Rogue State / Blue State

April 10th, 2013

Rogue State / Blue State

~ Is it the Anti-State or the Ante-State that one should be worried about?

I ran into a remarkable article today about the situation in the United States, Iran and Korea.  It is even more remarkable when there are articles such as this one about the censorship of the mainstream press, about the elephant in the room.

Thank you so much, to the artist, Leah Saulnier.

It’s hard to think of North Korea as the “red, white and blue” state.  A simple look at their flag might help:

The flag of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:


Do you see the red, white and blue stripes, the star (not stars).  Does the “old tune” (perhaps) sound familiar, a little too familiar?

Can you see by the dawn’s early light
What we saw at the twilight’s last gleaming?
The rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
The ramparts we watched, while visually streaming?
The broad stripe, white stripes and blue,
Make us hope that with war, nothing is new.

The American “let’s make war” machine has had its cost.  In the lives of just one generation (the boomers) millions of lives have been lost, millions more have been taken or totally ruined.  The injuries and the injured are too great to count.  The physical suffering suffered by the physical troops in these wars is nothing compared to the economic havoc created; the ensuing obsession with guns, the resultant domestic violence (of course) and the mass production by the mass media of millions of the mentally “walking wounded”, which by this post I guess is proof that I’m one, that proudly I’m one.

I (until recently) had a neighbor, a friend (perhaps), that made nuclear weapons for a living.  Financially, it was a very good living in deed, it paid (and still pays) very well.  His opportunity at such a great career would not be so great if he had been born in Iran or North Korea (if the U.S. has its way, the say).  One person’s “freedom” is another’s “dead end job”.

My neighbor could live with himself (perhaps not easily, in his otherwise life of great ease) because of his fervent belief that the nukes he designed (help refine) would NEVER be used, or if used (like on Hiroshima or Nagasaki) their use would SAVE LIVES.  He said this often enough to maybe be like, “again and again”.

Everyone (in America) has a neighbor like this.  What matters is what you believe, not just what you do.   It is the belief that U.S. nukes are OK, and that it’s OK to use them that has gotten us (the U.S.) into this mess, meaning the mess in Korea, the mess in Iran, the mess in Syria and Afghanistan and everywhere else that we’re “messin'”.

What the world really needs now is a new type of weapon, even better than nukes.  Maybe North Korea could invent it, maybe Myanmar or some other country with sanctions (this list is just a start).  Then all the sanctioned nations could get together and “share”, “have partners”, agree in agreements that no other nation in the world could have what they had, the ability to destroy the world (or any country that they didn’t “like”).  How fast everything would shift.  Smoking stogies (old stogies) and wearing longyis could soon become all the rage, and riding scooters (walking, not driving cars).

But this week it looks like “same old, same old” the “same-same” weapons, or need for weapons, the same weapons, nuclear weapons (before someone comes up with something much worse) might be used.  Maybe, we’ll see (sometime soon) if we (or they) will use them.  Then (we or they) can strike right back; then the weapons will be seen as “fair play” when their use, the threat of use, just their possession by any nation is NOT FAIR and is NOT PLAY.  A new world brought about by the threat of using nuclear weapons is not a worthy new world at all.  So maybe Kim Jong Un’s message is right, don’t just talk – Do it!, “Just do it”.  Let’s get it over with, “push the button”, “push all your buttons”, let me push your buttons; if you can’t “walk the walk”, don’t just “talk”, don’t just threaten – it really gets old, it gets very old (and I’m not old, I’m young), I have a life ahead (for me and my people) who can’t move on unless all the threats are put behind us, Amen or Goodbye or whatever.

Real leadership is not so much as coming up with something new as it is pointing out (clearly) something that most people never saw.  I am convinced that many people, most so-called leaders and business leaders don’t really realize that both America and most of the rest of the world are really (pretty much) going nowhere.  Science is out of hand and well-funded while most social scientists are left to all but starve.  Philosophers and poets and poetry languish, people who live the life of simple needs and solid values are few and far between.  Going green has become a euphemism for an annual consumption that 99% of the world’s population could never possibly afford.  There is no “new” new economy; the excess and the waste is driving the planet to a certain (and soon) ruin.

