HUN was defeated it was the “red menace” and the communists that were after your daughter and your last dollar and your hope of anything worthwhile on this earth.  “The communists didn’t even believe in God,” was the mantra, they will even take that away from you.  And they did, but it was always the Uncle Sam plan.  America embraced the “bully” image, it fell in love with “macho”.

The depression drove the point home that Americans should forget the idea that America (the suitor) was a provider.  It made a big show at not being able to provide even the basics, it made every one in America believe that America’s safety and security rested in the idea of big SAFE Banks.  Americans bit.  They went to the BANK for everything, for Bonds, for Savings Bonds, for Saving Accounts for Mortgages, for Cars and for Car Loans.  The mantra was now, “God didn’t save YOU, but America’s banks will.”  The end of World War II brought to America a new religion – MONEY.  It took about 20 years, but everyone began worshiping it.

The canaries in the coal mine (circa 1967) began to question the whole relationship mantra with America.  Too many had learned that it was an abusive relationship, a one-way street, a dead-end alley.  Some sought love elsewhere, like Canada.  They wanted a nation that “loved them”, not just demanded love and the love of money.  The ex-patriot movement had begun.  “It was either leave the country or suicide (some said).”  Others realized that there was a middle ground – i.e. “self-imposed house arrest“.

America is a very jealous lover.  America hated Canada for reaching out with open arms to a generation of America’s best and brightest.  Not all of the best and brightest hooked up with Canada of course; she was, after all, just the girl (or boy) next door.  Canada was familiar, some said “easy”, some meant sleazy.   After all (some pointed out) there were other fish in the sea.

America (like a jilted jealous husband) went after every possible alternative suitor with a vengeance (after the Canada affair).  Every nation that might offer something exceptional or special to a disenchanted American became a target (of America).  The whole idea was to KILL diversity, to make EVERY nation exactly like America.  That way America thought, it would put an end to choice and to any real competition in the battle for “hearts and minds”, meaning the hearts and minds of Americans looking for a country that just might love them back a little and offer a little kindness and compassion.

Yes, America went around the world killing off entire nations.  It wasn’t through acts of war that America accomplished most of the destruction.  It was through acts of treachery, corruption, even insidious invasion with fifth, sixth and even seventh columnists bringing down traditional cultures, institutions, arts and architectural integrity.  Whole life styles were subjugated.  Good ways of doing things that had taken thousands of years to develop were eliminated as easily as spraying DDT on a mosquito.

“Take that,” America said to its citizens.  “You can leave me, but you will find that you can’t ever really get AWAY from me.”  “I WILL be around you in one form or another.”  “Ha, HA!”  “Everything, and every one is now mine.”

There may be a thousand ways to leave your nation or your lover but its not the same when all the fish left in the sea are the same-old, same-old life and way of doing things. 

I heard the other day that the suicide rate in America is shooting up.  People aren’t doing so well at just hanging on anymore.  It’s not a pretty solution to getting out of a relationship that just isn’t working, where all the love is just one-sided and even that love (that is left) is quickly dying.

There’s always self-exile if there is no real possibility of a real exile, if Canada won’t take you anymore (and Canada won’t), and Ecuador or Botswana are just more about more “Little Americas” than they are about the cultures that the National Geographic hinted about.  America loves to take pictures of things before (she) destroys it (the things).  It’s like wedding pictures, documenting the innocence and hope soon to be lost.

If YOU can’t picture yourself in a really new life, in a new relationship where the country you love loves you as much or even more as you love it then you might just shut yourself away from the offending party.  It’s NOT a party when only one side is having all the fun and the only real person that has a part is barely surviving.  If this is you, you know.

Things (I think) are not “fun and games” any longer.  Too many people are hitting rock bottom.  There are not the “outs” that there used to be.  There is no escaping the ongoing crash, much less the bigger crashes that are coming.  America is a train wreck.  It’s a night train to nowhere.  All the good track was torn up long ago and sold to scalpers for a dime, or a dollar for a dimes worth of metal and that’s not all, or the half of it.

Timi Yuro said it (or sang it) best.  “Make the world go away,” is not just a mantra now; many people say it and mean it.  Life like it was just isn’t coming back and EVERYTHING for most people is getting worse, not better.  It’s hard to live in a dying empire.  It’s much worse when the empire took over the entire planet except for a few forgotten holes.  If you’ve found a hole to hide in I wish you the very best.  It’s the best that anyone can hope for at this point.  I really wish I were kidding.

Dig deep my friends.  I don’t believe that many can last much longer.  Too many have been living too long on borrowed time.  And when the notes come due it is not money that will save you when what was mortgaged was lives.

Amen.  repent.  amen.

2013.05.20 – 06:20 UTC.

Big Tree, Small Acts

May 15th, 2013

~ There is a science, and an alternative science, to every little chop, chop.

Big Tree, Small Acts

So the tree guys were out at my place yesterday.  Nice guys.  I have a tree that needs to go.  It might be a big tree, a medium sized tree, a tall tree – whatever.  The size of the tree is a matter of perspective.  That’s why the tree guys were looking at it; to get their perspective.

I thought the tree could be taken down and chopped up (really chain-sawed) into useable wood in about an hour.  They looked at it and said (literally) “at least three (hours)”, maybe “five”.  It’s all about time and time is all about money and they were the “professionals” of course, meaning they have their professional way of doing things.  Oh well.

