The PAST is better

July 2nd, 2013

~ Why blog when it’s really just all about history?

The PAST is better

There have been a few changes recently at Qala Bist, in Qala Bist.  I am in day three of a ten day trial (run) with a new runner on the left side (Index side) of the Qala Bist website, blogsite, format.

The change is the addition of a “Live Traffic Feed”, named so because the assumption is that the visitors that visit this site are human beings and not robots.  I think it’s so.

In the spirit of full disclosure my counter suggests that from 350 to 500 people per day visit Qala Bist.  Not bad for a place that doesn’t even offer food, but just food for thought.   I got complacent thinking that people were happy reading each day what I had to say.  Now THAT looks like a big “maybe”.  Maybe it’s more about robots and spiders and search engines and the NSA and all the foreign NSA’s that are visiting me.  Maybe my real traffic is far less sophisticated, far simpler, far more real.

Maybe my readership is just more like a few folks from Redmond, Washington and Mountain View, California and Ottawa, Canada and maybe Morgantown, West Virginia.  Sure, there are friends and visitors from Latvia and China and the Ukraine.  I don’t seem to reach South America or even Korea.  It’s ironic (about Korea) since I even lived there.  So it goes.

The live “traffic” revealed is far less than my counter suggests.  That is OK.  I’m happy with quality, not quantity.  The universe is not run as a “democracy”.  There IS a higher source.  I’m just saying; but you knew that already.

The bitter pill is that almost everyone incoming is far more interested in the PAST than the present.  I guess the keyword is history, although that term seems so dry, that’s why I just refer to all of it as just the “past”.

The past is a more pleasant place right about now.  The past won’t bite you.  The past is gone and can’t be changed, only what is known about the past can be changed.  That is the ONLY way to change the present.  My readers (I think) know this, that’s why they’re looking.  That’s why they may find it, or a part of it, here.

It is a hard road to just report the past.  The present is so interesting, “interesting times“, that sort of thing.  One takes it all so personally, gets so intently involved in the latest deaths, the latest massacre, the latest scandal, not sandal.  It’s about what you see and not what you wear.

I like thinking that I now know my readers better.  I could open my comments forum maybe.  I might moderate, maybe not.  Maybe a dialog would follow, maybe nothing rude – just nice.  Everyone seems so nice as the “stats” keep coming in.  I’m humbled.  It’s the way things ought to be.

Qala Bist is (perhaps) beginning to be more like a meandering old mansion than a store.  It’s a place to explore, not buy.  The hallways may need a bit of cleaning, some rooms are musty, cobwebs hang down in unexpected places revealing ideas and projects half finished or maybe even less than that.  I now get an idea of what you’re reading, of what you want.  I (like you) wish there were more and wish (too) that it was better.  I do keep trying.

If one gets old enough all the angry years are finally put behind us.  In the end it’s more about sad than mad.  Sorrow is the ultimate stalker; behind that facade hides joy, or at least a bit of happy.  That’s why I keep on basking, or is it just baking in the sun?  It’s hot, but really life is fine.

The roof is finally getting finished, as if my neighbors care.  The grass is green although there is so little water.  I drove through Magdalena the other day on the way to the VLA.   It’s almost like people think the stars have water and can send that water to this earth.  Magdalena could have an awful lot of water if they had the funding that the space quest gets.  They don’t, so it was off to Pie Town for some pie.  The dirt-gravel road due north from Pie Town to El Malpais is just amazing.  The only visible life there are a few jack rabbits, birds, and cows.

There is very little in Grants and that’s the way it always will be.

So, that is the story about the loop; the trip (my trip) from Albuquerque south and west then going north and east.  I thought you might want to know.

So, it is still Tuesday (UTC) and in Albuquerque and the west (the American West).  It’s still hot, maybe not getting hotter.  Evenings here are getting cooler, if not cool.  The patio at the El Pinto is very pleasant in the summer (it looks better when filled with people), but the menu prices have recently blown away the roof, the food is (probably) never really good, the beer is never really cold.  Everyone should know.

The 4th of July is coming up in Albuquerque and New Mexico.  To most, all it means is the possibility of fire, not friendly fire.  In my neighborhood there will be a lot of noise, sparks flying, rockets flying through the air – you know the drill.  It is the same every year, nothing is ever different.  Word pictures make such good cheap filler.

Thank you everybody for each visit.  Please come back again really soon.  I can’t offer you a piece of pie or a pizza (pie), but I can offer mood or set the mood or even be moody; and maybe there’s wine, but you might have to dig for it.  Do you dig (or is that just the 1950’s and before)?

Let’s just try it.

2013.07.02 – 10:40 UTC.