I really don’t think that Kim Jong Un is bluffing.  It is NOT U.S. or foreign aid that he wants.  He doesn’t want to make or use nuclear weapons, or to target Seoul, or to destroy L.A. or Washington D.C. with a bang.   He sees the faces of all Korea, mostly wearing uniforms, and that is where he wants to see a way out; not his parents and grandparents Oldsmobile; he grew up with uniforms and the constant threat of war – in that there is NO FUTURE, he’s just fed up and tired (of the endless past).  Those that have said that he has no road map for an off-ramp or an “escape” are probably right.  It’s not about the influence of China (or Russia).  They have happily “played the game” too.  The game is old and stale, has no resonance, is like a broken drum that now needs turning.

The “idea” of America began with the notion that Manhattan (the entire island even) could be “bought” with a few trinkets and glittery beads.  Today a generation is “bought off” with a few laptops (facebook and “like”) and cellphones.  There is nothing to like about selling life so short when there could have been such a much better future.  In Korea a Papasan was revered, and every Mamasan too.   (Warning:  Now the word, words have quite a different meaning)  They (both Papa Sans and Mama Sans) wore a special hat (after age 60) so everyone would know that they had passed beyond politics and physical hard work and were now really retired.  In America what was once taken for granted in a “third world country” has been replaced by arguments about food and foodstamps and social security when in fact there is none.  Real retirement is at ones real peril.

I have lived a long life that in many ways was barely worth living.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful, very grateful.  The point is that I have had many ideas (over a very long time) that were really very good.  I’ve had talents, the most of which, the best of which have gone unused.  I was born in a world, a nation, dedicated to the military and to war.  From the git go I was taught that the purpose of life was to “make things” and “buy things” and “sell things” and that little else mattered.  I have known for a long time that it is really not so.  I have “fought the good fight” and substantially lost, but I keep writing instead, or keep writing as if it were “hope against hope”, who really knows.

I could be wrong about Kim, but I really don’t think so.  I was young once, had high hopes for the world, my nation, all that.  He has what I never had, both money and power.  He knows what a difference both of those things can make.  Can he change the world?  If he doesn’t back down, the answer is YES!  War or peace, the era of the nuclear threat will be over.   And that in itself will be nothing but good.

Pray for Peace.  Pray for Change.  Pray for an end to ALL nuclear weapons.   Are you with me yet?

2013.04.10 – 21:30. 

An addition to the original post:

So now the secret that John Kerry hid is officially out.  The Secretary of State lied. On April 3rd (just one week ago) he said, “The United States will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state.”  Tonight we find that North Korea is and has been a “nuclear weapons state”.

The news, as alluded to in the above Judy Collins link [sometime soon] regarding “southern Colorado“, is from U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado.   He revealed “that North Korea has the ability to launch nuclear-armed ballistic missiles” according to a DIA study that has long been circulating in Washington, or has been circulating long enough for Secretary of State John Kerry to know: Dynamic Threat Assessment 8099: North Korea Nuclear Weapons Program – March 2013.

John Kerry is currently enroute from London to Seoul, South Korea.  I really hope there are reporters there that have the courage to ask him why he lied, and since North Korea is officially a nuclear weapons state what he is going to do about “accepting it”.

The passage of the DIA report that Doug Lamborn reported was “erroneously” misclassified as “unclassified”.  Blunders like this do not create confidence regarding the U.S. position should there be a war.  It’s like when the U-2 “disappeared” over Russia and Eisenhower said it was a “weather plane from Turkey”; then Khruschev produced the spy plane pilot, alive.  U.S. credibility took a very major hit.  John Kerry has A LOT to answer for, thank God for “no secrets”.

2013.04.11 – 22:46. 

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