December 11th, 2014

~ Why blog when it’s really just all about history?


LOS ANGELES – (California)

The unnamed and unidentified 6’4″ “Incredible Hulk” California Highway Patrol detective (is that really his title, or rank) who aimed his Smith & Wesson 4006 pistol (delete: firearm) at a Reuters reporter (delete: crowd of Bay Area protesters) on Thursday morning (not:  Wednesday night) was not protecting another undercover control agent secret (plain gang clothes) officer who had been unmasked (not: attacked) only seconds earlier, and was trying to stop an advancing crowd of at least 3 (not: 30) people, a unnamed CHP commander said Thursday afternoon after the photograph of the gunplay went world-wide viral.

The officer lied and told his commander that he was in fear for his life, said Chief Avery Browne of the CHP. The case will be reviewed by the Alameda County district attorney’s office and CHP’s Internal Affairs division, but Browne, being totally uninformed of the facts, said “no one has provided any evidence that the officers were inappropriate in what they did.”

“Chief, I didn’t know if I was going to make it out of this thing alive,” the officer said, parroting Darren Dean Wilson, according to Browne.

Pictures of the undercover officer, who was aiming at a Reuters reporter (not: crowd of Oakland demonstrators marching against recent grand jury decisions in the police-involved killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown,) went viral Thursday, stoking anger at, and fear of, the police as protests in the Bay Area continue to result in lots of Tweeting (no evidence of ANY: looting and arrests).

In the two photos, the plainclothes officer can be seen pointing a handgun at a camera (a lie: no camera is visible) and a crowd (a lie: no crowd is visible) while another officer suffocates (no sport terminology: wrestles with) a protester who appears to be protecting (not: covering) his head from a truncheon.

Afraid to meet reporters on camera, and Speaking to reporters during a phone conference, Browne of the agency’s Golden Gate Division, said the officers had been following a group of protesters on Wednesday night when they received information that demonstrators were at (not: vandalizing a cellphone store) near Ninth and Harrison streets in Oakland.  The undercover officers followed the marchers and began vandalizing ATM machines and other windows with their concealed truncheons to discredit the “protestors” and to gain more overtime pay for Christmas gifts to be bought by police.

The officers, both detectives with the auto theft unit who use steal bars to break the windows of stolen cars, had been following the crowd in an unmarked vehicle all night, Browne said. They left the car at 9th and Harrison, where the police vandalism began, to walk among (stalk) the crowd for 18 blocks before some of the protesters recognized them as (really?, no “thought they might be” police officers.

“At that time an individual accused a person advocating vandalism and violence (not: one of our employees or recognized him) as being a agent provocateur police officer and started yelling ‘Police! Police!'” Browne said.

One of the protesters grabbed at an officers face-mask bandana, not the man pictured with the handgun, and the ununiformed officer flew into a rage (delete: two engaged in a struggle), Browne said. Between 3 and 5 (not: 30 and 50) demonstrators circled the officers, and the officer seen holding the weapon freaked out (the big lie: displayed his badge) and swung his baton and ordered them to stop (meaning: “don’t even breathe”).

When they ignored his orders, and kept breathing, and not dropping dead, Browne said the officer drew his weapon.

“We’re extremely, extremely cognizant and very sensitive to how illegal it is to engage in the sudden display of a gun,” Browne said. “It’s very upsetting, it’s very disturbing, it’s greatly intimidating, to individuals who are trying to peacefully protest.”

Oakland police officers, staged in mass for the scene, arrived seconds later, and the few people left joined the protest march now three blocks away on Broadway (not: crowd dispersed). The man who attacked the officer has been charged with assault (He pulled down on a face bandana, No attempt at “violent injury”)


An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a

violent injury on the person of another. (Enacted 1872)

and remains jailed in Alameda County, according to Browne, who declined to identify the officer or the suspect.  (Note:  One can’t serve a public records request over the phone, hence “no need” to produce documents regarding names immediately, as required by law.)

The “dead journalism” and the blatant lies continue below.  I can’t stomach it anymore, on this night.  Goodnight.

Police are searching for a second woman who also kicked the officer who was attacked. Browne said the officer suffered minor injuries.

The CHP and other law enforcement agencies have been using plainclothes officers to observe and gather information about the protests, and Browne said tensions have risen among officers as several protesters have posted pictures of themselves on social media claiming to be armed with handguns, rocks and explosive devices.

Despite Wednesday’s incident, Browne said he will continue to deploy plainclothes officers to gather intelligence from protesters. Officers have also been creating Twitter accounts, on which they don’t identify themselves as police, in order to monitor planned demonstrations.

“We’re very cognizant of the danger and yes we will continue to use plain clothes officers to observe. Their job is not to get in the middle of it,” he said.