I’m not a professional, I’m proud of that fact.  I think things through rather than letting everyone else do my thinking for me.  This is the way I’ve learned to get by, since really, I’ve never had any real money; meaning at least not much of it by western standards.  So my standard is how to do things fast and efficiently and safely.  That way everyone wins, and that’s wise.

Over the years I’ve become rather good at these methods.  It’s my act, my acts.  I can build things (up) faster and take them (down) faster than most of my neighbors, most of my friends and most any professional anywhere.  It may be a talent; I say it’s learned.

So I talked to the tree guys, meaning talked a few of the things over.  I pointed out a few things that they didn’t see (hadn’t seen).  I suggested (very politely) “it was my way, or the highway” (meaning back to the street and the way where they’d been.  They said “maybe”, or something quite close.  I reassured them that I would be fair, that (of course) I could be wrong, that any damage was on me and that if they weren’t comfortable doing it my way that they shouldn’t even consider the job at all, once and for all.

They said OK.  It was settled.  They get the job, I get to be happy (probably), and they get the money, even though it might seem to be less, but it really is a lot for the agreed upon one hour of work.

The story above (literally true, to the day even) reminds me of rockets, the missiles coursing through air, the fire from the tails, the trails that they all seem to make and to leave.  We (meaning everyone) have seen a lot of pictures of them lately.  They are all in the news, from North Korea to Yemen, from China to India, from the U.S. to the U.S. to the U.S. if you might get my point; and then there are the ones in Iran and from Israel too.

It’s all about speed, “the faster you go, the more that you need.”  It’s a line from a poem from the fifties or before I am the maker of speed, but I can’t seem to find it.

A Trident II nuclear (or conventional) tipped missile can go 20,000 feet per second, that’s about 4 miles per second.   And that is based on a very long ride (through space) of maybe 5,000 miles which means that a missile launched from 5,000 miles away will take about 21 minutes before it kills you.  You do the math.  That’s why everyone now has submarines, because the subs can get so much closer and the missiles or rockets don’t take so long and they can be launched from containers, like in the pictures; fired from container ships so I guess speed really is the answer, the only answer.  I hope that wasn’t a secret, that it is not a leak, or they will be onto MY phone like they are on to AP’s.  Hey, I’m not the professional press, I’m just a person.

My real point is that speeds notfaster than a speeding bullet” are really too slow.  The issue about missiles and rockets, both small and large, are how fast they go from the “git go”.  Like a drag racer.  Like a drag race and the racer it is zero to sixty in how many seconds, regardless of whether it is 60 miles an hour, sixty miles, sixty leagues, or 600 miles to go to make the distance.  Amen.

So a “muzzle velocity” is a whole lot like a mussel.  It is how much pressure builds up before it lets go.  Seafarers should be scientists, they would get a lot further, faster, if most were.  But, back to the story.

Look at the simple statement of “facts” here.  “Here” it says that the “maximum speed” of the Trident 2 (incoming) is the 20,000 ft/s standard.  That means that the take-off and much of the rest of the flight takes a bit longer – maybe 40 minutes to live, not just 23.

What is needed, is necessary, for both an effective offense and defense is a muzzle velocity on a rocket of maybe 40,000 (or more) feet per second – 8 miles in one second from the git go.  “We” need a rocket than can travel the 600 miles “ship to shore” or “shore to ship” in just under ONE minute (from launch, from “when the button is pushed”) so it all happens so fast that nobody sees it and the reaction time is over so fast that it’s over before one knows that the incoming is coming in.

Isn’t it nice to have a population always thinking about and studying war?  My hands are up.  Is it “surrender”, “I’m guilty”, or “I have the answer”?  I guess like with the TSA folks, nobody knows, but that might be me.

The sound of jets is NOT the “sound of freedom”, it is the sound of failure.  It’s really quite simple.  The noise is caused by all the energy lost.  The plane is not even designed like a bullet, you can hear it, it’s not faster than air and the air is not just pushed aside, it’s bashed aside.

And too, all the fumes and the fire and the “big show” of rockets are just that, a “big show”.   A really good rocket would be gone so fast and so seamlessly that it would seem to have never existed to someone at the launch, who saw it launched.  So it goes.  It would go so simply.

I’m very sure that there are many someone’s thinking about all this and working on all of it now, meaning right now.  Some might be professionals, properly trained, with all the credentials and papers and book learning type facts.  Others might be more like me, underpaid, under appreciated, not much money and just getting by.  I like it that way, it’s OK.  And it’s probably really OK with them too.

Life may not always be to the swiftest.  It may just go to the fastest, meaning those that learn faster and those just a little bit faster on their feet, because they can’t afford even a car.  Who won the marathon in Boston?  Look closely at the pictures.  It just wasn’t Henry Ford, or even the Henry Ford type of person.  It was someone very comfortable on their own two feet and not someone just looking for a ride, or a free ride.

Scientific breakthroughs can happen any place, they can be made by any one.  That’s what makes it all fair, that’s what makes it all so interesting.  You never know where the next “Trinity Site” really is, or how near, or how far.  It doesn’t always take millions of dollars to get a couple of kids together to figure out a few things over a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or maybe just tea.  It just takes a few small acts.

And I guess I have seen more than my share of very big and far too dangerous trees.  I guess Marley was always just right.

2013.05.15 – 20:20 UTC.

