The Three Faces of Eventide

March 11th, 2015

~ Albuquerque made the news today due to three ‘fast-breaking’ stories.

Traditionally a news story had to be timely in order to be considered as news.  The key in the word news was the word ‘new’, although in High School Journalism I was taught that ‘news’ was also a reminder of where the news came from, being: north, east, west, and south.

All that has changed now.  Most local stories are dead, or about the dead and the dieing that are always just the local angle on the ongoing world-wide slaughter of both the innocent and the guilty that is all a part of the planet’s populations preoccupation with an excessive amount of change, meaning constant change.  The only real timely event is one that has gone viral, while it is still going viral, not after the fact.

The making of lists was always the rage in the 40’s and 50’s and 60’s when America seemed to make it to #1 in virtually every field, every event, everything that was worth tracking and counting and keeping track of.  It was hubris.  The lists then were always just about the things that were being promoted as ‘good’.  The things being promoted, like growth, like tallest buildings, like the greatest number of cars.  Nixon (as Vice-President) went to the “Communist-City” of Moscow and debated Khrushchev (Communist-leader) of (Communist) Russia (meaning the Soviet Union).  I’ll get back to my point later, but Nixon’s point, and point of view, was that things like kitchen sinks, and electric mixers, and refrigerators were what made a nation great, not just having a longer history.  In refrigerators the US was #1.

Lists are now not about the ‘evening’, about areas where a nation, a person, or a city might want to catch up and be #3 maybe, maybe #5, or if possible #1.  So much of everything in America has always been, and is always still, about #1, about being the best, being perfect, being the richest and being #1 in flaunting it.

The #1 News Story today, in Albuquerque, is that Albuquerque is #5.  Yes, Albuquerque is the 5th ‘quirkiest’ city in the nation with New Orleans being a solid #1.  Albuquerque is never number one in anything, except red-or-green chile consumption; and because there is a choice Albuquerque is always just #2 in the ranking of each individual category.  That’s always the story of life in Albuquerque, there is always someone out there that is always better, always bigger, always best and besting you when you can’t possibly ever be “best”.

An unusual habit or way of behaving,” is the way that quirk is defined.  I think that the point of the Travel & Leisure magazine inclusion of Albuquerque in the list was that “Albuquirky” has such an interesting ring.  It is only the local population that will suffer from the bad breaking story, which brings up their point that “only in Albuquerque” is breaking bad seen as being good, despite the fact that virtally the entire nation thinks Breaking Bad is really, really good, perhaps #1, but it probably just misses, comes in at #2, like Avis with nothing to do but “try harder.”

The #2 News Story today, out of Albuquerque, is about the plight of the homeless.  It’s an ongoing story.  It is once again the story about how the homeless always have to move, have to keep moving, how they are never allowed to have a homeland or homeland security.  It’s an international theme.  The Albuquerque short-story version is just a reminder of bigger things, broader themes.

The homeless in Albuquerque are not wanted downtown, so the city allowed a camp near the tracks.  Neighbors complained so they were removed to a new camp on a nearby land lot that was donated to them by a community group that didn’t contact the owners (of the land and the lot).  Like in Palestine, the real owners objected.  Yes, this story is true.  However, unlike in Israel, the homeless in Albuquerque did not get to stay, they were given eviction orders and told to move on.  They were told to move to a ‘Lomas site’, not far from a freeway where they could be free.  The freeway authorities claimed the land as “their land” and told the homeless, once again, to move on.  “Go to the shelters where you will be fleeced and get raped,” was the message.  Well, not really the real words, but sometimes the reality of the situation in too many cases.  Eviction notices have been issued.  The story continues.  It’s just another war and just another war story, like the one I wrote about yesterday or the day before.

So, now we have the story of News Story #3, the real story that really went viral.  You see the point by now, life in a world that won’t ever be fair, that makes just about everyone (except the 1%, the #1’s) feel like life is not worth living unless you are the ‘number one’ on the top.  It’s the “Cottonwood” story, the story of the Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School and their 38 member, Class of 2015, senior class prom.

The school is a little international of course, it does offer the IB, which honestly does make this school a bit special.  But, living in Albuquerque one cannot ever hope to be too special, to be #1, to ever be at the top of things ever, for even one day.  It is probably a lot like being Khrushchev, or Russia then, or Palestine (Gaza) today.  The US, land of the free, would not even let Khrushchev visit Disneyland on his American visit.

What really is Prom-munism, and what really is it all about?  Are there Prommunists?  Is there a Prommunist conspiracy, or are there good things to say about Prommunism?  I think there are.  I support Jody Bailet, Rose Kerkmans, and Dylan Yarbrough in their efforts to have a senior prom that was not just about fancy dress and dresses, long limousines, dining experiences fit for a King, and the ubiquitous lavish lodging experience in hotel and motel rooms that far too often follow.  A prom is a dance, or probably should be just that.  It should not be just a demonstration of who is on top and how much they can spend.

As one of the three said, we just wanted chocolate brownies, that tasted like brownies, and didn’t have drugs and didn’t taste like they had drugs.  Only in America could so many people so heartlessly disagree with the sentiments expressed here.  No drugs, no sex, no conspicuous consumption as the central theme of prom night?  Heaven forbid, because all the parents seem to support it, the trashy prom thing that is at the center of it all in most American high schools now.  Cottonwood High just goes to show how “quirky” Albuquerque really is, and how civilized of course, and really how much Albuquerque is really on (as always) the cutting edge of things, a part of the future and not just living in the past.