Browne said the officers involved in Wednesday night’s incident did not see any weapons in the crowd, and of the more than 200 arrests CHP officers have made during this week’s protests, very few suspects have been charged with weapons offenses.

The officers were not armed with chemical spray, according to Browne, who said he may consider asking officers responding to protests to carry more non-lethal options in the future.

Oakland has been home to some of the nation’s most violent protests after grand juries in New York City and Ferguson, Mo., declined to indict police officers in the killings of unarmed black men this year.

Demonstrators have taken to Northern California streets each night this week, blocking the 24 Freeway and throwing rocks and incendiary devices at police. Nineteen people were arrested Wednesday night. About 200 people have been arrested this week in Oakland and Berkeley.

CHP officers have also used rubber bullets to quell demonstrations this week, an allegation that may have led “hacktivist” group Anonymous to launch a cyber attack against several websites connected to Oakland’s city government on Wednesday.

Oakland’s City Hall, police and fire department websites were offline for nearly 24 hours.

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Acura Undercover Cop Incident

December 11th, 2014

~ Why blog when it’s really just all about history?

Acura Undercover Cop Incident

OAKLAND – (California)

Gertrude Stein said of Oakland, “There’s no ‘there’, there.”  { “The trouble with Oakland is that when you get there, there isn’t any there there.”}

There is a THERE, there now.  The location is 219 27th Street.  An as yet unidentified CHP “Golden Gate” officer, working undercover, just put Oakland, California on the map.

It’s not just a bit like Furgeson, it’s a LOT like Furgeson; white police officer, probably living far outside the community that he is brutalizing, “doin’ shit” and taking a black brother down.  And just like in Furgeson, the authorities are trying to keep the ID of the criminal cop secret.  You know, to protect his, “family and friends.”  His “family” being the police state supporters tweeting everywhere, his “friends” being his police state supporters on Facebook.

It was Noah Berger of Reuters news service that took the photograph, now shot around the world.  The CHP pistol was pointed straight at him, at his head, tilted sideways, ghetto gang-style.  Had the CHP Golden Gate cop pulled the trigger, the last image Noah would have had was the “C” for Champion parka apparel logo impressed on his mind.  I guess the “C”HP is good at branding, selling and promoting brands.

The have already had their share of night-after-night media harassment by what some call the police, and the victims often call “pigs.”  Cameras have been smashed, reporters detained and arrested.  Last night (December 10, 2014), the feature story was about the ex-U.S. Marine vet being busted for Livestreaming the small march of maybe 200 people.  Aaron Colyer has his home in his van (like living in an RV, but greener and smaller), and like a lot of RV’s he has a removeable camera mounted in front.  The cops removed his camera, removed him from his home and his van, removed his dog “captain” from his master, home, and food and removed the (legally licensed) van from the streets.  Everything mentioned was impounded (imprisoned) at four different locations.

The “Berkeley” “Michael Brown” “Eric Gardner” (and 1,000 others killed in America this year by cops) protestors were set up.  All evening, twitter followers across America desperately searched for live streaming (like last night), like before live streaming became an unwritten crime.  The ABC “live feed” helicopter went down (stopped coverage) about 11:00 PM.  Twitters and tweets were electronically blocked, mostly, by midnight.  The Cal Daily people and reporters were called back to Berkeley by a “closed dorm” alert that frightened and mystified all the “good Berkeley” students that were studying for finals and papers.

It’s easy to “follow” the CHP police undercover agent provocateurs.  Just follow the broken windows and vandalism, the stuff that the police do to make money for cops while discrediting the black cause and protestors.  I can’t stay silent, when “White silence is Violence” and this police Nazi thuggery has been going on far too long, since the 50’s, since the 60’s, since before I was born (in the 1940’s, and way before).

Don’t believe me, or the protestors?  Here’s the version from KTVU:

Two officers, both dressed as civilians and wearing bandanas over their faces, were walking with the group when the demonstrators started pointing at them yelling, “Hey, they’re undercover, they’re cops!”

Oakland police Lt. Chris Bolton wrote on Twitter Thursday morning that the officer was not an Oakland police officer. Bolton said Oakland police were the first to respond to the scene on a report from another agency.

Bolton wrote, “That outside agency has been notified to provide details and address concerns” regarding the officers’ behavior at the protest.

One Berkeley resident, Dylan, who declined to give his last name, said he pulled off the officer’s bandana.

The two policemen started to walk away, but the protesters persisted, screaming at the two undercover cops. One of the officers pushed a protester aside. The man responded by pushing back and then the officer tackled him to the ground, handcuffing him.

The crowd, incensed, began to gather around them. The second officer pulled out his gun and pointed it at the crowd. More officers quickly arrived and dispersed the crowd.

So, now you have it.  Use Google street view to match up the photographs taken with the street view reality at the (Honda) Acura Dealership.  Use facial recognition to match up the 6’4″ “Incredible Hulk, stronger than nails, armed and dangerous, bullet-prove cop.”  Take HIM down with a choke-hold, I guess that wasn’t scripted.