The plenary proxy parade

May 14th, 2013

~ Where are the people and where are the politicians when we need them right now?

The plenary proxy parade

Why link it when you can just say it.   Plenary means: “complete in every respect, absolute, unqualified, fully attended, constituted by all entitled to be present.”

So I guess that says something about power.  The problem of course occurs when you add the word “proxy”.  That’s the rub.  The point is that today one never knows what to expect from a parade, from the people, from politicians, from a post or from just about anything else.

I was writing just the other day about my father’s parade, the American equipment parade in Afghanistan.  The trip from Kandahar to Herat was quite the parade too – people were watching.  A bright yellow motorized vehicle was something quite new and quite different to those that have never seen the stream of traffic in New York, the city, not the state.

The picture brings up the question of what if you (if one) threw a parade and nobody came?  That’s the point, the point and the possibilities and potentials of the “Mom’s Day” parade in New Orleans and just about every other parade that I (or you) have ever witnessed, or have ever seen.

There are a lot of archives and pictures and photographs at Qala  Hopefully there will be a whole lot more coming – the diary part, not just the record part, is probably good.  One can never really fully appreciate what one has until one knows (clearly) what one has lost.  The past may be lost and gone forever (when ones dealing with time), but the messages live and can live forever.  It’s a question of what one chooses to remember.

I have maybe 10,000 pictures and photographs that (someday) perhaps I could post.  At 1,000 words per picture that’s 10 million words.  That’s maybe enough words to change one or two things; that’s the potential.  Then there are my mother’s letters and more than a few of other letters too and that might mean a million words more.  What more can I say?  I’m just one person, with just one corner and one slant on the past.  What about you?  Don’t you or your family have anything to say?  This isn’t just “all about me”.

So the voice of the people is mostly silent just about now.  The silent majority was in Lincoln’s time and for a long time after a term that referred to the dead.  Most Americans “aren’t dead yet”, but many are dying.  It’s the peace that’s killing people, faster than war.  It’s the constant parade of proxy wars and proxy fighting that make people go numb, cause them to get dumb, meaning both stupid AND silent.

Many, not too many, of the pictures I have are of parades in the past.  I should post them.  But a few simple words can be a thumbnail too.  One can picture things in the mind, we’re often far too reliant on media, and the media.  You can see what I mean.  There’s no possible picture that can show it.

Promoters see the world “as a parade”.   That’s a carry over from yesterday.  It is more relevant today.  I have photographs of military parades, of civilian parades with military type weapons and real military weapons too.  There is a picture from a parade in 1955 in Kansas, in Manhattan, it shows a float with a big paper rocket, a weapon of war.  There should be a big paper tiger behind it.  There isn’t.

I have pictures of “fire walkers” parading through the hot coals after the fire has gone out, taken a very long time ago in Burma.  It was a hot day so the pictures aren’t so hot.  They got burned by the depleted uranium (or something) in the back of the plane before processing.  Somebody should have wrapped them in tinfoil and not just (literally) worn a tinfoil hat.  So it goes.

The Nevada Day Parade was always a good one.  I have one or two pictures up but there are so many more.  There are (quite literally) pictures of “fat cat” politicians with their weight so heavy that the fins of the convertibles are almost flat on the ground.  I exaggerate of course, but the reality is that the exhaust pipe is so close to the pavement that one can probably see sparks.  Then there (too) are the pictures of the parade for the Queen when she first visited Washington (D.C., not the state, not yet a state if you go there, Congress won’t go there, even though they are there).   It was 1957 then.  It’s a long time to wait.  Shouldn’t black people have voices, African American people of color?  I guess it is the white side of “Mocha Man”, the president of color, that doesn’t care because he’s really just tan.

Yesterday I wrote about the off topic conversation.  I can’t help it, it’s the way I write.  I’m a product of the media, that’s what too much television and reading two many newspapers made me.  Watch one hour of television and there are so many messages, commercial messages, news spots and embedded and other subliminal *hit that it’s no wonder that no one could ever remember the plot.  There was no real plot.  Every episode was just the last one rewritten.  One would watch for years and things never really got going.

It’s all the proxy parade (of course), on course.  It’s all actors, nothing was real.  The politicians were never real, would never do anything, would just sit there looking fat and stupid as if waving their hands was an excuse for leadership or something.  The people, the public too was always a bit sketchy.  They were the actors when there were not enough other actors to go around.  It was a chance for one or two hours of fame, “I was in the parade Mom, did you see me, did you see me?”

We all deserve so much better than this.  But first, we have to get real.  Turning off the TV is never enough.  Using a newspaper to just start a fire is just the beginning.  Staying away from parades and politicians is not just a safety tip, but might really make you much safer.  Homeland Security has a bullet (literally) for every man, woman and all the children.  It looks like they might already be using them.  It’s up to you to decide when and how.

How else can I say it?  This is the “Plenary Proxy Parade for dummies”.  How dumb must you be before you get it?  Don’t you get it yet?  The message is that it’s all about the distance between YOU and REAL.  Is that too much reality for you?  And I don’t mean what is seen on TV.

Well, we shall see what they do today with my post.  Will they post it?  Will they let it go viral on Google?  Will they just put it away for awhile and read every word and in their confusion and in their despair decide that “there’s nothing to see, nothing to read” and that “nobody will understand it anyway”, so why do we care?