Jody Bailet, Rose Kerkmans, and Dylan Yarbrough are really great kids, great young adults, that really seem to want a future that is not just about being #1 and the 1% thing.  Just sayin’.  (Photograph courtesy of the Albuquerque Journal newspaper – Marla Brose, photographer)

I’ll be glad to take this whole thing one step, two steps, probably a lot further or farther.  I’m a Prommunist at heart.  Give me a card, I’ll carry it.  Put my name on a roster, on a list, so I can be called to appear at the hearings.  It’s a matter of record now.  I’m a fellow follower of Bailet, and a believer in Kerkmans, a Kerkmans-ite maybe, maybe a Yarist, of the Yarbrough political sect.  I’ll wear grey, just like they do.  It’s a uniform now, a far better shade of gray than the shade of grey that mainstream America is now all about, assuming that America is now mostly all about just being a movie, or copying movies.

Let the word Prommunism live in infamy.  Let it be like the Maine, always remembered.  Let it be like the ‘shot heard around the world’, a one-word world manifesto about where we’ve been and about where we really should be going (and growing).  It’s like a voice in the wilderness, this word from the desert (Albuquerque is really a desert), I predict that Prommunism will grow, it will grow like a movement, like a weed, and that too will be good in a nation that too often just wants to kill all the flowers.  We all know that the confrontation in Ukraine is a war that the US can’t win.  In nuclear weapons it is Russia that is clearly #1 now, now that they are no longer just a communist state.  There is a new state of mind there, not the old USSR (CCCP) at all.  Things change, and words change too in their meaning.  That’s where I started (this post), change – everything is changing, and all change, in the end, will be for the good.

As you can clearly see by now, all three stories are really related.  All stories are related, and are told and retold until the lessons are learned and things really, really for real, really change.  It is a journey on which we have started.  I like the kids, these real Albuquerque leaders, these champions of freedom and equality and fraternity (so unlike the SAE fraternity brothers).  These teenagers backed down a bit this time, they had to, too much parental, peer, and authoritarian pressure.  They are not schooled in how to best handle viral.

But, there really is the birth of a new freedom here, the freedom to be just ordinary people, not #1 and never feeling the need to be.  The cold war is over, or should be.  No need to bring it back.  No need to be reminded constantly of how short and stubby all the American skyscrapers now are compared to the rest of the world, or how few refrigerators we make or we have.  It’s a post-empire world we live in, or soon it will be.  These IB students have learned much about history and even more about the present.  When they speak, the rest of us might listen.  The evening is already here.

A War story – The Italian-Turkish War

March 9th, 2015

~ The Italian – Turkish War was a war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire.  The war began on September 29, 1911, when Italy invaded the area now known as Libya, then a part of the Ottoman Empire.  The Italian – Turkish War formally ended with the (First) Treaty of Lausanne (also known as the Treaty of Ouchy) signed in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 18, 1912.

About 100 years ago, on January 19, 1915, the coastal community of Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) became the first city in England to be bombed from the air.  If you follow the web you might be led to believe that this was the first city anywhere that had a bomb dropped on it “from the air.”

So my search began.  I assumed that surely some other European city was bombed by aeroplane (‘airplane’ now) or Zeppelin before Yarmouth.  I wondered, when really did the first bombing run really occur?  When did the modern madness begin that is now centered on drones and missiles and ICBM’s and all the modern marvels that bring explosive devices and exploding itself out of the clear blue sky of the good planet earth?

OK, it rains.  And we (as the modern menchkins or munchkins we are) are just the little people that have learned that the ‘baddest rain’ that can rain is a rain of bombs (from the air).

So, already I’ve presented enough information so that everyone can differ, and diffuse, and disagree about just about everything that I’ve already said, or have tried to say.

I list a few of the objections right here, and right now.  I know that people like preempting the point of an argument before it can even start.  So here it is, and so it goes.  In the case of most modern armies it is roadside bombs that are the only real danger.  The enemies that most modern armies fight don’t have airplanes or air power or drones and missiles and things (that fly through the air and drop bombs).  It’s a one sided affair.  We (America and Britland and Israel) bomb the “them” and they can’t ever equally bomb back us.

Ah, the naysayers say, they (the “them”) do have rockets and missiles and things.  “The Palestinians throw rocks, use slingshots,” they are missiles of sorts, they can hurt, perhaps even kill.   The argument goes on, as the naysayers recite worse.  Hamas, and Hezbollah too, has rockets too, or “two”, as in two kinds of rockets.   They are such a danger (they say).  It brings back images of Great Yarmouth (100 years ago) when two people were actually killed when a 500 foot long German made Zeppelin coursed above Yarmouth and the coastline looking for train tracks to follow so it could find the streets of Saint Peter’s Plain and kill the (two) innocent citizens that dwelled there.

War IS always just about the killing, the slaughter, the maiming and injuring and hurting of ‘the innocent’, now isn’t it?

OK and hearsay, and here I must say that the popular myth is that only “our side” suffers from the innocent casualties, or the casualties of innocence, or the costs of innocence.  They kill us, but “we” never really kill “them” is how the argument goes, and goes, and goes.  Like the shellings in Donetsk, in the Ukraine, that only kill Russian led insurgents fighting for the Red Army.  It’s all hogwash of course, but good hogwash is better than no hogwash at all (is what they always will say).

Do I digress?  Does the argument, and do the arguments digress to being quite silly?  I was writing about war, and wars, and how one war leads to another and how little wars, little enemy actions, lead to bigger and bigger actions and reactions until the whole world is at war, or is in at least what one calls a ‘world war’.

The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) circa 1911

I return to my story.