Let the discourse and litany begin about who are the peace-makers and who are the criminals.  What law allows the Oakland Police Department to allow masked marauders “out of uniform” to encourage and solicit acts of violence on Oakland streets?  Where is the Bill that allows on duty, ununiformed, CHP Officers to draw weapons on people just trying to expose the identity of those engaging in criminal behavior?   Why does the picture gone viral show a white police officer holding a black officer on all-fours, on what looks far too much like a leash?  Talk about racist, Look at the back of the Champion parka, white cop – no LEASH.

How STRANGE does it get?  This is the STORY that one gets from BUSINESS INSIDER when you Google “Oakland Acura undercover cop.”  It is a story from 2011 on how the police use embedded undercover police to make demonstrators do what the police authorities want.  It’s the old “rocks & bottles” story, like from the freeway, like on the freeway.  Like in Furgeson, where the police were actually video-taped using their own flash-bang devices to commit arson.  “No Silence about Police Violence.”

I want the name of the new NATIONAL HERO, the black man, the black guy, arrested for outing the undercover cop.  He’s bigger and braver than Snowdon.  He pulled #offthebandana, he showed that the cops are wearing no clothes.

All the right wing-nuts can post posts on identifying the gun, the pistol, the lugar, or whatever it was or is.  They can say that it is green or orange, a PLAY GUN, and that cops shouldn’t be allowed to carry PLAY GUNS in peaceful, otherwise unarmed, demonstrations.  They can say that EVERYONE should carry arms in demonstrations, concealed guns AND open arms.  The wing-nuts can say that “with gloves on” the officer could never pull the trigger to shoot – he was BLUFFING.  He knew everyone is AFRAID of guns, has a FEAR OF GUNS.  Only terrorists try to create FEAR; or is that only for ISIS?

I’m not blogging now.  This is more, a long Tweet.  It’s angry, it rambles a bit.  It’s outspoken.  It aims for the truth, and like the handgun, it’s pointed at YOU. 

UPDATE #1:  UTC 22:20

OK, the most viral picture of the CHP undercover thug is the ome where he is over the two black guys, with what looks like a leash in his left hand.  Actually, he is holding a short (maybe iron) bar or thin baton.

All broken windows (in Oakland and other places) should be preserved as EVIDENCE, to determine if this weapon was the one used to smash or break the windows in question.  The CHP cop obviously hides the weapon under his coat, or in his cowboy boots as a concealed weapon.  Is that even legal?  I thought “cop weapons” (other than legally registered concealed guns) HAD to be open and visible.  Maybe cops using brass knuckles (like the old days) or blackjacks (like the old days) are next.  Maybe the CHP officers even carry switchblades?  Be very careful out there.

Idea:  Every protest should be surrounded by monitors that send people to a “always moving entry gate” that has a metal detector and maybe full body scanner so that police provocateurs can’t enter (join) the protest with weapons.  Hey, in a “free society”, anything necessary to keep the right of protest “free”.

The point is that maybe the reason this CHP cop / drawn pointed gun story is going viral is to INTIMIDATE protestors so they don’t protest.  The CopHP gun thing is so scary.  It’s about getting hurt, getting shot, getting killed.  It’s about someone watching you, always, everywhere.

UPDATE #2:  UTC 23:20

Twitter feed is identifying possible police vandalism at 9th and Franklin, in Oakland, last night.  An ATM screen at a bank was smashed. ATM Screen

To me, based upon the impact area, the damage looks very much like it was caused by the weapon the CHP undercover “agent provocateur cop”* was secretly carrying under his oversized coat (“not a police” parka).

Talk about “busted!”  Vivian Ho, of the San Francisco Chronicle just tweeted this an hour ago (about 5:30 Berkeley time).  “Chief Browne said plainclothes cops were trailing in car until 9th/Harrison, then got out and walked in back”  [Post modification Added @ 6:30 Berkeley time]

Crystal Ball time:  The CHP will hide him* until he is outed by an enemy, a friend, or the press.  He will receive $1 million bucks “tax free” from right-wing crowd funding and $5 million more from the founder of Pay Pal.  An internal CHP investigation will say he, “did no wrong.”  A grand jury (mostly white, in Oakland) will return a “no cause” result, and “free him”, although he has never been arrested once in his whole life inspite of his history of crimes.   News reporters will uncover the undercover history of his crimes.  The feds will do nothing and remain silent.  The Acura site will become a rallying point for the KKK in America, at least as celebrated as such on Facebook and Twitter.  Honda (corporation) will pay big bucks to close the Acura dealership and move it to a new site, unmarked by controversy.  Fifty years from now demonstrators will march for the right of black people to be treated fairly.

Stop it NOW.