The point is that bit by bit, message by message I might be getting to you in the same way that they once got to me.  Each bit, each message is there.  Each day it builds with a little bit more.  After a while you (or I) might find that we have all the pieces, can put them together, can get all together and really go somewhere, meaning somewhere that is real and not just marching in circles, like in a parade.

2013.05.14 – 20:45 UTC.

Another addition, another “alert”.

May 13th, 2013

An addition to the original post – ALERT:


It was just six (6) days ago that Google STOPPED googling my web site for awhile.  NOW (once again) it has been more than FIVE HOURS and counting.

I guess the message is that the web is not what it used to be.  It’s a lot like Facebook now, you can read something if you “Like” it, meaning if you have the address of a “friend” you can find them and read what they say like in a diary.

But the web is NO LONGER like radio, or a newspaper even.  It is NO open market place of ideas.  The web is now censored.  The content of certain sites is “Verboten”  One can’t just go there unless one has been there before.

I think that everybody knew it probably would end like this.  The sites that clearly have a credible UTC time (of posting, written clearly on each post) can easily be checked by each reader.  There are no secrets when everyone is watching, above board and honest.

Honestly, I really don’t care.  It was fun and informative while it lasted.  Playing games with the the “big boys” is not rewarding when they never play fair.  They never play fair.

The web is their territory.  There has never been any doubt.  It was created to control us.  And now it’s out of control and maybe it is the North Koreans or Chinese that are really doing the hacking, but the point is that Homeland Security can’t (and won’t) protect us which is just another way to say everything is OVER, so over, so there.

Like every “failed state” that failed the test of secrecy and failed to make sure that everything was honest and open and well understood (as to how it all works) the American state now has no way of revealing its weaknesses without appearing to be weak.

The result is state secrecy, a state of secrecy, where everything that goes wrong with anything and everything is blamed on the STATE.  This is as it should be.  The state says it is powerful and that it has ALL the power, so when bad happens or *hit happens we know who owns the fan.

It’s quite comforting isn’t it.  EVERY official DENIAL is now seen as a lie.  Every lie is a lie.  Every effort at truth is like the little boy who cried wolf.  Even the truth doesn’t work for consummate liars who exhausted their credibility a long – long time ago.  They will get no sympathy here.

Convert what is important to you, for you to know now and in the future to hard-copy or put it on a zip drive or just leave it alone and prepare to move on without it.  FAIR WARNING.  The FUTURE IS HERE.  The web is now a war zone and buildings and building are now going down.  You heard it right here.  You read it right, here.

So, is it BREAKING NEWS?  Maybe it’s breaking news in all blue, not red, because you’ve probably heard it before and seen it before and now it IS just finally here.  So here is the Cheer.

Again, Thank you good readers for all the best of the past.  We can now VERY seriously think about what the future might bring.

2013.05.14 – 02:40 UTC.

The “off-topic” conversation

May 13th, 2013

~ It’s not a “dangling conversation” when life is just a song.

The “off-topic” conversation

There are other song lyrics and light melodies that I might have linked to get my point across on this one, not just Simon & Garfunkel.   Maybe Brenda Lee.  Maybe Mr. Holly.  Or maybe the point on the last one (the last link) is that someone has spent far too much time playing Old Maid, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers or perhaps Checkers or Chess – or singing to those that do (or did).

The Tarot Dictum suggests that dancers see life as “the dance”, singers see life as “a song”, those driving carts or chariots see life as “the wheel”, writers see life as “a story”, law givers and lawyers see life as “the law”, contractors see life as “building”, walkers see life as “the way”, runners see life as “a marathon”, actors see life as “a play” – “the world as a stage”, dreamers see life as “a dream”.  Slaves see life in terms of “freedom”.  It doesn’t end there, but you probably have gotten my point and the point of the Tarot.

I might add that reporters see life as another “report”.  This brings me to Jon Rappoport (obviously, by his name, a reporter).  Reporters, like people of so many professions, are often so immersed and disciplined in what they do and are doing (the profession) that they stop looking outside and at the world like “outsiders”.  Why not, they’re insiders, of course.  They have press cards, other cards (up their sleeves) and credentials.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like Jon.  I even agree with him on some points, sometimes.  But not on this one, not this time, not this report on a way to spend one’s time., this time.

The report starts off (after the lead) with the narrow perspective that life is mostly about the media, meaning the news.  Then Jon goes on and invokes the image of Rockefeller and his (false) idol of Prometheus and avoids the whole point of the story (missing the point) and then goes on to say that “do your own thing” is the answer, as if Jon didn’t get quite enough of the 60’s which as a member of the Silent Generation is (in his case) probably true.

Where to begin?  The “sweet nothings” whispered in the ear of each chariot driver (a metaphor for each of “us”) by the “media” is much more than the “news”.  It’s not just the anchors (like Scott Pelley), whoever he is. I haven’t watched the CBS Evening News for so long that I would probably be surprised to turn it on and not find Walter Cronkite on.  To me the thing in the Wiki article about “60 Minutes II” is totally new.  The last time I saw the program the only guy there was Mike Wallace, and that was before he gained so much weight, or got weighty.

It wasn’t the news that got cha, it was the advertising of course.  The news programs and stories were always just “loss leaders”, the reports and the reporters were also always pretty lost.  The idea of “real news” was always a lie and every honest reporter always knew that and knew that neither they or the audience would ever really be taken totally in.  End of story.  There’s no back story here.   There’s nothing real to report.  Jon (of all people) really should know.