It turns out, as I easily found, that the first bomb ever dropped was dropped from a plane and not from a dirigible, but that the dropping of bombs from dirigibles soon was to follow.   When one is on a roll, one might as well roll, to coin a phrase or so to say something about someone, or something, somewhere.  Back to the story, or the back story.  The bomb was really not a real bomb at all, it was not even as large as the very small bombs that were dropped upon Yarmouth, or Great Yarmouth.

The Italian Ace, the flyer, the pilot flying the two passenger plane with no other passenger (technically no ‘passenger’ at all), was also the bomber, the bombardier, and the guy with the grenade, the four hand grenades that were not in his hand but were kept on the floor (of the plane).

I’ll save the story of how he loaded them, and fused them, and flew them and flung them, all to no avail, for later perhaps.  The four hand grenades, the four poorly planned missiles, the four duds from the one dude did nothing.  Or, it seemed like that the event had very little effect at the time.  Spoiler alert: they didn’t explode because they just landed in sand.

Of course the passage of time shows perfectly well that that judgement (on things) is really unseemly.  One thing led to another, one aerial drop led to another; in no time the Italians were dropping larger bombs from their blimps and as ‘they’ say, “the rest is history,” or at least is the history of how and why so many of us can never rest, can never get any rest; why we are so restless at times.

I really don’t believe that I was EVER taught anything about the Turkish-Italian War, the Italy-Turkish War, the Tripoli War, the Italo-Turke War, the war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire – this war with a hundred, if not literally a thousand different names.  It’s not a part of American history.  That should be a question.  Well, is it?

This is when a guy by the name of W. H. Beehler comes in.  William Henry (“Bill”) Beehler, was a Naval Commodor at the time.  He was in his sixties at the time of the war and was (about) 65 at the time of the book.  What book you may ask?  The title of the treatise that he wrote is The History of the Italian-Turkish War.  (The full text version is HERE, without the illustrations.)

It’s not a famous book, nor one too often read.  But evidently it was read too often, often enough, by just the right (or wrong) people to have an impact on things, to create observations that too often were taken seriously and very often now seem matter of fact.  He got some things right and a few other things quite wrong.  It’s an interesting read, although I am almost certain you won’t read it, because probably nobody will.

So I will hit on a few high points for you (and for others).

The book was written in early 1913 as a U.S. Navy official report.  It is as close as one can get to understanding official U.S. policy, both then and probably now.  It all began with the First Barbary War, in 1801, probably the first foreign war that the United States of America was ever involved in.  It is the first American intervention, that has led to a long list of trouble and very troubling episodes since then, including a hundred or so that the U.S. in involved in right now.  The Marines hymn has a lot to do with the wars in Tripoli, and the world wide wars since then, and elsewhere.

Erich Ludendorff was the Nazi movements co-conspirator (with Adolph Hitler) in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.  Earlier, in World War I, he was a German General.  He learned a lot about war, and learned more by being in war.  He came to conclusion that endless war was a nation’s natural state, the “destiny” of all nations as it were.  As a result he supported Hitler, he had no faith that a democracy or democratic institutions could lead a nation to ultimate victory, or could even guide it, or effectively lead it in peace, during the nations preparations for the impending ultimate war, and/or wars.

In much of this William Beehler seems not to disagree.  In his book he makes it clear that the war in Libya (Libia) was a war for Lebensraum, living space, for the Italians and the Italian people.  W.J. Beehler states that this is (was) a good thing, reasonable and justified.   European nations, even the American nation, are entitled to colonies and possessions and conquered territories and territory taken over for the benefit of the aggressor nations people and for the safety of trade (as pointed out by Beehler).  Beehler makes it perfectly clear that “trade” issues were the reason why Italy suddenly gave Turkey a 24 hour ultimatum to allow Italian troops to occupy and fully control the entirety of the area now known as Libya.  It sounds so much like the U.S. policy and practice in Ukraine, but now it’s through the use of intermediaries and the ubiquitous fascist henchmen.

The mass massacres by the Italians and the Italian army and navy of the native population, the indigenous civilians, the people that lived there and often sided with the Turks, is generally overlooked and ignored by Beehler in his official report.  No mention is made of the numerous concentration camps that the Italian government set up, operated, or the thousands, tens of thousands, of deaths that occurred there.  There is no list today of the names of the camps, of camp locations, the commandants of the camps, of the people that suffered or often died there.  It is not a part of military history (Beehler seems to say), it just isn’t important.

Beehler does mention that the Italians and the Italian government felt good about censoring things, bending (or breaking if necessary) the arms of journalists, especially of foreign journalists.  Even today, one hundred years later, there are no published pictures of the Italian concentration camps in Libya dating back to the time, documenting the time and times.  The Illustrated Times of London wouldn’t go there, didn’t go there, refused to publish pictures or to report the real story.  Are things really so different now?

Most of the illustrations made for the press and for postcards paint the Libyans as black, being black, being people of a very dark color; so dark they don’t look like they are Arab at all.  Many were Arab of course, they were Arab Semitic people that were put in the camps (of course), like are interned behind the walls of Gaza and the west bank of Palestine even now.  Nothing ever changes it seems.  It’s not the favorite topic of discussion in London when one debates and deplores and declares ones opinions on things, on immigration, incarceration, invasions based on past invasions of a peoples home place, of ones traditional home, and of the outrages that were permitted to occur there, or were planned for there.

The American apologist, apologists like Beehler, who present what they present so exceedingly well, yet have such  incredible tunnel vision, and who could not see (or feel) the whole truth if it were an alligator in front of them, on them, that bit him (or bit them) are people not worthy of any present or popular place in history.  But those are the people that are mostly seen, are always there, always seem to be there.

