9/11 Revisited, on the down slope of history.

August 17th, 2015

~ Most see history as a ‘tabula rasa’, a flat plain, not a ‘flat plane’.

August 17, 2015 ∩ 22:15 UTC

There is yet another new video that’s out about 9/11, the 9-1-1 emergency.  The root of emergency is emergence, like a new born baby crying; sometimes there seems to be a lot of noise.

‘Noise’, ‘chatter’ are words that are often used to “get the ship confused (@ 1:10)” in popular parlance.  The old trick to seeing the truth about TV was to turn off the volume.  It works with soap operas and quiz shows, it also works with the news.

What real planes look like at quite a distance.

What real planes look like at quite a distance.

The camera work of the cameras and cameramen (and persons) is usually not good enough to tell its own story.  That’s where dialogue, voice-overs, sound-tracks, musical scores, sound effects, and jet sounds (“the sound of freedom”) come in; and expletives, did I forget the effective use of expletives in creating a very dramatic “heart felt” news story?

So now I guess you get the drift of this post.  This post goes beyond what is posited as a possibility in the new video tape link, linked above.  Turn that sound off too, it might really help.

If you maybe weren’t alive, or conscious, the day the real 9-1-1 happened there are a lot of ‘continuous coverage’ video tapes up on the web.  One can literally review the history, with the sound-off this time.

Everyone in America, if not in the world, knows the script.  The “the plane,” “a plane,” “another plane,” and “planes” were the words of the day.  Most often ‘the planes’ were not there unless you heard them from the lips of a witness or announcer; meaning heard about them.    Sometimes you could read about the planes on fairly instantly created captions.  Actually seeing good clear pictures of real planes is quite a different matter.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  There were three film sites on 9/11.  The LAX shots, the Emma E. Booker school shots, other shots at other locations were just a distraction.  They really were not a part of the story.

Working backwards (maybe), the FIRST film site was in the area at or near Shanksburg (PA).  It’s simple, there is not one shot of the plane, neither live, video-taped, nor still.  It’s like the Roswell crash site, “where is the photographic evidence?”

The SECOND film site is the Pentagon.  Flight 77 is said to have slammed into the west wall.  There is no live picture, no video-tape, no still shot of a plane.  There is very grainy video that seems to show something flying, and very fast.  The two video-tapes that exist were ‘produced’ 56 months after the actual event, just sayin’.  The ‘plane’ is just one frame (@ 1:45) on the tape, and only a very small half-plane at that.  It’s like the Roswell crash site event, “we wait five years and there is not even a balloon.”

The THIRD film site is the 9/11 trifecta event; the three trade towers that virtually disappeared on September 11, 2001.  Look at the date, three ones, three sites, three towers; it’s 111 x 2; rather easy to remember don’t you think?

Two Tower debris field with the Third Tower shown.

Two Tower debris field with the Third Tower shown.

So everyone can agree that the film footage for the plane destruction of WTC Building #7 went missing.  Blame it on a union grievance, a very late lunch, a vary bad day at the office; meaning the film office perhaps.  The world was waiting for the 1,2,3 punch on New York and only the first two plane punches (putsches) ever came.  Maybe it was the wiring, maybe the demolition team just wasn’t ready.  Maybe the video effects team just couldn’t get all the camera angles just right.

The theory here is that the plane image dispatch on WTC 7 was scrubbed, but the building still had to be scrubbed because it had been totally wired.  It would have been the smoking gun as to how it was done, meaning how the ²/³ of the trifecta had nothing to do with planes, but only with wired towers.  Anyway, there was an agenda on why even Building 7 had to be taken out.  So it was, and the film footage documents that there was plenty of warning.

The most universal feeling as the day, as the ‘events’, unraveled and unfolded was that it was like watching a movie, that it was, “just unreal.”   And maybe it was.  And it was a very challenging ‘movie’ to make – no doubt about it.

Hollywood is famous for movies and making movies.  Sometimes just one scene takes 15 or 20 ‘takes’ to get it just right.  In New York there are ‘stage shows’; always less forgiving.  When the action (on stage) in New York is live, the rule of thumb and the rule of success is to get it right the first time, and every time.  The audience won’t ever come back if you mess it up badly.