Music was always more important than news.  The music was the news and had been for a really long time, long before even the ’50’s.  The evening news seldom reported this, nor did most reporters.  As usual, they missed the story right there in front of their eyes.  Now one might think that the LA Weekly might know a think about the music, the movies and the latest events.  Not so.  The point of the publication was to PROMOTE it, not report it, or report on it.

There were no stories (in this kind of press) that was critical, that said that a rapper had a really bad rap, that broke the news that the Rolling Stones or Rolling Stone was more about mud and blood than music, that they really were not a legitimate source.   They never said that much of both industries was more about the spin, than spinning the records; more about money and making it than anything else, and that brings us back to sex, now doesn’t it?  The LA Weekly was more like the Advocate, just of a different persuasion, just a different portal, perhaps.

So Jon.  Have I created my own reality enough for you yet?  Do you get the point of my truth?  Is my truth a whole lot better than yours, or is your point to go “beyond the truth” (like Nietzche), and I don’t mean Jack Nietzche (once married to Buffy Sainte Marie).  There is always a rebel, or a rebel with really no cause.  Like Friedrich and his “fellow Nazis” it seemed cool to run down Zoraster and mock those that said that there might be an “end to evil” as I posted before.  They just said, “do your own thing”, “make your own reality”, “be creative or overly creative, with no limits” or limitations perhaps.  The world endured that “population reduction agenda“, we don’t need to go there, or go back there, and do that again this time.  So really, what is your point?  Where do we stop, when all you say is “go“, or just “go for it“?

Stalin too, and Pol Pot were also the “make your own reality” kind of rebel.   They both got rid of a whole lot of people that they didn’t like, like George W. Bush (too).   I guess Bush (baby) didn’t watch enough news, he didn’t learn that it was not OK to “nuke” a whole nation by just lying about that nation having nukes.  He didn’t listen to Eve of Destruction (either) by Barry McGuire, he didn’t even think of the alternative of soap.

So, here I sit just writing.  Looking back I don’t really know if I’ve ever had an original thought in my life that wasn’t put there by my parents, my mentors or the mass media (of books, magazines, tabloids, TV, records, newspapers, posters, flyers, fliers, T-shirts and just simple “labels“; to say nothing of the labels on boxes and canned goods.

But that is really OK.  Thinking out of the box (Seeing life as “a box” is for shippers and factories and the factory owner perspective) is taking what life has handed me and maybe rearranging it a bit, seeing things my way, seeing what fits and what should be tossed aside or maybe even thrown out.  But here too, there are limits.

I think about Gandhi.  More people should think about Gandhi.  He was a minimalist for starters, not at the start, he tried eating meat.  He studied the old ways (he was a walker).  He taught people how simple it was just to get salt (without buying it), he advocated “home-spun” as opposed to buying ones clothes and cloth from England or (now) Bangladesh.  It was all about “back to basics”, and back to a basic caring about what matters in life – not different – not “new” or the news; just what was tried and true and what never really gets old.

He was a leader (perhaps), but wasn’t ever trying to just start a revolution.  His ideas were only seen as revolutionary because that is how far down the road or the path away from progress that the nation had been, had been taken.  (Road builders see life as “a road”.  Mariners see life as “the sea”.)  Like in the Wizard of Oz, like in Oz, the answer was always there with you.  The lion always had heart, the tin man never needed to fear and flee from the rust.

It’s NOT the mantra, but where the mantra might take you if you see it through a new light, light up the world daily; two flames are never the same which is why candles are so much cooler than electricity.  The same can be said about fires, solar panels are just so against nature; what do YOU see when you look towards the sun?

So here’s right back at you.  Built a fire on the summit.  But first you must climb the mountain, get really up high.  The low lands just really don’t make it.  To coin a phrase, “there are too many fish in the sea”.  It’s the fish that get caught that are lucky.  Do you see what I mean, are you with me?

The Tarot works (to the degree that any “deck of cards” does work) because it’s a DECK, meaning working with a full deck and not just focusing on one single card.  It’s a system, one can’t know any one card without knowing all of them intimately.  It’s the lesson that makes people reach out and reach out to other people and makes people see things their way, not just “my way”.   Frank Sinatra was (and is) so wrong.  He is in denial, he lied and he lies.  Sure, he had a beautiful voice, but in the end he was just an entertainer.   Entertainers see life as “a contract”, “just a show”.  So if that’s what it means to “stand tall“, no thank you.

So, is this conversation, this conversing, really “off-topic” after all?  I guess that’s why it may be just a dangling conversation.  Full circle.

2013.05.13 – 20:50 UTC.

The 5th Estate

May 12th, 2013

~ Life (and death) is more about where you are going than where you have been.

The 5th Estate

There is a lot more to the Fifth Estate than just lectures.  Martha Mullen is my latest new hero, or heroine (not the drug, but the word with the e).   The “e” is maybe for Excellence, as in being uncommon, not a commoner perhaps.  Martha is NOT a member of the clergy, not of the nobility of course and not a part of the press.  She was pressed.  She was impressed by how all the other institutions and classes had failed, or failed to find a burying place for Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Her cause was that she was concerned about why how many people care about where you go when you die.  Sure, some people worry about where they might go, the to heaven or the to hell thing.  More about that later.  Her case and her cause was concerned with that in between state, one might call it limbo, when you’re dead but not “dead and buried”.