Endless war has been going on for a very long time.  The only reason why people think there was peace is because of all the wars that don’t make the history books in the false telling of history.  I was never taught that the Italy – Turkey war was really the first (opening) chapter of World War One.  That it was there that the bombing began, that the bombs would first fall, that dirigibles would be first used as a weapon, and armored cars that look so much like the armored pickup trucks used in the desert today, of aerial surveillance, of the telegraph and the wireless as weapons, as aircraft and airplanes as machines of war, the use of all manner of modern marvels.

Beehler specifically states that the bombing and bombardment of coastal areas and cities is absolutely justified in war even if it involves the death of civilians.  On “land” it is against the Geneva and Hague conventions of course, but those do not apply to the Navy, to coast cities, to coastal communities, or to naval Zeppelins like Germany used in the attack on Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth.

The attack on Shanghai and Hong Kong and Pearl Harbor do come to mind.  Maybe London (calling) too.  Don’t take it from me, take it from Beehler, read Beehler; now you can really understand the Marines (part of the Navy of course).  So when Great Yarmouth was bombed less than two years later it was really OK, because the official U.S. report said it was really OK.

It took just a little more than six months from the treaty of peace between Italy and Turkey before the “First” world war began to break out.  Italy was on one side, Turkey on the other.  I really believe that the truth is that both wars were both the one war, part of the endless 100 year war that goes back to the first 100 years war, and probably back even much further.  So, does this make Erich Ludendorff right, and not just politically right?  Does it also make Billy Beehler right too, and maybe Bibi who holds the Arabs in a lower esteem than either one of the first two just mentioned.  There is no democracy in Israel, Bibi will of course win, it’s the destiny of things to always have war.

Now do you get it?  Now are you beginning to really get it?

Of course this age cannot and will not last forever.  History is NOT just an endless litany of “wars and battles” as the British so often have said.  It is not properly just a list of Kings and Queens, of royalty, of so-called ‘famous men’, and of famous and infamous women sometimes.  Most of the men remembered are “infamous” in reality, most are peacemakers that really are not (and were not) interested in making or keeping peace.

Convair B-36 Peacemaker – a six-engine, propeller driven nuclear weapon type bomber.
The Peacemaker was the largest US bomber ever produced, it was armed and flew just 35 years after the first bomb was ever dropped from an airplane in Tripoli, in Libya.

Nice weather, nice day

March 6th, 2015

~ Is it nice that virtually nobody reads me?

It is a nice day in Albuquerque today, and it ‘looks to be’ (like) it is going to be a lot nicer.  The high is predicted to be a comfortable 62 degrees outside; it will probably be a reasonably bit hotter.  It IS always safe to talk (and write) about the weather.  It’s hard to argue about that.  Everyone knows about all the rules.

The Weather Channel has this interesting picture about a new fad afoot, freezing hair.  Maybe the rules really HAVE changed.  What once was seen as a problem (freezing weather, freezing cold) is now just seen (by some) as just another way to have fun.

Pictures of homeless Americans freezing on the streets of America are a whole lot less likely to go viral.  That’s the nature of things.  So many people just wanna have fun, have the ‘good life’, don’t really want to care about what might really be good.  You’ve heard it before, they’ve heard it before.  “Just shut the fu*k up, and ‘move on’.”

OK, I Googled (TM) “freezing on the streets” (Images) and what you find below is what I find (found).

The caption is “Freeze tag on Wall Street.”  It’s just another picture of people who just want to have fun.  It’s the typical type of photograph that goes viral, the ‘tag with a tag’ and the ‘Wall Street’ connection doesn’t hurt, not at all.

There is a new Google (TM) idea to sort search engine results by “truthfulness” and not ‘hits’.  It’s about fairness, I suppose, or social engineering.  So much of the internet is seen as being composed of so many lies.  The ‘truth will out’ (Google thinks) if TRUTH is the criteria.

So, what really is the truth about the claim that all Iran really wants is nuclear weapons, and what is the real truth about the conflict in the Ukraine? 

The 70th anniversary of the Battle of Manilla was observed just the other day (March 3rd – 2015).  100,000 people were killed, mostly just civilians, in just one month of ‘fighting’.  Manilla is in the Philippines of course, in 1945 it was (of course) a U.S. possession, a colony, or a commonwealth, whatever that really legally means.  What the Battle of Manilla meant to the Filipinos was “Just shut the fu*k up, and ‘move on’.”

You see, the United States of America had promised the Philippines full independence by 1944 (10 years from 1934).  The American liberation (from Japan) in 1945 had the potential to make that promise real.  To complain about all the Philippine Islanders killed by the American shelling during the Battle of Manilla could not possibly come to any good (or so thought most Filipinos).  Blame 100,000 deaths on the Japanese, that explanation was far simpler, it would also greatly increase the sympathy for allowing the ‘birth of a nation’, the Republic of the Philippines, as promised.

There is no question that the occupation of the Philippines by the Empire of Japan was often barbaric and brutal.  There is no question that Filipino civilians suffered casualties, outrages, and deaths.  The question, in a world seemingly always obsessed about the numbers, is what really WERE the numbers.  Like Google says, it is the search for the truth, that’s what really is important, that’s what inquiring minds really want to know.  Or, is it?  Do the people just having fun really want to know?


March 5th, 2015

“Another Albuquerque-produced TV series hits the airwaves tonight, with Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche leading the ensemble cast on USA Network’s newest drama thriller, “Dig.”  Albuquerque Journal – Purim Day – March 5, 2015

~ It’s the new world now, can you dig it?

