Kerry Nation

April 12th, 2013

Kerry Nation

~ Is it more like “Carrie Nation“, or the Kerry river, meaning de Nile?

There are so many things that come to mind and can be said when a Secretary of State goes rogue and pushes half a world toward war.  One might remember that it was Tojo and not Hirohito that became (or was) the “fall guy”, was executed, was considered the villain that caused the war; referring to an earlier war in east Asia.


I don’t know who trains American Secretary of States, teaches them words of wisdom like, “Walk quietly, but carry a big stick,” or even “We don’t want a wider war,” or the simplest advice against slippery lips (that might get one deeply into trouble) – “Loose lips, sink ships”.

This time it is “the ship of state”, meaning the United States (and not the S.S. United States), that is in very rough seas and is heading straight toward an iceberg or something far worse in kinds of trouble.

Leadership, like the captain of a ship, is supposed to be well educated, well trained, experienced and wise.  John Kerry is none of these.  He is a dabbler.  The only thing that has gotten him anywhere is his money, which one might note is considerable as consideration goes.

I imagine that John Kerry is in as much denial about the advantages of excessive wealth as he is about the reality that North Korea IS a nuclear weapons state.  Sure, one can parse the facts, slice the minutiae, try to put a spin on what doesn’t spin; but the reality of the situation is that all the palava about North Korea having, “fully tested, developed and demonstrated” missile deliverable nuclear weapons is (at best) a ruse.

The United States had not, “fully tested, developed and demonstrated” their nuclear punch until that day on August 9th that the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.  To many it might have been a “surprise” or a “surprise attack”, but to those aware and those informed, the United States had become a “nuclear weapons state” quite a long time before.

At what point the Manhattan Project “went nuclear”may be of some lasting debate.  Few seem interested in parsing all the facts and figures, factoring in B-29 developments, Hanford, Oak Ridge, preparing the runway at Tinian.  Or is it that the U.S.A. was not a nuclear weapons state even when “fat man” and “little boy” were still not fully (and absolutely completely) loaded:


What is most disturbing about Secretary John Kerry is that he is a lot like Chicken Little, he hides his head from what is OBVIOUS, demands a “demonstration” (before he will change his mind) and THEN warns against the demonstration that he has demanded, “it would be a “huge mistake” to test launch a medium-range missile”.

John Kerry, speaking for the Nation, is like Carrie Nation before him.  His only solution is a hatchet, a hatchet job, using what in today’s world is a giant axe (warning: disturbing content).

So, John Kerry may really believe that he got off the plane (from London) in Luxor, not Seoul.  What is harder to believe is how willing he is to ratchet up the rhetoric, to turn a simple and important (for North Korea) celebratory missile test into a new world crisis.  It is a wonder that HIS very disturbing statements, from an obviously very deranged and delusional mind, that very well could cause a nuclear war, are seen as less disturbing than the rock video linked above.  I guess most people are just not familiar enough with images from Hiroshima.

Are you worried yet?  Maybe it is time to just get rid of Kerry, to fire Kerry, to call for a Congressional Investigation into the reality of North Korean nukes.  Just maybe, our whole nation is at stake – Congress, Congresswomen and Congressmen, THIS is when we really need you..

2013.04.12 – 17:40.

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