It was a conceptual challenge really; making this live action, historically revisionist, modified ‘Mockumentary.”  Why rewrite history after the fact when you can present the distortion in real-time, live; it’s so much more efficient that way, so much more satisfying?

Every real movie made always begins with the wires, the cables, the connections that connect the generators to the lamps, to the camera booms and the lights on the actors.  ‘Lighting up’ a scene takes a lot of preparation, expense, and just good old hard work.  The ‘cable guys’ are often well paid, but always stay out of the limelight.

The only real live action part of this movie was the buildings blowing up, or apart, or whatever; and of course even that was totally scripted.  The demolition scenes involved a cast of thousands.  It was New York, lots of people, live theatre, a wonderful opportunity for crowd scenes, live action panic, people running like in every Hollywood Sci-fi spectacle ever made, but no cheesy image of saucers or giant spiders.

In every Hollywood production that ever went bad it was because of 1.) a totally bad script, or 2.) special effects that turned out to be not all that special.

Over acting: the waving of hands, an excess of pointing, a smirk when there should be a frown, too much emotion, can all be forgiven, and will be forgiven and forgotten by the average audience.  This, every director knows, that’s why they hire ‘extras’, and not just actors to appear in every and all scenes.  Who wouldn’t want a ‘cameo appearance’ in the greatest screen play ever made?  It’s not just the big bucks that motivate; sometimes it is fear, and sometimes it is fame.

There is a good, deep, rich color to every live explosion.  Booms and blasts are effective.  They bring color and pathos to an otherwise dull movie.  This movie was not to be a ‘blood & guts’ thriller, no up front faces of bodies on sidewalks, of splat marks on the sidewalk 96 stories down.  The graphic gore of the Boston Massacre (Boston Marathon bombing) could wait to come later.  This event was PG rated, a fit for the whole family, a preliminary mockumentary on why they grope you just to fly.

The demolition crew was probably told that they were just pre-wiring the buildings for a distant future destruction.  When the buildings went down they knew that they were all instant felons if anyone spoke up, or was ever caught.  The electric chair would be likely – the irony.

The directors knew where every explosive was placed.  It was easy to plan camera angles and to pre-position cameras.  Tests were made using filters and just the right lens and lenses.  Great detail in high resolution would capture the flames, the dust, the explosions.  It would be in high contrast to the special effects involved with the planes.

Every movie has a story board, which is always made first.  9/11 was no exception.  All the ‘live feeds’ were carefully planned.  The stakes involved a more than $10 Trillion dollar production, nothing less than the entire command and control of America was at stake.  Spending a billion dollars or two on this, at most, 10 hour live event was a lot like making a block-buster movie and four simple sequels.  The block-buster part was actually busting apart America’s most expensive block, the WTC site with America’s two tallest office towers.

It would be an amazing 10 hour ‘America under Attack’ and the President of the United States would only get a 10 minute cameo appearance out of the 600 minutes shown.  Such a deal.

The special effects, the “plane scenes,” were kept very plain and simple.  There was plane one, plane two, plane three, (the best airplane filmed footage) was scrubbed.  The plan was bad, better, best.  The first plane was not much more than a charcoal image, the second plane had no markings, but some detail.  The third plane, the Shanksville jet, would come in low and slow, so everyone could clearly see all the markings, the ‘press’ that is; as the area had been mostly cleared (said the script).

So, look at the maybe sixteen seconds (total) of plane scenes.  There really aren’t many.  Most were shown literally 40 times per hour, 400 or more times on that day.  There were five or six scenes, times 400 = 2000 video tape reminders of “the planes” on that day.  Most people have not seen their own baby pictures, or wedding pictures, that many times.

Human awareness is closing in.  We’re on the down slope of history right now.  Things are converging.  The truth is really out there, like Fox Mulder once said.  “It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it’s just men messing with steel.”  The real 9/11.  Number 9, it’s soon to be over.

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