It is the Jewish holiday of Purim today.  And that’s the point; that’s the point of the 160 point type used to point out the first showing of ‘Dig’ that was used on the front page Albuquerque Journal story.  160 point type IS really BIG, bigger than the 96 point type that once was considered to be a really big headline.

As if the name Issacs was not hint enough, it is notable that ‘Dig’ is film-set in Jerusalem, the place where America’s apparent new leader Netanyahu is from.  Isaacs is publicly from London, so we are reminded of the new triumvirate: Washington – London – Tel Aviv; America – Great Britain – Israel.  Except that as ‘Dig’ points out it is all about Jerusalem really, and Jerusalem is really the capital, and so it is really ISRAEL FIRST, then Great Britain, and America is a fairly distant THIRD.

The story-line is about “a conspiracy 2,000 years in the making”, not subtle, it obviously doesn’t bode well for the Christianity thing; or as Christians are seen in the television show and media limelight.  It’s not just Iranians (Aryans) and Moslems (Muslims) that are under attack, it is everyone and anyone except those who might be considered Jews and supportive of Jews, which right now has nothing to do with real Jews, but is just about the Israel-Zionist thing.

I’ve been trying really very hard lately to sort this whole thing pretty much out.  I know I’m not alone, at least not alone in my generation that grew up our entire life in the shadow of Israel and the shadow of World War II, great war or not.  I’ve been ‘digging around’ as someone might say.

I’ve written a thousand times (probably really more like a hundred) about my upbringing on newspapers, magazines and movies – mostly movies.  I saw every foot of footage ever filmed of the holocaust by the time that I was seven (in 1955).  They didn’t call it the holocaust back then, the term (if invented) wasn’t a part of the vernacular yet, at least not in magazines, books, political cartoons and the movies.  You couldn’t deny the holocaust back then because nobody had informed you that the holocaust had happened.

The newsreels DID present holocaust pictures and film, the death by burning that the term holocaust means and suggests.  I watched pictures of Dresden, the fire-bombing of Tokyo, of Berlin and Hamburg.  It was how I learned geography, one city at a time that Great Britain and America systematically burned to near-oblivion.  I also saw, too many times, the instant fire (heat, blast, radiation) incineration of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I saw the footage so many times, at such an early age, that I can never forget.  Who can deny that this holocaust ever occurred, who could ever possibly forget it, and not remember it?

In my recent research I am running into things (facts) that I never really seemed to previously know.  There is a growing clarity about things, a fuller appreciation of the truth.  As suggested above, the definition of things (and of people) keeps changing.  The Hebrews of an earlier time are (in a ever-changing political correctness) now only referred to as Jews.  ‘Hebrew” is the language now, not the people or culture.   The ‘Israelites‘ of an earlier epoch became ‘the nation of Israel’, an ancient nation/people in (or near) the lands of Phoenicia.  Then there was the Louis Armstrong favorite, Shadrack, the ‘fiery furnace’ song written in the 1930’s about an attempted holocaust that occurred in what is now modern Iran.  The story seems to come from, or through, the Bible.

Most holocaust denial (not referring to the real holocaust of the killing of millions in the fiery burning down of whole cities) is rooted in the study of the reported populations of the Jewish population in various sources.  There is, without question, the very fiery and fearsome rhetoric from various fascists and fascist leaders.  But as Netanyahu himself (and now famous followers) has (have) frequently made clear, political rhetoric is often extreme, untrue, and misguided.  Even U.S. General Sherman once said, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” but that didn’t lead to the substantial extermination of the Indian population of North America.  There was (of course) a genocide in America, by Americans, that is still being denied by most people who live there.  Did it involve the death of six million or more?  The answer is probably yes, and it occurred in a time when the population of the planet was far smaller than it was in 1933 – 1945.  Just sayin’.

There are many who, because of past events such as are mentioned above, think it is better to forget about history and to live just in the present, the ‘here and now.’  Why ‘Dig’, is what people may say.  And then a new (TV) episode comes along and reminds us that the past is still with us; that the only really battle of “now” is who controls the past by writing, and disseminating, and propagating the latest version of history.  HERE is a link to an article most interesting, that is very long but illustrates and informs very well about what is happening and really has happened.

DIG was a Parker Brother’s game first released in 1940, before the United States (America) was attacked by Japan, so that it could ‘enter the war’ that was on-going in Europe.

I played DIG in the 50’s, on an old set that was in the family.  The game wasn’t really a board game, it was based on the use of small wooden hammers that were supposed to pick up letters that were piled in a pile, or scattered in a pile on the table.  DIG never worked very well after awile because the small wooden mallets would soon stop being sticky and the hammer heads would fail to pick up the letters.

There is a metaphor here of course.  Some games are just fundamentally flawed, or, some facts that you need just never stick, or, if one can’t ‘pick up’ on the game as it is being played one is going to end up a loser.

My research will probably continue.  I do like to dig.  I can dig it (maybe).

The State of the State

March 4th, 2015

~ Is this post more about the state that things seem to be in?

It’s March again, the month when traditionally the winds begin to blow and the armies go Marching off to war.

War isn’t as an on-again, off-again thing as it used to be, battles punctuated by periods of ‘pax’ (peace) and not the pox of endless war.   There are wars of all kinds now.  Internet wars are just an example.  Maybe someday there will be a ‘pax viral’, or a ‘pax invasion’, meaning a period of mental peace when governments and businesses actually stopped surveilling you (and everyone else) for maybe just 24 hours.