There is (of course) a long tradition of this, meaning this thing about not burying the dead, not giving them a final resting place as if souls seen as “going to hell” need to not find a resting place even on earth (or in the earth) for their physical bodies, or what might be left of their physical bodies when the morticians, politicians, and the police and the public get through with the corpus delecti which is often confused with the corpse.

What George W. Bush and Tamerlan Tsarnaev obviously have in common is that in both cases both high crimes and misdemeanors have occurred.  There is no question of fact, no disputing the proof, no question of truth.  What both cases have (too) in common is that in neither case was there ever a trial, charges rendered, evidence formally offered, much less a conviction.

There are many that maybe “rightfully” or righteously would not want to be buried or have their loved ones buried in the same cemetery with George Bush, Bonnie or Clyde, Al Capone, General Custer, Kit Carson, Stalin, Hitler or even Mussolini to say nothing of Pol Pot or perhaps Mr. Park.  The list goes on and is probably quite long.  But really, how many people really ask for a list of the dead buried in a mausoleum or cemetery before they leave their loved ones there for an eternal “rest”, as if they (meaning the dead) might be restless about their neighbors, or what their dead neighbors might have done in life or with life.

So good Catholics can’t be buried beside bad Catholics in a Catholic type cemetery.  The sins of life follows one on earth as if the whole thing can’t just wait for the judgement of God and possibly hell.  I wonder what God would say if a corpse or a corpus was kept out (of such a cemetery) when the last edict of God was to let the man (or woman) in, meaning into heaven and into the community of saints of those that left earth?

So it is easy to see by the preceding question (in the proceedings and processions) that to prejudge the dead is to presume about the wisdom of God and that is just such a sin that it might add a whole lot (of people) to the list of those that one shouldn’t want to be buried with and that means one might just move (or remove) the graves and rebury them elsewhere; but where would THAT be if it weren’t for people like Martha Mullen who might soon make a business of this because (maybe) the need might be really that great.  Oh, great.

So what ALL formal religions have in common; meaning Catholics, Hindus, Muslims and Jews; is that they all often seem so self-righteous, so self-identified with ritual, so presumptive about all of Gods great creation as if earth it were heaven and as if by controlling things on earth one can control heaven too.

It’s so wrong.

Heaven, let’s just say the Sixth Estate if you get there, might hold some surprises.  On earth it (heaven) might be quite misunderstood – are you listening now?  Do you hear me?  Are you thinking about what I might have to say?  Are you thinking about what Martha Mullen had to say?

So evidently if you google it (meaning the search engine search) it seems that just as there is a Sixth Estate in the beyond, there is also a sixth estate (or two) right here on earth.  The question is will you get there?  The question is where are you going and how far have you come?

Put another way:  If the dead won’t even bury their own dead what kind of a world is it in which we now live?

2013.05.12 – 19:00 UTC.

It’s a wrap, it’s a rapper.

May 11th, 2013

~ It’s not “how low can you go“; it’s how low that we’re going.

It’s a wrap, it’s a rapper.

I hate it, or love it, when my posts keep doubling over and coming “right back at me” like two at a time or as in two pieces of rhyme.

Just a few hours ago I wrote a long post about the night plane in Quincy, south Boston, Massachusetts; the one with the tail letters (not tail feathers N906TM.  I pointed out (very carefully) that the person who reported photographing the plane and seeing the numbers was a person unknown.

The point is that NOW, at this point, we really need to know who this guy is, who this guy was and why this guy has maybe created such a hoopla and such a big fraud.

The BREAKING NEWS about the Quincy airplane at night incident is that if the report about the airplane ID is true then what this whole thing is and was about is a publicity stunt, a rapper just rapping (and trying to sell a few records and trying to mess with the man) and THAT IS A WRAP.

I don’t know what I’d do (maybe with my time) if this country still had a press; meaning a press that didn’t just sleep on the weekends, but really cared about and carried and even just researched a tiny bit behind the news.  I’m not a reporter myself, I just report things that I find and that I see and that ANYONE can easily see if they want to and if they just want to look.

Well, (maybe NOT well) it began with the plane number plainly reported in the (perhaps) simple minded press (i.e. news with no identifiable sources).  The number led to a name and that name led to the same name at an address in Washington D.C., in the south of the city.  The business looked like a cover, maybe just a scheme to limit the liability for flying a plane over a neighborhood (a hood) without limit or limits or just due respect for the (once) slave-owners and not just the (once) slaves.

The guy with the “464” number of hits (if it’s all true) is articulate, talented, even gifted.  He’s perhaps even cool.  But if he thinks it is cool to create a buzz in the night, he’s just WRONG.  Beds and night time are for sleeping and not listening to rap or to rappers.

It might be a hoax.  It might be a friend (like who really needs this kind of friend) that just reported the tail number to get out the word when the hoax went viral and then when it was broken would make sales of music and his novel go viral.  It’s a novel idea.  It takes advantage of the fact that America and its institutions are so broken that anyone can just step in and take advantage of the secret society to do anything of their own (on their own) that they like; like a force multiplier for their own agenda.

The Plan B possibility is that m’R’ Kayeen Thomas was up there all by himself just flying his plane and maybe had help from a few of his brothers.  His “brother” in this case is Monee Thomas who lives and works in Washington and lives in the apartment behind the door that you saw in the post I posted before, or so it appears.