UPDATE #3:  UTC 22:50

Oh, why wait for the gun-nuts to identify the CHP pistol that the “card-carrying cop communist” working for the CHiP was carrying.  it was so easy to find HERE.  The CHP Oakland undercover pistol cop is pointing a Smith & Wesson 4006 pistol.   As you can see, or as I believe, it cannot be effectively fired while wearing “glass smashing” over-sized gloves.   This guy deserves the same type of “American justice” that Eric Garner got, “trial and execution by on-site opinion.”

Where in the CHP small arms training manual does it say, “point a weapon at the head of a “threat” (a free foreign journalist) when you KNOW that you can’t pull the trigger if you have to?”   The guy should be fired, at the very least, for being a dingbat and a doofus.

When the behavior of the “CHP’s finest (and biggest)” is as arrogant in regards to “0” ZERO accountability as this CHP Poster Cop is, it is time for everyone to wake up and know that the whole “cop system” is totally out of control.  This guy does not believe in the right to assemble, the right to protest, or even freedom of the press – he’s an anarchist, he’s worse than Al Quida, he’s a terrorist, and at 6’4″ and white, very scary.  How do we know that this guy doesn’t use “loosies”?

UPDATE #4:  UTC 01:00 (12/122014)

I have been reading the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Firearms Training Manual of the State of California.   Parts of the manual content apply to “an active duty peace officer.”  Part II:  MORAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS: 


To apprehend a fleeing suspect.

To demonstrate authority.

To psychologically “impress” others.


Further, one must NEVER “draw a firearm to frighten someone.”

Section §417:


(a)(2) Every person who, except in self-defense, in the presence of any other

person, draws or exhibits any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, in a rude,

angry, or threatening manner, or who in any manner, unlawfully uses a firearm in

any fight or quarrel is punishable as follows:


If the violation occurs in a public place and the firearm is a pistol, revolver,

or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person, by imprisonment in a

county jail for not less than three months and not more than one year, by a fine not

to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment.


In all cases other than that set forth in subparagraph (A), a misdemeanor,

punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not less than three months.


So, that’s the LAW, and the CRIME.

The issue regarding the unnamed CHP undercover (plainclothes) officer, as it was for Darren Dean Wilson, is “self-defense”.  Wilson claimed that Mike Brown “wrestled with him, was larger than he was, grabbed for his gun, lunged at him, didn’t obey his commands.”  The same standard for exhibiting a firearm, drawing a firearm, should apply to “Officer CHiP at the Acura in Oakland.”

Noah Berger did NOT lunge, he was much smaller than Officer CHiP, Noah Berger weighed less.  How could Officer CHiP feel threatened?  There was no wrestling.  There was no failure to “obey orders.”  There was no “grabbing,” no violation of Officer CHiPs property or space.

There was no “riot”, very few demonstrators, all peaceful, were walking lawfully down a street.  A person thought (didn’t know) that two other people were “undercover cops”.  Cops don’t wear masks, so a facial bandana was pulled.

Remember, if YOU are being robbed, you must never touch a robbers mask, he might be a cop and unmasking him to allow a security camera to take pictures is “assaulting an officer” (or something).

There really AREN’T enough laws about masks, and unmasking, and the right to wear masks in America.  There was NO WAY that anyone could KNOW that the person was a peace officer, it was speculation, supposition.  So, what applies in the Officer CHiP case applies to everyone, i.e., “is unmasking someone, or trying to unmask someone (not under arrest?) a crime, an “assault?”

The assault (if it IS an assault) cannot be “upon a peace officer,” because the fact of being a police officer was unknowable and NOT at all apparent.  So, how does one get from there to a justification for drawing a weapon, and not defending oneself with the iron bar, the baton, the “crow bar thug thingy.”  Did Officer CHiP think that the journalist with the camera had a gun, was a threat?  Legally, he would have to prove that to “beat the rap,” of illegally brandishing a firearm in a public place, on a public street, during a lawful public gathering.

There is no question that the Oakland CHP undercover officer used his weapon in a threatening manner.  It was concealed, his use was abrupt, he pointed it at persons.  The face says more menace than fear; and until I see the CHP training manual for the “side angle holding”, not the “two handed holding”, I think the evidence speaks to being a “hood”, not a professional peace officer on duty, properly dealing with journalists and the press (they openly display their credentials).  The officer KNEW.

Finally, there is the issue “of quarrel”.  The (secret officer) was mad about his mask being pulled off.  Thus started the “quarrel.” The officer was offended, fought back by drawing his iron pipe (think Clue), then by drawing his gun.  The “bandana puller” didn’t KNOW he was a peace officer.  The peace officer was not acting like one.  There was no badge ever shown, no body camera, no livestream cameras to prove it.  If there were a body camera, it would, “not have been on.”  In cop shootings, it almost never is.

More later, maybe.