It’s the constant assault on the heart and the mind that hurts, and is what is hurting America and the rest of the world; meaning ‘rest’; meaning like from getting any rest.  There is a burgeoning “I really don’t care, I really don’t want to know; Really, don’t tell me” movement abroad in the world right now.  I really don’t blame them, the heads in the sand type people.  Actually the Ostrich effect IS effective, the head is not in the sand, but it looks like it when the Ostrich puts his or her ear to the ground so that the Ostrich can really listen for sounds of danger out there.

We hear of danger and dangers now 24/7, all of the time.  We hear of situations that make our hearts break and break our hearts that are already broken 24/7.  There is little rest.  There is often no sleep.  In the battle for the hearts and minds, humanity is losing.

It’s not the drumbeats of armies that the Ostrich hears, it’s the vibrations of the ground caused by all the moving.  Drums and drummers can send false alarms, do it all the time to the point of distraction.  That’s the point – distraction.  What is worth noting is the actual movement, not the so-called flag-waving movements, but the real sound of troops on the ground, troops engaging in battle, not just troops marching.

Most troops are chicken-shit now, like the snipers.  The hand-to-hand battle that distinguished real warriors that did not hide behind armor and helmets and that sort of thing are now mostly long gone.  That’s the allure of ISIS – warriors that do their own killing, with their own hands, up front and personal like all real war is and ought to be.

OK, sure, the ISIS guys are also really cowards.  The enemies that they kill are unarmed, can’t fight back, are usually civilians.  There is a metaphor here, armies as executioners, as if we hadn’t long ago noticed.  Will the images of the American sniper, and the Islamic Jihad warrior, bring it on home, make people see what has always been obvious?

World War II was not noted for its ‘trench warfare.’  67,400 civilians are said to have died in greater Great Britain, mostly by bombing, by pilots that never saw or could see the faces of the people they killed and maimed and left permanently disfigured.  That’s chicken-shit war, making war on civilians, on the backs of civilians that one can’t possibly see, and can’t even really imagine.

382,600 ‘military’ people were killed who were from greater Great Britain during the same 71 months of British participation in “the good war,” an average of 5,389 deaths per month, 180 ‘soldiers’ per day.  The point is that we don’t really know if they were all really ‘soldiers.’  Many British deaths were people who were pilots and bomb droppers and snipers and from artillery batteries and battleships and battle cruisers and submarines; all of which kill people from afar without ever allowing the killers to see the faces of those that they kill, or maim, or injure, or wound or decapitate or discombobulate with their weapons of war.

It takes a great deal to keep the idea of war going after such a great patriotic struggle as this, as this was, with 450,000 killed, nearly one-half million people dead regardless of the reason.

There were more than 47 million people living in greater Great Britain during the war, maybe less, maybe more.   1 person in 100 was killed, actually died; a great deal more were greatly damaged and injured.  Statistically, virtually everyone in Great Britain actually knew SOMEONE that died.  Most people could sit down and write a list of 100 ‘friends, family, and work’ people, that they know, that they knew – and someone on that list DIED (in the perhaps not so good war).

Why would anyone want to replicate this (state of affairs); why would anyone want to repeat it?  America and most Americans cannot understand, America did not suffer 1.3 million deaths in World War 2, no American state was ever really bombed, America lost no major cities.  That is why Benjamin Netanyahu was in America and didn’t go instead to Germany or Great Britain.  That is why Vladimir Putin and the Russia that he represents is so opposed to Mr. Netanyahu, and to the modern wars that Israel constantly engages in and constantly proposes.  The Soviet Union suffered nearly 30 million deaths out of a population of an estimated 180,000,000, one death (in World War II) of every six people!

The point of the above paragraph (paragraphs) is to point out that history has the best chance of repeating itself in a land that has never had a first history lesson.  America has never been involved in a Foreign War that really hurt in terms of American casualties, not like many other nations of the world have.  I believe that this is the primary reason why America is so willing to get involved in various foreign wars all over the world.

The second point made is that when the killing is done remotely: by bombs, drones, missiles, artillery fire, snipers, and long-range weaponry the quasi-legal murder of people becomes almost tolerable, almost acceptable.  In Vietnam brave journalists ‘put a face on the war.’  They took photographs ‘close-up’ of who America and Americans were killing.  No more.  In today’s media all such real coverage is censored.  Watch this on RT.

The Benjamin Netanyahu Congress Speech

March 3rd, 2015

~ Is the current United States Congress really just a pawn of the nation-state of Israel?

Many posts, by many people, have recently pointed out that Benjamin Netanyahu believes that he is not only the voice of Israel, but is also the voice of the entire Jewish people.  He sees himself as Moses.  He sees and he says that he (and Moses) and the people of Israel, of Zion, the elect and select chosen people of God, are one and the same; except he, like Moses of course, is the ONLY legitimate spokesperson and leader.

It’s a lot like the Napoleon thing.  It’s a lot like Bush.  It’s not that different from Obama, except that the races might change, the religious persuasions, the nation-states.

In my last post I “linked” a CD entitled “Israel – Birth of a Nation.”  I found it disturbing because it is the same name as a 1915 movie by D.W. Griffith about Clansmen (and Clan following women).  My first impression was that the second (newer) movie had to be a mistake.  That “the nation of Israel” was, and always has been, just another name for the Jewish (Hebrew) people, not for the State of Israel.  Therefore, the birth of Israel (of the sizeable nation of displaced people) that occurred (perhaps) 4,000 years ago would not include footage from (or near) the year 1948, 3,933 years earlier.