Anyway, I found all of this because I found this.  From there everything else is just a “loop de loop” or going “full circle”.    Maybe some real journalist should give this guy, this rapper a call.  It might be quite a story.  Maybe too someone should just call the Mayor and fill the guy in.  Inquiring minds just might want to know.

But Hey.  It might not really be over just yet.  It might be just a piggyback flight, a flight of fancy.  It might be that the real plane really is a drone, a warplane, maybe much worse.  When you live in a world of lies it is always a world away where you might find the truth.

Stay cool.  Just enjoy.  Or just enjoy it all until you know better.  And that’s a rap.

2013.05.11 – 23:45 UTC.

The Quincy Night Plane

May 11th, 2013

~ It’s a bee, it’s a bird, it’s a plane but it’s not really a train.

The Quincy Night Plane

For the latest post on this topic go HERE.

I was in Quincy, Massachusetts once, just once.  I don’t really remember even why I was there.  I was visiting Boston.  I was going south somewhere, or something, and I got lost or something.  I wasn’t really lost.  I knew I was in “south Boston”; a person with me said, “I think we’re in Quincy.”

We drove around, looked around, looked to the left and looked to the right and looked at houses and studied the stores.  We looked at the men on the street and the women on the street and maybe even saw some boys and a few girls too.  I didn’t take notes.  I didn’t take pictures.  The vehicle I was in didn’t create music or a ruckus because the radio was off or the windows were closed.  I went in and saw what I needed to see and went out (without a sound, when we found our way out) just silently.

I remember the day as the day we got lost in Quincy.

Based on the reports and based on what “they” say the whole thing about the plane and the buzzing started on (or about) the 25th of April (not even in May).  It’s hard to be sure.  People often don’t notice this type of thing until the plane flies too fast, too slow or does either or both just too many times.  A plane (or an aircraft) flying in circles at night or by day is both noticeable and annoying.  The very idea is to get your attention; one plane and one pilot above can capture the attention of hundreds or thousands below.  The lesson of the Enola Gay is not lost on humanity.  Every plane is a potential threat unless it is immediately identified and is identified as friendly and not as a foe.

The story didn’t “break” until Thursday or Friday (after two weeks and a little bit more).  It’s like the story of aircraft last weekend (in Syria); nobody is really saying too much; there is NO useful information about the “how”, “when”, “where” much less the “why”.  Why do these things always break (meaning go viral) on the weekends?

A diligent ground observer (forward observer) got a picture of the aircraft and a number.  The press never got a name (meaning the name of the observer).   The number that this unidentified informant got has gone viral.   It “tracks back” to a firm (really a corporation) called RKT Productions that is out of Virginia but has offices two, one in Washington (D.C.) too.  The company is quite new too, being not even five and a half months old.

The address appears to be here, at 2806 Naylor Road (SE), Washington D.C.  Apartment 126 is the number.  The government of Washington D.C. is notoriously convoluted and often corrupt.  I know.  I’ve lived there.  But here is the D.C. zoning map of this maybe great city and if you “zero in” on the address on S.E. Naylor Road you will find that the zoning under Chapter 11 of the zoning code is R-5-A.  The “R” is for residential, the “A” is for some type of minor Amendment.  It is hard to find the whole code, meaning the whole Chapter 11, but the two main points are here and here.

The “code” (Chapter 11) if you really believe it, is really quite simple:
no person can use a building, structure or land in the District of Columbia for any purpose other than a single family dwelling”  Duh!

So owning an aircraft (N906TM, or two or three) and using them for a business, and using them to buzz those that are not even your neighbors, and to do it under cover of being a business, and a corporation, is wrong and illegal unless you think that a “family member” can also be a plane; and the plane lives there (in Washington D.C) in our capital.

So don’t get me wrong.  I know the FAA doesn’t really care if a business is a legitimate business that is flying above, but not above the law.  I know that the FBI, whose headquarters are just a few miles away from this residential (not business) location doesn’t care about what goes on in a house that should be just a home.  Sure, the whole operation sounds (and is) very sketchy; but you would think that the law is the law and fair it is fair and when it’s OK to run the whole CIA just out of a home address of an apartment (say) in Oakland, California you know that a phony address means a phony operation and we’re not talking about a “mail and phone” type business here.

The DHA says, “see something, say something.”  The lesson from Cleveland (I think) is that when someone is really caught lying “knock on the door” and if the door doesn’t open, knock again and again until you decide that you have to knock it down to get an answer, or the answer that’s needed.

Where are these guys?  Guys like Jim Peters and John Dougan.  Don’t they watch TV, or turn on the web?

There must be a website somewhere that all the “law enforcement”, all the “spy agencies”, all the “military attachments and detachments” and (of course) ALL the MainStream Media type press can tap into or access and when they type in “Quincy Night Plane” the answer is “I’m OK, you’re OK” and the message is just to leave it alone.  The Parent is suppressed or repressed and now everyone can behave like a child.

Being a child or not, when you live by the sea you have to be careful.  Look at the map just one more time maybe.  What you see is a bay, a bay south of Moon Island and that means water and water means not land.  The plane and its telemetry is probably more about what’s in the bay than what it sees on dry land.  The “buzz” is probably the by-product, the easiest way not to create a bigger alarm like would happen with the launching of ships and everyone seeing the ships in the water.