OK, I’m only quoting Binyamin Netanyahu about the 4,000 year thing.  He said it today before the United States Congress.  He was there to tell the truth about Iran, and Israel and a few other things, so fact checking is definitely important.  He was not invited by John Boehner as a Likud politician, but as “his excellency”, the State of Israel head of state.  What he would say to Congress was supposed to do no harm.

So HERE is the link to the flash history course.  The “land of” Israel was established in 1812 BCE (3,760 years before 1948, 3,826 years before Binyamin’s US Congress speech).   I wish we had tablets or parchments from the time, but according to ‘best evidence’ God told the Jewish people to give up their land and to move to another.  If they did, he promised, “I will make you into a great nation, I will bless you and make your name great; and you will be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2).  HERE is the Andy Williams (lyrics) version of the transaction.

This is where things get a bit sticky.  If ancient Israel (‘old’ Israel) were ever a great nation, then the birth of that nation was 3,826 years ago, assuming that the Jewish people accepted God’s offer instantly and moved within that first year.  That, of course, is NOT what most people think happened.  No, despite of the very enticing offer from God, the Jewish people clung to their old (original) homeland in Egypt for exactly 579 years, at which time they agreed to let Moses lead them out of Egypt to the promised land (Zion).   Depending upon the source, 6,000, 600,000, or 6 million people comprising the (original) ‘nation of Israel’ accompany Moses (source).   So, here we find the number “6 million (Jews)” first being used as a term to describe the Jewish nation, the nation of Israel, “according to prophecy.”

Things go terribly wrong in the Sinai, (and) with Moses.  Moses receives a basic primer from God (actually carved in stone) covering the basics of rudimentary human conduct.  He (or someone) calls them the 10 commandments, and therefore Moses is called, “the law giver,” even though the theory was that the ten commandments were laws given by God, not by Moses.  It was enough to get a bas relief image of the head of Moses in the visitor’s section in the halls of Congress.  Of 23 law givers honored in this way in the House of Representatives, the face of Moses is the only one facing forward.

What Binyamin Netanyahu did not bring attention to in his speech before Congress is the fact that the “Caliph of Islam” (Suleiman the Magnificent) is also honored like Moses.  He was the head of an Islamic Caliphate; the regions occupied in the 400 year history are pictured below.  But the caliphate lived on, literally and legally until MARCH 3, 1924 (exactly 91 years to the day of Binyamin’s speech).  The Islamic caliphate was in firm control of the Promised Land for about 412 years.  The United States did not acknowledge the League of Nations ‘British Mandate’ over Palestine until December of 1924.

Actually, the entire lands of Israel and all the promised lands were not under the control of the “six million” (the nation of Israel) at any time since 413 BCE.  Even during the 863 years between the entry into the “land that God gave the nation of Israel” and the beginning of the 2,361 year period that God (apparently) gave this same land to others, there were long periods of estrangement.  The ‘purim’ period is an example if one believes that the Esther material was written in 400 or 500 BCE.  The suggestion is that the Persians had control of Israel proper maybe 200 years earlier than the 413 BCE date.

Much like is the case in the case of the Book of Mormon, the Israeli history of Israel is very difficult to square with the facts.  The numbers often just do not add up.  The facts that are known, and well documented, often to not jibe with the popular history.  We (people my age) grew up with Cecil B. Demille (10 Commandments) and Exodus (the movie) and about 10,000 very biased portrayals about the 2nd World War being mostly about Europe and not Asia at all.

It’s no wonder that Binyamin Netanyahu had to read his speech, two lines at a time (on each 8 1.2 by 11 piece of paper) like it was a Hollywood script.  Unlike most actors he could not even memorize 39 minutes of oratory.  Virtually every one of the politicians watching can do better than that.

On the whole, the speech was rather boring.  At times Benjamin Netanyahu even had to clap for himself, by himself.  Congress was polite, as might be befitting.  The number of empty seats was very noticeable.  The applause often seemed almost apologetic.  It was a shame he was there, a SHAME that they let this man in.  It’s a stain on the Chamber, and on reason, and an insult to long held democratic institutions and American political customs.

The same Judaism Online source that offers observations about the “4,000 year history” also offers this retort to Benjamin Netanyahu’s proselytization: “Thus we learn that the Jewish people come into being miraculously and survive all of human history miraculously.”  If one is to believe this (statement), then the State of Israel doesn’t need America’s help.

What those that support and believe in what is known as “the Zionist cause” should know and should always remember, and never forget, is that the nation of Israel is a PEOPLE, NOT a national STATE.  It is religious ideals, and an abiding faith that keeps the nation alive, not the protective umbrella of weapons and nuclear weapons.  It is not Hollywood movies that makes the nation strong and prosperous, nor endless American welfare and aid; it is (as with everyone else) the strength of the people and the honesty thereof.


Clubs and Spades

March 3rd, 2015

~ Joining, joiners, and identifiable groups.

The whole thing starts out fairly early for most.  It starts with a ‘club,’ a boy’s club for boys, a girl’s club for girls; in the beginning it is more like a ‘circle of friends.’  It is like what they offer now on Google + now, but Google + has far better graphics and follows you far further.

After awhile one is offered, or becomes aware, of something more than a club – an organization.  An organization is more ‘organized,’ has more rules, has a formal membership – probably a roster.    The boy’s club becomes the Boy Scouts, the girl’s club becomes Campfire Girls.  Ones name is now on a list, there is never a getting your name off the list.  Once you’ve joined, you are on record for ever as having been a member of said organization.  Sure you can quit, can leave, can spend your time and your dues elsewhere, but you were always a member once, once you join.

‘Scouting’ is like a gateway club for the later club to come that is politics.  You start by registering.  There’s always a “choice.”  What was ar first a choice seemingly made for you – boy, girl, now becomes a bigger one – Republican, Democrat, or perhaps Tory / Whig.  Politics, and joining a political party, is often (too) a decision already made for you (by others).  Your parents influence you, sometimes a teacher, sometimes a compelling candidate that you think that you like.

Anyway, you get the idea.  There are clubs and more clubs and new clubs to join everyday.  Some are voluntary, some are secret, some just come with the territory.  Your parents (perhaps) register you for school.  You automatically become associated with that school as a registered student, a part of a town or a city, a resident of a city, a resident of a state, the property of a nation.  The school teaches you an oath of allegiance, you are taught to salute a flag.  You are trained in ‘rights & responsibilities.’  You are told (if you are a male, if you were a boomer in age) how you will be drafted into the military if you don’t voluntarily join.  You (again) have a choice, even though the outcome is pretty much always the same.

The secret clubs are being a part of those clubs about which other people don’t necessarily know, or that people don’t know you’re a member.  An aunt might say, “I never knew you joined the Boy Scouts.”  It’s like that.  It’s no different whether it is the Klan, the Masons, a Zionist order, the Communist Party, or the Republican party.  In all cases there are those that know, and those that don’t know.  Nobody ever provided anyone with a notarized promise that ones’ name would not be written down on a list, or that that list of names would never eventually be published or otherwise disclosed.

Records for everything are, and always have been, everywhere.  People have memories, often memories for faces and names, names and numbers.  People take notes, keep diaries, write letters.  Now the write emails and tweet and Facebook lots of things.  It’s always the same, it has always been the same – no secrets that one ever tries to hide can forever be hid.  Amen.

The “spades” part refers to the digging.  Most humans are a lot like dogs, man’s best friend, always digging.  Like dogs, most people aren’t ‘digging for dirt’ they are just digging in the dirt.  There is a difference of course.

Things that are left out in the open, easy to know about and easy to see, are not really buried.  There is no dirt involved.   Things that are hidden and buried, that people try to hide and to bury are what is most often ‘found in the dirt.’  There is so much dirt to be found, so much dirt around, so often people find themselves overwhelmed by the dirt, overwhelmed by so many things nasty and that seem really nasty.

Cream rises.  Angles fly.  Resurrection is seen as leaving the burial place (in the dirt) and rising above it all when one is no longer dead.  So, what is there to fear from the all-knowing, or from the all-knowing ‘eyes’ or computer power of the all-seeing surveillance state?

Most people see it as an issue of fairness and power.  Some see it as all about money.  It’s not about money.  Everyone knows that there is no ‘federal reserve’ in heaven, no reserve currency, no money at all.  You can’t take it with you, and if you could, it would do you no good.  Exerting an unfair power over anyone, over everyone, over anyone else, is wrong and has always been wrong.  This is not a moral judgement, this is not just merely a belief, it is just FACT.  There is never an adequate excuse for any abuse, or unfair wielding, of power, or the wrongful exercise thereof.   This where clubs, and organizations, and businesses, and governments go wrong.  They think that they have legitimate power (and powers) when they have very little legitimacy (in this regard) at all.  The claim of ‘voluntary membership,’ of a choice about joining, of a ‘consent of the governed’ is all hooey mostly, mostly all just made up.  Oaths, contracts, agreements are almost never freely made or freely entered into.  They are driven by misinformation, concealments, the non-disclosure of pertinent facts, coercion, duress or financial duress, undo social pressure and just downright lies.

Take the Pledge of Allegiance for example.  It’s not legally binding because the oath-sayers are most often not of legal age, they are school children, in an environment where it is illegal not to be in school.  The teacher says, “stand up and say it.”  Everyone in the class stands and does. The teacher informs any miscreants that, “it’s the law.”  One is told that they will be sent to the principal’s office (and possibly be spanked, or worse “paddled“) if they don’t recite the pledge.  It’s an early lesson in how, in America, things are generally done.

(Read the details linked about about Bellamy and the ‘raised hand salute’.  There is more about Bellamy HERE, and his penchant and interest in the propagation of selling flags and mass display of flags.  Now you know where Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party got the idea for lots of flags and what is now regarded as the “Nazi salute.”  If you think the “flag thing” is over, look at pictures of every demonstration in Europe and especially the whole ISIS thing.  There is huge money in the making and selling of flags and their endless propagation.)

The Boris Nemtsov Moscow memorial demonstration:

The ISIS, ISIL, IS Flag, and flag fetish followers:

All the flags, and all the carefully scripted pageantry, reminds one of a carefully scripted movie, a film production, like D.W. Griffith’s 1915 classic Birth of a Nation.  “By 1925 the Klan claimed 4.5 million members, who often patterned themselves on rituals learned in Birth of a Nation:”

And the “birth of a nation” movie theme continues to here:

It’s a nice introduction to the birth of the New Israel Benjamin Netanyahu speech in which he calls for the death of an ancient enemy Persia, and the death of a newer enemy known as Iran.

Nations, they say, are very much like clubs.  They keep secrets.  They partner with other organizations and with other clubs.  They partner with businesses and business interests.  They roll out the flags.  They demand loyalty (oaths) and oaths of allegiance and oaths that must be taken and made in support of enemy states in the name of alliance, in support of alliances; all, and always, just about politics of course.

A thought for this day.  Salute only the banner that is the true flag of God.