“So whose ship is it?” I’m thinking.  Who gave the OK to communicate the OK between the ship and the shore, meaning the submarine object or submersible that looks like it is there because of some business that some under cover business needs to know about and seemingly does (know all about).  That’s why they call it HomeLAND security; the what’s in the water part is simply not the point.  Yay, (maybe “Nay”, maybe Navy).

So, have a nice weekend to everyone in Quincy (and elsewhere).  Have a great one even though you or we don’t really know what’s “out there” and who’s really watching from the shore and who really is watching or helping the ones supposedly watching.  All I remember is what they said in Hiroshima that day, “It’s just a weather plane, watching the weather.”

Simply put:  Secrets are simply not ever good.

2013.05.11 – 21:50 UTC.

Limbo Rock

May 10th, 2013

~ It’s not “how low can you go“; it’s how low that we’ve been, and maybe how low we still are.

Limbo Rock

The song has a nice “upbeat” tempo.  The lyrics are more revealing.  It’s all about jack and it’s all about limbo.

So we once again go back to Cleveland, back to Ohio.  One just can’t stay away.  It’s like a weekend getaway where you can’t get away.  The whole thing goes on and on and continues for so long that nobody really remembers where it began or just why.

They are starting to come out with the timelines on this.  This one doesn’t start with the time (or the first time) that Ariel Castro was first sexually abused.  It happened.  Somebody knew.  Someone failed to report it or the police failed to see it as a crime, as a crime against humanity, as a crime against the young Castro boys humanity.  Like in the case and cases of choir boys, those in authority have a hard time seeing it as rape.  They see it more like a song, or perhaps just an old saw.

So what really happened on that day in late August as the first anniversary of 9/11 loomed suddenly near.  You might remember it.  The nation was in quite a panic; word was out that it might be a “one – two” type punch.  The media had it that the world was over 11 months before, or that America as we knew it was gone.  Bin Laden had won, he would soon take every freedom America ever had down, like the towers that they said he had taken down.

There was a Twilight Zone episode once that might apply to Miss Knight and Miss Berry and maybe Miss DeJesus too.  It was The Midnight Sun.  It was about a person that had a dream that she was going to die because the world was getting desperately hotter (moving incessantly toward the sun).  It’s doom and pure doom of course, almost literally a living hell.

And then her “fever breaks” and she awakes and is free from the nightmare.  The only problem is that with her new freedom she just isn’t free – the reality is that the earth has changed while see slept, the world now is freezing and she faces death by ICE, not fire at all.

It may take a long time for the three Ms. Van Winkles to really wake up.  It might take them awhile to get used to the cameras, to learn about cell phones and to understand that all of them are tapped.  They might freak out a little when the TSA agents grab them and do what no one has done (to them) since they were previously locked away.

It might be hard in this new world of theirs to figure out who the good guys are as versus the bad guys in a nation that has suffered through ten years of war, while they went through a very different war of their own.

But hey, that’s the point.  Their war was just like the war that the nation went through while they were locked away and just “sleeping” as in another word (world) that means just violence and sex and sexual violence which in a sense is what ALL violence is.

So the Castro Brothers metaphor (same-same and like-like) continues.  There were three brothers, very close in space and in time.  Two brothers are in denial, “we saw nothing, knew nothing, didn’t pay attention so we haven’t a clue.”  It’s so much like the rape of Iraq.  Amanda Berry goes missing just as America starts the rape of Iraq.  All the “friends and family” say everything is OK, they don’t really see the death and destruction, the pounding on doors, the tight little cells that 50,000 or more Iraqi citizens are thrown in – to say nothing of the one million or more that are just put under “house arrest”, with physical and sexual assault if “you” resist.

Back to reality.  Back to UNreality if you prefer.  As a nation we NOW worry about what happened for the last 10 years in Cleveland.  We haven’t the guts to remember Iraq.  We worry about “four dead” (fetuses this time) in Ohio; we don’t even consider the 15 – 20,000 Afghans killed in Afghanistan and the 5,000 dead “westerners” that helped create all the Afghan casualties.   Denial is NOT a river in Egypt; it is the norm right here at home, meaning in America of course.

The NEWS is what we hear to learn more about our friends, family and neighbors and about those in positions of power and about those who are alone or those who should just be left alone (to live peacefully their own lives).   Karma always comes around full circle.  First there is a warning (a hint).  If the warning is ignored then comes the hit.  The nature of NOW is that nobody needs to be told anything twice.  Once is enough.  The lesson, the metaphor, the story about what was done and what it all means and what it was like is out there.  Sure, put away Ariel Castro; put him on trial; make him fear for his life.  But another trial (too) is waiting; the grand jury was drawn (and I don’t mean a tie); the guilty have all been indicted; the court went into session and has heard all the evidence (or all that it needs) and now the angels are moving with more soon to come and if that doesn’t get your attention I don’t think anything will.

Here’s a picture of angels.  But that was the last war, the one that didn’t last.   The new angels are different.  You wouldn’t know one if you saw one, so to some it doesn’t matter.  It’s now more about minds than the thing with the wings.  This time to think clearly is the only means of escape.  But one must have compassion, one must be true, one must know that war is NEVER the answer if by war you mean missiles, drones, the helicopters and the guns and the guns.


Prepare.  Because now everything’s fair.

2013.05.10 – 21:40.   

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